endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)August 2, 2011

I seem to have it tonight. It's been more than a while since the last bout. I really shouldn't say "bout" because I don't mind it, much. Night time is the best time to do some serious thinking. Problems seem to work themselves out quicker without the distractions of the day. Have been outside the last thirty minutes or so sky watching. Re-familiarized myself with some old friends. Jupiter is rising in the east. Vega, in Lyra, is shining in the west. The Plough is faintly visible, skirting low on the northern horizon. I am a child of the Sun and Moon. As the ancients said, two great lights in the sky. We moderns know it to be only one great light, and the second is actually just the reflected light of the great light.

I would go kayaking, but the new moon and is no where to be found for the next day or two. I love sailing and kayaking at night, but do need the light of the full moon to make it enjoyable and safe.

Wonder if I will be granted a few hours of sleep before I have to go to work in the morning. This week is finals and I really need to show up.

Hynos is sweetly calling my name and I do feel if I lay down I might get a wink or two. That's nice because I don't like to depend on Morpheus.

Sleep, sweet sleep. Elusive it can be.

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mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)

A Ceremony: Invitation to Hypnos

For this ceremony, dinner must be consumed and tidied up by nightfall.

Advance preparations: iced tea made from chamomile and lemon teabags (caffeine-free of course). Clean sheets on the bed are also a good idea.

Turn off all lights except for the lowest-wattage lamp in each essential room (including bathroom).

Have a glass of the iced tea; sip slowly.

Turn down bed, fluff pillows. If you have essential oil of lavender or balsam fir, put one drop in the lower right corner of your pillow. Place glass of water near bed. The god of sleep will like these smells, and if he's thirsty he won't have to rouse you for a sip of water.

If weather allows, walk outside: make a circuit, counter-clockwise, around your house. Walk at whatever pace you choose but keep your eyes focused on the middle distance. You are unwinding your day, smoothing out its kinks and bumps. If you cannot get outside, position yourself in a central location inside your house, sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for ten minutes or so.

Come back inside and turn off all the lights except bathroom and bedroom. Do your evening ablutions (brush, floss, wash face, etc.), and add something extra: a nice treatment for your skin, a simple trimming or filing of fingernails/toenails, braiding your hair, misting your shoulders with some calming toner.

Do whatever stretches or prayers you are accustomed to or think you should do in order to tend to your body and soul.

Get into bed. If you have a sleep-aid CD (I like this one: ), listen to it. If not, just close your eyes for a while. When you are relaxed, turn off the last light.

Sleep well!

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The Carlin quote from Sunday may contain the germ of thought that brought you to this point, Brain Droppings indeed.

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