youreitAugust 14, 2007

I just had to tell you that we finally saw Finding Nemo on TV the other night, and I LOVED it!! If I remember correctly, you really like this movie, right? (LOL!!! @ "Mine? Mine?")

This also gives me an excuse to ask, "Where ARE you, missy?!" I hope everything is ok with you, and you're not working too hard!!!


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Better 4 years late than never! LOL

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Awwww I loved Finding Nemo! Im going to have to go Find Nemo again now, i forgot about him. Thanks Brenda! Birthday girl :-)

FTM are you on another great adventure???? Hope you get lots of photos! :-) I didn't get to have a vacation this year so please share yours. Please, Please, Please......Begging lots and lots :-)

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sheepco(MN z4)

Sheesh, I am so not with it - I haven't seen it yet! Heard it's wonderful though!

Sarah (still not gettin' out much, and only have 3 channels on the TV I never watch after the news :) ummm...'cept for CSI, Antiques Roadshow, and...OMG, hate to admit it...sometimes Survivor, ssshhhh)

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my ears must have been burning. sorry all, i haven't been online in some time!

so glad you finally got to experience finding nemo...i just watched it again. as a matter of fact, i was having dt's and it came on tv :)

i just love how dori gets the crab to talk. then again, dori is my hero..so much like me..."are, are you my conscience?"

i wish i were on an adventure bonnie!

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I'm so glad you're alive and well, FTM!

Yeah, it took me a while to see the movie. LOL But it was SO worth it (really, it'll be worth the wait, Sarah!). Ellen DeGeneres is one of my all-time favorite comedians, and she does a GREAT Dori!

I told DH that we need to see it again, because I was laughing so hard sometimes that I know I missed some stuff. At the beginning of the movie, in a scene with Nemo and Marlin, I heard DH say, "Awww, that's so cute." :D

I can imagine the shark would scare some kids, though. He scared ME! LOL I just couldn't stop laughing at the gulls saying, "Mine? Mine?", because that's exactly how they are! LOL

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Well - in case you ladies lose him again....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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OH NO!!! Nemo what happened to you darling?!!!!!

Awww FTM so glad to hear from you, but so sad about no adventures, Bumber. Hope you are doing okay though. We are burning up over hear in Tennessee. I went out today to water the bird baths and thought i was going to spontaneously combust!! 106 degrees for about the tenth day in a row. My sweat was sweating. Bonnie

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That is terrible, CT! LOL Glad I don't like sushi. *gulp* :D

Bonnie, your weather sounds terrible, too! We've been so lucky here this year, with only 4 days of 100F and over, so far (3 of them consecutively around July 4th). I sure hope you get a cool down soon!


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ct, i LOVE it!

ew, no thanks on your weather, bonnie! illinois is bad enough.

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