Idyl #270 The Special Moment Idyll

gardeningmaryJune 14, 2006

Ei and Babs - I loved hearing about your special moments. Perhaps we'll have some more on this thread.


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Bella seemed to be feeling better this evening. I got her to eat a little. David drove down to Cedar Point in Ohio this morning and got sick while he was there so they left for home earlier than they were planning to and he got home around 9pm. Looks like this is one of those bugs that's going to make the rounds of the whole family. I don't have Bella tomorrow and am hoping to get a few things planted out in the garden and do some tidying up out there too. The maple seeds have started to sprout and I have hundreds of tiny maple trees. The delphiniums are starting to bloom and the roses are really getting going now.

Marian, good to hear from you and glad Tim and the girls were able to come for a visit. I hope this new range is going to be the one for you. Nice of your friend to bring you the computer and air conditioner. The computer might come in handy if yours bites the dust and the air conditioner can at least cool the bedroom for you on hot nights.

Marie, I hope you're feeling better real soon. Just take it easy for a while. The garden chores will wait for you. I'm sorry to here about your container garden being knocked over.

Honey, hope Tom's feeling a little better and that you don't get sick.

I think I'm going to turn in soon. I'm still not feeling 100%. I'm thinking I may make time for a trip to the nursery tomorrow morning and see if I can find a few coleus suitable for starting topiaries. I'd like to try my hand at that. Off to bed with me. Hope your all having an evening of special moments.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Morning all.

My company are still asleep.

Tim ordered a new Dell for me yesterday. It will be delivered next week.

The new stove has cooked a pie and 2 large pizzas yesterday, and Nolon's and my breakfast this morning. I am convinced that ranges just are not made as efficient as they once were, so will accept this one as ( hopefully) my last. This one is very basic, so does not have any gadgets to go haywire.

The kids will be going to their friends in Harrison later this morning, and will not be returning here before heading for home. It has been a nice visit.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

So the one blasted morning I write my post in the message box this blasted site decided to throw something on the page that locked up everything and pouff! I lost the entire thing. Grrrrrr..... That was a reminder to me to NEVER EVER WRITE MY POSTS IN THE MESSAGE BOX.

I don't know what is going on here lately but even my high speed set up can't cope with some of these animated adds that show up. It bogs down everything.

So I answered eveyrone about all the posts on the end of the last thread but - that was 45 mintues of typing that I'm not going to do over so I'll finish up with telling everyone to have a great day.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So sorry Deanne. I agree, the site is really wearing me down.

I'm hoping that this cancellation of people from IU3 is all a giant mistake. NOT FAIR! We counted on everyone being there!

Marian, I'm so glad it was a good visit! I am expecting my son here in early July. You just never know how things will go with I'm hoping for Special Moments!

Lots to do outdoors but still feeling out of sorts. Moving the hose time!

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Special moments: the moment when you realize you have stepped in a glob of miracle whip on the carpet left by your oldest DS during the night. The moment your DH tells you how the cell phone bill was twice what it should be because oldest DS is not using it like he should. I guess you could say I'm not having the best of mornings. Oldest DS needs to get his hiney out the door and find a job, any job.

I have planted a whole lot in the last week, took advantage of the cool weather which I think is now gone at least for the weekend. I'll try to take some pictures - especially of the arbor bed that I started last year, I think - I've expanded it to about two or three times the original size (using a bunch of those fifty cent perennials I bought). I've also been brave and moved several things that were situated wrong although they were right when I planted them originally. Some got moved only a few inches, some several feet, some to other beds. I think I am in a "growth spurt" as a gardener, LOL. I thought I was making great progress having planted so very much, and then I realized how much I still had to plant.

So yesterday I went shopping with my mom. We went for clothes but everything I came home with was garden related. A bamboo vine tuteur - it's really pretty - and I actually know where I'm putting this one. A copper birdbath and a yard thermometer (I'll take pictures) - these last two were 70% off and then I had my mom pay for them for me because as a senior she got an additional 15% off. Some yard stakes and rings for flopping flowers. An Abe Darby rose and an astilbe. And a Saturn coleus for 50 cents. Then we went to the library book sale - yes found some gardening magazines as well as others.

It's going to be hotter today and I'm headed out to find some shoes. Couldn't find any yesterday.

Deanne, those who say things like that about your weight are just envious. Good for you for making the lifestyle changes and keeping at it. And I know what you mean about people and gardening - there's "gardening" and GARDENING. Two different terms, IMHO.

Marian I hope this new range does better for you. I think when we have old ones we adjust to their inefficiencies and then new ones that work better don't seem to work like we want sometimes. And good for you with a new computer! I'm sure it will take a bit of adjustment also, but it will be so nice for you.

That copper tuteur is fabulous. The pictures are fabulous. And I've really got to go, so I'll post more fabulous comments later! LOL


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O wow -- Gardenbug -- I think my very favorite flower... so transparent & ephemeral - if only they'd bloom like that in my garden!

-Cindy (no other time to post.... waaah)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi everyone!

Sorry to keep dashing by but I've been very busy at work and working in the garden every night after work til dark. By the time we get through with dinner, it's usually around 9 or after. Between the rain and all the social butterfly stuff I'm way behind.

Oh well, I do read and enjoy all the pictures so keep chatting and sharing.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

My special moment: Yesterday was a crummy day at work, with some personal tensions beginning to rise. I won't recount it all blow-by-blow, but it was not a happy day at the office. And when I left, I had to go into town to my "second job" (unpaid) so that the employees of the enviro group would get their paychecks today. But first, I decided that a trip to Starbucks was called for. As I was waiting for my Chai latte, one of the employees looked at me and said, "Would you like some broken cookies? I have two broken M&M cookies that I can't sell." No better way to get a smile on MY face than to offer me cookies!

But wait, there's more! Then I got to the enviro office, and the woman who works in the office had left a plate of cookies, thanking the officers for all the extra time we are putting in. My smile got much bigger!

I'm behind on reading (again!) but I'm so disappointed that Deanne and Eden may not make it next month. Deanne, I've been training the sandhill cranes to fly over nightly just for you! As Marie said, tell me it's not true!!!

Okay, DD called so that ate up the rest of my break. TTYL,


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Hi everyone

Eden - I understand completely about needing to be there for your Mother, but I'll be very sad if we don't get to see you this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed that perhaps things will work out - the same for Deanne.

Now, I hope no one else is about to announce they're dropping!

Today was my last full day at work. My room is clear and everything packed away - I hate that part. I still have paperwork to complete but I can do that at home. I was also invited to apply for a more Senior position with our group and I have a long appplication to complete by Monday. It includes a hand-written essay - sheesh. It's been ages since I submitted anything written by hand and it made me think how dependent we've become on computers(also how bad my handwriting has become).

Marian - so glad you enjoyed your family's visit and that a new computer is on order. The new range sounds much more to your liking.

Deanne - bummer about losing a long post. You are so thoughtful in responding to each of us. On my two dinner night I ate a variety of appetizers and salads at David's Cub Scout Picnic. There were some great homemade sides which I just had to sample. I then joined my book group for a rousing Indian dinner where we feasted on a variety of favorite dishes and had many laughs. I notived my pants are a little tight today.

V - a cookie moment is great too!

Ei - when I read about your evening on the porch you confirmed my very real belief that happiness is to be found in the here and now. I think it has become too common for people to feel they need something else to experience happiness; more money, a new car, a trip, a bigger house. Often these things only lead to a more desires and moments of joy slip by unnoticed. It's wonderful to read about your special time together, as it was to imagine Babs and the boys creating their giant ant.

GB - that is a gorgeous poppy!

Supper calls so I'm heading to teh kitchen

Hi to all I've missed


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Just a quick check in. Someone take away my car keys. I made a nursery run this morning and ended up with about a dozen new coleus and assorted other tropical things. I chose some of them with the idea of making them into topiaries so I'll try my hand at trimming and staking them up. I got one of Honey's copper plants and one of Bab's cape fuschias too. My vacuum died so I had to get a new one of those this morning also. Now I'll have to train the darn thing not to attack, lol. It's beautiful here today but our run of great weather is supposed to turn hot and humid for the weekend. My mom's scheduled for a bone marrow test tomorrow so Jenni took her and my dad out to dinner to try to keep her mind off it for this evening. Jen had Bella today so I took her for the evening until Meg gets off work.

V, how'd the graduation party go? Sorry you had a bad day at work but good to hear you got cookies.

Marian, so glad you got to have a nice visit with Tim and girls. So did the girls get a lot bigger since you last saw them? Great news about the new computer too!

Suzy, hope things improved for you throughout the day. You made a good haul on your shopping trip. I call the kind of gardening we do "Extreme Gardening", lol.

Mary, good luck on getting the new position. I loved what you said about finding happiness and totally agree. I think you're very good at creating those special moments with your family.

Deanne, bummer on losing the post. That's so frustrating! I always write my post in the message box and have never had that happen. I used to lose them sometimes when I'd go back and forth to preview but that doesn't even happen anymore. I'm not bothered by ads as long as I stay logged in either. Wonder why some of us have problems and not others? I've read there are blockers that will eliminate the ads?

Waving hi to the social butterfly!

Gotta go move the sprinkler and feed the baby. Oh I almost forgot, have you other coleus addicts seen this site? It lists 1141 different coleus cultivars!


Here is a link that might be useful: Coleus Finder

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all,

Well another busy day here. My friend Mary came over and we painted a bit. Im trying to finish up this floral piece that will be offered for sale and hopefully pay for a couple nursery outings. LOL

Eileen, this morning (In my post lost to the jello add) I told you how much I enjoyed your post about special moments. That is the simple truth of the matter. If we donÂt savor all those ordinary/extraordinary times our life will go by and weÂll never have found any happiness. Lately IÂve been a bit, shall we say irritated, with my dear Douglas for this surgery thing but you know, I need to get over it. Water over the dam as they say. If things work out for me to zip in for a day or so, they do, and if not, there will hopefully be next year. IÂd like to copy your post to save to my laptop so I can reread it when I need a Âpick me up.

RE the Persicaria polymorpha, I spoke too soon, we had T storms last evening with deluges like IÂve only seen a few other times in my life and the PP was a bit on the flattened side this morning. Jeesh! I absolutely have to get a rain gauge. The official amt. of rain from this storm was .02 inches and I KNOW we got at least an inch in the 40 minutes it poured here. The official readings are taken at Boire Field about six miles north of here and these storms were spotty and they probably just didnÂt get the rain we did here. Even Mary down in Westford south of here didnÂt get any rain to speak of from the storms. I always find it so strange how spotty the rainfall amounts are from storms like these.

Babs, that persicaria has been in there three years now. You should see Monique and Les plant which this is a division of. Theirs is even more impressive than this one. ~ I love your ant project. CanÂt wait to see what you come up with. ~~ Kudos to you for noticing the shape echo with the allium/sundial. I wish I could take credit for planning that but it was one of those "eureka!" things when they opened the first year.

Michelle, I canÂt imagine having to replant my allium at this point because mine have multiplied each year theyÂve been in. I wonder if your ground doesnÂt drain as well as mine?

Honey, I love the allium pic. Where do you have those planted? LOL about the spray paint thing. Doug was asking if we could spray our seed heads here as well but he wanted to spray them metallic silver. Jeesh! No accounting for some peopleÂs tastes. ~~ So sorry your DH is sick. It seems that you guys have a nasty stomach bug out that way with Eden and her family being sick as well. I hope you donÂt catch it.

Eden, so sorry youÂre sick and missed the garden conservancy open days. I hope you and family are all better soon. ~~ RE the coleus, I donÂt think that is earwig damage. They usually have a different pattern to their chewing. These leaves look like they are ripped apart then only parts are eaten. I really do think it is a big, night feeding caterpillar. ~~ ROTFLOL about your buying a dozen new coleus. So how many varieties do you have now? ~~ I love that coleus finder site. Cool!

Bug, sorry you arenÂt feeling the best lately either and what a bummer about your container gardens. IÂd be beside myself upset. What a drag. ~~ That poppy photo is absolutely scrumptious!

Marian, glad to hear you have a new range and that you are going to get a new computer. That is terrific.

Mary, I think I gained weight reading about your two dinner evening. Sounds like it was fun.

V. sorry about your vexing day at work but that is cool about the cookies. A Starbucks run always puts me in a great frame of mind. ~~ Arrrggghh about my not getting to see the Sandhills. I need to keep telling myself that I wonÂt be upset with Doug.

Suzy, I agree with you there is gardening and then there is GARDENING! LOL ~~ Sounds like you had a great day shopping and good thinking on having your mom buy the stuff so you could get an additional 15% Woohoo!

OK so I wrote this one in word and it wonÂt be lost. Doug just returned from his bicycle ride and we are going to go out to dinner at Outback tonight. Ttyl


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just back from a special moment...double decker ice cream cones in town. :-) "Chocolate moose tracks" on the bottom, "lemon ice" on top. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Skinny DH had double on the chocolate moose tracks.

Feeling much better now. Hope that nonsense is over with!

So nice that Jenni is taking her Grandmother out for dinner. What a thoughtful gang you have Eden! The world needs more of this!

Hope Sue makes it here for her Friday assignment!

Off to deal with the hose. "Goodnight hose!"

PS: Here's Petit Faucon, a small non clinging clematis. You really should get it if you find one available!

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Hi Idylls,
Thought I would try a post tonight. I wanted to thank Ei for that special moments post. You said it all Ei, and you said it so eloquently. You should be a writer. It reminded me of many short stories or magazine columns I have read.

Sorry that many of you are not feeling well or have family members who are sick. At the moment everyone here is doing ok.

My plant ghetto has grown pretty large with some must haves and lots of bargain plants. It seems that as soon as I have a stretch of days when I feel like I'm getting somewhere in the garden, I have another stretch of days when I can't get out there and then I'm behind again. We finally had a little rain last week which helped a little but we are way behind for the season. My plants are pretty stressed and not very showy at all this year. I haven't even taken many pictures. So I am enjoying all the ones you people are posting.

I have no hope of catching up with everyone right now, but please know I think of you all and read everyones posts and share your joy or sorrow.

I need to get to bed as I have some cleaning to do early tommorow before I head to the airport to pick up our daughter from FL at noon.

Cheers all . Norma

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Tonight as I toured the garden, I was feeling somewhat down about things (or its PMS) LOL Another, windy, hot day. Too many windy, hot and dry days are taking the toll on the garden. I just dont have the time to lug hoses too much. I watered the containers and some plants that I felt needed it. This just isnt June weather. I didnt even feel like staying out there, everywhere I looked I saw something that depressed me more. Rick asked me to ride in the tractor while he did some spraying. We watched the sunset from the cab of the tractor and the deer in the field. When we got back to the yard, we sat on the patio and snuggled on a bench and listened to the frogs sing. Thats about as magic as it gets around here ;o) Then he made me popcorn. I was reminded of the current idyll and this song.

Wishing all magic moments

This magic moment
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I met you
And then it happened
It took me by suprise
I knew that you felt it too
I could see it by the look in your eyes

Sweeter than wine
Softer than a summer's night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight

This magic moment,
While your lips are close to mine,
Will last forever,
Forever, 'til the end of time

So why won't you dance with me?
Why won't you dance with me?

This magic moment
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I met you

And then it happened
It took me by suprise
I knew that you felt it too
I could see it by the look in your eyes

Sweeter than wine
Softer than a summer's night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Gorgeous day here today but tomorrow is the beginning of three or four days of 90 F plus weather. Yuck. At least that strategic planning meeting I have to be at Monday and Tuesday is at an inn and spa at the shore. Tonight the people who had the party last Sunday are coming by for a garden visit then we're going out to dinner with them. They're in CT for the weekend to visit gardens and nurseries. I think they will be hitting Monique and Les on Sunday. Tomorrow I may join then on some open days gardens in western CT. At some point I need to work in my own garden though. Eeek.

Marie, I had Petit Faucon but it must have perished in my garden somewhere because I can't find it. Looks like I need another.

My Persicaria polymorpha has outgrown it's spot. Unfortunately it's crowding out Betty Corning and a Baptisia Purple Smoke. I'll have to make a note to fix that in the fall or early next spring. Betty and the Baptisia need more sun anyway. Otherwise the garden looks surprisingly good. I'm going to nuke the garden around the hot tub and totally redo it. Out, out, out with the weeping cherry-two weeks of flowers in the spring and that's it. There are too many more desireable trees I can grow in a prime spot like that. Does it ever end? lol


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"Does it ever end?"


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Michelle-aaaww! I really *liked* your magic moment! Your knight in shining tractor carried you off into the sunset: )See,it's all in how you look at it that makes it a magic moment; ) I HEAR you on the PMS-ugh. I hear your discouragement over your gardens. We are back in drought almost,though it can't be as bad as yours sounds-at least things are still green here. Shall I begin the rain dances? If you don't hear from me in a while, I got arrested; )

Chris and I watched the newer version of The Pink Panther-it wasn't as good as the original so we sat(I slept) through it fairly subdued. Today the boys asked if they could watch it-so we let them-I'd swear they saw a completely different movie than we! Chris decided we needed to watch it from the eyes of a ten year old because AJ was cracking up continually and loves the movie.

Deanne I'm glad even if you do pop into IU3 for a moment-that's better than nothing!

Eden-how sweet that Jen takes such good care of her GP's. I am imagining what a hard time this is for all of you.
Lol about training the new vacuum-please be careful and maybe a vac.muzzle would protect you! Please wear protective clothing too.

Mary-I KNOW about those applications! I was SO rusty about filling out mine for the health aide position and health aide isn't that big of a job so I imagine your essays are tough.(I was very self conscious about my handwriting) If I know you,you'll get the senior posotion like a piece of cake! Good for you. I just realize I need to get some better clothes for the new job. I have to wear a lab coat lol.

Honey-please say Tom is done with the bucket....hope all's well.

Good to see Norma! Marian is your company still there?

Marie -ice cream sounds so good!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

LOL! I posted this in the wrong Idyll, so here I'm posting it again:

Marian...thanks for checking in! We worry about you; you know? So glad the kids were in to visit with your DS and glad the new stoves suits you better. I was thinking the same as Eden, maybe you could move that air conditioner into your bedroom at night, at least sleeping may be a little more comfortable. How has the weather been for you lately? Are all the pots of color on your deck still making you smile? I hope so! :-) sorry about the dry weather I know how disheartening that can be. Hopefully, the rains will find you soon. It is amazing how quickly things will perk up with a little rain (including our spirits)! :-) Its been dry here too, though weve had an occasional rain, enough to keep things going anyway. And we are expecting more later in the week Im keeping good thoughts about that. When I was checking my weather, I looked up the Davenport area and they are suppose to have some rain this week-end...hope they makes it to you. I *loved* your song...brought back great memories for me; back in the 7th & 8th grade when we use to have Coke dances. Back in the innocent days, when a Coke was a sugary fizzy liquid that you would drink. That song was playing and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a certain boy to ask me to dance, sadly he never did...but I still love the song! :-)

Babs! Thanks for sharing your special moment. It sounds like a wonderful time and you are quite eloquent yourself. Dont think Id make it as a writer or a philosopher though, since I had to check for the spelling of eloquent...LOL! Please, Please, Please...share the ant when you guys are done...I cant wait to see him! :-) LOL Babs & Michelle on the PMS. I can say with almost 100% certainty, that I *never* PMS anymore! :-) At my age I just have to call it crabby! :-) Oh Babs...been meaning to say to you...Do you remember when I posted that lavender colored Clematis that Marie identified as Betty Corning? I notice you were saying you wanted a bell-shaped clematis. Well, it is lavender colored and is "bell-shaped" and I have to say that I am loving Betty Corning. This is only the 2nd year and she has just been blooming and blooming and blooming her fool head off, with new buds opening every day. I dont know if thats normal, like I say, I havent had her long, but if she keeps this up she is going to end up being my favorite clematis of all time. BTW, I use to grow the white one you were talking about Sweet Autumn (or whatever they call it these days) and it is a beautiful thing in fall, with tons of fragrant blooms, but you really need a "big space" for it. Pretty enthusiastic and does re-seed. I *loved* mine, but had to finally let her go when she swallowed my honeymoon swing and the telephone pole and seeded herself all over the garden. It was just too hard to keep her in control, but I sure did enjoy her and I sure *do* miss her lovely late summer blooms.

