Idyll #272: Goin' to the dogs!

Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)June 28, 2006

In more ways than one! Carry on...

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

T, I just saw your post. I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow morning - fasting and no caffine too. I'm sure everyone I know will be happy when it's over. ;)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Jerri, I sent you an e-mail. I hope I had the right address.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Yes, thank you for the info. Even though I go into lurking mode on occasion, the Idyll's are my surrogate mom's and sisters. :)


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Ei, Jerri: DH says, "BEWARE this woman 'til she has her coffee!" And he's right! Hmmmm. Seems many of us are that way.

Jerri, I'm a little concerned about your comment on the last thread. Hope all is OK. Sorry, I don't have experience in that.

Marian, I had to laugh when you told about being vamboozled by your kitties who wanted to stay out late.
When we came home the other nite from DD's and the fireworks, our headlights in our drive shined on the BB. There, standing on top, was the neighbor's kitty. She'd refused to go into the house when called, I'm sure. Cats have such a mind of their own!

Mary, again, good luck on your interview tomorrow! I'm sure you've got the job! I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't choose you! Yes, I'm so looking forward to seeing you at IU3! What fun we'll have. PS -- I have coral toenails! Was that the color this year?

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OK so if you see me light up and my hair frizzes uncontrollably it's just the lightening that zapped my computer; ) I am being daring(& foolish)....BTW Thanks Mom(Honey)for your purse advice.
Chris would have so much to discuss with Tom regarding crabby women in need of coffee. Now Honey you know I'm a sweet person, can you imagine Chris saying I'm scary in the morning? Just give me the coffee and everything will be fine...ah ha ha ha haaaaa!(as a clap of thunder rumbles in the background-how funny was THAT-I heard thunder as I typed that lolol)

Ei!: )that does look like the begonia I've had in the past.Those dark leaves are gorgeous...I just wish that one had purple flowers lol) I'm afraid this year I wasn't very adventurous;I chose Coleus(carefree mix)and Lamium beacon silver in my window baskets. My lamium wintered over very well(with pine bough protection)in the baskets so I will keep them in permanently and try more interesting flowers with it next year. Cash has been short so I haven't done my usual bonanza. I also noticed your F.'Beacon'-isn't it a great one? Good for you trying to do cuttings-it's great getting free plants that way.

Michelle-I'm showing a link to a pic of African foxglove. The noticeable thing is that the leaves are fuzzy. It's not the best pic of the leaves but maybe you'll get a hint. Is yours very tall? They bloom closer to the end of summer.

Mary I too was surprised that the deer here also eat echinacea-this year was the first time so I've been very diligent as well with repellent. Remember the gate pic I posted? The chippunks pulled out the plants in their digging jags so I pulled 'em. I wanted to plant nasturtium but I can pretty much bet someone's going to slurp them up...the trials and tribulations of a gardener: )
YOu will look mah-vah-lous for your interview! Hold your head up and go get 'em Ms. Mary! Lol I was just thinking if I had others trying for my health aide position I wonder if I'd be getting it so easily lol. You have worked so hard it shows and I think they will know that.
The place that has hired me called to set up the orientation. I go next Thurs. & Fri. I can't wait to be fingerprinted(lol) The first time I had to do that when I was a nanny I felt a bit insulted since I know I am a kind gentle person: )

The sky has been amazing tonight. Very dark ominous clouds sulking by but still the setting sun was shining making everything look even more intense yet making the treetops glow green-I have no idea how to even take a pic of that hmm. Also as the sun cast its rays I saw a rainbow against the blackness-very very cool.

Deanne-good girl for getting your squish test done-not fun not fun at all. Hey what a nice compliment about your spine-see? your work has paid off!

V-um,you wouldn't mind if we all wore surgical masks at your house,would you? just kidding-we love you.

Jerri-I'm happy Maggie has a home!!
I have no experience with either medical procedure.I hope you are OK and I am a bit worried for you.

Drema!! How are you holding up,dear? I'm crossing everything that the day stays sunny and dry-except I thought I heard it was going to be HOT and humid-I hope I'm wrong. I agree that Oberlin will be a beautiful setting for pics. I'm really excited for your family-best of luck for Sat.!

Ok my memory has stopped-I can't remember any other comments from the other thread-sorry if I owed someone answers.

Now I will exit so the lightening doesn't.............................................................zap me; )


Here is a link that might be useful:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

You are about to hear an echo...

a #%@**&^~ wabbit ate the Mango Meadowbrite and more...

We had another 2 minutes of rain but hours of thunder. Too weird! I knit because I couldn't weed or Idyll. DH did manage to take off one layer of bandages and take a shower. He's taking fewer meds too. Tomorrow morning he has conference calls. Nothing like being a work-aholic.

I'm entering Mary's competiton: (blush)
Clematis Pagoda

Honey, coral sounds good. I'll try to stick to the theme! Have a stupendous holiday you two!

Jerri, I'll try to email you.

Gnite all,

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, just a quick check in here. I'm still up and a bit worried about Doug. He is still trying to get home from Rochester. Roads are closed all over NY and PA. He wound up having to go south and went through Scranton PA to pick up Rt. 84. He was going to stop at a place called Port Jervis in NY but that town is on the Delaware River and the exits were closed. Sooo... he's still driving and about to get into Newburg, NY. I think if he can get to CT sometime in the next hour or so he'll be able to stop for the night there and still be able to get home tomorrow. The NY State Throughway isn't suppposed to reopen until mid day tomorrow but I just checked the weather and it is raining there again. What a mess! He's been driving for nine hours now and the drive should have taken a bit over 5 and a half hours. As I said, what a mess. Those poor people are dealing with worse flooding than we did here in May. When is this going to end?

Nite all,

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne, I'm so sorry about your Doug's difficulty with the flood closed roads. I sure hope he is safe, and found a place to sleep last night.

Wow...look at Bab's hair ! It is all frizzed up and standing on

Marie, I hope your DH doesn't overdo it . That is easy to do after surgery ( I am speaking from experience).

It is terribly dry here, and hot weather is returning. It looks like we are entering a worse drought than last year. :-(


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! Dont tell the east coasters, but we are having the most pleasant stretch of summer weather, even though we get a thunderstorm here and there. My tomato plants are about ready to take over the world.

Deanne, LOL about getting caught by the storm. Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting at City Hall, then I had to go to my "second job" to do payroll checks. I forgot that it was Wednesday night, when there is a band concert on the square, so I had to leave my car parked at City Hall and hoof it a couple of blocks  certainly not an onerous task on a beautiful evening. Except that yes, when I came out it was pouring! I had left the car windows cracked open and of course I had no umbrella. Fortunately, the wrost of the rain had passed when I was ready to walk to the car.

By the way, last year when I had my "squish and mash" they were pretty brutal. ItÂs time for me to reschedule and my enthusiasm is lacking.

Ei, I tried to call you back but I got the answering machine. IÂll try you this morning.

You will all be glad to know that the cleaning lady was at the house yesterday and the smell of bleach lingers in the air! WeÂre getting disinfectedÂ

Mary, good luck this morning with the interview. I know youÂll do fine. I have pesky wabbits as well, but so far they have left the Echinaceas alone. But the gazinias in my pot on the front porch are all but toast at this point.

Jerri, fortunately I have nothing to share on your topic. I hope thereÂs no major problem for you?

Honey, have a great trip! I havenÂt been to Hilton Head but was just up (down?) the coast at Kiawah once and it was fabu-fabu.

Okay, now IÂm worried about Doug too. I was looking at photos of the flooding in that area and it looks awful.

Marian, IÂm sorry to hear your drought is worsening. I was thinking this morning about how awful it was here last year when it just wouldnÂt rain. Weather patterns are so frustrating as there isnÂt much to do to change them. WeÂre "stuck" right now in a good one, so I canÂt complain, but I know the frustration you are feeling.

DD gets home tonight from her trip to Europe. IÂm eager to hear the details. Tomorrow morning we leave to go to Quebec City for four days. I likely wonÂt post until the 4th, so I hope everyone stays safe and has a great weekend. LetÂs get this rainfall business redistributed a bit, shall we?


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V-Hope your daughter got home fine, and that she is totally recovered from the "flu."

Hi Babs! Did your electric go out last night? We have had a bunch of outages in the past few weeks... but our electric is run locally, so our town loses it on a regular basis. This has been some hum dinger weather. On a good note, last week after a storm I was driving past some cornfields and there were so many lightning bugs it looked like fireworks.

Deanne, hope Doug got home okay. Amazing what is happening across the board as far as storms. I got caught in a deluge last week, because I wanted to make the train and not get stuck at work. When I got home, it was sunny. Wierd. But it can be very dangerous. I didn't realize places that are flat and not really close to water can have flash flooding.

Mary, I am sure you will get the job! Good luck!

Michelle, I meant to say that I just love your veggie/potager garden!

Jerri, I don't have experience with that, but after helping people find doctors for 13 years, I would just say find a well respected doctor, and then trust their advice.

I was at Lowe's last week getting some paint samples for my living room, and picked up some Astilbes to cover up electrical outlets in the church. Since they are buying a house (right around the corner from me:), I figured it would be a good idea to get something they could plant later in their garden. Anyway, one of the Astilbes died so I went back last night to get a replacement. Here is where the strange part comes in...I found a Bluebird Hydrangea. I have been looking for one at all of the nurseries around here, with no luck, and was going to order it from Joycreek online in a much smaller container. Anyway, it cost $19.99 at Lowe's for a 3 gallon plant! It has one bloom on it, and looks just like the picture I saw online. I try to avoid buying plants at typically don't buy from big box stores for a number of reasons, but was really excited to see the Bluebird peeking out at me...I just love it.

Hope those who need rain get it, and those have enough don't!


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Good morning

Deanne - I do hope Doug gets back safely if he isn't already there. We're predicted more heavy storms this afternoon. I've been trying not to worry but I know Annie has had the worst weather ever up in the Adirondacks at camp. It has rained/stormed every day. No doubt it will be beautifully sunny on Saturday when I go to pick her up.

GB - congratulations on the first hortgasm of the thread. That is a beautiful clem superbly phtographed.

Thanks for the good wishes for today. I'm off to clean the rest of the dirt from under my fingernails and get gussied up.

Till later


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well, Doug did manage to get over the Hudson River last night and made it to Danbury CT. Rt. 84 was in good shape but many of the exits off the highway in PA and NY were closed. He found a room after a couple trys and got a good night's sleep, more than I can say for myself. I was pretty wired when he finally called from the hotel around 1AM then when I finally got to sleep my phone rang at 3:32AM! It was my mentally ill DB and he was rambling on about something to do with a new allergy to rice. He was incoherent and I was totally confused and am still baffled by it. Mother isn't talking to me right now so I have no way to find out what the heck is going on. "Le sigh" as Da would say. I know several participants on this forum have to deal with mentally ill, dysfunctional family persons so you can empathize with this situation.

It feels like I'm breathing soup this morning. The humidity must be in the 90% range or something but the good news about all this tropical air is that the brugmansia, banana, and all the coleus are growing like they are on growth hormone. I'm a bit concerned that they are going to sunburn once they see that glowing orb again. The other good thing about this humidity and no sunshin is that the astilbe, and lilies are lasting longer than they normally do.

So what does everyone here do about earwigs? I've got the largest crop of the beasties than I've ever seen this year and they are eating their way through a lot of my perennials and container plants. The rolled newspaper thing isn't going to cut it. I'd need twenty of me to use that method of control.

Marian, jeesh! I sure wish we could send some of this excess water down your way. It is amazing how so many are dealing with either drought or floods this year. The weather people were showing why the weather system is doing this and apparently the jet stream has a large oscillation that is more like a March pattern instead of running almost straight west east through the middle of the country which is its normal path in the summer. The large dip in the jet stream, that is actually around where you are, picks up moisture from the Gulf and tropical moisture from the Atlantic and sucks it up to the Northeast. They think it will straighten out in the next few days but cant say whether or not it will return next month. I surely hope things return to normal soon and that you get some of this rain in reasonable amounts.

Bug, sorry about the rabbits! What a drag. Ive seen a dastardly woodchuck pocking his head out of my rudbeckia recently and am hoping it was a fluke and it wont return with the kids for easy chow. Of course hell have to watch out or the slugs will carry it off. LOL Yes they are huge and nasty this year but I shouldnt complain considering the size of the slugs T and Barb have to deal with out their way. Speaking of Barb Im wondering how she is doing.

Babs that Ceratotheca Triloba is really lovely. I missed why you posted that. ~~ RE the squish test, Im not really such a good girl because it had been three years since my last one. Whoops! ~~ I wish youd been able to take photos of that sky last night.

Mary, best of luck with your interview today. I hope youre not impacted by the flooding that way. I still cant believe Rt 90 is still closed. The traffic must be unbelievable. ~~ Thanks for the Mango Salsa recipe. Im going to try that this weekend. I know Doug will love it. ~~ OMG I forgot that Annie was in camp. Id be worried too. Sure hoping all is well there. And, yes, it is supposed to be sunny on Saturday.

Jerri, Horray that Maggie has been adopted. ~~ Sorry Ive not got any info about your question. Ive not had to deal with that. Hope you are OK.

Eileen, Im so tickled that the cuttings have turned you into a fuchsia convert. I was the same and once you get it with those lovelies youll never be without them. Ill have to walk you guys into preparing them for winter dormancy come fall because the plants will be even bigger and better next year. You can take cuttings at any time but wait until the plants are a nice size and you a looking to pinch some off anyway. Im looking forward to seeing your Claire de Lune. What color did you say that was? ~~ How interesting about the self sowing annuals popping up all over the place when you havent had them for a while. It is amazing how tough some seed is isnt it?

All righty, Ive got to go and hit the stairmaster machine. Today is my day of one hour of cardio. Ugh, Ill be glad when it is finished. Interesting factoid, I weigh about four pounds more than I did last year at this time and my waist is about 1.5 inches smaller. Go figure? I really wish I could easily get an accurate body fat% done. Curious minds would like to know.

Have a good day everyone,

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Deanne glad Doug is Ok you had me worried for the few posts where you were unsure. I'm astounded by what's happening over east-I saw a map of the flooding and it's really astounding to imagine the scope of flooding.
Michelle planted some c. triloba seeds I gave her and wanted to know what she should be seeing once the plant grows. I hope she hasn't been cultivating a weed; )

Drema: ) No we haven't had one outtage so far! That must be frustrating to have that happen so often for you.
Glad you found Blue Bird-hmmm I'll have to look that one up.

MAry-'hortgasm'? LOLOLOLOl; )

Yipeeee!! I'm just going to the nursery-mind you I haven't set foot in one YET this season!(sad but true). I wish you all were going with me so you could suggest more plants than I have gift money for lol. It's going to be hard after getting so many great ideas from y'all. Wish me luck!

Hey why do I smell bleach??

LOL Marian! I scare myself when I look in the mirror; )

OK I'm off to plant heaven


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Jerri I hope some of the Idylls were able to share their experience and knowledge with you and were able to put your mind at ease a bit. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Deanne...poor Doug! He must be just wiped out. What a miserable ride. Hope he has made it home safely by the time you read this.

Marian I feel so bad for you. I was just so bummed out last year about the drought, it was devastating and you feel so helpless to do much about it. We have been having some rain the last few days and I think (keeping fingers crossed) that the soil may finally be recovering from last year, although even with the rain there are still areas of my garden with fissures and cracks. Im keeping good thoughts that the rain will find you again *soon*! :-( are such a hoot! I think I could beat you in the big hair contest though...electric shock or not...LOL! Thats so funny what you said about the begonia because that is *exactly* what I was thinking too! I love the foliage and wish the flowers were more intense. Would have been nice if they came in a shade to match Deannes lovely fuchsia, but that would have been too easy...LOL! I will use it again next year though, because I love the foliage, just find it more suitable partners. I have also put it in my notes to plant Deannes fuchsia with Nicotiana Perfume Deep Purple next year. Have you guys seen this one? My girlfriend Dotty has it and I am crazy about it! It *is* a beautiful shade of deep purple and nicely fragrant. A definite for next year.

Thought Id share a few pics. Here is the Larkspur, going nuts like I said. I will definitely have to do some weeding out...believe it or not, there are perennials hidden in those masses. Im worried they will be choked out by the larkspur, so weeding out is on my list of projects for this weekend.

Heres a pic of the poppy that has made a resurgence! Im so tickled...every time I look at it I think of my Mrs. Shack! :-) :

Do you believe this?!? That long row of greenery is Verbena bonariensis seedlings!?! I had them planted at the mailbox, which is just above this. Rains must have washed the seed into this drainage ditch area, where they all collected. Ill be doing some weeding out here too, but waiting for the Verbena to get a little taller to make it easier to remove. Dotty will be taking a lot of them home with her! :-)

Oh and wanted to share just a few more pics of Idyll plants and Idyll inspired plantings...okay Idyll *copying* plantings...Heres for Woody (if she gets to peek in). These are my Woody plantings. First is Orange Symphony Osteospermum with blue lobelia. She had the lobelia with yellow osteo last year and I just loved the planting.

And heres her "green" container. She had the E.E. with Acidanthera and some other green foliage plants. My container didnt turn out quite as I had hoped. I did use the E.E. and Acidenthera (cant wait till they are blooming) and also a fern and some other green foliage plants, but you cant see them because of the *crazy* petunia! I dont know whats with that petunia...its just nuts...wants to take over the world (called Rainmaster). I admire its enthusiasm, but next year if I use it again, I will plant it by itself or in the ground somewhere (it is fragrant):

I am unhappy with the way this container collection came out. See the one pot with the Purple Heart Tradescantia? That was suppose to be an imitation of a container planting I saw in White Flower Farms catalog. Unfortunately that darn 'Rainmaster' petunia has completely taken over the whole planting so that you cant appreciate the other pretty things in the container:

Umm yes...thats a pitiful imitation of Deannes *gorgeous* Dahlia/Firecracker planting...LOL! Not the elegant look of Deanne's, but couldnt find the Dahliettas (?)and used a white nonstop begonia instead. Next year I think Id like to try this again, but with orange dahlias.

Oh and Michelle! Your lovely geranium has bloomed! I kept it in its own pot because I wasnt sure what the flower color would be. I love the bright colored flower against the beautiful variegated foliage and color co-ordinates with my leaf! :-) I'm loving it!

Least you guys think I have no original thoughts...LOL! Heres one of my own plantings...Deanne, do you see Claire? She is just starting to fill in, but I *really* love her. She looks just like in the close up below!

Okay, well I best be off. Moms getting a haircut.

Speaking of guys are making me a little nervous. We wont be doing any foot inspections at the IU3...will we? LOL! I have never had a pedicure and dont paint my nails. I would get a pedicure to get rid of my awful heels, but Im sure it would take several treatments and dont want to invest the money. Any home remedies for dry heels? If I get them to look good, maybe Ill even paint my toes too! :-)

Sending good thoughts to Mary!

