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youreitSeptember 7, 2006

FTM suggested I put this in a separate post, in case no one is reading her fascinating thread "my wand is rusting, I am such an idiot!" LOL

I know this could have gone into the "Got links" thread, but....maybe this one will be for photos only. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Awesome dumpy tree frogs!

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Aren't they adorable? We saw that picture in the NatGeo magazine - but much smaller. Thank you Brenda!

It won't let me set them as my computer background. Bummer.

:) Mary

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

I'm IN LOVE! I got a couple half-grown bullfrogs in an aquarium about 6 feet away (a half-grown bullfrog is as big or bigger than any other full-grown REGULAR frog native to North America, pretty much), but they're still not tame...

Even though the more dominant of the two will sometimes get up on the rock and lean forward and croak at me when it's past feeding time, they both jump underwater whenever I pass the aquarium or open it up to feed them and take a little time coming out of hiding to feed after I put the crickets or worms in.

I'm hoping once I get my larger, chicken-wire covered terrarium built for them, where I can sort of reach in, I may be able to get them hand-trained.

Ah lubs my froggies, but they're NOWHERE as cute as those two! :)

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thanks, brenda, though i do pro-test :)

so, then, jeff old boy. where are the frog pics, eh?

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I looked at those and thought no way they are real! They look like claymation animations!

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sheepco(MN z4)

Awesome photo! I like my leopards, but those 2 are GREAT!

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