Honey...I agree totally...thats "TRUE LOVE"! :-)

Eden I sure hope you can make it, you would be sorely missed, but more than that, I hope that your mom has a successful, uneventful recovery and I will be keeping good thoughts. I cant believe your Graham Thomas...what a knockout! I have him, but he sure doesnt look like yours, perhaps its because hes been moved around the garden at least four times...LOL! Hope everyone in your family is on the mend with the bug thats been going around

Thanks Mary, you hit the nail on the head! Funny, that is something DH and I talk about all the time, how "things" can never make you happy (although hubby does love a nice car...LOL). But seriously, we have talked about that very subject so many times. How getting caught up in "bigger, better" only steals your "life hours". We have also both agreed that the next house will be smaller and less expensive and DHs goal is to actually take a step back in the career aspect, something with less responsibility and stress and I will find a part time job to fund my gardening hobby...obsession, I mean. I guess that is probably not uncommon for people our age (DH & me) to think in those terms. The older I get, the more I want a simpler life. BTW, good luck with the essay and promotion. I agree with Babs, youre a sure bet.

My special moment today was finding 3 vintage gardening books for my BF Anitas birthday coming up. I was able to find A Womans Hardy Garden, The Little Bulbs, and Elizabeths German Garden...all in hardcover 1st or 2nd editions...and very inexpensively, I might add! Im so tickled because I know she is going to be so tickled! She has been looking for those 3 books ever since she read mine years ago. :-)

Thanks for the ID on your Eryngium Marie. That Centaurea is so pretty...your poppy too! :-) Oh and that Petit Faucon what a *gorgeous* color! I think Id like to find a place for that in my garden. Moose tracks sounds really yummy about now. Ive been mulching, mulching, mulching (thats why I havent been back here) and I bet I could still use about 20 more bags...sigh. I will say that spreading by the bag is easier than when Ive had the "pile" delivered here, but its probably a bit more expensive too in the long run.

Sue...I laughed when you said "Will it never end?" and then Marie said "Hopefully not." I agree with you both! I know I always want to futz in the garden, its my hangout and my respite, but sometimes I think, just *once* it would be so nice to walk into the garden and think "How lovely and there is not a single thing I need to do, but enjoy it!"

Hi V! :-) Ive been thinking about you. Glad you had a reward for all your hard work. I love a good cookie too...sometimes they dont even have to be baked! :-) Your talk of Starbucks has convinced me I need to get over there and get myself a Frappuccino. I deserve it after all the mulching!

Well, I guess I best be moving, first to Starbucks and then back out to the garden. "Hi" to all I missed. Hope everyone has a great day! TTYL!


The Ink Spots - Java Jive

I love coffee, I love tea
I love the java jive and it loves me
Coffee and tea and the java and me
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup (boy!)

I love java, sweet and hot
Whoops Mr. Moto, I'm a coffee pot
Shoot the pot and I'll pour me a shot
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup

Oh slip me a slug from the wonderful mug
And I'll cut a rug just snug in a jug
Waiter, waiter, percolator
I love coffee, I love tea
I love the java jive and it loves me
Coffee and tea and the java and me
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

First I put this in the wrong Idyll, then I read over my post and see I didn't leave space between Marian' and Michelle and then this little ditty for Michelle..."I hope they makes it to you"...LOL! I'm hopeless! Oh to get that Frapuccino...maybe I'm just wore out!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Where is everybody? Did Ei break the idylls? lol Not to worry though, I got my Picturetrail stats this morning and Da's BD card got 594 hits.

I'm on the run again today. We were out to dinner last night with the garden couple from MA and didn't get home til after midnight. Jeez, we rarely go out this much and never stay out that late and this is now two weekends in a row. Next weekend is starting to fill up too. On Sunday I have two parties to go to.

You all with your special moments...none from me...I'm afraid I have no romantic tendencies at all.

This morning I got up at 7 and went out and dug divisions of all the plants Mindy saw in my garden last night and wanted. Later this morning I'll be meeting up with them to tour a bunch of gardens in western CT that are open today as part of the Garden Conservancy open day tours. Tom is giving me the evil eye because he wants the rest of that compost off the driveway but the damn pile is full of weed seeds so I have it wrapped in tarps right now in hopes of solarizing some of the stuff. It really irritates me because I've got weeds growing everywhere in the garden where I topdressed with that compost. Now I have to mulch over the compost. Extra work is one thing I just don't need.

Allrighty...time for some breakfast. Nineties F for the forseeable future. Keep cool.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Yey! Rain...blessed rain! I know, some of you have had too much, but we sure are needing it. Although rain has been in the forecast for today and the next 2 days, I have no faith in their forecasts, and dragged the hose around last night, to water all the potted containers, and a few other things.

There is a possibility that Tim and the girls will be back this eve to spend the night. They were going to rent a Holiday Inn room, so the girls could enjoy the swimming pool. He is trying to make this get-together memorable for them.

Eileen, your post on your evening with Paul is beautiful. I took advantage of the 'clippings' and saved it.

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They did make it to me EI! We got 1.3" of rain yesterday. The plants are looking much happier this a.m. and so am I. The delphs are blooming today, but I wont even photograph them. The flower stalks are minute compared to other years. Usually they are magnificent.
Yesterday on the way home I stopped to check out the clearance sale at a greenhouse. I ended up with 3 shrubs. As I was checking out the left over coleus etc. it really started lightning and thundering. I got out of there. Can you be struck by lightning in a greenhouse (plastic over metal arches) I wasnt going to risk it. LOL

I need to run to town today. I found a wicker chair on clearance that I am supposed to pick up today. Its for the garden shed ;o) Company tomorrow for Fathers Day so I must at least take the top layer of dust off this place. Since there are also several grandchildrens birthdays Ricks DD is making the cake. Im making them cards similar to the Idyll birthday cards. Theirs have pictures of tractors on them though as they are boys and I doubt that they would think much of garden shots.

Sue, you are quite the social butterfly. I tend to be a recluse especially during gardening season. You know special moments dont have to romantic. Come on you can come up with one LOL

I sure hope all who are sick are feeling better.

Good to hear that Marian has a new computer, air conditioner, stove, rain and a visit from her family as well. Your having quite a week Marian!

I really should get going as I have much to do today.


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Thanks Ei-I DO like Betty Corning and when I find her will very likely get one-there's something fun about the bell shaped ones. I also liked the non-vining ones GB posted(Ok I suppose it's alright to have TWO clems)(just teasing GB)

(psst~Eileen... I didn't want to say anything but you've got a piece of mulch dangling from the left side of your hair!)

Marian You do sound happy with the commotion of having your son and grand kids there-that's how summer should be: ) Glad you're getting ot spend more time with them.

That was kinda cool to hear the progression of rain from Marian to Michelle-congrats on the precip!! I can only hope it does come here. The Great Lakes tend to make rain evaporate when fronts get here so I very seldom take reports of rain too seriously these days.Crossing my fingers!

Yesterday Chris and I had to go to an after work cocktail thing. It was really fun. I wish I had my camera-it was a very artsy mission-styled little bar/cafe with a sweet outdoor courtyard surrounded by vining plants and pots and pots of COLEUS and osteospermums and white holiday lights-very festive and cheerful. Margaritas were *$12.00* a pop!!!! Since the boss was paying for everything the first hour...well you know how that goes. I had a cactus flower margarita,ginger lemon margarita,and then a pommegranite margarita...: )they were small?: ) Chris was honored for his completion of his PhD. and they presented him w/ a leather briefcase.

Sorry to be brief but now I've got to do some gift shopping for my niece's bday....hope to be back later-maybe.


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Hi, It's beautiful and sunny here today but supposed to climb to 92F this afternoon. Just when I think I'm over this flu bug, I'm not. I went out to the Farmer's Market this morning and started feeling bad again. I had to come home and lay down for a while and now I'm feeling better. I did manage to pick out a new climbing rose to replace a red Blaze on my back arbor that I planted a long time ago and don't really like there anymore. The new one is "Eden" and she's a pretty pale pink. My mom and dad went home yesterday and will be back down Wednesday for another round of tests for her. We could use some rain here too. I've been moving the hose around the last couple of days. I have Bella today so no more time for Idylling. Hope you're all having a great day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Although better by far than snow, 94F is very hard on me. The fact that we have had no rain and that I need to lug the hose about still is not my idea of a special moment. Yet, for some reason, today the garden was just so much fun. So many good things are happening this year out there.
Like the fringe tree:

A favourite clematis, Roguchi:

A new-to-me clematis opens, Odoriba:

On the humor side of things, the almost black poppies from last year came back in BRIGHT RED, which they KNOW I don't use in my garden.
My server is not behaving, so I can't show you my roses and other things, but just know that things are going well.

I hope you are all enjoying what seems like summer...although the calender doesn't quite agree. So Dotti, have you tested your new swimsuit? I braved it today and wore public. (If the grocery store counts as public.)

Melting away,

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Hi everyone

I'm so tired right now I can barely type but I just had to tell you about the fun day I had. Annie and I went White Water rafting with her Girl Scout troup at a gorge an hour south of here. There were 7 girls and 7 of us Mums, all beginners. I was on a raft with 3 of the other mothers and did we have some laughs! The water was low as we've had little rain so the rapids were not too scary, but the weather was perfect - hot and sunny. I can't tell you how cool it was to be paddling down with incredible scenary either side watching kingfishers, swifts and turkey vultures swoop overhead. At one pont we stopped to body surf down a set of rapids, at another to jump in a pool of water under a waterfall. Afterwards we had a BBQ lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs - I can't remember being quite so hungry. I just about had the energy when we got home to water my pots and slap some chicken on the grill for supper but I'm about to collapse. My arms certainly got a work-out - the tops feel as though they have been perfectly toned for the rest of the summer LOL! I wonder how they'll feel tomorrow. Now all I need is one of Babs' Margharitas and I'll be out for the count.

Sue - bummer about the weedy mulch but what an exciting weekend. Now I'm sure there was a a moment of something during your social whirl. I agree with Michelle, romance is by no means mandatory!

Eden - that rose is gorgeous! Do hope you get your strength back soon. I had something similar about the time I injured my back and it was ages before I felt better. Be good to yourself while you are recouping. Hope all goes as well as possible for your Mother next week.

Ei - you sound as though you are working incredibly hard in your yard. Glad to hear you are taking those Frappuchino breaks.

Michelle - good to hear you got some rain. Have fun with your Father's day celebrations.

The sofa is calling my name. I have a couple of good books I'm enjoying so I'm about to curl up with one.

Have a good evening everyone and Happy Father's Day to all those hubbies out there.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Phew, what a day! I left the house around 10 this morning and didn't get back til a little after 7 PM. We visited one small historic public garden and three huge estate like private gardens. Litchfield county is filled with weekend homes for wealthy NYC people. The gardens were all in Washington, CT, an exclusive little rural town tucked away in the Litchfield hills. All three were lovely and well worth the trip. One was the garden of Linda Allard. For those of you who are familiar with designer women's clothing, she was/is the design mind behind the Ellen Tracy line. Another one of the gardens was owned by a guy named George Schoellkopf who Mindy said was a famous antique dealer in NYC. All of these people were at the gardens greeting and chatting with visitors. Mindy, unlike me, is extremely outgoing and is comfortable approaching strange people for a chat. We spoke at length to all the garden owners. It was fun and very interesting. All of these gardens were different styles but all had the most spectacular plantings of climbing hydrangea-on walls, structures...everywhere. Incredible!

The weather predictions were completely bogus. It never got above the mid 70s F. Not that I'm complaining but how can they get it so wrong? I didn't bring a jacket with me or anything with sleeves and was somewhat chilly earlier in the day. Supposedly we'll get Marie's weather tomorrow. Just in time for more compost spreading.

If I was so inclined I could join the garden festivities Mindy has planned for tomorrow too but I decided my own garden needs me more.

Michelle, I'll give some thought to the special moment

Marian, I can tell you're really enjoying the family visit. It comes though in your writing. Tom went out and visited his mother today and had lunch with her while I was gallavanting through the gardens.

Mary, that does sound like a fun day. I took a whitewater canoeing class in college and had a blast. Doesn't it just seem that there are so many activities you could participate in if you had the time?

Eden, feel better soon!

Nite all!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Today was a day full of mostly special moments, with one not-so special one thrown in for good measure. I�ll start with that and get the cruddy stuff out of the way first. Late morning I realized that I was getting achy and warm � yup, I am sick! I think it�s a summer cold because it�s mostly sitting in my chest right now. Yuk � I did not need this or want this.

But the day still had many high points. DD, DH & I went to the square and had breakfast at Starbucks out on the sidewalk, then walked the Farmers Market. Ran into a few friends at Starbucks and at the market as well. Bought beets, peas and cheese at the Farmers Market and also signed up for a farm dinner on Thursday night. Then we went to a nearby shop where I bought a cute little button fern and a really cool garden stake that has an old glass doorknob on the end.

That afternoon the HS group that is going to Europe had a sendoff concert. They�re sounding great and should have a wonderful trip. After that, we headed to the local farm store. I wandered the garden center and got heavy-duty tomato cages and a few stray annuals. As I was wandering, a woman came up to me and started talking about the great deal she got on almost-dead plants at Lowe�s. For a moment, I wondered how she had picked me out as a fellow gardening nut. Then it hit me � it was 90 degrees outside � who else is wandering the garden center on a day like that except a fellow plant nut?

Oops � one more not-so-special moment. While we were out, the wind really kicked up. When we got home, we found our metal gazebo collapsed in a heap of broken metal.

But then we sat on the deck and watched a little bird drama unfold. There�s a nest above my potting bench that was originally built by phoebes. Last year, it was taken over by swallows and this year there�s a wren that has nested there. A teeny-tiny little bird with a huge voice, which she serenades us with in the morning. She also scolds me if I spend too much time at the potting bench when the babies are hungry.

This evening, there was much flapping of wings, and then a baby bird tumbled out and landed on the side of the house. This baby, though, was at least twice the size of the mother wren, although it was clearly an immature bird. We moved away from the drama and got the binoculars to observe a little closer. The baby bird had some obvious sores where it had been pecked at, probably by the mother wren when she realized there was an interloper in the nest. I�m pretty sure that the baby was a cowbird. It was interesting to note that the wren continued to feed the other babied in the nest but totally ignored the "reject". The baby cowbird eventually made his way over towards the garden , so he should be able to find some bugs and stuff to munch on.

I still need to read almost all of idyll 269; perhaps if I am doing serious couch time tomorrow I�ll get that done. Work continues to be a little tense. There�s a little personality issue going on and I am getting caught in some of the backlash. I�m trying to lay low and not ruffle any feathers, but the stress of the situation leaves me dog-tired by the end of the day.
The graduation party went well last weekend. It was a little cool, thought, so everyone stayed in the house although the yard and gardens looked pretty good. Things are starting to bloom right and left now. I need to write down some of the edits that I should do this fall!

Mary, the raft trip sounds like fun. I heard about a canoe trip this morning that we may try to do in the beginning of July. It is so amazing to be on the water and to enjoy the view from that perspective.

Okay, not to favor Mary with the only comment, but I can tell I am fading fast. I think a good night�s sleep will be quite important, so I shall sign off. I�m really going to try to keep up a little better this week!

My best to all!


ps - Michelle, I loved the song "This Magic Moment"! One of my fave 45's.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, I'm toast but wanted to check in and say hi. For my contribution to the 'Special Moments' Idyll today we went to the wedding of the daughter of one of my very best friends. Sarah and Matt were married in a garden wedding in perfect weather. Their vows were exchanged by the side of a pond under a lovely arch that framed the view. The reception was under an enormous tent with dance floor and tables for 150 under this tent! Cool, the hot weather predicted never materilized and there were no bugs, no rain, no excessive heat. What can I say? It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. It also happened to be my friends' (mother and father of the bride) wedding anniversary! Not planned it just happened that way! Too neat and what a special moment when the DJ surprised them by playing 'Evergreen' which was 'their' song. They danced their 28th anniversary dance on the same floor as their daughter danced her first dance as a new bride.
My friends Deb and Peter

and their daughter and new son-in-law Sarah and Matt

We had a ball at the wedding and danced for hours. What a terrific day!
Nite all,

PS Doug snapped this pic of me in my finery... What fun to be able to wear a hat to a garden wedding!

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hoody hoo!

We just got back from the bday party.Actually it was for my niece & nephew(their bdays are a few weeks apart so they combined). A fun day-AJ & Ryan had tons of fun with their 6 cousins. Tossing water balloons and cooling off with squirt guns and enjoying the day. I did finally find gifts(sheesh it gets harder when they get older). My niece is ten and loves to make greeting cards so I thought a calligraphy set would be useful and we gave her brother water-soluable color pastels that came in an art kit. I like it when they gasp as they open a gift-it means they like it: ) I recieved two gasps lol.

Sue your day sounded like fun-I would have enjoyed 70 degree weather-sorry you didn't have a jacket though. Did you get any good pics of the gardens? I imagine they were magnificent.

I am hoping that both Eden and V are feeling better-this is not the right time of year to be under the weather.

Mary that rafting trip sounds like it was really fun! That's one activity that I've always thought would be fun to do.

I'm cutting this short cuz I'm tired. Hi to everyone! A good Father's Day to those who are fathers tomorrow.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woo Hoo Deanne! I'm not only looking at a lovely lady but one with red fingernails! Oh yes, very lovely bridal couple too! :-) Your friends must be so very happy! I hope Doug's toes are OK after dancing the day away. See, you need to get back to dancing lessons!

The day was impossibly hot. They say thunderstorms tomorrow. Well, you know what that means in terms of my delphiniums I guess....

My family enjoys white water canoing...but I'm the coward. I can't even watch their antics.

Time to hit the sack.
'Bug again, hot and sweaty

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! First, Ill issue a warning to those who may be skimming, as I was until this morning. These comments are old and may not pertain to this thread!

Eden, your paver project turned out great. I love the colors and you and Brad did a wonderful job of getting them very even I know that its harder than it looks! Im so sorry to hear the news about your mom.

T, I know what you meant about the words gorgeous, wonderful, etc. I feel the same way sometimes because there are so many beautiful gardeners in this group. Maybe thats why I agreed to host IU3. Well have a whole new vocabulary as my gardens are average, so-so, in need of re-design, uninspired

Deanne, I cant believe that people would be so mean as to tell you they expect you to show up at 300 pounds again! You look so good and you work so hard at keeping it that way. By the way, it would be nice if your dream about Cynthia were to come true! I miss her and the furbies also. So when Doug told you the news about his rescheduled operation, was it really "le sigh" or was it "le finger"?

Yeona, I had to laugh at your comment about the Canada thistle. Its the worst weed that I battle, and there are times that I wish Canada would come and take them all away! BUT, did you know in the early days of the European settlement of North America, as new plants were being discovered, many plant species first found anywhere north of roughly Virginia were named "canadensis" or some variation on that, while those first found south of Virginia became "virginiana" or a variation thereof. As a result, I cannot hold the Canadian nation responsible for my thistle problem. Drat!

Taryn, thats too bad about the whacky electrical work. Funny, but a friend of mine bought a house from a former electrical engineer, and she had to have a lot of the electrical work redone for similar reasons!

Marian, sorry to hear about your brother and your nephew. How hard for your brother to end up in a hospital thats neither here nor there! Nice that Tim and the girls could visit, and Im happy to hear your stove situation is a bit better.

Wendy, any possibility of you making me pancakes this morning? LOL!

Michelle, I wasnt too surprised to hear of your discovery while mowing. A friend of ours owned some land in your neck of the woods for a while, and when he was building he decided to move some of the rich black soil from downhill near the river up the hill to make better beds at the house. The next year, he had a huge crop of hemp come up in that black dirt; the seeds had lain dormant for years until he disturbed the soil. He did take some amusing photos before he mowed it all.

