Clematis at the farm today...

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)June 23, 2010

Took some photos this evening... ;)

This is a Russian grown clematis, Iubileinyi 70, growing on our arbor.

Here, the famous Betty Corning.

This is a view over the vegetable garden fence, looking through Clematis Blue Belle.

This is the well known, floriferous Etoile Violette.

This year I lost half of this clematis. :( But here is the first lovely bloom of Fairydust.

A bell-like clematis, Fascination.

Jan Fopma is another bell-like plant.

Fusca is a fuzzy brown clematis with the blooms displayed in pairs. The lavender form is called Ianthina.

Juuli is a non climbing form. I love her!

My mystery clematis..

Negritjanka began blooming yesterday. She grows through an elderberry.

My little Niobe seems to have a friend, probably Hagley Hybrid. Not intentionally paired, but looks fine.

Perrin's Pride grows on the arbor with Hagelby Pink.

This is Warsawska Nike with yellow Phlomis growing in front of it.

Tiny little blooms of Pretty in Blue at the base of lily buds here.

Royal Velours growing here with Blue Rain.

This is a wonderful clematis growing in partial shade. Yukikomachi. (Light blue and white)

A small pink non climber, Zoin.

Pagoda is a climber though, and a very pretty one at that!

And just for fun, some of the little tiny guys.

That's not all, but that's a good start I think!

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Wow, what a wonderful collection you have 'bug. It is really hard to pick a favorite. I really enjoy seeing all the different flower forms.


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Thumbs up 'bug, what a fabu collection..I am pondering Fascination-I'm in the market for a bell-shape.And what nice combinations too !

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I want 'em all! Last year or the year before I planted one of those ones with tiny bells to grow into the Japanese wisteria. I noticed a week or so ago that it had a couple of blooms. They're so cute. The wonderful silver-gray of the cedar fence and pergola in the veggie garden is so perfect for the clematises.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Absolutely fabulous! wonderful collection of these most beautiful vines. Thanks for sharing Bug

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And a few more from today...


The President

Emilia Plater

Gazelle (non-clinging)


And another little guy...

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So many beauties, Marie! You are the Clematis Queen! Might that mystery clem be Little Nell? I have her blooming now and mine looks the same.


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Propaganda Garden Design

Wonderful. How many varieties are you growing now?

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I am particularly charmed by the bell shaped forms.

I was wondering how long you have been collecting them. By the looks of it a pretty long time; since you mentioned it takes 4 yrs. to fully establish a clematis.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I was surprised that your President was still in bloom. Mine has been finished for a few weeks now, although there are a few stray blooms still happening. I didn't think there'd be so much difference in timing from here to your place.

I used to like all the pale blues and whites but increasingly I'm drawn to all the rich dark reds and purples. I think those will be the dominant colors on the clematis swag. So post lots of pictures of things in that color range :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kaveh, I have no idea any more just how many I have. I suppose around 200. Of course not all are climbers and others just vanish occasionally for one reason or another. I particularly miss Kaiu this year which bloomed herself to death last year. I'm concerned about Fairydust as well, but will hope she hangs in there! It gets harder and harder to even identify what I have because some are gifts with tags like "Unknown"... It is all fun, but I wonder what will come of them all when we no longer can manage the farm. At some point I'll just have to say I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Woody, The President is one of the longest bloomers here. It is in part shade. I think that intense colors would look great against your pale yellow and white!

Chelone, I began close to 30 years ago with my first clematis. I think my first one was Marie Boisselot, and she introduced me to Clematis wilt. I knew nothing at all about them and lost a few. (Same with roses) Back then there was a rather ordinary nursery that I walked to once the children were in school. They offered some of the early clematis that are not easy to find these days at neighborhood places. I bought a very simple paperback book there about clematis as well and began to learn more. It has been a wonderful journey and I have met some amazing people because of it. I never would have imagined the route...all because of the beauty of plants and flowers...and the modern-age gift from my son of a digital camera. I'm sure the same is true for many Idyllers.

I should try for some sleep now...

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I was out prowling the Compound with the Huge One while you were typing, 'bug. A bit of mackerel sky to the east, so I suspect rather a milky cloud cover for the day and that generally augers increasing humidity.

This is my favorite time of the day, quiet and peaceful. And I love listening to the birds; you can tell that they're jockeying for territory and making sure everyone knows who's where and what's what. Traffic won't pick up and become the ever present background din until about 10 AM; that's when the "people from away" are finally up and on their way to whatever "recreating" they have on the schedule.

Woody, I am quite certain your Clematis swag will be as lovely as the ill-fated New Dawn is (was). I have very much enjoyed see your yard and garden emerge over the years; truly a labor of love.

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