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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)June 3, 2008

After only 2 days away, the lawn was a mess of dandelions. it looked like a place that was for sale and not cared for. But in the beds, between the weeds, so much was happening!

So here's some of what I see:

A little toad. I am so afraid to ride the mower with these guys about!

Clematis Rubra

The rain smashed the Amsonia, but I still like it.

Columbine shows up everywhere. This time in my blue and yellow garden!

Creekside. Cynthia, do you need more FMN?

Primulas near ligularia, rodgersia and hostas.

Dodecatheon still blooming. :)

Enkianthus is subtle, but well worth the look.

Euphorbia and Heuchera Rachel grow near Overdam grass.

A mystery white clematis, possibly White Swan.

My early peony, Claire de Lune.

Ravenswing and hosta.

My little redbud tree.

The smokebush is leafing out.

Sweet Cicely is everywhere.

Veronica is so sweet...

The view toward the veg garden.

Ajuga chocolate chip. It was slow to start, but now I give pieces away!

Allium and columbine. One of nature's plantings.

Clematis Alpine Willy

Berberis Royal Cloak has amazing blooms.

A new short iris.

Lupines have seeded more than I wish throughout the vegetable garden...This is ONE plant.

Salvia Eveline. My cousin was named Eveline. I miss her.

A snapping turtle sat on the dock sunning itself for several hours. When I finally got around to photographing it, it was floating in the sunny pond...

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Look what all that rain produced! 'bug, you've achieved something so wonderful at the farm, something so refined, elegant, truly timeless. Reminds me so much of the big estate gardens I saw in England. Love that forcing/bell jar and the berberis in bloom. Brilliant idea with the border with the euphorb/heuchera/calamagrostis. Love it all!

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Really 'bug, I don't know what to say. Those of us who live in small urban lots have our own styles of creating beauty, and in a large space like yours I'm sure it would be easy to let things get away , escape and quickly become overwhelming.But how beautifully you have managed. The Claire de Lune is exquisite,and how beautiful the details on the other flowers you shared with us.Double Fabu-Fabu !!!
(That would be DFF for short)

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

So that is what Ajuga Chocolate Chip looks like in bloom. I never did get to see mine do that before it left me. [g] Very different looking for an ajuga, isn't it? You find the most gorgeous clematis, G'bug. the Rubra is so graceful, and I love the Alpine Willy. I love the view toward the veggie garden, which I will enjoy seeing photos of, at some point. What is the tree branch that is in bloom there? Really great eye to place that smokebush at the end of the porch that way and the coloring against the side of the house is very soft. I would love to find a place for an Enkianthus but do they all get so huge? What a nice large ribbed Hosta with the Dodecatheon, which is another that I appreciate. Your Iris has such unusual shading...almost an overlay on the yellow. Nice. Your Salvia Eveline reminds me of an Acanthus. Very pretty. Especially with that light grass behind it.

Great tour, nice way to start the day! :-) Thanks G'bug!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I've got to get one of those peonies! I think the vegetable garden is one of the nicest things at your place (although it's hard to choose among so many nice things...) I'm always drawn to the pictures that include it.

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I do appreciate all the work you must do beating back the "wild" of mother nature! What an eye for beauty you have.

My favorite is of Clematis Alpine Willy! It's so delicate.

I wonder if that is the pink Salvia that I have? I'll have to check.


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Marie, the farm is looking beautiful dressed up in her spring finery. I love seeing gardens so different than mine. You've done just a wonderful job there with all of the plantings. Love the heuchera/euphorbia combo and the white swam clem! Well really I just love it all. Very, very nice! Thanks!


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Wow, things are really bursting out there! Everything is so lovely. I especially love the peony and all the interesting clematis. Thanks for the tour.


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Kathy said it best...DFF! Double Fabu-Fabu! It's all so lush and thriving. I can't imagine the time it takes to keep up with it all. Beautiful lupines, it's one I can't get to grow, so I'll admire them in your garden. After seeing your clematis growing through a tree, I'm inspired to get cracking on them. Beautiful!....All of it.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow!!!!! Brilliant Bug! What a gorgeous spring display. I'm so jealous of your lupines. That is one thing I can't seem to keep here. They always die out on me and it's one of Doug's favorite perennials so I keep trying. The Claire de Lune is so pretty! Does it stand up in the rain? Love the lush look of all your hostas too.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Beautiful flowers, plants and yard ! I espacially like the Dodecatheon. It grew in the wild at my childhood home, and was one of my favorite to look for in the spring. I called them 'bird's peak', lol.
I am glad you gave the name of the Enkianthus. I was wondering what it was in the birthday pic that you posted. It's blooms slightly resemble the Bladdernut blooms. How fortunate you are to have such adventerous lupines. They won't grow at all here. :-(
I missed my berberis blooms this year...probably because it was raining through their bloom period. It is an unnamed purplish-leafed variety. I love all your volunteer columbines. Most of mine are the native red and yellow ones. I have having a problem getting other varieties to live.:-( Only occasionally does one pop up somewhere, unexpectedly.
My potted smoke bush is coming along fine. It looks like yours. I have wanted one for years. Now the problem will be...where to plant it??
So much more to admire, but too much to mention !

I do want to say, I feel the same as you about mowing where there are toads and frogs. :-)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Absolutely breathtaking....
no wonder gardeners hate to leave their properties...


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

WOW, Marie! What great flowers and scenery you have on your property! After all that rain, a very beautiful spring! Thanks, enjoying your pictures!

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