And Michelle, your tuteur is awesome! It looks great in the garden.

Ei, your evening on the porch sounded delightful, and you are so right about the simple pleasures of life.

Babs, your ant sounds like so much fun. Hope that Chris is a bit more relaxed now that everything is done. By the way, dont mention water heaters in my house; Im sure ours are approaching the end of their lives and I want them to go with a whimper and a trickle, not a bang and a gush!

Da, Im glad you popped in for a visit. I missed making you a card but I do hope you enjoyed your birthday. You do sound content with your life now, and thats what really counts (see Eis philosophy on the simple things!) As for what others may think, see Yeonas comments on the waste of air and space!

Ei, why is it that I end every sentence like this!

Its rather gray and drizzly this morning, and the outside air is somewhat oppressive. I no longer have a fever but I have an annoying, congestive cough. I think I shall lay low for most of the day and conserve energy for the workweek. I mentioned that it has been tense in the office lately. We added someone new in sales this spring, and she seems to be too similar to the other person in sales in other words, they both have the same weaknesses, so those issues are magnified. The person who was in that job last year was more of a compliment to the other person. In the meantime, every time I make a suggestion in a meeting, it gets shot down by the senior sales person. One of two things will happen either I will start to keep my mouth shut, or I will snap and say, "Like what you are doing is working so well?" Dont worry, it will probably be the former. Although I like my job, the tension is wearing on me, and the constant tiredness is causing me to make mistakes. Its frustrating at the moment, but this too shall pass.

One of my stops yesterday was Menards, a Home Depot type chain in this area. They had several baskets that were the right size for a plant stand I had yet to fill, but most of them looked pretty shoddy and they wanted $24 for them. I found one that looked decent, but it still had a dead plant in it. (Geraniums and impatiens in the same basket, LOL) So I asked politely how much they would take off for the dead plant and got a $2
discount, then bought an annual for $0.74 at the next store to fill the hole. I had to laugh at the mix of sun and shade plants, although it actually works for my location, where the front of the basket will get strong late afternoon sun.

Okay, Im going to post while I can still get a morning time-stamp for you east coasters! Enjoy your day.


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Hello Group! My special moment for the week was the whole 1/2 hour I got to spend skimming and checking out the pics. Though not a romantic "special moment" it feels good to "be back" if just for a few minutes.

So sorry I missed the Mindy rendevous and party, and to everyone traveling to Idyllunion -- STAY SAFE, HAVE FUN, AND BE SURE TO LEAVE LOTS OF POTTING SOIL BEHIND!!

Hope all sick children are feeling better, and all down-in-the-dumps Idylls find a reason to smile. To those of you with those "give me tingles" special moments -- thanks, thanks, thanks!!

The gardens are growing! That's about as good as it gets year 2. I've been adding things as I've been going along and this week's major purchase is a Stewartia. Yes, Sue was the influence! LOL Also have been using more Coleus, Fushia, "fusion" Impatiens, Passiflora and other varous temperennials as a direct result of the conversations here. Because our house is essentially a one-story square with lawn all around, I've got places for everything.

The one thing that makes it "Martie's Garden" is the Indian Corn I've planted around the lightposts. I figure, "why not do this instead of getting an expensive ornamental grass AND hunt down cornstalks this fall?" The neighborhood kids are now convinced I'm nuts, (they all have very symetrical and landscape-correct plantings :-) but that hasn't stopped them from being sure they get to the alpine strawberries before the birds do.

Works is an absolute blast and being on a first-name basis with many great nursery folks is a mixed blessing. I've already set up a deal with one that is also a florist to help them green up Holiday arrangements in exchange for custom-started cuttings. YIPPEE!!

The economy is hitting Rich's business fairly hard and he's needing to consider taking something working for someone else in the Fall. You can only imagine how he feels about that ..... it's the reality and we're grateful everytime the business phone rings.

A special note to Marian: I am So Glad that you've gotten all the things you've gotten. No one deserves it more!!

Best to everyone else, and stay cool!!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Quickie my dear Idyllers,
A few special moments to share with you:

(Warning, this one's tearjerker) At the funeral, Ryan (8) and Reid (5) got up in their little suits and read letters they had written to Bruce. "My Dad was the best Dad in the world, he always took me to soccer and hockey and took us camping..." Etcetera. Glad I was too far away to see them (300 plus people there) 'cause it broke my heart just listening to their little voices. But was very special. Today will be a hard day for them, as they are burying Bruce's urn, on Father's Day... Photos of the collages etc below. If you look carefully near the bottom right corner of the 2nd photo, you'll see a very pregnant moi (with Brennen) comparing belly size with Bruce. There are a lot of special moments in those photos, which were hard to look at, yet comforting too.

Another very special moment at the funeral was Gigi's younger brother singing, accompanied by his guitar and by Bruce's choir from the church, Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". He said it was the hardest thing he'd ever had to do, not to lose composure. Gigi asked me to take a photo of him with a beer because he NEVER drinks, but did that day. There were many special moments, and it was a very uplifting funeral, definitely the most beautiful service I've even been to. And people were very generous with their donations, and I know Gigi was very grateful, and will be okay in that dept.

Gigi rivalled Jackie Kennedy for being the most lovely widow. Glenn completely lost it when Gigi gave him a small silver medallion Bruce had picked out for Glenn, with a lighthouse because they first met in Halifax on the east coast. On the back is printed 'Guiding Light'. Gigi gave me a lovely Angel Rose pin she had blessed by the Reverand at the funeral home, and which is very special to me. We had an Irish wake with just our family and hers back at the house, and I know Bruce was happy looking down.

On that note, Gigi called yesterday. We have invited her and the boys to go camping with us and my brother's family for the long weekend July 1st (Canada Day). She has a 4 year old tent-trailer, but has no idea how to set it up and take it down, as Bruce always did that. So Friday night she attempted to try to learn by setting it up in her garage. She only got it halfway up (Glenn will go give her Christine 101 lessons) and gave up. Then she realized she had lost her keys and spent two fruitless hours searching for them before giving up and going to bed. At 3:30am (this is the special moment!) she had a dream that Bruce was laughing at her, telling her, "Gigi! The keys are on top of the trailer roof where you left them, ya silly thing!". She immediately woke up, got a ladder, climbed up beside the trailer and THERE WERE THE KEYS! She was so happy yesterday, really feels now that Bruce is still with her!

Another special moment occurred at 1:00pm today, when we accepted yet another amended agreement from the sellers and bought our house! We have been going back and forth removing conditions and adding amendments since June 4th. The deal actually died at midnight Friday when they didn't sign our latest ammendment, so we were freaked it was falling apart. The sellers were at a wedding all day and night yesterday so we were left to think the worst. But they came back today and we have a done deal now! They are doing all the electrical, we are paying for the oil tank to be protected (about $500) and we also forwarded them an additional $1200 deposit on the house, but to the vendors directly so they have the cash flow to pay for some of the work we are asking to be done. He's doing most of it himself, but will need permit and inspection for the two biggest jobs. So we'll have a safe home (and barns) and we've got a firm deal! Whoohoo! I am soooo glad we are firm now, will book my movers tomorrow after phoning around two weeks ago.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out in cyberspace, and in Heaven, and hello to all! Loving all the photos. Will try to read and comment more soon, has been a crazy few weeks...



Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

Mama, take this badge off of me
I can't use it anymore.
It's gettin' dark, too dark for me to see
I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door.

Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door

Mama, put my guns in the ground
I can't shoot them anymore.
That long black cloud is comin' down
I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door.

Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Holy moly,,,, they finally got the weather correct, 94 degrees out and still climbing. Yikes! I'm not ready for this. My sympathies for those of you who've been dealing wiht this for a while now. Too hot too soon after cool and rainy weather. What was left of the roses after the wet and cold did them in has now fried in the sun today. I wish I'd gotten some pics this AM. I had one Peace rose that was pristine and perfect. My Clematis 'Proteus' was absolutely gorgeous this AM and it is now just fading away in the heat. Poor thing. It doesn't know what to do, make big huge flowers in the cool damp or hardened off growth for the heat. Jeesh.... I'm glad I'm not a plant and I can get in the AC when I've had enough.

Hi to V, Martie and Bug today.... I've got to go and find the kitties and get them in the AC as they are too silly to come in out of the heat.

More later....

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Hi y'all!

Cute belly Taryn-lol. What a touching tribute through pictures. I think seeing Bruce's life in pictures really hits the heart. You see how much life he had in him and the happiness he had in his eyes.
Ok so I've got the lump in my throat when reading about Gigi finding the keys!

It's something-my dad been gone 4yrs. and I go along thinking I'm doing good about missing him. It's been a bit tough though. I'm going through the 'I'm crabby but I don't know why' thing.But I do know. I also keep thinking of Ei because I know this is the first father's day for her without her dad. It's hard.

Yet it's a happy day too. Chris has a new hammock and he and the boys are lazing around on it reading the comics and just doing nothing(aha a special moment!). We've been running so much that a quiet day is welcome.

Deanne-you look stunning as usual! The wedding sounds like it was wonderful-especially nice that the weather cooperated since it was outdoors. The newlywed pic is pretty with the plants in the background(hmm sounding like a gardener)What I meant to say is that the couple is very handsome: )

V it really is nice to see you back here more-I always like your humorous thoughts throughout your posts! Please take good care of yourself. I also wonder how Eden is doing.

Martie-hey there's not a thing wrong with cornstalks growing next to the lightposts! I think it would also be cute to plant a flowering vine there too! GB will say clematis!
I actually imagine the neighborhood kids think you're pretty cool: )-how could they not?
I have a volunteer sunflower growing(TALL)in one of my containers so I added some morning glories to climb up it.

Ugh the heat! Only 85F but you know it's just the humidity; ) Now I'm getting disgusted by the garden-nothing looks right because it needs more water than I can afford to give it!

Here are some pics I promised:

This is Phygelius aequalis(cape fuchsia)'New Sensation'. It was leggy and I pruned it back so it's mostly got basal growth-I love the black purple stems.

Here's that silly little(big)ant! Far from finished but you get the idea of it's body shape-not the best pic for esthetics. Our goal is to have no metal showing and be completely covered with sticks or bark.

Just a shot from last weekend when we went to the tadpole pond-the sky was gorgeous(there's that word again!).

Gotta go-hope you've had a nice weekend.


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Hi everyone

Martie - great to hear from you! Hope we'll get to see some pictures sometime, your gardens are sounding lovely.

Taryn - the service sounds very moving. Its wonderful to have something so special from Bruce. I look at the painting I from Susan everyday and good memories come to me.

V - sometimes when I read your posts I laugh out loud. I'm sure your gardens are anything but average and uninspired, it's just the way you put it struck my funny bone. I was thinking of a few adjectives from my garden we could add to our collective garden vocabulary; ho-hum, messy, tired looking. We haven't overdone those words too often on the Idylls.

Babs and Ei - hope Father's Day wasn't too sad for you both.

I've been thinking a lot of Teresa and wondering how her week without Seiko was. Here's a hug if you need one (((((T))))))).

The ant is fantastic!!

Deanne - you look smashing in that lovely dress and hat. Very English I thought:0)

Today was into the 90s and we had a quiet day at home by the pool, just enjoying being together. I made DH's favorite Mousaka for dinner and we had a salad from the last of my spring lettuce.

Have a great evening and stay cool


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We just finished getting a heavy downpour and we sure needed it. Not much of interest going on here. I do think I've turned a corner with the flu bug. I've been feeling great all day today. Brad says the alcohol in the wine I drank last night killed the germs, lol. I say whatever works! The kids took Brad out for Father's Day brunch this morning, I stayed home and worked in the garden.

Deanne, you look wonderful in your picture and what a cute the hat!

Babs, the ant is SO COOL! Thanks for showing us.

Hi Martie, Hi Norma!

It was nice to have a long post from V. Hope things at work improve for you this week.

Taryn, thanks for sharing Bruce's service with us. I'm so happy for you about the great news on your new house!

Here's a few shots from the garden today to leave you all with

McCartney Rose

The musa basjoo is growing, about 7 ft. tall now...

Hibscus The Path

Delphiniums are starting to bloom

A mix of foliage

Good Nite, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm all caught up! I've looked at photos and albums and read all the news. What an interesting group of people we are!

Just a quick one for the record. Tonight the delphiniums look magnificent. The lilies are about to pop. We have had thunderstorms with oppressive heat but without rain. UGH. Tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to have rain. I wonder. The wind has made things look weird. A huge geranium globe was smashed to one side by the wind and I expect my delphs will be crushed or lopsided too. Well, I can dream how they might have looked! We are expecting company on Friday, so I hope I don't need to do too much damage control. I do hope for some ground soaking rain...just not the wind or hail mess.

Dentist tomorrow. Oh thrill...

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Just had to pop in with more happy news. My other best friend Dawn called tonight to say she is pregnant! This is the friend who has done invitro 4 times without success. This time they used a donor egg from a young woman (Dawn is 42 nearly). I knew the preg test was Friday and she had told me she'd call if there was good news so I was thinking it hadn't worked for them, again because she hadn't called. But she was just busy buying baby furniture! SOOOO happy it worked for them this time! This has truly been a day of blessings and miracles!


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It was a nice Fathers Day. Last night we ate out with my parents and McKenzie. Today Ricks kids came over. We sat on the lawn as it was a lovely day. Soccer, bocce ball and baseball were enjoyed by the young and the young at heart.

V, sorry that you are sick and about the work politics. You should have seen the Canadian thistles that we mowed down the night at the landlords place. They were about 4. I spied a few around our place that need some attention. I have cut down some that were as big as Christmas trees!

Martie, I am enjoying hearing how your garden is developing. I would love to see
some pictures.

Taryn, great news about the house. It sounds like the service for Bruce was very meaningful and special. Hopefully it gave a sense of comfort to all who loved him. From the pictures he looks like he was a fun guy. I got a kick out of the cowboy boots, shorts and the chainsaw. Ill bet theres a story behind that one! I just refreshed and read your latest post. What fabulous news for your friend.

Deanne, what a lovely bride and groom (I love her dress) What fun an outdoor wedding would be. You my dear look mahvelous!

Babs, isnt it fun when the kids really, truly like the gift youve picked for them? We try hard with our grandkids to get those gasps. The pond picture is awe-inspiring. Thanks for the ant picture. What fun!

Eden, Im glad to hear that you seem to have shaken your bug. What great coloring on that hibiscus and your delphiniums are looking so much nicer than mine. I think it has been just too dry for them.

Mary, the rafting trip sounds like it was loads of fun. A pool under a waterfall sounds just too neat. We went white water rafting a couple of years ago on the Snake River in Wyoming. I like the scenery too. We saw a moose which I had never seen before.

Thinking of all who were unable to spend Father's Day without their Father for whatever reason.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well it isnt yet 8AM and the temp is already at 77F. I think they are predicting it to be hotter than yesterday which topped out at 94. I think it is going to be one of those push the dreaded vacuum around days. My house is a bit of a sty at the moment and getting some of the chunks out of the house would be a good thing. Tonight, like Bug, we are supposed to get some pretty strong T storms and Im hoping they come without any wind or hail damage. The rest of the week is supposed to be in the 80s which will be terrific. It always amazes me just how fast a container can dry out when the temps are in the 90s.

Funny thing about being fit enough to dance for three hours at a wedding; I was sore as heck yesterday and still am a bit creaky this morning. So no matter how fit I am my old bod tends to remind me Im not 30 anymore. Would I do it again? You bet, every chance I get. LOL

Thanks all for the kind words! Much appreciated! Mary to say it was very English I take as a highest compliment. I love the look of all the outdoor events with the shi-shi hats.

Michelle, that rafting trip down the Snake River sounds fantastic. ~~ You should have seen that wedding dress in person. The bodice had laces up the back and was so gorgeous. I think it was probably the prettiest wedding dress Ive ever seen. Just perfect for the bride and for the day.

Bug bummer about the dentist. Hope all goes well and is over in a flash. ~~ So happy your delphiniums are wonderful. Ive completely given up on them. As much as I adore them I dont do well with them. I dont have a good location for them and they never lasted more than a couple years for me. Im thinking if I ever get the right side of the front dug out and ready to plant I might try them again there as it is full sun and theyd be gorgeous against that white fence.

Eden, so glad to hear you are feeling better. It sounds like you had a gift of uninterrupted time in the garden yesterday as a byproduct of the Fathers Day brunch. ~~ Thanks for the lovely garden photos! What a treat. I love that Peter Wonder coleus with that hibiscus. Gorgeous! What is the heuchera in that combo? Your musa basjoo is amazing! How cool is that?

Mary, guess what? Looks like Doug will be spending some time in Rochester! His assignment in Nashua is just about done and he will be doing some work out your way. We dont know yet how long term it will be but this one could last a while. I told him Id have to come out with him for a visit with you guys and wed probably have to take the Suburban so you and I could go nursery hopping and I could get my loot home. LOL

Babs, that ant is just way too neat!!! You are so creative. The boys must absolutely love it. They will remember that ant for the rest of their lives. ~~ The sunset photo is stunning! Your composition in that is fabu. The whole thing is seriously over the top fantastic. Thanks for sharing that image. ~~ Love your Phygelius. Im definitely going to have to get me one of those.

Taryn, congratulations on finally finalizing the house deal. You must be so relieved and happy that you will finally be moving into your new home. ~~ The photos of Bruce are heartbreaking. And the story about Gigi and the keys gave me goosebumps. Incredible.

Martie, how great to hear from you. Sounds like you have been busy as usual. ~~ I love the idea of the Indian corn on the light posts. Id love to see a photograph of that. Id say that is pretty clever and the neighbor kids probably think you are very cool.

V. you are too funny ~ Le finger instead of le sigh. Snicker. ~ So sorry about the unpleasantness you are dealing with at work right now. Id be miserable if I had to deal with that constantly. ~~ I know what you mean about finding baskets at HD type places with plants assembled in a container with completely different cultural requirements. I just feel sorry for people who buy the things and dont know why half the plants die off. They should have given you more of a discount. ~ I found a pedestal at Home Goods yesterday but there was a hole in the base. When I asked them if they had one in stock without any damage they said no then offered me a 30% discount on the item. I took it.

Bug, I forgot to mention, not only are my fingernails that color so are my toe nails! You couldnt see my toes in the grass. Te he.

OK I think Im caught up and I really have to get to the gym. Have a great day all and to all those in the heat today stay cool!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Back from another jaunt to the parents in PA spent the weekend in that 95 degree weather in no a.c. as DD still was refusing to turn on the air conditioning, for various excuses did "wonders" for my allergies & disposition & sleep NOT!! o well, I suppose I will be like that one day also thats a depressing thought..... at least I didnt miss any gardening to be done no way in 95... instead I was desperately hose slogging upon my turn last nite....But guess Ill count my special moments as a bit more time w/ the parents while theyre still up & kicking!!

Wow, Sue those are some special gardens you saw I think Ive seen bits of them in magazines in the last couple years - & theyre certainly celebrity gardens... so one wonders if they really dig all their dirt themselves & move plants, ha ha???

Deanne great pics -- & I love your hat Im also a hat lover got quite a few of them but dont always find an occasion to wear them but still I buy them.

Babs that sounds like quite an opportunity to try some designer margaritas! Whew!!

Im sorry that V, Gardenbug & Eden have not been feeling well hopes for a speedy recovery!! Maybe too much work & running about need to learn that "relax" special moment perhaps?

My unspecial moment was upon my return last nite to read my mail a letter from the homeowners association telling me Im in violation of "other landscaping" because I have mulch bags sitting outside my fence at the end of the lot (in the back where no one sees!! I have to remove them by next Sunday grrrrr..... Ive lived here almost 18 years & this is the first time Ive had any mention of the bags that routinely end up in that area at certain times of the year Im tempted to just drag them to the line where the parkland woods begins about 8 feet away. Unfortunately, inside my fence is all garden there is no stinking place to store bags.... I had in previous years boasted what a lax, easy going association this was where few people (perhaps to the detriment of the overall aesthetics of the division) ever seemed to be dunned about what they did (including no grass cutting, newspaper detritus, etc.)....on the other hand, I guess I should feel lucky I didnt get dunned because of the old fence or illegal landscaped garden beds I installed, eh?