P.S. You guys have made many posts since I started this note, so just wanted to make a few more comments.

Deanne..."see above" about Claire. The larkspur Ive had all along, its just that it went *crazy* this year. Of the earwigs...Im afraid Im not doing much Deanne. Im not a sprayer, so I dont know what else I can do. You should see the cheddar cheese theyve made of my first brugmansia! :-( Well its growing like gangbusters anyway....maybe Ill even get a bloom! Oh and thanks for the i.d. of your evergreens. They are all so pretty and I love the substance they give in the garden, without being overwhelming. I will be keeping my out for them. Thanks too for the tips on fuchsia cuttings!

V... What a surprise...when I tried to call you still werent home! :-O You have to be one of the busiest people I know. I admire your energy, but hope things ease up a bit for you? Sorry I missed you last night...could it be because my husband had a hard day at work and had the volume up too high on the stereo to try to "get in a better place"?

Okay, showing my ignorance...whats a hortgasm?

Have a great day all! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Sigh...correction: *fiber optic* plant...not firecracker!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi Eileen! Thanks for your sympathy on our drought, but I am looking on the bright side of it ...:-)
There will be less chiggers, ( they love humidity), and no mowing !
I will water from the pond as long as it holds up, then let nature take it's course.
If the pond gets low enough maybe we can eliminate some of the excess fish in it. The catfish are getting huge, and we neither fish for them, or would be up to dressing them out if we did !It was another of my mistakes in getting them ...:-(
I don't think they are even edible in hot weather...wormy, or something?
Ennyhoo, I am counting my blessings, instead of dwelling on the bad. I am feeling too poorly to worry about it, anyway.
This may go down as one of my puniest years...:-(
This too shall pass.

I just discovered the hooved rodents have chomped off all the top of one of my largest sedum spectibiles. They concentrated on all that was inside the wire cage that is to keep it from sprawling!It still has a lot of growth outside the ring! But, again, there is a blessing to their munchings. They are keeping the mimosa sprouts well pruned, and the pokeberrys. :-)
I am afraid my efforts at keeping the yard plants watered will entice them to dine in my yard even more. Que sera sera !
Nolon discovered that our English walnut has several nuts for the first time. We only have the one tree, and I think they need a pollinator? If we beat the fuzzy-tailed rodents to them, we will find out if there is any meat in the shells. I wish the pecan would set fruit. It has bloomed the past 2 years, but no nuts.( It, too, needs a pollinator.)

Deanne, I am so glad Doug found a place to spend the night. I hope he will be home soon. Sorry about your night, and about your poor brother.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Marian! :-) Good for you for trying to find the positives in the negatives. I'm still working on being positive and some days are better than others in that regard. :-) What are chiggers? Are they a form of ticks? What will you do with the excess fish? Do you have a neighbor who might enjoy them? I'm really sorry you are feeling so it the fibro? Have you thought any more about sticking with the anti-depressant or are the side effects too intolerable? As others have mentioned, maybe there are other forms you could try? My mom is on Zoloft and seems to be tolerating it well and I really think it is what has helped her to adjust to the loss of my dad.

How cool about the English Walnuts...hope you get some meat from them. Maybe someone nearby also has that tree?

Deanne - so sorry to hear about your brother and your mom.

Okay, off to pick up mom. Have a great day all! Ei

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Ei, we don't want you to nake a heel of yourself. Here's my recommendation. First, I use a sugar scrub (Bath & Body Works has one that smells great) to get the dead skin off. Then I use Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E cream EVERY day on my feet. If I skip a day, I can really tell. I've had problems finding Fruit of the Earth in the stores here and have ordered from the internet, but you may have better luck by you.

Now, as to explaining the hortgasm, um, take the "h" and the "t" out of the word, and then imagine have a really exciting experience in the garden. I'm not going to be any more descriptive than that, otherwise this post will end up in someone's clippings!

Speaking of hooved rodents, there was a good-sized buck right in my front yard last night! I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink and looked up to see him watching me. I had to tell my DH to raise his eyes and gaze out the window. If I said "Look!" the dogs would have run to the front door and would have completely gone nuts. Mystic will jump two feet straight off the ground at the sight of a baby bunny; I can't imagine what the buck would have caused him to do!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

For Eileen ( and anyone else who doesn't know) :-)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

:-) I thought it was some sort of colloquialism or a homonym or something... That's me blushing...LOL! Very clever guys are too clever for me! Thanks for your very clear, yet discrete explanation V! :-)

I'll go to my corner now....

P.S. Thanks for the Chigger link too Marian! :-)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Well I burned myself out at the gym this morning (a whole hour on the stairmaster 60 steps per minute @ 60 minutes = 3,600 stairs climbed. No wonder Im tired. LOL) and am sitting on my rear in the air conditioning. I have one very large container left to plant then a bit of tweaking here and there and I can pack up the potting area.

Thanks for your concern for Doug. He made it home this morning and he is tired also. He could not believe some of the flooding he drove by on his way home. He is lucky he made it home today. If he hadnt gotten as far east as he did last night he might have been stuck in NY or PA for a few days.

V. do you normally have bucks in your front yard??? Interesting that he was just watching you and didnt spook.

Ei, I love, love, love all your photographs and that link to the nicotiana! Ooooo la la! That looks like one of those, I must have it plants. I love the Claire and would love a cutting from that. It looks like the flowers on F Billy Green only peachy instead of pink. That container with the impatiens, fuchsia and Illustris is wonderful. I cant believe those seedlings are all Verbena bonariensis! I wish I could get a hunk of those. Id love to have some of that for my borders. And that larkspur is beautiful! What a treat!

So Babs, what did you find on your plant search??? Inquiring minds would love to know.

Marian, bummer about the deer! Im so thankful that I dont have to deal with those pests.

OK Im off to try and do something productive with the rest of this day.

Later all,

PS I took a bunch of pics earlier and will hopefully have time to sort through them and post a couple later.

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I had a bridal shower to go to last night so not much got done. I do have Friday afternoon off to use up the last of my vacation time before my anniversary date of July 1.

Ei, thanks for the visual treat this morning. Wow what a lot of larkspur. I have a bed where I have some that reseed each year, but never that many. It sure looks pretty with the clematis. I certainly believe the reseeding verbena as I have many seedlings too. They are easy to pull out though. Last summer I planted my geranium with blue lobelia and green and white polka dot plant in a colbolt blue container. It made a nice display on the 4th of July. All your containers are looking so pretty. I especially like your fuschia with the impatiens. I love the urn.

Babs, have fun at the nursery. I hate to say it but I maybe nurturing a weed instead of the African foxglove.

Good luck to Mary at the interview.

Deanne, what a terrible night. Im glad Doug stayed safe. I dont have an answer on the earwigs as they dont seem to be a big problem. I read on ISU website that they arent abundant here along with Japanese beetles. Lucky me huh? Let me know if you would like seed from verbena bonarensis. You could scatter them. They reseed readily.

Drema, isnt it fun to finally find something youve been looking for?

V, have a good time.

bug, very cool pagoda.

Hoping for rain for Marian and all who can use it and sunshine for those who are waterlogged.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

5 hours of weeding lunch, tired DH.....and caught up with Idylls!

Good luck and happy days to all! Heard from EP too,

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Good afternoon!

So glad to read that Doug made it home safely.

Michelle, I looked at your kitchen garden again.....I love it!

Ei, beautiful have such a green thumb.

Hortgasm......I love it! :oD

Mary, hope the interview went well.....and that you were able to make it back to the nursery. It sounds like the owner could use a friendly, smiling face showing up on occasion and it also sounds like it was a great place to find some plants.

Sue, I cannot remember if you have a busy weekend coming up or if you're going to be able to spend the majority of your time in your garden. If you are home, I hope the rains stop.

Babs, my visual of you is the photo of Ginger :oD ... not a frizzy hair and no hairs out of place, just gorgeous.

Marian, the chiggers sound miserable, sorry you have to deal with them in your area. It is good news that your kitty is feeling perkier, hope you are able to say you are feeling perkier soon, too.

'bug, glad your dh is recuperating alright. Will you be going to Woody's garden tour this weekend? I wish her the best and hope it turns out to be a great experience.

Taryn, how are you doing? What is happening?

Norma, it was good to see you peek in on the other thread. Are you still busy, busy, busy?

V, have a great time this weekend!

Cindy has probably floated away.......

We've got Jamie for most of the weekend so I should be getting everything done that I can't do easily when he is here. Maybe I should go take a 24 hour nap in preparation? He'll spend most of his time with Gramps so I really won't have a hard time of it. Gramps will be tired though. Which reminds me.....I never did upload any photos. What a slacker I am!

I just went out to move some fencing for Houdini Boo. I have been glancing out the window often to make sure that he is still on the side of the fencing that I want him to be on. ;o) Darn critter!

UPS man delivered a package yesterday....he knew Seiko was acting 'off' but hadn't been by for a few weeks, he asked where Seiko was and got me all choked up. I felt like a putz standing there weeping while telling him how things had gone downhill and that we had to put him down. He liked Seiko and always tossed a stick for him when he'd deliver a package, a nice man.

I did make it to my doctor's appointment on time in spite of freeway construction, rush hour traffic, hospital construction and changes in parking. I felt that my blood pressure was sky-high by the time I parked my car, lol. I was also scared I was going to forget where I parked my car.....darn changes anyway! I asked directions of a volunteer and got one of those 'go down the hall, turn left take the elevator to the 5th floor, take the 2nd right and then the 3rd left that will be on your right side and then twirl around 2.5 times go up and then down........well, it wasn't exactly those instructions but that is what it felt like. I'm directionally impaired, have trouble with right versus left (have to stop and think about it--not at all automatic) and when I get a list of instructions the steam builds up behind my eyes which then clouds I did find the office and I also found my way back to my car. It took 3 pokes and too much digging around to draw my blood, both arms were taped and now bruised. I have lousy veins and they weren't as accomplished at phlebotomy as some of the other techs have been in the past. DH asked if I growled at them, my response was 'heck no, they were still poking me and I wasn't going to make them was bad enough while they were happy'. He said I was nicer than he would have been.....I thought to myself "nope, not nicer but a heck of a lot smarter 'cause you don't make some one cranky when they are coming at you with a needle!".

Boo is still where he should be, thankfully and I guess I'd better get myself out of this chair.

My best to all!

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Drema!!!! I hope the wedding weekend goes well, it has been wonderful seeing you post more often!!! Sorry I forgot to put that on my 'too long' previous post. :o)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Garden idea:

Lately on the clematis forums someone came up with an idea for rooting cuttings quickly. She borrowed the idea from a friend who uses it for brugs. What she did was use her aquarium bubbler system ($13 at box stores)to keep the water oxygenated. Her cuttings rooted in 6 days! So if you are having trouble with getting things to root, give it a whirl!

We had bird wars here today and I had to pick up the victims. UGH.

Thunderstorms are of course the sky is clear blue and there is a light breeze. Those forecasters!

T, I'd love to go to Woody's but I think DH won't be up to a long drive yet.

V, I'm a member of the dry heel club too. (read bleeding) I'll have to consider your treatment when I have a moment to look it over.

Deanne, so sorry about last night and all the rest of it. Aren't families something!?! I guess if we had no family we'd suffer from that too.

I want Perfume Deep Purple too!!!:-)

Off to make dinner.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Did you all hear that loud piercing "ARRRGGGHHH" ? I just completed a long, cheery,informative post...hit 'Preview' and the power went off !!!!!!!
I'll try to 'cool off' and try again.

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Hi Everyone

The interview went well I think but I'm glad its behind me. It was only the first stage - I should find out in the next couple of weeks if I've been called back, the next one will be with staff at the school. I didn't make it to the nursery as a friend invited me for lunch. It was very relaxing to sit outside eating cottage cheese with fresh fruit and walnuts and chat.

Babs - did you have fun at the nursery today?

EI - don't blush!! I came across the word in a gardening book and thought we could add it to our collection of superlatives. Out of context it could be hard to figure out. I like play on words - hope it wasn't too risque. Your larkspur are just gorgeous. Mine are blooming away too and I love the way they mingle together. Your pots look wonderful together - well everything you show us does, I just can't wait till July!!

V - your explanation was too funny - I was going to sum it up as horticultural excitement.

GB - I've read about the bubbler system too and would like to try it, especially as we have a tank and aerator not being used.

T - glad you are home safely after your ordeal at the Dr's. Time to unwind with a Baileys perhaps?

Marian - I don't think I've seen a Chigger - nasty little things!

I promised David we would go out for icecream as his last Little League game was cancelled due to weather. He was terribly disappointed so I'm hoping something sweet will lift his spirits.

Hi to those I've missed


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Hi, just got Bella tucked in and I'm beat too so this will be a quicky. First, thanks for all of your thoughts for my mom and me. I appreciate it so much. I worked in the garden yesterday and a little today when Bella would allow. I'm working on the strip under the lilacs that I pulled all of the ground covers out of and amended last fall. I'm putting in hostas, pulminarias, ferns etc. that I'm culling from other spots in the garden. Also put some of the coleus I got on sale the other day in amongst my small hosta bed at the beginning of the garden path and I think they look really good together.

Deanne, so glad Doug made it home safe and sound. Hope the weather shapes up for all of you New Englanders now.

Babs, looking forward to hearing what you chose on your nursery run.

Ei, I so enjoyed your pictures this morning. Thanks. Thinking of you and your sis. Oh and Ei, I came across the tag for the purple clematis you asked about a while ago that was with the Graham Thomas roses. It's Harlow Carr. Amazing the things you find while working in the garden, lol.

Jerri, great news on the adoptions. Your the best!

Mary, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you get the job. Wish I could join you and David for the ice cream!

Marian, my dad's from Missouri and I remember hearing him talk about chiggers.

Sue, hope you were able to get your garden guest ready. I know it looks great!

Hi T, thinking of you. Hope the Drs. visit wasn't for anything serious.

I winter sowed some of the purple nicotiana but it's still quite tiny.

I know there were more comments but that's all my tired old brain can come up with for now. Here's a couple of pictures I took this morning to leave you with

The lilies are all just full of buds this year, this one must have at least 50

Inspired by Deanne, I got this picture at Home Goods for $15 (chip in frame). Brad weatherproofed it for me and even gave it a tiny shingled roof. If it lasts the summer I'll be happy at that price, lol.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Well I scored big time at Dress Barn tonight. Two dresses and two blouses for cheap, cheap, cheap. I can wear one of the dresses for our niece's wedding the end of August and I can wear the other for a holiday party at some point. I love a good buy! ~~ Ive finally gotten the last very large container planted up and am hoping to finally move my potting stuff out of Dougs garage. He is so patient with my plant stuff.

Eden, I love, love, love your corner with the print! And Brad is so clever to have weatherproofed it for you. That collection of containers is splendid! I so wish we lived closer so I could come and see all your beauties in person. That clump of lilies is incredible. How neat! Ive got a clump of Oriental lilies that is going to be beyond belief when it blooms. There are about 12 or 14 stems and each stem has at least 12 flowers on it.

Mary, what a bummer for David to have his last Little League game cancelled. I sure hope the ice cream helped. ~~ Glad to hear your interview went well. Crossing my fingers for you that you have a call back.

Marian, Oh my! I just hate it when I lose a post like that and they usually are the ones that take me the longest to write.

Wow, GB, that sounds intriguing. Im going to have to give that a try. Anything that makes rooting things faster and easier is worth a try. ~~ What kind of birds were having wars? Sounds strange.

So sorry about the UPS man asking about Seiko. He probably felt terrible. ~~ Have a great time with Jamie this weekend.

Hope Cindy checks in soon.

Michelle, how lucky for you that you dont have to deal with earwigs and JBs. Yes, Id definitely like some of those Verbena bonariensis seeds.

OK nite all,

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Eden, how clever of Brad to make the shingle roof for your picture. What a lovely corner with all the containers and the picture is such a nice touch. I would just love to get closer and see whats in each pot. Those pink lilies are so sweet looking. My pink Vivaldi lilies are just starting to open.

Marian, I thought I heard some screaming. Sorry about the post that is just so frustrating.

Hugs to T for a frustrating day. I was thinking tonight as I was doing a little weeding I wonder when those babies are due.

RE: the heel survey, mine are a challenge, but I do work on them. Right now the latest treatment is one of those sanding tools and then Crack Cream each night.

Ei, you dont have to get anything special for me. I drink about anything (other than coffee)

I have a couple of plants that I just put in this spring that I am really liking. One is heucherella Burnished Bronze and the other is Silene uniflora Druetts Variegated I really like them so far, but we will see how they perform in the long run.

We had such a nice time this evening. We sat on the patio and ate chips and salsa and drank wine. (When we get together, dont let me have more than one glass LOL) Then we grilled brats and had fresh salad from the garden. Mixed lettuces and baby spinach. There was a slight breeze and the temp was just right. It was just one of those "lets enjoy summer moments"
Tomorrow I am going to go to DDs and we are going to plant a few things. Some Vera Jameson and Matrona sedums. She can surely take care of them. Afterward we will take Kenzie to the beach. I guess they spent the afternoon at the beach today and she just loves it. Should be another "lets enjoy summer moments"


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Finally! A gorgeous day here today-sunny, warm and DRY. I'm bailing at noon so I can go home and hopefully get things cleaned up enough for company tomorrow. Yesterday I made another run to Joann Fabrics for a couple more pots so I've been playing with those. I must have more pots this year than last year but for some reason it seems like I have less. Maybe it's because I've got them spread out on more surfaces. I'm still a lightweight compared to Eden and Deanne

Ei, I see you like elephant ears in your containers too. I love them and would use more of them if they weren't so darn expensive. I have Cleomes reseeding-all white in one area. Has anyone ever tried to move a reseeding plant? I've had no luck with Corydalis lutea. It seeds all over the place but if you move one it croaks. Also, my fingers are crossed, but I think some of my Salvia 'Black & Blue' reseeded from last year. Has anyone ever had this happen?

Eden, what a great idea to put the artwork under a roofette. Between your ideas and Brad's ability to make them reality you could probably go into business.

Deanne I think it was earwigs that prevented my variegated Brug from flowering last year. I didn't figure it out til the end of the season when I saw little pinholes in the newly forming flowerbuds. This year some orange and black striped beetle has been munching on my brug leaves. I haven't seen them lately but for a while they were out there every day. It seems like you're always battling some garden pest or another.

Mary, good luck on getting the job.

Drema, enjoy the wedding! Share some pictures.

OK, we're having internet issues today so I'd better send this before you hear me scream like Marian.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Michelle, your evening sounds wonderful. We still were having thunder storms last night so we've not been able to use the patio for a while. It has either been too hot and muggy or raining. Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to enjoy the outdoor space.

My Matrona is absolutely ENORMOUS this year.

Sue, do you remember the couple 'Purple Emperor' I planted last year? Well last year they were just rotting away like yours had done but this year they are simply beautiful, large, full and wonderful color. I'm glad I didn't shovel prune them now.

