Idyll #271 - Dog days of summer!

Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)June 22, 2006

Hi all! Just starting up a new thread. I have to say this is the first time I've lurked in a while. :(

We are fostering an abandoned rat terrier with 6 puppies.

And then got called for a sheltie and a corgi (long time playmates) who were taken to the kill shelter since the 'owners' were moving. This has kept us hopping.

Things are good here. It's HOT and too dry. We have a chance of rain tonight, I really hope it doesn't miss us.

Take care,


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Here's Bella (it's a compliment, I love the name! Hope no one minds)

Here's Maggie

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Hi Jerri! You need to stick around and chat a bit!! We miss you-what's new with you? Cute pups!Thanks for a new idyll tydll; )

I was a dunce and posted back at the last thread so here's a recap:

Sheesh-what a day!
Ryan does have lazy eye: ( But the good news is that his vision in both eyes is excellent. All they can do is see him again in 4 months and if there's a decline in vision or increase in muscle weakness they will do a patch,& possibly lenses.But a patch can also worsen the condition-never heard that one before. Surgery is a possiblity but I'm guessing worst case scenario-we aren't to that point yet. I didn't like hearing that 60% get worse and require surgery and only 40% stay the same or improve with patch/lenses. I think I got those stats right...?

THEN we got massive thunderstorms again-it's terrible-flooding in various parts.A fire fighter lost his life saving a couple water stranded people-they lived and he died saving them-how sad it that. Not directly here,but a couple miles away a road was closed that sent a traffic jam here. Naturally Chris went out to the store and took ages to get back home. Our basement wall was leaking water-it was almost a stream! Then again they said we got an inch every half hour and the total for today was FOUR INCHES(guess the drought is over). AND my gutter decided to clog so I had water in the enclosed back porch so I had to rig up plastic Lego buliding mats to stop the water from coming in the window!(insightful when I need to be).I couldn't go out and get on the ladder because of the lightening-my luck would have gotten me barbecued...Babsicued! Not fun,not fun at all. I am a bit curious to see how powerful the waterfall I take pics of is gushing tonight-I was too tired to go when Chris suggested it. Maybe tomorrow-who knows it might rain again.
OH my pots were filled to the brim with water! I think it just rained too fast that it couldn't drain quick enough. Even one of my beds was underwater!and that never happens normally.

Hey I almost missed GB's garden pics! That's happening so much-maybe we are just all posting close together. Is Pagoda a non-vining type? Very pretty.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Jerri! Where's a Thesaurus??? Quick! This is so nice! Terrific! Super! And such a wonderful surprise. What a treat to hear from you at last. We've been asking about you and were concerned.
It is good to know that you are still doing rescue work. While it breaks our hearts to hear about these poor creatures and their strange "owners", there you are DOING something about these situations. Action speaks!

I have been moving the hose, weeding the veg garden too. The grass is very much like dried straw in places. Indoors (remember that place?) DH actually pushed the vacuum around, I guess conscious of the fact company is coming tomorrow. The funny thing is that the bozo who dragged his feet about coming to our dinner accepted graciously at 5:30 PM tonight! Good thing there's plenty of food for him and his wife. What style he has- NOT!!!

I heard from Woody and she is preparing for her garden tour at the beginning of July...which is really soon! We're going to get together here just before Idyllunion3 and plan on not being rained out this time. Last time she couldn't even see the gardens! Heaven only knows what will be in bloom at that time! Everything seems so advanced these days.

Beautiful sunset tonight, even a rainbow, so there must have been a tiny bit of rain nearby somewhere, but definitely NOT HERE.

Here's a shot of rose Mary Rose at the front of our house-

Rose Leander, geranium and Clematis Rooguchi:

Rose Complicata, new this year.

Today DH spoke to his anesthesiologist and a nurse about Monday's events. They say 6 weeks recovery time. [Pray for me! ;-)]

Sleep tight!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Thanks Babs. I'm the latest one in an Idyll 'funk' I suppose. My special moments are not having to clean up after a foster dog after work. I don't feel like I fit in at times. My garden has more grass than flowers. I think the grass is even wilting! ;)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hey Bug!!!!!
"The grass is very much like dried straw in places" I feel a little better! Only I'm not as eloquent as all of you!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Pagoda is a vining type!

'bug...(with lazy eye especially when I'm tired or sick)

Here is a link that might be useful: Viticella Pagoda

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning everyone

Well we never received a drop of rain yesterday (It must have all gone to Babs neck of the woods). It is a good thing I watered the smaller containers or theyÂd have dried out. The ÂPeggy fuchsias are such aggressive growers that theyÂve completely filled in their smaller pots and on the hot days I already have to water them twice a day. I canÂt imagine what they are going to be like by the end of the summer.

Jerri! How absolutely fantastic and wonderful to hear from you!!!! IÂve really missed your posts and hearing about what is going on in your life. So happy you are still working with the fosters but I can imagine that is taking all your extra time. Thanks for checking in and IÂm hoping you can stick around for a while.

Bug, Your garden photos are magnificent! I absolutely adore your yellow and blue garden. IÂd like to know what you do to get your delphiniums so fantastic. They look HUGE! And the roses and digitalis are lovely. YouÂd never know youÂve not had any rain. IÂll bet you are getting past tired with dragging hoses around. Can you tell me what is the orange coleus in the middle left of your photo of your containers? I love them all by the way. What a pretty collection of plants, and all that from someone who hates coleus. LOL~~ IÂm sorry you arenÂt going to get any rain from this low pressure area we are dealing with this weekend. TheyÂve downgraded the rainfall amounts from a foot to four inches so IÂm relieved but even that is a lot of rain in two days. I know IÂve said it before but why oh why canÂt we just get reasonable amounts of precipitation? ~~ I sure wish Woody would post photos of her gardens here again. IÂd like to see how that arbor of hers is filling in and also how she made out with those planter benches she built over the winter.

Babs, So sorry about RyanÂs lazy eye. But glad to hear his vision is great. Hopefully heÂll be fine. ~~ I saw stories about the flooding out your way and canÂt believe it!!! So sorry for you having to deal with that mess. First TX this week with flooding from T storms and now OH, then in other areas terrible drought. This weather really is just too strange. I can imagine if youÂve been dealing with drought then the ground is like cement and those quantities of rain in a short period of time just run off into the storm drains, and peopleÂs basements for that matter. Looks like you are going to get more rain today also. I wish we could send some of this extra to those who are in need.

Marian, glad to hear you are looking at a new digital camera. IÂm looking forward to seeing pictures from you again. IÂll bet you canÂt wait to get your new computer up and running.

V, those whole wheat chocolate chip cookies sound yummy. Now if they would just make sugar free chocolate chips I could probably eat those.

Drema, I thought of you yesterday when I was staking my ÂRegale trumpet lilies in the driveway border. They are over six feet tall this year with three stalks bearing nine buds each. I started with only one stalk there and theyÂve multiplied nicely. Doug has been treating one of his toe nails with vinegar and that seems to be doing the trick although it hasnÂt completely cleared it up yet and it has been a while. Sounds like all treatments have the same bag of mixed results. ~~ Oh yes, you are 100% correct, the brideÂs bouquet was peonies but there were also a few immature hydrangea flowers in it. It was so lovely and smelled divine. ~~ LOL about the undies thing. ~~ I love your grouping of containers. Are those cabbages in the large rectangle container in the front? Looks great!

Michelle, those arrangements sound lovely. My babies breath isnÂt blooming yet but I could make an arrangement with the other Âingredients except my lilies are more pink than peach.

Mary, it sounds like your summer vacation with the children started with a ÂbangÂ. LOL One of my neighbors has a large swimming pool, probably about the size of yours, and when the little girls in the neighborhood get in there they SCREECH! Happens every year and it drives me crazy because I think someone is getting killed. Oh well, it never lasts all that long and I guess they are having a ball. I just wish they could modulate the volume a bit. LOL

Eden so how was your day in the garden yesterday? IÂve got an epidemic of earwigs here this year and have no idea what to do to control the darned things. There are so many IÂm at a loss as to what to do about it.

OK I think IÂm caught up for the time being. I sure hope Sue checks in today. IÂm missing her posts.

Have a great day all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Morning! I'm in a panic to get everything going for our guests tonight as well as watering the gardens. Then there's the cooking and house...somehow it will all come together! :-)

Deanne, I just checked that coleus. It is called Rustic Orange. Hope that helps. I'm proud of myself for organizing the container plant tags!!!!

Charlotte ran off last night while DH was "watching" her. He was playing guitar out on the porch. She wandered off, probably looking to hunt more baby raccoons. I found her on the far side of the creek and she was not sure she wanted to come home. It's that time of year! We trimmed her hair around her eyes so that we can see her again!

Well, sprinkler is going and it is time for a late breakfast!

Later maybe,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Homer the snapping turtle RULES!!!!

New York State news:

Property taxes are soaring and upstaters are fleeing New York. But lawmakers decided that they had to tackle the ladybug question first.

The state's official insect, a nine-spotted ladybug, would no longer fly in that role: it is extinct in New York State. So legislators took a break from bickering over health care spending and property taxes in the waning days of the session and found common ground on the issue of designating a new state insect, making it the pink spotted ladybug instead.

They passed other laws, too: The snapping turtle would become the state's official reptile. And the striped bass would henceforth become the state's official saltwater fish.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Phew let's get that out of the way.

Sorry, but there is no way I can go back and catch up on the last idyll. I remember lots of great pictures and some neat sheds/garages. On Sunday I extended my back garden down to and around the shed. It's mostly shade so I could prospect plants from other parts of the garden and play with foliage so I had fun. It was stinkin' hot that day so the only rational place to garden was in the shade. Plus I need to use up that weedy compost some way other than as top dressing. Unfortunately I'm out of plants, a situation I hope to rectify this weekend. Tom had previously installed a little patio in front of the shed using scrap pavers we prospected from a neighbor last year. Yesterday I bought a window box and have been scattering containers on the patio. I need a chair and maybe a small table. Tom has agreed to reshingle the roof and repaint. Eventuallly it will look like something other than an eyesore.

Babs and Michelle, I love your gates. My garden needs non plant accents but I don't even have time to shop for stuff like that right now. I did salvage an old iron bed frame and an old wooden chair from someone's trash this winter but haven't decided what to do with it yet. Last week I grabbed an old wheelbarrow my neighbor was tossing but that needs serious work before it can become a planter.

Jerri, it's great to hear from you. I'm not surprised you are busy with rescue. It never ends. Like you I feel like I don't fit into idylls right now. My gardens are a mess and way behind and I haven't even finished my containers yet. Since the annual selection at nurseries is winding down here I may be out of luck soon. I've been trying to propogate more coleus. It seems like every year is the same-between work, weather and other committments you just run out of time. I've also been trying to workout on a fairly regular basis but's if I fit 3-4 days a week in I'm doing good. It's supposed to rain here all weekend and I have two parties to go to on Sunday so more delays.! I have a fairly large turtle hanging around my yard. It's probably a snapping turtle but I'm not sure. Last weekend it was way in back on the plaza side of the back fence. There is a small stream back there. Sometime between then and now it made it's way along that fence and around and now it's behind my garage trying to get into the yard where the dogs have access. The dogs are going nuts every time they encounter the turtle. So far there has always been a wire fence between them but I'm afraid that turtle could give one of them a nasty bite if given the opportunity. If it's still around tonight should we try to pick it up and put it back on the stream side of the fence? From what I read on line they can give a nasty bite. It has no access to water in my yard.

Allright, I have to get to work.



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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gardenbug, before I forget I want to say those pics of your delphiniums was magical shows why we all want to perservee and attempt to grow them yours look magnificent and I did not see a single stake in sight. Your container showed y our usual artistic eye as well. Glorious. And now youve made me put Mary Rose back on my wish list I truly love that shot! Wow. I see more photos of the delphs you & Woody make it look so easy.

The rain is headed in our direction I think we got 2 inches last nite and 2 to 4 more to come in the next three days guess this will make my need to move those mulch bags by Sunday another fun task! Guess this might put this area back in the positive column for rainfall at long last.....just in time to smash everything down in the garden.

Jerri cute "kids" you have a heart of gold.... even when youre tired of cleaning up, youre a truly a godsend for those poor guys.

V glad to hear you finally made it to the dr hopefully this will fix you up for the summer.

Drema I was in stitches re the undergarment story life is out of control when that happens, right? Your photos of your containers was wonderful there was no noticing of "unsightly" stuff! Isnt it funny how we owners seem to be more critical than our viewers of our gardens?

Happy Friday to all I am sooooo glad its finally the end of the week even if it rains, Im feeling theres "no place like home"!


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I have the day off and it looks like it will be a nice one.

Jerri, great to hear from you. You sound very busy with all the furries.

Babs, I sure hope that Ryans eye is in the 40% improvement group.

Deanne, I meant to ask you what your calidums look like from Sams. You got one of those boxes of 60 didnt you? Mine are almost all dark pink with green edging, not a white and green in the bunch. There are a couple that are white with pink polka dots.

