Idyll # 443 Summer is growing

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)June 2, 2009

An appropriate follow-up to the last Idyll's title I think - Anita said that one was inspired by the quote from French poetry and the entire line was 'I live in the tranquility of leaves, summer is growing.'

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

We had a nice day today. The weather continues to be unseasonably cool - but it's good for working outside. I spent some time this morning hunting tree seedlings (mostly maple!) in the backyard while Randy cleaned the accumulated potting soil and misc. seedlings from behind the big pots on the driveway. Misty and Blue kept me company.

(I can't remember who asked about Blue.... He's been a regular visitor for quite a few years and I've posted lots of pictures of him. He was usually here as part of Jasper-and-Blue but Jasper died last year so now it's just Blue.)

In late morning we headed for Vineland Nurseries in Nagara to finally get my birthday tree - a 'Butterfly' Japanese maple! We looked at one last week that was quite large. We prefer smaller ones because they seem to establish better. We got a nice one that's only about 3' tall. It's so small at this point that it blends in almost completely with the white woodland bed! Can you find it here?!

The New Dawn rose is growing gangbusters and starting to bud up so I should have swag pictures in a couple of weeks. It's a monster rose! This is the state of things as of this morning:

At the moment, the flowers on the swag are some Clematis montana:

Pm2 - you've gotta get that camera functional - we need updated pictures of the rock work, amongst other things....

Cindy - I'm strictly a point-and-shoot person too. Randy is the one who likes the intricate stuff and we'll be camera shopping soon I think :- ) The red foliage on that tree is fabulous!

Chelone - I loved the Rex-in-waater shot!

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Three more days at the awfice and Im on Staycation ! yee-hahÂI donÂt even remember the last time I took an entire week off, and this one will barely make a dent in my accumulated PTO. In July I will take a lengthier journey :-)

Nice segue into the new thread Woody ! I look forward to the pics of the rose swag as it starts to bloom. I think I can see your maple-I believe itÂs just about dead center . It was me who asked about ÂBlue and now that you mention Jasper as well I remember. A dog named Jasper always sticks in my mind as I have read ÂRebecca more times than I care to confess, and Jasper was one of the spaniels at Manderly.

PM , IÂm so sorry to hear of the camera accident ! My DS dropped his in a tidepool a few years back and I felt so bad for him-it was a nice camera and he was taking some beautiful photos with it.. He sent it in to the mfg (Nikon) but they sent it back as a lost cause. Do I see a pic of a Tiarella on the previous thread ? And how are you feeling today ?

Chelone, two fabu pet photos, Rex wading , and Vera in a supervisoral pose.

Cindy, I always enjoy the glimpses of your garden-I wonder which one of us has the smaller plot ?

Marian, did you post a message/video to me in my inbox on FB ? It looked suspicoius to me so I deleted it, but have kept the e-mail notification in the event is is legit.

Eden, I also have experienced some Huechera Âduds . IÂm trying to create an area where I can plant a collection of them . I love the veining in Green SpiceÂ. My bamboos are all in pots at the moment.

Ok, how about this combo ? Daylily is Electric Marmelade, with Rozanne. From Garden 2009

First Zinna shot ! One of the 'Old Mexico' plants.. From Garden 2009

Later my friends !
Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Actual summer and Father's Day are still a while off, but some things here are slightly advanced when I check photos from last year. I'll never have a clematis montana though Woody! Glad yours reached bloom stage again this year! Your Japanese Maple is a dream! Vineland is an interesting place too! I went to a talk the owner gave a few years ago. Lots of miniature evergreens as I recall, but other things too.

I can tell that I was digging and weeding earlier today ...because my osteoarthritis is acting up a bit. I'll just have to learn to love it because more work awaits tomorrow. Perhaps I'll do something with rhubarb too.

There are loads of baby groundhogs about. They do stupid things, like aim FOR the car in our laneway rather than scooting away from it. Today there was a baby in a clematis and I shooed it away with my foot but it just stayed there playing dead. So far Phoebe hasn't attacked one, but it is bound to happen at some point. There was a rabbit out there as well. Phoebe is most impressed by a Mama deer and her little fawn who seem to camp out here. Phoebe has obeyed and not chased them so far.

That's all she wrote.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Warning..those of you on not open any message that you get that appears to be a link to a video from a friend. It is a TROJAN !!!! I got one that said it was from Tim. I innocently, ignorantly, opened it! Now I have a virus. The main thing it seems to be doing to my computer is re-directing all of my Google searches.
Tim had it hit his work computer, but said he was able to fix it. I am waiting to hear from him as to how I can fix mine.


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Woody, great job on the Idyll title. I tried to come up with something but was drawing a blank. Nice clematis on the swag. I have the butterfly jm too. I do see yours in the photo.

Kathy, a whole week off! Wonderful! I've wanted to create an area dedicated to heucheras for awhile too. Sort of a heuchera quilt is how I envision it. The challenge is finding a spot for it. I do have an area with quite a few different purple heucheras and am rooting up a few sedum seboldii cuttings to put in between the heucheras. I think I got that idea from you too?

Marie, I hear you on the gardener's aches and pains. Mine's been my right elbow this year. Last year it was my shoulder. Like you I just ignore it as best I can and try to keep going. I did have the boy at the nursery carry out my 3 cu ft. bag of potting soil for me today. I usually try to do that myself just so I know I can!

Marian, I got an email from you earlier this evening thru your facebook that my virus protection warned me not to open. It was a video, something about what you did last weekend. I realized what it was and didn't open it.

I planted up one combo pot tonight and half a dozen coleus in their own pots and watered the containers that needed it. I've been trying to feed the container gardens for the last two days. Yesterday was rainy, this evening it was cold. Maybe tomorrow? I also need to prune back my sedums and will root the cuttings for Jen to put in her gardens. In the next few days I need to feed the roses too, and the list goes on... I'd rather do any of it that vacuum the house though :)

I'm calling it a day. Sleep well.


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I suspect I may have been infected, drat it! oh well, I'll deal with it all later on. Time to call "the perfesser" next door to bail my sorry ass out once more. ;) I noticed slow google searches last night, too. Why don't people put their creative effort into things that are useful and helpful, for Pete's sake?

Woody, congratulations on the Jap. Maple. You must be excited, know I would be. :) We have good ol' Bloodgood here, which I love and I would like to add more JMs, but things in the gardens aren't to a point where I've got a place for one in mind. I can see that New Dawn is making her presence felt at your home, it will be fun to monitor the swag's progress. My ND looks nothing like that, lol, in fact it's considerably tortured. And I'll wager the aphids are making a stand already. Which reminds me to spend some quality time staking the two remaining peonies which are about to begin opening. (must be rain in the forecast).

I did get the deck canopy water-proofed yesterday afternoon. It's now in the Salon, artfully draped over the tables where it can dry thoroughly (and perfume the room, too). I don't know if I'll have the oomph required to haul it up the staircase, up an 8' step ladder, and the over the ridge pole of the frame this afternoon, however. Experience has taught me that that's something best tackled first thing in the morning when I'm feeling fresh as a daisy. I still have to wash the 3 zip on screen panels, too. The little cat door is encrusted with kitty cat mung and fur and could use a proprietary scrub with the brush.

I heard Rex percolating this morning and saw a big doe on the south lawn. I went out on the deck and she fled, but I'm thinking it may be time to turn the dog loose on the next offender. 100 lbs. of barking brindle may be what's needed to send a strong deterrant message to the damned things. Lobster bait on the hoof, I say!

Kathy, I love the first shot you posted. I always like those screaming color combinations. I have a ton of Campanula glomerata that occasionally overlaps with the daylilies I have and I like the combination. Several years ago I had some Lychnis that was very orange and it looked smashing with the Campanula, too. I am envious of your week off, I'm definitely out of work mode these days.

Gotta think about headin' on out and when I get home I have to hoe out the Lab. in preparation for an alteration app't. tomorrow afternoon. Much as I don't want to it will be a good time to selectively relocate things to the Salon, make some choices about jettisoning some more long unused things, reassess the collection of floorcloth paints, etc.. Oh well, it has to be done and as with any JulieJob I'll feel better once I get started on it.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, after all. blah, blah, blah...


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Count me among those who is enjoying every picture that is shared here even if I forget to say so! I love peeking into each garden and home and seeing smiling babies or wiggly toes!

Blue is a handsome guy. He looks like a good visitor from that shot. I am enjoying the weather too! I get warmed up plenty from moving around, don't need the sun to do it for me.

Marian, I knew the email from "you" on FB wasn't really you and I deleted it. Marian wouldn't spell like that :) Viruses are no fun. I hope your computer is well, soon. You've been attacked on all fronts this spring: through the monitor and utility room :) Has the chipmunk been back?

Oh, and you reminded me....Nolon using ground squirrel. A lot of people say that, but having encounted the real ground squirrel in CA, I know that they are not the same. We used to go to a little park where the squirrels lived in the hillside. They would pick up every crumb that you dropped and run to squirrel it away in their little caves. I imagined if excavated that popcorn and candy would pour out into the park....

I set up my leaf casting operation and will begin more creations today. Too bad that the work continues to pile up in the office. I thought hiring people would alleviate some of this mess, but it seems it has just made more jobs for me (such as ordering clothing for all these new people and getting them into the system!). Hmm...I hope this clears up soon. I want to garden the days away. I know it is selfish of me, but it is what I had envisioned: gardening and doing "me" things until school was out.

Well, I'm off to see Nick off and see if I can't put a dent in the "to do" list! Have a great day everyone!


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Have just had a particularly wonderful hour or so getting educated on foliage combos and nodding along with various observations.

I love the name Ivy and immediately wondered when she would get a Little Lamb :-)

If you every run out of energy in the house, ask Kate to smile, Eden :-)

Good to see you Drema! the GK's are getting big!

Windy here, too, without precipitation to speak of. First year it hasn't mattered much since annuals can easily be spot watered.

Cornfield Park coming along and I looked at the very initial drawings and now at what's really there and have great respect for landscapers who pull off the plans. LOL It is turning out to be as maintenance free as I had hoped other than a bit of edge trimming and need for more mulch here and there. Nursery shrubs will be moved to permanent location as soon as funds are available to hire a bobcat and, of course its operator, as these Bluestone babies are now full grown and knarly. Love it!!

I want a Salon....

Feeling for you Mary. This is the type of human attitude I deal with on a daily basis, and though I realize that I'm asking people to spend money, when they say they'll get back to me I expect the courtesy of some type of contact. Showing up works, especially with a little pressie of some sort to "thank them for their all too valuable time." Sometimes I think folks just don't have the kahunas to say what they need to say so ignore the people that need the answer.

DB's hospital is back on the "close" list as the State of CT tries to close a billion dollar budget deficit. It's gotten worse instead of better for all mentally ill folks in the state and if the budget as is goes through, almost half will lose what little help they get. DB's doc and Social Worker (who happens to be wonderful -- he lucked out) are pushing hard to have him labeled "a danger to society" to keep him in a residential setting. Horrible to think that is the only way for him to get help. Off soapbox.

Still no work for Rich. 'Nuf said.

So before this gets all-out depressing, will bid you all a great day, something I plan on having myself 'cause about the only thing I have firm, 100% control over!!!!! LOL


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning... :-)

A new day and hopefully uphill. Yesterday afternoon, DH had to rush to the ER with his Mom. She is in bed more of the time then she is out and sometimes when she gets up her blood pressure gets too low and yesterday she passed out. He already has a job related project draining all his energy for the next few weeks and ER duty from 2-9pm was just what he needed. His Mom seems to be fine, all her tests are coming back normal. We are looking at the meds she is taking now to see if the low blood pressure could be related. Never a dull moment.

I called Canon about the camera yesterday. $89. minimum cost for repair and I would have to mail it to Illinois for an estimate. I may try to find a local camera repair shop just to get someone to look at it. Luckily I had a card reader to get my photos off the memory card. I think I will be shopping for a new camera. :-) We just had to replace our Sony TV which was only about 7 years old. What ever happened to TVs that lasted 25 years? We used to have one of those. Now we've had to make the switch to HD. Not cheap, but unbelievable picture. It's still sitting in the box. I keep hoping I will see one on sale before we commit to keeping this one.

Woody...can't wait to see blooms on your New Dawn. I have one bloom open on two of mine as of yesterday. Some of the buds are getting eaten from the outside in but I am trying to ignore it. Congrats on the new Japanese Maple. It will be fun to see it get larger every year. Variegated foliage? I LOVE that photo of Misty and Blue. They both look so tired out, but are deep in thought or just about to slip off to nap land. lol

Eden, it's often a struggle for our kids to get together. What with our middle son living 4 hours away and each of them have different work schedules. They try to work it in though. So it really pleases me when they are able to. They try to help each other out too, which I really appreciate. It' s great that your kids live close to each other and now that the girls both have girls, that certainly gives them plenty of opportunity for closeness. ..... I was surprised that was a Walking Stick. Very pretty!

