sheepco(MN z4)August 22, 2007

Anyone heard from mamabird? Just curious how the house is comin' along (I love that house). And that babybird must be born and practically crawling by now....hmmm, can't imagine that she would be too busy to post... ;o)

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LOL! Naw, she should have plenty of time for us! :D Hope she posts pics and info soon, though. I have dreams about that house. :)


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sheepco(MN z4)

Pix, pix, we want pix! Never mind the diapers, feedings, lack of sleep, etc!

(Can you tell I'm not a mother? Sorry! Gimme puppies any day :)

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Babybirrd and the new birrdhouse project is probably the least of her worries right now. Steelers season is beginning soon, dontchaknow?!?!?! ;-)

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LOL!!! Oy vey. She must be SO stressed out over that Steelers thing. :D

I'm not a mom, either, Sarah (well, a step-mom, but that's kind of cheating...). I think my cat would have issues with a baby in the house. LOL


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