Marian, I noticed deer prints in my veggie garden and am now missing 1 tomato, 2 eggplants and 2 ornamental cabbages were lying on the ground. Im thinking of moving Jadens doghouse over there.

V, glad to hear that you went to the Dr. How was the gourmet dinner?

Hi Yeona!

Well Id better get a move on if I want to get everything on my list accomplished today. LOL


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Morning, Beautiful day here today with low humidity and supposed to stay that way through the weekend. Probably not much gardening will be going on here though. My mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday so between running there and having Bella today and tomorrrow I'll be lucky to keep up with watering the pots.

What's all this talk about people feeling like they're not fitting in here? As far as I'm concerned no one needs to be worried about being eloquent or having perfect gardens to fit in, just maybe a love of gardening and the fact that you're all such interesting, kind and caring people makes this group what it is. I just like everyone to keep in touch about what's going on in their gardens and their lives too of course. I do know sometimes life gets in the way and we all have to be absent from here off and on though.

Hi Jerri, nice to hear from you and I too hope you stick around. Bella and Maggie both look like sweethearts.

Babs, so sorry to hear about all of your water problems. Hope it dries up for you now. Also hope Ryan's eye problem works itself out without any surgery down the road.

Deanne, my lilies are loaded with buds this year too. Must be a good year for them. Earwigs are the worst aren't they?

Sue, your shed garden sounds very cool and like it was alot of work. Hope we get to see pictures when it's all completed. That's terrible about your compost having all of the weed seeds in it. It's always something in the gardens giving us challenges isn't it?

Cindy, glad you get to just stay home this weekend. Afterall there's no place like home.

Marie, I know your dinner party will all come together and everyone will have a wonderful time. As I was walking through my garden yesterday I was noticing all of the clematis that are blooming and thought what a great influence you've been on me. Enjoy your party tonight. Oh and I loved all of your containers, they're so colorful with all of the coleus.

Michelle, enjoy your day in the gardens.

V, glad you got some medicine to help you get better.

Marian, can't wait until you get a new camera. I miss seeing your photos and would love to see some of your containers too.

Ei, bummer about your mirror breaking. It was so pretty. I had 3 in my garden that had been there for years and had one of them break over the winter too.

As for garden ornaments, I've cut down alot here. Most of the stuff I have now is pretty much hidden until you come upon it walking through the gardens. I think that comes mostly from cramming in so many plants, more that good garden design though, lol.

Megan should be here with Bella any minute now so you all have a great Friday.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Morning all...

Good news on Trubby. He voluntarily laped up a small amount of the clabbered milk in his dish sometime during the night or early morning hours.( It wasn't clabbered when I put it out for him.) After laying under the utility room steps for the past 2 days, he came out and up into the breakfastnook, and drank from their water bucket, then set in there for awhile before going back to his hidy-hole. Hopefully this means he is on the mend. Cats are very resilient !

Yey! Jerri checked in! I have worried about you, and about Lisa. I hope she checks in also.

Yargh! Babs... I think our share of the rain went your way instead. WE only got a brief sprinkle.
The news on Ryan's eye doesn't sound too good. Does it wander to one side? One of our friend's greatgrandsons had an eye like that. He had surgery on it a year or so ago and is doing fine. I hope there will be an equally nice solution for Ryan.

Sheesh..Michelle..the deer in your garden is bad news ! Sorry ! If I were your age I would be fretting about it, but I have accepted them now. I love seeing them, if they would just leave my yard alone !

Drema...great hearing from you, and the underwear snafu was a hoot ! It is definitely something I would be prone to do.
For me , I am at least in my own bathroom when I discover the forsight!

V, I hope you are feeling better today.I can certainly empathize with you.

Marie, sorry about your browning grass. Ours isn't looking to great either. I never water our 'lawn', and I am really neglecting the flowerbeds this year.Dragging the hose aggravates my shoulder and back. My containers are getting sufficient attention.
I hope your dinner turns out okay. Don't get yourself down over it.
LOL on the N.Y. official bug and reptile. Such a great way to use the taxpayer's money!

Deanne, actually I am not too excited about getting the new computer set up. It sounds like a lot of work for both the setter-up, and for me, and I am not feeling up to it. I will need to clean out under, and on, the table that the old one is setting under/on. Tim is excited that I have recieved it, and wishing he could come back and install it. I know a member of our congregation and his 17 year old son who are well qualified to do it, and eager to be of help. They have been on vacation in So. Carolina, but should be back this weekend. I'll probably need to wait until Tim comes to tranfer all the stuff from the old one, but I could reinstate a lot before that.

Hi to all that I didn't 'speak' to !


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Drema, I forgot to mention what a chuckle I got from your underwear story. It was good to hear from you, you sound so busy with lots to juggle. Your container garden grouping is looking very nice. Love that Coco Loco!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Babs - glad to hear that Ryan's vision is excellent. I'd like better odds on the improvement too. Whatever needs be done, I'm sure it will work out. At least there are options and medicine is so much more advanced now then when I was diagnosed as a baby. Of course, I know you are not just going to count on the chance that he is in that 60% of lucky ones (like I was) and will do whatever treatment you feel gives him the best chance. Will be keeping positive thoughts. So sorry to hear about the flooding...I hope nothing important was damaged! I take back my comment that I would be glad for *any* rains that come our way.

Hi Jerri...happy to see you've popped in. The pups are adorable and you really are a gift to all creatures. I am so grateful that there are people like you out there.

Marie - If I wasn't appreciating how *absolutely* *lovely* your delphiniums are, I would cry for how badly mine look...LOL! What a lovely setting and I love your color scheme! Your foxglove and mary rose pic is just stunning and really highlights all the things I love about English cottage gardens...just beautiful!

Thanks Babs & Eden for the tips. You both do it so well! I *do* think it has a lot to do with "the eye", but still Babs, do you remember the name of that book? Sounds like something I should read.

I am very concerned about my sister. She has been complaining the two past days about stomach pain. I finally convinced her to call the doctor this morning (threatened to do it myself). The doctor wasn't in, but will call her later today. The nurse did ease her mind a bit, telling her the pain could be caused from many things, scar tissue, blockage, the instrument that accepts the chemo (implanted), etc.

Anyway, have a great day all! Ei

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Nice wet,soggy,moist,soaked,saturated day to you...OK not in an excessive manner though: )
We had more water than I realized at first. I thought it was one wall but two other walls where the window wells are also leaking. BUT despite our puddles I am so ever thankful that I don't have feet of water down there(so far)-on the news they said someone's entire home lifted up and floated with the rushing waters(not in this immediate area). Our home is almost 100 yrs old but I wish we had the cash to get the foundation sealed so this doesn't keep happening.
I hope my mom's home is Ok she's on an 'old ladies' bus trip(I kid her about the old ladies part lol)to Chicago and she gets back tonight. She's so lucky she had her house foundation repaired last season. She had a crack that was leaking water-man,I can only imagine what would have happened these last couple days had she not done that.

Naturally the rain has started up again. We want to go to see the waterfall I like to take pics of-I bet it's roaring today. If we go I told the kids they aren't allowed to go along the bank and toss stones like they usually do-too dangerous I think.

Deanne-I anticipate an explosive population of earwigs with all the moisture we have-spiders too and other creepys. I know the neighbors and people across at the school have to think I'm a raving lunatic but I'm in an all out war with the squirrels and chippies. They keep digging everything I plant so I open the door and yell at them(that's the lunatic part). oh and there are two baby bunnies scoping out the landscape...nature at its best-I guess they are not as bad as a snapping turtle though. Imagine herds of snapping turtles pounding through our gardens...that would be a bad dream.

Eden that's one thing I truly enjoyed about exploring your garden,finding little garden ornaments hidden among the plants-you surely do make ornaments work in your garden! I guess we can't always listen what is dictated to us in garden books sometimes you just have to use your best judgement according to what your *garden* dictates. I think your garden is so interesting *because of* your creative combination of plants and ornaments,so no more library books for me lol.

Poor poor Michelle(I say that with grave empathy). I love ornamental Cabbage and would love a real veggie garden and the deer are one reason I won't plant them unless I want to cage it all-I just know they'll devour the tastey stuff. I hope they aren't permanently visting your garden-it can be such aggravation. My garden neighbor and got so fed up with the deer and bunnies that she has enclosed all her borders with stakes draped in netting. I haven't been pushed that far but it's one of those gardening challenges we sometimes have to deal with I guess.

The natives are getting restless I must be going.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just a quick pop-in

Eden, Im sorry your Mom is in the hospital I hope they stabilize whatevers wrong & shes home very very soon.

Ei sorry to hear your sister is under the weather also from perhaps the treatments its so hard to watch our loved ones be ill, isnt it? But they need that nudge from us sometimes to follow up for them

re pests I have seen the first JBs munching on the last blooms of my Heritage rose... boohoo. It was bound to happen otherwise it appears all other pests have also hunkered down to stay aphids, earwigs, spiders, mites a beloved natural collection of garden "friends" along w/ the usual suspects of squirrels, rabbits, [deer prints but no sightings] and boxing turtles.... le sigh.

okay now I see the "missing post" Sues wasnt there earlier & I couldnt figure out where people were mentioning her shed.... and was missing her TGIF! Sue, maybe your turtle is a boxing turtle? I have them in my yard every year they apparently are "stationary" as in, they find an area they like & keep coming back aaargh I took more than 1 for a "drive" a couple years ago but it didnt make any difference..... I think you can google them they have distinctive markings. I read that they come into gardens for certain food (read plants) mine always seem to have a routine "walkabout" habit, starts at one end of the garden & moseys about from one end to the other Chloe goes nuts but barks & stays away from it I recall they liked my nicotiana alata a lot, and I have a stream behind my fence in the park very nearby.

Sue, like you I suffer from not enough time or energy in my day for all things including idylling. Inevitably I miss great photos & conversation but I still learn so much from everyone frantically taking garden notes! But it's so nice to see returning names no matter how long or short they're there for.

Ok back to work.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The turtle is likely looking for a spot to lay eggs at this time. She wants a sandy place and perhaps you have such a spot...she thinks.
Dogs and snappers are not a great combo. One problem is the turtle often will not release it jaws and will hang on. If this ever happens, get a stick and pester the turtle until it releases and bites the stick.
Turtles in fact don't bite much unless annoyed. Now the picking up part. The turtle will not like being picked up but it really should be returned to the stream area. This is what you do. First act firmly as the turtle will try to escape and bite. Their necks can turn around to snap at many angles. What you want to do is grab on to the turtle's carapace immediately in front of the back legs. It cannot reach you there, although you won't believe me once she starts writhing and trying to get you! Hang on tightly! I'll try to get a photo here to show you...

This one is a male, in case you are interested:

The snappers like to lounge in the sun too. One appears on the dock to our pond every so often...which doesn't make swimming there very inviting to me! DH still swims there though....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! I feel like a new person this morning; my energy is back, my aches are gone and it doesnt feel like an ordeal to just exist! So this morning I will try to give our local food critic Deanne a run for her money and tell you all about our dinner last night.

The evening was billed as "Dinner on the Farm". We headed south of town to a lovely country road aptly named Pleasant Valley. At the sharp S-curve, we went south down a long driveway and arrived at the farm. Our hostess gave us a warm greeting and suggested we start our visit by climbing to the loft of the adjacent small barn. A deck had been added outside of the former hayloft, affording a wonderful view of the farm and vineyard and the surrounding area. Amazingly, in this little corner of heaven there were very few signs of development to be seen mostly the view consisted of rolling fields and clusters of oaks.

Then we descended to tour the organic vegetable gardens and the developing vineyard. The farm is only in its second year, so theres still a lot to be developed and a lot of learning going on. Some of the new-to-them-this-year vegetables and herbs were still a bit on the small side as the seeds were slower to germinate than expected. But most of the crops were looking great.

Soon our friends joined us, and then the hostess called us to be seated for dinner. Six round tables, set for eight, were clustered under a large canopy next to the vineyard. As one server poured Vin de City White (say it out loud), others passed trays of bruschetta with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil, or proscuitto-wrapped melon. Appetizers continued with spanikopita, and wedges of foccacia spread with artichoke dip. Then an antipasto of ripe sliced tomatoes and red onions toped with capers and olive oil was served along with spaghettini and homemade marinara sauce.

Now I switched to a red wine as the main course arrived. The delicious smells that had been coming from the grill when we arrived did not disappoint. We enjoyed grilled leg of lamb and chicken breast stuffed with spinach cheese and pine nuts. The accompanying vegetables were grilled zucchini and summer squash, picked fresh that morning.

As we ate, we watched the setting sun turn the vineyard area a brilliant gold. Blue herons constantly flew back and forth to an area just beyond a clump of oak trees. There must be a rookery somewhere beyond the trees. You couldnt imagine a more pleasant evening nor a better setting for dining outdoors.