I get such a kick out of that 'cat ramp' Chelone and Rexxie again impresses me with a certain royal look about his face.

Kathy, LOVE that orange/blue combo. Your Roxanne seems brighter and prettier than those I have seen around here.

Marie, Ghost is one of my favorites too and I am in danger of adding too much of it to the garden. [g] They really get larger than I was expecting too. In my small garden, I'm always failing to leave enough room for plants.

Sorry to hear about Facebook messing with computers. Hope you all get that worked out soon. I hate that virus removal duty. My sympathies.

Thought you might enjoy this link, Saucy.

Guess it's time to get moving...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Another thing the virus has done is prevent my system restore form working! I am hoping when my AGV does it's span this morning at 9 that it will correct the situation. Tim has not got back to me with his cure...
I hate that it was a stupid link that was attributed to me, Chelone. I certainly did not send it! I am so glad that Eden and Saucy did not open it.

Saucy, you are so right, I would not spell like that, also I would not send anything that had "sexy" in it's title. The first one I got did not say that, but all the double letters should have clued me in. :-(
And no, the chipmunt has not been back. I heard a loud scratching and scraping in the attic after Nolon closed up the entry holes. I suspect it was the varmint finding it's way back out...
That info was in the post that I lost a few days ago. I have never got up enough mental energy to attempt to repeat it. :-(

It is beginning to rain, and there is thunder in the distanse, so I will shut down before my poor computer suffers more damage !

I have a 10:30 appointment to get a perm, but will go in early....espacially to get more potting soil...LOL.
After the perm I am requested to stop by a friends, and have lunch with her.


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Good morning

Meeting this morning went very well and optimism has been restored. There are more options out there than I thought and I will have the chance to pre-interview for a couple of positions before they are posted. The relief is palpable and I feel as though I have shed 50 lbs. Thanks for your support everyone.

I need to make tracks to work but wanted you all to know what a "lift" photos of foliage, grandkids, pets and flowers have been. Sorry not to have commented individually. Great to hear from Drema and Martie again too!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Great news, Mary -- not total 100%, but encouraging, right? It pays to literally beat down the proverbial door still these days -- phone msgs and emails are just too easy to ignore and/or delete. I suspect your persistence will pay off -- your physical presence impresses them that you are serious about wanting to stay w/ the system and get a job that offers what you need! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Kathy, I greatly suspect my small dirt plot is definitely smaller than yours -- but you've got way more roses per square foot I bet - I see my daylilies budding up - somehow it just doesnt seem like it's time yet -- but I've got asiatics in full bloom this week -- and somehow they're all the same color - I swear I know I didnt plant the same color thruout the garden -- they're similar to the Manhattan ones that I did plant (shadowing in Deanne's great footsteps) - it's very odd.

Woody, congrats on scoring the JM Butterfly - I do see it in the photo -- I find it's hard to take good pics off but I love mine which is all of 2 feet tall, so you're ahead of me.... but Im ahead of Eden on the Fagus Black Swan -- mine has managed to grow to about 2 feet I think - but still skinny skinny and all of about 16 leaves on it, LOL.

What does it mean when one spends the nite half-asleep but mentally noting which shrubs/trees need to be moved and replanted somewhere? That's what I recall doing last nite --

We had a bunch of strong t-storms come thru once again and then next 2 days are holding more of the same -- I noticed that all the clems on the new arbors seem to be slowly slipping down the supports -- w/ the daily deluges I wont be surprised one day to walk outside and see them all in puddles on the ground.... too much water!

Nice to hear you check in, Martie - I will continue to hope good things for you and your family - there are a lot of challenges out there these days for everyone.

PM - I hope you have good luck w/a new camera and feel better soon.

Okay -- Im sneaking in here from the awfice and better get to it ..


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Storm passed rapidly...

Pm2, I am popping in to say I am sorry about the busted camera. I try to never carry my camera around without the loop over my wrist. I am too prone to drop things.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Wow, lots of stuff going on around here. So sorry about all the computer viruses Arrrghghh. Nothing worse. What a pain. And PM you must be so bummed about your camera. Years ago my film SLR fell out of the truck I was riding in when I opened the door and it completely ruined my telephoto lens. I was so upset. There was no replacing it at the time so I had to make do with the 50mm the rest of the trip. I feel your pain.

Martie, so sorry Rich still hasnt found any work but glad to hear you are keeping a positive attitude. Glad the park is looking great and living up to your vision.

Mary, so glad to hear your positive news.

Saucy, Im looking forward to seeing your new leaf casting creations. Im sure they are going to be gorgeous.

Chelone, love the pic of Rex as water dog Lucky you to have a built in deer deterrent.

Well, Lukie got into a fight in the driveway last night about midnight (there was no luring him in the house earlier) Anyway, I woke up and heard a strange shuffling noise and there was a female person throwing rocks at the cats in the driveway. She must have been wearing slides or slippers and that was the noise I heard.

How weird is that? If I didnt know better Id have thought I was dreaming it.

Eden, Im looking forward to seeing your new combo. I managed to get all the pots fed the last couple days and have pinched back most of the sedums and all the asters. Tick another task off the list.

Bug, things are early here as well. How awful about having so many woodchucks around. They absolutely destroyed my back gardens before I had cats. I dont ever see them anymore thank heavens.

Kathy, that daylily/geranium combo is fabulous! Va-va voom! ~~ Interesting how some of the new heucheras are duds and some are really hardy and fantastic. Im really impressed with Key Lime Pie. A winner.

Woody, Im so jealous of your C. Montana. I cant grow them here. Monique and Les have a beauty. ~~ that new JM is fabulous.

Cindy, I just love that vignette of your garden with the patio peach. Gorgeous!

I did a bit of walating with the camera this AM and thought youd like to see a bit of early June here.

This is the new combination for the large hanger this year. Ive not hung it up yet as I had to get a new swivel hook and it hasnt come in yet.

My favorite time for the Sundial Garden is when the Salvia and Allium are blooming. Ive got a C. Piilu in there ready to pop and Im hoping the Allium are still blooming when it gets going.

The newly planted hayracks

For Eden, the Hydrangea petiolaris is almost in full bloom

Container with the loot from RI last weekend

Ive got to get off this computer and get to work, have a great day all,

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Be still my heart! Deanne, those are so wonderful -- I was guessing that incredible caladium in the first shot was a newbie from your recent caladium jackpot venture - I was looking at an old FG mag issue that showed a bunch of these new caladium cultivars and I think that one was in it -- it looks unreal -- you've showcased it so well.

It would surely be impossible to pick one container you've created, Deanne, and declare it one's favorite... every single one is put together with such obvious care and design... just wonderful.

Thanks for giving me some "munchtime" eye candy for my dessert!


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Deanne - your containers are the greatest inspiration a gardener could imagine. June really is bustin' out all over in your borders too. I'll look forward to watching the containers' progess as the season develops. Thank you for sharing your artistry (and hard work) with us.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Thanks everyone for the condolences for my camera. :-) Marian, I was truly enjoying my camera and my family have teased me about the extent of my vigilance about taking care of it. 99% of the time I always put the strap around my wrist whenever it came out of the case and every time I was finished using it, it went back in my case, softened with an old shoulder pad in front of the lens. [g] Now why is it, that the one time I was rushing and forgot to put the strap around my wrist, I dropped it? *sigh*

Deanne, I am chuckling about the person throwing rocks at the cats. A neighbor perhaps. I always find it interesting to wake in the night and discover that there is a whole world of people and animals that are awake and busy while I am sleeping. .....I'm not usually a caladium fan but that particular one could make me a convert. Oh my! Are they difficult to grow? I heard they were finicky. You didn't find that at Home Depot did you? I still love that climbing Hydrangea, too!

Cindy, did I miss telling you I liked your Patio Peach too? Does it actually produce fruit?

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Deanne, your containers just freshly planted look better than mine do mid-summer. You definately have the touch. I agree on 'Key Lime Pie' very vigorous for me. I've not had luck with any of the orangey ones. The fuchsia is unreal! It looks like the hanging basket will be a stunner as well this year.

I thought of you when I was trying to train c. 'Arabella' on her tutuer. I really can't get a nice natural look. 2 of the cuttings I took last summer came back each with 2 stems. These I'm going to use as a ground cover. It looks like I lost 'Multi-blue' and one 'Henryi' due to the clematis wilt last summer. Several others got it but have rebounded well.

I did get 7 containers planted. They will need to remain in the potting area until they put a little growth on. This wasn't my best year for overwintering. Even some of the new stuff I bought looks sickly due to my poor attention.

The potager is coming along nicely but the rabbits seem to have taken an interest to a few certain items.

Chelone, I'd really like to see pictures of the helpmeet's vegetable world. Great shots from the compound. I like peeking thru your gate.

Eden, I really enjoyed your foliage tour. You have such interesting plants.

PM, bummer about the camera. I don't know if it will help but I did have that once and I took the battery out and it seemed to reset it. Its worth a try. Lots of great foliage going on in your garden.

Mary, I'm glad you got some encouraging news.

Cindy, Bonfire looks like a fabulous tree.

Must run


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

2 hours this morning spent on continuing to weed and edge the outside border of the vegetable garden. I'm 2/3 finished with ONE side. Looks good though...

After running errands, I picked up more mulch and plan on using it where I've weeded. I managed to bring home 3 more heucheras, a coleus and a euphorbia. Honestly, I don't need heucheras! And you are right, the orangy ones seem weaker...but of course I love them and keep trying.

Before starting dinner I spent an hour weeding out feverfew from the barn garden. That stuff is a carpet of fresh green, but takes over the world! I could weed all spring and summer and there'd still be some there. Sigh. Well, I got some of it out. The rest will be waiting for me another day.

DD tells me she THINKS baby's name is Ivy Rayne. I love it and they do too, but for some reason the don't seem convinced. I think it is a matter of knowing the personality and having the name suit perfectly. I am hoping for more pictures soon, but have to wait until they have time. I wish they lived closer!!!!!! She tells me that more progress was made on Reed's playground this weekend. It moves ahead more slowly than they'd hoped.

DH has a music recital on the 14th and is preparing for that these days. I still have knitting to sew together, but gardening is more urgent.

Deanne, well what can I say? Beautiful doesn't quite do it. Can't wait to see everything in person. You know, I thought your climbing hydrangea had died in a wind storm. Obviously I'm confused ..or senile!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Gb - I like that name; I hope they stick with it! I have tons of feverfew here too. It's an important part of the garden because it's my main mulch. I cut it back to ~4" a week ago and leave the cuttings on the ground to compost in place. I let it bloom to coincide with the daises and then cut it down again. I do rip some of it out in places but mostly I just manage it. I think the scented foliage helps deter pests and it makes a great mulch.

I really like that climbing hydrangea. I wonder if i could get one to grow into one of the white pines or whether that would be a bad idea for the pine.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Im brain dead. I had to spend the day designing a new piece for a class the end of the month and it is finally done. Yea! Now I just have to paint it and write instructions for it and life will be great. This work stuff really cuts into my gardening time. LOL.. I finally got the indoor fish outside in the pond for the summer and Im hoping that the heron doesnt spot them, although, Big Bertha is pretty hard to miss. Somehow she is still growing and is probably more than thirteen inches long. A white fish in a black pond doesnt take an eagle eye to find. Crossing my fingers that she stays safe.

Cindy, many thanks, yes that caladium was one from the great caladium jackpot venture last week. I wish I knew what the cultivar of this was as there wasnt a tag in it.

Mary, so happy you enjoyed the pics. I sure wish Doug was still driving out your way. Ive got a couple flats of babies that I simply dont know what to do with and Id have had him drop them off at your house.

PM I know what you mean about the activity that goes on in the neighborhood while one is sleeping. I think the person was my next door neighbor but I simply CANT imagine her doing that! She is around 70 years old and never, ever goes out for a walk, in fact hates being outside. But, it looked like her, it was the right size, shape etc. So Im baffled. I actually found the rocks in the driveway this morning so I know I wasnt dreaming it. LOL ~~ I actually found that Caladium at Loews, hence the shopping trip with Sue and Monique on Saturday. Ive had difficulties growing them in the past and the thing they hate the worst is over watering. They also like bright filtered light but do very well in shade also. The dont tolerate much sun at all.

Michelle, the reason the containers look full now is because I STUFF them with all those plants I wintered over. Then I thin stuff out as the season progresses. I wouldnt plant them quite this full if I had to buy new plants every year. ~~ That larger fuchsia is one of my scores from Walker Farm in VT. I just HAD to have it. The smaller fuchsia in front of it is from last year and is called Swanley Yellow. I dont know where the yellow comes from in the name as there is nothing yellow about it. ~~~ I completely agree about the orangey Heucheras not being as vigorous as other varieties. ~~ Bummer about the rabbits in the pottager. Im so glad that is one pest I dont have to deal with.