Good to hear from you, Martie glad youre enjoying your new job; love your Indian Corn idea (piffle to stodgey neighbors) & hope your DH biz picks up.

Gotta skim the rest of this thread & catch up after I get going on some work.


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Good morning

I'm dragging my feet here. Today I need to finish all my end of year expenses, reports etc and clean the house for the lunch I'm having for my work colleagues tomorrow. While I'm looking forward to cooking (I'm making pulled pork and strawberry cheesecake) I just can't get motivated for the cleaning and paper work. I hope there will be lots of intresting posts here to keep me entertained during my breaks.

Deanne - we would love to see you and Doug again if he's out our way. What fun a full day of nusery crawling would be if you drove out! Is this assignment likely to be days or weeks (or maybe months?)

GB - we're probably getting the same storms and like you, need the rain but not the wind damage. I'm worried it will take out the remains of my Persicaria Polymorphia. I too have given up on deliphiniums having had them smashed to the ground just about every year. However, Eden's are making me waver - they are truely the most fantastic flower.

Michelle - I envisioned a picture of all your family enjoying outdoor games together by your beautiful gardens. Sounds a perfect Fathers Day.

Taryn - wonderful news about your friend getting pregnant. The circle of life continues.

Hi Marian - hope you had a good weekend!

Right, I'm about to start my chores, I really am.....

Have a good one


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

This morning the temp is hovering around 100 and shows no sign of letting up - that's the body temp, not the air temp! It's a beautiful day but I am way too achy to take advantage of it. I'm sure this is the bug my son came home with a week and a half ago. I'm just frustrated that this is the third time I've had a bad bug with a high fever in the last four or five months. Needless to say, I'm at home and not at the office today.

Since I am into serious couch time, I just read "Marley and Me" basically in two sittings. Lots of tears at the end because it reminded me so much of our first lab and his passing.

I'll post again later today so Mary has something to procrastinate with!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

You look fantastic Deanne...what a lovely outfit and that hat is *perfect* on you. So glad you had a nice time. Everything looked *perfect*...the bride is beautiful and an outdoor wedding always has appealed to me! :-)

Well we never got the rain promised, but there is a *chance* of some rain later in the week. So glad you got some of the wet stuff Michelle and sounds like a fun Fathers Day was had by all. I feel your Delphinium pain. Remember I was telling you guys that I had large areas of empty spots in my garden from last years drought, but couldnt figure out what was missing? Well, Ive figured it out (at least the big hole out front). I *had* 12 gorgeous delphiniums out there, now there are only 6 and those are just shadows of the plants they had been. Oh well, Im going to plant *something* to fill the space in fall, just havent decided if I should replace my delphs or go for something easy, like shrubs. My sensible side says small shrubs, but my heart says delphiniums!:-) Up until last year Ive always been pretty lucky with delphs., with no more problem than most perennials, but I fear that "droughty conditions" are going to be more the norm in my area anymore, at least if these last 2 years are any indication.

Hi Babs! :-) Glad you got through it okay; me too, though had a few tears here and then, particularly at church where there was a lot of talk about "dads" and I got all choked up. DS came over Sunday and it was a great visit I am always taken back by the overwhelming feeling of love I have when I see him (particularly now that I dont see him much...LOL!) and what a wonderful human being he has turned out to be...we are very lucky. He brought a funny card for his dad with 3 very elderly motorcycle riders on it; two men and a woman. They were wearing T-Shirts that said "Old as Hell Angels"...with a very witty saying inside. Kind of an inside joke, as my DH has a Harley. Anyway, it just cracked me up his dad too! So thats what a phygelius looks like? I love the color and the black purple stems too. Thanks for posting the ant...I was anxious to see it! :-) He is very cool and I cant get over how *large* he is...cant wait to see him all finished too. Have you found his permanent position in the garden? Your tadpole pond pic is *gorgeous*! You are such a photographer. I can tell cause you have that eye for subject...that little bit of cattail (?) showing just in the corner of the pic just makes the picture even more stunning. I just dont know how to photo...all of my pics end up with the subject dead center, with no thought about what is around it and then my hands are not steady and nearly all my pics have to be rotated some degree...LOL! Oh well, Ill figure it out eventually. At least I have been good about taking pics of my flowers and gardens this year and it really is helping me figure out what is right and what is wrong about my garden. :-)

Speaking of Fathers Day...Taryn, thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. My heartaches thinking of Gigi and the kids though, shopping for an urn on Fathers Day...thats just so sad I can hardly think about it. I feel so bad for those little boys not to have their daddy there to watch them grow up. I always figured Bruce was a pretty special guy, just from the things you told us about him...his strength, his humor, his love for his family and friends, but the pictures really captured that life. Hard for me to fathom that soul no longer here and can only imagine how hard it is for Gigi, the kids, and all of you. I smiled when I read about Gigis dream though...what a comforting gift for her! Great news about your friend and about your house!

So, Friday night Paul and I went to a festival in a nearby town. They had *wonderful* food booths of all the fine restaurants (which this town is known for) and I ate my way through tequilla lime grilled shrimp; mini tenderloin steak sandwiches with a blue cheese sauce; a proscuitto, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and mini gourmet veggie kabob; mini crème brulee, and a freshly filled cannoli. Salads be da**ed! LOL! It was *hot* Friday and we drove the motorcycle to the fest (not my idea - bit I can't say "no" *everytime* he asks). The older I get the less I like being on the makes me nervous. I just try not to think about that and just enjoy the view and the wind in my hair. :-) Saturday we went to an Art Fair in another town nearby. Everything was *so* beautiful. Happy to see my artist friend and neighbor there and showing her pieces, she is really developing quite a following. Im so happy for her! I feel in love with a couple of *gorgeous* photography pieces from Thailand, some beautiful pottery from a guy out of San Francisco and the neatest burl wood boxes made out of the knots and roots of old dead trees. They were very cool and so cleverly done, fitted together like puzzle pieces and then had secret little compartments inside the boxes. I took his card because someday I want to get one of those. My special moment came when we were admiring another artists bronze pieces. He had the most *fantastic* bronzed crow with his wings partially spread and one leg lifted as if in dance. He was mounted on a tall stand. I never really thought much about crows, but they always make me smile now because they remind me of dad. When dad was living out in Tennessee he grew quite attached to the resident crows out there and would feed them. He would joke about them and said that in the morning if he wasnt out in time to feed them they would call for him by name...LOL! He has told me that story *so* many times, but I always loved to hear it and watch as he described *his* crows; with a big smile on his face he would position himself "in the dance" like the bronze statue and then call out like a crow. He claimed they were saying "AL...AL...AL!" LOL (I guess most people would say it was "Caw")...silly man! He always made me laugh...he still does! :-) So the bronze statue was a wonderful reminder and I walked away filled with some happy thoughts.

Speaking of which, are just the greatest pick me up! You just crack me up with your humor...I guffawed out loud when I got to the "le sigh"...LOL! I know youve been so busy, but sure enjoy your posts when you can. So sorry to hear about the office politics. I didnt really like to hear about the cowbird! :-( Even if his parents are lazy opportunists, I still kind of feel sorry for the little guy, I mean its not *his* fault. Glad to hear he was big enough to be on his own. Sorry most of your special moments werent the kind you were hoping for! You do just crack me up though...hmm, maybe we can start a whole new vocabulary together...LOL! Feel better quick and hugs on "Marley & Me"...don't think I'd better read it. Going on 10 years since Willie's been gone and 6 years since Spike and I'm still not over it! Guess you never do...

Mary that rafting trip sounds like it was so much fun! Im a bit of a chicken and will only do the *slow* rides, but hubby and son use to white water raft all the time. They always liked to go to some place called "Shotgun Eddies"...need I say more? LOL! I would just sit home and pray until they got back. Your ride sounds like just *the right* bit of adventure. :-) Yes, Ive been thinking about T too Mary and hoping she is alright.

It was great to see your post Martie...we miss you! I too loved the cornstalk idea and think its pretty ingenious actually! :-)

Eden your pictures are *gorgeous*! I *love* the colors on that Hibiscus. Enjoying delphiniums vicariously through you.

Heres hoping Maries delphiniums survive the winds...

Well, I best be going...more mulching today. Saturday night I spread the last of my remaining bags. LOL Babs...there wasnt just *one* piece of mulch hanging from my hair. By the time I came into the house I was covered with mulch and dirt. I swear there is something about *my* hair that just attracts everything. So much debris in my hair in fact that I bet if I used a little Montys Joy Juice fertilizer, I could have grown something really nice up there...LOL!

Oh well, have a great day all! Ei

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Things appear to be getting back to normal here. We discovered Saturday that Trubby was in bad shape.He was very lethargic, and not eating or drinking. He was indoors, laying in one of the livingroom chairs when the kids returned in the afternoon. I cautioned them as to his condition before they came in, so nobody bothered him. It was depressing to Tim. He was worried that it would be to the girls also, so I moved the glider into Nolon's bedroom...carried him in to it, and closed the door.

During the night, his breathing became very heavy and harsh. It was disturbing Nolon, so he got up and came to his livingroom recliner. I ( and one of the girls were sleeping in the livingroom). I fixed a bed for Trubby in the utility room, and moved him into there; closing off the door, and window to the room, so his harsh breathing wouldn't disturb anyone. Nolon returned to his bed.

We all went to AM worship, in separate vehicles, then Tim's had to head back to Little Rock. The deadline for the girls to be returned to their mother was 4 PM. Nolon and I stopped at the One Stop and had our lunch...dreading returning to what we were afraid we'd find at home, but Trubby appeared no worse. We had decided that if he was no better this morning, I would take him to the vet. He is far from well, but his 'plumbing' is working, and he has drank and drank. He wanted out , and has moved around the yard a bunch, but is now back on the deck. His harsh breathing is still coming and going, but is not constant as it was.I hoped to get him to eat a small gob of hamburger, but when I held it in front of his nose, he made a loud gagging noise. ( The small plate of cat food that was in the utility room was empty this morning, but a mouse...or Tommy may have eaten it.)

Trubby is only 6 or 7 years old, so age isn't a factor.
Nolon was afraid that a neighbor who has no pets, and hates cats, had poisoned him, but I don't think that is the case. I certainly hope not! It I thought for sure that that was the case, he would NEVER be welcome on our property again!
Nolon said he had a spring type trap out, but removed it when Nolon talked to him about catching our pets in it. Everyone else in this neighborhood have pets.

We only got 1/2 inch of rain. Nearby areas got 2 or more inches. It has clouded up agian. so maybe there is still hope for us.

Since I have got so far behind on your posts, I will not try to respond to everyone. I do want to say I am happy for all that had a nice Father's Day, and espacially happy for Taryn's good news!
I am enjoying all the pictures, the lovely wedding pics; the flowers, etc.


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Would you believe it's only 69F glorious degrees here?? I am loving it like there's no tomorrow lol.

Hey and would you believe Chris and I had a special moment lastnight? It had been stifling hot all day-there'd be a breeze for a moment than nothing and it was just unbearable. So as I mentioned earlier I was crabby and Chris ended up renting a movie-AN EXCELLENT one called The World's Fastest Indian. Talk about inspirational-It's a true story.The guy is from New Zealand and he developes a modified Indian motorcycle that is supposed to get up to over 200 mph but the story is about his journey to America for the test trials in Salt Lake City. Sounds mundane maybe but Anthony Hopkins plays the lead and I really love him. SO ANYWAY (special moment alert)we're watching it and laying on the couch like beached whales when I hear this odd noise sounded like pellets hitting the trees and windows. VERY ODD....oh wait-that's RAIN!!(we're over two inches below normal these days) I go running outside,wine glass in hand and Chris is right behind me. It was the coolest thing standing there getting drenched drinking wine and cracking up together that we are pretty much nuts but we understand each other. I just love that smell of earth when everything gets drenched. Well you probably had to be there but we thought it was so fun. ANd it got better because it rained steadily during the night-I don't have to drag a hose today!: )

SO Deanne hopefully you have my weather to look forward to-they predicted terrible storms yesterday night but we didn't get one bolt of lightening nor high winds. Crossing my fingers for you.

How cool is that that your friend is pregnant-Taryn!

Poor V-you sound so bummed about being sick. I hope you feel better soon. You need to eat popsicles and drink lots of liquids madam; )

Cindy that's the pits to be harassed about some mulch bags of all things-wow. I bet they wouldn't like my mulch pile covered with one of those screaming blue tarps then! I have to keep it covered until I can use it-thankfully we got the rain so now I can toss mulch-woo hoo!

Thanks about the ant-it's going to live in one of the garden beds once it's done.

Now that I've babbled entirely too long I need to go do laundry-what fun.


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Hi again

Good reading this morning! Babs - I loved your rain moment.

Marian - hope Trubby rallies. Is taking him to a vet an option?

V - do hope the fever eases up. I know how rotten it makes you feel and saps the last ounce of energy. Hope you have another good book nearby.

I'm not totally procastinating, I've finished our room, done 2 loads of laundry and the kitchen counters are visible again. Annie finished school and was home by 10.30 AM so she's cleaning her room and the kids bathroom (the 2 messiest rooms in the house). I just wish I liked housework more than I do. At least its raining outside so I don't feel so bad being stuck indoors and I like thinking of the plants getting a long, cool drink.

back to the grind


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Well, I'm feeling like a slug this afternoon and can't seem to get out of my own way. I keep trying to do a bit of work outside but I only last an hour or so then come into the house feeling like a limp dishrag. I'm still working on the pond problem and it is frustrating the heck out of me. I simply cannot find where the darned thing is leaking. Grrrrr..... Doug hasn't had any free time to help and when he does have free time he's been doing 15 to 20 mile bicycle rides which I think are a great idea so I'm just plugging along on my own with the pond project.

It is only up to 93 degrees and I don't know if it will hit the predicted 96. The skies are looking like we are going to get quite the light show later on with that hazy, dark clouds on the horizon thing. Speaking of which I'd better go and put the patio cushions away and put down the umbrella.

Marian, so sorry Trubby is so sick. He very well could have been poisoned. Poor kitty, any chance you can get him to a vet?

Mary, I'm feeling guilty hearing about your house cleaning. I REALLY need to be doing some myself. I don't recall this house ever being quite this bad before and I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything about it. I hope you get your paperwork finished and have a good time with your company. ~~ Doug's assignment in Rochester could very well work out to be several months work. I hope we can work out another visit.

Eileen, I'm so sorry you lost your delphiniums! It is always such a heartbreak when something you really love doesn't come back. If I were you I'd try them again. They really are so incredible and if you've had luck with them in the past I'd try again.

V. I cannot believe you are sick yet again! What's with that? When I read your post and heard you had fever and flu again I thought to myself, "Didn't she just have something last month?" That is just awful. The virus you've been having must have worn down your immune system, not to mention the stress at work doesn't help on that score either. I sure hope this passes soon and you are feeling better quickly. Nothing worse than a summer virus.

Babs, I loved your story about standing in the rain drinking wine. Very neat! I don't think I'd ever get Doug to do such a thing with me.

Cindy, that is too cool that you are a hat person too. I also have several but rarely have an occasion I can wear one to. ~~ I feel your pain with the 95 degree weather. It just isn't any good for gardening. I have to be careful not to get heat stroke as I don't know when to quit.

Bug, how did the dentist's appointment work out? HOpe all is well there.

OK I've got to get something useful accomplished in this house today. Have a great afternoon all.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi friends. Just popping in briefly. Dh is now back among the human. Man, was he sick! He lost 7 lbs in 2 days. Fortunately I didn't get it. Instead, I catered to him and kept up both our chores.

Fri pm, our landscaper showed up with the finalized plan for the front of the house. It still needs tweaking but it's close. With DH on a banana peel at work, we're putting the whole plan on hold until we see what happens with his job. Meanwhile, I'll mull over the plan. I've decided not to go with the exotic, different plants I prefer -- conifers, etc. Instead, we'll just freshen it up gradually.

What's with the jello pop-ups! I gave up over the weekend trying to get in. Sheesh!

Sat. DH and I went to "Art in the Sun" in town and generally enjoyed some "us" time. Sun, I spent the am staking all the "dwarf" lilies that arn't dwarf, some delphs, and put away anything that would fly up and cause damage in the high winds. then DD took us out to dinner for Father's Day. I got to weat my new outfit I got in Phoenix -- and it's almost too big!!!

I've been going thu and refreshing our travel toiletries, making grocery and other lists and finalizing plans with family for our vacation the week of the 4th.

Also, my plant ghetto is DOWN TO 4 PLANTS! I'm hoping to get them in to the ground this week. One is that curly leafed evergreen privet I got at Arrowhead this spring. I have to remove a rhodo to plant it tho. So that will take some work.

Well, heavy T-storms are rolling in and I'll have to shut this 'puter down. I've been enjoying all your posts but will have to catch up later. Ta-ta for now.


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I swear V was the last one up when I posted-Ei and Marian snuck in!: )Hi ladies!

Yeah Ei-I knew you'd have a tough time on Father's day but you weren't far from my thoughts. Hey the fact that your dad can still make you laugh is a wonderful thing to have! I like the sense of humor your DS has. Ooo you've got a cool husband he rides a Harley! So like,are you a biker chick? lol. A biker chick with mulched hair lolol. I don't blame you for being nervous on a bike-did you two wear helmets?? I always worry when I see young kids with no helmet and no protective clothing especially on a highway-I cringe just thinking what if they wiped out. I probably wouldn't make a good biker mama.
Try the delphs again-like Deanne said!
Thanks about my pics(blushing). I do know that I focus on the main area of interest and just hold the focus while angling the camera in a way that looks interesting. Many times people stand and shoot but sometimes it's interesting to crouch and get foreground things happening as you get the background in there too. More importantly just take pics to take them. Take a shot then take another one of the same subject but try to do something different with what you see. Does that make sense? I just kind of do it: )

MArian-I hope Trubby is Ok-what a scare. Would a hairball or something chokeable that he had eaten cause him to breathe heavy??I know zilch about cats: ) I hope he ends up Ok but you would wonder why that happened and he's so young.

eden I forgot to say-I like the garden pics you posted and I agree with Ei that that hibiscus is so colorful-I've never seen that one before-very nice! I have some hibiscus that are a few years old-under a foot tall and I wonder when it will be big enough to bloom. The bunnies and deer do chow on it. In fact I saw a baby bunny today so I know there are more on the prowl.
I admire you people who grow delphs-I tend to not get plants I have to stake(I am a whimp).

Here's a little funny--My neighbor and I have our front yard gardens practically side by side and we borrow each others garden views. Well I was removing some tradescantia from my bed because it just gets way too floppy and spreads too I'm toiling away I hear my neighbor calling from her window "Hey why are you removing my flowers???" I said "What?" then cracked up. I guess she really liked the view of the tradescantia but it was funny to realize someone besides me sees and appreciates my garden: ) It's funny because I also treat her daylilies nearby with my deer repellant so I make sure the deer don't ruin my borrowed view of her garden. I do like having a gardening neighbor.

Mary hey that's not fair-you got more done than I did lol! I did a load of clothes but one trip outside to deadhead sent me into 'lets move some plants' mode: ) My house is a mess from top to bottom-oops well the basement is clean because of the hot water heater fiasco; )

GB was the dentist kind?

I need to go find something that can be turned into dinner food. Italian sausage surprise?...must make up recipe; )

Do I use too many faces?; )

Weatherbug is flashing-wonder what's up.Deanne hope you don't get bad storms.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I researched heartworms in cats, and am pretty sure that is Trubby's affliction. I didn't even know cats got them, but they do. It is difficult to diagnose from tests and even more difficult and lengthy to treat. The treatment can aggravate the condition! There seems to be a 50-50 chance he will recover. Taking him to a vet isn't feasible. He does seem to be somewhat improved, but will not eat, or even drink milk. He is drinking water.It is sad, and a strain on both of us, compassion-wise.
Have you cat owners had your pets vaccinated for heartworms? It is caused by infected mosquitoes and can happen to both indoor and outdoor cats. Thank goodness it is rather rare.