Of course, there was dessert! Sponge cake with fresh berries accompanied by a chocolate and raspberry port. The port was excellent, with just a hint of raspberry flavor and not the cloying sweetness Ive tasted in some raspberry flavored liqueurs. All of the wines were from Illinois wineries and they were all wonderful.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening in a true "Pleasant Valley"!

You can see I started my post with "Good morning" and now its well past morning, but I shall leave it as a tribute to an interrupted day. Its gorgeous here today, and I will have some time to enjoy it later today on our friends patio. For now, I have to keep after this mountain of work that accumulated while my brain was out of order. DD is off in Holland, DS is doing well with his GF in Houston and the dogs are staying out of trouble. If I can just stay away from any further bugs for the next month I shall be in good shape.

Im sending good thoughts to Eis sister and Edens mom, and waving at you all! Im gone all day tomorrow, so I hope everyone has a nice weekend and that Babs stops hogging all the rain!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, Idylls!

To all those that asked, heres what I can identify in my "leftover" container: Canna Red King Humbert (bronze foliage), Coleus Stained Glassworks "Copper", Coleus "Dark Star", Alternanthera "Red Threads, Coleus "Sedona", unknown green coleus, and this other unknown baby:

Marie, I agree. That was so rude of your guest! Whats with people these days! I know you'll be biting your tongue when he comes for dinner.

V, so sorry you have bronchitis. Hope those horse pills give speedy relief. Im drooling over the thot of those cookies! I havent had any in months and they sound delish. In fact, I can smell them from here.

Babs, I love, love, love that gate and the vignette youve created around it. Its perfect and just charming. Dont change a thing. So sorry to hear about the Lazy Eye diagnosis. Hopefully, it will self-correct as he ages. My DBs did. Also, the weather you guys had was AWFUL. We were watching it on the news.

Thanks, you guys, for the comments on my obelisk shaped tuteur. Its not home made (unlike some talented folks here). When I saw it, I had to buy it. It turns out that it fits nicely in a container I got last yr on sale. So Viola! It's 7' high from the bottom of the container to the top of the finial. Ive had it covered for the last couple days to protect it from the high winds and rain so it would dry out. When I uncovered it this am, it seemed like I could see it growing!

Drema, I just howled about you leaving your "necessaries" at home. Too funny. Now you know youre much too busy when I just love your container garden. I was flabbergasted after I read what you said and then saw your "lovelies". I expected junkola. Instead, I saw wonderful combos of plants! Dont stress yourself out over all on your plate. The wedding is enough to put someone over the top. And you have so much else going on.

Mary, it sounds like youre enjoying your summer pool, novel, even weeding the pool garden. Dont know if I remembered to write this in an earlier thread or not, but every time I go grocery shopping, I think of you. They now have a whole "gluten-free" section in our market. Before meeting you, I was unaware how common the problem is.

"Bug, once again Idyller container combos blow away any containers at garden centers here. And your front landscape is to die for! Gorgeous! BTW, Id kill for that stand of delphiniums! I miss mine. Here they are last year before the storm flattened them:

As Da would say, Le Sigh Please tell Woody we miss her and wish her well on her garden tour. Ill bet her gardens are fantabulous!

Hi Jerri! Great you hear from you. I see youre very busy with your rescue animals. Please stop buy again soon.

Wow, east coasters preparing for 4" of rain. Rain is good to a point.

Deanne, I saw another Dinnerplate Dahlia Wed. It's the same luscious color as Thomas Edison, but a huge bloom. It was called "Babylon Purple". I would have bot it except the plant was $34!! Grrrrr. Also, I have nowhere to put it now.

Michelle, Marian, thanks for mentioning the deer. Its time for me to spray again.

Marian, Im so glad it seems that Trubby is doing better. We do love our furbies. Re the spotted fawn you saw on the side of the road, I too, hope mama returns to nurture it. As much as I grouse about them eating my garden, they are such gorgeous creatures. I cant help but admire their beauty when they come around. Yesterday, Mama Fox ran through here. Another beautiful specimen. Oh, how we love living here.

Ei, Im so sorry to hear your DS is in pain. I hope its something minor. I know you must be worried sick about her.

Eden, when you have an idea what your schedule is, let me know and I'll run out with the book from EP.

I think I'm caught up. I hope I didn't forget anyone. Hi to all. I'm hoping Sue checks back in to show us her new shade garden bed.

I'm off to move some lilies and hopefully plant the rest of my plant ghetto! TTYL.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

"Dogs and snappers are not a great combo. One problem is the turtle often will not release it jaws and will hang on. If this ever happens, get a stick and pester the turtle until it releases and bites the stick."

Oh wonderful...I already called Tom and told him not to let the dogs out tonight until he checks the yard to make sure that turtle didn't get in somehow. She was trying. My dogs do not back down. They were nose to nose with her this morning through the wire fence and she was just looking at them. I watched her for a few minutes after I put the dogs in. What a weird way they walk-so very prehistoric. As far as I know there aren't any sandy spots around anywhere-just clay and shale. I hope she's gone when I get home because it won't be easy to get her back to the stream. The fence is 6 foot tall and runs all the way across the back and into the underbrush. It must have taken her a while to get around it and behind my garage. Let's just hope she doesn't decide to sun herself on the walk in front of my side door or in the middle of the When you think about where I live-heavy suburbia, the diversity of wildlife never ceases to amaze me.

At lunchtime I hit a nursery sale-$1.90 for 4" potted annuals. They didn't have much left but I did get a couple of coleus, both colors of sweet potato vine, a variegated ivy, some orange impatiens and some variegated double impatiens. I also had the guy fit 20-three cubic foot bags of mulch (the equivalent of over 2 yards) into my truck. Usually I only get 10 at a time but he's closing tomorrow and I wanted to stock up. I'm riding a little low but all I have to go is home from work-about 7 miles on back roads.

Yeah, I guess we're in for the usual 4 or more inches of rain over the next couple of days. As I've said before-it never just rains anymore.

V, yummy sounding dinner-right up my alley setting and all.

I tried some of the shorter delphiniums when I first started gardening and quickly decided I didn't have enough of whatever they needed. Don't they prefer cooler nights like Lupines?


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Good evening

Jerri - great to see you back again. Look what you started - 23 posts in one day!!

Lots of news and photos - I'm posting on the run so this will be rather short. Thoughts going out for Eden's mother and Ei's sister, and for both of you in your care for your loved ones.

GB - interesting about our state insect and animal - its amazing what you learn here at the Idylls!

Honey - having GF section in a supermarket is great for anyone with Celiac, and I think reflects the growing number of people getting a diagnosis.

Today we stocked up on books at the library for summer reading, got everyone their summer haircuts, shopped for necessities for Annie for camp and visited a friend. I now need to go find David's baseball socks as he has a Little League game tomorow at 8 AM (and I thought we were on vacation!)

Hope those in its path survive the deluge, Trubby continues to recover, Sue's dogs evade the turtle, Jerri comes back more frequently, Drema still has her undies and everyone has a good weekend.


PS I'm booked for IU3, arriving Thursday and leaving Monday midday - yippee! I'll send V details.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well, we did get about two inches of rain yesterday with real tropical downpours. It felt like I was back in Maui. Not much time here as I have to get ready for class, oh yes, I think Mary asked what I was teaching this weekend. It is that Summertime Fragrance piece with the magnolia, rose of Sharon, rose and gladiolus.

Bug, thanks for the info on that coleus. I love it and have coleus envy. LOL

Sue, I cant wait to see your new shed garden. You out of plants? That just cant be! Wish I could come down and go shopping with you as the selection up here lately leaves me pretty flat. So when did it become a requirement to fit in? Of course you fit in here as do all who post and share. Ive been missing you around here. ~~ Be careful with that turtle.

Cindy, I agree with you 100%, there is no place like home. I used to travel a lot with business and I absolutely hate leaving here anymore. Enjoy your home time this weekend.

Michelle, my caladium sound to be lookin pretty much the same as yours. Ive got pink and green spotted ones and not one green and white one. They also are pretty small and not growing particularly well but Im blaming that on the very wet and cold spring.

Eden, hope your Mom is OK. That is such a worry. ~~ RE earwigs, yes they are the worst. What do you do other than pick them off one at a time when you see them. Do you do that rolled up newspaper thing and if you do that does it actually reduce the population of the beasties?

Marian, glad to hear Trubby is doing better.

Eileen, sorry your sister hasnt been doing well. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Babs, sorry about the excessive water out your way. What a bummer to have to clean up the basement again. I sure hope your Moms house is OK. ~~ I feel your pain with the brown-striped and gray tree rats. I hate the darned things. Always damaging things and it seems just for the sake of it. I was horrified to see a woodchuck in the gardens on Thursday. My cat statue needs to start policing the back yard. LOL

V! Oh my goodness, your dinner party sounds like a wonderful dream. Fantastic! Sure wish I was there. Thanks for taking the time to share that with us.

Honey, I thought that looked like Copper. I love that coleus and your unknown baby is so neat. ~~ Im going to have to look for that Babylon Purple dahlia. Every single one of my Thomas Edison tubers rotted even though theyd already sprouted and were growing well. That last batch of heavy rain did them in. They must be prone to that as I lost the one you sent me last year and those are just about the only dahlias Ive ever lost.

So Mary what is everyone reading for summer vacation?

OKie Dokie, Ive got to hit the shower and get into gear Ive got to be in class in an hour and a half.

Have a great day everyone,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Gee, Sue makes a shade garden in a day, gets Tom signed up to re-roof and paint it, and then says she doesn't fit in here? I agree with Deanne: no requirements to "fit in" with this group. But Sue, you have quite the expectations! The exercise, the job, the pets, the friends, the garden, family, shopping...I'm tired thinking about it!

Well Deanne is off to work today and I am already feeling guilty. I plan on doing very little today...except perhaps preparing for a picnic/party this evening at a neighbour friend's place. I think I'll have to learn some Polish to "fit in" as Sue would say. Oh! Deanne also reminded me of a geranium I have this year: Okie Dokie! Anyone else trying this pretty dark leaf one?

So last night's dinner here was fine. Yet, in spite of good conversation, giggles, perfect weather, walking about, Charlotte antics and a fine meal, there was something funny about it. I think that guy who was so late in deciding if he wanted to come jinxed things for me. He arrived over an hour late...which I think is a bit much! We were barbecuing and it was impossible to know when to get the food started. His wife was a hoot and she brought me a huge bouquet of long stemmed roses. The one garden question was ID-ing Martagon Lilies. One lady really loved those. Her husband it seems is a contractor, and what a nice man he is! He commented on the kitchen make-over right away ...even though he'd not seen it before. The way to my heart!

No rain here...and it is needed! I did water a good bit yesterday, but on this property, there's always more. And I do need to attack the weeds down in the flats before I start losing plants there. Emergency work needed! I should invite you all here for a work weekend to finish it. Okay, I'll do it myself!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Of course I meant re-roof and paint the shed, not the shade garden!

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Yesterday was beautiful. It did start thundering around 4:30 so Jaden and I took refuge in the garden shed. I curled up in my new chair and read the latest Fine Gardening magazine. Jaden laid under the table and wouldnt get out until the thunder stopped-what a chicken. Things seem more under control here. Kenzie is coming this afternoon to stay over, so I dont know how much will get done today.

Ei, sorry to hear that your sister is having pain. Hopefully, they can give an explanation and that it isnt anything serious.

Eden, I hope that you mom is released soon. Hopefully, it isnt anything serious. I get the impression that she is doctoring in the town you live in but lives a couple of hours away? Id love a mirror in the garden but am not sure where to place one. The only one I have that I dont have a use for is from the bathroom that we redid and is probably 3 x 4 without a frame.

Re: fitting in, if you all would see some of the things that are blooming together in my garden, you would disown me. Those red annual poppies just dont go with the peach lilies. LOL You should see these peach lilies, I must have about 6 clumps of them that are probably 3 diameter. There are just so many. They all came from 1 plant about 6-7 years ago. Man are they prolific.

Sue, I cant believe that you have a snapper trying to get in your yard. We have them, but they stay close to the pond. I wont swim in our pond either. One day I saw 2 of them down there. When I was a kid and someone caught one fishing, they would bring it to town and they would put it in a metal barrel next to the local bar until they were ready to make turtle soup to serve at the bar. News spread fast and all the town kids would ride bikes down to see if they were brave enough to peek into the barrel.
I didnt realize that you had a garden shed. Id love to see a picture.

Marian, great news that Trubby seems to be feeling better.

Babs, bummer about the water in the basement. It is never pleasant no matter the amount.

Bug, that surely isnt you holding that snapper is it? I havent seen that geranium and did a search and didnt find it. One mentioned in Fine Gardening called Elizabeth Ann with the dark foliage did catch my eye though.

Cindy, put me in with you and Sue with not having enough time. Thats why I like to save my vacation days to use in the summer and why I dont want to change jobs and go down to 1 or 2 weeks vacation. Japanese beetles are not common in Iowa fortunately.

V, your meal and evening sounds like it was so interesting. Are they doing this for a business?

Honey, do you use Liquid Fence? I have something else but think I should try that.