Thanks Bug, I cant wait to see you in person again!!! I dont know how you keep up with all the gardens you have to take care of. A full time job.

Woody, I dont see why you couldnt grow a Hydrangea petiolaris in a White Pine. I dont think it would affect the tree at all. They arent parasites just use the tree for support.

OK Im running out of steam and have to get myself off to bed, nighty-night all


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And so we begin the journey towards Friday, and countdown the Staycation- Yee-ha. ! Im going to kick off the week on Saturday with a trip to ether Annies Annuals or Morningsun Herb Farm. I also plan to visit UC Berkley Botanical Gardens but have not yet strategized which day that might be. A weekend would be better as the traffic in Berkley is woeful during the week.

The digging progresses. We have had these bizarre little rain showers the last two mornings-unusual for us in June- but it is not in measurable quantities, therefore watering is still required.

Eden, you may have copied the Sedum thing from me, but I copied it from IU5 ! Part of the garden tour gig is copying stuff. I have done the same thing here, but mine are planted between Alchemilla and lilies. I have always loved Sedum seiboldii, since I was a little girl.

Michelle, fear not, even if Helpmeet bars Chelones camera from Veggie World, he will be defeated quickly by hoardes of camera clicking Idylls. I already claim victory by god !

Ivy Rayne like it ! You have approval from the Left Coast for whatever that is worth. I too have the vast multiplication of Feverfew. I use it as filler in bouquets and pull the extras. My BILs had a double flowered version which I wish mine was, it seemed a bit less vigorous, and I liked the way it looked better.

Deanne, so fabu-fabu . I might have to bring smelling salts to IU. The combos are awesome. LOL the slippered driveway visitor ! She was probably trying to break up the cat fight I always use the garden hose for that task. I will have to give Key Lime Pie a go here- I have a couple of spots where it could fit in nicely.

Cindy my lot is about 6800 sq ft if I remember correctly-including the footprint of the house. I have a large area of concrete on one side which I would love to get rid of, and am actually thinking of getting a quote on it, assuming Im going to have to stay here for a couple more years .Concrete guys are looking for work. How is Ms Chloe doing ?

Martie, glad you visited ! ((Martie and Rich)). In our world here the framing guys have become remodel guys and the remodel guys are out in the cold. Ive been the power tool buyer for my company for many years and it sure is obvious in the sharply declining movement of these products that things are not good. I notice it especially in the pneumatics.

Time for me to hit the kitchen, slim pickens in there right now but leftovers are still available

Kathy in Napa

Eye in the Sky From Garden 2009

Look what I got blooming! From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Gorgeous photos Kathy! I can't believe you have daylilies blooming already. the only scapes I see here are on the Stella D'Oros and they are only just beginning to show up. Is that S. 'Black and Blue'? Love it!

So I'm a couple hours early but I really need to get to bed and won't have time tomorrow.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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We caught one of those bizarre, faux rainstorms today too. Thunder rumbles, Marty covers the power tools, a few spits of rain, now repeat several times throughout the day, without any real moisture falling from the sky and very sporadic work getting done as we wander around looking up in wonder at a June sky that's trying to act like winter, very unusual for SoCal. But we all enjoy these socked-in, overcast days anyway, our "June gloom."

Everyone's gardens are looking luscious. I'm totally in awe of spring ephemerals, such tough dainties! Breaking dormancy is the big hurdle for perennials here, and so many just never manage it. I'll be living vicariously through Deanne's potted creations, having made very few pots myself for this summer, mainly just the year-round pots putting on summer growth spurts. What I am enjoying puttering with are -- I hate to admit -- these metal funeral wreath stands that Marty brought home from a memorial sculpture/fountain plaza he maintains for the local merchant marine organization. The florist wreath stands are placed by families at the fountain plaza on the holidays and are a heavy gauge metal, three legs, dark green, about 5 feet tall. A shame to just throw them away, so I've used them as garden supports for stuff like dahlias and Clematis recta but thought it'd be fun to dress them up a bit. So mossed baskets are now hanging from the hooks on the top of the tripods and Cobaea scandens grows up the legs. Today I mossed up a Cuphea Flamenco fuchisa-colored number with a variegated crassula, tough stuff that won't need cosseting for the last tripod that supports a winter-flowering clem and now the cobaea for summer. I like the fact that watering them drips water into the garden beds and is not wasted on the pavement. Here's one made a couple days ago with Origanum 'Kent Beauty.' Another sedum fan, I'm trying to get it to creep along the sides of the basket. Add a pot-metal finial and you're good to go. I'm mad in love with ornamental oreganos again this year, a cyclical passion, and ordered an upright variety on sale from High Country Gardens to grow at the base of kniphofia, flowering in fall when the pokers are finished.

It's hard keeping crust and crumb on the table these days, chasing small jobs all over the South Bay. Yesterday's was at a tiny nail salon, and I set up my equipment on the waxing table! But the bonus was an excellent feed store just down the street, so stocked up on alfalfa pellets. What else? Oh, yeah, Marty's checking account was electronically defrauded $1300 yesterday...what a world!

Fingers crossed Big Bertha escapes the heron's notice. Nice to see you check in, Martie. Marian, I've been deleting messages from you all day! PM, that's rotten about your camera (and who says "over the moon" besides me?) Chelone, the workshop and tables are fabulous. Glad to hear of Mary's success with HR, that Julie & Saucy's cohorts came through. I imagine HR depts feel under siege these days. Can't wait to see the New Dawn swags in bloom and photos of Michelle's potager. I see Kathy's in first place in the zinnia derby. Mine are just budding up. Enjoying all the posts and photos. Denise

Happy Birthday, Sue!

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Happy Birthday Sue ! From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

ps. we better get some TGIF action over here this Fri !

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hope you have a special day, Happy Birthday Sue!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....almost Friday, Kathy! :-)

We had no rain again yesterday, despite a forecast for it. We are dry. I am starting to see a little yellowing around the base of some of my plants. Even my butterfly bush has some yellowing leaves. I am going to have to water every last inch of the garden today. Then I am sure it will rain. [g]

I spent some time yesterday checking out HD TVs online and have decided that the one we have is the one I want and there are no better prices then what we paid for it, so out of the box it comes. DD is staying over tonight and is going to help set it up. Did I mention that she is dating someone from out of state? They are still seeing each other and he is coming up for the weekend and she would like to borrow the car. :-)

So....any camera recommendations? :-)

Michelle, I'm with you, it takes me to July to have my containers fill in as well as Deanne's do in And I don't understand how she overwinters her coleus so well either. I had one cutting of a coleus survive and in late April, it was repotted and put under lights and it looked terrific. I planted it out in a container and the leaves proceeded to burn up, so now I have a stump in the back of the container with two new leaves at the base, after nursing the darn thing all winter.

Deanne, I thought you might get a kick out of this photo in celebration of getting your fish back in the pond....

Blue sky reflects off the surface waves created by a koi surfacing to feed in our backyard pond. This photo is from the 2008 International Photo Contest.
Photo and Caption by Randy Heisch

Denise, so good to see a newsy post from you. I'm 'over the moon' looking at your photos. ;-) What are those gorgeous plants in the birthday photo for Sue? Great combo! And what a neat project with the florist wreath stands. I bought an ornamental oregano last year and I can't wait to see it bloom again. I would love a photo of your cobaea scandens when it starts blooming. .....That's awful about Marty's checkbook! Do you know what happened and will he be able to get it back?

Wondering if Marian and Chelone are still struggling with the computer virus?


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Happy Birthday, Sue. I baked a cake yesterday, too! nice moist yellow cake with blueberry "all fruit" between the layers and we topped it with a dollop of whipped cream. No pictures this morning, I'm running late and frankly can't be bothered. ;) Miss you, though.

Haven't read much and have only skimmed pictures as yesterday was a busy one. I moved a bunch of stuff from the Lab. to the Salon and have to give the former a quickie vacuum this afternoon as I have an alteration customer coming. I am reminded of all the really cool and creative things I want to get done in the Salon. Mostly to do with cushion work and loose frame awnings for the immediate future.

Martie, it's great to see you drop in. How nice that Cornfield Park is shaping up the way you'd planned. It's nice when that happens, isn't it? And I know exactly what you mean when you say you have great respect for landscapers, I do, too! It's like painting with plants only you have to wait years to see the final picture. You also crossed my mind on Saturday morning as I was listening to Weekend Edition. Scott Simon was interviewing the brother of Ted Kozinski (the Unibomber) and I was reminded of the hard toll mental illness extracts from a family and how love of family remains in spite of it all. A very poignant picture of a brother's love for his brother. I do so hope things shake out well for your's; his security and well-being must be a chronic worry for you. I like that you have control over your "fun", that's a good way to look at it.

"Marian" attempted to send me messages all day long, too, but I callously spurned her advances with the delete button. ;) I diligently ran all scans when I got home yesterday and nothing untoward showed up so I guess I'm OK. Don't feel bad about it, Marian, this sort of thing is what happens sometimes. It can be a big, scarey world out there... refuse to live in fear, baby! ;)

OK, I have to skeedaddle now. Lesigh. Cushions to finish up this morning and then who knows what'll be assigned next. It's gonna be a long day for likes of me, maybe I'll have time to read all about your worlds later today. I need some laughs and your bright perspectives.

I think "Ivy Rayne" is acceptable, even if "Rayne" is a little too unisex for my neo-Victorian taste. The kid definitely needs a "handle"!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, think "Reine" (French) and it won't sound unisex, even if the spelling and pronunciation reflect her father's name.

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In honor of your adopted home state, Happy Birthday, Sue!!

Best from your neighbor to the north...

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***Happy Birthday Sue!***

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Good morning

This morning as I had my dawn stroll through the gardens I picked 26 baby snails off my kniphofia and was rewarded with some happy clucking from as I fed them to Red Betty and Henny Penny. Gardening and chicken keeping go hand-in-hand very nicely. I can't wait to see the chooks gobble up collected Japanese Beetles when they make their dreaded appearance.

Martie - thinking of you and Rich during these hard times. So sorry to hear about the situation at your brother's hospital. I hope your lovely gardens are bringing solace and admire your attitiude. (Hugs)

Denise - I'm a lover of ornamental oreganos too and Kent Beauty in particular. I come from Kent in England and wonder if that is where it got it's name. Love the wreath stand reuse! As an avid reclyler of all sorts of objects this really appeals to me. Has there been a change in your job I've missed? Hope the checking account fraud was easy to rectify.

PM - a few weeks ago Annie dropped my camera and it is completely busted. It happens rather often even to the careful:0( The only plus for me was discovering that for 1/4 of what we paid for my Canon Sureshot several years ago we could upgrade to a model with 4X the megapixels and 2X greater zoom. I'm still without a camera as we made the replacement Annie's 16th birthday present, but it sure is fun borrowing it. She is delighted.

Sue - hope you have a great birthday and have time to stop by with a little news. My week always seems upside-down without your TGIF. I guess I'm a creature of habit.

Time to head to work but my mind is on gardens and I can't wait to get home and get my hands in the dirt.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Happy Birthday Sue !

Oh...I am really hating all the e-mails in my name that are going to all my Facebook friends!! I am not sure I can correct that. I will try.

Chelone, my AVG Pop-ups of Trojan warnings have stopped. I think the offenders are all in the AVG Virus Vault now. Whether that will stop those blasted e-mails or not...I do not know. It is strange that I was chosen to pull that on. I am not getting any from Tim, and he got the virus before I did?? My Google search has worked fine the last times I tried more re-directs, but my system restore will still not work. I called my computer repairman, and he said there was no problem with my continuing to use my just wait and let the virus scanner do it's job. He did say the virus may spread, but it can be cured if it get's too bad. will be a 'wait and see' thing. I guess I will call my local facebook friends to see if they are getting the spam e-mails from me!!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday, Sue!!! I hope it's a wonderful day.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

For my friends on Facebook...please let me know if you are still getting those spam e-mails with my name attached. I have changed my password there, but do not know if that will help. :-(

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I hope your day is fabulous!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Enjoying all Sue's birthday photos! Michelle, your dictamnus is doing so well! I love it! Saucy, can you name the plants in your photo too? I love the different greens and textures!

Here's my rainy day project, all done now:

Deanne, I need some advice on how to care for my orchid through the summer. I really enjoy this yellow one and would love to keep it alive and have blooms again next year. I need to take a photo for you I guess.

DH is home today. I never accomplish much when he's around...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I dont have much time to chat yet -- but I stumbled upon this at lunch today and thought it brought back such pleasant memories --- IUers, call this garden? It's interesting to see it in Spring and broad daylight....

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Happy Birthday Sue!

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GB, the sweater is darling. I would love one just like it.

Happy Birthday Sue!

I'm still not up to speed here. The family reunion trip was fun and DD and hubby have returned to FL.

