Plants Non-Toxic to Pets

kaye820(z9 Houston)August 22, 2013

Hello my friends. I'm a retired senior living in a tiny apartment with no access to a garden, and I'm starved for something green inside. However, I have a cat that seems impervious to botanical toxins, in that he has tortured and killed several african violets as well as 3 pots of sanseveria that I thought indestructable. Any ideas on plants I can bring inside for MY psychological benefit that might be safe for nibbling by my annoyingly curious kitty? Thanks to all for your kind suggestions.

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Hi Kaye!

Sounds like you could benefit equally from something that prevents your cat from accessing your plants. I had a kitty for 12 years who absolutely could NOT stop herself from digging, eating, tearing up, knocking over my plants.

I've attached a link to a beautiful little device that solved most of my problems.

As for selecting non-toxic plants and flowers? You might try the Pets forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tabletop Greenhouse

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kaye820(z9 Houston)

Holy cow, that is amazing and is something I never thought of. What a great idea, and I thank you a bunch for bringing the plant box to my attention. And the best part is there is an Ikea store about 5 miles away, and I'm on my way there.

("So, my sweet Leo, you may look but you may not touch.") He may be unhappy at first, but I have soooo many trinkets awaiting feline destruction.

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Great idea, Karen..We had a kitty that would go fishing in our aquarium , be it a 50 gallon tank or a gold fish bowl, kitty would find a way to get to the fish. I wish I had known about the double barrier green house at that time

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