Mary, I remember all those summer activities. What fun those days were though.

Have a fabulous day

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Not much to say, just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!"

Thinking of Eden and her mom and hoping everything is okay. I wish there was something I could do to make it better. I am sending my positive thought and well wishes.

Oh, here comes DH we're off to look at houses again, so I have to run. Hope to check back later.

Have a great day all! Ei P.S. That turtle is mucho-scary Marie...LOL!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am back to dragging 200+ feet of hose! I just cannot let some good plants die!

I am having a problem seeing this second-hand monitor that Tim installed for me ( that the friend brought). It keeps fading out.

Trubby is drinking tuna 'juice', milk, and water, but still not eating solid food. He has been outside all morning, and even went for a walk with Nolon up the drive and back. Although he is very thin he seems to be recovering his strength.

I think the antidepressant is what has caused me to be so tired and feeble-feeling. I am quiting it. I really do not think I am depressed any way...and it was my request to try it.

I hope all are having a nice weekend.


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Good morning!

Nothing exciting happening here.....but did want to pop in to say 'hello'. I'm reading along and sending good thoughts to Eden (and her mother) and also to Ei (and her sister).

I thought the turtle quite intimidating---we don't ever see turtles here so I find everything shared about them very interesting.

Still haven't uploaded any pics of the heavy equipment...and then I remembered that I've never uploaded any of the photos I took last summer when we visited Washington D.C. :o\ . What a slacker!!!

'bug, hope all goes well for your DH on Monday....6 weeks of recuperation? Whew! You'll be needing good thoughts, if that is the case. ;o)

Loved all the photos that have been shared....Deanne's containers and garden areas, Michelle's garden shed & surrounding beauty, Bab's pretty brick path & garage, Eden's beautiful containers, Honey's yard always makes me swoon (well, it does)..... the list continues and has been inspiring me to get more done here. I have one of those old gates, I think it is just like Michelle's, we are using it on the goat pen. I hope it doesn't rust away to nothing, before we get the new barn built, so I can use it for some garden art.

It is suppose to be hot this weekend (90's) I'm looking around to see what I can work on outside that is in the shade---or contemplating indoor projects that I can't do and guide DH towards them. :o)

Hope everyone has a good weekend. (Oh Marian, give the anti-depressants more time.....they do take quite awhile to kick in and then to have the opportunity to work well---if these don't work, then allow the doctor to try another one. If you think you might benefit from them, then you are probably correct. Don't give up on them yet. Thinking of you!)


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Hi Idylls,

here is our summer reading so far:

Annie is almost at the end of The Da'Vinci Code.

David is half way through the second Harry Potter

I just finished "Stolen Lives: Twenty Days in a Desert Jail" by Malika Oufkir. It was a gripping but harrowing tale of the imprisonment of a wealthy Moroccan family starting in 1972. Hard to read at times but the author's courage got me through to the end.

At the moment I'm avidily reading "The Colour" by Rose Tremain for Book Group on Monday. Its set in the 19th Century during the gold rush in New Zealand and I'm loving it. I've enjoyed other books by the author.

On my bedside table I have "Beautiful Madness : One Man's Journey Through Other People's Gardens "by James Dodson. Here is a review: 'Beautiful Madness will do for competitive gardening what Word Freak did for competitive Scrabble, and what Best in Show did for competitive dog breeding. Its Susan Orleans The Orchid Thief with a sense of humor. Youll never look at a potted plant the same way again.' I can't wait to start it.

I also have "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" by Gregory Maguire. A friend lent it to me and she said it was an excellent read.

Does anyone else have anything good?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Since I know some of you are having drought related issues, I'll keep my complaint about the latest round of multiple rain inches short. So far this season we have basically had two kinds of weather-hot and disgustingly humid or torrential rain. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever see a decent weekend again (that would be two nice weekend days in a row). Or if we'll ever see a pleasant dry 70-80ish F day again. Whatever happened to those?

Enough...anyway I've been shopping at places other than nurseries. If any of you have Jo Ann Fabric stores nearby you might want to check them out. Right now all the glazed pots are 60% off and all the rest of the garden chachki is 50% off. This morning I bought a huge blue glazed urn that took two sales ladies to help me get it checked out and into the truck. If Tom had been with me I would have grabbed one or two more items. At Homegoods I bought a wrought iron chair for my shed area (pictures will be coming as soon as the rain stops and I can finish cleaning up). Michelle the reason I never really mentioned the shed before is because it basically was an eyesore tucked way back in the yard. My intent was to clean it up for IU2 but I never got around to it. I'm now bringing Tom back to Homegoods with me because there was also a wrought iron bench that caught my eye at a very reasonable price. Tom like the chair so much he's suggesting we get the matching round table and another chair to make a little cafe set.

I'm blaming Deanne for these latest purchases. Everytime I see her pictures I remember all the garden decor I need. lol


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Something interesting and a bit gross for those of us who carry a handbag/purse. Link below


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Thanks for the welcome, I missed everyone. :) It's so hot and muggy here today. I packed up 2 crates, Bella, and Maggie and took them to the adoption fair at PetSmart today. Cross you fingers and paws for them!

Our mower has been on the fritz so we took it in for repairs. $387 later they decided to check the engine compression and found its way to low and we need a new mower. (sigh) We brought it home and will try and 'milk' it through this summer.

I just got a call that Bella the Sheltie was adopted! YIPPEE

For those of you who are tired and not feeling up to your best - GO GET A CHECKUP. I went in a couple of weeks ago after ignoring my health for far too long. Blood tests showed I was severely anemic, hormones are out of whack, and my DHEA is low. I'm amazed how much better I feel, I have my life back!
I better grab DH form his nap and unload the mower. I have to pick up the dog crates from PetSmart this afternoon. I hope Maggie gets adopted too.

Later Idylls.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just a quick drop by post...

Had an emergency 2 toe pedicure. Honestly, never heard of such a thing, but $15 later I am fixed until my pre-IU3 appointment.

Then DH and I went to the dump and the mall where we picked up a water filter system for $50 off. Perhaps we'll soon be able to drink our water and not die....Also got a third plunger. Now how exciting is that? Pretty funny the things DH wants!
Then I got $4 flip-flops for when I have my real pedicure, some wool to knit a winter scarf and then a potted cyclamen for my friend who is having the picnic tonight.
But the big event of the day you'll have to read about here: (photo heavy!)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DH, in a pensive mood, remembers Homer II:

I Shall Be Released
Bob Dylan

They say everything can be replaced
They say every distance is not near
So I remember every face
Of every man who put me here.

I see my light come shining
From the west unto the east
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released.

They say every man needs protection
They say every man must fall
So I swear I see my reflection
Someplace so high above this wall.

I see my light come shining
from the west unto the east
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released.

Standing next to me in this lonely crowd
Is a man who swears he's not to blame
All day long I hear him shout so loud
Crying out that he was framed.

I see my light come shining
from the west unto the east
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released.

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GB- I love the Homer tale and photos. Do you think you'll ever see him again? Now you're getting me worried with these professional pedicures - are my tootsies going to be up to snuff?

T - I was laughing when the article suggested washing you handbag every day with soapy water. As mine is leather I don't think it would last too long but its certainly something to ponder. If anyone want to be really grossed out they should look up about dust mites living in your mattress and pillow.

Sue - cool purchases - hope we see them in situ.

Jerri - CONGRATULATIONS on the adoption! and wise words about the check-ups. Glad you are feeling more yourself. The work you do with rescue animals is wonderful.

This afternoon was spent with the kids swimming and watering plants. I then took what I hoped would be a quick trip to the airport to trade in a voucher for my IU3 ticket. I was over an hour in line for what took less than 2 minutes when I got to the counter. However, my excitement at having a ticket in hand outweighted the annoyance of waiting.

On the way back I stopped for a bottle of Rum to make Mojitos. I was carded at the check-out. At 45 I guess that's a compliment - they certainly weren't looking at my hands (or the wrinkles on my face)LOL

A rum, mint and citrus drink hit the spot as I grilled dinner outside and cut up a delicious organic green cateloupe for dessert - the best melon yet of the season. I love summer.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Mary, I think Mojitos was the drink of the week at the hotel we stayed at for strategic planning. The waitress was certainly pushing it. I took a sip of someone's and it was surprisingly refreshing. Are you not getting this rain? Everything is soaked here and I just read the forecast for tonight and tomorrow-rain, rain and more rain.

So, through the New England forum I had planned to meet up with a group of people tomorrow morning for a nursery sale and then go to someone's house for a get together. It's not looking good for that. I wonder if we should cancel the party since the plan was to have it outside. I have another party to go to that starts at 3. No doubt the plan was for that to be outside too but it won't be cancelled because it's a going away party for my buddy Bryan who is moving to North Carolina next week. He is staying with the company but will be traveling back and forth every other week.

Aw, Marie, what a great turtle story. Hope my turtle is safe and sound somewhere. I keep looking for her and worry that she may have wandered too far or into the road. Compared to that little guy you've got there, she was a

Jerri, congrats on the adoption! We have some difficult rescues right now including a 9 year old with vestibular disease and a 10 year old with severe separation anxiety. It's never ending and never easy.

BTW, we did end up going back to Homegoods and getting the bench and the cafe table and additional chair. If it ever stops raining I'll get out and clean up for some pictures. It's a mud pit out there right now.

OK, time to bake some whoopie pies (Bryan's favorite) for the second party tomorrow. If party #1 gets called off I have cocktail shrimp up for grabs also for party #2.



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A 19 month old sure wears me out. Eden, how do you do it? Kenzie gets in to EVERYTHING! And she is so quick. When it started to thunder and rain slightly DH suggested going to town for supper. We ate fast food, went to the park by the lake because it had clear off and was a beautiful evening. Kenzie has no fear of the slides or climbing. Then we went to Walmart for a few things. She did fall asleep within 4 min. of laying down, so I guess we wore her out.
I finally finished the veggie garden:
The nearest arch is annual flowers from seed. The far arch is the asparagus bed. The front 2 quadrants are veggies with pole beans on the tripods. The back left is a cutting area with flowers from seed. The back right is empty except for some left blue fescue grass that I didn't move out yet. I plan on using this area as a holding bed/perennial propagation area. Its not huge, but just the right size for us.

Its almost 11:30 so I shall just say goodnight.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning from soggy NH,

Well yes indeed it rained again yesterday and today we are in a flood watch until late evening. And likely another flood watch for tomorrow. It is supposed to rain all week including chance of T storms for our visit to CT next Saturday. (I cant believe that has come up so quickly.) I totally agree with Sue about the weather this year. There have been precious few days in the 70s and 80s with sunshine. Mostly cold and rain with wind all through May and the beginning of June then on to the 90 degree temps then on to tropical deluges. Ive got another couple dahlias that are rotting now. They were just getting going in that mailbox garden and now they are all wilted. Grrrr.. Im going to have to pay primo $$$ to find plants to replace them if I can find any dinnerplates at all. But the good news is that the coleus are growing at light speed with this tropical air and lots of moisture. They are very happy campers at the moment even though the dahlias are suffering from the excessive rain. ~~ Ill have to grab a photo of my LA lilies Manhattan and show you guys, even though they are too tall for their location they are over the top lovely this year with lots of blossoms and just a magnificent pink with hint of peach color. Yummy! I have to figure out where I can move them to where I can still see them from my dining room chair where I am enjoying them even as I write this. ~~ I made a flower arrangement for my friend whose studio Im teaching at this weekend. She had a knee replacement a month ago and isnt doing very well. Im beside myself with worry for her as I think she should be moving around a lot better by now and she can hardly get out of bed. She has terrible edema in the leg, I mean over the top terrible swelling and doesnt have any means to put a compression bandage on it. I guess they put a compression sock on it in rehab and it cut off the circulation in the leg. It has to be wrapped and iced every hour and elevated and she wasnt icing it as necessary. I cant believe they sent her home from the rehab center like this. Also, theyve only scheduled her for PT twice a week and she said she was only going to go once a week after next week because she couldnt get a ride. Grrrrr. I just about knocked her over the head and told her I was going to come up there and take her to her PT appointments. I feel like Im butting in where Im not wanted but she needs an advocate to get her the help she needs to recover her mobility. What the heck is with the medical people to do a knee replacement then send her home where she cant take care of herself? Her husband is being NO help at all. He is a nice enough guy but I think they both are playing ostrich with heads in the sand about this. It isnt going to go away. OK Ive ranted enough about this.

Michelle, that garden is wonderful!!! I just love it! And I especially love the urn centerpiece in the garden. What a great idea. I wish I had room for something like that but there isnt a level place in this yard, even my front lawn slopes toward the street.