Here is one of my coleus containers. The 'Bronze Pagoda' in the center is noew to me this year.

These iris are growing in a pot in the pond and I've not repotted them or done a thing to them for three years now.

A view from sitting in my favorite chair on the patio.

It is shaping up to be a great gardening day here and tomorrow is supposed to be perfect for dining al fresco and garden tours. Woohoo! Have a great day everyone!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! I will have to share my post later, as I slept in this morning! It's 8:47 and I am *so* late! I *never* sleep this late. Have so much to comment on, but I need to pick mom up *now*! Yikes! "Hi" to everyone...I'll be back later to comment on the *gorgeous* eye candy I'm seeing this a.m.! :-) Thanks for the great morning "wake up"!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My word! I attempted to start another post. Got one paragraph done and clicked on 'preview'. I got a message that it was rejected because there was no "Subject line" ??How did that happen?!??

I wish I could repeat the lost was brilliant! LOL
But I can't remember what all I said! ;-)

I do want to thank all for their sweet thoughts in respect to my adverse effects to the meds. It is very hard for those who do not have Fibro to understand how sensitive 'we' can be to many meds.( and everything else for that matter). :-(
I am now thinking the BP and Niacin are not compatible. I have stopped taking them together. I take the cholesterol stuff with breakfast, and the BP pill at noon. I started that yesterday, and it apparently really helped. ( Will mention that do my doctor at my follow-up.) The antidepressant made me so utterally miserabe physically, and I am feeling much better in that respect since I quit it.( I had to chuckle at how several of you could see a differance in my attitude. You cannot imagine how hard I work at that when I am in I told a clerk years ago, I try very hard to be cheerful , because it is not other people's fault that I am in pain. [She had commented on how cheerful I always was, and that she didn't know that I had problems.] )

Eileen, your flowers and yard are so lovely. Thank you again for sharing. I espacially love the blue lobelias, and the larkspurs. It is interesting that some of your plants from the past have reappeared. I wish my 'fluffy' poppies and larkspur would.

Deanne, I hope you have recovered from your day on the Stairmaster. I was concerned when you said you were going to do that after your bad night.
I'm so glad Doug made it home okay.
Woohoo on the dress purchases. I need to do some such shopping, but it 'kills' my bad shoulder to go through clothing racks. :-(
Your 'this morning's'pics are gorgeous!

I am enjoying all the lily pics. Many of mine have already bloomed. Many will not bloom this year due to being devoured by the hooved rodents...:-(

Marie, good to hear that you have heard from EP. I hope she is well. I hope your DH isn't over doing it. That is easily done following surgery. I speak from experience. I am curious about those "bird wars" also.

Teresa, I enjoyed your yesterday's post. It sounds more like the 'old' you. No way was it "too long"!

Drema, enjoy that wedding. I never had a DD, so have not had that experience.

Mary, I am rather behind in wishing you well with the new job prospect. I hope it all goes as you wish for it to.
I have never "seen" a chigger either, but see, and feel the bites! I had a real 'crop' of them on me last week. Sorry about David's last game.

Eden, your work under the lilacs sounds like hard work, and something I need to do under all my shrubs. The hooved rodents found the hostas that I planted by the bald cypress this spring, and pruned one of the two. I suspect with all my watering they will be enticed to dine on all on the fresher plants! :-(
I love your pics. The framed flower pic is ingenius! Both you and your DH did well !

Michelle, your evening on the patio sounds so relaxing. The fresh garden vegs that you spoke of almost make me sad that I no longer grow mine. Ahhh, how I wish I had a beach to go to. I can imagine the fun you have with Kensie there.

Yey! Great to see Sue's colorful TGIF ! I am curious...why does a fabric store sell pots?
I have moved cleome without much success, even when 'not' blooming.

Re: earwigs, it is one bug that we have escaped having here. We had them in Idaho. They are such ugly little beasties.

I know I've failed to say things that I should have, and I hope I haven't repeated myself!

Hi to everyone!


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Marian, we are fortunate to live ½ hour from the Iowa Great Lakes. There are quite a few nice beaches there. It is also very popular for boating and fishing. Too bad that the deer make your gardening so challenging. The other night on the way home from town I had 3 run in front of me. Each was a separate incident. The last one was so close. I glanced to the side and when I looked back in front of me there he was only inches from the drivers bumper. I have no idea how he got across the road without me seeing him.

Our local Joann Fabrics closed a couple of years ago, so no cheap pots for me. They have them in Sioux Falls, but I dont go there much during gardening season. Marian, they also sell craft supplies and some decorating stuff.

Deanne, if you keep showing such lovely pictures of your garden, I am just going to have to make a trip east someday. Is that Arabella by the sundial? Purple Emperor is a new plant for me this year. It seems to be doing quite well. Last year the one Matrona that is in a very rich area flopped, so I cut this one back. The other 2 I left so we will see how that all works. I am rooting the cuttings for DD.

Sue, I have moved things that have reseeded near the compost pile such as cosmos and marigolds. They did fine. I imagine it depends on the plant. Some just dont like to be transplanted.

Its supposed to be in the 90s today so it will be a good day for a picnic and swimming at the beach.

Have a great gardening day


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Continuing the lilac bed renovation, OMG, has anyone else ever tried to dig out a patch of lily of the valley? I've been working on it for hours and it's only a 6x6 ft. patch. Of all the invasives I've dealt with over the years this plant is the invasivist, lol. The runners go for feet under pavers or whatever else gets in it's way. I've even had to dig up hostas and untangle it from the roots. What a job! As Marie would say "Good Grief". Hope you're all having a great day! Love the pics Deanne and Sue hope to see some of those containers of yours soon! Michelle hope you had a fun day at the beach with dd and Kenzie. Marian, hope you get your meds straightened out soon. That's one of the concerns we have with my mom now. She has prescriptions from 3 different DRs. Kinda scary! OK this is just a driveby. Bella and I have to get back out there and beat back the LOV!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

OK, I'm sitting on the screenporch-another pleasure I haven't indulged in for quite some time. We have a small fountain just off the porch. Tom installed a little floodlight under the eaves so we can enjoy the fountain at night. Tonight is a perfect night for the porch.

Today I left work at noon, came home, grabbed a quick lunch and then worked in the garden til almost 8:30. Lots of weeding and mulching and planting...tomorrow will be more of the same. I plan to get up at 5 AM and hit the ground running. The garden won't be where I want it for guests but hopefully the majority of it will be somewhat under control. This afternoon I tackled the worst of it. Mulch is a wonderful

Eden, I've heard many a gardenwebber complain about LOV. I have some variegated variety in my shade garden that really hasn't done much but the plain green stuff is growing out in the "dog's area" behind the garage and it's amazing how fast it's moving around in that crappy soil.

In case anybody needs to move any, Cleome moves like a dream. It drooped for about half an hour then perked right up. Time to think about some other places I want this before the self seeders get too much bigger. Usually I just yank the ones I don't need and toss them.

Marian I don't know why Joann Fabrics sells pots. They are a craft and floral store too so I can see why they might sell vases and stuff but the pots I'm getting are heavy glazed ceramic. Some are quite large. Tonight I happened to mention to Tom in passing that I thought I could use a few more pots and I thought he was going to pass Quick, somebody remind me what a pain it is to water all these pots well into October.

Ei, I've been sleeping very well the last couple of nights and would probably have slept til 8 or 9 if I didn't have to get up for work. Usually I wake up at least once or twice and always before 5. The other morning Tom had to poke me because the dogs were dancing and I didn't even hear them. I wear earplugs but they don't always work. Tomorrow I don't want to sleep in so maybe no earplugs will be the way to go.

Deanne, nice pics as usual! One of my Sedum Purple Emperors (out of a total of 12 I've planted over the years) actually came back this year. It's huge and gorgeous and not exactly where I want it but I'm afraid to touch The picture with the cranes backed by the japanese maple is stunning-perfect composition. BTW, why are all my coleus cuttings rotting? Usually I have no problem rooting them in water but lately the stems just rot. Is it because of all the rain? I was able to scare up a small Tropicanna for you. Don't let me forget to give it to you tomorrow.

Allrighty then, I should clean the bathroom but I'm toasted. Tom has been very helpful with some cleaning this week. He washed the floor on the screen porch, and vacuumed throughout the first floor and upstairs bath. This afternoon he ran wheelbarrows of mulch for me on request. Would I be pushing my luck if I asked him to dust tomorrow?


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Another drive by.... i've been "under water" at office -- and boy am I glad this week is over.....

Just now seeing all these loverly pictures -- Ei, can't believe all the wonderful volunteers in your garden...

Deanne..... Im speechless as usual.... at your artistry...

as Mary suggested...... hortgasms all over the place ....

Whew - Eden, that is an amazing stand of lilies (as are 'bugs & Deanne's..... why do mine look so puny? - i think this is another lesson learned - just plant the bulbs much closer together - what impact - major WOW!!)- and as usual, such an unusual way of adding art to the garden. You have a real eye for it -- maybe something you could parlay into advice for people? Wouldnt that be a neat job -- finding & placing garden objects in people's gardens? I bet you'd make a mint!

ok - now Im breathless -- we're keeping this a clean show here.... off to collapse for the weekend -- hope to do clean-up inthe poor yard that's been neglected for 2 weeks it seems - then maybe a nursery crawl or two - I havent done that in golly, a month!

Hoping to see shots of your place this weekend, Sue!

Hi to T, Michelle, Marian, Yeona, (travellin)V, - know I've forgotten others but my mind is mush and slime - like the garden.... Hope all ailing relatives are on the mend as well.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Oh, oh, oh, multiple hortgasms with all these lovely pics, lol! Mary that is just too funny, love it! Don't stop!! (posting pics that is) LOL!

Thought I should pop in and say hi quick. After the 8 months of selling this house, then Bruce's death and another couple of weeks of haggling for the purchase of our new home, I really needed to take a step back, regroup, recoup and chill for a while. So that's what I've been doing, in-between a plethora of phone calls arranging this and that, garden transplanting (don't want to leave any gaps), finding some great deals for furniture we'll need at the new house and more decluttering before the packing marathon starts. It's all good with the new place though, they are doing all we asked for. I can't wait to move!!!

In other news, I'm on day 10 of a master cleanse, and feeling great! Clean, serene, very centred, lots of energy. I'm sleeping great, jumping out of bed early in the morning, enjoying an AM yoga session most days, and generally feeling wonderfully calm. I'm hoping in addition to dropping a few pounds (9 so far) that this fast will correct my hormone imbalances so I can get off the thyroid and adrenal meds permanently, and also 'clean out the pipes' for better nutrient absorbtion, clear up my eczema and reset my metabolism. Not asking for much am I? LOL! But the body will heal itself if you let it. I was more than a little worried about going off the thyroid meds especially for this fast, but the folks at convinced me that my body would know how to heal without the meds, and I can't believe the energy and clarity of mind I've been experiencing! Of course fasting has been used for millenia to cure diseases of all kinds, and I think as the world gets more toxic will regain popularity again. I was very surprised I didn't have any negative detox symptoms, though was fatigued day 6 & 7. But am 'in the zone' now, and lovin' it! My aim is to get packed and moved WITHOUT undue stressing about it, and while still making time to have a fun summer with the kids.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time and now was the perfect time, with nothing going on until our 'meet the neighbors' party for the new owners on the 15th. Well, except that we are going up to Wasaga Beach camping tomorrow for the Canada Day long weekend. Should be a fun time with my brother, SIL and the 3 girls, Gigi and her 2 boys, and my sis and her beaux all going, as well as our friends we've known for years up there. I'm toting my juicer along of course. Will be the first long weekend in a decade or so that I've been sans alcohol, lol, should be very interesting watching everyone else's antics, sort of like being DD at a wedding...Of course by IU3 I'll be sufficiently weaned back on to food to enjoy the cuisine and wine!

Boys are out of school as of yesterday, after a great last term. My mum, their Nanoo, promised them $5.00 per A and Glenn and I agreed to $3 for A's, $2 for B's and $1 for each C. My material boys didn't disappoint, the greedy things, lol! Shane got 14/15 A's, Dev got 8 A's, 6 B's and 1 C, and Brennen got 10 A's and 5 B's! We're very proud and very broke, lol! Boys are very happy and very rich! Hope they adjust well to their new school and continue to do well.


Well I've been on the phone with my Mum the past hour and am up later than I wanted to be, still have some packing to do tomorrow morning. Need my zzzz's, so will sign off here. Haven't been reading regularly here, but want to say hi to all, been thinking about you all. Very much lookin forward to IU3. Please EMAIL me if there is any news in that dept, as I don't know how often I'll be checking in. Ei and Eden, am keeping your sis and mum in my prayers, and hope they are doing well. Take care everyone, and have a great long weekend!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

It's so nice to see you and the furby's back!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow! What a crazy day. I have been trying to play "catch up" all day long. Just that little bit of sleeping in and I was racing around all day trying to make up for it. I was hoping to get some gardening in before picking up mom, but that didn't happen, then racing all day and did a little bit of garden work late this afternoon.

Oh, I saw the sweetest thing today! I think I will hold it in my memory always. I was sitting on the deck just before dusk, staring at the garden and wondering how I was going to fix that west bed, when suddenly I noticed a mother cardinal sitting on a branch of the amelanchier, next to her was her little baby. The baby was like the perfect little mini-me only in grey and pink, a tiny, chubby little thing, just perched on the branch. Babies of all kinds never fail to amaze me in their perfection. Do you remember when your babies were newborn...wasn't that amazing those tiny perfect toes, perfect little fingers, with fingernails and all...LOL...maybe it's just me, but I'm so amazed that something that tiny can be so perfect! Anyway, as I watched, mom would go to my feeder grab a little seed and then bring it back to her baby...she must have did that 8 or 10 times. Then she would chew up some of the amelanchier fruits and give those to the baby too. I wish I could have taken pictures for you guys, but I was so afraid that if I moved they would take off. It was just *too* precious. Suddenly mom took off like a jet and left her baby there waiting on the branch. I was so upset because one of my neighbors has a cat who often hangs out in my yard and I was frightened for the baby, waiting there all alone. Then I heard chirping...insistent chirping. Suddenly the baby tried to fly off the branch and landed on the ground, then it got up, did a little hop and a jump start and took off...very low to the ground, but she did fly! :-) A few minutes later I could hear mom and baby chirping in the evergreen just beyond my view! :-) What a wonderful way to waste some time!

Nah Mary, I was embarrassed because I really didn't have a clue...LOL! And then poor V had to try to explain it to me...what a pal! :-) Glad the interview went well and I'm sure you will be around for the 2nd round! :-)

I was on quite a roll yesterday...I tell you my mind was just mush! Anybody care for some 'Charles Grimaldi' *cheddar* cheese? LOL! Well, I'm sure you all knew I meant swiss... Some days, I'm just better off not talking!

BTW V...thanks for the heel therapy. Guess what? I found the Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Cream in of all places...the grocery store! Good deal too...2-4 oz. packages for $2.49! It was on sale! :-) I tried it out today and swear I can already feel a difference. I used a Trader Joe Sugar Scrub I already had in the house before using the Vitamin E Cream. I also used the F.O.T.E. on Scout's feet too! He says "thank you!" :-)

I'm quite upset about a little planting scheme I had for one area of my garden. I had several coleus planted there, along with some purple ageratum that had a hint of magenta in its coloring and broken colors 4 o'clocks (in magenta, buttery yellow & white). They were all planted to go along with the soft yellow evening primrose and the magenta winecups in that area and soft yellow chyrstanthemums which would follow in the fall and I even planted a large pot next to the area filled with fuchsia colored petunias, 'Hilo Beauty' Elephant Ears, yellow abutilon, a magenta and purple plant whose name I can't remember, hot pink nicotianas and yellow was all going to be so beautiful!...sniff, sniff! :-( Now *some* creature has chewed all the coleus down to nubs! :-( It's very depressing cause I thought I was being quite clever with my design and now it is ruined. The coleus will never reach any degree of substance before the season is over and it's a pretty noticible area! :-( And I don't think I can find another a bunch of coleus with magenta and yellow at this point....waaaa! I'm so bummed! Okay, thanks for letting me get that out of my system!

T - I always love to hear your've got such a way and always tickle my funny bone! :-) But I *am* sorry you got poked so much! :-(

Oh, speaking of E.E.'s Sue. Yea, they can be expensive intially, but in the long run they end up being pretty inexpensive. Last year I planted two 'Illustrius' and by the end of the season I had 2 additional bulbs from the first two and I'm sure I'll have more this year too. The green elephant ears throw off bulbs all the time (and the green e.e.'s aren't pricey at all). I've even taken some of my larger green E.E.'s and split the bulb right in half, planted it and have had them grow! This year I bought 'Black Magic' and I'm a little disappointed in it because I don't think it's as vigorous a grower as 'Illustris' and I'll be surprised if there is more than one bulb when I dig it up in the fall. I save my E.E.'s from year to year and don't find them any harder to store/overwinter than any other bulb. Have you tried storing them from year to year? I'm sure my Illustrius will make more babies by this fall and I'd be happy to send you some, either in the fall, or next spring (once they start sprouting again). If your interested, just let me know.

Eden...Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics! I *love* your container collection and the picture is just the perfect touch! You are so good at visualization! And your lilies are just beautiful too!

LOL Cindy...I think I'm too stingy in the lily department too. Now, I find lilies to be expensive and can never bring myself to buy more than one of each kind...there are *so* many I want. I also *love* the Orienpets (The Lily Garden) carries some unbelievably gorgeous ones. My Scherezades (sp.?) should be blooming any day and I can't wait! :-) The Orienpets are pretty pricey, but I love them so that I usually treat myself to one every year.

Deanne - oh my...*everything* is beautiful! I love all the colors in your coleus planting. It's just amazing! You not only have a great eye for color...but texture too! I really *need* you to come out here and help me! :-(
My west bed is just a mess. I was talking to Dotty about it today. It's full of color, but just not pleasing to the eye. I know you would know what was wrong. Like I told Dotty it's a lot of sugar, but no substance! LOL! I need some plants that are just great substance...grounders, good texture, but not you know what I mean? Does anybody know what I mean? LOL! Maybe I'm having this melt down because the Idylls are coming! The Idylls are coming! LOL!

Michelle...I bet that pot combination was lovely! What a great idea for 4th of July....wish I had an empty container around here...LOL!

I was just getting ready to go to bed when suddenly....TARYN! :-) Hey it's *so* great to see you! I've been missing you, but didn't want to bug you, knowing how busy you must be right now. Glad to hear you're doing so well and thanks for the link...I'll be sure to check those out. I'm thinking my body has been a little out of whack...ever since DH had me doing the "salad diet" with him. Maybe I need to start fresh! :-) Anyway, I'm so glad you popped in Taryn!