As our youngest granddaughter said, we can pray for him, and I am.

My shoulder pain has flaired up, and nothing I do is helping it.We have been signed up for the Medicare parts D and C and they will come into effect the first of July. I hope to get something done for my shoulder then.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I forgot to ask a question that I need an answer to. Am I a really fuddy-duddy grandmother, or do all young people....(meaning my GD's ages), eat constantly? And drink soda pop all day long? Our youngest 2 snack all day long when they are here,and have an iced glass of pepsi that they refill over and over and over. I wasn't raised like that. We ate 3 meals a day, and had one snack after school. I am afraid they are harming their health, and will be very obese when they get to be teenagers. The 12 year old isn't bad too do that, but she picked all the onion and celery bits out of the salad I made. They all 3 picked all the peppers off of the pizza!
Please, mothers and this the norm for today's youth?

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HI Marian,I can't speak for all young kids today but I'm probably considered a 'mean' mom lol.We just eat the three meals a day but if they want a snack in midafternoon it has to be fruit or non-junk food. Pop is only for special occasions(bday party or holiday celebration). I would worry that not only is pop terrible nutritionally it is so bad for a child's teeth especially if it's repeated throughout the day. In fact I also frown upon the kids having more than one glass of juice a day because of all the sugar it has. Here we have milk with meals and I really push water the other times of the day-but that's easy to do in summer. Are your GDs just trying to see what they can get away with maybe? Does your son mind the excessive pop?

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

((Marian)) I'm so sorry to hear about Trubby...I sure hope he perks up. It's just awful to watch a beloved pet suffer, almost as bad as watching a sick child. Do you think he could have ate something bad? a bad mouse or a poisonous toad/frog?...something like that? I sure hope he doesn't have heartworm...that's a pretty serious, scary disease. I really watch that with Scout. I don't give him heartworm medication - a personal choice, as my Willie had an extremely bad reaction (convulsions/seizures) to the medication. Shelties and Collie type dogs have a higher rate of reaction to heartworm meds. than do most animals. They *say* the new meds. are better in that regard, but I just am afraid to chance it again. Instead I have full blood tests, including heart worm done on Scout 2 times a year; March & Sept. to make sure that he hasn't been infected. Anyway, if I had any other dog, other than a collie/sheltie, I would definitely give him the medication, but they have to be tested first, before taking the preventative. I'm sorry you can't bring Trubby into the he too hard to transport there? Do you have a cat carrier? In any case, I sure hope he feels better soon. Re the girls and their eating habits. Sorry to say my sons diet was less than stellar as a teenager. When he was young I didn't allow much snacking (except for stuff like cheese, fruit and yogurt), but as a teenager I think it was his chance to "rebel". I served decent meals at home, but I know he ate whatever he wanted in high school and doubt he ever ate lunch there. Plus he had a job, so he could buy himself all the "junk" he desired. Luckily he was pretty slim, but it still wasnt a healthy diet. Funny, now as an adult, he very rarely drinks any soda and not very much into snacks either and drinks lots of water - all the things I advised him to do, but which he chose to ignore. I would try to influence the girls as much as you can (soda is really bad) but maybe they will turn around on their own too, like DS did, I sure hope so. Funny, the other card my son gave my DH was a birthday card that said: "When I was little you knew everything about everything dad, then when I was a teenager suddenly you didnt know anything at all. Now, you know everything again...You must have just been going through a phase, right?" LOL! I guess thats just the way it is and will always be with most teenagers and their parents. You might have better success with influencing the younger girls. I think my sons GF may be a good influence on him; shes even getting him to see his doctor and dentist regularly...another war we had all the time. Oh, I forgot to mention...did I tell you guys that he wants me to help him pick out an ENGAGEMENT RING for his girlfriend? GULP! I said she would probably want to help him, but he said she wanted *him* to pick it out and suggested I come with him to help. :-) Hey, I think she likes me! :-) She did give him an idea of what she would like, i.e. she wants a sapphire engagement ring with possibly some little diamonds on the side and likes white gold. Untraditional I guess, but I know that long ago that kind of engagement ring was not uncommon. In fact I know I've seen that sort of thing in antique jewelry stores...I just don't know how expensive they might be. They *are* on a budget. They are talking a wedding by next September and kids when they reach their 30s.

Babs...LOL! Funny about the motorcycle dude. When you meet him, you wont have that impression at all. He *is* a very daring person, but you wouldnt guess it by seeing him. He is actually pretty soft spoken, short haired, subdued appearance, quiet, and reserved around people he doesnt know well. But once he feels comfortable around you he can be pretty entertaining...very witty, humorous and insightful too. I loved your "wine in the rain" story! Well, you know how much I love to be out in a good rain...specially if theres a little thunder and lightning to make it exciting. Smiled about the "really knowing each other". Having someone who "gets" you...thats one of the best parts about being married, I think.

Mary...did you get your essay written? Am looking for a job, but the "hours" thing is a real problem. I need to be able to take sis to her appointments and mom too, but I also *really* need to get a regular job. I am so grateful that I was able to stay home and raise my son, but also wish I would have held onto my job, at least in some small way...part time or whatever. Its not easy to find a decent job, when your my age and have such a sporadic work history. I could probably go back into the legal secretary or medical transcription thing again, but I would need to bone up...I fear Ive forgotten everything. Truth be told I really dont *want* to do that again, but Im not good for much of anything else. Dotty has been asking me to come back to work for her hubby (doing the copywriting) but the hours are so crazy and unpredictable and I am considered a subcontractor, which means I have to pay my own social security and taxes etc., and DH does not like that! I did see something in the paper today about a "Personal Shopper" which sounds like it could be fun; if it isnt a gimmick....its an 800 number to call. Well, well see....

Im feeling a bit guilty hearing about Mary and Deanne cleaning their houses. Mine really needs it, but just cant seem to get myself motivated right now. Speaking of which, I hope Eden was wearing her crash helmet with the new vacuum! :-)

Deanne, I *know* you could grow delphiniums as you say, if you find the right spot for them. You are such a great "caretaker" of your plants I know delphiniums would love you! :-) I dont know why they like me, as Im a bit of a lazy caretaker, but they have always done pretty well. The ones out front have been there ever since I planted the front yard, about 4 or 5 years ago and did great until...oh well, I wont say know the thing Ive been complaining about for the last 2 years. Frankly Im sick of hearing me say the word dr****t. Speaking of hats Deanne, for Mothers Day my son got me this neat garden hat with a matching gardening satchel. In hot pinks and orange stripes! From a company called Prince Jardinier. His GF business represents them here in the states. They dont have a pic of my exact hat and satchel (only show the solid colors) but I bet you would like them. Cool stuff! I dont know if Ill actually ever use the hat...I never seem to wear them when working in the garden and the satchel is just too darn pretty to get dirty...LOL! But I love them because DS bought them for me. Maybe I can put them out for display...LOL! I really like the canvas waistcoat at their website and it reminds me of one you wore once.

Hope Vs feeling a little better and glad to hear Honey's DH is feeling better.

Well, Ive been babbling about nothing and guess I should be going to bed, so TTYL! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

So we never got any thunder storms although north and west of here they got hammered. They are predicting some more storms for this afternoon though and they are supposed to be centered here in southern New England. ~~ Can you believe that tomorrow is the longest day of the year? It seems that it has been cloudy and cold so we havent been able to enjoy these longer evenings yet. Yesterday I managed to do a bit of housecleaning and of course the second Doug touched the rugs there was dirt all over them. I think he is some kind of dirt magnet. The first thing he did was bring up my potting soil bucket from the basement and promptly knocked a huge clod of potting soil all over the newly cleaned, tile floor in the breezeway. They he said it was my fault because there was dirt on the bottom of the bucket! Grrrrr.. He thought he was being funny. I didnt really think so. Then when he was grilling the chicken for dinner he tracked a ton of stuff all over the dining room carpet. He was just going out in his socks and tracking it in that way. I dont think he understands the concept of wearing shoes and either wiping them on the mat provided for that purpose at the door or removing ones shoes when coming in. Ive found the amount of care a person takes with not tracking in dirt has everything to do with who does the vacuuming. LOL

Eileen, how neat your DS is planning on getting engaged. And also neat that you are close enough to him that he wants you to help him pick out the ring. ~~ RE garden hats, I ALWAYS wear a hat in the garden. One of the reasons the neighbors think Im a bit cracked. Ive noticed a big difference in the amount of wrinkles I have depending on how much sun Ive allowed my face to get so the last several years Im never outside without one. ~~ Love that web site with the garden things. I have to agree with you about that canvas waistcoat. Pretty neat! The one I wore was from Eddie Bauer and has a ton of pockets. I love to use that when on a photography trek. It keeps my equipment organized and handy.

V. I sure hope you are feeling better today.

Marian, I have to agree with you about the snacking and soda. That is absolutely unacceptable, as Babs said, not only is it unhealthy the soda does cause tooth decay. Those girls are headed for some serious weight problems if they dont change their eating habits. ~~ Thanks for the information about heartworm in cats. Id never heard of that before. I sure hope that isnt what Trubby has.

Babs, you are so lucky to have a neighbor who gardens also. I sure wish I did. That would be a treat. I love the way Honeys garden visually flows seamlessly to her neighbors. that is probably the best example of borrowed landscaping Ive ever seen.

Honey, so glad to hear DH is better. Id love to lose 7 pounds but not like that! ~ How neat your new outfit is actually a bit loose on you. You should be so proud of yourself. ~~ I agree 100% about those stupid jello pita (pain in the a - -) pop-ups. Have you noticed that the close button is never marked the same or anywhere in the same place on any of those things so you have to hunt for them? Grrrrr.

So yesterday I did get the first floor all vacuumed and dusted and also washed the random woodwork that was looking a bit dingy, vacuumed the curtains in the breezeway, vacuumed under the stove and washed the refrigerator etc., etc. I was on a roll. This morning as I was sitting having my breakfast I decided that I had to wash the east windows in the dining room. The sun only shines in those windows in the morning for a few weeks of the year and I want to see it through clean windows. LOL

OK Ive got to go and water the containers and get myself to the gym. Have a great day everyone. I sure wish Sue would check in again soon. Im missing her posts as well as so many other missing Idyllers. What ever happened to the guys anyway?


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Good Morning, It's a beautiful day for gardening here. Sunny but nice and cool. Yesterday I worked most of the day weeding and deadheading. I also did a little shopping. JoAnn's has their pots on sale but not as good a selection as last year. I didn't find any pots I liked but did pick up a sweet little pink watering can and a birdhouse. I stopped at another nursery we have here called English Gardens, it's a chain kind of similar to what Franks Nursery was. I got a couple of little japanese maples for $25 each and may go back today and pick up a leucanthemum broadway lights. I wanted to come home and google it before I got one. Supposedly it blooms yellow and then fades until the blooms are white. I don't usually have much luck with daisies, they seem to fade away after a few years but this one sounds worth a try.

Marian, we're not pop drinkers here so my kids didn't have it much at home. With Bella we pretty much give her milk at meals and water the rest of the time. She's not a picky eater at all but I think that sometimes just depends on the child. My girls weren't picky but I always told David he needed a pair of tweezers when he ate. He was a very picky and frustrating eater when he was younger. He's not like that anymore now that he's grown, thank goodness. We don't do snacks with Bella either, it's pretty much 3 meals a day for her. I hope Trubby's doing better. It sure sounds like he could have been poisoned to me, especially with the labored breathing and thirst. Our last dog had heartworm when we got her. Usually with that they develop a cough. We had her treated but it did have a lasting effect on her heart. She died of heart disease about 10 years later.

Deanne, I'm surprised you don't grow delphs. It has to be your climate and not the gardener that's doing them in. Mine aren't half as full this year as they usually are and I have a couple in the front garden that hardly bloomed at all. I don't think it's a good year for them. I plant new ones here and there every year because I think they are just naturally short lived plants and only last 3 or 4 years mostly. They are heavy feeders too. I usually start them from seed or find starter plants for a dollar or two. In answer to your question, the heuchera in that container garden is key lime pie.

Babs, I loved your special moment of wine and rain. I liked it when you talked about knowing each other so well. Not to get too sappy here but there's a favorite of mine John Mayer song that has a line, "Our love was comfortable and so broken in." I feel so lucky that Brad and I have that too.

V, hope you're feeling better today.

Ei, exciting news about your son planning on getting engaged. That's so great that he wants you to help him pick out the ring.

Mary, have fun with your lunch today. Hope you got all your cleaning done. That's something I need to work on too.

Honey, only 4 plants in the ghetto. That's my gardening dream! I'm just glad mine hasn't gotten much larger this year but there's probably 30 or so plants in it at all times. It's kind of a revolving ghetto. I plant something and buy something else to take it's place in the ghetto. Glad Tom's feeling better.

Cindy, it must be really hard working all week and having to spend the weekends going to take care of your parents. What a great daughter you are to do that.

It's almost 8 so I need to get dressed and get going on some stuff around here. Hope you all have a great day!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Update on Trubby. He is breathing much more normal this morning, and I am pretty sure he drank some of the milk I put in the utilty room for him last night. The main reason I have not taken him in to a vet is the vet expense coupled with the distance of traveling back and forth. If it IS heartworms, it would be an ongoing treatment, without much hope of him recovering. Since he appears to be coming out of it, we chose to wait, and hope for the best.

This is my day in town, and there are several places to go after the class.
It is going to be very hot and muggy.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im glad to hear that others have such a time getting motivated for house cleaning it is soooo far down on my list after gardening, other chores, resting, eating, sleeping.... none of which ever all get done hence no house cleaning either!! What a pit...

But yippee, we finally got a bit of rain here enough to actually make things look & feel wet -- & more on the way over the next few days. Of course, its feeling like a sauna outside and every metro train trip is "interesting" because often there is no a.c. in the cars so when theyre packed like sardines one truly feels like a claustrophobic prisoner and if ones hormones decide to kick in well.... whew, youre a dripping, stinky commuter by the time you reach your stop!!!

Poor V you must be rundown doing way too much? And Honey, why is it the men always lose 7 lbs and we women dont even when we suffer & have the same bug? I can be sick for 3 or 4 days & not lose a single lb!

Re "dwarf lilies" I have some that are now blooming that are get this about 5 inches tall!!! the most bizarre thing Ive ever seen the stalks look to be about 3 inches & when I first saw them I thought, what the heck are those.... then they got a full bloom on them very very weird if I can, Ill try to get a shot just for sharing. Talk about "stunted"....

Babs, love your story about the mutual borrowed views hope you gave your neighbor those tradescantia for her own view in her own garden? I have some also Im thinking about removing they just dont do enough to earn their keep I dont think.

Marian, Im so sorry Trubby is still ailing I will hope its not heartworm & that he recovers.

Ei how nice your possible DIL wants you to help your DS pick out her ring that is definitely a sign she likes & approves of you too!! I like her idea of the non-traditional ring I myself prefer them & have never been fond of the single diamond look. Its nice to be "different" sometimes.

Eden, thanks for the comment re being a "good daughter" I try if only because theres not much anyone else to do it (brothers arent much good at it) & my sister has taken herself out of the picture.... But boy, sure am pooped the weekends after I visit I am soooo dragging today and its only Tuesday Das "le sigh"....

Well, its going to be another frazzled, stressed day at the office so I better get to it. No rest for the weary.

Hope all the ailing people & pets perk up and missing Idyllers return maybe they all have summer doldrums already?


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Good morning!

I'm enjoying another cup of coffee, the sun is shining and the sky is a pretty shade of pale blue. I haven't a clue as to what the forecaster's are predicting the day's weather to be.....but right now, it sure looks promising.

I've been battling a cold for 8 days (I've been counting). Why is it that summertime colds seem to linger longer? Miserable darn germs! I'm going around with droopy eyes, handkerchiefs popping out of pockets, mouth open in order to breathe....a very enticing picture of female lovliness at her best (NOT). ;o) Oh well, I've been staying home for the most part and not subjecting anyone but DH to the germs. Yesterday was the first day that I went somewhere with others. We took Jamie & his momma to a heavy equipment auction. DH figured that Jamie would be in 'little boy heaven' getting to see (and sit) on giant excavators, monster bulldozers, backhoes, tractors.....the list goes on and on. He got to 'drive' a fire truck, a school bus, a 12 yard dump truck, a Freightliner semi, backhoe(s), excavator(s), bulldozer(s).......the list goes on and on and on. He was in little boy heaven. I took 238 photos yesterday and probably 220 of them had that little boy as the center of attention. I'll find some fun ones to upload and share later.

My pile of chips is still untouched. It was mentioned by DH last night. I gave him 'the look' and said "they will be used". I just haven't either had the time, right mindset, or now....the energy to do anything with them. The pile is getting smaller as they decompose and I'm thinking that isn't such a bad thing if they break down a bit before I begin piling them where I want the back beds. I've had a multitude of mushrooms growing in the new front curvy bed......along with some grass and weeds. I've been crushing the 'rooms (stepping on them) and pulling the weeds, but I'm considering trying out Preen on the beds. I know nothing about the product, have wondered if it is worth the money and if it works. Just thought it would be interesting to use it and see, without any plants to bother, how well it works to kill the weeds that are there and curb more from showing up. Anyone use it? Pros? Cons? I should do some research on the subject I guess.

The wildlife around here has increased since Seiko has been absent. Baby bunnies frolicking in the front yard & curvy bed (grrrr!). Deer and elk grazing in the yard throughout the day (the deer use to just come around during the night when Seiko would be inside--the elk have always done whatever they please). The bunny population is incredible, which probably means the coyote population will explode soon, too. The cycle of life....

DD saw the doctor yesterday. All seems to be going along well with her pregnancy. She'll have an ultra-sound within the week to check on the babies. She is getting close to the time where the doctor says the babies' survival rate will be close to 100% if they come early. We'll all breathe a huge sigh of relief when that date comes.

Taryn, I'm thrilled for your friend and I hope her pregnancy will go smoothly.

Oh, I was doing some mowing yesterday afternoon and saw that the bees are active again in the tree where I sealed it up. I felt such guilt over sealing up a honey bee colony that I don't have the heart to attempt it again. Them continuing to have their home, in that tree (or anywhere close to our home as DH & DD are both allergic), isn't an option either so I'm not positive how this is going to work out. I'll call the county extension office to see if they have the name of some bee keepers that I can talk with about the situation.

Guess that is all the news here....I've been reading and sending good thoughts to all but won't even try to catch up/respond to indivduals.

Hello to all!

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It was a lovely evening last night and actually cool today. We received a nice rain early this a.m. Fortunately there was no hail. As it was coming they were saying on TV that some places had golf ball sized hail. Things have perked up so much from our rain last Friday. The grass is green again, the containers are filling out etc. When I went to town on Sat. to pick up the wicker chair, they had all their containers ½ price. I picked up 2 that were unique. Of course I didnt have anything to put in them, so I stopped at my favorite seasonal nursery. All plants were 40% off. I got a fuchsia and plectranthus for one and a coleus, wire vine and euphorbia Burgandy Wine for the other. I was surprised that they had such nice stuff left. You are all my witnesses : I will not plant any more containers!

Deanne, LOL on the dirt tracking. Sat. it was a little rainy so I went to town. Rick stayed home and I guess he couldnt find anything to do so he swept the mudroom and laundry room. When I came home he said "make sure you dont track in, I just cleaned" That wedding dress is very similar in style to the one my DD had. Hers had the lacing in the back and was the same style, just not as much beading, which was her choice.

As far as housecleaning goes, we had company on Sunday and thats usually my motivation to get some cleaning done. Heck thats what winters for.