Now I am way way behind in the garden. Trying not to freak out about it. I'll just plug away at it. I wouldn't be so far behind if I didn't have so much right? So I'll just try to appreciate the fact that I have so much.

Lots of pretty pictures from everyone. I appreciate them.
Just going to wave to all for now. Will try to catch up later.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, thanks for all the great birthday cards! What a treat! I've been a really lousy Idyller lately-there just aren't enough hours in the day! By the time I get home from work and take the monster for his walk (which he now expects every night), I get a couple of hours in the garden. Then I eat dinner and clean up and it's usually after 9 and time for bed.

At least all the garden work is paying off. If I'm allowed to say so myself, this should be the best year ever in my garden. Right now I'm feverishly planting containers and mulching. Yesterday I had another six yards of mulch delivered in addition to the eight I've already spread around. I've added quite a few new shrubs and shade plants and moved a ton of plants around to hopefully show them off to the best of their advantage. We'll see...hopefully a treat for those of you who are coming to CT after IU6.

OK, dinner is almost ready so I've got to run. Tonight I'm treating myself to lobster casserole over rice and a salad. Wine of course. Can't complain-at least I'm on the right side of the!


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In the assumption that I am going to have short-timer syndrome tomorrow at the awfice I did a flurry of tasks today that will hopefully insulate the co-workers from having to deal with any issues pertaining to me in my absence. Ive also made lists for the time off, most importantly the plant shopping list for Morningsun Herb Farm. Denise mentioned Oreganos yesterday, I have quite a few, both ornamental and otherwise. I have had to relegate Hopleys pink to a pathetic strip in the RV parking area as it wants to move about I like to use it as a filler in bouquets ( I use regular culinary Oregano for this too) but all the others are installed in the gardens- I have Kent Beauty, Dittany of Crete (my favorite of the lot) and one called Rogue House which was new to me last year . I hope I will find some others at Morningsun.

PM, I love both of my Nikons- and both were factory reconditioned units that saved me a bundle in the purchase price. My point and shoot is a Coolpix L1. It takes really nice sharp photos , and is quite user friendly. Funny you should mention the longevity of the TV equipment. I have a circa 1986 RCA (with the oak cabinet) that refuses to die. I would love to hace a nice HD unit to watch baseball games on but simply cant justify the expense in view of the fact that I watch it so little outside of baseball season. The think is so old I have wires and cables all over the place trying to jerry-rig an ancient boob tube to current technology. I am hoping with the crappy economy the prices will hit bottom and maybe I can replace it this winter.

Denise , nice re-purposing of the memorial wreath stands- That basket will look terrific once it starts to fill in. So did you get a pedicure while transcribing in the nail salon ?

Deanne, yes indeed that is Black and Blue. I had to take the shovel to the perimeter as it is starting to travel a bit . And my dayliles all have scapes, some further along than others. I will post some more pics as they continue to open. I also have buds on most of the Dahlias- Im going to try a new deadhead technique with them this year, hoping to avoid the unattractive stem stumps as I call them.

Saucy, love the combo on Sues card !

Mary, you can bring Betty over to my house any time for all the snails she can eat.

Lovely sweater Marie !

Norma, great to see you I hope we can get some early summer pond shots this year (I do nag about this relentlessly !) and of course we understand busy lives that interfere with Idyll-ing.

Here are a couple more selections of Old Mexico From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009

Lots of Lavender stuff is going on right now too. From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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I'm falling behind in my reading, oh noooo (Mr. Bill)! Just busy here.

Had an alteration app't. yesterday that brought many garments to the Lab., so there will be not much Idyll time until they're contoured to her contours, I'm afraid. And then there's the dreaded trip to the land of the black fly (THTTF) for some basic clean up. Not really what I want to do but it must be done and my brother and I will have some laughs in the process. Cross your fingers that the weather stays clear, OK?

Sue, great to hear from you and I'm sure all your hard work is going to pay off beautifully as the rabble moves south after IUVI. You have such a lovely home and a thoughtful touch with plant material.

It has the potential to be a long day in the trenches today. But I'll be basically alone and that means I can control the radio; NPR all day long. YIPPEEE, no more stupid, snappy patter from know-nothin' DJs who have to use the corporate play list. Haircut to follow. Maybe I'll get to do some "catch up" reading this evening.

Time to get "motivatin'".

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Chelone, is this your first client at the Salon?

Sorry to hear that Rich is not finding work, Martie. I have to agree with what Chelone has said so well, it must be a constant stress and worry for your brother and add that to Rich's unemployment and I can only hope that your garden is a solace to you.

Kathy, my first camera was a Nikon Coolpic and I loved it. I started checking out reviews yesterday and I find it a bit discouraging because it's become clear to me, that all the features that I chose my current camera for, are not all together in one other camera. I really use the swiveling LCD screen a lot and I haven't seen a newer model from Canon that has it, yet. If they don't, I may as well look closer at the Nikons again. Yesterday, I did finally get my lens to close all the way, and when I turn the camera on, it will operate in review mode. So I am starting to wonder if the only thing wrong with it is the lens. I actually have the ability to change the lens on the camera and I'm going to have someone check it out to see if buying a new lens might fix it. I had not thought about buying a reconditioned camera. What company did you buy yours from and did it come with a good warranty? What model is your second Nikon? ..... Isn't it amazing to have a 1986 Our old TV was actually inherited from my parents and was black and white and when we gave it away it was still working. What they offer for TVs was quite different this time around. We were trying to keep the cost down, but I can only bend so far before something stops making sense to me. We have a 26" TV now and we did see a couple of 26" TVs but they look tiny compared to ours and the 32" looks so fabulous it is a no brainer. DH was very surprised at how quickly I picked out a TV, not my usual. We did a cursory search of Consumer Reports and once in the store, one picture seemed heads and shoulders above the others to me, and that was that. I wish we could wait for prices to come down, but our TV is fading to black for longer and longer periods. We did not get the new one set up last night because I forgot to check if our cable box would work with the HD. It does, but I need different cables. ..... So what else are you planning for your week off? And what is on your plant shopping list?

Mary, my daughter actually borrowed my camera for a trip and had it stolen. That was my first camera. I got her a new camera the next Christmas and that is broken, so she is without one right now. She has been notoriously hard on cameras and phones, but she is getting better. We thought she might, once she was paying for her own. [g] Funny how that works. She just had a BD too and opted for outdoor furniture instead. So which camera did you end up getting?

Very pretty sweater Marie, and again, you find the prettiest buttons.

Cindy, what a cute name for that blog. I love McGregor's Daughter's collection of bells, the beautiful quilt on the table, the unique log bench and her clever way of protecting her seedlings. Thanks for that link. :-)

Norma, I didn't know your DD lives in Florida, just like Michelle! You must miss her when she goes back.

Sue, your garden changes sound intriguing. Would love to see photos at some point.

Having a quiet day today...happy Friday all!


    Bookmark   June 5, 2009 at 6:12AM
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PM, I really enjoyed the bee swarm link....I need to add a bee vacuum to my repertoire :)

Cindy, I enjoyed McGregor's Daughter, too, and it made me wish I hadn't missed that IU :)

Chelone, work is piling up here, too. It must be the week for it. I swear I just read my horoscope and it was all doom and gloom concerning work, too! Must be in the moon.

GB and Kathy, I shot that picture at Berkshire Botanical Garden last September. I recognize the lime green as a house plant, I think Syngonium (or commonly Goosefoot)? I know that I liked it when I took the shot! There was lots to see in the Berkshires :)

SunnyD's peonies are all blooming their heads off so I'll blame her for the rainy day forecast :) I have a tent to work under, though, so no work stoppage. Staying under the tent seems to be the problem. Yesterday I wandered around putting plants in pots. I've made some pretty fun combos, if I do say so myself :) Black and silver showed up in a teal pot, and then I did a pink and orange pot. I'll try to take a picture when things get more organized around here. Right now my pots are an oasis for the eye - which darts around trying to avert the junk :)

Time to make the oatmeal and get Miss Muffet on her tuffet.

Have a great day!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Deanne....I think I will see how you do with the Caladium this year. I don't have a container to add one to anyway but I will enjoy yours vicariously. :-)

Kathy....I had to go back to the last thread to see which photo might have had a Tiarella and yes, there it is in the birdbath photo, among the primulas. It is the same size this year as the last two. It 's a clumper. I may try to get a new one next spring and try a different location. ..... I cringed hearing about your DS's camera. I am sure his was a lot more expensive then mine. I hope he was able to replace it with something even better. He deserves it, he takes such great photos! Speaking of which, I still remember his moon photo that was so amazingly clear and detailed. When can we see more of his photos? :-)

I just went back and looked at everyone's photos again, on the last few threads. Love everyone's gardens! I am sad to say, my Fire Island hosta is not looking so good and I'm not sure what the problem is. There is a June Hosta less than 10 ft away in very similar conditions looking wonderful. I think the leaves on the Fire Island are thin? Here is a photo I took a few days ago, am I doing something wrong with it, do you think? It looked so great a couple of weeks ago and I thought I was getting the watering right.

Okay, I'm really leaving this time. [g]

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LAVENDERS IN BLOOM!!!! Thanks, Kathy. Variety if you know?

Thoroughly out of the IU loop since there's no way I can get to Chelone's, but somebody email me and let me know of southern plans and there might be a chance to meet up! I'm an easy 20 miles north of Sue's and am mobile :-)

Thanks for the hugs and thoughts. Wishing so much I didn't need them but it's becoming obvious that where one can get support, one should take it. The gardens amaze me every single day and I'm allowing myself a certain sense of accomplishment.

Thanks for Ivy and playground progress, Marie. Happy things, both!

Off to work -- fun today as I'll be celebrating a rather large placement by having oysters at the shore with a client courtesy of my boss!


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Just had a phone call from David's principal. For a moment I thought something was very wrong. Instead, David had been nominated by the school nurse for "Great Kid of the Week" because of his kindness, good attitude and perseverance with his physical therapy. He will be on the morning announcements and was awarded a certificate for a large pizza. A nice way to start the day.


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Yeah Mary! May all your calls from the principal go so smoothly :)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

How lovely to get that kind of call from a school ofc, Mary, LOL -- not surprising to us who have heard of his recovery though - he's a tough but kind young man....

Denise - I didnt have time yesterday to remark about the cool retooling of that stand - Im sure no one would guess it and it is so neat looking - succulents seem a wonderful idea -- vertical gardening is so "in" too these days, LOL.... of course, Im insanely jealous of that agave attenuata in the birthday pic and your other photos -- Im such a sucker for mediterranean grey foliages too but like lavendar they languish and die for me. Especially this year they would have all drowned by now.... we continue to get more rain... incredible. And the mosquitos are out in force - I seem to have picked up 2 weird bites on my back of all places ...

Welcome back, Norma -- glad you had a great reunion. It is a gardener's routine to always be behind, I think...

Kathy, - congrats on the staycation! Im jealous - always want more time off and sounds like you have lots of fun things planned along with the garden work stuff... Wow, those lavendars are fantastic.

Martie - also congrats on the job reward - glad to hear they dole those out for your hard work - it's nice to get positive reinforcement wherever you can get it too but especially in the work place.

Glad you like the blog that talks about the Trudi Temple garden -- it was such a wonderful place and I found it really intriguing to see it a few years later and in another season -- she is an amazing woman and gardener.

Happy Friday all.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Daily morning walk....

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Deanne - I got curious and found the article about the caladiums - it was in a recent Garden Design mag "Caladium Crazy" - at first I thought that one you've got might be "Gingerland" they mention in the article but I think not; then I got "curiouser" and read about the U. of Fla being into a breeding program for these fancy new caladiums... it just went from there... if you google images for "Caladium Miss Muffett" do you think that's the one you've got in the cool container? It seems to have the faint yellow coloring along w/ the spots (kind of makes it sound like a disease doesnt it, LOL)... okay, detective work over for me now....


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Marian - your daily walk looks green and lovely. I can't identify the animals - they look like dogs but I guess they are you kitties?

DH is still suffereing from his cold. A friend sent this and I have been laughing about it to myself all day. DH didn't seem to find it as funny. Do I have a really poor sense of humor or am I just a bad wife?


PS In England we dial 999 instead of 911, and Lemsip is the equivalent of Theraflu.

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Officially on Staycation. Lots of stuff going on around the Kathy house tonite , so a brief post

Martie, I wish I could do an ID for you, but the two lavs in the pic have been moved a multitude of times and the tags are long gone. This was before I had my bag-tag system The one in the foreground is a fave- it has silver foliage , abd has not as of yet developed woodiness. I will get a better pic for you this week.

PM, I will post my list after I actually buy something ! My other Nikon is a SLR (D60) and the lowest price I saw around for a new unit was in the 700$ range. I got mine for 399, and I think it was from Adorama. I got my Coolpix from Camera World I think for 60 bucks. I did both of these through EBAY. If you go to EBay and search for reconditioned cameras you will get lots of results. I think both of them came with a 90 day warranty. There are many very reputable camera dealers there.

