anneliese_32(6)August 24, 2013

I have had some weird dreams over time, but tonight I learned how to thatch a roof. Where did that come from?
Did not read about it, see it on TV or talk in ages.

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gandle(4 NE)

Hey anneliese, could use you for a couple of days. My shop needs a new roof. Hadn't considered thatching but why not.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's so funny. One recurring (I have several) dream of mine takes me into a big card shop where I read the sayings on card after card....in full. Crazy!

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Lisa_H OK(7)

Were you listening to NPR this week? They did an interesting story about a charity that is giving money (w/o any strings) to people in Africa and then they followed up to see how they spent the money (1000.00). The one thing almost everyone did is get rid of their thatched roofs and get a metal one. I thought it was interesting. They said every year you have to buy special grass to rethatch your roof, so getting a metal roof was like getting money in your pocket every year.

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I've always wondered how my brain can conger up the images in my dreams. I wish there was a way to tap into the night dream and transfer them to my "day brain".
I did not see the NPR show, but I'm somewhat familiar with replacing native material with metal in Africa. Metal is a high priced commodity , and it can be bought, sold, traded or stolen.
Go with the thatched roof, anneliese.

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I did not see the program on roof replacements in Africa,. The house I was helping to thatch was a European type and I am familiar with them. I just had to laugh about the idea of learning to thatch a roof.
When it comes to dreams mine are pretty realistic. I travel a lot, but by car, train, plane, I sometimes miss them or look for my luggage and the roof lessons fit right in. Oh, I also ski several times a year.

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I think I have figured out one of my dreams from last night.

A little boy asked me to carry his kitty while we were walking down the street. The kitty was "talking", but it was in English and I understood what it was saying. I don't recall the topic, but when I asked the little boy if he understood what the kitty was saying, he said no.
With all the kitty, language and English talk around here, and a new neighbor (for real) moving in across the street that works for Google, and specializes in "voice recognition", I guess my brain was trying to work out all the information.
I really liked listening to the kitty talk.Perhaps, one day we'll have a kitty to English translator. Lol.

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West gardener, would be nice if we understood the critters, but would we like what they have to say about us?

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Lol, anneliese, I think most of us kitty people know "the look". So we are pretty sure about the message.

I was thinking that instead of placing a chip in a kitty, they could have a "mew" recognition system. It would be less intrusive than a chip placed under the skin. Our whole town is wired to the internet, so if a kitty got lost, and we could find it by it's "mew",

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Everyday I go to the "freekibble" site and click to donate kibble to dogs and cats. A multi-choice question is asked, but it doesn't matter if the answer is correct or not--the kibble is donated, regardless. Anyway, one day the question was about vocabulary sounds of cats and dogs. Dogs have about 15 different sounds, where cats have over 100!! They don't really need to speak English to make themselves understood.

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mwheel, I too go to the Freekibble site every day, it's fun and does a lot of good, sometimes I even get the answers right

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