Sue if you are going to be outside for a party today Id say you are going to get wet. Sounds like you are quite the social butterfly. I sure hope Bryans move works out for him. I know when Doug worked in Little Rock and made the commute for weekends it was pretty difficult. ~~ That is so cool that Tom wanted to buy the additional pieces and make a café set for your shed area. I cant wait to see your gardens this year. Oh yes, do you still have a piece of that Tropicana Canna floating around somewhere for me?? I absolutely NEED another plant and container garden of course. LOL

Mary that Mojitos drink sounds fabu! Im going to have to try one sometime. It really sounds like summer is in full swing at your house. ~~ Thanks for the book information. Interesting and I think Ill have to try a couple youve mentioned. Im just reading some Carl Hiaasen books that are a fun light entertaining read. I saw him interviewed on TV and thought I should try one. The first I read was Basket Case and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made me laugh. He is so witty. So I decided Id read his other books and so far Ive not been disappointed. Im halfway through Sick Puppy and this one is a good read as well. ~~ BTW Doug is out to Rochester this week. He is going to be driving out tonight and will be there until Thursday. The job looks to be a long term assignment and hell probably be out there at least a week every month so the potential for a visit with you all is in the cards I think.

Bug, I love the turtle story! Good for Homer, he knew just what to do immediately didnt he?

Jerri, how great to see you around here again! Congratulations on the adoption. That is just terrific.

T the handbag story is unbelievable. Fortunately I dont ever put my bag down on a floor anywhere, especially not in a rest room. That is why I have a shoulder strap. There was a thing a few years back where people would steal your handbag from under the stall door when you were indisposed. So I never ever leave it on a floor where it could be stolen. Now it turns out there is another good reason for never putting it on a floor.

Marian, I agree with T about the depression meds. They do take about a month to start effectively doing their job and if one isnt working well you can try another. The different medications work with different receptors in the brain and some work better than others for different people. IMHO your posts have been sounding a bit more upbeat from time to time in the last week or so so maybe even though you dont think they are doing you any good they actually are.

HI Eileen, hows your sister doing?

Bug, that fellow who didnt answer your invitation then showed up late is a real pain and sounds like a wet blanket for a party. Im hoping you dont plan to invite him again. ~~ Do you have any photos of your Okie Dokie geranium??? Im interested as I havent seen it and love any dark leaved plant. ~~ I sure wish some of this rain would make its way north to you and leave us alone for a few days. The constant overcast can become wearing after a while.

OK I think Ive caught up and again have to hit the shower and get ready for class. Day three and Ill be done at 5:00 then back in the gardens tomorrow for major cleanup after the rains this weekend. Im wondering if we didnt get a smattering of hail yesterday at some point as I have a few plants that look to have that kind of damage.

Bug, can a person have too many Arabella clemasit? Please say no because Im planning on buying another to replace a clem I lost on that obelisk in the terrace garden. Shed be perfect there and I could let some of the stems sprawl over the other plants and walls.

OK now Im really outta here,
Have a great day and Sue, stay dry!


PS Cindy it looks from the weather maps like you are getting pounded with these rains as well. Hows that going? Hope you havent washed away.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh! I don't need to log in today! Yippee!

Today we need to put up some screens and other jobs like that before DH's operation. Then I hope to get some weeding/planting/watering done. Man, I sure wish I could borrow Sue & Deanne's wet for 2 days. I'd request slow gentle rain that soaks into the ground, only at night, OK? ;-)

Deanne, Arabella is a gem and so useful in different ways. Having several around your garden would only add continuity. Of course I would suggest that one can never have too many clematis period! I am reaching the 200 mark. (blush!)

Well, I agree with you about our visitor. I found it so rude. But after meeting him, I do realize that his intentions weren't as evil as I had made them out to be. His wife was really interesting too. But somehow I wouldn't rush to invite him over again. The awful thing though was that last night DH and I were working on various things and we were late for our neighbours' picnic! Everyone was finishing their picnic food when we arrived. I was mortified. It was no problem, but still I felt terrible. I'm always so punctual and DH is not. This time I didn't nag him to leave on time and suffered the consequences...guilt.

The picnic was so nice! Interesting people, young and older, dogs, interesting talk, laughter...everything you'd hope. Amazing food with Polish specialties, a bonfire, wine, and a cake which must have had 50 zillion calories per slice. The clouds in the sky at sunset were gorgeous to watch. Somehow we were out until midnight, most unusual for us.

Michelle, I can't believe the work you have accomplished in your veg garden! I'm tired looking at your photo! Did your DH help? Did you use equipment to clear the land and remove sod or your ten fingers? I'm sure Kenzie was a great help! Yes, the urn is in perfect proportion! What fun you are going to have...

Jerri, how'd it go for Maggie yesterday? I'm sure some family would love to have her join them. She looks like a great addition to a household!

Yes, I too agree with T about the meds Marian. I fully understand the reluctance, but I have seen what a change for the better they were for my Mom as well as others. I have noticed your more upbeat self lately too. I'd suggest pursuing your thoughts and feelings about this with your doctor and giving things an honest chance. It takes time to find the right medication for an individual, so a switch may be in order.

And Deanne, everyone needs an advocate when it comes to things medical. Your friend is so fortunate that you take the time to show concern and help. I don't know how people can be so casual about health matters. They sure can get you when you are too sick, tired or discouraged to act as you might under normal circumstances! Of course you can only "lead the horse to water, but can't make him drink" if you get my drift.

Off to today's challenges. Do I dare say it is sunny and cloudy with a high of 77 expected today?

Hope to hear from our missing Idylls soon.
PS: I'll try to get a photo of geranium Okey Dokey later on!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Good morning. Cute little Maggie came back home with me. I'm surprised she wasn't adopted. She's young and appears to be 'full blood' WP Corgie. She's a little doll. Someone should take her soon. I hope...

We awoke last night to the sound of a cat retching. Molly was unable to vomit the dreaded furball. In that moment I realized she hasn't been herself all week. She's not eating much, she's hiding, she's just not 'right'. I'm torn between hauling her off to the Vet today or waiting until Monday. I wouldn't be so concerned except that my sister lost her cat for a blockage. It turned serious overnight. :(
There is so much to do today and it's almost noon! I better get busy.


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Jerri,think you could mail Maggie to me? She does look sweet! I like her short little legs. Maggie is my mom's nickname from her childhood...hmm maybe you couuld mail Maggie to Maggie: )

This weekend my mind wanders to thoughts of Eden and I'm wondering how her mom is doing as well as her family. I remember when my mom had cancer and it was one of the toughest times to see my mom go through yet my mom was one of the lucky ones and didn't need follow up treatment. Here's a hug for you ((Eden)).

Michelle-I am so impressed by your formal looking garden-the urn is the perfect touch-you are so good at designing the bones. It's going to be fun to see the progression of your garden. Is that a white fence to the left of the pic? I'm trying to get a sense of where this garden is in relation to the garden shed. That whole landscape even into the distance is so inviting.

Mary I've figured out why I am having trouble getting decent shots of my gardens to share. First of all my gardens are so small that when I try to get a 'vista' shot you completely lose where the garden areas are. I'm at a bit of a bloom lull right now but I hope to get some blooms in the next week that include gooseneck loosestrife(Latin escaping me-lysimachia..uh uh.?),shasta daisies,Echinaceas,and hopefully my Asiatic lilies will still be blooming with them to make a nice shot. I have fallen in love with lilies(they are so easy!)and feel like I'll be stocking up on them in fall once I have a paycheck: )

Fri. the boys and I went to see the gushing falls here after the big rain. We met a few very nice people-one reason I like our small town-people don't mind chatting to 'strangers'. Anyway, we came upon a man walking gingerly with a walker and his dog. Cute dog-a beagle(mix) with the cutest face and waggy tail. Ends up he was a rescued dog,probably abused but very friendly. The dog had slipped away from the man and he certainly wasn't able to chase the dog so as we petted 'Mandy' I held on and got the dog back to his owner.
Then later we came upon a couple who were strolling by to see the waterfall aftermath of Thurs. like us. The guy was off from work because he couldn't get there due to the flooding-I bet his workplace had(still has)plenty of mess to contend with once they could get back in-it's so sad to hear the tales people are telling-losing family momentos and nonreplaceable sentimental items.
Last we met a guy who,like us, came to see the falls and he was astounded at the water levels of the creek.The walls of the gorge showed the initial runoff even more than ten feet above the normal creek level. Past the falls a bank of the creek had collapsed from the force of the water.

Here's Tinker's Falls a year ago after a normal rainfall.

This is the falls 12 hrs after the deluge on Fri.-the previous day when the rain fell the water level was about ten feet higher than this pic below!

Supposedly these falls are the best rated for rafting in the area...but I bet not during a drought year!lol

Lastnight we went out for sushi with MIL and her neighbors(husband & wife). It was fun because Chris taught them about sushi-it was their first experience and they both enjoyed the food immensely. Always fun to teach someone how to hold chopsticks-lots of laughing...I still marvel at AJ's & Ryan's appetites for sushi(they are expensive dates)-they love octopus!

GB I think your uncouth guest would have benefitted from the whoopie cushion treatment.(sorry,I don't know what got into me!)lol

Ei-wait-you're looking at houses?? Are you planning on relocating? Maybe I missed something...

Sorry about the rain you easterners are getting-not a fun time I know. The latest news buzz here is how global warming is causing all this terrible weather and it sounds like it's going to be the norm.
Sue I hope your turtle doesn't decide to stick around now with all the water and mud you'll be dealing with.

well,I hope everyone is having a good day!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi Babs - clethroides! I'm glad you didn't have any further problems from all the water. We've had t-storms on and off all day. I snuck out in between storms and transplanted a few filipendulas from an area that we then prodeeded to whack into oblivion and redo. No worries about watering in those plants now!

I am vegging the rest of the evening and hoping to rebuild a little more stamina. Our original plans were to visit some friends Friday night for a couple of drinks and to firm up plans for a social event later this summer. About 4:00 pm, DH changed everything to add in a visit with his aunt from out of state and dinner on the square before our date for drinks. The weather was so pleasant it was hard to turn down another al fresco dinner.

Then yesterday, we were up and out the door at 5:30 am for a trip down to DD's college for parent orientation. They had a great program, and it really was DH's first good look at the school. He feels a little better about where his money is going now! We left there at midafternoon and headed towards Chicago. Late afternoon traffic was "interesting" to put it mildly - we passed more than one accident, including one with a serious injury victim on the side of the road, had a near-miss with a delivery van (sweet justice - he had one of those "How am I driving" signs and I had a cell phone!) and then just way more cars than available road. We ended up paying $3.45 a gallon for the cheapest grade gas at a downtown gas station so I could use the bathroom. And I rolled up the bottoms of my jeans before I used it - ugh!

Anyway, our road adventures finally got us to the home of DH's college roommate who live near Northwestern University. They were having a party to celebrate both of their 50th birthdays. Another ex-roomie who now lives in CT was able to make it and it was good to see him - it had been years! It was a nice party, but we finally had to hit the road once more and get home.

Well, I was going to write more, but Mystic has declared that it is dinner time, and if I spend any more time here I am in danger of losing this post to the doggie editor. Have a good Sunday evening, all!


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Bug, the vegetable garden was existing. I did add the arches at either end and extend the right side by a couple of feet. Last fall I put cardboard over the areas that were sod and then added compost on top so the grass was dead and decomposed by the time I worked on it. I laid the outside bricks last fall as well. I did it all myself.
I dont believe that I told you how touched I was by the snapper story.

Babs, the white lattice is to hide a "bad" area. It runs from the back corner of the garden shed, so the side of the shed with the new windows is just outside of this picture to the left. Did you see the "junk" in the picture? LOL Theres some old farm equipment that I have been bugging DH to move.
Great shots of the falls. Although, I like the first one best.

Deanne, we have had similar weird weather. Cold and rainy then hot, hot, hot with no rain. It does seem to have gotten back to "normal" Fingers crossed here. Sorry to hear that the dahlias are so unhappy.

I hardly dared to click on Ts handbag link. LOL The grocery store that I shop in now has a container of pop up disinfectant wipes to wipe the cart handle. I my have to wipe the seat where I sit my purse too.

Later, friends are coming for a garden tour tonight and I have a few things to do.


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Well Thank you ,V lol. I was thinking the second word ended in 'roides'....silly me!
For someone regaining stamina you sound like you're a busy little socialite; ) I bet that was fun to see your college friends.
As I mentioned my mom went on a bus trip to Chicago and she was very surprised at the high gas prices there and the traffic congestion. Wow 3.45 for 'cheap' gas is terrible! Please tell me you didn't lay your purse on the floor; )-yuck.(shivering at the thought)

We've had such a nice time watching the hummers visit Penstemon 'Jingle Bells' today-they are loving it!

Michelle that is so funny I honestly didn't know what you meant-I saw no tractor anything...until I looked more I bet the grass will eventually cover the 'eyesore' or(!) you could dig a small reflecting pond just past the pottager that is backed by tall ornamental grass then he won't have to move the tractor lol.
Now I understand exactly about the layout-thanks for explaining where the shed is,I just love that whole area.

Kind of slow here...many busy idyllers tonight?


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Evening Idylls!