Martie, I hope we can rendevous at some point during IU ! I will have an extended stay in NE .

Mary, how nice that David was recognized. You must be so proud of him !

Marian, I LOVE that photo-it really is a story in a way ..

Ok, need to skedaddle


Kathy in Napa

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Happy Birthday Sue! I hope you had a wonderful time spreading the mulch. Can't imagine a better birthday!
I hope you like this coleus I found this year.

Woody, sounds like you and Randy are having fun together since his retirement.

Bug, love the name and the sweater. I am trying to get my three Clematis to grow. I need a class.

Deanne, your garden containers are absolutely gorgeous. Wow.

Chelone, I loved that picture of Wrecks in the water, he looked so much like a guy, you know?

Mary, glad that you were able to finally get some answers and that they were good one! Crossing my fingers for you, and congrats to David.

Well, I am heading to bed, I want to get up really early tommorrow. I switched to Photobucket, and hope I can get it to work this time:)

Nite all!!


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OK, I'm sort of "caught up", having been appropriately dazzled by the contained vegetative confections of Deanne and Denise, the itty-bitty sweater whose colors remind me of watermelon for some reason, and laughing aloud at the "man cold". What a nice way to begin Saturday!

I can think of no better lasting memorial to brave merchant seamen than reusing the wreath stands. Like so many of you, I love and admire the inventiveness and ingenuity demonstrated by "repurposing" such useful items. Life IS for the living, after all. And so it is with playgrounds and pirate ships that foster imagination, exercise, and will forever ply the seas of creative play. What nice things to contemplate on a quiet, cloudy, "day off" morning; renews hope in the power of the future. :)

Marian, your insistant messages via FB have dwindeled to a trickle and I will continue to "blow you off" with impunity. As I said, nothing has shown up on the multitude of scans performed here, but I'll lift my pirate eye patch and focus two eyes with renewed vigilence. I love the shot of Nolon sauntering down the lane trailed by two kitties. It reminds me of my father and of the helpmeet, too. Seems wherever and whenever we're out and about on the Compound the kitties are never far behind. I just love that!

Alterations customers visit the Lab., PM, as it's more private and there is an excellent mirror on the wall in there. I'm reserving the Salon for large projects right now. I would like to have the machinery contained in the Salon as it's nice to have them all in one area and they do rather present a decorating challenge in a room that I dearly want to put to new use. ;)

I smiled at Saucy's eyes trying to avoid the junk. Boy, do I ever "get" that one! One of the things I would very much like to do is repurpose a large pc. of concrete "pipe" that's about 3' in diameter into a garden pool of some sort. When I figure out the particulars (not inconsequential, lol) you will be the artist I commission to come up with a leaf casting to act as a spillway for water. I can't get that elephant ear casting out of my mind, you know! Um, so how's the deck staining and the garage painting coming along? ;)

I have to get going on my routine chores. There are windowboxes to water, laundry to sort and start, a galley to be "sanitized for our protection", and some other assorted tasks. I've noted, with some dismay, a few flattened Impatiens in the northern windowboxes, clear evidence that one or more of the pride has been lounging atop them. Or maybe I'm the owner of a new "groundcover" Impatiens variety?

Which reminds me that I'm another one amazed by the "night shift". I love that there is a whole "'nother world" that begins as twilight steals over the Compound and the residents are all snug in their home. And Deanne, this is definitely the time of year when rounding up the pride presents a challenge. I know exactly what you're up against. There is the little trill from a happy kitty and then the little bas-ard zips ahead, just out of reach, rolls and then scampers off into the darkness. Ahhh yes, it's all to familiar. :)

OK, time to get to work and remember all the things I wanted to comment on but didn't.

Like Mary's success with HR and recognition of "number one son"...


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I lost a post from early this morning....must've forgot to submit!

Chelone, I've already pulled a forsythia and am in the process of hooking up the pressure washer....the deck is getting done! I'm going on garden tours today, too :) from 10-4 and then back to stain the deck if it's dry....

Better get to work! A big wave to all....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

For Chelone LOL! Both a baby AND dogs!

And here is smiley girl

I too enjoyed the kitty parade led by Nolon.
These days Phoebe is walked entirely on her leash. Just too many baby critters out there...and she knows it!

And now off to get some garden things done before rain arrives later in the day.

OK Eden, your turn to post baby shots now. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

PM, I wonder about the light situation for your hosta. Is it getting too much? Google says FULL SHADE. It also says the leaf color changes throughout the season.

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Wretched creatures, all! no wonder Sue's abandonned me. :)

Ivy looks really different one month on. She's got a lot of learning to pack into the coming years, and she's clearly "right on top of it".

Hurry up Eden, let's get it over, OK?

Time to hang load number one and water the front windowboxes.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....

In for a rest. We have been provided perfect weather to finish leveling and mulching the vegetable area along the new rock edge border and have been working on it for a few hours already. Taking a break while DH makes a run to Lowe's for more Landscape Pins. Determined my head will not hit the pillow tonight until that whole area is mulched. [g]

Have the new HD TV hooked up and operating. That was yesterday's project. My eyes are crossing from watching so much Dazzling in some instances, disappointing in others. Haven't worked out the captions yet, which I use all the time, but haven't cracked the manual either. The camera is on the back burner for the weekend.

Marie, thanks for that link to the Fire Island. I had it in almost full shade last year and thought the color was not as light as I wanted it and I thought I read it was lighter with more sun and I moved it over where it does get a couple of hours of direct sun. Guess I got that wrong. Time to move it again. Thanks. :-)

Glad to hear happy news from your house again Mary! :-) Had a good laugh over the Man Cold link....where is DH's sense of humor? [g]

Marian, your photo reminded me of that song, 'Country Roads'....see the link below.

I imagine Kathy woke up with a wonderful feeling of freedom this morning. Thanks Kathy for the info on your camera. Next week, I am going to have to look into it. I forgot you have the D60. I wonder if you use your Coolpic at all any more. [g]

Sweet little Ivy looks so happy!

Wondering how Julie's DH is feeling and where Anita has gone to.

DH is back and I'm out the door again, before I stiffen up [g]....


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Good Morning friends- it always takes me aback to read that one of you (namely PM in this instance) has been working in the garden for hours , as I am quaffing my 2nd cup of coffee and have yet to eat my granola ! Ill be heading off to Morningsun in another hour or so, and I will take my camera, as I recall they have a small display garden.

I lold at Chelones descrition of the new groundcover Impatiens that the felines have hybridized . Mine have not flattened the Nepeta yet but Im sure its only a matter of time.

Nice shot of the girls bug.

Off to breakfast

Back later

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I walked the dog a bit on the main road this morning because the traffic is about zero on a saturday morning. Then I staked 4 clematis and dug the straight edge of a second side of the veg garden. Now off to collect potting soil etc...
DH's pace is so different from mine. He walked the dog, forgetting to use the leash of course, and Phoebe knocked off a second baby groundhog as a result. After taking the little thing to "death Island", DH managed to eat some breakfast and is back on the computer. To be fair, he has lots to do: an article to edit for our Green Party man and a sermon(!)to prepare on gravel extraction tomorrow for the Unitarian Church in the next town.


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Very cute baby Ivy!

Sorry to disappoint (yeah right), no baby pics from me at the moment. I saw Kate Thursday and was asked to babysit for a couple of hours yesterday but had too many other things planned to accommodate. I may have pics of Miss Bella in her ballet costume for you all to peruse later though. I'm taking her to her dress rehearsal this afternoon, recital is tomorrow along with a family bbq so maybe some Kate pics then.

I went on a bit of a garden tour. There was a "French Fleamarket" set up in a beautiful garden that I toured hastily earlier this morning. Nice way to start the day along with a trip to the Farmer's Market.

Gotta run! Really busy day ahead!


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Bug, that is the most adorable picture! I just love it when they start smiling.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks folks, I think she's quite amazing myself. (unbiased opinion!)

Today I collected things in town for potting up containers. While there I of course took in a visit with my knitting store lady and bought a little funky hat for Ivy. Then I went to another shop (it's a tourist town) and there was a guy selling fresh baked French specialties. He had made mostly sweet things, but he also was selling giant brioches! I've never seen them sold in North America, and these were still warm! So we shared one for lunch later on but only managed to eat half of it! It was about 10" wide! That was a real highlight for me!

After lunch I managed to pot up several containers. Many had lavender tones but this one is yellow & blue. I HAD to stick some ivy in it too.

Then I mowed and mowed and then took a few photos. I'll post those separately. ;)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

DH and I look like the walking wounded at this hour, [g] but the vegetable area is completely mulched. We just have to finish a small edge along the rocks where our grass walkway is, maybe tomorrow. Thankfully, DS mowed the lawn yesterday. It's going to be an early night. Hope to see reports from all of you, tomorrow. Very pretty pot, Marie.

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An enjoyable day thus far, no need to rush anything with a week at leisure stretching out ahead of me. I took a few photos at the herb farm and will put them on a separate thread at some point this evening.
Purchase list :

Shiso and Pesto Perpetuo Basils (for the basil grove) Perpetuo is a variegated , non-blooming form.

Dittany of Crete (2)
Lavender Silver Edge" (variegated foliage)
Hopflower Oregano
1 Bay tree
Scented geranium Staghorn Oak
Euphorbia Glacier Blue similar to Tasmanian Tiger

Caryopteris Worster Gold


And another ornamental Oregano , but I seem to have picked up the only one on the flat without a tag.

I resisted even more scented geraniums. This grower always has a booth at our farmers market so I can both get my mystery oregano idd and pick up a couple more scented geraniums if I feel the urge.

I also have finished digging one of my lawn removal zones. I need to breack up the clods, pull out the remaining grass clumps and add compost-all of which I expect to do tommorow. The Ladys Mantle is the former edge. From Garden 2009

I have another area Im working on along the side of this bed , and another near my back fence.

Deanne had mentioned to me the benefits of hulled sunflower seeds for the birds, and Im sold. I basically have sunflower seed shell mulch under the birdfeeder. Its kind of expensive , but the trusty employee discount comes to the rescue so I should be able to swing it.

Another pic here, I dont think Ive posted these of my Iochroma -my 3rd- first two are deceased. This variety is supposedly hardy to 26 degrees, and if I much heavily and cover it Im thinking it should survive the winter. From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009

Signing off ..
Kathy in Napa

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Who could help but smile back at Ivy's smile.

I worked really hard in the gardens yesterday, so I was to worn out to accomplish much today. Moved a plant and trimmed back some things. Theres a lot of green out there right now. The early daylillies are just getting started, and a few clematis are blooming. The wild daisies are blooming. The potted annuals have been languishing from rain and coolness. Today was sunny and a bit windy.

Mary, How nice that David was reconized. Good to hear you finally got to talk to someone in HR. I have snails galore here. Red Betty and Henny Penny could feast. I was never brothered by them until the last two rainy years. Better than drought I guess.
I'm not sure if they eat them but we have several crows here that are patroling the garden morning and evening. It's so funny to watch them stroll the pathways. Makes me think of the song Tennesee Bird Walk.
I read that they are something like 90 percent carnivorious.

We had a big blacksnake that hung around here for several years. I called him Sneaky Snake. I could always tell when he was looking for a meal around the pond as frogs would be hitting the water all around the pond. Well the other day I kept smelling something dead near the bed around the electric pole. There is a bird house on the electric pole and I have some bird netting tacked up for a clematis to climb on. Aparrently Sneaky Snake was trying to get to the bird house and got himself tangled up in the bird netting and died. Must have happened while we were gone. I really didn't mind having him around as along as he didn't surprise me as I know he kept copperheads away.

Kathy are your Old Mexico zinnas small plants or large?

Pm, good to hear you are about to finish the rock border project. Sorry about your camera.

Denise and Martie good to hear from you gals.

I'm running out of steam already. More later. Norma

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Norma , the flowers on Old Mexico are small (like Profusion) but the plants are taller , a foot or so. I have placed them behind the edging plants..

Nice to see you !

Kathy in Napa

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Just a quick skim tonight.

Kathy, Deanne and Monique convinced me to use the hull free sunflower seed and what a difference. Well worth the added expense. No muss, no fuss!

OK I warned you. Here's Bella the ballerina...

I promise I'll be back soon with a more substantial post. Things will calm down after tomorrow. Talk to you then!


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Shhhh, they're finally asleep. DH and I have DGC, Will and Maddy for an overnighter. Lots of energy, but what can I expect from 2 and 3 year olds. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday celebration. Should be about fifty gathered there, which is just the immediate family. LOL. I'll be wiped out by the evening, so no gardening on the agenda. I made sure to get the grass mowed last night, and did some more weeding. The oxalis is a never ending headache.