P.S. Now where has that Babs gone off too? See Babs, you post a little more often and then that only makes us want more. :-) Hope you had fun shopping for plants...

Well, I need to get myself into bed, with an early rise tomorrow. Good Night and Sweet Dreams All! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

I have just a few minutes then have to leap into action. Ive got to get everything watered and deadheaded here then make sure the worse of the chunks are out of the house. Wendy will be here this AM for a garden tour then we are all heading down to CT for our PERFECT garden tour/al fresco dining day. I cant believe that we are finally going to have a good day to visit Sue and Monique. Woohoo!!! Doug is going to clean the interior of my UAV because we are going to pick up Sue and Tom on our way to Monique and Les.

Eileen, I LOL when I read that you are obsessing about the IU3 party at your house because I SO know what you mean. I was exactly the same. I just thought everything was a mess and not up to snuff for the visit. Now here is a thought for you, all the Idyllers are just as good at designing and have just as good gardening ideas as I do. Sue, Monique, GB and Eden are particularly fantastic and Ive gotten lots of ideas from them so you can ask their help if I dont make it out your way for IU3. Now, that doesnt mean I wont make it out that way sometime as I was thinking about getting back out to Michigan sometime to visit Honey, Eden and David and why not go to your area at the same time? ~~ I know exactly what you mean about a bed being full of color but not pleasing. I like your analogy of having a lot of sugar but no substance. My terrace garden used to be like that because Id let the rudbeckia take over the garden.

Michelle, you do know you are welcome to come and visit here anytime??? Yes that is Arabella by the sundial. Isnt she a honey?

Mairan, I guess Ill keep my earwigs if I dont have to deal with the deer problems you do. ~~ Awww thanks for your concern over my Stairmaster workout. Im actually used to it but I still get tired. ~~ Also thanks for your concern for Doug. Much appreciated. Ill have to get pics of the dresses when I get the camera out at some point.

Eden, Ive never planted LOV and I guess now Im glad I havent. I love that new gardening terminology, invasivist". That is a keeper. Hope you finish that job soon.

Cindy, I sure hope you have a great weekend after your stressful week. Enjoy your garden time. RE lilies, yes I do plant the bulbs pretty closely together but love that mass of color they provide.

Hi Taryn! Great to hear from you and great to hear you so upbeat.

Sue, Occasionally I have problems with coleus stems rotting and what that seems to be a problem I keep the containers with the cuttings by the kitchen sink and change the water out every day and check them every day. Anything that looks like it is going to rot I put a clean slice above the bad part of the cutting and put it in fresh water. That usually keeps things from dying on me. If it is a cutting I only have one of and Im afraid to lose it I actually will carefully wash the stem with antibacterial liquid dish soap then rinse well.

OK I really have to get moving,

Have a great day all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is a beautiful morning but promises to get hot as the day progresses. The sprinkler has been on a while already.

Yesterday I had a frightening experience. As I was driving to the post office, the brakes were not working! I also smelled a burning scent. DH thinks that the emergency brake did not release entirely and that was the cause. After a pause for things to right themselves, I was not a confident driver after that! Anyway, things did correct themselves and I made it to the nursery too! I picked up (yes Sue!) violet and white cleome. They are already planted in my wild area of the veg garden with larkspur, lupins, roses and clematis.

Some of you asked about the bird wars here. Periodically, a bunch of crows, starlings or grackles will go on a rampage. I don't know who was to blame this time, but I found large baby birds thrown out of their nests. I had to clean that up too because Charlotte would be overly interested in them. She loves to roll in dead things. Honestly, dogs! Love her, but...sometimes!

Michelle, a couple of years ago I invited some fellow plant addicts over for dinner and over dessert we were to discuss our favourite perennial of the year. One couple run a nursery, another couple are landscapers. (Poor DH!) Anyway, Burnished Bronze was selected as the fave by one of the ladies.

Eden, it pays to be EXTRA careful with that LOTV. I did what you are doing several years ago but it has all returned because little bits had grown into the house foundation area which cannot be reached. Now it is growing in the interlocking bricks. UGH. I have tried roundup, boiling water, digging, etc. All I can hope for is to limit it every few years I guess. What a pain it is. And it even looks terrible most of the year.

Deanne, those variegated iris are blooming here now too. Aren't they a wonderful easy plant though?! Yesterday i bought some Siberian iris (3 for the price of 2) called "Emotion". Better find a home for them quick! Why don't you and Mary (and anyone else nearby)come up this way when you are visiting Doug in Rochester? I guess that would have to be August as July is all booked by now here. You could easily spend a night or two here. In spite of everyone's eagerness, I'd be reluctant to host an IU4 here and would need lots of convincing. First of all, I'd have transportation problems, secondly no one could buy anything and cross the border, (believe me, this is frustrating!) and then there isn't room for 20 guests here. There are B&Bs nearby and I could work things out, but I'm not sure what it would all cost. Anyway, I'd need Taryn's help on thinking this through. Perhaps Woody would be open to a tour of her place too, but this is NOT the day to ask her with her tour happening tomorrow!

OK, time to get a move on! It is a long weekend here and I am still playing nursemaid. DH is fine, but those headaches are bothering him still and he sleeps a great deal.

Hope the visiting Idylls have a super day!

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Happy Canada Day to the other Canadians out there. I have 3 hours to get my garden watered, dead headed and get some planting done, then I'm off to shop and take MIL out to dinner, so I can't talk long. I hope you have a great 4th of July down in the USA, as well, as I probably won't be able to pop in for a while. Lovely to see you Jerri. I missed you. Hi to everyone else. Happy gardening and Idylling.

Take care,


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Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian Idyllers!

Hope that the Idyll get together today stays dry and has fun.

Ive never planted LOV and I guess its a good thing. I have others Ive battled but none that bad.
Things are getting really dry here again. Rain last night but only a tenth. We had a good time at the beach yesterday. It is so fun to watch Kenzie play with sand and rocks. My folks stopped by too. I went to their place afterwards for fresh strawberry pie and a walk by the lake. DDs plants that we planted a while back are sure looking good. Shes quite proud of the fact. Her neighbor came over and offered some divisions from her garden.. I think DD was going to take her up on it. (A gardener in the making?) I had stopped at a garage sale on my way home. Actually, this lady lives on the highway near me. She goes to lots of auctions and has a "garage Sale" on the 3 major summer holidays. Id call it more of a mini flea market. She has stuff so cheap. I picked up a cool lamp probably from the 50s. White glass with raised flowers on the front and a pink shade . I put it in the garden shed. I also got a neat container for flower arrangements and a wicker shelf for the shed all for $7.50.

Good to hear from Taryn.

Ei, please dont stress about your garden or your heels! LOL

Well, I think Im sufficiently cooled off to return to the garden.

enjoy your day

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Ah, this was just a perfect day! For me it started at 5 AM. At 5:15 I was heading out to weed and startled a deer cutting through my yard. Or should I say we startled each other. Say what? Deer? It scared the crap out of me and I must have made enough noise to cause the dogs to look out the window. The deer freaked and ran into my neighbor's front yard. He was trying to get into the field but everything is fenced and he wouldn't come back towards my house. I went inside so I wouldn't scare him further. The dogs were barking. Now Tom is up wondering what the dogs are barking at. Mr. Deer decided to head back down the street in the opposite direction. Hopefully he won't be back. What is this, national wildlife week at my house?

So anyway...great gardens, great food and great people. What more can you ask for in a day? Deanne, Doug and Wendy left about a half hour ago after a short soak in the hot tub. We started at 3 at Monique and Les's for appetizers and dinner and of course a garden tour. As usual they outdid themselves with the food-some sort of lobster and pasta dish that we were all drooling over (Les gave me a container of that for my lunch tomorrow), a chilled corn salad copied from Trader Joe's, and some of the most delicious grilled salmon I've ever tasted. Monique's gardens look as lush and colorful as ever and the weather was perfect for outdoor entertaining and garden touring.

Later we came here for dessert. I had made a fresh blueberry pie with 'nilla wafer crust and whipped cream, fruit salad and tossed out some mini eclairs and cream puffs. Tom made a batch or two of his famous margaritas. Between working most of the day yesterday and as much as I could today I had the garden in respectable condition. I actually ran out of mulch-usually I like to keep a few bags in reserve so I'm feeling very vulnerable right now and will probably need to go out and get more tomorrow. By the sound of it though, everybody else will be running to Joann Fabrics tomorrow for

Now I'm exhausted but want to continue the roll I'm on in getting the garden in shape so I'd best get to bed because tomorrow is another day.


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My cable's been out for the last few hours...frustrating. Could be because it's been very windy. I did a little plant shopping this morning, picked up a tricyrtis raspberry mousse, and iron cross begonia, a calocasia black magic, already had one but couldn't pass up another for the $5 price, a clematis ramona also for $5 and an ornamental pepper explosive ember that's totally purple, leaves, blossoms and fruit. Then I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Bella, didn't get a thing done in the garden except moving around the sprinkler. Tomorrow we're thinking about going on a garden tour, depends on how the weather is. We're forecast for random thunderstorms for the next 3 days. I'll be glad when the 4th's over, not one of my favorite holidays. It's too noisy and my animals agree. A couple of them are really frightened of all of the booms.

Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all at the NE get together today. So Sue when do we get to see these container gardens created with the JoAnn Fabrics pots? I checked out the local JoAnns a few weeks ago when they first started the markdowns but didn't find anything. I got quite a few nice ones last year there for great prices.

Michelle, sounds like your dd has maybe been bitten by the gardening bug. How exciting!

Marie, thanks for the warning on the LOV. I plan to sift through and get as many of the bits out of the soil as I can and won't plant anything there until next spring at the soonest. I'll keep working on it when and if it pops up for the rest of the summer. I've taken all of the other plants out of the area. Just hope I didn't leave any LOV roots entangled with theirs when I put them in their new homes. I was careful and don't think I did...

Taryn, glad to read that things are going so well for you. It was great to see your post, I've missed you.

Hi Yeona, hope you got all of your garden work done.

Cindy, hope your able to get out in your garden and enjoy it this weekend after all the rain you've endured.

Just a comment on rooting coleus. I always root mine in potting mix and have had very few rot. I find that the roots they develop when rooting in water don't carry over well when planted out. That's just my experience.

Well, my internet connection is broken again so I won't be able to post this right now but I'm tired so I'm going to give it one more try and then off to bed.


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Sorry to be away but I really haven't-you see I spent an hour lastnight composing a wonderfully witty post and I---LOST IT! No, I mean I lost the post!(lol) I don't know if I could recap or not,let's see...

Deanne and Eden I loved your pics-the framed artwork and Brad's handywork are an excellent addition to your garden area(keep him,Eden; )--lol. And Deanne I said I wanted to sit in that favorite spot on your patio too because it looks heavenly. I especially liked the irises and the color combos intertwined-just stunning.[but I said all this much more eloquently]

I lamented with Eden on how vicious LOV can be in the wrong place. I have a major issue I just discovered with LOV behind my garage that has spread from the neighbor and is also headed for another neighbor(our three properties abut each other). I read that for my situation Round Up would work but within a garden I know the only way is digging it up piece by piece.

I can tell you Drema's DD had perfect summer weather for her wedding day. Kind of hot but there was at least a breeze and it didn't rain here at least(I'm an hour from her). I hope the day went smoothly for everyone.

So good to hear from you Taryn!!! You sound like you have everything under control-what a roller coaster you've been on, eh? YOu guys are the nicest people-you're having a meet the new neighbors party? HOw lucky your buyers are-it took quite a while for us to meet anyone here-the party is such a nice gesture.
You are gutsy giving money for good grades...!

Sue in a strange way it's funny to hear someone startled by a deer...but that's only because deer are kind of like squirrels here lol-you see them so much they aren't a novelty: ) In fact the deer aren't even that afraid of humans here and they seem to know how to cross a street by watching the traffic. Freaky. I do hope that was a fluke and you don't get resident deer.

Ei-aaaaw your carefully chosen garden plantings do sound nice-sorry that happened. I'm willing to bet it was bunnies-only because my bunnies did that(I was putting two and two together; ).Early on this summer they sucked up the coleus like they were buddah(butter; ). Do you have any more of those coleus somewhere else that you could take cuttings from and root in water then plant outside in that area?? Maybe it's not too late...
I'm afraid to report this next part becuase I wouldn't be surprised if those bunnies are reading this....BUT I have one morning glory left that started to bloom(!) they ate ALL the rest(probably about 20 plants)so hopefully it can cover the whole obelisk it's own. I also tried a sneaky trick-you have to be smarter than the bunny-I have an old terra cotta drain pipe that I stood vertically within an obelisk and planted a MG in it!!No bunny will be able to reach THAT! HA HA!(I'm going mad)Of course the deer can though so maybe I need a nine foot drainpipe....
Those buggers even nibbled just enough of my daylily foliage so that they aren't able to support themselves and most of them lay on the ground-can you believe such 'cute' little beings could do that?
I loved your baby bird experience-very sweet.

Michelle I like that mosaic table(and flowers!)! Did you make it?

I am zonked-yes the nursery trip was fun! 4"pot perennials for $2.49! I'll tell you what I bought tomorrow...ah the suspense.

I bought a bathing suit on the first shopping trip and it was on sale.....that never combination never happens.

Man you guys are big on peer pressure...I pedicured today: )Nothing like sandblasting the tootsies lol.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I was hoping that someone had taken a camera along at the Idyll East gathering yesterday...but maybe that was asking too much of you folk. After all, a day among good friends does not need recording for the greater public. Yet, a tour of Monique & Les's garden would be fun, as would Sue and Tom's!

A scorcher here with high 80s expected. Too bad for Woody's garden tour which is today. Yesterday she got to visit some of the other gardens on the tour at their preview stage...and she is now less stressed, feeling good about the work they have accomplished!

Last night, as I was about to pick up a pizza for DH, the car battery had died. The lights had NOT been left on either. Between the brakes and the battery and the dead a/c, I'm fed up. Here it is a long weekend and I am housebound with the patient. grrrr Just one small thing I need to get, garden twine, has me extra annoyed. I need some to tie up various plants before tonight's predicted rains.

Must go feed DH. He's really got a good deal going, I must say. I'll never last six weeks though...maybe two with any luck. This is probably what I dreamed of at age 18...time alone with the man of my dreams in a lovely country home. Ha! ;-)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Eden, Deanne and Monique took pictures in my garden yesterday. For some reason I can't get decent shots of the containers. I take them then delete them all once I dowmload them and look at them full size. BTW, I don't know what the tag says but Tricyrtis Raspberry Mousse is three feet tall in my garden.

It looks like I have a free day today. Tom is golfing and I have no pressing garden chores. My back is a bit hinky from all the bending and lifting I did the last couple of days. I'd like to get some unusual shade plants for the new garden around the shed but none of the nurseries around here seem to be carrying anything good. So far the deals aren't that great either-no perennials for $2.49.

BTW, Deanne, there is a message on the New England forum that Uncanoonuc is having a 20% off sale right now on everything. I wish that was closer.

Babs, the rabbits are starting to do some damage in my garden too. In late spring I always get little teeny babies living in the front gardens-probably because there is so much cover. They aren't so bad when they're small but I can always tell when they start getting bigger because bigger plants get destroyed. The deer potential is worriesome but so far I've found that they just occasionally pass through into the field next to my house and then into a huge old cemetary and quarry beyond. A busy road cuts between the field and cemetary and the who area is basically commercial and heavy residential. Maybe that keeps them at bay-I sure hope so.

Ei, really, relax about IU3. I always stress about gardeners visiting too but I truly think no one looks at your garden as critically as you. My garden has areas I hate too-areas I tinker with constantly and can't get right. We all have areas like this and are relieved to hear we aren't alone.

Michelle, what a beautiful container combo and setting. Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north. Unfortunately 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year and my company is open on Monday. So I have to go into work tomorrow then have Tuesday off. The option would have been to take a vacation day. Maybe I'll take another half day. Tom invited his family over for a cookout on the fourth so I'd better start thinking about food.

OK, time to motivate. Happy Sunday.


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Good morning

What a fabulous time the North Easterners had yesterday - I was almost tasting the food as you described it Sue! And I'm sure the gardens were just as wonderful, yours included.

Ei - are you familiar with the book "Why we Garden?" Its something to ponder at a time like this. I know we all stress about wanting our gardens to look their best when people visit, the same way we clean our houses (and kids) for company. But you don't want to loose sight of why you garden in the first place. To me if a private garden brings pleasure to its owner its a good garden, an if it brings pleasure to others as well its a great garden. I bet you'd be happier with the way things look if we weren't descending on you. No garden is ever "done" but that shouldn't diminish the joy of nuturing plants and creating combinations that delight the senses. We are all coming to see YOU, and as well as being a talented gardener, you are a caring sister, daughter, friend, mother and wife - we value all of those things. So enjoy the confection of your blooms while they last and relax with a nice coctail with Paul on the porch tonight.

GB - hope nothing else mechanical breaks on you. I would love to come up and visit sometime - we can make plans at IU3. Hope your DH's recovery continues smoothly.

Babs - I don't think I responded about the Fingerlakes - we are about 30 minutes from Lake Canadagua, one of the western fingerlakes and often drive down. There is a nice beach there in the summer and its not far from where Annie skis in the winter. I love the scenary in that area, it reminds me of parts of Europe. I can't wait to hear which perennials you bought!

Yesterday I picked Annie up from Camp in the Adirondacks. It is 188 miles one way, so I spent a lot of time at the wheel. Fortunately I had some good books on tape so it passed pleasantly. Despite the rain, Annie had had a fantastic time. Her consellors, one from Hungary, the other from Missipppi, were delightful and they said what a great group of girls they had in Annie's cabin. This year Annie had particularly enjoyed mountain biking and fort building and she declared it the best year ever. It was lovely to see her enjoying herself so much, but good to have her home as I'd missed here a lot. I have to keep working on the "letting go" part of parenting!

Today I'm pottering about in the garden dodging yet more showers. David and DH are playing a round of golf together later and I'm deciding what to grill for supper tonight. We're having a quiet 4th of July here with a BBQ and watching the town fireworks.

Have a good Sunday everyone


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oops - I missed lots of people, but I did want to say Hi to Taryn and congats on her boys' reports.

Waving to everyone else,


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good day!

We did indeed have a perfect day yesterday. I began the day with a tour of Deanne's lovely gardens. So many beautiful pots and combinations! It is much better in person than in all of the lovely photos posted here. She is truly an artist in the garden as well.

We set off for Connecticut with Doug as our captain, picked up Sue and Tom, and sped to Monique & Les's house in Deanne's UAV. Monique's garden is stunning, they have done so much with their blank slate yard. Numerous well-grown trees, shrubs and vines as well as assorted perennials and even tasty blueberries! We were served a wonderful dinner on the deck (food descriptions to follow by Deanne) - let me just say that Les is a wonderful cook!