It was a hot one here today. 97 was the high and at 7:30 it is still 91. Much warmer than any day we've had so far this year. Tomorrow and Tuesday is expected to be the same. Hiding indoors with the a/c running is on the agenda.

Darn ole' horse has learnt to scoot under wire fences. I've been allowing him a specific amount of pasture to keep him from foundering on all the lush, long spring grass out there. Well, little piggy boy decided that he wanted more and he wanted it NOW. I hope he didn't over do it before I found him.

Babs, your waterfall pictures are awesome.

Michelle, your veggie garden is the nicest one I've ever seen! I like the shape, the size and that urn in the center looks perfect there. I didn't see the farm equipment in the background either....had to go back to search for it.

V, your life sounds so busy and your dinner at the vineyard --- oh heavenly!

'bug, I enjoyed the photos of Homer II's return to the wild. Bittersweet day.

We heard on the radio about all of the rainfall back east. Sounds awful....hope everyone is doing okay (Babs, hope the basement dried out at your home). We also heard on the radio that the New England states get more rainfall than our state does during the summer. I can easily believe that with what I've read here over the past couple of years.

We had Jamie overnight last night so we're both tired....will sleep well tonight.

Hello to all.....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well, my class is finished and all went well. Im really fortunate to have a great bunch of students locally and I enjoy my time with them. I wish you could have seen their paintings. All were so well done and just gorgeous.

I had to have another heart to heart with my friend before I left. She only got out of bed three times yesterday while I was there. It turns out I was exactly correct in that she kept thinking if she waited long enough all the problems would go away and of course the only way to regain your mobility after an operation like that is to MOVE even though it is difficult and painful. She has a call into her doctor and will find someone to show her and her husband how to put a compression bandage on that limb. I had a little discussion with her husband as well and told him that he must become more of a nag and get involved in getting her back on her feet. Hed just thrown in the towel and given up because she was refusing to do what she needed to do. When I see her this week Im going to have another discussion with her about being treated for depression. I believe that is an element in this situation. I also stuck my nose into the weight issues because weight loss is the ONLY thing that is going to significantly improve the edema in that leg of hers. She has every excuse in the book as to why she CANT do anything about her weight issues and I calmly explained to her and showed her that every reason she gave me is just that, an excuse and unacceptable. Ive never been such a busy body before but I believe that if I dont become proactive she is going to lose her life. Im very affected by this situation because she and I were in exactly the same situation five years ago, in fact her knees were in better shape than mine. We both are about the same age and had about the same amount of weight to lose and were in the same physical condition. The only thing different in our outcomes is that I lost the weight and became faithful about exercising. So anyway, Ill do my best but I cant eat for her or make her get out of bed. I did get her to promise me that she will start following the instructions of her physical therapist to the letter and start doing the required exercises. Ive also gotten her to tentatively agree to start counting calories for a week. I told her not to even try to start dieting right now to just keep from gaining any more weight and to do that she needs to be aware of how many calories she is eating daily. Its a start and as GB has said you cant make people do anything - they have to do it themselves. All I can do is just be supportive and set a good example.

It rained hard here last night again and I think weve now gotten another three inches of rain in the last four days. The good news is that there appears to be a glimmer of light on the eastern horizon this morning and I think we are going to get some sunshine. Now that will be a treat and Ill bet the tropicals surge into growth with the humidity and sunshine.

Bug, I agree that Arabella is such a gem and will add a lot to any area it is planted in. The lovely soft blue of the flowers goes with anything and it simply blooms its heart out for ages. I actually used some of it as a cut flower in my arrangement yesterday. ~~ Glad to hear your picnic was nice and that your dinner party worked out well in spite of the problem guest.

Jerri, I hope Molly is doing OK and sorry that Maggie wasnt adopted. From the description youve given shell probably find a forever home soon.

Babs, your photographs of the falls are spectacular! Thanks for taking the time to post those for us. I so know about how wonderful lilies are and they used to be that easy for me until the dreaded lily beetle. Now lilies are a maintenance nightmare that I have to keep up with and have decided to keep up with because I love them so. I went a few years where I was pulling them out and had decided not to grow them anymore because of the beetles but I just love them too much to not have them in my gardens.

Boy V. for someone trying to regain stamina you are quite the social butterfly. That must have been fun visiting with college chums though. ~~ RE fillipendula, I used to have that here but found it never clumped up well and just sent runners everywhere so Id have a plant here and a plant there but no real display of those lovely fluffy flowers. I wonder what I was doing wrong.

Michelle, how did your garden tour with your friends go? Were these some of the people who wanted to see your gardens after seeing your flower arrangements?

Babs, I still havent seen a single hummer. Bummer (sorry) Usually once the trumpet vine starts they show up for me and especially love the fuchsia.

T I sure hope your horse is OK and doesnt have problems from the rich pasture. They sure can be sneaks though when they want food. ~~ Ive been watching the weather and cant believe the temps out your way. They said there were records for the highest temps ever for those dates.

OK Ive got to get ready to get out of here. Im meeting a friend at Starbucks for coffee in a half hour then have to get to the gym for a long workout.

Have a great day all,

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Can't stay...I'm off to take sis to the doctor and then for her chemo if all is well. She seems to be doing okay and even went out to lunch on Sat. with some co-workers.

Marie - I loved the story of Homer and his passage. I guess it was inevitable and *best* for him, but I can imagine it was a hard for you and DH. Well, even though I think snapping turtles are frightening, I will never gaze upon them again without thinking of Homer.

Babs the waterfalls are amazing! DH is *always* looking to move. I take it in stride, but do believe we really will be moving in the next year or so. One job he applied for is out in Connecticut, but we could end up *anywhere*, including still here in Illinois. We've lived in the same house for over 20 years and even though I could be happy staying here, DH has been wanting a change for the last few years. I'm open to it, though I would have to seriously ponder it if he was talking about out of state. I really don't want to be far from my son and we really can't move too far away until things get back to normal for my sis, plus there's always mom to consider too! I really think that at least for now, we will stay *somewhere* not far from where we are living now.

Michelle your veggie garden is beautiful and a good size too! I love the arches you added. I like the idea of a "formal" veggie garden (the contrast between an informal planting within a formal design) and was what I had done for my kitchen garden in the past...wish I had room to make one as big as yours though. This year I didn't do the "Kitchen Garden" and regret it. Thought I wanted to go with an herb/cutting garden only this year, but things have not turned out like they were in my head...LOL! Oh well, there is always next year...

Jerri I was so pleased to hear that Bella has a family. I'm sure that Maggie will too...she's a real cutie and I've always been fond of corgies.

V - You dinner date sounded scrumptious and I love the way you described the whole setting, including the setting sun! :-)

Deanne - I think you are right about a little depression going on with your friend. I'm sure that is normal after such a traumatic surgery. I hope she is feeling better (both physically and emotionally) soon. You are a good friend...what would we do without our friends? I was thinking how much the students must have enjoyed your class. Wish I lived closer so I could take your classes too!

T - That little stinker! I can't help but smile thinking of Boo though! :-)I have images of him in my head...that one close up pic with the sweet smile on his face and then that picture of him racing through the corrall with the wind blowing in his hair...that Boo is such a little cutie! Sure hope he didn't over indulge though and is feeling fine this a.m. Sorry about the heat...I really do *not* like hot weather, though the hubby loves it.

Oh! Before I forget. I have an area in my west bed that I am not happy with. There are at least two plantings that need to go, but I need some suggestions for perennials with really attractive foliage, for full to part sun, about 2&1/2 - 3&1/2 feet tall and another suggestion for perennials about 4 feet tall. Colored foliage would be nice (especially gold or blue) but would just be happy with something with interesting foliage. Any suggestions?

Well, I best skidattle...Have a great day all! Ei

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I just saw Babs' question about putting my purse on the floor in the scummy bathroom and have to post a quick answer. I haven't read T's link and had not seen this discussion before that emergency stop, but I did hold my purse IN MY TEETH to avoid setting on any surface in that bathroom!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

V, I hope you disinfected the purse strap before putting your mouth on!

Good Monday morning all!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

And another response to Deanne. You go girl! I really think you did what needed to be done in your friend's situation. My MIL has a friend who had back surgery several years ago and had a rough recovery. Basically, somewhere in her recovery process she stopped trying because the PT was uncomfortable. So now she uses a wheelchair to get around which severely restricts her ability to do many things. She's not paralyzed; she just can't walk far without discomfort. Yeah, and there's a weight issue as well. It's sad because her husband is a very active man and you can tell how her unwillingness to challenge herself has driven a wedge into their relationship. In this case, none of her friends was willing to stick a neck out and tell her to get help. So I'm proud of you for being willing to step in!

As for me, I know my DH will not let a similar thing happen to me - look how he scheduled me Friday night! LOL!

Okay, time to get cracking at work!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Drive by post:
Molly is back to her old self and there is a WONDERFUL family interested in Maggie. They already have a corgie mix from the shelter and want another. Should I tell them she's decided she is a lap dog??? ;)

Jerri -> Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go...

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Good Morning

I'm feeling kinda lonesome today - DH out of town, Annie at camp in the Adirondacks and David gone for the day at his Summer Fun day camp. Were it not raining I'd be having fun in the garden and starting to regrout the tiles on the swimming pool - my summer project. Instead I'm organizing paper work, applying for a new passport and missing everyone. I think I need to meet a friend for lunch - anyone free?

Deanne - I too applaud your concern and action helping your friend. I hope you can get her started on the road to recovery - you are certainly an inspiration. Thanks for the book recommendations, Carl Hiassen wrote a book for young readers Annie really enjoyed but I don't know his other work. They sound fun summer reads.

Michelle - what a lovely vegetable garden you have laid out.

Ei - do you have Heliopsis Lorraine Sunshine to fill your gap? It just lights up any area in my yard, with or without the flowers. Here is one of mine with blue flax earlier this year.

I'm so glad your sister is feeling a little better.

Babs - amazing waterfall pictures. I have a new respect for moving water after white water rafting.

Jerri - my fingers are crossed for Maggie!

T - 97 sounds unbearably hot for June - make you wonder what August will be like. Stay cool!

Well, I should continue to be productive so that I can enjoy my outdoor time when we get a break in the weather.

Have a good start to the week


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hey all....I installed my new moniter! It is big and bright ! It took awhile to figure out how to get my keyboard to work with it. Now I've lost the icons on the task bar, for the computer connection. Hmmm....
I think I can wait until Tim comes to install the new computer. My old one has quit growing. :-)

Nolon is moving all the old equiptment out to the storage shed. I took the old monitor to town, hoping to find a recycle place for it, but didn't.

Eden, My thoughts and prayers are for your Mother.

Eileen, I hope Paul will 'stay put' until your mom and sis no longer need your help. We moved to Arkansas the year following my mother's passing. I hope your sis has found out what is causing her pain, and gets relief. I see you said she seems to be doing okay, but I am sure she will have many ups and downs.

Deanne, you are a good friend. I hope your friend takes your advice, but I understand how she feels about the PT. I know I should do more. The day by day activities that I do probably don't qualfy as PT.

Jerri, That is good news about your rescued doggies. If I were closer I might even be interested in the Corgie. My oldest sister had one wnen we were children. It was apparently lost from a tourist in our small community and she found it and claimed it. She named it Queenie.

LOL, on the contaminated purses! I NEVER set mine on the floor in a public bathroom. Generally the ones I visit have the hanger on the door, and I hang mine. If it doesn't, I set it on the edge of a sink, or the toilet tank.

Marie, I'm glad your dinner went well,and that the procrastinating guest turned out tolerable. I'm glad I am not in a position where I have to do a lot of entertaining. I wouldn't be very good at that.

T, I hope Boo is okay. Trubby appears to be back to his old self. Still very thin, but he always was long and lean.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning (almost afternoon) -- well, no more hose dragging needed here in this area! We got almost 7 inches of rain in the last 2 days.... Im writing from home because the metro & many major highways have been closed due to water, etc. - when I heard this a.m. that all this stuff was closed I knew it would take 3 hours to get to work - and for that, who needs it? The boss may not be too happy -- but the stress of a 6-hour commute for an hour of work would be ridiculous! My back needs the day off anyhow I think -

I managed to move all my mulch/compost ahead of the stupid HOA deadline & I think I overdid it w/ the waterlogged bags.... the back is aching for sure today. But I now have a new garden border w/ plants where the bags formerly resided (read mulch & compost spread on top of bare ground & spare plants plunked in.....) - let's see if they complain about that?

We're supposed to get rain on and off for the next 6 days -- it should be interesting/challenging to see how the metro area handles these continual flooding challenges -- I may have to buy a rowboat to get to work.

Deanne, I'd love to see the Manhattan lilies - I've gotten quite smitten w/ various lilies too, as Babs says, they're soooo easy. I bought one of the most beautiful double raspberry ones called Ceres - I'll have to try to post a pic later - it was so yummy; I wish I had 2 dozen of them. I've decided I need more lilies - but later blooming ones -- that seems to be the trick to figure out a continual bloom role call....

Happy snorkling, all.