Ei, how fun that your son will be getting engaged. LOL about the timeline for when you will be a grandma. Rick and I were out in the rain this a.m. but it wasnt a special moment. It was pouring and I needed fuel for the car.

V, I hope your temp is hovering around 98.6.

Cindy, I dont think I would like a homeowners association. Im not big on people telling me what to do.

Mary, have a nice lunch. It sounds good.

T, what fun it must have been to watch Jamie "drive" all that cool equipment. Pictures please. I hope you shake your cold soon.

Back to work

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Hi, Marian I'm so glad Trubby is doing better. I hope he continues to improve.

Deanne, I know just how you feel about cleaning all day and then everyone comes home and messes it all up again. Wouldn't it be nice if it could stay perfect for just a little while?

T, hope you kick your cold soon. Eight days is enough. I'm so glad to know the babies are doing well. Can't wait to see the pictures of Jamie.

Michelle, so how much longer until you have the potting shed interior finished and we get to see a picture? Good score on the containers. We won't tell if you slip and plan another container or two. Here's a couple pictures of mine with some of the plants you mentioned

This one has the euphorbia burgundy wine and wire vine

and this one has plectranthus mona lavendar

and here's another I'm showing you just because it's one of my favorites so far this year and is filling in nicely

Sorry the colors in the pics are faded out from the bright sunlight. A photographer I'm not. Now I have to go do some of the housecleaning I've been avoiding all day.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hey, Eden, great pot combos!

This will be quick because I'm exhausted. You know when you get so tired your eyes burn? Two solid days of being confined to a meeting room for strategic planning with all the company officers. Good grief! Too much close interaction and intense conversation. I'm not used to it. Anyway we did stay at a beautiful inn and spa on the ocean in Saybrook Point. Last night I was out to dinner til 10 PM with the group, I hardly slept because I sometimes have problems sleeping in hotels-especially after a heavy, late dinner- and I was up at 5 for a long walk on the causeway with one of my co-workers. I could get used to walking that route every morning-views of Long Island sound with sea mist in my face...many gardens in bloom.

Dinner will be ready in 5 minutes then I have to quickly water the pots on the patio and head up to bed.



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Good evening

Eden - lovely plants and containers. Now how many are you up to this year?

Marian - so glad Trubby is doing a little better. Hope it continues. Regarding the constant drinking of soda I too would be concerned, for both weight gain and tooth decay. I grew up without ever having soda and as a result, have never developed a taste for it. I hoped that might be the same for Annie and David - we only have it in the house when company visits. However, its gone the other way - to the two of them pop is like the nectar of the Gods LOL! Snacks in our house are limited to fruit, yoghurt, cheese etc. As I don't buy anything with Gluten choices are limited. However, picking bits out of the salad at your grand daughters age is par for the course. I just hope they were polite!

T - glad you had such a fun day with the monster machines and wonderful news that you DD's pregnancy is progressing so well.

Michelle - I love seeing the difference rain can make in the garden. THe plants really can tell the difference.

Ei - I never guessed you were a biker chick!! Are there any tattooes to share at IU3? The last time I was on a motor bike was with college boyfriend, some 20 some years ago. It was fun then, but now I'd be terrified.

Deanne - I got a chuckle about tacking dirt and vacuuming. In our house there are many culprits when it comes to not wiping feet, number one the dog! It sounds as if you got a lot done. I bailed yesterday when David arrived home and we went strawberry picking instead - a much more enjoyable activity. I had to hustle this morning to make up though.

Lunch today was fun. The weather was perfect, sunny with a breeze. The food came out well, the gardens were strolled through and the Koi fed. It was a very pleasant get together. If I do end up getting the other job I'll really miss the colleagues I work with now. We've been together 5 years and have become a tight group. As an end of year present our team leader gave me a beautiful hand blown glass plate with flowers of different colored glass. Its lovely.

Hope V is feeling better and Hi to everyone I might have missed (Cindy, Suzy, Honey, Sue)

I wonder if the guys (or the blokes as we'd say in England) will ever check in again. I think I saw Blackie over on the Gallery. I'm still hoping David will make it to IU3.

Time to hear my David's guitar pieces - gotta run


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Honey I'm so glad Tom is better-boy alot of idyll illness-between Tom,Eden and V-odd that it's at this time of year. So does he look really svelt? I hope his energy isn't zapped-sometimes with that quick of a loss it takes a while to get back on track.

we got more rain yesterday: ) No severe storms like they said-at least here.I think someone lost a tree down the road-not sure if the wind did it. It did kick up as the storm approached and of course I was wrestling with the flag but couldn't get the pole out of the holder. All I could envision was me getting zapped by lightening while holding a metal pole. At the last minute it came loose and I high tailed it indoors but then it became just a plain rain shower. My plants are happy and I am too.

Yay Ei!!!!You'll be a *MIL*! Congrats to your family-you always sound so cheerful about your DS's GF-oops soon DF(Dear Fiance!)that's so nice that you two seem to have a bond-it sure helps down the line: ) BTW not that it matters but Chris chose to have his band in white gold with alternating blue sapphires and diamonds. He often gets compliments on it. Blue Sapphire is his birthstone so that's why he went with it. Your discussion about traditional/nontraditional is interesting because my rings were an heirloom from a friend of Chris' family(we couldn't afford much other wise)and it's in a very traditional setting-I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more cutting edge but ten yrs. after we were married all the wedding mags had rings very similar to what I have-those styles come and go so I decided what I have is just fine.

Deanne-sorry but Doug's antics had me cracking a smile-MEN!lol. I don't know how I did it,but both kids and Chris all take their shoes off when entering the house! I just love clogs for easy on and off...maybe Doug needs some clogs; ) I guess he would still have to remember to take them off!

Deanne I doubt the neighbors think you're cracked for wearing a hat in the maybe the fact that we are always IN the garden might be a factor-don't you think?? I always feel self conscious because sometimes I need to stand there and stare at a spot to decide what plant should go where(you know *visualize*) and I know I have to look wacky doing that for long repeated moments.
I thought I was doing so well in the aching back dept. but now I know why--I haven't done any serious digging until today. Ugh my bum hurts-it's that durn sciatica.

I'm happy Sue and T showed up again!

Sue you sound zonked-get your Z's then come back; ) I'm not good at hotel sleeping either-the beds just never feel like mine at home.

T! I was getting worried about you-good that your DD is getting close to the safe delivery zone. Always a worry with multiples. How is she feeling?
And I hope you get your energy back quick-Sorry about your cold!
I have personally never used Preen-but I'm not big on any chemicals normally. I like to hand weed(nuts I am)so that's what I do. If you've already mulched you might find that those weeds are easy to pull-but of course I'm not seeing the volume of weeds you have either: ) I get mushrooms too but as soon as things dry out they die away but I don't do anything to them because they are just part of the breaking down process. I probably haven't said a thing you wanted to hear-huh lol.

Michelle I was freaking too when I heard hail might be coming but we didn't get any. I actually made barricades for some of my containers-just to be sure. Tomorrow more bad weatehr is expected-possibly hail again. Ah summer.
Aha! I bet you WILL plant more containers; ) Hey you're an idyll;this kind of thing happens. That's neat that you have the same plant taste as Eden!Nice choices for your both.
I've decided that I need to wait to make any containers until mid summer because you all come up with great plant combos after I've completed mine.
You crack me up with you and Rick in the pouring rain....for fuel!-good one,Michelle: )

Eden-what nice containers you put together!!Thanks for the pics. I like your fav one too-that square pot is fun and it coordinates well with the plants! Actually I still think all the pots look fantastic.
You could never be sappy-I like that song line-it really is like that!

Mary your luncheon sounded very pleasant. I bet you'll still stay in touch with your work friends if you move on? I have to say I am looking forward to having co-workers up at school to get to know. I was taken back by how excited the school secretary was that I'd be on board in fall. I guess I've been isolated too long!
I was wondering how much David is gardening these days.

Well,my caboose is aching so I better find the Motrin...

~Babs (yikes too long of a post?)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Happy first day of summer everyone!

And a beautiful day it is going to be here. It is supposed to be in the low 80s with nice dry air. The T storms went through last night but we didnt get any here. We could just see the light show north of here and south of here. Now I know you arent going to believe this but Id really have liked to get a bit of beneficial rain from that. Several days in the 90s and windy have left the raised beds and terraces dry again. After doing some serious work yesterday Ive realized that I have some total blank spots here in the gardens this time of the year. Just before the early daylilies and Asiatic lilies open there isnt a lot else going on. The iris and peonies are finishing up and other than some astilbe and clematis there isnt much color. Im stumped as to how to rearrange things and what to add to perk up end of June. Give it a week or so though and things will be looking better. Last year I replaced several of my Stella dOro with a pink cultivar (name escapes me at the moment) as that color will do better but the down side is that they are going to be a week or two behind Stella in starting to bloom and I always really needed those early daylilies to fill this late June flower void. Such a dilemma! LOL

Babs, you so crack me up! Yep I also stand staring off into the borders trying to figure out what needs changing or attention. Even the UPS man told me the other day that he got tired seeing me working when he drives by every day. It is pretty bad when the UPS man notices you outside in the gardens all the time. LOL I used to be bothered by what the neighbors thought of the excessive amounts of time I spend in the gardens but one of the benefits of getting older is that I just dont care what they think anymore. ~~ So sorry about your back acting up. What a drag. Fortunately mine has been doing really well lately. As long as I keep up with my ab workouts I normally dont have any back pain.

Sue, great to have you back. I was wondering where you were off to. I guess I didnt realize your meetings were off site. ~~ I took some pics this AM and have on of your banana. Its finally starting to put some growth on with the hotter weather weve had the last week. Im thinking it will be a shade tree by the end of the summer. LOL

Eden I really love those containers! Do you keep your wire vine over winter or do you find it in the nurseries every year. Im only asking because I can never find it here. Ive also not been able to find any rex begonias if you can imagine. Im getting a bit sick of going to a nursery and just seeing huge baskets of petunias and impatiens. Not that I dont like them but Id like to see some more interesting choices for my pots. ~~ Have you grown that P Mona Lavender before? This is my first year with it and Im in love! It has put on a non stop show for a month and they are just getting bigger and better. They seem to be a seriously low maintenance container plant. ~~ If you dont mind my asking what are the coleus in that third container? And what is that tall smaller leaved plant in the back? Marvelous! I love your use of begonias in your containers. ~~ Speaking of container gardens, Im actually thinking of making a booklet with photographs and plant IDs of all my container combinations from this year and selling it on my web site. You never know, it might just sell well. Container gardens are becoming more and more popular.

Michelle, I KNEW IT! I just knew youd do another couple containers. They multiply when you arent looking and the next thing you know youve got them everywhere. So what do your new unique containers look like? Inquiring minds would like to know. Also, what did you get for a fuchsia. Upright? Trailing? ~~ How fantastic Rick did some cleanup. Id pass out cold if Doug did that. Hes a wonderful guy but he simply does not SEE dirt, ever. I have a much lower tolerance to living in a mess than he does so I always wind up doing the cleanup.

T great to hear from you. So sorry you have a cold. What a bummer. I sure hope you get well soon. ~~ Im looking forward to seeing pics of Jamie enjoying all the big machines.

Cindy, great to hear youve finally gotten some rain. ~~ Interesting about the short lilies. Ive got a couple Lollypop Asiatics that did the same thing this year. No clue as to why.

Marian, glad to hear Trubby is doing better.

Eden, I like your idea of planting new delphs every year so you always have some mature ones putting on a show. If I ever get that new area in the front prepared I need to try that. That area is full sun and theyd probably do well there.

Well Im off to look at some pics I took early this AM and then get to the gym. Ill post a couple of photos if theres anything worth sharing.

Enjoy the day all,

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

"Oh, what a beautiful morning..."

It really is! The humidity is gone; I wish I had the day off! DH turned off the AC and opened some windows before he left for work. I'm grateful to have the AC when it gets hot and humid, but I like the fresh air so much better. School ends this week, the teachers are cleaning out so the kids are bringing home tons of stuff. I have two piles in my dining room that are growing at an alarming rate!

Ei, I think it was you that asked what the flower was in the BD pic for Da. It is a passiflora (passion flower) that we saw at Logees in January (yeah, I'm guilty of recycling pictures). Logees is a wonderful greenhouse in CT that grows all kinds of tropicals, and Martie organized a tour of the place for some of us New Englanders in January. What a perfect time to go there - to see all that color and lushness when everything outside is in black and white.

T, you asked about Preen - it could be useful depending on the type of weeds you have. Preen works by keeping seeds from germinating, so it would work on annual weeds like oxalis or crabgrass. Anything that is perennial would not be affected. I've used it in places where I've disturbed a large amount of soil and I suspect that weed seeds would germinate.

Eden, your containers are beautiful! I especially like the last one - I love the way the colors in the plants pick up the container color.

Deanne, I haven't been able to find unusual annuals much this year either. It seems like the "same old same old" everywhere I go. As far as delphiniums, I have a strain called Connecticut Yankees and they've been around for at least 4 years. They are not as tall as some others, and the flowers are looser, but they are reliable for me (so far!).

Babs, love that Phygelius aequalis - the stems are awesome. I'll have to look for that one. My Phygelius 'Moonraker' is soft yellow - I'll get a pic when it blooms.

Taryn, glad you finalized everything on the house. When is the big moving day?

Hope those that weren't feeling well are better today.

Happy first day of summer everyone!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

T good to hear from you so sorry youre another one under the weather hope you feel better soon. But glad to hear your DD & the twins are doing well lots of things to look forward to soon.

Ei maybe if you think about a second career, you should look along the lines of working for a local paper, magazine or something like that? Youre such a terrific writer & come up w/ such wonderful, positive subjects.

Eden gorgeous containers!!! Very artistic & I love the unusual containers themselves as well.

Marian re the GDs and their eating habits I will say in your sons defense that watching my own brothers experience w/ his girls & sharing custody w/ his ex when there are 2 households & 2 different parenting styles involved, its exceeding hard to get the eating habits & junk food thing under control. My nieces suffer from the same problems you talk about & despite my brothers efforts, the other household "rules".... all you can do is point out healthier styles when theyre of the age to absorb the info -- & hope at some point in the future theyll remember it & change. Otherwise, you cant do much theyll have to learn later.

Babs I forgot to mention previously that that is one very cool bug!

Good to hear from other Idyllers checking in. I cant believe the IU is only 1 month away wow. Sure hope you can make it somehow, Deanne & Eden! Its going to be about 90 here today but lower humidity (aah, less frizz for the hair) & will go out at lunch to check it out.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thank you, everyone, for your input on my GD's eating habits.
Cindy, your niece's case is espacially applicable to my GD's situation.
In fact it sounds identical. I feel so sorry for all the children who are in such torn-up families.

It is extremely humid here, and heading for near 90 temps.I am suffering from it and Will be setting in front of/beneath fans all day.

I am so sorry for those who have summer flu. AC is not much help in that condition.

No good news about Trubby, except the harsh breathing has stopped. Yesterday morning he came up to the livingroom door and wanted out. He spent the entire day outside moving from place to place, and drinking water. I brought him back into the utility room last evening.He is still in there.He still will not eat.

Things are blooming all around, but I am afraid I'm not in the mood to enjoy them very much. The large Rose of Sharon back of our house is coming into full bloom. Purple coneflowers are blooming. My Henri clem has new flowers. Lots of other pretty things, espacially the containers on the deck.

UPS delivered my new computer yesterday evening.I read the hook-up instructions, and might be able to do it if my arthritis wasn't giving me such a hard time. Just getting it all out of the boxes would be a chore. :-(
Cooler drier air is on the way. Maybe I will feel better when it arrives.

Sorry that I am so gloomy!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

On a funnier note, I got this request this a.m. -- they want their pots watered while they're on vacation...... what would you do to accomplish this?

-- Pretty challenging, dont you think?

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Good morning!

I've not uploaded any photos yet, just don't have the energy. I will be away from the computer most of today also so probably won't get it done for awhile. I have been emailing a few each day to DH at work, but that is easier than having to upload them to PT. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll work on it. Just didn't want you to think I wasn't going to follow through (it is so important, I know LOL).

Darn cold is still dragging on. It has dampened my appetite which is wonderful, needed and welcomed. It has also dampened any thoughts of doing anything physical though so a catch-22.

The sun is shining this morning, looks like it is going to be nice here for the next 4 or 5 days.

Wendy & Babs, thanks for the input on Preen. I don't mind weeding by hand and there aren't that many weeds popping up yet, but I'm getting horsetail/snake grass showing up which has a tendency to run rampant and very hard to eradicate here. I was wondering if the Preen would kill it off before it actually got a foothold. I would guess, from what Wendy shared, that it wouldn't be effective for those weeds.

'bug has been quiet......hope all is well with her and she didn't get stuck in the dentist chair.

Ei, congrats on getting closer to being a mother-in-law. Yep, MIL.......a title that sent shock waves through me when I realized I was going to have that label tied to my life.

Guess I should get moving out of this chair and on with my errands/chores.

My best to all......


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Happy First Day of Summer, though you'd never know it by the weather we're having, only 61F here, and rainy with lots of thunder bangers. That's ok though, I can almost see the plants growing and getting greener. They sure know the difference between rain and the sprinkler. I have Bella today so we'll probably stick close to home and try to get some household chores done, like laundry...

Mary, I was afraid someone was going to ask that question. So I went out and counted and have 51 container gardens that I put together this year. But...if you want to know how many actual pots I'm watering out there, lets just say it's well over 200. There's all of the tropicals, the cannas, bananas, elephant ears, fuschias, dahlias, the houseplants that are vacationing outdoors, the pots in the ghetto, etc.

Deanne, I haven't overwintered a wire vine but I must try harder to keep some of this stuff alive through next winter. It's just too expensive to purchase it all every year. The coleus you asked about in the container garden are Elfers on the left and Mr. Wonderful on the right. The plant in front in a flame leaf euphorbia and the one in back with the small green leaves is lemon verbena. I had the plectranthus mona lavendar last year too and it does seem pretty easy to grow and I bet it would be easy to overwinter too though I didn't. What a great idea for you to make up a book of your container garden combos. I bet it would be a best seller.

Sue, I had forgotten that you were going out of town for a couple of days and wondered why it was so quiet from you. Hope you got a good nights sleep last night.

Marian, I'm so excited that you have your new computer. I hope you really like it and don't have any trouble with the set up. Poor Trubby, I can tell that you're really worried about him.

Babs, hope your bum's better today.

I wish Marie would check in. She's been quiet for a few days now and I remember she wasn't feeling well before that.

Drier just buzzed so I'm off to fold and start another load. Doesn't look like there'll be any gardening going on here today. It's pouring out there right now.


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Cindy, lol. I'd pray for rain. I hope that's not going to be me someday with all those pots.

T, sorry to hear that you're still not feeling better. Don't worry about posting the pics, we'll still be here whenever you feel better and get around to it. The best thing you can do right now is drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest.


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In The Good Old Summertime

There's a time in each year that we always hold dear,
Good old summertime.
With the birds and the trees and sweet scented breezes,
Good old summertime.

When your day's work is over then you are in clover,
And life is one beautiful rhyme,
No trouble annoying, each one is enjoying
The good old summertime.

In the good old summertime,
In the good old summertime,
Strolling through the shady lanes with that baby of mine
You hold her hand and she holds yours,
And that's a very good sign,
That she's your tootsey-wootsey
In the good old summertime,

Oh to swim in the pool you'd play hooky from school
Good old summer time
You would play "ring-a-rosie" with Jim, Kate and Josie
Good old summer time
Those are days full of pleasure we now fondly treasure
When we never thought it a crime
To go stealing cherries with face brown as berries
In the good old summer time

Written by Ren Shields (1902).
Music by George Evans

Extremely humid here today with a 70% chance of rain, but isnt hot.

Babs, great that you got rain (without hail) I had hail last fall which wasnt so bad since it was more at the end of the gardening season, but this would be too soon.

Deanne, the new containers are glazed and sit in a wrought iron stand about a foot off the ground. You asked Eden about the wire vine, I kept mine last year easily. Your container book is such a great idea.