After dinner, we set off for dessert and a look at Sue's garden. Her patio and new hot tub area look wonderful, so inviting and relaxing. Her gardens are stunning - so many well-grown plants, among them the largest clumps of Hakonechloa grass and ligularia I have ever seen! Top that off with tasty dessert and drinks, and I was in heaven.

Truly a perfect day, I was amazed by all of the beautiful gardens. Multiple hortgasms along with delicious food and great company - what more could a girl want?

I want to thank all of my NE Idyll friends for their generosity in sharing their gardens, and I hope to have them come to my place soon, although my gardens are by no means in their league - still very much a work in progress.

Great long weekend ahead - how does everyone celebrate the 4th of July (or Canada Day for you Canadians?). We attend a big parade, which we look forward to every year. The first one up on the morning of the 4th loads up the car with beach chairs and places them along the parade route to "save our spot". I remember attending this same parade as a child, and I believe my mother did also. The day would not be complete without hearing the Boston Pops play the 1812 overture, complete with cannons firing an accompaniment. I have not yet had the opportunity to hear them in person, the crowds in Boston for that concert are just too much. People line up at sunrise with their blankets to save a spot, and spend the whole day there waiting for the evening concert.

Bug, sorry about your car - how frustrating. Hope your DH is doing well - hopefully he won't need 6 weeks of your care.

Eden, I have dug out so much LOV that I cringe when I see it for sale anywhere. I firmly believe that is all one long root, like a rope, that reaches to the center of the earth! You have to dig it out, otherwise the root breaks and it grows back.

Well, time to go have lunch, them swimming at my parent's pool. DS has learned to dunk his head and swim underwater and he can't wait to show us up close!

Hi to those I missed!

Have a great day everyone!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gorgeous, gorgeous pics, ladies. I worked like a dog in the heat yesterday but got things looking repaired after all the torrents of a week ago. Today, I went nursery hopping in 95 degree weather (good day not to be in the garden!) but confess I didnt find anything spectacular, altho several places had things 25% off -- managed to get a few more Geranium Rozanne (love that plant), Salvia guarantica Black & Blue (another one since it seems to overwinter in my yard), Heuchera Bronze Wave (you all have inspired me to try a few more heucheras), Shasta Aglaia, and a few other not worth mentioning. Still cannot locate anyone w/ Ajuga Black Scallop or Echinacea Sparker in this area....

I will say in looking at the geranium selections when I was buying Rozanne, there was a new one in the "blue pot" -- $24.99 for something called "Blue Sprite" or "Blue Sunset" I think... wow.... that seemed a bit pricey for a new introduction small pot of cranesbill. Whew! Decided to pass on that one this year!

I have gotten very hungry since I heard the yummy gourmet foods the NE Idyllers were enjoying yesterday - sounds like a perfect day in the land of gardens -- great company, food, plants, weather, -- wow, what more could one ask for?

I tell you, after looking at the fantastic gardens the NE Idylls have, Im ready to rip everything of mine out!! Gotta keep Mary's advice in mind -- the reasons why we really garden -- I was just thinking that yesterday, that I was so happy working in the borders, it was quiet in the neighborhood & everyone must have been off doing things -- I thought, "I guess I should be feeling lonely but I dont, my heart is content".... I just love working with the plants, no matter what health or shape they're in -- and if something looks pleasing to my eye, Im happy. Thanks for the bits of advice, Mary -- I think we should keep it in mind when we're viewing the other masterly photos.

O, and on the shopping tip advice, I stopped at a local Joanns & got a few small pots -- all the big ones were already gone -- the lurkers must have read Sue's shopping tip & gotten there before me!!

We just got a torrential t-storm -- actually some things needed it -- altho Im concerned -- my 10 yr old Buddleia Pink Delight is all droopy & nasty looking -- I dont know if it's mildew or it rotted from the 12 inches of rain last week -- I'll be so sad if it really bites the dust - who ever heard of a buddleia dying? A neighbor's Bradford pear split & came down on next door neighbor's house & car too -- ooops..... makes me sooooo glad I had mine taken out years ago - the developer put them in all over & the ones still standing are now making a big mess for people storm after storm.

Well, I think I'll kick back - I guess this was a me, me bit -- but just wanted to check in a bit since I've been out of the loop for a while. I've got off now til Thursday - thank goodness -- or it would be "d i v o r c e" the job -- last week was a toughie. Im hoping to get stuff planted in between the heat & t-storms expected. I will relish having Monday off especially -- you guys who have to go to work tomorrow hope it's a very quiet, lazy one.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, so after a half hour of composing a chatty posting, you guessed it, it vanished in thin air. I can't redo it now, no energy or inspiration left after a hot busy day of garden work and tending to DH. Car battery gone, running low on food..."good grief!" (That's for Eden.)

I will add though that I have been sharing the excitement and anxieties of Woody's first garden tour. Things went really well in spite of beastly hot weather. She said I could share the photos with you Idylls. Look for her benches on the back deck. They should look familiar!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well, we went to another cook out yesterday and the rains surrounding this area put nary a drop on the festivities. A good time was had by all but by 6 or so I was past ready to get home and hunker down in the AC. Today looks to be lovely with scattered T storms later but t surely doesnt look like it now. Im planning on getting out to JoAnn Fabrics later to see if the hordes or lurkers here have left any containers.

I so wish I could transport you all here for an evening stroll about the place as I dont recall it looking so green and abundant before. It was in better shape last year as everything was perfectly edged, mulched and deadheaded but this year with the bits of untidy areas here and there and a trowel left on a bench or a few deadheaded flowers in a terracotta pot have their own look of a growing thriving garden in the works. As of course they always are, a work in progress.

Im smiling at Marys post about enjoying the process and Cindys love of tending to the plants as they couldnt have expressed my sentiments better. It must have to do with a love of nurturing things. Doug is always astonished because I really do know every plant in my garden. I know how it is doing, is it a good year or a bad or maybe it needs to be moved because it isnt happy in its current location.

Im smiling to myself because of the surprises the garden always has in store for us. Those Manhattan lilies that I was put out with for being too tall in their current location have so pleased me because they are giving that view a new perspective and I will probably leave them there for a few years now. I realized that it is a bit refreshing to have my view of the birdbath from the front of the garden obscured for a month or two. It makes me look at the sundial garden differently and that reflection in the water from the backside of the garden was a beautiful surprise.

So the season is moving along but this next four weeks is the peak season in our gardens. Im planning on sitting back and spending more time inhaling the views and savoring the richness of the visuals.

Hugs to all! I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday weekend whether it is the Fourth of July or Canada Day celebration.


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Good morning

Cindy - isn't it great to get lost in your yard!!

GB - doesn't sound much fun;0( Hope you get some supplies soon.

Deanne - I'd LOVE to be transported to your patio for an evening stroll!!

Not that I'm not enjoying myself here. The garden is bursting forth with poppies, cleome and hollyhocks hitting their stride. Yesterday afternoon I spend a blissful couple of hours reading by the pool with Annie, enjoying the hummingbirds swooping to the flowers. My bronze fennel is covered with Monarch larva which we're enjoying watching grow.

Yesterday I found the most adorable plant. Just starting to bloom was this teensy, tiny Fuchsia Encliandra. Loving miniatures as I do I was captivated by the minute blossoms. Eden - I bet you would enjoy this!

here is the whole plant

and the teesy, weensy blossom

I'm in love.....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It's a real scorcher here and Charlotte and I prefer to remain indoors. I was up early though and took a few pohotos. I'm too tired to chat now.

This is a favourite clematis, Blue Boy.

Yes, the corn is knee high!

A nice dark delphinium.

I love this one. The Alexandra Rose.


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Shh I'm not allowed to be here...I'm supposed to be resting because yesterday I took a spill in Target's parking lot and bruised my hip and it feels like I twisted some muscles! Can you say clutz? One of my boys was a little over excited and got tangled in my shopping bags/me and we did a twisted pretzel thing and all I could do was go down as graceful as I am capable-well Chris promised me I was graceful in my fall.(I will never go back there again!) I'm OK and a couple days of taking it easy and ICE should take care of it.

Ennyway...I still havent' told you what plants I found on my nursery rounds. Unfortunately,what I consider the major perennials weren't on sale a bit so I stalked the smaller ones for $2.49 here's what I chose:

Penstemon rhondo
Penstemon digitalis 'Mystica'
2 Penstemon mexicali 'Miniature Bells'
Potentilla nepalensis 'Miss Willmott'
Artemesia 'Silver Mound'
Echinacea purpurea 'Cygnet White'
Asclepias tuberosa
Oenothera speciosus

I also found a fun plant that I normally wouldn't get but since this was a gift I went for it and bought a tropical plant called Clerodendrum ugandense or also known as Blue butterfly plant. Its habit almost reminds me of a loose version of PG Hydrangea(in fact this plant is a huge shrub in Kenya and Uganda. The blooms form is panicle clusters and look like tiny periwinkle butterflies!! I hope I can keep it alive this winter indoors: )

I really am fascinated by the hummingbird activity as well as the butterflies these last few summers so all the finds I bought will hopefully please them. For anyone who wants hummers-the penstemons are visited daily-I recommend them for mid summer hummer feeding.

OH Clematis!GB I did not find anything I liked-was hoping to see some non vining ones or even the pagoda one which I do like(was that the one Ei has? I liked the one she has too). The search continues: )

My goal is to get the bigger perennials(Nora Leigh,etc.) toward the end of the season when I love to play 'plant chicken' lol.

Sorry I gotta go-I've been found out for not resting oops!


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We met up with my son and his GF, my DD and Kenzie and my folks at the Lakes yesterday. It was extremely hot and the young people enjoyed swimming. I had to work today. No real plans for tomorrow. I messed around in the potager tonight. I am actually starting to like working in that garden now that it is more aesthetically pleasing.

RE: the container, I cheated and added the roses in vials and just stuck the babies breath in. I never picked up blue lobelia this year. It looks good with that geranium.

Eden, I dug out some invasives last fall and this spring a few popped up so I decided to put some annuals in those areas for at least this year.

I agree with Babs on what a nice gesture Taryns welcome party is for their buyers.

Babs, I did make the table. That Clerodendrum ugandense is a cool plant. It caught my eye when we were at the Dallas Arboretum.

Cindy, the Echinacea Sparkler was a dog for me. It came back this spring but was absolutely puny. Now it seems to have disappeared.

We keep joking that the corn is going to be Kenzie high by the 4th of July. It is well over that.

bug, thanks for the link to Woodys garden tour. Everything looked perfect.

Mary, what a great description of gardening. My concept is that I garden for my own pleasure and if I like it thats great. If others enjoy it, thats an added bonus.

Ill leave you with a bouquet for the holiday. I love these red poppies with their frilly centers even if I dont do much red in the garden. Its nice that they bloom right around the 4th and the blue delphinium is such a true blue.

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Hi, just wanted to whip in to send a fast hello to everyone and wishes that everyone enjoys a lovely day tomorrow---whether you are in the USA and celebrate or just a beautiful day (since I missed Canada's Day).

We've had Jamie for the past couple of days. He has a horrible cold & cough along with the "I need my Mommy!" woes. He is also getting very good at 'potty training' so I had to be on the alert for his little soft spoken "I need to go potty, Grammie". Now why can't he holler that as loud as he can holler "I need my Mommy!!"? LOL I also spend some hours the past couple days working at a concession booth at the local 4th of July festivites. It was tiring, hot and my feet hurt. Yep, I'm sniveling.

Babs, sorry to read that you fell in the parking lot! Hope you'll heal quickly. There must have been something in the air as I took a tumble going down the stairs at DD's house today. No one was around when I did it and it was the good 'ole slow motion fall with the fast thought process of "oh crum! I'm falling and it is going to hurt like the dickens! But thank goodness no one is around to see me do it." I skinned my elbow, bruised my hip and twisted my upper back but none of it was bad enough that I had to fess up to anyone that I fell again. Klutz woman strikes again!

'bug, your photos are gorgeous! Hope your energy returns soon.

Michelle, your container is lovely and the table is awesome.

Oh....I know I'm missing commenting on so much that I've been in awe of......but I'm going to go sit in my chair, with my feet up, until it is bedtime.

My best to everyone!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Evening Idylls!

Well DH has been off work since Friday and is taking a week off of work. Were hoping to get a vacation in this summer, but probably only for a week and since he has the extra time he decided to take off a week now and just do things around here. So its been kind of fun hanging out together...LOL! Had a pleasant surprise on Saturday morning. It was pretty early. I just got up and hadnt even had my "brew" yet, when I spotted a couple of walkers checking out the front yard. I would have gone out to say "Hi!" but I was still in my pj's. Of course that didn't stop hubby. He invited them to come see the backyard too. Well, they were here for so long, my curiosity got the best of me and I finally walked out onto the deck in my pj's to see what they were up to! :-) Turns out they were *really sweet* ladies. The one lives in the condos about 8 blocks from here and the other was her friend visiting from Canada! We chatted for about a half hour (me the whole time in my pj's and they not noticing or not caring...LOL!) The one studies Feng Shui and told me my garden was very good Feng Shui! :-) Cool! Wish I knew what that meant...LOL! Anyway here's what tickled me...They had just come back from an Artists Retreat and asked me if I painted. "Ha"..."no, not even walls", I said. Long story short they invited me to attend the next retreat and I'm thinking about it. It sounds like fun! They assured me you don't have to be an "artist" to attend, that I could just have fun with it. The lady who lives here and I exchanged phone numbers and she is suppose to call me and let me know when the next retreat will be coming up. Obviously I want to get to know her better and find out all the details before I would go, but they were *so* nice and such interesting people and I bet the retreat would be fun we'll see.

Anyway, so then Sunday DH and I took another trip to Michigan. It really is so beautiful there. I think if I had to move, Michigan would be a very nice place to go. The whole trip was wonderful and in one of the little towns we stopped in they were having an antique show and sale and an ice cream social too! :-) It was all so Norman Rockwellish...I just loved it! It's been a very nice week-end and tomorrow I'm having my family over for the 4th. One more month...three more rounds of treatment and sis will be all done with her chemo!! Yea! :-) On Weds. DH is taking his motorcycle for a ride around Lake Michigan, up through Michigan and back. I'm a little anxious and will worry about him the whole time, but he deserves to have some fun and it's something he's been talking about doing for a long time. And YES! DH *will* be wearing his helmet. Which reminds me I've been wanting to thank you Honey. I did tell you I told DH about the Donors Month thing and how I wasnt really sure if he was impressed or not? Well, I have to tell you, I think he was! :-) Friday he was going to meet a friend to play racquetball and decided to take his motorcycle. I asked, as I always do, "Are you going to wear your helmet?" Expecting the usual sigh and the usual "No". But guess what? He looked at me and smiled and said, "Yes, Ill wear my helmet. Will that make you happy?" "Yes!" :-) Maybe he does actually listen to me after all! :-) So I will stay here and go to a Farmer's Market with Dotty on Weds. Thursday is still up in the air.

LOL Deanne! Are you kidding?!? I plan to take *full* advantage of having all these wonderful gardeners here. I mean how often does one get the chance to have so many great gardeners right in your own back yard? :-) It will be great *so* great! :-) I'm really getting anxious now...but in a *good* way! BTW, I would *love* for you to come visit me anytime you are in the area Deanne, but still hoping some how you might make to IU3 too. Thanks too Deanne for understanding my angst! :-) Loved your description of your garden...sounds like you are really enjoying it Deanne and I'm so glad you guys are finally having some lovely days! Oh, have been meaning to say that I would love to share some of my 'Claire' with you. It's so much fun to share plants with really tickles me and brings me so much pleasure to think a part of me is with a friend and a part of them is with me too! :-)

Speaking of IU3...V....has anybody told you that I've been calling? I have some questions....yikes! Do you believe how close it is getting? Would Wednesday night be good night to call you?

Mary, I wanted to tell you too....Thank you so much for giving my garden back to me and for reminding me what really matters! You really put it in perspective for me and made me feel relaxed again (the rest of you guys too...Thanks!) :-) I have been working in the gardens for the last couple days, but with a whole different perspective. Instead of just suffering anxiety over everything that isn't just the way I would like it to be for the IU3, instead I am really enjoying the things I love about my garden and remembering why I started gardening in the first place! :-) It's been lovely to tell my flowers "Why Miss Patty you're looking especially lovely today!" Instead of saying..."Why aren't you standing up straight?" "How can you flop now...don't you know I'm expecting company?" LOL! Just kidding, but you know what I mean; right? BTW, Patty *is* looking very lovely. She's an annual poppy and I think you would really like her Mary. This year they are starting to re-seed for me and I would love to get them seeding all over the garden eventually. I just *love* the color! I would be happy to save you some seed - that is if you don't already have her? BTW, I love your little fuchsia...she's a real cutey! :-) Glad Annie had a great time at camp, but I bet your glad to have her home again too!

Pattys Plum Poppy:

Something that made me happy in the garden today:

Did I mention I like bright or is that stating the obvious...LOL! :-)

Michelle I *love* your 4th of July container! Next year I am definitely doing your that. Speaking of which, how do you carry your geraniums over the winter? Do you let your geraniums go dormant or do you grow them on all along or just take cuttings? Your flower arrangement is just beautiful too, BTW! Those poppies are stunning! They remind me of the ones I have from Mrs. Shack (except hers are pink). Are those from your own garden? Wow! The table is beautiful too and what a perfect container!

Babs! I'm so sorry you hurt yourself! Hope your not aching too much and hope you heel quick! Well, your Clerodendrom is just gorgeous! Is that an annual or a perennial? You really find some neat plants. What was that other one you showed us a pic of before...I think Phygelius? That was gorgeous too! I love penstemons...they come in such *beautiful* colors, but they don't seem to like me much. The only one I've had any luck with is 'Red Rocks'. Oh, BTW, the Clematis I have is Betty Corning and last summer I moved some of her to a couple other places in the garden. I bet you anything there's a nice piece of vine we could dig up and send home with you when you come, if you would like.

Marie your pictures today were gorgeous. I especially love the corn's kind of moody, but exciting too...I love the misty background. I can see why that Blue Boy is a favorite too...what a pretty color and the shape of the flower reminds me of a fairys hat! :-) That Alexandra Rose is gorgeous too!

T - *do* be careful! I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly. Maybe we should start a club of klutzes. Did I ever tell you guys how I once stepped on an "upfacing" hand cultivator and it went right through my shoe and my foot! Yikes! Now I *always* put tools "tines down" and never forget. I even step on the back of them to make sure they have sunk into the ground for extra safety. Now that I think about it, most of my injuries seem to be garden related and I'm too embarrassed to tell you guys how many times poor hubby has had to take me to the ER after a fine day of gardening. Luckily, so far this season I seem to be klutz free. I sure hope little Jamie is feeling better by tomorrow... poor guy...I hate when the little ones are sick. Hope you are sitting with your feet up now T and feeling a little better.

Marian! Hi! Where are you? Hope you are having a nice week-end and wishing you a Happy 4th of July too!

