McLoving has arrived

koijoyii(NE Ohio)August 4, 2008

She was delivered on Friday. At first she wouldn't come out of the carrier. When she did she spent the night behind the couch. Saturday afternoon she discovered the basement. She was in bed with me Sunday morning at 6 a.m. and she is living up to her name. She disappeared after that and I couldn't find her anywhere. When she was missing for over ten hours I enlisted my son to help me search for her. He found her in the basement window behind the curtain. This morning she was in bed with me again. When I left for work she was still in my bedroom.

Bear's sister, Boa, just ignores her, but McLoving doesn't ignore Boa. She growls and hisses at her. I know it's going to take some time, but she is just the cutest little cat. She likes to "love nip" your wrists when you pet her. I think she has adjusted well to the change. She is eating and using the litter box. She has a few of Bear's habits, but she has her own personality. Before I left for work this morning I went to say good-bye to her and couldn't find her. When I called her she came out from behind the curtain two feet away from where I was standing. She is a little vanishing expert. She is still camera shy. Will post pics as soon as she will let me.

Note to self: next time check behind curtains before you panic.


Here is a link that might be useful: McLoving needs a home

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Congratulations on your new addition. Isn't it a delight how quickly they try to adapt to new situations? Is she behind the curtains to hide or maybe mount a sneak attack or just to check out the outside? Maybe she would like her own cave. I bought Ginger a bed that can pop up into a cave and she loves it. You can put catnip in a removable bag to make it better if McLoving likes catnip.
I'm so glad you could take her. Sandy

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Thanks Sandy:

You just reminded me I bought three soft cloth pop-up houses at Marc's a few years ago. They are in my upstairs closet. Bear and Boa never used them. Will have to dig them out tonight. Now watch Boa will want to use them if McLoving does. You know how cats are.


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sheepco(MN z4)

Congrats Jenny!

I think that while a new pet can never replace one lost, it's amazing how many good memories they bring back.

McLoving is very lucky to have you! Sarah

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Thank you again so much for giving McLoving a wonderful home. You have been an Angel of Mercy for her and for Juanita.

I am going to pray tonight that McLoving stops being afraid of Boa and gives her some companionship. Is Boa still crying for Bear? She is such a beautiful Cat.

I just can't thank you enough and I know she will become so spoiled in a short time. Is she watching Kitty TV yet? lol

Warmest Regards,

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

I'm soooo glad McLoving has a new loving home! What a fantastic happy begining for her ! :-)

Please post a pic when you get a moment.


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What a wonderful story, with a happy ending, to boot! Please keep us updated with McLoving stories (can't wait to hear what she thinks of the pop-up "cave"!) and pics, when you can, Jenny. :)

Our thoughts will be with Boa, too, in the hopes her little heart will heal, and she can be a great roll model to her new little sister.


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While we are waiting for pictures, can we have a description of McLoving. What color is McLoving? What does she look like? Glenda

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)


Click on the link above in my first post and you will see pics of her. She is just beautiful. She is all black with huge green eyes. She is a real lover.


She just loved the pop-up house. As soon as I put it down she went into it.


Isn't it amazing how God works in strange ways. I said a prayer or two that they would get along before getting out of bed this morning. McLoving followed me into the bathroom and Boa heard me getting up and walked around the corner. McLoving stood her ground this time. They were four feet away from each other and having hissing fits, but neither one would back down. After hissing at each other for a few minutes they both walked away. They are too funny. That is the closest they have been to each other since McLoving arrived. I tried to bribe her out of the carrier Friday night with the Cat Sitter DVD. She wanted to run up to the TV but watched it from her carrier like she was at a drive-in.

Boa hasn't caterwauled since McLoving arrived. I know McLoving will fill the void it's just going to take time. I tried calling Juanita last night but got her voice mail so I left her a message. I think she told me she is working on Mondays?

She is much more affectionate than Bear was. She nose dives me all over when she's in bed with me. Last night she kept licking my face. I guess it must have looked dirty to her. That rough tongue on the cheek tickles. Maybe she was showering me with kisses for giving her a new home. She hasn't explored the upstairs yet. I think she is overwhelmed with just the first floor, sunroom and basement. She is in for a big surprise!


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I'm so glad to hear you got McLoving, what a storybook tale!

My kitties, Smokey and (the) Bandit have a love/hate relationship. When there is only one human lap available they fight, when there are two, they glare at each other from across the room. WHen there are none, they sleep with each other! Smokey came first and is the more aggresive of the two but somehow Bandit became Alpha kitty - you just never know with cats :^)

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Here are two shots I was able to snap last night. Unfortunately you can't see her face. Here eyes are yellow not green. my bad. She is just so affectionate you can't get her picture. She loves to be held and petted. it seems like every time she would sit down she wasn't looking at the camera. Then when I called her to look at me she got up and wanted to be petted. I tried for a long time last night, but this was all I could capture. I promise more will be coming as soon as I can get her to sit still. lol


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And it doesn't appear that she is getting spoiled at all. My cat will attack my feet under the cover about 5 or 6 in the morning, I think because she's trying to wake me to let her outside. She does not use a litter box. One night I got hot and stuck my feet out from under the covers and she decided to pounce....Ouch, me and her when she hit the ceiling. Just kidding... But I did wake up abruptly. Glenda

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

No kitty toy shortage at your home, that's for sure! :-)
Welcome home, McLoving.

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

My daughter was over yesterday, and it was my son's day off so they played with McLoving till she was exhausted. So I was able to snap a few good pics of her face. It was too funny to see two adults fighting over who was going to play with her. My daughter wants to take her home. NO WAY!!!!! I just love this little kitty. Boa was laying in the hallway yesterday and McLoving just walked right past her. They are slowly getting used to each other.


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If that isn't a Halloween kitty, then I don't know what is! :D Those eyes are gorgeous!!


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