WALATing in search of aphids late this afternoon :-(

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)June 16, 2009

A neighbour who wanted cuttings from my Hot Cocoa rose informed me that, unfortunately, it has aphids. I don't spray roses - they have to live or die on their own... But I thought I should check out the situation. So far it looks like New Dawn on the swag isn't in too bad a state. Hot Cocoa seems to be in the worst state. Therese Bugnot has something that seems to be causing some dieback on some stems. Queen Elizabeth has some aphids and looks like it may be going to be a problem. Blanc Double de Coubert has some but is blooming OK for now. The little Angel roses mostly seem in good shape. I forgot to check The Fairy. I refuse to fuss over roses so we'll see what survives or not! I suspect the fact that it's getting dry and we've had no strong rain to speak of is having an impact.

Having ennoyed myself with inspecting finicky things like roses, I was at least happier with some of the other things out there!

The front porch is a nice sitting place - if it was warm enough, which it isn't!

(That cursed mat in front of the door will NOT stay in place and it drives me nuts!)

This picture didn't turn out very well... The Patty's Plum poppies and this sanguisorba is making a very pleasing combination at the moment.

Here are a couple of pictures of the tripod 'family' we put together forclematises. The first shot is of the one in the main bed that has the Huldine, Star of india and Rouge Cardinal on it. The second is a view from the road from a few days ago so you can see all three (two along the garage aid one in the main bed). The third is taken from the neighbour's driveway and you can see the three again from a different angle. I expect that we'll have to replace the bamboo with something studier next year or the year after but I wanted to see how it'd look...

The Harlequin honeysuckle is just opening now and looks superb. A chainlink fence makes a great support! The second shot shows it with a columbine that is just fading now but the flower color is a great combination.

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I love your attitude woody...focus on the things that ARE doing well! You've reminded me that even in the midst of a big minus, there are many pluses! I love the poppy photo and your creative clematis tripods are great. I'd love to see the photo when the clematis is covering them. Have you tried hosing off the aphids? Thanks for sharing your WALAT.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I went out with the intention of perhaps doing some hosing off of aphids but I ended up deciding it would be too much hose-dragging so to heck with them all! There's the chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow (it'll probably miss us again...) so I'll let Mother Nature take care of it if she chooses to....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh Woody! So many lovely, lovely things going on in your gardens right now. The honeysuckle columbine combo is fabulous!

The clematis supports are fantastic and I love the Sanguisorba/Poppy combo. What beautiful gardens.

I'm going to try to talk Doug into a drive up there somtime this season to visit with you and Bug.


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Well darn those aphids Woody. I am being invaded by all sorts of pests cutworms among them.

I like the tripods. That was very creative, and I bet they will look superb when the clematis take over.

I also like the Harlequin honeysuckle. Thats a nice looking plant and the columbine really compliments it.

Wish I could share some of our rain with you. Norma

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An enjoyable WALAT in spite of aphids lurking in the shadows ! Your garden looks splendid right now Woody- I do like those tripods. I use 6ft bamboo stakes quite a bit, although I've started using steel training rods for the Dahlias.I will have to look up 'sanguisorba' as I am not familiar with is- I like the waving wand look.

Thanks for sharing these !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So near and yet so different!

We've had lots of rain, though we could use more now. I think that one rose has a problem here, but likely more do but i don't dare look. If I have time, I remove aphids with the hose or for those darned wormy things I remove them by hand. Yuck.

I too have a Sanguisorba, but darker. Is yours "Pink Elephant"? Mine is Menziesii. It really spreads alot and I remove some every year. I like mine in front of my Persicaria polymorpha. I'll try to get a shot of it tomorrow.

We've had good enough weather to sit outside, just not the time! Today it was 28 out there, 82.4F. I finished the third side of the vegetable garden, but don't have enough mulch to cover it. Some day soon I'd best do that!

I love the combo of the columbine and honeysuckle!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Kathy - longer term I'm thinking of replacing the bamboo with steel reinforcing rods covered with a sleeve of copper pipe (because I'm not keen on the rusty iron look in my garden...) but I need to look at ways to add additional support because I wouldn't be able to thread the copper wire through as easily as I can with the bamboo. I need to check out options in copper plumbing fittings.... :-)

GB - I'm pretty sure the sanguisorba is a Menziesii but have lost the tag so I'm not sure if it had a variety name or not. It's actually darker than it appears in the picture - red tones tend to get distorted with the camera. It's pretty close in color to the Patty's Plum. I can see that I will need to start editing out the sanguisorba soon too - there's a lot more of it than there used to be!

I was disappointed in the pictures that show the big bed - it looks like there's not much happening and the foliage looks a bit tired. That's not the case in person. A lot of what is blooming is blue and the camera seems to have faded it all out to blend into the green!

