The other owl is back!

youreitSeptember 8, 2008

*gulp* And I'm pretty sure it's a Great Horned, from the sounds it was making this morning. None of the other owls in this area make that classic sound. I just got through reading that they like to snack on other owls and sometimes even domesticated kitties!!! Oy vey!

Pookie loves her pre-dawn strolls out to the pond in the fenced yard. She's about 15 lbs., but I don't trust a BIG, hungry owl.

And what about my poor barn owls?? When the GH was hooting, I noticed the Barney wasn't in its hole in the tree. Once the hooting stopped, there's Barney again!

I guess if Barney is there, it's safe to let Pookie outside. Maybe....ACK! Don't make me frightened of you, GH!


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

How very cool to have a GH Owl! They eat other owls? :-(
Stay safe little Pookie kitty.

There was a chihuahua two years ago that was snagged by a hawk in his backyard. He was lifted off the ground but dropped. We treated him for the wounds from the talons and he was OK.

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Uh-oh. I checked BNA and according to them they will take cats and that barn owls make up 10% of their diet in areas where they both reside. They are mostly nocturnal hunters so no midnight rendezvous for Pookie!

I hear them here but have only seen one once - they are big birds!

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Oh, geez. I heard it again this morning, and I tried to find it with the flashlight, but it hid very well.

I'm not going to let Pookie out until daylight, and she's not happy about it. Plus, Roscoe the puppy is in for her morning visit, and she is Pookie's arch enemy. :D

The only good thing about all of this, especially with the barn owls, is that I heard a GH last year, too. The Barnies went on to raise a big family, so hopefully, they'll be safe again this year!! :(

Awwww, the poor Chihuahua!! But I'm sure glad he was ok! I can't imagine witnessing that! Pookie is a LOT bigger than a Yo Quiero dog....but GHs are a LOT bigger than some hawks. YIKES!



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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Oh no! Thanks for the info, Jean! Be careful Marvin and family!
*note to Miss Pookie*: Try NetFlix instead of the local movie theater! Home made popcorn is soooo good! :-)

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