Well, it's l2:00 and I need to get to bed, much to do tomorrow to prepare for the barbecue. I may not get to peek in here much this week, with hubby being home and all, but I want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day & a Happy Canada Day too!

Chicago - Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the park
I think it was the Fourth of July
Saturday in the park
I think it was the Fourth of July
People dancing, people laughing
A man selling ice cream
Singing Italian songs
Can you dig it (yes, I can)
And I've been waiting such a long time
For Saturday

Another day in the park
I think it was the Fourth of July
Another day in the park
I think it was the Fourth of July
People talking, really smiling
A man playing guitar
Singing for us all

Will you help him change the world
Can you dig it (yes, I can)
And I've been waiting such a long time
For today

Slow motion riders fly the colors of the day
A bronze man still can tell stories his own way
Listen children all is not lost
All is not lost
Oh no, no

Funny days in the park
Every day's the Fourth of July
Funny days in the park
Every day's the Fourth of July
People reaching, people touching
A real celebration
Waiting for us all
If we want it, really want it

Can you dig it (yes, I can)
And I've been waiting such a long time
For the day

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

It's been a long day and I was tired! I was getting my poppies mixed up...that's pics of 'Lauren's Grape' poppy (an annual), not my Patty's Plum Poppy, which is a perennial! Okay, Good Night! It's now 1:00 a.m.!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Well, I went to JoAnns yesterday and there were no wonderful large containers left but they DID have some white wrought iron hangers with coco fiber mats and some neat plant stands on sale for 70% off so I was drooling over that. Then I nipped into Home Goods and scored a nifty obelisk for $15.00 and a print on sealed particleboard for $10. The print is long and narrow, probably about 18" by four feet and the painting is an urn with blooming brugmansia in it. Too cool. I have to figure out where I can set it up with a blooming brug next to it.

Doug and I started the day with a 20 mile bicycle ride out through Hollis then looped around past Silver Lake and up Farley Rd. The reason I mention where we went is because it goes right by The Mixed Border. The good news is that they are having a 25% off sale and Doug didnt mind if we stopped in so I could do a bit of plant shopping. I picked up Ajuga Rainbow, Salvia Forskaohlei, Yarrow Anthea and a couple pots of a yellow stokesia I cant think of the name of off hand and last but not least I picked up that extra Clematis Arabella I want for that obelisk in the middle of the Terrace Garden where the Clematis Asao is.

Anyway, I think the 25% off sale at Mixed Border will be going on for the remainder of the month. Im going to have to go back and check it out again when I have more time. Doug was pretty patient with me but I did have to cut my shopping time shorter than I would have liked. LOL

Babs and T. So sorry about your accidents! I hope that doesnt spread around the Idylls. I hope you both feel better very soon. The truth of the matter is that Im a bit of a klutz myself and there was a joke in my family that I wasnt allowed to use any sharp objects for a time.

Eileen, gorgeous, gorgeous pics. I love that echinacea, monarda, hemerocallis combination. Is that amsonia to the upper right of that photo??? ~~ So happy you are enjoying your gardens and not obsessing about IU3 anymore. ~~ No rush on getting that cutting to me. Probably would be good to just send me a piece of what you prune off in the fall before the frost.

Michelle, what a beautiful flower arrangement! You always put together the loveliest flower combinations. Neat that you are enjoying working in your potager garden now.

Babs, that Clerodendrum is too neat. Im looking forward to hearing how it does for you and Im hoping you can winter it over. It sounds like you had a great shopping trip.

Bug, lovely photos! That Alexandra is beautiful. Do you have a pic of the whole shrub? ~~ Thanks for the link to Woodys gardens. Everything looks like it was wonderful for her tour.

Mary, your gardens sound wonderful. I got a huge smile on my face when reading your post and Doug wanted to know what I was smiling about. ~~ I love that dwarf fuchsia! Will you put it in an arrangement or keep it as a specimen plant? ~~ So happy that Annie had such a great time at camp.

Cindy, Im never lonely in the gardens either. The gardens are such a calming and serene place. ~~ Im so jealous that you can overwinter Salvia guaranitica outside. I love that plant and I never know if I can find it in the spring. ~~ So sorry about your Buddleia Pink Delight. I have one that has been touch and go with surviving our winters but it still is hanging on. It must get huge for you down in your southern climate.

Wendy, Hope you and family have a great time at the parade. Ive not been to one in more years than I can count. ~~ Id like to hear the Pops in person one of these years but like you I dont know if I could handle the crowds.

Sue, in your travels if you come across any Painters Palette would you please pick it up for me. After seeing it in your garden next to Britt Marie Crawford Ive gotten the wicked I wants.

OK Ive got to get going here and get the watering done so we can do another bicycle ride in today.

Have a great day everyone,

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! Just wanted to check this morning to see if I really made my correction last night or if I was dreaming...Glad to see I did! :-)

Deanne - your Arabella is on my list of clematis to find -along with many of Marie's little guys. :-) I really haven't had much time to do any plant shopping this season and haven't even been to my two favorite perennial nursreies out here - Planter's Palette and The Growing Place. But I'm really getting the bug now and hopefully Weds. Dotty and I will make it to those two after the Farmer's Market. I'm also looking for a few small evergreens, but I might hold off on that until the IU3. I think V is planning to take us to an "evergreen specialty" nursery that I've always been itching to see! Can't wait! I'm sure I'll find something there that I'll want to take home with me.

Babs I just remembered that I did find a variegated Clerodendrum last year and tried to overwinter it outside, but it didn't make it. I really love the one you *does* remind me of butterflies. How are you going to take care of it? Will you leave it outside or bring it in? Either way, let me know how it works out because I would love to try that one! :-)

Funny I was thinking the same thing about Michelle too Deanne! You know Michelle, there could be a second career for you as a florist. You really *do* create beautiful arrangements. Is that a natural knack or did you take classes? I took a class, but still don't seem to have the knack. The class wasn't totally wasted on me though...I can make a mean bow now! :-)

Sue...can you tell me a little bit about Painters Pallette? Will it take full shade? Is it aggressive? Maybe you can tell me about Britt too? I love the plant, but mine does not seem as dark as when I first planted it a couple of years ago. Maybe it needs more sun?

Hope T & Babs are feeling better this morning and not too achy! Well, I best get busy making the strawberry shortcake and the coleslaw...Have a wonderful holiday everyone!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oops! Deanne, I meant to say thanks and to tell you yes that is the willow leaf Amsonia. It's one of my favorite "foliage" plants! I'm going to divide this one in the fall and put it in a few more places in the garden. It does bloom little star-like blue flowers in the spring, but it really is the foliage that I love so much.

Okay off to face the day...have a good one all! Ei

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Im wondering how big of basket Deanne has on her bike that she can stop for plant shopping while on a bike ride. Deanne, I have one of my Endless Summer near my Britt Marie Crawford and I like the look, but then my Endless Summer is pink.

Ei, those are reseeding annual poppies from my garden. I also have lavender and pink. Would you like seed? I just bring the mother geranium in and winter in a sunny window. I then take cuttings toward spring to make more. The mother usually survives this as well. Years ago I did take them out of the pots and shake the dirt off and put them in paper bags in a cool basement. This way you cant take cuttings and it takes awhile in the spring for them to leaf out, but is good if you dont have much room. The other way they will actually bloom some during the winter and any blooming during the winter is a joy.
LOL about me being a florist. I enjoy it, but am far, far from professional. I love to hunt for cool containers. The one I gave my folks for their anniversary the other day was in a huge coffee cup I picked up at the Goodwill. This container I just got the other day at a garage sale. $2 and it is Moira pottery made in England. (Mary I thought of you when I found that out)
I love that combo with the Echinacea and the bee balm. The Echinacea looks like it almost has a pinkish color on the insides of the petals. I have a very similar daylily. What Echinacea is that?

Babs and T sorry about the falls. I hope you arent too stiff and sore. I tend to get a little wound up and not think and thats when I stumble and then remind my self to slow down.

T, I had to chuckle about Jamie being so discreet about the bathroom.

Babs, I read somewhere on line that the Blue Butterfly can be brought in and takes to pruning well.

Bug, I absolutely love that rose. Such pretty coloring.

We dont have anything planned for the day. So I think Ill hang out in the garden. I think we will have to check the corns height. Last summer on July 14 it was over my head. I think I posted pictures of it.

Have a great day


Id had to show a few lily pictures as they are looking so lovely. How nice that they are blooming with the babies breath. I love the Gypsophila 'Pink Fairy'.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Nothing planned at our house today...just more hose dragging.
The neighbor's fireworks appear to have came to an abrupt halt, after the cousin's hayfield up above us caught on fire a couple of days ago! Fortunately they were very fast at getting it put out.
I certainly hope some of the showers north and west of us rub off on to us. This dry weather is a real concern.

The hooved rodents are expanding their diet. All of the sedum along the east bed have been pruned to naked stems. There are 6-7 of them, and they were quite sizable. Some additional victims last night were the Angelwing begonia, and much of the sultanas in the pot with the Kong Mosaic coleus. I had it out next to the young Bald Cypress. It is now on the deck. Two rather sparse orchid cactus had their few blooms chomped off and devoured. I have moved the large enamal pot,( with the large orchid cactus), from the stand in the island, to the deck. The potted pentas on an island bench were covered with blooms. They are mostly all nipped off. I hope that will not be the case with all the other potted plants on the 2 long benches. There is just not enough room on the deck for all of them....:-(
If they develop a taste for the elephant ears and caladium I will REALLY flip my lid!

Sorry that both Teresa and Babs have suffered falls. I hope you are both okay. I am expecting to be a victim any time now. I do a lot of staggering, but seldom get all the way down...:-)

Eileen, I do hope you have really come to terms with the anxiety over IU3. I really doubt if you can totally escape being anxious, but I am sure your yard will be lovely, as it has always appeared to be, even in last year's drought.
Sometimes I feel badly because my yard is such a far cry from all the beautiful ones that you all have, but then....I am not in competition. I garden strictly for my own pleasure. Is that selfish? Of course, if I lived where my yard was visible to the public I would be more concerned.About the only ones who see it, other than us, is the electric meter readers!( Two ladies. I think it is mother and daughter. )

Mary, I am so glad Annie had a nice time at her summer get-a-way.

Michelle, your vase bouquets are lovely.

Marie, I enjoy your pics, espacially the corn field...:-)

Hi to all that have posted, and to all who we haven't heard from for awhile.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy 4th of July as well!!

I hope to enjoy the garden today before heading over to DD's for some dinner & company.

Must have been a day for falls & klutzes -- Im periodically a klutz & yesterday I somehow tripped over the wheelbarrow - left a nice gash on the leg & me feeling particularly stupid when I went flying backwards & hoping no one saw.....days like that I make sure to stay out of the kitchen because it's inevitably a disaster!

Ei -- love, love those shots - I've been lusting for Lauren's Grape poppy for several years - finally got about 4 plants to bloom this year - am hoping that's the "beginning" of getting them in the borders. Im looking forward to seeing your lovely "Monet's Gardens" in person - believe me, no one is coming to care about weeds or grass or what's perfect or not -- just looking forward to being surrounded by your lovely colors & inspired combinations -- even in rain!!

'bug - that's such a lovely clematis - I've been admiring it for a couple years -- been thinking I need to add it to the fence. Hope you got the car working again and your DH is recovering and he's not "enjoying poor health" too much!!

Michelle - wow - that combo of lilies & gypsophila - a perfect perfect combination!! I can't get the baby's breath to overwinter in my beds either - too much heavy clay I guess & too wet. & you are so talented in the bouquet department also.

Deanne - thanks for the sympathy re the buddleia - I knew you would commiserate with me as you have one -- yes, it gets over 8 or 9 feet every year & has been a total trooper in the yard - which is why its apparent failing is so sad. That was after severe cutting down to 12 inches every year..... I guess I'll leave it there in hopes it will recover somehow before I replace it next year.

Well, I'd best get on with the day - I've been a terrible slug here this morning; saundering in the back yard (in the bathrobe; picking mush mummies off the daylilies, coffee in the morning heat - yep - another scorcher here today - 90s...).

Hope everyone takes time to relax & re-group - not too much rushing around.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sue, I posted a message this morning and do not see it! Perhaps this is catching?

*****************Happy July 4TH!****************

The car has a new battery and I'm off to the bank and food shopping.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I managed to get a few pics on my old camera...albeit not too good.
The first 2 are for Eileen...of my Maacki and it's blooms:

I was hoping they would be pale blue, but ,as you can see, they are rather yellowish, but not too bad for the 4th 0f July.

The next are some combos. The first is in honor of a couple of Deanne's gifts:

If you look closely you can see the Iresine on the right of the Sedona.

The next is a couple of pots I put together from some of my rooted cuttings:

And last is some more pots, including the remains of the Kong Mosaic pot...:-(

I took a pic of the deck with all it's colorful pots, but it is too washed out.


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Hi: )

Mary! I love that fuchsia! What sweet blooms it gets. It IS fun to try something different. Are you going to add it to one of your containers? I wonder if that propagates the same/(as well as) the fuchsias we are all familiar with.
I think that is so neat that Annie's camp is in the Adirondacks-it does sound like a fun place with the activities she's done.

Thanks for your sympathy over my fall-I'm pretty good today just have a bruised feeling on my hip. I'm sure you want to know this, but I have a habit of sleeping on my right side and I can't : ( it just hurts like a--it really hurts; )
T I don't like the sound of a twisted back-hope it feels better by now. I've been icing my wounds-the first 24-48 hrs are critical for ice to help swelling-thankfully I'm not swollen. I recommend it if you haven't yet. Motrin is my best friend too.

Ei-my Clerodendrum would never make it outside during winter-it definitely has to come indoors.(I so hope it can take my bad houseplant ways lol. I bet your variegated one was stunning! Hey your garden pics look pretty wonderful to me! Those orange echinaceas are a fun color! Your gardens are vibrant because they reflect you: )

Michelle-yes I can see how Clero. is a vigorous grower so I look forward to pruning it-right now it has buds that should be opening soon-I can show a pic when it does. I also thought I saw a topiary of Clerodendrum which would be fun to try once I know I won't kill it.
WOw what pretty combos you've got there.
How cool that you made your table...I was kind of kidding when I asked you that!lol. You are so talented in so many ways!

Marian you are having the worst luck with rain-I am thinking of setting up a pipeline to you so I can share my rainfall with you; )
We had our fireworks on Sunday and it rained during them so they sped up the show so we wouldn't get rained out.

GB those pics are stunning!I like the cornfield especially-cool mist.

Don't mean to zip out of here but I have a cook out to attend.I made pasta salad.

Have fun!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi everyone,

I hope all are enjoying the holiday. Doug and I celebrated by going for a 32 mile bicycle ride. We went the entire length of the Nashua River Rail Trail and added an additional nine miles by bicycling from our house to the beginning of the trail at the NH/MA border.

Im a bit tired now, especially since we did 20 miles yesterday. Were hoping to be able to get up to 50 miles in a ride. (right now my bum cant take it! LOL) and eventually get up to being able to do century rides. That would put us in shape to be able to do bicycle touring in the fall. Anyway, weve never done fifty miles in two days before so weve definitely improved out fitness level over where we were last year.

Babs, I absolutely love your fireworks photograph! Very cool! ~~ Glad to hear you are feeling ok after your tumble yesterday. ~~ So can you take cuttings of that clerodendron???? Hmmmm, if so Id just love a bit of that when you do prune it.

Michelle, ROTFLOL! No dear, I dont have a huge basket on my bicycle I asked them to hold the plants for me until I could come back with my car. They know me well there and that isnt a problem. Doug said I needed an intervention when I came home from JoAnn Fabrics and Home Goods with more container stuff. Te he. He is such a good sport. I was hoping to find a big, blue, behemoth of a pot like Sue scored but they didnt have anything like that at our store. Le sigh. ~~ Those lily/gypsophila combinations are gorgeous! I especially love that yarrow with the yellow Asiatics. Wonderful!

Marian, your container gardens look fantastic and that Sedona is a knockout! How neat! It looks terrific with that sweet potato vine. ~~ I totally agree with you that a person should garden for their own pleasure. That is really what it is about and as you said it isnt a competition. ~~ So sorry about the deer. Id be apoplectic and probably looking to add a bit of venison to my diet.

Bug, that is pretty strange that you have a missing post also. I know Sue said she posted on the other thread and that went missing too. I had that happen about a month ago but it only was one time. Ive not had a problem since. ~~ Glad to hear your car is back on the road. Ill bet you detour to a nursery in your travels today. ~~ I was thinking of you yesterday when I was admiring my Betty Corning and Alionushka scrambling on the trellis I have them on in the side garden. Doug is going to build me a much larger trellis and after seeing Moniques Betty I know it is going to have to be large and sturdy.

Cindy, Id give that Pink Delight some time before giving up on it. We had a terrible winter a few years back and I didnt get any growth until almost July and then it was only one scrawny stem. It didnt get large that year but it did get about four feet tall and bloomed. It has become more vigorous each year since so Ill bet yours will come back. It is a beautiful thing isnt it?

Eileen, Ill bet Arabella becomes your favorite clematis when you add her to your gardens. She is so very sweet and ever blooming. Id have to say that Arabella is probably my favorite plant in my entire gardens. I do love something that is so free blooming and has such a long season with such a lovely colored flower. ~~ funny you should mention that Sues Britt Marie Crawford is darker than yours. Id have to say that mine isnt as dark either. ~~ I wish I could come over for Strawberry Shortcake. Ive not eaten one of those in years.

OK I've got to run and attempt to do something productive wth the rest of this day. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

What a neat thing to do, Deanne! I never learned to ride a bicyle.
Your nice comments about my pots pics inspired me to try
some more. Following a nice shower of about 1/3rd inch the lighting was better on the deck.

Top view (again) of more coleus, including 1 from Deanne:

Another,with 2 from Deanne:

Eileen's favorite combo, updated :

And and overall view of about 3/4th of the deck pots:

(Still not true to life! It is much more brilliant colored.)


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Why Marian, you're a plant container dynamo! I love all the combos you came up with! Am I wrong or is Ei's fav combo a foot taller than last time?? That just looks so nice.Cool Maaki tree-will the tree get pods or some type of fruit?
I didn't have enough time earlier to pat you on the back and give you the empathetic heavy sigh that I do when I find a new plant added to the hooved rodent's menu. I'm so afraid they will discover the Clerodendrum I just bought and eat it to bits but it sounds like they ate all kinds of your plants! That is so frustrating: (

Deanne-reading about your bike jaunt has made my bum hurt too; ) Wow you two went far! That is terrific and so much fun to go together.
Thanks about my firework pic.Last year I balanced the camera on a Pringles can...this time I opted for a tripod : )lol.