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Beautiful, Woody! Interesting to see your sanguisorba paired with the plummy poppy, while 'bug's is paired against white, very different effect but both gorgeous. And the honeysuckle and aquilegia is stunning. Nice, crisp edges at your house too! The clematis tripods and finials are elegant and functional, what a great idea.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody, I found the aphids here. :( The black ugly ones. (Is there another kind?) They seem to love my Euonymus europeus.

My bamboo tripods lasted two years. I needed to tie in the stems that tried to escape after that.

Did you get any rain yet?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - we're getting rain this afternoon and evening but, so far at least, not nearly enough!

My aphids are green - I've not seen black ones. I haven't checked anything but the roses. I let everything survive - or not - on its own. Anything that doesn't make it doesn't belong in the garden!

Although you can't see it in the pictures, there is copper wire running between the tripod poles every foot or so. Hopefully that will help the clematises to climb and help keep them in bounds. The tripods are just temporary while I figure out a more sturdy alternative to build over this coming winter if I like how the tripods look and if the clematis seem to do reasonably well on them. I want to try to do something using copper pipes. The north alley fence and gate is nearby and they are built with copper pipes so it would be nice to have the clematis supports consistent with that. The garden needs some more height so some nice 8' supports for climbers would fit the bill nicely I think.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody, I totally understand your attitude about the aphids. I feel the same about the outside plants. I DO fight the bugs, espacially scale, on indoor plants.
I also feel the same about rugs that do not stay where you want them. :-(
Your yard and flowers are lovely, and the tripods will be too, when the clems climb them. They are more attractive than what I rigged for my Heavenly Blue Morningglories.

My arms and shoulders are at their all time bad...and there is hardly a thing I can do that does not hurt. I am so glad you have help. You are much younger than I, and I am sure you do not want to give up so soon. I can pretty much accept that I am reaching the end of what I can do, and I am trying to not be bothered by all that I cannot do. Those who know me should understand, and those who do not know me....do not matter.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

There's Marian... :-) I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. You were having such a great spring, what a shame to have such a bad flare now. I hope you can rest as much as possible and wait it out until it improves. It must be very discouraging and disappointing after having been more active for awhile. Hang in there Marian, you've been bad many times before and you've improved, this time will be no different.

Woody....we have an awful case of aphids here this year too. I have let them go too and my lupine are a mess with them, but I just couldn't keep up with them either. A local nursery sells lady bugs here and I wanted to get over there and get some earlier in the worst way but never made it. So maybe next year if they are back, that is what I'll try. I have seen a few ladybugs on the roses, so they have not been too bad, but the ladybugs are definitely in the minority. Who knows, maybe by leaving the situation alone, the ladybugs that are here will multiply.

I love your tripods and the copper wire was a nice idea. I imagine they will fold together for storage that way. The Harlequin Honeysuckle is so pretty! Is it fragrant too?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - I'm so sorry to hear you're having a bad plare-up. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to... Yes, it's great to have help and I definitely want to stay as active as possible as long as possible.

PM - we're planning to leave the tripods up for the winter, other than to remove the terra cotta finials. Randy pounded the poles in quite deep so we'll see what happens... I had insomnia last night and I occupied my mind by planning a more permanent replacement for the tripods! I've got it all worked out in my head but need to look into sizes of materials and draw a construction diagram. Building them will be a winter project for this winter. So, if the tripods come down with the snow this winter, it won't matter.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Woody, I only had a chance to look at these at home last nite -- one would never know there are hidden "woes" -- I love that poppy and sanguisorba combination -- really terrific. And those tripods are lovely - I hope they last more than a winter for you for all the work you and Randy put into them.

Thanks for sharing!

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Woody, I'm with you on survive or die in the garden. I like your tripods. I made a very similar on in my veggie garden this year. I had a metal ball similar to yours that I put on top. I used the tallest green plastic stakes that they make. I'm not sure its the best look but the vines hopefully will cover soon. I made a smaller one with some rods that DH got at the place he purchases the metal items he uses in welding. They aren't rebar but smooth. I'm wondering if they come in a little thicker pieces.
Nice touch with the floral arrangement on the porch, which looks like an inviting place to relax.

Everything looks so pretty and lush, hopefully the aphids aren't too much of a bother.


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Wow Woody, your gardens look wonderful. I have real trouble with aphids and blackspot on roses. Which probably explains why I regard them with a certain level of frustrated disdain. My tortured New Dawn may just well get an eviction notice this year...

The Honeysuckle does look terrific, a hummingbird magnet, I bet!

And I just love the color of your home; I've always loved yellow houses. So pretty and they look "welcoming" to me.

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