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Mary-what time can I pick you up?? : ) sorry you are missing the kids/DH...I hope they aren't away very long.
Your flax and heliopsis is a beautiful combo!!Wonderful how the yellow variegation brings out the yellow stamens on the flax. I was very sad that my flax died out this year-I do want to replace it.Funny I had a similar combo in mind but it's flax and the variegated phlox that Deanne suggested. Thanks for an additional possibility. Do you have trouble with your flax dying out and does yours ever reseed?? I just adore the blueness of its flowers. I had a white one too that fizzled almost immediately upon planting but it was an end of the season orphan so maybe it had a hard life on the nursery shelf: )
That's right I forgot you're a 'seasoned' rafter lol. When you come for a visit I'll have to take you to the falls-when I see them I can hardly imagine someone trying to raft over those falls but supposedly it's doable-gulp.

I'm a little nervous about the weather today. We are due for more rain: ( I can handle the worry of more basement puddles but I feel so bad for people who have been seriously flooded they must be very nervous.

Deanne I'm glad you're three inches of rain has kind of been spread out at least. I so hope you don't get what we have. I keep looking at my gardens with the image of your gardens in my mind for comparison...I want my coleus to surge with growth(and pretty much everything else!)but they are all taking their time. Hey Fuchsia 'Beacon' has it's first open bloom-I didn't realize it had magenta petals! It's....gorgeous!(sometimes 'gorgeous' is just the right word; )Thanks again for sharing those cuttings.
So I'm loving lilies but today I notice the lilies are deformed!! I wonder if I need to toss these plants. I got them on clearance so maybe that's the result of bad bulbs??Well they do still smell nice lol.

Deanne About your friend,you did an admirable thing by speaking up and making the commitment to keep on her. I hope she understands the seriousness of what she's doing to herself,though like you've said,I'd bet she's depressed. A depressed mind has a difficult time processing logical thought. Before she can do the body work she needs to do the mind work. Depression is so destructive-if she was depressed about herself before the surgery you can bet she's got a more serious level of depression now-it's like a vortex. She's got to stop the depression before she can make the decision to get on an exercise program-otherwise she's going to keep making the same or other excuses. What a sad situation but hopefully you can nudge her to get moving.

I'm having bunny trouble-grrr. They snipped the morning glories that just started climing my obelisk. I had been wondering why my beds seemed less weedy-bunnies are taking care of them except they are eating the good plants too.

Sue you are a crack up!-so V,you *did* disinfect the strap,right? lol. One of the reasons I carry long strapped pocketbooks is that so I can keep it on at all times in bathrooms but I do hang it on the door too. I'm not sure they are in style like they were-now they show all the small handled satchel types-I like 'em but I like to have my hands free.

Ei-so did you like the house(s) you saw yesterday? I'm the same way,I really don't want to leave this area because family is so important and luckily Chris feels that way too. The few times we did inquire out of state we found that the cost of living wasn't more affordable than here and the amount of traffic other cities deal with was such a turn off...who wants to take an hour sittting in traffic to get to work when your technically 15 min away? Oh well at least you both know what's out there by looking even if you aren't planning on moving right away. That Paul is so smart.; )
Good luck with your sister's appt. How nice that she felt up to going to lunch!

Jerri that is great that a good family likes Maggie-crossing my fingers that it goes through. I knew she was too cute to be not taken. If we lived closer I'd seriously have considered her. My boys are so badly wanting a dog and I think a calm one would be perfect for them. They met a puppy this weekend and were frustrated by the jumping when they just wanted to pet it. Lol I remember as a kid jumping onto our couch to escape puppy teeth.

I've been thinking of Taryn and wondering what she's wrapped up in now: ) Hope she has time to enjoy some of her summer.

Marian-how fun that you've got a larger monitor!! I wish I knew how to help you set it up but I am clueless.

Time for lunch!


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Good morning (still is morning here)....

It is 11:00 and the temp is already 88 with a high of 101 expected. We don't get temps like this until August so it is a big deal for us. ;o) I feel awful for those who don't have A/C. Tomorrow is suppose to drop down in the low 90s and Wednesday is suppose to be in the low 80s.

Boo seems to be none the worse for his escape & indulgence. Time will tell if he's caused himself problems, but right now, it appears he will be okay. I guess I'll have to invest in a solar or battery powered fence charger to use when we hook up the temporary/movable fencing during the springtime. Or else I'll need to invest in a bunch of gate panels to fashion a round pen that could be moved as he eats down the pasture. A round pen, or multiple gates to fashion a round pen, runs about $200.....I didn't figure I wanted to spend that much for something we'd just use a couple months a year. It just dawned on me that a vet bill if he founders would probably be about that much, or more..........hmmmmm, might not be a bad purchase for next year.

Speaking of vet bills. We received the one for the amputation/repair of the goat's tail in May. $82 It was a weekend call, the vet put the goat under, amputated the tail bone and then stitched him back up plus meds. $82 I love this vet! Wish he did small animals but he is only a large animal (farm animal) vet. Boo's vet bill in February was close to $300 (vet out twice to treat colic) so it isn't always dirt cheap, but he is a great vet. We've sure had some animal woes this year. :o/ One of the goat's has diarrhea right now. We've wormed him and are watching him to see if that takes care of the problem. It is our old goat (7 or 8 years old) and he is getting around fine, eating fine....just has the hershey squirts. Poor guy.

Gee, I'm just sharing all kinds of interesting drivel. I guess I'd better go before I break down and share something that is actually garden related or is nice conversation. :oP It is the reality around here, but I'm still not signing my name..........

;o) HOpe it is a good day for all!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hey T, I hope that your old goat is okay!

(the anonymous joker)

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good evening!

Quiet here, the family took off the the beach without me today (wah!) and they are not back yet. I just got home from work a little while ago, but I'm sure I'll be missing them soon.

Deanne, good for you taking such a stand with your friend with the knee surgery. Physical therapy is hard, and it must be even more difficult with her complications. My uncle had knee surgery a few years ago, and he got an infection and was on crutches for a long time. At some points it did seem as though he gave up, but his daughter got married last month and he was able to walk her down the aisle unassisted; that was very importang to him. Does your friend have any health aides that come to her home, or does she have to get out for all of her appointments? I agree, they do push people out of the hospital and rehab too soon many times.

V, my purse would probably pull my teeth out if I tried that! The purse thing has got me thinking...I like a long-strapped purse too so that I don't have to put it down. I usually hang it on the hook in the rest room.

Babs, I have lots of bunnies, and we saw a groundhog on Saturday. Too bad they couldn't be trained to eat the weeds only!

'bug, my DS loved the turtle pics. What a great story about the rescue and Homer II - he was fascinated.

Jerri, cute doggies - I hope Maggie finds a home soon!

Well, I think I'll go check out the new picture threads that Ei and Deanne put up.

Enjoy the rest of the day!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, in between t-storms, I managed to upload the lily Ceres photo (ignore undead-headed campanula)...... it's nice to have photos of what spring & summer used to look like, instead of the slimey, beaten mess w/ steam heat rising from it....

No goats in this pic.

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Just a quick check-in to let you know I'm still around. My mom finally got to come home from the hospital this evening. We waited around all day for her test results to see whether or not they'd release her. She's happy to be out but now we have to get all of her prescriptions straightened out so that's the project for this evening. Someone asked so I'll explain that my parents live about 240 miles north of me and my 2 sisters. My mom's having her tests and chemo set up here because we have one of the leading cancer centers here and an added bonus is that my sister works at that hospital. We're hoping that once everything is set she'll be able to have her chemo administered at the hospital up by their house but for now she's been staying at my sister's house. Tomorrow I'll go stay with her for the day because I don't have Bella here. I did get to stop by a nursery on my way home from the hospital yesterday and guess what? I found ajuga black scallop. Also got some new lilies that were on sale and, now don't be shocked, they had the coleus on sale buy one get one free so I got another dozen or so of those too. It boosted my spirits! I haven't really been able to catch up here on the Idylls but I do know that many of you have had heavy rains and hope all is well. I've got to run now but I hope I'll have a little more time to myself in the coming days to catch up here. I miss you guys when I can't check in! Talk to you all soon, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A tiring & busy day here. DH had his hernia surgery and all seems well so far. He is able to do things I didn't expect such as go up stairs quite easily. He ate two dinners (!) and then played guitar out on the porch with Charlotte at his feet. Then he read some email and now he is sleeping for a while.

While he was in recovery, I had to scoot home to check on Charlotte and the guys who were collecting the staging for our music festival from the barn. All that went quite smoothly too. Then I picked up prescriptions for pain etc at the pharmacy and returned to DH's side. He was discharged around 5:30PM. In there somewhere I picked up some basil and annuals when I passed a nursery. I found white and lavender cleome and some short sunflowers too.

I started knitting a white scarf for myself while I was sitting around the hospital. Bought some sweet pea scented hand cream too at the gift shop.

Here are a few pictures:
The front grain field

This is Geranium Okey Dokey...a really poor picture.

I really like it, but as I think about it, both Midnight Reiter and Victor Reiter are not too different. I particularly like Victor Reiter because it grows huge and beautiful in a sunny spot of mine out front, forming a huge globe of flowers. It took a few years to get going, but now, WOW!

So now I am watering clematis and vegetables using a new timer I bought yesterday. They said it would rain today, but not so far. Perhaps tomorrow? Anyway, the forecast says rain all week. I never know what to believe. We need rain to turn the grass green and help all the plants recover from near drought conditions.

Off to pamper the patient!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Marie, I must have missed something along the way because I caught that your DH was having surgery but I didn't know for what. Tom had drive through hernia surgery last fall. Acually I think most surgeries are drive through now with the exception of masectomies and bypass. The worst problem he had was a week or so of nasty headaches because of the spinal. Otherwise we were at a wedding within days and he was back to work in less than a week.

Tonight the rain gave us a break. I zipped out and rerouted the brick edging around the new hot tub patio, backfilled all the beds with compost or topsoil, Tom seeded for some grass and I planted the other container that followed me home from JoAnn Fabrics yesterday. On Saturday, Monique, Les, Deanne, Doug and Wendy will be here for the dessert portion of our traveling dinner and garden tour. The garden is in somewhat of a mess because of the weather but what are you going to do? Expect to see lots and weeds and flopping perennials, folks.

Cindy, I wished I had taken more pictures before the melt down. Every year it's something. Let's face it, weather is a gardener's best friend and it's worst enemy.

Before I forget I just want to wish Eden's mom and Ei's sister the best. Cancer is so non discriminating and broad reaching. Getting the best possible medical care is key but I'm sure that the support of familiy and friends to help maintain a positive attitude is equally important. Both ladies appear to have lucked out with that. squirts? What are you putting in your coffee? I almost spit all over my computer screen at work when I read that this

Babs, I think disinfecting your purse must fall somewhere between wearing clean underwear in case you get in an accident and not crossing your eyes because they'll stay that way.

So IU3 is right around the corner. Can't wait to see everyone again and meet those of you who are attending for the first time.

Tomorrow night we're going out to dinner with Monique and Les. One of our favorite restaurants in Hartford, Pastis, is closing for good on Saturday night so we figured we'd go one last time for good measure. Apparently it wasn't attracting enough of a new customer base and was losing money. The owners plan to reopen as a fish restaurant in the fall with a focus on attracting a younger crowd. Forty and fifty somethings must not hang out in Hartford anymore:(.

OK, I'm off to bed! "See" you all tomorrow.


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Why do I feel like I need a life because I keep showing up here so often? I guess I have enough time to be compelled to see who's up to what: ) OK I confess I just don't want to clean or tend to things I should lol.

Cindy-that lily is such a pretty intensity of red....hmmm I'll have to look into that one! I'm so disappointed in my contorted lilies. I did see aphids on them so they might be the culprit-I just hate the idea of using chems to control them. Maybe I can transfer some ladybug larva to the lilies.

GB I also wasn't sure what type of surgery your DH was having but I guess I do recall now that you are talking about it. Hope he's a good patient for you. Sounds like he's doing well. Hernia surgery recovery just sounds ouchy to me!

Sue that is really sad that your favorite restaurant is closing-especially when you've built up memories from frequenting the place. Have fun while it lasts. Maybe the new place won't be extremely different or will end up just as nice but in a different way.; ) Lol.
Funny,when we were planning to go out to dinner for our 15th anniv. a few of the places we first went to were no longer in existence...gee and 15 yrs isn't that long.
I think it's so neat that Deanne,Monique,Wendy all get together with you so often. I don't remember,did you know Monique before the idyll threads here began?

Thanks for checking in Eden. That must be a relief to know your sister works where your mom will get treatment, and that you have excellent cancer care near you for her. Sending good thoughts to you all.

Wendy I might be nuts but I'm having onion warefare with the critters. I don't know if it's true but bunnies and chipmunks are supposed to be repelled by oniony smells. I had a chippy making a permanent burrow in my PLANTER!!!grr. I saw him gathiering leaves to make a nest(?) and he plopped into the planter. I fished him out with a trowel
and decided to chop up onion and sprinkle it on the soil-later I saw him attempt to return but he changed his mind!!! I hope it does work. Then I sprinkled more onion around the morning glories to see if the rabbits stay away. With all the plants in the world why MY plants.
Guess what I did tonight? I disinfected my purse,of course lol...AND the strap!