Eden, you make the most incredible containers. I really like both the containers and the combos. The garden shed project has been put on hold. Right now I am concentrating my energies on planting and hardscaping the veggie garden, which is about done. I am posting a picture today of the outside. You can see the new window on the end. Notice my puny delphs in front.

Marian, it sounds like things are looking pretty in your yard. Sorry you arent able to handle the computer setup. Is there someone local that will do it or at least get it out of the boxes for you?

Mary, your lunch sounds like it was very enjoyable.

Cindy, that is quite the picture. Ill bet they dry out quickly since they are rather small.

Ill leave you with a couple of container pictures.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

"Oh, what a beautiful day...I've got this wonderful feeling everything's going my way!" Hi Wendy! :-) Well, actually some might not call today a beautiful day here, unless they were a gardener! We had a little rain last night and we are having soft, gentle showers, on and off here this a.m. and Im just about done mulching! Well, maybe I cheated a little Babs! ;-)

Marian I am so sorry about Trubby, I hope he bounces back. It is supposed to be hot and muggy here too today, but Im just going to get through it because I love the rains it is bringing with it! So then, did you get in under the wire with the Medicare program? We got my mom in on time and there will definitely be some benefits, but there are a few of her meds that are really only pennies cheaper than before and we had to get her doc to contact medicare to get them to cover one of her meds., an antidepressant. Hope you had a good time at your Tues. meeting (I forgot the name of your group). I know you always look forward to that. Are the kids still in visiting you with DS or have they headed home already? I bet you really enjoyed having the company. Did you decide on a computer yet? (I see now that you answered that question) Can you get DS to come back and install it for you?

Mary Sounds like a pleasant day with your colleagues. I bet they just loved walking through your garden and what a thoughtful gift from your team leader. I imagine your koi are getting pretty big now? The one remaining (Alvin) from the heron debacle is really huge and just gorgeous...I cant wait for you to meet him! :-) I have 3 small ones I purchased over the spring to keep him company. I have not done the line thing that you recommended. I am going to start fresh that way next spring. Im just keeping the "cage" on, unless someone comes to visit. I only named *one* of the new fish (Freckles) as Im a little afraid to get too attached again. I *never* want to lose another fish the way I lost the others, though I know it can/may happen. Its just so upsetting. Biker chic, I definitely am not...LOL! But I *use* to like riding on the motorcycle and when Paul and I first met he taught me how to drive his 350 Honda, but I mostly just rode it in empty parking lots. :-) Oh...almost forgot to tell you. Dotty and I went to see The Prairie Home Companion yesterday. *I * really liked it and so did Dotty. The kind of movie that leaves you feeling was so warm, graceful and homey....funny too...glad I saw it. I think I was born at the wrong time...LOL!

Speaking of which Babs, I meant to say the other day..."Yes!" I most definitely wear a helmet, though Paul does not, which upsets me greatly (they are not required here in Illinois). He only wears one when he is going for a long ride, which is so *stupid* because statistics show that most accidents happen just minutes from your home. As you can see the helmet thing is a bone of contention here. Thanks for the congrats. I dont know that the DF :-) and I really have a bond in fact, I wasnt sure if she even liked me...LOL! But I feel better knowing that she wanted me to help DS, at least she doesnt *dislike* me! :-) Shes a nice girl and I would like *anyone* who makes my son happy! :-) We are definitely different personalities, she and I, although we both talk too much...LOL! She is much more outspoken than I am, but I kind of admire that about her and she seems to have a good heart. I do worry about being a MIL. I hope I do okay with it.

Deanne I *love* hats, but most of them do not love me. My head is too big! Well, its not really my head, its this bushy mop of hair Ive got that makes my head so fat. I agree totally about saving your skin. Im not one for tanning, although my arms get tan even with sunscreen. My face doesnt usually tan (unless you count age spots...LOL) as my hair must be like a hat protecting my face and my legs dont tan, but then again they hardly ever see the light of day!

Yowzer Cindy...thats UNBELIEVABLE! I can't even *imagine* taking care of something like that. Hope they get a lot of rain...LOL! Thanks about the writing. I wish I *could* do that, but no one would consider me Im afraid...I dont have a bachelors degree (only a associates in horticulture) and no one it seems will even look at you without a BD. Laughed about your lilies! I have a strange lily thing going on too. I had a plan for lilies in what was once was my kitchen garden. I picked yellow, red, purple, pink and orange (each in their only little planting square - it's a formal bed)....all the same variety, all supposed to bloom the same time, and all *supposed* to be the same height or just an inch or so in difference. The purples are not really purple and only about a foot tall and blooming. The orange & the red are about the same height, but only the reds are blooming, the pinks are doing nothing and the yellow ones are many feet taller than the rest! Grrr...the best laid plans. Oh well, maybe they will all get in synch by next year! :-)

Eden your containers are magnificent (okay originally I said gorgeous, then used the thesaurus...LOL)! What is that pretty kind of fuchsia colored plant in the first pic? I *love* how you co-ordinate the pot color with the plantings...very clever! Love that plectranthus in the 2nd pic. You must have great nurseries out by you - you always find the neatest things. But I think my favorite planting is your last one. I *love* how the color of that pot *exactly* matches the foliage of some of the plants in the container with the bright greens adding the perfect contrast...stunning!

T Im so glad you dropped in, though Im sorry to hear about the cold. Glad to hear the babies are doing well...Twins...that is so exciting! We had twins in church on Sunday and they were so adorable...every time the one would coo, the other would and every time one would cry, the 2nd would join in. They were so much fun to watch! :-) I bet Jamie had a blast at the auction. Definitely share pictures when you can...I love little smiling faces! :-)

Thanks everyone for the congrats. I am happy for DS.

Hi Sue! Glad you popped in!

Hi V! Hope youre feeling better today.

Wonder if Maries company has arrived, whether the delphiniums survived the storm (sure hope so) and how the dentist visit went.

P.S. Michelle...I smiled when you talked about how things have perked up! Isnt it amazing what a little rain can do? It is raining again right now - and I am typing this with a big smile on my face!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Whoo Hoo Michelle...your containers are lovely! Is that that 'Sweet Caroline' (or something like that) Potato Vine like you had last year? I love the combination! Is that 'Illustrius' in the pot? I love it with the geranium (?) in the same foliage cool!

Your shed (I *think* it's your shed anyway) looks too fabulous to be a shed! Bravo! It turned out *beautiful*! I love the way you leaned that piece of gate up against it...what a nice touch...*and* the shutters...and the colors! I imagine it was a lot of work...but you must be pleased with the way it turned out. Hey, would you like to renovate my old shed?...LOL! :-)

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Can you all tell that I'm trapped inside today by the weather. This is my third post this morning, lol.

Michelle, your containers are beautiful. I love your use of the fancy leaf geraniums in them. I'm trying a few of them in my containers this year too. Love that canna too. I want your shed. It's just perfect! I've been keeping an eye out for an old gate like the one you have leaning up against the wall for quite a while now but no luck as of yet. Your paint colors, and all of the decorations you have around your shed are SO COOL! Oh, the plants look great too, lol. Using Eileen as my thesaurus I'd say it's just magnificent!

Ei, I do have a few nurseries close by that offer a great selection of tropical stuff and I mailordered quite a bit too plus picked up anything I found over the winter that I thought would work in one of my containers. I spent quite a bit of time collecting things for the container gardens this year which was great fun. I'm not sure which plant you're asking about in the first container. In that one I have the euphorbia burgundy wine, coleus alabama sunset, heuchera peach melba, the wire vine and the green plant in the back is orthosiphon which will eventually get white blooms that are supposed to look like cat's whiskers, which is why I couldn't resist it. I think you'll make a great MIL by the way!


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I forgot to mention that we still need to put green trim around the window and shutters. The area in front of the rose was empty this year because the edging of lamb's ear died out. I'm not sure what to put there so I planted pink and white annuals for this year. The white ornaments are the hose guides that I got this spring so cheap.

Deanne, the fuschia is an upright Diva Neon & White.

Eden, Rick's dad gave the gate to me. I actually have 2 others each different but all old. Another from Rick's dad and one from my dad. The one from my dad has spikes on the top and as kids they would climb over it. I guess gramma was always afraid that they would get hurt.

Ei, that container is yours and Deanne's area. Your dahlia is planted near it also. That is the 'Illustris' that you sent me and the coleus on the right is from Deanne. Yes, that is Sweet Carolina Bronze. I have overwintered that one for 2 winters now. It is easier for some reason than the black or chartruese ones. I see there are more now in the Sweet Carolina series.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Well, for the first day of summer, this sure is a bust. Im sitting in the house with my jacket on! I went out this am in my shorts and t-shirt, got wet and havent been able to warm up since. Its still 63 outside Hello, weatherman, look outside!

T-storms, many of them heavy, have been blowing through one after another. Were still supposed to get some severe weather with high winds, damaging hail, etc. The plants are lovin the rain tho.

Deanne, the photo of you at the wedding was wonderful. Look how skinny you are! And you look great in a hat. I dont so I rarely wear them. The wedding sounded like quite a party. Glad you and Doug had a great time.

The Alliums you commented on earlier in the thread are behind my BB. Ruth has some, too in her back garden and theyre a nice complement both ways. And I agree with you, Babs and others that commented on having wonderful plants and design elements from next door to enhance our gardens. As always, Ruth has outdone herself. Shes such an inventive gardener. She said she might pop in here and say Hi. Hope she does.

Eden, your containers are so inventive and different. I just love them. Hmmmm, 200 containers/plants to water. I thot I was bad with 20! OK, heres my pot of leftovers:

And heres the pot with my Japanese Morning Glory:

Michelle, what a transformation your shed has undergone! I cant believe its the same building you showed us last yr. I really love your container combos, too. You know, its too bad we all live so far apart. I think we could start a business: "Containers Only" and make a fortune. I never see any combos near as nice at our nurseries.

Marian, Im wondering if Trubby has caught a virus. When Bullet was horribly ill 4 yrs. ago, the vet told me there are countless unidentified feline viruses out there. Im very concerned that Trubby is not eating. When cats dont feel well, they wont eat. To get Bullet thru his month-long bout with some horrid virus, I held him on my lap, put his food on my finger and fed it to him. If I had to and often I did, Id put it on the roof of his mouth, so hed have to eat it and get some nourishment. I also had to give him fluids with a syringes or dropper. Just like people, its vitally important they get food and water. BTW, Im reading the answers to your question on kids, junk food and pop with interest. It seems to be a universal problem. My DD is having the same issue with my GD. She finally got her DH on the same page, but it was a struggle.

Cindy, we have similar issues with our homeowners assn. DH is now on the board. Mostly our board only does something in response to someones complaint. From time to time, we have some folks who have nothing better to do with their time than write complaint letters. So sad.

Sue, I was commiserating as I read your offsite. They are intense. But it sounds like it was held in a great place. Hope youve gotten some rest.

Babs, I love, love, love the ant you made with the kids. You are so creative! Tell me, will it have a prominent place in your garden?

Taryn, Im hoping your sale/purchase is coming along as expected and all is well.

GB, V,T, hope youre feeling better. And I hope its not the same nasty virus thats going around here.

Ei, your biker boy doesnt wear a helmet? You must be beside yourself! I would be. Around here, the Drs. call May the start of "donor season" (all the young, mostly male, helmetless riders in accidents). A friend of mine used that to get her DS to wear a helmet. Perhaps that might work for you.

OK, we were talking about dwarf lilies. Somehow these dont look like Dwarf Red Lilies to me:

The yellow one is a dwarf, but Lollypop, and the other one sure arent. Sheesh. Then there is the other end of the spectrum. This area is just about to burst into bloom. These are LA Lillies but this year theyre way over my head! Its like theyre on steroids.

Well, gotta run and pick up Bullet from the groomer. Hi to all. TTYL.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yeah! I caught up!

I am well and sorry anyone worried. The detist is actually on holiday in British Columbia and I was just having a routine tooth cleaning and xrays.

Company comes friday night. I have put in 2 solid garden work days and things are about 1/2 done. Much improved but no photos. I hope I can accomplish more tomorrow, but at some point I must cook and clean!

DH has been so stressed. In fact get this. One of the people invited to dinner Friday
1. Did not respond TWICE when invited.
2. Asked DH what the purpose of the dinner was.
3. Asked who else was invited.
4. Said he'd ask his wife
5. Still has not responded.

Do you get the inkling that he doesn't want to come? That there just might be an element of rudeness involved? I'm furious. I refuse to believe this is a cultural difference. The man has worked with DH for years! People!

I am so tired that I simply can't respond to all the things here I'd like to. Please don't think I am rude too!

DH is out on "death squad duty". 3 dead groundhogs to deal with, one in front of the mailbox....Poor DH!

The delphiniums are still OK. ;)


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Just a quickie so you all know I'm still alive! Stayed home yesterday but went to work today for a "short" day of "only" 8 hours. I've taken two naps since I've been home and still feel whipped! I'm catching up on reading - you guys (Hi Ei!) get chatty when I turn my back for a minute.

Marian, I could echo a lot of what the other "mean moms" in this group have said about snacks and soda. I never encouraged a lot of soda drinking but my son started drinking a lot of Pepsi when he was in middle school. He was also carrying just a little extra weight - not fat but he had those "love handles". Anyway, one day on his own he decided to give up all pop and in about a month he dropped twenty pounds! Never drank much pop after that and never regained the weight. But he had to decide on his own. There's a limit to what a parent can do because after a while they can get whatever they want outside of your control, so you just try and give them the right influences and hope it sticks.

Since I snuck home early, I "caught" DD and a friend in the act of baking cookies. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 2 teens were listening to my Darden Smith CD! And the cookies weren't bad, either...

Gonna crash now,


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A little scary(embarrassing)to post this-the garage needs a major paint job but I wanted to share my gate with you Michelle. It's an old one too from Chris' grandma. I haven't been able to figure out what to do creatively with it so in the meantime I decided to lean it against the garage-I was thrilled to see you did the same!
I completely love how your garden shed looks these days!! It's charming!(now I'm coughing because my thesaurus is quite dusty...; )

I see I have too many garden art items in the same area...I tend to put a bunch of things down then take away what doesn't look right...haven't had a moment to 'take away' lol.
Cindy-notice the blue tarp: )

Good gracious,Honey I want your tuteur! I can't wait to see how it looks when the MG's are covering the whole thing!
Nice 'dwarf' red lilies lol-I have some questionable ones too-we'll see once they open. THis is my first year growing lilies. I have an asiatic that's just going to open and an 'Easter' lily that I thought was in too much shade and dampness yet it's going to town with two blooming stalks(in a couple weeks I think)

That V is such a mean mom!We gotta stick together: )
Now go gorge yourself on cookies...

Tomorrow Ryan finally gets his eyes checked for lazy eye-hope it goers smoothly.

I am psyched-we just booked a cabin for Hocking Hills. I so need a vacation! Not till Aug though.

Oh well,big thunder boomers coming this way-the heavens are rumbling better shut down.


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Just a quick post to say, Babs that looks like a picture straight out of Country Living magazine. I LOVE your gate! I'm very jealous of both you and Michelle. I'm going to have to step up my search, lol.

Hi Marie. Glad to hear you've just been busy getting ready for your company.

Once again my little Bella has exhausted me so Good Night to you all...


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Honey, your leftovers look darn good together. What an interesting obelisk.

Babs, thanks for the picture. What a fabulous gate! Isnt so special to be from family? I agree with Eden about a picture straight from Country Living. I love the brick path with the gate, they just go together.

We went to a fundraising supper tonight for the grandkids school. Ricks DD asked me to bring fresh flower centerpieces for the 2 tables she was responsible for decorating. No one else had fresh flowers and they were quite impressed that I "grew" these.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well, I spoke too soon and jinxed us with my drooling over the weather yesterday. We are supposed to get T storms this afternoon (probably the ones Babs was dealing with yesterday) and then it is supposed to rain for the next week! Arrrrggghhhh!!!!! Im teaching this weekend so it isnt a total disaster except that it is going to ruin anything that is blooming right now. The weather guy on NECN is saying that some areas are going to get another foot of rain in the next week. Give me a break! We are supposed to get into that tropical feed again. Why cant it go to the deep south where they are desperate for rain. Have you all seen the news about that brush fire in Tampa, FL? It was lit by lightening and has burned a hundred acres so far. That is Florida, incredible.

Wendy, it really is too bad you didnt have the day off yesterday. Im looking forward to getting my Phygelius cuttings. Yea, a new plant for my collection.

Cindy! Oh my goodness! Id like to know how on earth they water those plants. At end of summer theyd need water twice a day Yikes!

Marian, I cant believe your Rose of Sharon is already blooming. Mine is going to be early this year and is just now setting buds. It greened up a month sooner this year than the last two so it will be blooming when the Oriental lilies and burgundy daylily are blooming which is what Id planned when I planted them together.

T, sorry you are still under the weather. DD has a cold too. The worst cold I ever had was a summer cold that turned into pneumonia. Take care of yourself and get better soon.

Eden, wow, fifty container gardens is amazing but 200 pots to water? Yikes! How long does it take you to water those in the morning? I think youve got me beat there. Sorry your weather was so yukky yesterday. I hope you get some better gardening weather soon. ~~ So do we get to see any more of your 50 container gardens?

Michelle, those new containers sound fantastic. I love things in wrought iron stands. Im loving all your photos. Your garden shed is just fantastic! I love the gate leaning on the side of the shed. Ive been wanting to find a wall grille for the side of my shed for a while but maybe I need to find an old gate. That combination of delphinium and lilies is just gorgeous and that pink bench next to the rose Wonderful! Thanks for sharing these. ~~ So what did you have for your flower arrangements?

Eileen, I have a hard time finding a hat to fit my hair because I wear it in a bun. I always have to get an extra large hat and even some of those dont fit over that bump on the back of my head. ~~ Id not be a happy person if my DH didnt wear a helmet on a donorcycle.

Honey, that pot of leftovers looks like you planned it that way. What is the canna in that arrangement? Also that pot with the obelisk is awesome! I cant wait to see that covered with blossoms. How tall is it? ~~ I really hope Ruth pops in here. Id love to hear from her. Actually, Id really love to come for a visit to see all your gardens again. LOL

Bug, thanks for checking in. Glad to hear you are OK.

V, what kind of cookies were they?

Babs, I absolutely love that vignette on your garage. I think that gate needs to stay there. I dont think you have too many garden things in that area. I like it just the way it is.

OK time to get outside and water the containers then off to the gym then I have to get a bunch of stuff staked before the rains arrive this weekend. Im working Fri, Sat and Sun so I need to get it done today. Im thinking Im going to pick a bunch of things that wont survive the deluges that are predicted. Have a great day all.


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Well it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here as soon as it dries up a little. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Just took a walk through the garden and though everything is flopping a bit from the rains we had yesterday things are looking pretty good. I'm seeing some chewing on some of my plants in the garden and the containers though, don't know if it's the slugs or the earwigs, probably a little of both. Hopefully Bella and I will be able to spend most of the day outside though we do have a chance for thunderstorms to pop up later. Yesterday was sure a day of great pictures here on the Idylls. I didn't even mind it was raining because everytime I checked in there were more neat things to see from all of your gardens. Time for coffee and then lots to do around here! Have a good day everyone...Eden

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Hi Everyone. First, let me say I am sorry I missed the birthdays. I have just been going cookoo bird hereI took pictures to post, but there were so many weeds in the pictures it was a pathetic excuse(hows that for an adjective?) for a greeting when compared to everyone elses. I have been really enjoying all of your though! All the combo pots, and nicely groomed beds give me something to strive for, but I dont know if it will happen this year. I have been really busy trying to keep up with the weeds, work on the wedding, sending out resumes, selling houses, and so on..I get up at 4:45, go to work, get home at 8 or 9PM. By that time it is getting darkwait, maybe I should take nighttime garden pictures no weeds in those
I do have one little spot I wanted to show you. Please ignore the ongoing projects in the backdrop. These pots are sitting on what will someday in the who know when future be my greenhouse made out of the old windows stacked in the back by the burner. We only have the floor down, and I thought I might as well use it as a sort of deck. This grouping looks a lot better in real life, but wanted to show you anyway. You can't see it in this picture, but my Brugmansia has a bloom! I am so excited. This will be the first one I have ever had.

