Does anyone know what plant this is

taz67598June 1, 2014

Hi Everyone! I'm new in the forum and was wondering if anyone knew what this plant is? Some care information would help. All i know is it's an asian plant. I've been searching the web for a while now and can't find the info. Thanks a lot!

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Some more information could help as well. :-)
Is it your potted plant
Did you buy it/ find it
What zone are you in
Did it ever flower
has it a scent?

Looks vaguely like some Arthemisia

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Hi linaria,

Thanks for the reply :)
Yes, it's my moms. We bought it from a store here in the Philippines.
She told me the bigger ones do flower but i haven't seen it yet.
No, it doesn't have any scent though.

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^ How about if you rub the leaf? Artemisia has a distinctive scent.

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