A coworker found two baby birds on the sidewalk outside the salon the other day. She heard them fall, but didn't see a nest. There is a huge pine right where they fell, but couldn't detect the nest. She called the nature center nearby, and they told her to bring them in if she wished. When she arrived, the said they were purple finches, and were on the rare side in these parts. They also said they would keep her abreast of their recovery. They were cute round little things, and I hope they're okay.

Woody...I like how you connected the two Idylls. I wonder how the rest of that poem goes? Summer is definitely growing, and like Norma said, there is a lot of green out there, to be replaced with lots of color when the flowers of summer start blooming. I picked up the new Horticulture mag.,and there is an article on Barbara Damrosch. Asked to explain her gardening philosophy, she says, "If you follow nature's processes, you can't go wrong." sound so relieved to get the mulching done. How nice to have DS do the mowing. Sorry about your camera, that stinks. Not sure what to think about the hosta, but most likely it's getting too much sun. Finding that balance of sun and shade is tricky for any hosta. So I just put them all in a partly shaded area and hope for the best.

eden...Bella is the most adorable ballerina. That group shot just makes me smile. I love how they all have matching curls and bows.

bug...Ivy is too precious. I'm looking forward to seeing a pic with her wearing the newly knitted sweater. You do amazing work, really.

marian...Seeing the photo of Nolan and the kitties does make the song "Country Roads" come to mind. I love your kiwi vine, by the way. Forgot to mention it before. the staycation coming along? Your gardens are juicy, and I'm just loving the photos. Hope you get done everything on your list, just don't forget to kick back with a beer and admire your handiwork.

chelone...once again I'm moved by your words.

Mary...Go David!!!

Hi to all,

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Today is the first day of what the weather man calls "below normal temps and above normal precipitation" We really are dry here, so it will be good. The problem is its supposed to be all week.

Last night was quite nice so I planted more containers. Im actually watering these days which I normally dont do until at least August if at all.

We decided to go on a shopping trip. A few plants and a couple of shrubs tagged along home.

Kathy, have you grown Iochroma before? I picked one up for container use. Ive not used it before.

bug, little Ivy is looking quite alert these days. Nice in the container planting. You should have made it pink ;o) The sweater is adorable.

Eden, how adorable Bella is as a ballerina. My DD took ballet and other types of dance classes through high school. I believe her 2nd year was a sweet little outfit similar to Bellas. Hers looks like it could be used as a nice Sunday dress. DDs always were more the tutu type. Was the hair style requested by the instructor? DDs was a big stickler that all hair had to be up.

I picked up a dress with flowers and lady bugs on it for Kenzie while shopping. Shes in a dress wearing mood these days. You know princesses dont wear shorts.

Norma, Im wondering who untangled Sneaky Snake ewww.

Chelone, I have a similar piece of concrete pipe my thoughts lean toward a tunnel for the Secret garden or a large planter.

I must go, I started this post on Saturday morning and now its Sunday morning.

Good night, sleep tight. You east coasters probably are. Maybe Kathy and Denise are still awake with me. After all it is Saturday night.


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The coffee is nearing completion, the cats have been fed their breakfast and Rex has received last night's round of cat food that has been summarily rejected by the pride this morning. A real score for Mummy's little Pre-Wash; wouldn't want his coat to get harsh from lack of nutrients, would we?

I've noted with some concern Michelle's comment that the inclemency is supposed to last all week. I suspect that means we will be in line for our share of it, too. Which makes perfect sense since the poppies are beginning to open, as are the pink peonies. The german iris are looking nice this year, too. So far. Maybe I'll get the remaining unstaked peony done today? Anyway, I'm glad you're getting the needed precipitation, Michelle. No rain and a lot of wind is bad news.

Bellarina looks like Shirley Temple, Eden. I smiled when I saw the picture; if you tell me they danced to "The Good Ship Lollipop" I'l laugh out loud. Who is in charge of the costumes? are they studio property and "on loan" or will Bella be pirhouetting around the house in it for weeks to come? Somewhere in our possession is a family portrait series of my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle, and Mum. Mum is 3 or 4 and is dressed just like Bella (would have been c. 1930). Does Bella take swimming lessons yet?

I was so impressed by Saucy's organization with respect to pressure washing and setting things up to address the painting and the staining that I had to do some of the same thing yesterday! I mowed the lawns first thing and then decided it was time to address the deck canopy. The deck is 12'x18' and the canopy is larger since there is a gable end and a ridgepole on the framining. The ridgepole is 10/11' off the deck, so it's a pretty tall structure. It took some thought and some judicious "fanny folding" to get the canvas bundled for easiest placement, it weighs in the 30-40lb. range and is an awkward bundle. I hauled the 8' stepladder up the stairs and onto the deck, then did the same thing with the canvas. With the canvas on my shoulder I scaled the ladder and heaved the canvas over the ridgepole and began arranging the gable end and anchoring the western corners in place with cable ties. Then I began pulling the canvas back toward the house zipping the pockets around the rafters and securing the eastern corners with cable ties. I laced the gable end fairly snugly and did the sides loosely. Then I went up on the roof and laced the canopy on the eastern side, going back and tightening it as much as I was able. Off the roof, down the ladder and back to the gable end to tighten that down some more and then I worked the sides from the gable to the house tightening as I went. It took me a little over two hours and came out great, tight as a drum! that baby isn't going anywhere unless we get a tornado. Note to self: buy some leather gloves and don't use them in the garden since they'll have to be clean. Lacing can be hard on your hands! Anyway, the helpmeet didn't even notice but when it was pointed out to him he was suitably impressed by the physical effort required to accomplish the feat single handed. I was wearing my black bra, 'bug. Girl power! Today I have to get the rain baffle in place over the roof and get the screens up. And then it will officially be time "to summer".

Phoebes's catch was forefront in my mind yesterday when I heard Foxy Loxy let out a cry very close to our house. Rex went mental and asked him if he wanted to go see about the noise. I took him outdoors and he focussed on the area behind our house and BIL's. I let him go and he was out of sight in seconds. I gave him 5 minutes or so and then called him back. He came galloping over to me quickly obviously quite pleased with himself. We regard him as a "farm dog" and letting him patrol the border and the swamp beyond the house sends the strong message that this territory can be fraught with peril. While it's a little grim to see something despatched by your dog I'm not sure I'd be particularly upset by one less woodchuck anymore than I am when one of the pride leaves a rodent on the deck. There will be no shortage of them in the future, of that you may rest assured. Meant to mention that I saw a big snapper the other morning on my way to work, too. My personal connection to dinosaurs and one of those things you only get to see if you're up and about in the early part of the day.

Anita, is it possible to tire out a 2 or 3 yr. old? Don't you just wish you were able to bottle some of that energy and keep it for yourself, sounds as though you'll need some of it after the revellers leave today. How old is your Dad going to be? and what kind of cake are you going to serve?

Kathy, the helpmeet was doing the man thing last night (surfing the channels) and locked on the baseball game... Phillys and the Dodgers. I was able to watch your beloved team win in the 12th. inning (I think?) with a homerun by a really great looking guy, Andre Ethier (I think). The helpmeet was shocked when I expressed excitement about the Dodgers; since when have you gotten interested in THEM? Next thing you know I'll start drinking beer, too. ;)

I plum forgot to remind you that yesterday, in addition to being the 65th. anniversary of the D Day invasion of Normandy, was also the 90th. anniversary of Man O' War's first start as a two yr. old. He went to the post the favorite and won the 6 furlong race easily, "going away". Just thought you'd like to tuck that nugget into your trivia bag...

Time to map out the day and wait for the rest of you to get up!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh my Eden, white gloves too! I'm amazed you can find them to buy. My mother used to even wear them, and not just for church either. The finger curls are amazing. Did you help with her hairdo? I didn't realize how long her hair is. Anyway, I'm sure she had a memorable day!

Kathy, your photo of the expanded garden is very exciting. I know just the feeling when gaining even a small bit of new planting area! Yet, just yesterday, we were working toward adding a grassy spot where the compost heap has been for the past 10+ years. Our two new composters have been "planted" there by DH and he spent several hours leveling the area. We had a particularly nasty bunch of compost that was useless except for filling a hole behind the barn. I'm at the stage where I don't want to cut back on planting space but I want to cut back on work. Mowing this spot will be easy. In the past I had hoped to add a garden there. ;) I need a tall plant that grows in shade to put near one side of the composters. Any ideas? Hollyhocks would be fine but they require more sun.

Country Roads is a song that DH and his buddies always sing when they are playing guitar together... Amazing how computer science guys all seem to be 'rock stars' too.

Norma, I have a friend in Ohio who used to grow blueberries. She put netting over them to keep the birds away. She managed to repeatedly find snakes that way too. I think that was the reason for the demise of her blueberry patch.

Anita, (I'm whispering, OK?)I hope the reports on the baby finches is a good one! Your use of the word "salon" had me confused because these days that word means strictly Chelone's gorgeous new space! Today will be amazing. I hope your Dad is thrilled and that everyone has a ball! There's bound to be at least one goof though in a family that size.

Time to hit the shower.

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Good morning!

I made good progress on the pressure washing until it was time to go see the Open Days gardens in the area. I know where I want to live, now :) I came home and mowed the lawn and helped Nick finish up the cross ties in the new/old room.

This morning I have a date with the Goddess Garden. Nick's off doing extreme biking, I'm going to extreme garden. While I was mowing yesterday, I looked over and was liking what I saw in the GG....and that's a good thing! Maybe I'll snap a few photos this morning.

I'll be back later! Have a good day all.....


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning...

I'm awake, but barely moving. [g] It's very quiet at the moment, except for the birds, which is a good thing, since one particular neighbor lately has been driving us crazy with dogs barking or loud music. Nothing is on the calendar for the day. DH is up to his ears in paperwork this weekend due to a situation at work which won't be resolved for another month. His back is much improved but sitting is something he has to take frequent breaks from. His Mom hasn't had another low pressure episode since last week, so it's been quiet on that front this weekend too. We've had no rain, which amazes me. I have gotten so that I don't even bother to check the weather forecast any more. It was forecast for 90% chance of rain Friday night and we didn't see one drop. I can't remember a year when I've had to drag the sprinkler around so early, so often. DH tells me we are supposed to get rain all week too. That's it from here. I don't want to do anything at all today.

Eden, Bella is just having a great time, isn't she? Dressing up is right up her alley. Really does remind me of Shirley Temple, Chelone. The dresses, gloves, ringlet curls are just so adorable! So how did the girls do with the dancing?

Anita, I remember the year our youngest [DD] was one and the middle [DS] was three, omg, they had so much energy and I couldn't keep up with them. We used to try to wear them out before bed by having them see how many times they could jump up and down on the mini trampoline. lol It was such a fun time and went by in a flash. Nice when you can send them home and get a good night's sleep. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time seeing all your family today. That's a big family! ..... The rest of our hostas seem to be happy. I will have to move this one around until it works. The leaves on it are thin though, for those who have slug/snail problems.

Michelle....when will Kenzie be coming up for her visit?

Kathy....I've been tempted to start a Bay tree, but I'm afraid I won't have enough light in the house over the winter. That Iochroma is pretty, hope it lasts this time.

Norma, I was surprised that a snake could get itself caught in a net like that. I am very happy that I haven't seen a snake in our garden in a long time. I do not enjoy them at all. On your large wooded property I can see where it would be an advantage and worth it if they keep copperheads away.

We're not ready 'to summer' yet, Chelone. I haven't got all the mulch down, all the containers filled or the wind chimes out yet. Plus I just repaired one of the screen panels on the screenhouse, and now I see there are three more rips in it that I will have to sew. Last year, a neighborhood cat got in it and couldn't figure out how to get out so she ripped her way out.

Looking forward to more photos...

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It's always fun reading of the viral quality of idylls in action, e.g. Saucy's deck plans leading to Chelone's tackling the deck canopy. Yesterday I had an "extreme" puttering day, did no work on transcripts, none, but stayed in the garden all day, sat through and thoroughly enjoyed a micro cloudburst (2 mins of rain) and just fooled around with plants in between reading, also outdoors, a lengthy article on extinction (there's been five, we're in a sixth), went to a movie and soup with the boys, then to bed. Just the tonic needed to a rotten workday Fri.

Norma, that's so sad about the snake. I hate to hear of creatures getting fouled like that.

Anita, good rescue work and fingers crossed the little finches make it. That's quite a party today (wow!)

Eden, you've got Bella camera-trained, which is obvious in the group photo. My expression would have been more like the girl to the left of her ;) Hey, those are my Christmas harlequins on your book shelf!

PM, I thought your hosta looked sunburned but since I've never grown one I kept my opinion to myself! Agaves calm down plantings very much like hostas do. Cindy ID'd one I have that is chartreusy, in a photo above, A. attenuata 'Kara's Choice.' What a productive gardening day you had.