And I wanted show you a close up of this pot, because I really like this coleus, coco loco.

I will tell you something funny that happened to me last week. I got up and went to the gym before work. It opens at 5:30. I packed my gym bag with all the necessities to go straight to work. Excercised, took a shower, started to get dressed.guess what? I forgot my underwear at home, which was ½ hour in the wrong direction. I was sitting in the Walmart parking lot when they opened at 7. I was only 15minutes late to work, but I did have on my foundation garments:) That tells you how my head is working these days. I think my yard needs a whole crew of people or at least some heavy equipment. I have no idea how to get rid of all these weeds and yucky plants. I also think I have been nurturing some sort of a tree that I thought was dogwood. It bloomed last week, and it looks suspiciously like the plants I see along side the railroad track when I walk to the Rapid Station.----I know I can grow a number of things very well poison ivy, garlic mustard, Poke berries and the regular sumac If only it was variegated.I think in addition to color theory talk, we need to have a plant placement class.

Eden, I have been thinking of your mother, and hope everything is going well with her. I sure hope you get to come to Idyllunion.

Taryn, congrats on your house! That was a very nice tribute to Bruce

Marian, I hope you get your new computer up and running. We have a Dell and it works very well.Congrats on the new appliances

Deanne, I sure will be disappointed if you cant come to Idyllunion too! But sorry about Dougs toe. I still have problems with mine, and have an appt at Podiatrist after the wedding. I think I am having it removed. I am just tired of being in pain all the time, and limping. By the way, you look absolutely svelte in that photo! I love that bridal bouquet. It looked like it was all peonies? Another thing I wanted to say was your climbing hydrangea looks great! Skip weedwhacked my little guy...poor little thing. I gave it some food and compost as a consolation for being buzzed to the ground.

Honey, you skinny minnie! Good for you. I love your pot with the Morning Glory soon to be climbing.

T- you are getting close to the countdown for the babieshow exciting for you!!!

Ei- How nice that your son asked your advice on the ringWhen I got married, none of my friends got diamonds. I think it was the Woodstock influence..I got a turquoise wedding band. One of my daughters wears it all the time. She loves it. After we had been married for 15 years I bought a new ring, (with diamonds) but I still like my original one. First time I got married I had an Art Carved one that was gold with Black staining. I thought I was very cool. Wow on your roses!

Sue, you have been seeing lots of nice gardens these past few weeks.I have your window box on my computer as a screensaver. Actually I have all of your gardens floating on my computer screen

Speaking of which, Michelle.. I dont see a THING wrong with your garden. Didnt you say you were sort of bummed out one day last week? I really like the tuture you created.

Bug, my Betty Corning is growing, but what makes a clematis sort of bend and break? Am I using the wrong kind of tie up? I have a nylon tie on it, but loose. Sorry hubby is having challenges with co-workers. Around here, there is no socializing among the workers.

Babs, your garden gate and ant are very cool! I really like the brick walkway, too! We have so many creative people here...

I hope you all have a lovely day!And Hi to anyone I missed.


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Hi everyone

Great pictures here.

Honey your gardens are looking fantastic. I have Tuteur envy!

Michelle - I think I'd like to move into your shed;0)

Babs - yours is full of charm too. Do you have more pics of your yard overall? - I'm sure its full of whimsy but I've only seen little bits of it. Hope Ryan's check up goes smmothly.

V - your DD sounds such a treasure. Hope the cookies helped your virus!

Deanne - bummer youo're expecting another dumping of rain. We're a tad dry here, but have had enough rain at crucial times to replenish the deep moisture levels (or so we were told on a local gardening show). What are you teaching this week?

Cindy - I had a big smile with your 'vacation watering' picture!

Ei - I'm sure you will be as wonderful a MIL as you are Mom, daughter and spouse!

I think Eden must be watering her 200 containers right now LOL.

The first day of summer vacation for everyone - yay! Yesterday afternoon David had some friends over for an end of year celebration swim/pizza party. The two girls over the road joined us too and everyone had fun. The noise was uneblievable - I was glad our neighbors on the other side were still at work. When Annie has friends over they float and talk and practice dives, all very peaceful. The boys on the hand have splash fights, play "Jaws" tag, fling themselves into the water and keep me on constant alert making sure they are all OK. After this I can limit it to one friend each which allows me putter about, weed the beds by the pool and read in the shade.

Time to see what everyone is up to,

have a great day


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Hi Drema - we posted at the same time. You sound so busy. YOur pots look fantastic together - very tropical. Glad your Walmart opens early!

Thanks for checking in with us.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning!

I'm getting ready to take mom to her appointments, so this is just a flyby....

Babs! Are you kidding?! I *love* your vignette! Not too much garden art at all! It's perfect. Your gate is beautiful and how neat that it's a family "heirloom" and the vine wreath on the garage really adds so much charm *and* you know what? I don't think it would be nearly as charming if your garage were new. The garage I think, actually sets the mood...reminds me of something out of Country Living Magazine. Love your brick walkway too. There's is definitely a way to set "yard art" and so many of you Idylls really seem to have the knack. I always admire how you all make garden art looks so spontaneous and yet obviously it must have been thought out. I just don't seem to have the knack for that...I think you just have to have "the eye".

Honey! Yes, you are right, it upsets me terribly. If he were a kid I'd take away his keys and ground him, but not much I can do to *make* him wear a helmet. I did tell him what you said about "donor month". He didn't say anything but I could see by the look on his face that it gave him something to think about. I absolutely *love* all the color in your container and have to know...what is that gorgeous ruffly orange coleus in between the sweet marguerite and the othe chartreuse coleus? It's a must have! :-) The pot with the tuteur? trellis? obelisk?....I don't know what you call them...anyway it's lovely. I *love* the shape of it. And love all that woodland behind your property, what a lovely backdrop for your gardens. I see you too are having a wacky lily year. I wonder what's causing it?

((Marian))'s *okay* to feel how you feel! I sure hope that you get that cooler weather and that you can find someone to hook up the new computer for you. I am so impressed with your abilities and determination to do what needs to get done. I am very impressed that you would try to set up your own computer. I know you have said in the past that you have learned to do so much because you don't have someone to depend on (and I wish you did) but I sure do admire what a strong, determined, self-reliant woman you are...wish *I* had more of that!

Michelle - I meant to tell you yesterday, I love all the plantings around your shed too and the way you edged it. You guys are so talented! So that's the Illustris I gave you! :-) It looks great! I really do love the echo it is with the lime edged geranium. BTW, the white variegated geranium you sent to me is doing great and now forming buds...can't wait to see what color the flowers are!

V - you poor thing, you need some rest. I see the Cookie Fairy has been good to you lately! :-) Sorry you've been under so much stress lately. I hope you can get some needed rest this week-end.

Eden - So that's what Alabama Sunset looks like...I see another coleus in my life. I see I need to expand my mail order horizons too! :-)

Glad to hear Marie's delphiniums are still okay! :-) As to the "guest"...Well, it will be his loss if he doesn't come. He will be missing a lovely dinner, the company of interesting people and *I* wouldn't miss the chance to see your lovely home and gardens on a bet! Well, maybe he just feels uncomfortable being around a group of people? Does he know most everyone who is coming?

Geesh Deanne, you really have been getting the rains lately. I'm so sorry! If I had any control over the weather I would wish for a gentle rain of 1" inch per week, every week throughout the gardening season and they would happen early in the morning or late in the evening, so as not to disturb "gardening time"....that's not too much to ask, is it? LOL! Of course, we have been so dry that I am grateful for any and all rain that comes this way these days. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about Honey's leftovers! Wish all my "planned" pots looked so great! :-) BTW, I am so impressed with the way you stick to your exercise routine. I was going good for quite awhile, but then things got hectic here and I have been hit and miss. No excuse though, I realize, especially when I read about how dedicated you are...You are quite an inspiration!

Babs! How Funny! I was just reading the other posts to see if I missed anything that I wanted to add to this post and see that Eden thought of Country Living Magazine too. Told you it was charming! :-)

Well, I better be going...TTYL! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL) did all these posts get here after mine? I swear Drema, Mary and Eden were not here when I was posting! Hi girls! :-)'s great to see you! Your pot vignette is *lovely*! I love your coco loco...the plant *and* the name too! :-) Hey we all have weeds (well at least I know I do). You would be surprised how many you spot while your mulching...LOL! LOL on the underwear...I think you may be a little too busy, girl! :-) How cool that you are going to build a greenhouse. That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask...I'm sure someone here knows...Taryn?...Can you overwinter petunias or grow them "true" from seeds? Maybe cuttings? I would like to grow my petunias myself instead of paying for them every year. Anybody have any ideas?

Well, I really have to be going...

Hi to Eden...hope you and Bella have a lovely day!

Hi Mary! Hope you enjoy the first days of summer vacation! :-) Sounds like it was a blast at your house yesterday...LOL! Yes, I agree boys certainly can be noisy! :-) But you brought back happy memories of DS and his summer vacations too!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Gotta run outside and work but just dropped in to catch up for a minute.

Ei, good idea concerning possible reasons about the guy who was invited...but no, he has worked with these people for years and that excuse won't float. I think they'll be insulted when they find out too. Anyway, his loss is right!

Here are some of my containers, all globbed togetjer for watering purposes.

And here the blue and yellow garden with delphiniums:

And finally, a sweet little clematis called "Pagoda".


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Eden,Michelle,Deanne,Mary,Drema.Ei..idylls are so sweet-it's funny I don't see Country Living there!I suppose it's because I also see the yard cart,pots of weed pullings,kid toys,etc. outside the fringes of the pic; ) Where did I read it-I read in a book a few months ago that garden art should be placed so each piece is seen one at a time-when you turn a bend,out in the distance,as you leave a doorway,etc. so that's where I got that notion and it does make sense to me because you should be seeing the plants then a nice piece of garden art as a single grouping and as an accent so the eyes arent' overwhelmed...does that make sense?

Drema I am SO GLAD you stopped in!!and are you wearing underwear?lol just kidding! I keep thinking you are up to your eyeballs in wedding prep and now I see you really do keep VERY long hours even just between the gym & work-wow you are one amazing woman! So you are sending resumes does that mean you got tossed or are you looking for something more secure?
You have the same affliction I do thinking your garden area is not looking great-that scene of the pots you created is actually refreshing and elegant looking-what beautiful pots you've got there!!!! Those succulents look interesting-I always love bluegreen plants. That Coco Loco is a funky looking one-I like.
I hope you aren't real frazzled with so much going on for you right now.Have some merlot.

Mary I so hear you on boys-they are so LOUD! lol. The pool party sounded like a blast! Their latest fad here is pretend sword fighting(big on pirates these days)and I go nuts trying to make sure no one gets a fat lip or eye. I('mean mom')of course made a rule that no one can 'fight' each other they may duel imaginary ruffians though. Funny how boys just naturally have that boisterousness! Andrew has aready decide he will be a pirate for Halloween this year(hmm that could be a fun costume to make!)
I will try to get wider shots of the yard Mary-many of you think I am a 'talented' photographer and I do like closeups but when I get the faraway shots of my yard they never turn out how I want or see in my head lol. I will try though. I think I said that before.

Ei that's been happening alot to me lately-I post and later see many more posts not previously there. Know that everybody,in case you think I am snubbing you.
SO does that mean I don't have to ever paint the garage?? LOL. I thought we'd be painting it this summer but we really need drier weather first. Maybe by fall,since mid summer is too hot for painting(good excuses eh?).

Oh Deanne-I sure hope you DON"t get our latest weather. Yikes some loud thunder and a couple had to have hit ground the rumbles shook the house. Tons of close lightening though. Amazingly AJ has been weathering the storms so well(pun!).Wow I hope that predicition of a foot of rain by you is an exaggeration(our weather people do that alot)especially with that recent flooding near you. Supposedly there might have been a tornado south of here but I haven't heard of damage or confirmation.

Marian-I hope something nice happens today that can cheer you up: ) Hang in there!

Honey-right now the ant is protruding out of a bed with hostas,and partially onto the brick area(we are short of bark so will have to go on a hunt-AJ's still gung ho though). I'm not sure where the final resting place will be since the neighbors might not 'get it'-though my garden neighbor will crack up when she sees this.

Cindy I forgot to tell you I didn't give my neighbor the tradescantia because she doesn't have room for it to spread and I surely don't want to give her something massive to weed from her beds(then she'd disown me; ) I still have some in one area so I might pot that up and place it in the bed she sees and that way it won't take over and she'll still have her flowers lol. Oh I did give her instead a red penstemon called 'Jingle Bells' and I enjoy it because the hummingbirds visit it often.

GB glad you are safe and sound in the tooth dept.
That does sound pretty rude of that guy. I was thinking he's shy but if not at least you offered an invitation(leftovers can be a good thing since maybe he won't show: )

OK gotta go! Be good,have fun.

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Deanne, I hope you dont get any damaging rains. One of the arrangements had peach lilies, dark purple salvia, ladys mantle and babies breath in a silver container. The other was in a blue crock with mixed flowers. As a result several people asked if they could come see my gardens.

Bug, your containers are great. It looks quite nice all grouped. It looks like one large container. I thought you hated coleus! LOL I love the long shot of the b-w-y garden.

Drema, I love your picture. You have some really cool containers. They coordinate so nicely. I hope that you are having your toenail removed and not your toe! I just dont show the bad parts in my pictures and the rain that we got has really perked things up.

Babs, funny I didnt see any of those things you mentioned in your picture. Dremas either. I guess we are more critical of our own gardens. LOL on garden art. I probably have too much and dont set it out right.

Mary, I have actually joked with Rick that Id like to put a bed in the shed so that we can sleep out there. LOL I agree, we need to see more overall pictures of Babs garden, yours and more of the other Idylls. It sounds like your family really enjoys the pool. We lived about 5 blocks from the pool when my kids were growing up and they practically lived there.

I have an idea. I think that those that have made up containers should make a separate thread with nice close up pictures.

Have a great gardening day,

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Michelle...oops, sorry TOE NAIL... you were right... see why I can't post:)? Believe it or not, it took me 3 days just to get that post written, and I still couldn't get it right. I need to slow down.. Least anyone think I have become a skinny person from all the working out, when you see me, I will sort of look the same...just more muscle:) I must be eating as much as I am excercising. I can't get it right...

Bug, I LOVE the blue and yellow garden.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Hi everyone. I hope all are having a great gardening summer. I have to get out into the yard before the rains come but I just wanted to tell Drema about what worked for my DS's nail that we thought had to be removed.

Drema this is what I had my DS do. You soak the toenail toe and all in Aloe Vera gel every morning for 5 to 10 minutes and every evening for about 10 minutes, and slather broken open vitamin A capsules on it every night before bed. DS just slept on old clean sheets that I didn't care would get stained with the vitamin A. Both things are healing and take away pain. It will take a while but eventually they will heal the nail and surrounding area nicely. If the toenail sticks out then a bandage might help to reposition it. That worked for DS too. My SIL used this treatment for her athletes foot, and it worked to keep it from worsening, but didn't completely heal it. She says it helps a lot though.


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Hi Yeona.

Everyone who doesn't want to read the 1 1/2 year toenail saga, please skip this one:)

I tried Lamisil, it made my ears ring and skin itch, plus my head buzzed, and I didn't even have any Merlot...cause you can't when you take Lamisil..liver issues. Then I tried some topical medicine that started with a T (can't remember the name, but it didn't work at all.) from the doctor. Then I tried soaking in vinegar twice a day, then tried Vick's, then I got a prescription for Penlac from Doctor... $75 for a teeny bottle and that is with my insurance card! I used that for about 10 months...3 prescriptions worth...That sort of helped, but not completely. Now I am using straight tea tree oil put on with a Q-tip. Had thought about fixing up a little baggie so it could soak overnight...So I am definitely open to Vitamin A and Aloe Vera:) I will give anything a shot...can you tell? Actually the tea tree oil has been as good as anything I have tried, and I like the smell...

thanks for the advice..maybe this toenail can be saved after all!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Since we already shelled out medium-sized bucks for a gourmet dinner at an organic farm tonight, I decided it was time to get my buns to the doctor. I have bronchitis (not too surprised as that's the same diagnosis my son got) and I have some nice horse-sized pills to take. I hope they kick in fast.

I've only skimmed but two things caught my eye.

Deanne, the cookies were chocolate chip made with whole wheat flour. The whole wheat was an emergency sub when DD found the white flour unusable, if you catch my drift! But they turned out to be yummy.

Drema, I started using tea tree oil on a bad toenail a few months ago and feel it's made a good difference. I've slacked off lately but need to get back into the routine to clear it up the rest of the way. At least the ugly black part is now gone.

Lots to catch up on, so I'm off to do that!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all.

This morning I took my car in to my mechanic for a check-up and servicing. He found nothing wrong that needs fixed. So...that is good news. :-)

Trubby is still hanging in there. I am hoping he hasn't used up any of his 9 lives, and recovers.

Eileen, you are so kind. A lot of my current ailments is the fibro and arthritis. The climate, and stress does not help. I met up with a friend in the Wal Mart parking lot that has similar ailments. She too has been extra bad lately. As Tim says: "We just have to get tough or die" !

Babs, I really am not feeling sad, just draggy, but thanks for the good thoughts.

My, my...such beautiful containers, everybody. I am loving mine, too, and may be able to share pics when the new machine is set up. I looked at digital cameras at Wal Mart, but have no idea what would be a good buy for me.

Handsome sheds ,too. Ours is too far from the yard to dress up. It is surrounded by woods. If I were younger, and stronger, I could make a pretty place around it, but it would just be more food for the deer! Nolon said he saw a doe on the pond bank, while I was gone , and 4 fawns romping on the bank! I encountered a spotted fawn on the gravel county road on my way out. I didn't see a doe, so hope it is not motherless.

I think I have at least one toenail that could benefit from the aloe treatment. I'll try to remember to get some gel the next trip to town.
The things we learn here ! ;-)

The predicted storms are gathering around us, and looking promising. I hope we get 2-3 inches of rain at least!


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Sheesh-what a day!

Ryan does have lazy eye: ( But the good news is that his vision in both eyes is excellent. All they can do is see him again in 4 months and if there's a decline in vision or increase in muscle weakness they will do a patch,& possibly lenses.But a patch can also worsen the condition-never heard that one before. Surgery is a possiblity but I'm guessing worst case scenario-we aren't to that point yet. I didn't like hearing that 60% get worse and require surgery and only 40% stay the same or improve with patch/lenses. I think I got those stats right...?

THEN we got massive thunderstorms again-it's terrible-flooding in various parts.A fire fighter lost his life saving a couple water stranded people-they lived and he died saving them-how sad it that. Not directly here,but a couple miles away a road was closed that sent a traffic jam here. Naturally Chris went out to the store and took ages to get back home. Our basement wall was leaking water-it was almost a stream! Then again they said we got an inch every half hour and the total for today was FOUR INCHES(guess the drought is over). AND my gutter decided to clog so I had water in the enclosed back porch so I had to rig up plastic Lego buliding mats to stop the water from coming in the window!(insightful when I need to be).I couldn't go out and get on the ladder because of the lightening-my luck would have gotten me barbecued...Babsicued! Not fun,not fun at all. I am a bit curious to see how powerful the waterfall I take pics of is gushing tonight-I was too tired to go when Chris suggested it. Maybe tomorrow-who knows it might rain again.
OH my pots were filled to the brim with water! I think it just rained too fast that it couldn't drain quick enough. Even one of my beds was underwater!and that never happens normally.

Hey I almost missed GB's garden pics! That's happening so much-maybe we are just all posting close together. Is Pagoda a non-vining type? Very pretty.


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