Terrapin Station

saucydog(z5MA)June 10, 2009

Well, I'm just going to let it all hang out, Chelone :) Don't mind the hoses, the half done garage paint job, the vehicles, or the weeds. Like I said, let your eyes drift to the good spots...blink when you see something disturbing :)

This is the Goddess Garden as you're walking up out of the woods (we have a path that goes down to our canoe launch...which is really a muddy spot to slide the canoe in :) The goddesses are not in permanent places - I keep moving them :)

Here's a picture of where I was standing to take the last picture:

This bed is waiting for more plants! I've newspapered and mulched in anticipation. Where the Goddess is, I'd like to put a small tree or a limbed up shrub. It would get morning sun, and bright shade, but that is it. Suggestions?

Here's the long shot....can you envision how the path will loop around? I am starting to think more about seating, as this is becoming a nice place to be :)

Here's the berm garden (which helps to keep the Goddess Garden secret from the driveway):

I know you're thinking, "what is that structure at the end?"....well, it's too big, but by the time I built it and put it in (2 ft of it is in the ground!!!) I've decided to live with it a while. Polish spirit is planted on it, and castor beans are planted around. The long range vision has Baptisia Carolina Moonlight there (it's planted, but small) and more perennials as I add them....it's where the viburnum was.....

This is where I rest (with the weeds to my back!).

My favorite pot so far:

I left this leaf unpainted and am not sure what to think of it....too "pink" for my taste....

Here's a mirror frame I'm working on....I like the maple leaves:

Here's my basement chair for this year (I try to use one up every year...I'm running out!)...it needs some gravel for mulch, but you get the idea!

Kathy, this should keep you busy on your staycation :) There is definitely not a shortage of pictures, and I'm loving seeing in all your gardens! I welcome any suggestions! I need to play in the bee garden next....that's where my zinnias and salvia will go....


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Wonderful Saucy! You most definitely have an eye for garden design. I think this is the first time I've seen more than just a glimpse of your gardens and my mouth was hanging open while I was viewing. I love the touches of color everywhere with the pots, the container gardens and the chair...oh my, I really love that color! Keep doing what your doing, it's all working out just great. What a cool idea for a mirror frame too. Oh and the pink leaf is exactly to my taste. If you ever decide you want to start shipping your pieces I'd be happy to purchase it and have some of your work in my garden! Thanks so much for showing us.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Saucy! I'm so glad to see the GG in June. It looks so cool and peaceful! I'm finding everything, especially hostas, are getting HUGE this year. You may not need all that many additional plants! I'm thinking something variegated....or with white springtime blooms, like Woody's white redbud tree.

Your tuteur for Clematis Polish Spirit is not too tall for that monster clematis. I love Carolina Moonlight, but it is very slow growing I find. I'll wait though!

Your mirror frame is delightful and the chair so sweet! Your garden shows off the fun you are having. Thanks for the tour. :)

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Saucy, where is the Gin and Tonic for the seating area ?

I love the way the GG is coming along- I can so relate to moving the 'ladies' around until it feels right-at least they don't have to be dug up ! Will the tree behind the center godess be removed ? I would hesitate to suggest plants for your zone, but I would say that in view of the 'greeness' on the scene I would be looking for variegated or red foliage. A multi trunk red or variegated Japanese maple for example.

Love the succulent chair, and the mirror frame is wonderful ! Things are looking mighty fine at Terrapin Station ..thanks for sharing some pics with us !

Kathy in Napa

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Saucy you are one creative gal. The GG is looking good (you have a lot of hostas) and I really like the succulent chair. The color of your leaf may not suit you but it sure is nice. Perhaps a dry brush of brown would spice it up. Just a thought.
Will the mirror frame be used in the garden too?


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - we had the same thought.... White redbud Saucy! It floats so etherially (sp?) over the garden - heavenly; perfect for the goddesses....

I really like the shape of the bed and path so far. One of the design books I was reading this spring was talking a lot about making positive space out of negative space - negative space being the space leftover after the garden beds are there. The idea being to make that negative space have a shape too and then you have two things to draw your eye - the garden bed and the remainder. My rectangular lawn in the back and the distinctive sweep of the grass path in the front garden now effectively make positve space from negative space. I got to that point by trial and error and 'gut feel' as to what looks right. It looks to me that the goddess garden and its path is heading in the same direction. I found that it makes a big impact and I think your goddesses are leading you there too - the genius loci effect...?

I like that leaf color - with some wash of green over it, it would look like a leaf heading into autumn.

You definitely need to post more pictures that you have in the past. You've been holding out on us.....

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First I have to tell you I just painted a chair periwinkle. It was a formerly caned chair like yours. How are you holding the soil in?

I love your property. Do you have a lake or river that you canoe in?

The GG garden is amazing already. Gosh you just started it.

The mirror and leaf are certainly works of art.

I agree with the others you have been holding out on us. I'd love to see more through out the season.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, Saucy -- I never noticed a single weed. I agree w/ all the foregoing comments - you have a real eye for color especially, and design....

A variegated cornus, cercis, or JM comes to mind -- but then I thought I'd love to see a tri-colored beech there too -- any of those wondeful leaves dancing around to catch the mood and winds....

I actually like the idea of the dancing goddesses too -- maybe you should continually move 'em around to suit your mood (or theirs, LOL).....

Pls, let us see more more more! You are way too modest - o, and those chairs -- and the mirror frames -- WoW!!!


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I'm echoing everyone's comments. As I'm reading, I'm nodding my head in agreement. Lovely, stunning, beautiful, artful, serene, etc.... You are talented, no doubt about it. I bet you will spend many peaceful moments in the GG, maybe even have a regular tea date with Sarah there.

