polarbillySeptember 15, 2010

I am "helping" a relative sort out problems with a 5000 litre water feature which has been bedevilled by water quality problems since it was built....Its really an aesthetic water feature rather than a pond as it doesn't contain any plants or swimmers - other than those it seems to create...

To date, we have installed a Blagdon Midi Filter and Pump, and 3 self contained fountain pumps. The output from the Midi Filter drops into the pond via a cascade.

Situation - whilst the water is pretty clear, there is a residue - presumably algae forming on the the bottom. We have just replaced all the filters with the exception of the carbon one, as we have introduced King British Algae clear and understand that the carbon filter will neutralise this . Every 10 days or so the bottom is cleaned using a Pond o Vac.

As the King British doesn't seem to be having much effect, we want to introduce Viresco as it has had very good write ups. I wrote to Viresco asking if there would be a conflict with the King Brit stuff, but they weren't able to help.

Can anyone offer guidelines for the introduction of viresco - do we remove the carbon filters, turn off the UV light or just empty the pond, fill it with soil and make it into a giant planter.......

If there's anyone still awake after reading all this, we would appreciate your help

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Hey there, polarbilly. Since you are in the UK, we won't have the same products. Sorry.

The growth on the bottom and sides is natural algae and most ponders consider it beneficial. Since you don't, there are several ways to get rid of it. Sweep the area with a soft bristle broom. The filters will take care of it then, especially the UV filter, or add 3%Hydrogen peroxide. One pint per 1000 gallons of water. Sorry I don't have the conversion tables at hand. Since you don't have plants or fish it wouldn't harm anything if you added too much. Or you can spend a lot of money and use one of the commercial algae killers. Regular household bleach does a fair job but will kill off beneficial bacteria in your filters. I wouldn't use it.

You might find more and better ideas on the discussions side of this forum.

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