Tree seedling, help please

linaria_gwJune 30, 2014

Hi there
This seedling popped up this spring, it is now about 8 inches tall.
I think it is some Prunus.

Could be cherry pits from last summer, we spat several into that bed

it is some Japanese cherry (P. yedoensis probably) which I tried to start for a friend. Those seeds had been not very fresh, and I kept them in a pot for almost a year without result and dumped the content into that bed last fall.

Is it possible to tell the species of a young seedling? This one doesn't have any glands or something at the base of the leaf.

Thanks for your help,

Bye, Lin

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It looks like bamboo- is that at live bamboo stalk next to it?

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Thanks olychick,
yea, bamboo, but just my marker so DH would not pull it :-)

Here another pic of one leaf, finely serrated, smooth, a bit shiny

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sorry, it looked like bamboo leaves near the bottom, so wasn't sure if that was an old cane that had died or a stake. I hope someone can i.d the plant for you!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Hi Linaria - looks like a Peach or Nectarine to me. We get them too - round where we sit out in the summer spitting into the flowerbeds. How vulgar we are ;-)

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Hi floral,
thanks, I hadn't even considered peach, probably wishfull thinking,
but as my alottment is surrounded by peach trees, kind of, it's very likely.
I will keep it and maybe try some grafting ,

Bye, Lin

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