'bug, the brioche sounded heavenly. Phoebe is quite the huntress! Our sedate little cats have finally noticed the chipmunk eating the jacaranda nuts, so Evie, the timid white female, flings herself up the tree in the parkway after the chippie as though in a trance, always looking shocked afterwards to find herself in a tree. She is THE garden cat, so must find being outside its borders alarming, lured by a chippie no less...

Ivy is bright and beautiful. I got a quick visit with my 7-mo old niece a couple weeks ago. Now she's sitting up, babbling, and has a shocking amount of jet black hair. Gorgeous baby. Little Katie, her 4 yo big sister, is as charming as ever. She had her first visit to Disneyland earlier in the day and was absorbed in the little princess figures she brought home. Her mother requires that she always respond to questions "Yes, ma'am," which takes me some getting used to!

Nice haul, Kathy, and look at all that garden space you're revealihg hidden under grass ;) I confess that I've "overegged the pudding" as usual (too many plants), and very few zinnias are surviving the crushing border conditions. The purple orach is the main villain, but I dearly love this villain so will let the chips fall where they may.

Michelle, I hope the weather settles down. I imagine farming is in full swing now, right?

Saucy, it's good to read of your excitment with the GG again. Waving to all.

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I'm in for a break. I've finished lacing on the rain baffles. The baffles keep rain bouncing off the roof from hitting the deck under the canopy and keep the insect hordes from infiltrating our seating area. The screen panels are zipped on to the canopy and all the weight rods are in place. All is secure and it's time to think about the furnishings.

I've also tackled the relocation of a stockpile of kindling that the helpmeet meant to split for use but never quite got around to when he was off for a month over the winter... ;) . In the process I disturbed a mouse who fled with 6 fully furred nursing babies still attached. A few stragglers bumbled around in confusion while I continued to move the wood. MIchelle, I'll bet you'd have flipped, lol. They are really darling little creatures but I was unmoved when the curious cats responded to the squeaking. I accept that there will be mice wherever there is stacked firewood. But I need to know the population is kept in check, also. Nature is a cruel mistress sometimes and cats are skilled hunters with incisors perfectly space to paralize rodent prey items. It is my hope to reclaim the very pleasant screen room directly beneath the deck and the canopied area, as well.

Funny Norma, but Sneaky Snake's demise would have upset me far more than dead rodents ever would!

OK, back to it now. I think the White Tornado express will be leaving for THTTF first thing tomorrow morning and that means I have to keep crackin' on the Compound maintenance list today.

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Coffee is good this morning, and joined me on a WALAT this morning. The purchased bedding Zinnias in the front yard looked horrid so I pulled them up and bought a 6 pack of a different variety and plugged them in along with 2 Coreopsis Tequila Sunrise which is a variegated foliage form. The Zinnias in my triangular annual garden along the driveway look good and seem to be thriving.

Chelone, how fun that we were both watching Andre Eithier hit the game winning home run, though I believe I was drinking wine at the time , not beer, lol. Of course ALL the Dodgers are good looking-much like the men in Lake Woebegone .

Overedged the pudding indeed Denise, thus the need to address the lawn. The odd little rain events seem to have moved on, never enough to actually water anything gathjering steam on the way to Michelles I imagine

Ok, time to hit the great outdoors, later friends.

Kathy in Napa

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Holy C**P!! I mean, Holy Mackeral! Lie low for a few days and look what happens. 80 posts! Have I even posted once on this thread yet??!! I was sick for a few days and occupied with a stupid situation that took up too much of my mind and time, and only got here for a
quick read this morning! goes....

Whoever posted about the Oxalis infestation had me grinning - with our lousy weather the red oxalis that pops up eveywhere is almost my only colour right now. Yank it out, it will be back!

Bella - OMG she is adorable! What a little sweetie! She is just such a GIRL!! Love it.

Mary - finally someone in HR did what they are supposed to do. Good for you to take the respnsibility to make something happen. Nice to hear that recognition for David...but I was hoping it was the neighbour with the cut lawn responding...

Thanks, PM2 for your thoughts for DH. He is very much improved, although not quite back to his old self. MD's are happy though, and meds are on the way out. I have a Hosta that looks like is called "White Feather" and comes in white and then changes to green. I thought it would be neat but it is kinda ugly..But what is the double white clem? It is gorgeous!

Oh Bug: just look at that baby! I really like the names Ivy Rayne, and I confess that I would call her Rayne - just appeals to me. I bet she will look adorable in that beautiful sweater!

Marian: what a lovely place you have there; Country Road describes it perfectly IMO I still can't quite get over the wonderful "Pour Off". I would love that.

Deanne - let me know the secret of the Caladiums. Have tried them twice, followed instruction to the letter...nada., I might go for some of those gargantuan coleus though...DH is in love with those...

Martie - what a drag, dealing with work and finances and your brother's situation. You stoll sound "up" - good for doesn't matter if things are going well or not - they will change in the other direction anyway! Chin up!

Kathy - what beautiful photos you take. Your lot sounds like it is typically suburban in size, right? You put me to shame!

To all of you who have responded to me on Facebook: I am completely technologically incompetent and cannot work FB to save my life. I am waiting for a memeber of the younger generation to give me a tutorial...until then, please don't be insulted by my lack of response...Believe me, I would if I could!

Today I am having one of those days - I hate the look of my house, I hate the look of my garden and I hate my hair. I know why, too. for the house, I have not kept up with the Juliejobs, so although it sorta looks o.k. I know there are all kinds of grubby little secrets behind the closed doors. The weather is dull and rainy once again...we have had five - count 'em FIVE, use one hand -and gardening isn't that much fun when you're wet and cold. The plants don't like it either....and the hair - well, I need it cut.

Anyway, tried to get a few photos this morning and will continue to - I guess I'll have to post them on a separate thread because this one is getting too long to open!!

You guys - just get me.



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Yikes! This is a fast-moving thread!

Bella is definitely ultra-cute in that outfit. Ivy is pretty cute too - I'm with Julie; I'd go with Rayne....

Maian - the 'country road' shot is lovely - a great story-telling picture.

PM - It sounds like you two are working too hard! Take it easy.....

I forget who the blacksnake story belongs to.... I'm glad there are no slithery things in the garden here; they really would put me off gardeing! :-)

Anita - I'd like to know how the rest of the poem goes too. The book I was reading only had that line in it and I can't find any translated books of the author's poetry.

It was a nice day here. we went on the local garden tour this afternoon (see separate thread). I did a bit of walating here this morning. I'm quite happy with the changes to the front garden, especially the sweep of the grass path that the new bed created:

And the New Dawn on the swag is budding up nicely. After it does this first flush of bloom I'll cut all the small laterals back to try to get the later flushes to happen on shorter growth:

Last year it looked like one of my lupins in the front bed was dying out. I didn't realize it had seeded itself; it looks like I should have LOTS of lupins next year!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks for all the favorable comments on the "country road" pic. Yes, the tune fits it nicely, and John Denver was one of my favs. I have his Country Roads album.

Yes, Mary, that is the two kitties following Nolon. They look forward to that morning walk.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Oh Woody, your home looks just beautiful! Would you be interested in exchanging some of those blue lupin seeds for some pink? I have the pink in spades!

I meant to say, in my last post, that we have had FIVE NICE DAYS, since the beginning of May. Bah Humbug!

And I also meant to excuse myself for missing however many birthdays have come and gone already - happy belated to all of you whom I missed!

And Wonder Woman, that's Chelone, you must have muscles of steel to lug that canopy up the ladder and lace it up! I laughed when I read that the helpmeet didn't even notice at first - my man is exactly the same...there have been many instances of "When did you do that? Oh, a few weeks ago..." in our lives.

Cheers again. Off to try to do something with pictures!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Thanks Julie - we're quite pleased with how the house and garden have come together. Are you sure you want seeds from that lupin? It's a pretty wimpy blue! There used to be more intense blue ones in the garden but they seem to be fading out. If some better blues come along, I'll show you those ones. I'd like some pink ones so I'd be happy to trade. Do you have any need of a pretty mix of columbines? I promised to collect seeds of ours for friends who were visiting last night. I will have lots and lots of seeds so there will be enough for several people! We have all sorts of colors - they are obviously cross-breeding like mad! I particularly like the blue and white ones - see the birthday picture for Sue above... Here is a picture of some of the ones in the north alley:

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Marian, John Denver is one of my favorites as well.
There were four of us playing guitar at the family reunion and we played several of his songs.

Woody, I like the sweep of your grass path too. Yep looks like you will have lots of lupins next year. Can you transplant some of them?

Julie, sounds like you are bumming out a bit. I hope you get some sunny weather soon.

Eden, Bella looks so cute and I can see that she has stage prescence too. We attended recitals for the GD's for fifteen years or better. Now they both teach dance in their spare time.

Chelone, You can be proud of getting that canopy up by yourself. I have always tried to get things done on my own too.

Denise, good to hear you spent some quality time enjoying the garden.

Pm, Your 90 percent chance and no rain turned into our 30 percent chance and torrential downpours. And DH had just poured a concrete step. We had to do some quick covering and retroweling afterward.

Anita,50 is quite a few people. I hope your dad enjoyed his day. There were only 35 at the family reunion but it seemed like lots more than that. DH has five sisters and they are all humorous so it gets pretty wild sometimes.

Michelle, DH cut the netting and disposed of the snake. Thank goodness for that. I wasn't looking forward to doing it. I guess I'll take the rest of the netting down too, after the clem finishes blooming. I thought it unusal that he got caught but must have doubled back and forth to much.
I sure wish you could get some nicer weather for gardening. On our trip I noticed a lot of fields were not
planted yet.

Kathy sounds like you are making good use of your staycation. Enjoy. I will get a picture of the pond soon.

I helped DH today work on the area near my potting bench under the back deck. It is always a mud hole because of the downspout, so we are extending a paver walkway. I will be so happy to have that done.

Need to restock the larder tommorow so a trip to town will be first up.


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Pleasant afternoon/evening to all. Never even opened the garage today- a day of rest for the vehicle. WALATS were numerous between tasks. Tomorrow I will call the tree service about having 2 branches taken off the Liquidambar. Id love to take the whole tree out, but a good limbing up will have to suffice. One of the branches has created that most dreaded of garden conditions i.e. shade all day except for the two most blazing hot hours of the day in late afternoon. Sun plants flop unattractively and shade plants burn up.

I am really enjoying the dayliles this year- the fans I planted in 07 have matured nicely and are loaded with scapes . They also are blooming somewhat progressively Moonlit Madness came on first (what a great plant that is too-blooms for a very long time) and I still have a few who have not opened a bloom yet. I like getting to enjoy the first bloom over a long period. Ive also noticed how the colors improve as the clumps get established . I think once all have bloomed I will put up a separate thread with thier 'portraits'.

Woody, your front garden looks terrific ! You are so right about the sweep of the lawn it seems to define and accentuate the bedsreally really nice. New Dawn is going to be fabu when all those buds open up. Lupine, a failure in my garden, and tried many times. They do great on our coast, I think our hot dry summers are not to their liking. Every few years I try again, I feel like I could grow them If I found the perfect location. I could probably also grow the native Lupine that carpets our valley in the spring, but of course I want the dramatic Russell Hybrids !

Julie, glad to see you and to hear that DH is so much better. The tee-times must be on the increase , lol. My lot is a little over 6,000 square feet. Im pretty lucky really , land is so valuable here that a custom home with property is out of the reach of most everyone except the very wealthy. Consequently, the homes that have been built here in the last several years have much smaller lots than mine. We also have very restrictive growth initiatives, implemented to protect agriculture which is good, since the whole economy of this valley is based on the wine grape growing industry.

Chelone, remember the story of Blackie the Snake at Stonecrest last summer ? Do I remember that some of us actually saw him ?

Michelle, this is my 3rd Iochroma , previous 2 met an untimely demise. This one is performing spectacularly better than the others- I think the placement and the cultivar are the reasons. There is an Inn on our Mendocino County coast that has an enormous specimen planted at the entrance to their garden shop-easily 10 ft tall, covered with bloom. This is a frost-free area so winter die-back is not an issue. Both of mine were winter killed. This one is supposed to be hardy to the mid-20s so I hope that I can protect it enough to bring it through the winter. Has the succulent sink been created this year ?

Wondering how Saucys GG day has progressed , and awaiting the pic of Deannes H. petiolaris in full bloom. ?

Wave to all-

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Speaking of black snakes...I walked around the corner of the house the other evening and encountered a long one coming out from beneath a kiwi vine. I hurried back in to get the camera, and got three pics before it escaped into a hole in the house's foundation. I hope it is a permenant resident. I will not post a pic, because of those who are freaked out by them. :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I have blue lupines (in the intense blue department) but would seriously hesitate to give seeds to anyone. They spread around like MAD and are difficult to remove quickly because of their tap root. They develop into HUGE plants very quickly. I also have those columbine everywhere Woody. I really like them because not many weeds can grow between them!