Cindy-I was interested in your Buddleia failing too. I'm new to them as I have had mine for only a couple years. I have 'Lochinch' but it's supposed to be a 4-6ft plant.Mine? It's just barely two feet. Tons of basal growth but not getting any taller: ( I was wondering if heavy clay was my problem. I always hear how massive these get but I'm not impressed so far lol. I hope yours recovers-I mean 12 inches of rain is ALOT of water for a plant that doesn't care for it. Also I assume that Buddleia doesn't need fertilizer-have you ever fertilized yours?

Oops Ei I forgot to say I would love some of Betty Corning if you do find a stray one(that you haven't mulched over lol just kidding; )

This one is short and sweet cuz I need sleep.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

YEAH! Marians sharing pics again! :-) Wow~ what a visual treat! Thanks for sharing the Maackii tree...I didnt know the flowers were suppose to be purple? Obviously mine has never bloomed, but I love those panicles of flowers and Id be happy whether purple or yellow! :-) Your tree has a very nice shape too, Im anxious to see the shape of mine...LOL! Its crammed between a Viburnum and a Arbovitae. I still plan to move it in the fall and put it in the driveway....nice to know what it will look like! :-) Thanks Marian! And, no wonder you are enjoying your deck so much this year, I would be too. The deck is so colorful and cheerful, why it would make anyone smile! :-) That planter with the begonias and coleus is still a favorite. Now I remember the hypoestes, coleus (did you over winter it?) and begonias...but am I forgetting something? Is there something new in there too, or is it, as Babs says, just that your coleus have become so much larger? Anyway...I *do* love that combo. I also love your combo with the coleus that has the white center...very elegant looking. And, is that Alabama Sunset that everyone but me seems to have? Its a beauty...I will definitely put that one on my list for next year. What is the pretty variegated plant with your New Guinea Impatiens? Very nice and I also like that gold and green variegated plant too...what is that one called? Marian, I am just so tickled that you are showing pics again...Ive missed your contributions! Too bad about the fire Marian, but you sound about as excited as I get about fireworks...LOL! Well, I actually like the pretty ones, but am so sick of hearing "the bombs"....poor Scout too. All he has been doing for the last 4 days is growling and barking every time a firecracker goes off...poor thing he is just exhausted! If I didnt feel so sorry for him I would lose my mind between the barking and the bombs...LOL! Well, hopefully tomorrow all of that will come to an end. One of my neighbors did put on a beautiful show of fireworks tonight though and DH, sis, my brother, mom and I all enjoyed them from my deck! :-) Re the Idyllunion. Well, yes, I am still going to be anxious, but not so anxious anymore that it ruins my attitude. What Mary said to me really gave me pause to think. Of course, I would want the Idylls to like my garden, but really, as Mary said, what matters is how *I* feel about my garden. My garden has been a true friend. As Cindy said...I never get lonely in the garden so its been a great companion and any time I need to work out a problem, working in the garden has always been my therapy. *And* whether it is beautiful or sometimes no so beautiful to me, it has always been there to bring me joy and inspiration and gratitude for all the wonder of it. You know that saying "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."? I think it really should be "*Joy* is a thing of beauty forever." :-) And whether the garden is beautiful to anyone else but me really doesnt matter in the end. Besides, what is *most* important to me is that the Idylls come and have a good time...I know Ive said it before, but I am really looking forward to meeting everyone! :-)

Babs I *love* your 4th of July pic. Silly me, I thought it was something you copied...not an actual picture that you took...I forgot who I was dealing with! :-) What a photographer! Love the printed words too. Do you have special graphics software? My paintshop pro seems to be very limited in what fonts and styles I can use and very few picture frames or border styles. Id love to experiment with something new, I think it would be a lot of fun to play with. Bummed about the Clero having to come indoors...I have *no luck* with houseplants! :-( Oh well, I will just have to enjoy it vicariously through you. :-) Great! :-) I would *love* to share some of B.C. with you...I *know* we can find a nice piece thats started. The other day I was looking at the one I moved out back and there looks to be 2 or 3 plants there. LOL about the mulching...ya know Babs, I always get such a kick out of you! :-) The fact is I *did* mulch the back of the beds (even though I had told you I wasnt). Had too...I went to the back of the beds and OMIGOSH it was a field of weed seedlings and bush clover. I dont mean that pretty plant people actually put in their yards...I mean I had clover so bad they actually looked like shrubs! I kid you not, about 2 feet tall and almost that wide around. Guess I need to work in the back of my gardens more often, huh? LOL!

Deanne, you never cease to amaze me.....*50 MILES*! Wow! But it must be very exhilarating and rewarding to accomplish something like that. I dont really enjoy bicycle riding. Its not the riding I dont enjoy, but the fact that I am deaf in one ear. I cant hear where the cars are coming from if they are behind me and I always fear getting hit. Still, I used to ride with Paul for awhile and he would ride ahead of me and turn back to yell to me "car coming"...or "on the left"...etc. It was okay, but having this problem really does take a lot of joy out of the outing. Funny, I was just thinking. Its been so many years (I was about 3) since it happened and I am *so* used to it that I actually have to *think* about which of my ears is deaf...LOL! Anyway, I think it is *so* neat that you will do some bicycle touring this fall. Where are you guys going to go?

Cindy...I think that may be the most flattering thing anyone has said to me! :-) Thank you! Quite a few years ago the Chicago Flower & Garden Show had an exhibit created by the Chicago Park District. It was their take on Monets Giverny. The colors just made me weak in the knees and I remember thinking if I could create something even one one-hundredth that beautiful I would be the happiest gardener on earth. I *love* Monets garden. In fact, seeing Monets garden in person is on my Top 10 list of things to do before I die. :-) So thanks, you really tickled this gardener. :-)

Well girls, Im pretty pooped myself, so its to bed for me too. Have to get up early to give DH a proper send off on his road trip and make sure he is all packed and has everything he needs. Geesh...Im already getting anxious about his leaving.

Marie...glad you were able to get your battery and able to travel again...Im sure you are too! :-)

Good Night All and Sweet Dreams! Ei

Think I'll sign off with one of my favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn songs....

One night while sleeping in my bed I had a beautiful dream
That all the people of the world got together on the same wavelength and began helping one another

Now in this dream, universal love was the theme of the day
Peace and understanding and it happened this way

The sick, the hungry, had smiles on their faces
The tired and the homeless had family all around
The streets and the cities were all beautiful places
And the walls came tumblin down

People of the world all had it together
Had it together for the boys and the girls
And the children of the world look forward to a future

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock people, times tickin away
Remember that
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock people, times tickin away

I had a vision of blue skies from sea to shining sea
All the trees in the forest stood strong and tall again
Everything was clean and pretty and safe for you and me
The worst of enemies became the best of friends

People of the world all had it together
Had it together for the boys and the girls
Children of the world look forward to a future

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock people, times tickin away
Remember that
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock people, times tickin away

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oops! Me again! I forgot to tell Michelle how much I enjoyed her pretty lilies. You are nice that the baby's breath blooms at the same time as your makes the perfect foil! :-) Oh and I would *love* some of the red poppy Michelle...Thank you! And if I have any seed you would like...just speak up! :-)

Okay...Good Night Girls! Speaking of which...I *miss* Bruce and all the great stories about his wonderful little family! :-(


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

It looks like it is going to be a wonderful day here. There is a chance of T storms later but I dont think well get any. We seem to be out of that pattern for now. The gardens are doing their July abundance thing and every morning when I get up I just cant believe what a show they are putting on. The white astilbe in the terrace garden are still blooming for another few days and my lovely double Shasta daisies have made a comeback and are beautiful right now. I almost lost them in that bad winter a few years ago and Ive had them for twenty years or so. Anyway, they are such a cheerful sight and make me smile when I see their fluffy flower centers. The Clematis Polish Spirit on the arch is absolutely wonderful this year and the blue C. Arabella flowers on the other side are a perfect companion. My Fuchsia Beacon is finally hitting her stride. I thought youd like to see what this is looking like this morning. I dont think you can get such a showing from a fuchsia from a first year plant so it makes all that work to winter them over worth it.

Michelle, I dont remember if I commented on your remark about visiting and I wanted to make sure you know that youre welcome to come for a visit any time. That would be such a fun time if you ever could do it. ~~ BTW, after I drooled over your lily photo, I had to chuckle. I swear our minds think alike with combinations. Ive always felt like I could move into your garden and be perfectly comfortable. I believe you have a L. Alexander planted by your sundial also as well as other things that feel familiar to me because they are either the same or similar to things Ive done. I have Gypsophila with these as well as the Persicaria polymorpha. Im so grateful Monique convinced me that I needed to grow this persicaria. It is such an impressive plant.

Monique, I wanted to show you this container combination that you and Les inspired. The Fuchsia Billy Green is just beginning to set buds. I also added the pentas and lisianthus as well as a Coprosmia kirkii for a trailing plant and fiber optic grass as a filler. Ill have to show you a pic when the fuchsia blooms.

So sorry Les is under the weather. That is a pretty high fever! I sure hope hes feeling better soon. ~~ Thanks for the paint information. I thought it might be exterior gloss but wanted to make sure. ~~ LOL about my shirt matching your painting. I didnt realize how well until I saw that photo. Too funny, thanks for posting that. ~~ BTW if you have a chance Doug would like the recipe for the corn salad.

Eileen, I dont think Id like bicycling either if I had to worry about not hearing the cars. One of the reason we love the rail trail is that there are no cars on it. When you aren't on a bicycle trail, you have to be so very careful because the cars just dont see you on a bicycle. It seems ever time we ride there is a close call or two. ~~ I love your quote, "Joy is a thing of beauty forever" so true! Thanks for that thought.

Marian, I love, love, love all your container plants. Do you know what that coleus is with the white center and ruffled green edges??? Id like to get my hands on that one. What a terrific plant. Your deck is so colorful it must make you smile.

Babs, didnt you and Chris do some bicycling??? I thought he was into it big time and you were training on a stationary bicycle. Doug and I are now talking about doing a rail trail on Cape Cod that is 25 miles long so it would be a 50 mile round trip. I think that would be a great challenge for our first fifty miler and what scenery! It goes along the ocean and sand dunes. The only problem with doing the longer rides is that it makes me ravenously hungry. I could have eaten the kitchen sink yesterday and probably wound up eating too much for the day but after we got home I kept getting hungry.

OK Ive got to get some watering done here and get my day started. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Deanne and anyone else who is curious about Persicaria/Tovara, whatever the heck they call it these days 'Painter's Pallette', don't buy it. Although I wouldn't consider it aggressive because it's easy to yank, it does seed somewhat heavily. Maybe I can get a few pots of it onto the plane for IU3 and get it to everyone who wants some.

Marian, your deck container garden looks great!

Michelle I have to say that since I spent all the time getting the majority of my garden weeded and mulched last weekend I'm enjoying it much more also. I can deadhead amd putter with the annuals and pots without feeling guilty about the heavy work not being done.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! I'm back from my trip and it was wonderful! I thought I would share one quick story (for 'bug!) and then catch up on my reading as well as a little bit of work.

Quebec City, of course, is totally French-speaking (francophone is their term). On our first day, we would be greeted with a cheery "Bon jour!" and we would respond with something that sounded like "Bon jeer". The person then would immediately smile and say "English?" and proceed on in flawless English. After a day or so, our accents improved and so when we responded with our "Bon jour!" the person would go on to say something more in French. Now we would respond with blank looks, and then we would get the "English?" question. I should emphasize that ALWAYS the people were very friendly and helpful and very competent in English. Finally, our last morning we stopped at a little counter service cafe for coffee and a snack. After exchanging "Bon jours!" with the girl behind the counter, I ordered "un chausson de pomme, sil vous plait" which was a type of apple turnover. The girl responded with a simple question, "Pour ici?" Now, at the point I am gloating just a little bit, because I'm actually conducting a transaction in French! The girl has just asked me if I want my food "For here?" and I gleefully respond, "Si!"

Oops! Wrong language! Boy, did my balloon deflate quickly... But we all had a good laugh, and the chausson de pomme was quite tasty.


Mme. V.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks for your kind comments on my pics. I cannot emphasize enough that the colors are much more intense than the pics.

Eileen, the Maackii is advertised as having white to pale blue blossoms. I would prefer that to the yellowish ones. Maybe they will get more whitish as they age. The planter with the Coleus, Begonias, and Hypostes also has Graptopetalum (a succulent) tucked in along the front. They are only about an inch tall, and 2 inches wide, and grey. The Coleus is the same type as last year, but the Begonias last year had pink blooms and green leaves. The Hypostes were more white with pink. The height is the same. I like this one, but think I liked last year's better. I may have just pinched back the coleus before last year's pic. I've nipped these some, but will continue to do so to make them shorter and bushier. The coleus with the white-looking center is one of the six-pac of ruffled coleus that I bought. Actually the centers are more of a pale yellow. I love those ruffled coleus. They generally don't get as large and bushy as the type Deanne sent...espacially the Sedona and the Alabama Sunset.

Ooops, I almost forgot that I was going to a funeral this morning...gotta go! I'll continue this later.


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Bon Matin

Glad you had a great trip Mmm V! We had a very nice July 4th here, swimming, a BBQ then the town fireworks. I'm glad we don't have too many home fireworks going off in our neighborhood - it can be so scary. HOpe Eden is OK as I remember in other years it being hectic for her.

I've just dropped David off at "Summer Fun" and Annie and her friend for the start of reheasals for a musical. The school is offering a Summer Enrichment program for a production of Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. They will meet mornings for 5 weeks to put on a the show with everyone singing and dancing (jazz shoes required) complete with pit orchestra. We spent the last couple of days going over the dance audition tape and it was tricky - I think they will all be working hard. The singing audition "Any Dream Will Do" is much easier. The teachers and dance coaches are fantastic and will make it a lot of fun.

Marian - I LOVE your pots and shots of your trees. Its hard to imagine that not that long ago very few of us were growing coleus.

Deanne - I'm in awe of a 50 mile bike ride. As my riding is limited to the distance David can make it I think 7 miles is our longest. Persicaria polymorphia is such an amazing plant isn't it? Your fuschia are just gorgeous. My "Swing time" is absolutely amazing, I have it near the pond in part shade and every day it is more spectacular.

Monique - do hope Les is feeling better - 103F is scary for an adult.

Ei - your Laure's Grape poppies are beautiful - I would lOVE some seed. I've only seen them in catalogs before. Would you like some of my double red to try yourself - I'll post a pic later.

Babs and T - hope you are both recovering from those falls, Both sound very nasty.

Time to head out into the garden - tomorrow it is 2 weeks till I leave for IU3 - wow!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Scattered musings here-

Lauren's Grape seedlings have turned from rich dark purple to bright red this year. Quite a shocker.

Marian, that long display on your porch is lovely. I sure hope the deer don't think it is a banquet! I know what you mean by colours in photos not always being true.

V, I do that stunt often. I know small smatterings of about 6 languages and never remember which is which when a quick response is needed. C'est la vie!

Today I should be working hard outdoors because it is cool and dry. But I am tired this morning and keeping my eye on DH before he braves a half day at the office and a voice lesson.

I picked this coleus up at the small grocery in town and have been enjoying it. Can't recall its name. It really is more orangy than this shows. I have it written somewhere....

This may give a better idea of the colour:

This rose is a favourite and it dies back every year, but I love it so much that I am patient with it.

And finally, a little clematis that I think is sweet:

Much to be accomplished, so off I go!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I forgot to include this shot for Deanne of Clematis Arabella fighting it out with the honeysuckle.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Okay, now a few comments in no particular order.

Ei, Im glad you found the FOTE and that Scout likes it too!

bug, sorry for the mechanical woes. I can sympathize; my UAV developed transmission problems as we hauled the six of us to the airport last Friday and its back in the shop today. I just hate car problems and the shuffling necessary to get them (half)resolved. But thanks so much for the link to Woodys garden tour. Her yard looked fantastic, her benches, gate and A/C corral are wonderful and she looks great herself. Another former Idyller that I really miss

We had a bit of shocking news while we were traveling. The day we left, the local news was all about Randy Walker, the Northwestern University football coach who died suddenly from a heart attack at age 52. DHs cousin Rick, who is 53, was talking to his parents on Friday about Coach Walker, and said he had had chest pains on and off for two years but had not done anything about it. Well, the next night he was out to dinner with some friends and had a heart attack! He was so very fortunate that there was a doctor and a nurse in the restaurant, so they started CPR immediately. Hes in the hospital and will have a defibrillator implanted today. Hes the last person that you would expect this to happen to, as hes so slender you almost think hes too thin, and he does lots of physical work every day. So everyone please tell those idiot men that you love to not ignore chest pain!

Babs, I hope that hip is doing better!

T, be careful! And let me make mother hen clucking noises and ask you if you are sure youre just being klutzy and that theres nothing else going on? We love klutzes, but we dont like health issues.

Marian, glad to see that your camera is cooperating again. All the photos are great, but I particularly like the ruffled coleus with the green edge and white center very cool! I do hope you get some drought relief soon. Im sure thats why the menu of the hooved rodents is expanding.

Okay, I was getting really confused because I couldnt find Moniques post about Les being sick. I swear that I looked three times for a separate thread on the NE get together and that it did not appear on my computer until just a few minutes ago.

Thanks for all the lovely photos from everyone. So much fun to enjoy!

Ei, I got your messages but didnt call you because I was gone! I shall try today tell Paul to turn down the music!!!

Okay, piles of work await


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Yesterday was spent puttering in the garden. I like the feeling of being somewhat caught up so that I can enjoy it more. We did go over to a country nursery that is only about 5 miles from us. I hadnt been there this year. I did find another pelogonium that I dont have and 5 perennials. It is an interesting place as they have converted the barn into a 2 story gift/antique shop and there are lots of things for kids as well. Mini golf, volleyball court etc. She had some nice big containers but they were pretty spendy. There was a pinkish/burgundy one and a cobalt blue one that I like but resisted.

Marian, I can sympathize about the dry conditions. It is very dry here again. How great to see some pictures from you again. Your containers have some very interesting plants and seem to be so lush and full.

Cindy, not you too. I think this falling thing is catching.

Babs, very cool fireworks picture. You sure know how to handle a camera.

Deanne, Im impressed that you and Doug can bike so far. I used to do that, but then I was in my 30s. I doubt that I could do it now. The bike trail looks very nice. We have quite a few around here that are built on old rail beds. There is one around the lakes that is very nice. It goes along some of the lakes and over some bridges as well.
Ei was thrilled with Cindys comparing her garden with Monets, but it is quite a compliment to have you compare my garden to yours. You made my day! Your lilies look fabulous with that persicaria and the clematis on the other side. I may need to look for that plant. I like that caladium, I wish some of mine looked like that instead of red and green. You will definitely have to tell me how to over winter fuchsia to get such nice big ones. My beacon is just getting started.

Mary, how fun for Annie to be in a summer musical. I too cant wait for IU3.

