Unbelievable idiots assault kid

melikesthepeculiar(7)August 2, 2010

Today I was out in the front yard garden minding my own beeswax and I heard something, so I looked up to see some guys in a car and one of them threw a water balloon into my garden! (At first I didn't know it was a waterballoon, I thought it was a slushie or something)..they drove off before I could react to get a plate number or anything. It gets much, much more serious next: I then heard some neighbors talking and I heard one of them say something about "then they drove off and my daughter is inside the house crying". I asked him what happened- The same punks that harassed me actually threw a waterballoon at my neighbor's 6 year old daughter!

Of course he called the police and when they showed up I also got my story in about what they did and what I saw. Throwing a balloon into a garden is just being stupid, but throwing a balloon at a child is the most idiotic and disgusting thing...uh, I hope the cops catch those jerks

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Your story brings back many memories from when I was kid and we would have water balloon fights. We'd run up stairs and lean out the 2nd story window and throw them down on the heads of the "enemies" and then they would do it to us. We'd get wet but no one ever got hurt.I didn't know kids still do that water balloon thing.

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Heck yea they do Marda! They actually have a "water day" at the summer camps here. The kids get to bring their water guns. The counselors and the kids have a water balloon fight at the end of the day. But everyone is armed and the kids know to expect to get hit. Doesn't seem fair they way the threw them at the little girl. They were likely having a bit of fun, but at her expense; that's the wrong part.

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Water balloon fights are fun amongst kids about the same age, but when you are old enough to drive, you should have enough brain to leave little ones alone.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Back when the grands were young enough for "Camp Grandma" I would buy hundreds and hundreds of water balloons and the kids would have a giant water fight....
Then the next day we would have a "pick up the broken balloons day".
Squirt guns are fun too....not the super soakers...but just the ordinary pistols.
Linda c

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I totally agree with anneliese_32 --> "but when you are old enough to drive, you should have enough brain to leave little ones alone"

and also agree with rob333 that it was wrong to throw it at an unsuspecting little girl. A small defenseless, innocent child just outside with her dad having fun, and somebody smashes her with something out of nowhere and drives off. She must have been terrified...maybe even traumatized- she was crying in the house for 20 minutes

and this is just hilarious --> "Then the next day we would have a "pick up the broken balloons day".

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