Love the chair. I've tried "planting" chairs before, but they never looked like yours. I can't wait to see the finished mirror. Is that to sell or keep?

I'm thinking a pagoda dogwood for the GG. They are airy.
Thanks for sharing your garden with us.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Everything is looking just gorgeous Saucy!!!! I'm really loving all your creative touches. That mirror frame and chair are fabulous. And like Eden, I love the pink leaf. Your castings are the best I've seen. Truly beautiful and well done.

Have you thought of a dwarf or weeping Ceris? I saw a few at Lake St. Gardens that were wonderful.


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Thank you for all the nice remarks. June is a good month in the garden!

Kathy, that Ash appears dead in the picture above, but I assure you it is not. I like the tree because it has no leaf litter in the fall. That's part of the reason I think I need an understory tree - to bring that tall tree down a notch! I planted schizophragma at it's base - we'll see.

I think I also need some structure because when the hostas are gone, it is quite bare. So some trees/shrubs will help this, and so will my seating area and any trellis, etc. I have some things to go there, but am reworking the original idea.

I bought a cercis last year and killed it in the ghetto :) I am taking a trip to Variegated Foliage Nursery today, so I will see if I see a white redbud!

Pagoda Dogwood is what I thought of, too, Anita - but I had forgotten that! I have a drawing that I did in my design class.

The mirror is for the garden, but I don't know how it will go. I have heard mixed things about mirrors in the garden - with birds - and then there is the worry that it will break, so I'm gluing a piece of plastic on the back.

Or maybe I'll just hang it on my front porch :)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Saucy, re the mirror - I have wanted one in the garden but worried about the glass too -- they actually make sheets of stainless plexiglass now that is frost/break resistant -- it costs a bit per foot, but would be worth the investment for such a work of art.

Im so jealous you're going to VFN - maybe I should give you a wish list, LOL, for pick up later?


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Hmmm, I've got 3 mirrors in my garden, two at ground level and a round one hanging on the privacy fence. They've been there for years and never a problem with them breaking. They stay out year round. I do try to keep them just dirty enough that the birds know not to fly into them. I've had a bit of a problem with them flying into the conservatory windows the last couple of days. Brad washed those and they're still too clean. I think once it's not empty the birds will wise up though.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Saucy, I think you should plant masses of snowdrops to create interest before the hostas appear. :) Like 500 of them!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Saucy, I love the looks of your place. The first and second pics resemble our place (except for the statues), and the berm garden is lovely. My sis in Idaho has a berm garden, and I could sure use one for plants that need good drainage.
I understand your feeling about the ash tree. I love ours, but it is branched much closer down, in fact too close down. Would you be interested in growing a vine on the trunk? Like a climbing hydrangea? Probably a small understory tree would be better. Dogwoods are great for that, or Amelanchiers. You know I love Amelanchiers. :-)

The chair succulent garden is neat. I have never tried that with chairs. The color of the chair is great too.
I love your resting area.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ok, Saucy -- what did you find for the GG area and the tree you need?

Eden -- that's interesting re the mirrors - you leave them out all winter in your region? I have been going to try a cheapo one from HomeGoods just to see what happens -- but sounds like we worry too much and they'd be fine. I dont have to worry about mine staying too clean....


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I wouldn't worry about the mirrors cracking after all they are just glass. Think about all the windows that with stand the cold. The only issue is the silvering may come off with time. I found a couple of flea market cheapies that I plan on putting out.

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Cindy, I didn't make it to VFN - I ran out of time! I am only 45 minutes away, though, so I can go when I get a chance.

When I went shopping, I also stopped in at Sue's to pick up that Gossypium nigra she's been 'sitting for me! I want one of every tree she has in her garden! Those of you visiting are in for a real treat!

I've got my eye on that Full Moon japanese maple that I get glimpses of in GB's garden, too.

I will try to get my mirror in my frame tonight and see what I think of it in the garden. It'd be perfect on that ash! Someone mentioned growing h. petiolaris on it - I'm trying schizophragma "moonlight"....but it could take 20 years :)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Saucy, such fun to finally get a glimpse of the GG. I think the goddesses are smashing! You have a nice ongoing project there for yourself, that you can enjoy working on for quite awhile, to get it just the way you want it. Love your berm garden and the trellis for the clematis is great. I like them tall. So that is what a Baptisia is supposed to look like when it is in full sun....lol. Mine gets a lot less than full sun and the flower spikes never stand straight up, but I still enjoy it, but yours is so very happy where it is. Your succulent chair is so sweet. Very pretty color contrast there. I wonder how much it will grow over the summer. Thanks for sharing! I didn't see one hose or where the garage needed painting or anything. Seriously. I'm focused! :-)

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Saucy, it all looks so lush and inviting. Imagine having one's own canoe launch! Paradise...

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The goddess garden is really cool. looks like they are having fun goddessing. I also really like the frame, you are so talented!

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Saucy, everything looks so good. I don't know how you could have been depressed about the GG! I love the way it's tucked against the wooded background, it really is lush and I think the play of foliage will make a brilliant background to the statuary. You need some Asarum europeum and I'll bed Lamium would look nice in there, too. What sorts of bulbs are you going to add for spring color before the surrounding trees leaf out?

As for your leaf casting... why is it pinkish? is it the mix you use for the casting or did you tint it to get that warmer color? I love the mirror frame, too, they're a great way to add some interest to gardens, esp. smaller more enclosed ones. Around here I worry about birds flying into them (they hit the south windows with regularity).

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Loving that GG, Saucy! Your leaf castings are great, and the mirror frame....too cool! I didn't notice any weeds, either-too much prettiness to look at!

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