Have a good day all


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Babs, I grew Clerodendrum ugandense 'Blue Butterfly' last year. It got a few feet tall-I've posted the photo from probably last August or early September. I just found it again and bought a couple for my beds.

V-glad you had a good time in Quebec. I found the people in France very cordial also as long as you greeted everyone you saw. They appreciate proper etiquette-you must "bonjour" everyone.

Hubby is doing better today-his temp ranged from 100-103 yesterday and I was getting really worried-he's basically been in bed since Saturday evening. This morn his temp was normal but I told him to relax and take another day off of work.

Deanne-love the Fuchsia 'Billy Green' combinations!

Marian-great combos in those pots-your deck is so colorful!

GB-thought you didn't like coleus :o)?

Mary, we had a lot of fireworks going off in our neighborhood unfortunately. Oliver hates them and barks everytime he hears one-had to try to keep him quiet last night since hubby was resting. The one year I was really concerned was when we were having a major drought and I thought they could cause a fire.

Babs and T-hope you "guys" feel better after your falls. I fell a few weeks ago in front of a bunch of people during that Doggie fun zone we took Oliver to. We had to climb over fencing and gates and my foot caught on one of them and I went down in slow motion to the soft earth. No pain, just major embarassment. Hubby had a good laugh. Oliver couldn't care less.

Speaking of Doggie Fun Zone (the lure coursing/agility obstacle course) that Oliver did. Here are some photos taken by the owner. It is a little complicated to get to-doesnt work if I give you the direct link.

Go to this website (I put the link below also):

Scroll down the page and click on the box labeled "Greenwich photos"

Under June 2006 events, click on "Greenwich Kennel Club 6/10/2006"

Enter an email address (maybe you could use a bogus one if youre uncomfortable using your real one)

Click on [enter proof view]

Choose the Saturday pictures TWO

Oliver is the last photo on page 2, and then all of page 3 along with a photo of us. Look how long is tongue is in the photo of all of us. He had a blast.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Well I took my friend to her PT today and she is doing much better. I'm so relieved that she is really starting to move around more and is actually practicing with her cane instead of using her walker exclusively. Next week she is going to her doctor on Monday and they will give her an update on how much longer it will take before she can start driving again. Now if I could get her and her DH to do something about the horrific diet they eat things would really be improving. She claims she can't do anything about it now because her DH is doing all the grocery shopping. I told her just because the food is in the house you don't have to eat it. He's had two heart attacks and still eats cold cuts and sliced deli cheese by the pound. Oh well, you can advise, support and recommend but you can't make people eat better. They have to choose that for themselves.

Monique, I LOVE those pics of Oliver! I didn't even recognize him in that first photograph. He looks like he is having the time of his life. How do you train them to do that obstacle course? And that photograph with all of you is great! He looks like he's tired but happy. ~~ So happy you 'approve' of the combination with the 'Billy Green'. I absolutely can't wait until that starts blooming! ~~ So happy to hear Les is feeling better today. Those kind of temps are not good at all. I wonder where the heck he caught that bug. ~~ We had a lot of fireworks in the neighborhood here this year and like you I worry about fire. ~~ That Clerodendrum photo is lovely. Did you have that when we cane down last summer?

Michelle, Im sure you could build back up to doing 30 mile bike rides. Its just a matter of having the time to do it. ~~ The caladium in that arrangement are the ones I bought at Loews last week. None of the ones I started from the Sams Club box are that large yet. I dont think Im going to bother with starting them again unless I get some heat mats for under the flats in the house. Im sure they are really slow because of the cold, rainy spring. I do have a few pink ones and actually noticed a couple white and green ones the other day so I do have a few different colors. ~~ I know youd love Persicaria polymorpha. It just needs a lot of room but it really has a lot of impact in the border.

V. great to have you back and good to hear you had a great vacation in Canada. LOL about answering in Spanish! You are too funny!

Bug, love your photos and especially the one with Arabella of course! That coleus is Peter Wonder. I love that particular variety as it is vigorous and picks up such great color on the undersides of the leaves as well. It grew well for me in sun and shade here last summer and I have a few sprinkled in the containers again this year.

Mary, how neat your F. Swingtime is doing so well. It sounds like it is happy by your pond. ~~ How great Annie is going to be in a play this summer. Ill bet she has a ball with that. What does David do at Summer Fun?

Sue, Id love to have a seedling of that persicaria when next we see each other.

Ok Im off to do a bit of puttering outside. Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, for some reason I couldnt log on this morning - but it could have been p.c. problems here at home - last day of "freedom" before reporting back to "duty" tomorrow -- and it's rained all afternoon (like we needed more rain!!) - horrible t-storm last nite too before the fire works. But Im not among the fans of crowds on the Mall & big booms, so I usually am happy trying to keep Chloe not freaking out either -- have a stupid neighbor whose son set off his stuff last nite on the bike path behind our houses - probably about 5 feet from his house fence & next to the woods -- such stupid people - luckily I kept thinking, it's wet out so hpefully nothing will catch on fire!

Babs - love that clero - I think I saw a topiary standard at the Phila Flower show this year that was to die for -- I remember your photo of it, Monique - such a gorgeous color!! Babs, hope you get to feeling a lot better from that fall soon -- I call Motrin "vitamin I" -- sometimes it seems it's a gardener's best friend after a long, long day. It sure helps w/ those major aches & pains.

Marian, your containers are rivals to the other addicts here -- that is almost a fulltime occupation watering all of them isnt? LOL.

Sue, Im glad to hear that about the persicaria - I thought that's what I had read about it being a problem re-seeder & invasive & had avoided it previously - but was tempted when I saw it in that container! Now, I'll resist again.....I have too small a garden to be constantly battling plant invasions along with weed battles!

I will count myself among the Arabella admirers - mine is in its 2nd season & is still going strong -- it's one of the few clematis that is really still putting out a lovely flush of blooms here; Etoile Violette & Emilia Plater may be the others; Im hoping the rest will send up some new after their rests and some fertilizing (sheesh, dont need to worry about water for these guys now in this area....). Just call this area Swamptown, USA! Maybe I really should look into loving tropicals...

'bug - that Hakuree is so sweet - I think you're lulling me into really liking some of those integrefolia types (I think that's one isnt it??) - purty, purty.... It would be nice to find some really late blooming ones that might bloom w/ daylilies & mid-season plants. Eeek, Lauren's Grape reseeded red? bummer!

Deanne - wow -- that's amazing - such endurance for bike rides -- boy, more than my bum would be hurting by about 4 miles.... you're a good friend to encourage your friend -- boy, at that rate, her DH after 2 heart attacks, seems to have a death wish - she's liable to be left alone so that should be a motivator to get her own health & weight under control. But there are some people (like heavy smokers) who seem to have such an addiction to tobacco or even food.... but you're a wonderful role model for her to look towards & see that it CAN be done!

Ei - I really wasnt trying to flatter you - when I see your garden photos, it reminds me of Monet's Giverny -- with the types of plants, colors, etc. & you've done a masterful job of evoking the same spirit (I venture to say with a lot fewer human worker bees too).

Well, this is a lot longer than expected - hope I dont lose it when I try to post!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oakie doakie...back to answering Eileen's questions..yes, that is Alabama Sunset,( thanks Deanne). The variegated plant with the New Guinea Impatiens is another Impatiens, Fiesta Ole'Peppermint. It has the cutest all double blossoms,like little roses. The gold and green variegated plant is Euonymus japonicus Aureo-marginatis. It is waiting to go into the ground...:-)
I have no idea where to put it, and am even harboring the thought of planting it in front of the church building!I will wait until fall, and hope for rains,to settle it in, where-ever I plant it.
I agree with you on the fireworks. Some are very pretty. Tommy was disturbed with all the popping going on up the road from us. Nolon attempted to take him and Trubby for their evening walk, but neither one would go. Last night I could see a cousin's fireworks that went up high enough that I could see them through the trees.I stood out on our front porch and watched.
Sorry about Scout, and other dogs, being so disturbed by them. I suspect it hurts their ears.

Babs, thanks..:-) I have never seen the pods on my tree, since this is it's first ever blooms. I would imagine they are pea type pods since it is a member of that family.
Yes, the hooved rodent problem is very frustrating, but I have decided there is so little I can do about it...I just have to grit my teeth and bear it ( no, I'm not going to 'grin' and bear it ! ). Count me in with those who thought you copied the fireworks pic. It is great !

Deanne, no matter how often you post your gorgeous Fuchsia pics you cannot entice me to attempt to grow one again! :-)I've learned my lesson.
Your pics are sooo lovely! I love the Persicaria but suspect it would be more deer food. :-(
I like the caladiums in the 3rd pic. I planted 3 packages of WalMart caladiums. They were labeled as 2 differant varieties and a combination. Almost all of them ended up being dark red and green!! I 'wanted' the lighter varieties. So, the other day when they had pots of mixed pastel colors I bought one, and repotted them in a larger pot.It is on the deck, but not in the pics.
The link about the rail trail is interesting. I am hoping that is what will be done with the ridge where the railroad tracks used to be, abutting my folks farm on Camas Prairie, in Idaho. I was disappointed to see it going back to 'nature' when I was last there with my sister. I spent the first 13 years of my life along those tracks. Walked the rails many times. Even hunkered under a bridge while the train went over once...:-) ...just 'for fun'! The swallows had nests under the bridges.
No, I don't know the name of that coleus, it was one of a six-pac of mixed ones. I always watch for those type. I have 4-5 differant colors and love them all.
I am so glad your friend has taken your advice, and is improving. I hope she gets the food issue corrected also. You are a good friend.

Sue, that Persicaria/Tovara sounds like the mimosa. They are beautiful, but I rue the day I planted them on our place! Thanks for liking my pics.

Mary,your children are involved in so many nice,fun, things. Lucky kids.
Thanks to you, too, on my pics. I have grown coleus for many, many years, and have carried them over year after year.

Monique, I am so glad your DH is better. That must have been scary! I love that Clerodendrum, but , would probably be deer fodder!
It sounds like you and your doggies all had a 'blast'. It would be fun to watch., for a coleus 'hater' you are doing good ! That is a beautiful one. So are your rose, clematis, and honeysuckle.

V, how fortunate that your DH's cousin had the right help when he needed it. How Scary ! Yes, age does not seem to make much of a difference in who is going to be struck down by a serious condition. Neither does a person's appearance, and health habits.
I am tickled that my camera has been cooperating again. I hold my breath every time I take a pic, and transfer them to my computer after most every one I take.

Mary, I am tempted to name all the plants in the 2 pics of cutting's combos. They are an interesting collection...:-)
For one thing, the variegated green and white plants look alike, but aren't. One is a kalanchoe, the other is a peperomia.

For all who have suffered falls, I hope you are recovering in good shape. It seems like the'domino effect' ! When something happens to one of us, it happens to several !


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Hope you all had a good holiday! With all the family stuff going on here I hardly had a chance to check the Idylls over the weekend and am just grabbing a minute while Bella's eating her dinner now. Not much to say, my mom hopefully will start chemo next week, Bella's keeping me busy and I've been chopping things down in the garden and moving stuff around so it looks like a real mess out there now but I keep telling myself how great it will look next year. I'm going to go back and try to read and catch up later tonight after I put Bella to bed if I'm not too tired by then too! I'll try to be back soon but things are pretty hectic here...


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Good to see you there Eden-I've been thinking of you and your mom.

Marian thanks for the compliment on the firework pic(Ei & Deanne too!)

T I've been wondering if you're having residual pain from the fall-have you been OK? Man was I stiff the day after and it's taken quite a while to feel normal(that means I am getting older-remember taking a spill as a kid?). I am a little concerned because I'm getting that sciatica pain I used to get.
Monique here's a hug because you cheered me up with your tale of your own fall-I do remember that! I kept trying to tell myself that other people fall too(naturally never at Target though hehe)so I shouldn't get embarrassed-but man you just DO!: ) I can laugh now but AJ's first words after I had fallen was MOM ARE YOU *PARALYZED*?-he was so worried. So there's me reassuring AJ I'm still functioning while I'm wanting to cry but I held it together. Yeesh.
BTW(new subject) I love that pic of your Clero.! Mine is already three feet and they grow to ten in the wild so we'll see how it is by fall: ). I think I need to move to zone 9 so I can put this thing in the ground lol.

Cindy thanks for letting me know you've seen this as a topiary(now I know I'm not crazy)-and I am going to try and root a stem too.

Deanne-Chris is really the biker babe here. I am afraid of traffic. I do think once we get Ryan riding for longer routes sans his training wheels we'll all go out riding but definitely on a bike path.

I have to make this short cuz I need sleep-tomorrow is orientation for the new job. I also go on Fri too. Forget manicures I get to be fingerprinted-woo hoo! I was quickly reminded today about the joys of finding something to wear for work--ugh. With the pay I'm getting I'll have plenty to buy a new wardrobe and nothing else lolol. "Good grief" I have to be there by 8:30 AM! This is a new concept to me during summer. I even get breakfast!....just coffee please; )(I bet they won't have Bailey's)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

We are having a few sprinkles this morning then it is supposed to clear and stay in the mid 70's. I've got a bit of work to take care of downstairs but I really want to get my new Arabella in the ground before I do anything else today.

That C. 'Polish Spirit' on my arch is just getting better and better. Now I know why I've tried for years to get these plants to grow. When they are happy there is nothing else quite like them.

Bug, do you remember that clematis you cleaned out for me in the back garden last year? Well that one died and I planted that C. 'Odoriba' in the same spot. It was doing really well but now it has a large stem dying from the ground. I didn't think those Texensis types wilted. What's with that? The only other thing it could be would be rodent damage.

I'd thrown these lilies in behind the sundial last year because I didn't have anywhere else to put them and I'm in love with how they look against the 'Bonica' rose. One of those happy accidents.

Marian, LOL I'll wear you down! Just kidding, you are too funny, I'm really not trying to entice you to grow fuchsia. I just love them as they are so free blooming. I've converted a couple here who didn't used to grow fuchsia though so you never know.

Babs, good luck on the new job. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

Eden, great to hear from you. I was wondering where you'd gotten off to. I've got a couple beds here that need major cutting back and moving around and I might just do it. My side garden has a clump of old fashioned white phlox panniculata and the dratted plant get the worst case of powdery mildew on it every single year. Arrgghh!!! I'm thinking I'm going to just take it out of there as there are so many better varieties these days. I can split my 'David' in the Driveway Garden in the fall and see how that goes in that location.

Cindy, what a bummer about getting more rain. Just what you don't need. We are supposed to be rain free here for a few days with sunny weather in the 80's so that will be a treat. ~~ I'd be furious with that neighbor for setting fireworks off so close to a fence and building. I can't imagine what some people are thinking, but in fact, they really aren't thinking.

OK I've got to get a move on here. I have to get all the garden chores done this AM and won't be able to putter about tonight as we are going out for dinner to celebrate Doug's birthday tonight.

Have a great day all,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Happy Birthday to Doug, my oldest friend BettyAnne and George Dubya! Quite the day for birthdays, huh?

Babs should be getting ready to start her new job right around now. Good luck!

Still no internet at home. The cable people are coming out on Friday morning. They think it may be faulty wiring. I'm having withdrawls and I'm too busy with month end to catch up while at work.

Let me reiterate on the's not invasive. It does not spread by underground runners, it seeds like say, Cleome-especially in areas where you don't mulch. If it comes up somewhere you don't wat it you just yank. I haven't found it to be a nuisance at all and can't imagine a garden without it.

OK, my time is up.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So Sue, how old is your oldest friend, 114? ;-)

And do you mean OUR Doug? (You don't mind if we share, right Deanne) Here's my card to Doug, figuring he isn't interested all that much in flowers.

Deanne, my Odoriba just today started getting mildew. I think it is the location that is partly to blame. I just love that plant and sprayed it with some mildew stuff I found in the garage. We shall see.

Today it is COLD and I am shivering in shorts. May have to change soon before heading off to the dump and other exciting business.

More later I expect,

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Lovely morning. I went to the garden around six and had to wear a long sleeve shirt.

Happy Birthday Doug!

Sue, too bad my company isn't your cable company. We come out usually the same day.

Babs, good luck at the new job.

Cindy, I sure wish I could have your rain.

Marian, I think the double impatiens are so sweet. I don't have any this year.
Deanne, that is a beautiful lily, it reminds me of cotton candy.


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Good morning!

Very little time to write but came across some fun reading this morning and wanted to share it with you. Follow the link at the bottom of the page.....I've not looked at all on the page but there is a cute story called the Porta-Potty story or something like that. It is part way down the page in the right column. Hope you get a smile from the site.

DH is still on vacation so my computer time is limited. He actually has me working, geesh! We're heading to DD's house this morning to house sit while she is at the OB doctor. The building inspector is suppose to arrive today to inspect the sheetrock that is being done on their home addition/remodel. I cannot remember if I told you that we had a semi and huge trailer come last Friday to haul the excavator to their (DD & SIL's) home. DH has been using it to move dirt and rock where the excavating was done when the shop & home addition were built. I'm probably not making a bit of sense, am I? LOL Some people don't make sense when rushed...... ;o)

Gosh, sorry to read that the falling was a bit catchy to others here. I'm okay, just my wrist and elbow are a bit sore and my upper back feels like it could benefit from a massage. I'm a bit concerned about how often I'm falling down, hoping that it is just a combination of being out of shape and the arthritis in my left knee. I'm going to hide my head in the sand a bit longer---hoping to get myself into better shape to see if that takes care of the falling.

Well, I've been caught sitting here too long. I'd better get out of this chair and on with the day. Perhaps I can share some photos later. I never did show Jamie & the big equipment nor so many other things I've been snapping photos of.

My best to all.....(Happy Birthday Doug!!!!! May you be blessed with many more!)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I have been musing this morning about how our perspective of heat and cold change with the seasons. This morning the low was 60F, with an easterly breze. It felt right down cool. In the winter it would be a warm morning. I was setting at the dining room table, working on a jigsaw puzzle, and the breeze coming in the open door was chilly, even though the sun was shining on me. Believe me, I was not complainig! I love it. I could be very happy if it stayed that way all summer.

LOL, Marie. That is a nice bathroom ornament...:-)

Eden, I hope all that you have on 'your plate' will not be too much for you. We miss you, but understand.

Babs, I'm glad you are recovering from your fall. I hope the sciatica pain will be short-lived. Im glad you see the wisdom of riding your bikes on a bike trail. It makes me nervious when I encounter bikers on the 2 lane highway to town. One day I met a family on ATV's. Even the TINY boy was on a kid-sized ATV...yargh!

V, congrats on the language accomplishment...but funny about the "Si". Your visit to Quebec City sounds great. I hope your vehicle has been repaired, and back home.

Cindy, it doesn't take me all that long to water my containers. I use a long-handled sprayer on the end of the hose. It was very pleasant doing it this and no biting flies.

Deanne that pic of the pink lilies and roses is gorgeous!
Happy Birthday to Doug.

Lunch time ! TTYAL


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