We were invited out to lunch today and the folks seem to have a very nice garden there. I'll have to go again for a closer look!

Woody, you asked about single peonies. I got mine from Gardenimport about 10 years ago. The store is under different management now, so their choice of plants is different these days. I wonder if a Google Search would have suggestions for Canada?

Well friends, I see you all like "Rayne" for a first name, but Ivy it will be. With Wayne as her dad's name, it would be too confusing around the house. Besides, DD says there are too many words and jokes that rhyme with Rayne. But they love it. In fact DSIL liked Rayna too. Ivy is an aunt of DSIL's mother and Ives is a family name on my Mom's side.

Well, the rain is expected here for the next few days too. That means my edging project will be incomplete for a while. I'm tired of watering everything and will welcome the showers. I'm also tired from hearing about Chelone's labor intensive weekend projects ! Vicarious exhaustion!

And so the weekend comes to a close.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I would wave to everyone but I'm too exhausted to lift my hand.

Spent the weekend doing non-stop wedding prep. I finally got the deck pulled together and most of the pots planted up. Cleared a fair amount of clutter in the great room as well.

I have three days of work this week and then I am off until the Tuesday - I gave myself a day after the wedding weekend to recover. But things are coming together nicely and I think we will be in good shape.

That's about all the coherent thoughts I can pull together for now. I have a feeling that there won't be a great chatty post from me until AW (after wedding). TTYL,


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My shoulders are feeling the brunt of the past two days' exertion. But it's a good kind of feeling. I hauled the iron table and chairs out of the screen room under the deck, washed them and then brought them up to the deck. I pulled out two strings of white Christmas lights and strung them around the perimeter of the canopy's framing. I then celebrated with a glass of wine and a snoozing Spencer on my lap. Daddy returned moments later with Chinese food, which we consumed in bug-free comfort on the deck. Very pleasant! I was touched when the helpmeet mentioned appreciatively how nice it was to have a spouse who has such a useful trade and a "can do attitude".

I relocated all the kindling to the helpmeet's side of the garage where it will not become a mouse condo before he decides to split it for use. I cleaned up the remains of the mouse's nest and several hundred shards of acorn shell. There is more seasonal furniture to move out of the space before the shop vac. can be brought in and the indoor/outdoor carpet given a proprietary shampoo. But the screen room will become another pleasant retreat in the coming weeks.

I haven't begun to mulch. And won't today, either, as I'm soon to depart for THTTF and a day with my brother.

Marian, I would like to see a picture of the snake. How big was he? There was one that lived under the barn and while friends complained of rodents in their horse's feed I never had that problem but never gave it much thought until the day in early spring when I encountered Mr. Snake snoozing on the warm granite threshold to the barn! all 4+' of him! Then I understood and was properly impressed. ;)

I was just about to ask where you'd gotten off to, Julie, and up you popped! I'm sorry to hear you've been a bit under the weather but am delighted to learn that DH is responding to treatment and that nasty infection is on the run. Do you have any idea how he contracted it in the first place? And I sympathize with the run of crummy weather, too. I am capable of the major crankies when the weather is nasty for protracted periods of time. I've said it before, the concept of the JulieJob is what saves my bacon at those times. In fact, I keep a list of them near this monitor, adding to it whenever something pops into my mind. It's pretty long, too. ;) I'm a FB loser, too. I just don't "get" the whole concept, I guess. I think I open it about once every week/two, but it works slowly for me and I've not bothered to do whatever they recommend to "optimize my FB experience". I'm OK with my present experience here in Loser Land, thanks. :) How are your wretched little dogs and that wretched TCS responding the the beatings you've likely administered in recent days?

Woody, your home looks wonderful! I heartily concur that the new bed really does add a level of definition to the lawn area around the big bed. I love paths and that green carpet just begs a visitor to follow it and explore. It must feel great under bare feet. :) I don't grow Lupines here but they are a common site where I grew up, carpetting the roadside at this time of year. They really are spectacular plants in bloom. If you think of it, I'd like to know how long the ND swag is, or are there several of them along the wall? I can see that your's is a very, very content rose.

I'm glad it's Ivy and not Rayne. Even with "reinne" as an option.

PM, I've forgotten completely to comment on DH's mother. Mum used to have the same low blood pressure issue when getting up in the morning. She was always very deliberate in her movements and would always sit upright for a few moments to sort of take stock and collect herself before making her next move. After the intial move to an "upright position" she was fine for the rest of the day. Her innate caution was such a blessing for me. I'm sure watching the decline is difficult and worrisome for you. When you finish your mulching you can come help me with mine. ;)

I thought of Denise puttering in her garden all day long. That's really why we have them, isn't it? I can think of no more perfect antidote to a depressing day at work. That's how I feel when I turn into the driveway after enduring chaos and clutter for 8+ hrs.. I would like an update on the soaking tub project, please.

And I was also going to ask about V. who's appeared already and has confirmed what I thought... that wedding plans are in full swing and the JulieJobs are being ticked off the list one by one. Mother and son dance tune? pleased with your newly fitted dress? will you be eschewing the wool socks when you exchange pumps for Birkenstocks? May the week before the wedding pass smoothly and uneventfully, may the ceremony and reception be all you hope it will be, and may the bride and groom live happily ever after. And may you thoroughly enjoy the day off on Monday!

Waiting for:
Norma's pond pictures
Anita's birthday party report
Saucy's GG, garage and deck projects
Kathy's staycation

Time to think about headin' out on the open road now. :(

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning :-)

Another gray morning without a drop of rain yet and the sun is supposed to come out again later today. I am planning an easy walk around the garden this morning to make sure all the small planters are not in need of water, but no work planned. Yesterday was devoid of energy with sore muscles but today I am hoping to stretch out some of the kinks after a nice hot shower with the shower massage, followed by walking. [g] Woody, I am taking it very easy today and yesterday and DH and I are both doing okay this morning. No back repercussions, thankfully. :-) I'm very satisfied to have made a big dent in the 'list', but in what year, will the garden need routine maintenance and no more? That is the burning question of the day. Sometimes I think I have bitten off more than I can chew.

Woody, that shot of the front of your house looks wonderful! I think that new bed really made quite an improvement and the shape of the grass path really adds a lot to the structure of the garden. It really works, good job! Every time I see shots of your New Dawn, I become convinced I am growing the wrong rose. [g] Look at all those buds!

Denise it did sound like a very enjoyable day in the garden for you. How is DH's back btw? And your Dad? Yes, I never thought of it but your agaves are like hostas! Very pretty ones too. If you have 'overegged the pudding' [great expression, where did you run across that one?] then at least you aren't weeding. :-)

Norma, I never thought about the fact that if I wasn't getting the rain, that someone who wasn't supposed to get it would get the soaking. It's a pain, isn't it? Glad you salvaged your concrete project.

Chelone...DH's Mom is rapidly declining. Her short term memory has been bad for a long time and she constantly repeats things. She can eat and forget she has and ask for food again 5 minutes later and that will go on all day. Now even her long term memory is fading. She asks DH when he arrives, if he is her son. It's very sad. I feel very badly for him and for her. The doctor is trying to balance the meds but I don't think it is easy. She is on one for the memory decline that I think may be making the low pressure worse, but I don't think they dare take her off it. She's also not very mobile having had bad knees for many years. I know you and others here have already been through similar circumstances and understand what it is like. Not much to do, but get through it the best we can. Thanks for that input about getting up carefully, I'll pass it along.

Haven't watched a baseball game all the way through once yet this season. We did watch some of the golf on the new TV yesterday. We could actually see ants on the trees. lol DH is pleased with the new TV. :-)

Julie...that is SO great that DH is much better. I hope he is eating well to promote complete healing. Do they recommend probiotics after such an intense dose of antibiotics, to restore the intestinal balance? The double Clematis is 'Duchess of Edinberg' that I bought in a box at BJs. I was surprised that it actually grew and survived. [g]

Exciting couple of weeks coming up for V! Can only imagine how tired you are getting down to the last minute details. Hoping you will have lots of photos to share.

Gee, IU6 will be here before you know it.

Well, the sun is coming out already so no rain for today I guess. Off to check the containers. Have a great Monday!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Okay, Chelone...this is for you:

It is a black racer, and at least 3' long. I kept trying to head it off so I could get a better pic, but it would not cooperate. :-)
It was right back of the clematis trellis that it disappeared into a hole under the foundation. It knew where it wanted to go, and wasted no time getting there.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - that looks a lot like one of my soaker hoses! That could be a startling confusion if what I thought was a soaker hose started to move!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, I'm done with my bit of walating around after having been gone the last three days and Doug took great care of the containers during my absence. Things are looking so pretty right now with the Salvia 'May Night' in bloom along with the large allium, wigela, Hydrangea petiolaris, some of the clematis including 'Arrabella' and 'Betty Corning' are starting to put on their annual show. It surely makes it worth all the effort. I'll have to get a few pics of the back gardens when the light gets better later.

Sounds like everyone is busy, busy including V with wedding plans. I can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics.

Marian, I have to agree with Woody, that snake looks like one of my soaker hoses. Great pic of it.

PM I don't know that there will ever been 'routine' maintenance in a perennial border. There always seems to be more to do than the hours available to do it. Even if you just had a shrub border there would always be pruning and keeping them the right size and shape.

Chelone, have a great day! ~~ Your Chinese food on the deck sounds great. Is it screened and that's why its bug free? The mosquitoes are pretty ferocious here right now.

Kathy that lavender is gorgeous!

OK I'm going to see about getting outside and getting some work done around here. I've got to be in the studio painting the rest of the week so I gave myself today off so I could putter in my gardens after having been gone all weekend.

Have a great day all,

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I have an assignment for Marian if she'd like to do some research for me and apply her clearly extensive knowledge and experience with viburnums and other shrubs... A neighbour has two very nice shrubs on her lawn. One is clearly a viburnum of some sort; the other I'm not sure what it is. She doesn't know what they are either. Neither of them have fruit - or at least not showy fruit because I remember looking for it in late summer/fall and not noticing any. They seem to be multi-stemmed small trees; they don't seem to sucker. Can you identify these for me Marian? I'd really appreciate it if you could!

For your amusement, here is Misty and Blue at play:

Chelone - the swag is about 18' long. There is a double row of chains - set about 10" apart. All my reading on climbing roses say they flower on horizontal wood so a swag promotes flowering because the canes are horizontal. I gather on an arbour you are supposed to zig-zag the canes on the sides so the flowers aren't just all on the top. It was way too late to do that for our ND as the main canes are now like tree trunks! The swag certainly seems to be doing it's job to produce flowering laterals. The ND gets a dose of rose fertilizer in spring and some sheep manure at the base at the same time and that's all the cosseting it gets. It's pretty tough and doesn't need a lot of babying I think.

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Good morning Idylls and list making here on the left coast. Today is errand day (they never had that one on the Mickey Mouse Club did they ?) and thus I will be off in a bit to Trader Js, Staples, the cleaners to drop off the winter comforter, and will put in time paying bills and monitoring laundry.

Lol, Mr snake and the soaker hose- I would have the same issue here.

Chelone, FB is annoyingly slow for me too, but it is nice to get to visit with some of our less frequently Idylling friends on a regular basis.

OK, I better get going, see you all later !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody, the one on the right is a doublefile Viburnum, and I 'think' the one one the left is an Alternate-leaved Dogwood.
Check and see if it's leaves are alternate, and if the blooms match those in the link.

It might be Silky Dogwood, C. amomum, which has similar blooms but opposite leaves.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody, I have silky dogwood but in a very shaded area so I can't really compare the bloom situation. I also have Nannyberry, again in a shady area. (Viburnum lentago)

This morning has been overcast and cool but we've not had rain yet so I've been able to get odd jobs done outside. I weeded out an incredible mess from around a Shasta Viburnum. There's just tons of creeping Charlie in that area. A nice clematis, The President, grows there too. I was able to finally place an obelisk there for it to grow through.

Next I cleaned up around a struggling little clematis, Natacha. I sure hope this one begins to take off soon!

Next I had to tie up C Betty Corning which was sprawling all about. This one always gets huge!

Finally I removed a dead rose near the vegetable garden and planted Clematis Cezanne there. I hope this proves to be a good spot for it!

I have a tiny clematis Freemontii which has never bloomed for about 4 years, but today I see buds on it. It is a tiny thing, only about 6-8 inches high, but very sweet. I hope nothing munches on the blooms before I get to see them!

It is so nice to get several things done...but many more things are waiting for me you can be sure. Meanwhile, laundry and knitting await.

So glad to hear from V that she is making good progress and not in too much of a panic. This is a time to remember, a time to finally be able to sit back and ENJOY!~ Yes, I too want photos if the couple don't object.

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