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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)June 27, 2007

When I was in town Tuesday the 12th, I came home to a new vista. Our power company had came and bushhogged the power line rightaway, from the county road to our yard fence. .

I searched for a 'before' pic, but couldn't find one since it is not one of my favorite views. It had not been cleared in about 10-12 years, so was pretty brushy. Now it is a 40 foot wide clearing. Although I missed that procedure, I got to witness the "SkyTrim" machine that removed all the limbs and tops of trees along the sides of the clearing. They came after I got home. Like a dork, I forget to get pictures...:-(

Today the crew returned with the bucket truck and shredder to remove the dead oak tree in the "island". It was considered a danger to the lines. I remembered my camera, and got lots of pics.

He started with the lower limbs, and worked his way up. Here are some of the upper views, and on down:

After they dropped that trunk, they moved to another tree on the southside of our yard...in the edge of the woods, that we wanted removed, but it leaned towards the line and they agreed to do it for us.

Nolon had planned on dropping the trunk, but I think they thought he was too old to do it, so they finished that job.:-)

Then they brought the shredder around and shredded the pile of limbs/twigs from the first tree. They even raked the debris up from that pile and threw it in the shredder.

They proceeded around to the limbs/twigs from the green oak and shredded them.

I had asked if they could leave me the shreddings...and they did:

Since we wanted the larger wood saved for our firewood there wasn't that much shreddings, but they voluntarily said they would bring me more.

I am very pleased with their expertise and told them so. They were very pleasant, and we visited with them when they were not busy. They seemed to be very nice young men.

Nolon has already been working on cutting up the remains of the first tree. The bucket man had cut the trunk into firewood size as he dropped it, so all Nolon needs to do with it is split it, and haul it to the shed when it is cured out. I am so happy to have nice round wood, instead of nothing but slabwood!

We can't see the county road through the clearing from our house, due to the shrubs in the 'island', but can see vehicles going along it if we are out in the circle drive.

I am hoping it will attract more open-area birds like we used to have...espacially the quail and the chats.

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So Marian, does the county own that land? Or is it an easement? Nice that they did the firewood-size cut up and the shredded stuff. It looks like a nice view they created..
Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Yes Kathy, it is the powerline easement. I think everyone that has a line coming across their land has had to sign an easement. Most of the clearing belongs to us, but some of the farther part belongs to a cousin. We can do anything we want to the land beneath the lines, as long as it doesn't include planting tall growing trees or building structures that would hinder the access to the lines. I kind of wish our driveway came along one side of it, then it would always be clear.

BTW, I am certainly enjoying all your lovely pictures on the other threads....and those of everyone else. Yours and Denise's are so differant than what we grow in this area. Very interesting, and pretty. I grow several succulents and cacti, but bring them all in when cold weather comes. None of them are as big and healthy looking as yours and hers.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Hi Marian. That vista looks like something from a classic English or French garden - except it should terminate in a classical statue or interesting architectural feature or some outstanding view. The hydro pole just doesn't cut it! :-) If I had something like that - plus lots of energy and money :-), I'd want to line the sides with big flowering shrubs with a meadow in between with a nice mown path for rambling along. Ahh garden dreaming again.....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL Susan, You can't imagine the rocks and roots that would be encountered in that clearing, but I like your vision. :-) If I were 30 or 40 years younger I might even try that. Also, it is at least 600 feet long, and the far end belongs to Nolon's cousin. I think about 400 feet of it is ours. I am a little miffed at it's width, but in retrospect am thankful there will be no danger of a tree falling on the line, because of Nolon's dependence on the nebulizer.

I mowed most of our yard this afternoon, and later this eve the UPS truck brought Nolon's supply of medicine for the nebulizer. I told him he came at the right time since I had just mowed.He said it looked good.

Since I spent over 2 hours this morning fencing the deer out of my main flowerbeds, I need to get out this evening and put protection around the potted plants along the driveway. I am afraid that will be their next smorgasboard!

Ahhhh! The life in the wilderness!!!!

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Marian..Glad you like the succulents pics-I think Denise may be urgeing me on to a new level!
So Marian, on another topic, I'm kind of hoping that sometime when you and Nolan go to the One Stop for breakfast that ypu might consider taking your camera and posting a shot of the exterior. I have this real interest in 'local' breakfast places in small towns..Kind of silly huh ?
Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, I will TRY to remember to do that. I don't usually take my camera away from home, so will make no promises.
Actually, it is just a regular One Stop out in the boondocks, where gasoline used to be sold( the pumps have been closed for several months pending the installation of new ones). It has a few necessary items for emergencies, both for tourists and locals, and serves meals. A few gift items are also sold. Some are locally made.

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Isn't tree work exciting, Marian? doesn't matter if you're saddened by the loss of a tree, it's still exciting.

I cracked right up at the shots of Nolon "supervising" the operation. He has the "total guy pose" going on, doesn't he? You could see the helpmeet in precisely the same posture at any given time on our property. Must be the sound of the machinery and the smell of diesel, huh? :)

Isn't it amazing what the removal of lowish growing scrub does for the landscape? Have you noticed an increase in sunlight to the bed in front of the fence?

Fun shots.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL, Chelone. I love your comments about Nolon, and your "helpmeet". Anytime there is any project going on at our place,( regardless of what it is), he is "supervising".In my case, it is generally a silent supervision...probably because he is 'afraid' of me? ( I am a scary old woman!!!!)

I agree,tree removal is exciting and interesting. I don't mourn the loss like I used to. It's more of a "que sera sera " thing with me now.

Yes, there is a lot more sunlight for the fence bed, but things have never done well there. I think it is exceptionally poor soil there. I even modified it at first, but still had poor results. I am planning on planting more adaptable plants and shrubs there. There is still some brush (and lots of weeds) that the workers couldn't get to that I need to remove. The cut brush that they left in the clearing really looks ugly now, with dried up brown leaves. I wish we had the strength to clean it up.

A special "thanks" to those who have followed up on this thread.

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Marian, somewhere in our stash of photos there is a shot of my late FIL flanked by the helpmeet and his younger brother. My FIL is in his plaid shorts, black socks and cheapie sneakers, and one of those shirts that remind me of dentist smocks from the early '60s and before (they also conjure images of Ferdinand Marcos!).

There they are! in familial splendor... all in the same pose, feet apart and arms folded over their chests. I howled when it came back from the developer. Foolishly, I failed to set it aside, and if I ever happen upon it again I will most certainly order an 8 x 12 for or home and one for my BIL. It was a priceless shot.

Now, I have to ask... does Nolon ever do the "complete bubba" thing and go without a shirt under the "over hauls"?! :) (if he does, how about a picture?!)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

No way would Nolon EVER go shirtless! He didn't even wear short-sleeved shirts in public until recent years. He has never worn shorts, or sneakers. He has never gone barefoot in the 50 years that we have been married. He won't even wear the houseslippers that I got for him years ago. It has only been recent years that he went to wearing the overalls. His waistline got too big for slacks to look and feel comfortable. Overalls are quite common here for country folk. My father(an Idaho farmer) wore them,and always with a shirt.

Nolon was in the U.S.Armed services for 10 years, before I met him, and had pretty much got away from the Arkie way of life.I met him when he was 29 years old, and he was tall,slender,and handsome in his slacks and longsleeved shirts.

Nolon almost needs 'smocks' now, to span his girth! LOL. I think he has thinned down some this year.

If you find that picture, you need to share it. :-)

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