OK that's enough outta me.

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The garden tour was interesting. The one gal really seemed to appreciate it. The other just whined that her yard doesnt look this nice etc. We did have a good time though.

So my farm equipment in the picture was kind of a "Wheres Waldo?" type of thing.

I cant have a purse with a long strap as I end up with shoulder problems.

Mary, what a stunning picture of the flax and heliopsis. Flax is such a gorgeous color of blue isnt it? I just planted heliopsis Lorraine Sunshine this spring. Maybe Ill have to move some of my flax nearby.

Babs, flax is very easy to grow from seed. I have wintersowed it several times.

T, hopefully Boo doesnt have any ill effects.

Eden, good to hear that your mom got released. Great score on the coleus and finding the elusive Black Scallop.

Bug, how nice that your DH is doing so well already.

Our favorite nice restaurant closed recently after being in business for something like 40 years. We went there the night we got engaged. I hear it is going to reopen with new owners, but its unlikely it will be the same.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, Things are looking up a bit weather wise. We aren't supposed to get any rain tomorrow. Wow!

Sue, I can't believe Pastis is closing! What a bummer. That would be like Michael Timothy's closing. Wish I could join you guys for your send off dinner.

Babs, Ah ha! You are doing one of my favorite pastimes. Avoiding what you really should be doing. LOL ~~ Oh my goodness, That chippie is bold as brass tacks. I can't believe you dug him out with a trowel! ~~ I second the vote for Heliopsis 'Loraine Sunshine'. She is a beautiful perennial that looks great all summer long and of course I'm madly in love with Phlox 'Nora Leigh'. I also love Phlox 'Becky Towe' with its chartreuse variegation but the flowers are an INTENSE coral and need to be placed carefully or they'll clash wiht their companions. ~~ I totally agree with your take on the depression thing with my friend. She has to address that soon. It could make the difference between recovery or not ever gaining back her mobility.

Marian, good for you for installing that monitor yourself! I don't think I could do that.

Ei, I wished you lived closer so you could take my classes too! That would be a blast.

Bug, beautiful geranium! I have one that looks similar but I don't recall its name off hand. ~~ Glad to hear your DH's surgery went ok and he is home and on the mend.

Eden so glad to hear your mom got to come home today. Thanks for the update.

Cindy those Ceres lilies are lovely. They remind me of my 'Aphrodite' double Asiatics.

Here is a photo of that Manhattan lily I told you about.

Wendy, no, my friend does not have any help in home at all and frankly I'm appalled that she is basically left alone in a house with tons of stairs to deal with everything herself. It really is an impossible situation. I don't know how her husband thinks it is OK to leave her alone like that but I'm suspicious that she told him she was fine and he just toodled off to work and didn't give another thought about it.

T sure hope your old goat gets better soon. I'm sure that hot weather isn't helping things at all.

OK I'm turning that nice pumpkin color and have to get some sleep. Here are a few pics from the last couple days.

Some ground covers for Eileen

Love this Beacon fuchsia next to the Lychnis coronaria

Nite all,

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Deanne great that you helping your friend. When you're done motivating her, how about a trip up here? I need motivation as Dorthe is more sick than well and the rest of my family is too busy to go to the gym with me. I know I know, I just have to do it, but it is hard and discouraging when the weight doesn't budge, and the blood sugar keeps me eating. Can you tell I'm not doing well in the exercise department, even though I miss it, believe it or not! I haven't given up yet at all though. I'll get back on track.

GB I enjoyed the story of Homer the turtle. You should write a bopk. Kids would love Homer's journey.

Marian there were a rash of purse snatchings from women's washrooms up here. The thief would reach over the door and grab the purse hung on the door, and flee before the victim could react. My purse has both handles and a long strap which I use to drape over myself when I use public washrooms. I'm always tempted to bring a sprayer of cleanser with me when I have to go public, so to speak. ;)] Thyme essential oil is antiseptic, so I use some on my hands to protect from yuckies. It seems to keep the cold germs down some too.

Well it's late, so I'll stop now. I know I missed most everyone, but I started typing too late to finish all of my comments. Take care everyone and I hope you get the weather you need to garden and be comfortable. For those who are sick you have my thoughts and prayers for quick recoveries.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Hip,hip horray, hip, hip horray!!! The sun is out the sun is out! We are in a clean tropical air mass and it feels like I'm in Hawaii with 71 degree temps going up to lower to mid 80's today.

Im a bit on the tired side this AM because my bratty cat decided to disappear yesterday and didnt show up until midnight. I was quite worried and put out with him. He is never allowed out after dark and knows it. He always hangs around and comes when I call so I was really worried something had happened to him. I should have scooped him up at 3:30PM and put him in the house then but there was still so much daylight left. I had to laugh because he was still sleeping when I got up at 6 and normally he is up at 4 in the morning this time of the year. Tired himself out I guess.

I've got a load of deadheading and cleanup to do after the rain and being gone last weekend. Yesterday I went plant shopping with my friend Mary (I know I don't need any plants but when did need ever have anything to do with that?) I found a beauteous rex begonia at the grocery store in the morning then found another at Ponemah Farms in Amherst. I also found another neat abutilon with yellow-orange flowers with a dark red-orange calyx that didnt have a tag so I dont know what it is. Im quite over the moon with it. Ive still got a few coleus to pot up so Im sure Ill find something to put it with. Then we went to Loews. Holy moly!!! Did they ever have some nice well taken care of plants for good prices. I found Salvia guaranitica Black and Blue for $4.98 and it is a nice sized plant. Now I have to figure out how to winter it over. Have any of you successfully done this? They also had some fantastic caladium in three pot sizes. The four inch pot size had plants the size of the ones in the ten inch pots and they were less than half the price. Then they had a fantastic selection of plastic and resin pots for really great prices and I could not resist a couple I found that were just different and interesting. My friend told me I had to stop making container gardens when I get out to the street. LOL

My friend with the knee replacement called yesterday and we had a nice long chat and she wanted to let me know shed gone to PT yesterday and they showed her how to wrap her leg and her husband went and learned too. She said shed also addressed all the issues we were talking about and that she wanted to thank me for the intervention because she now realized that it was needed. We talked about her being depressed and she finally admitted that yes, maybe that was part of the problem. So now I need to get her to talk to her doctor and get some help for that. She wasnt convinced that she needed to be treated for depression. Anyway, I think shes turned the corner and Im so relieved. I just have to keep checking in on her for the time being and keep her moving in the right direction.

So Yeona, you dont need your family to go with you to go to the gym. Ive found that over the four and a half years Ive been doing this that I have to always plan to exercise by myself. Anytime Ive planned to do it with a friend or with Doug it falls apart. If they get busy Id use my exercise buddy not going to not go myself. Ive actually come to prefer working out on my own. I dont even like to exercise with the gals who go to the gym every day because our workout schedules are different and I dont want to compromise what Im doing to socialize. Speaking of the blood sugar and hunger issues, have you paid attention to the glycemic index of foods? If you stay away from high glycemic index foods youd probably find your hunger stays under control. I have a friend whos lost 60 pounds by being faithful to keeping her blood sugar on an even keel even though she isnt diabetic. You really can do this, we all can, it is a matter of making our good health our first priority. ~~ That essential oil link is really interesting and Ive bookmarked to go back and study further.

Michelle, LOL about the Wheres Waldo. Te he ~~ I so know what you mean about people saying, I could never make my yard look this good and on and on. My DS does that every time she comes over and I have to remind her it isnt a competition. Glad to hear you had a good time anyway. Like Yeona, my purse has short straps to carry on your arm and a shoulder strap that is detachable. I find it pretty handy.

Mary, Doug is out your way and really is going to enjoy this new assignment in Rochester. Hell be there one or two weeks a month for the next six months or so. Im thinking Ill have to come out with him at some point so we can have a nice visit and go plant shopping. He is going to bring his bicycle next time he goes out as he said it looked like there were lots of good bicycling areas. ~~ I forgot to tell you how gorgeous your flax/HLS photo is! That is one fantastic combination.

OK speaking of motivation and exercising it is time for me to drag my bum to the gym and put in my time. It is interesting to me that even after all this time I still dont enjoy the process but I sure do love the results. Its kind of like brushing your teeth. I dont know anyone whod say, Wow, I just love to brush my teeth but most everyone loves to have their teeth sparkly clean and polished.

Enjoy the day everyone and anyone in those tropical rain storms, stay safe and dry.


PS Cindy, how are things there today. Are you still in that rain band?

PSS the weather people are now saying weve gotten 22 inches of rain in two months here and that has broken all records for any two months of precipitation. Our normal yearly rainfall is about 44 inches or so. Weve gotten six months worth in two.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hey guess what? Yesterday I worked a full day, went to the enviro group office and did two hours of accounting work, went to the bank and grocery store and was not exhausted when I got home at 8:00 pm! Let's hear it for normal!!!

Deanne, how great that your friend is turning the corner. You're right; need has nothing to do with plant/garden shopping. Will you explain that to my DH? Two Saturdays ago I bought this great garden stake, and he kept bugging me about where it was going to go. On Sunday I transplanted several filipendulas, and later that day I looked at one and thought it really needed a stake. Lightbulb goes off - the new stake! See, I knew there was a need before it existed, or something like that.

Yeona, ditto what Deanne said about your link. I heard a talk on essential oils last year, and the woman passed around some samples. I was having a nagging lower back ache that wouldn't go away, and one sample was supposed to clear up just such aches and pains. I was amazed that it worked for me. As I mentioned before, I'm now using some tea tree oil.

Sue, that's too bad about Pastis. The restaurant business is a tough one; DH and I try hard to talk up the good ones that open in town.

'bug, I hope that your DH continues to do well. Watch out for those stairs, those - they can sneak up on you. I had that experience when my son was born and I thought I was handling the stairs with no problem, and then - wham! my body told me to knock it off.

Babs, I love it when you have no life! ;)

Cindy, I hope things are a little better (dryer) out your way.

It's that time again - work! Carry on and keep chatting...


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Good morning!

Yesterday's high temp recorded on our weather center was 101.3° ugh! Today is still expected to be in the low 90's, tomorrow in the low 80's. I sure hope everyone that is getting webbed feet, from all the rain, will see a drying trend. You guys have far surpassed our rainfall for the year. It is either feast or famine with rain, it seems. The photos shown last night on the national news were impressive and sad for those who are dealing with flood/water damage in their homes/businesses.

Marian, setting up the new computer should be as easy as getting it out of the box, finding where all of the cords plug in (they are usually unique, so easy to locate where they go) and then you are set to go. You can always leave the old computer set up and have the new one nearby until you are sure you have everything hooked up and working correctly. I'd still love to have a laptop so I could get rid of this computer armoire and extra 'stuff' like speakers, keyboard. It takes up precious space in my sewing room. This computer works wonderfully so no need to replace......but my NEXT computer will be a laptop so I can join those who can go outside, sit on their patio's, sipping wine while they Idyll. sigh

Glad to read that 'bug's hubby is doing well after his surgery.

V, glad you are back to feeling well and normal.

Well, I lost my train of thought and can't find it laying around here anywhere close so I guess I'll go look for it by the coffee pot. I'll be back if I locate it.

Hello to all!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

On the run again. Today is another treatment for sis. The good news is the doctor believes the pain she is feeling is caused by scar tissue, but he has scheduled a cat scan for later in the week, just to be safe.

Mary that combination is lovely! I *love* flax, lost it long ago (twice and didnt replace it a third time) but its now on my list of plants to look for on my plant excursions. Seeing yours reminded me how much I miss it! :-) I think I read somewhere that it doesnt like rich or heavy soils and maybe that was the cause of my failure. Anyway, Im ready to try again. I love your combination soft and gentle and yet so striking. Is there a better blue anywhere?...just like the sky on a clear afternoon! :-) I have put Lorraine Sunshine on my list too and may combine the two in the two spots where I need replacements. Will also keep my eye out for Deannes Nora Leigh. BTW, thanks all who have been sharing your book suggestions. I havent read any books lately, so have nothing to offer. I tend not to get much reading in during the summer (unless we are on vacation) but am saving a list of all the recommendations here for winter reading. I wont talk about how much I enjoy winter reading by the fire, as I am not in the mood to think about winter, but reading then is my favorite pastime.

Anyway, Eden it was good hearing from you yesterday. Its really nice of you to think of us and keep us updated, as I know you have a lot on your mind. Glad your mom was able to be released and nice that mom can be nearby for now. Im sorry she lives so far away, I know that will be a worry for you and added stress, but great that your sister works at the hospital and that you have your two sisters to help. Will be thinking of you all...Im sorry you are all going through this, its tough emotionally and physically for the patient and for everyone who loves them too! Ill be keeping good thoughts that your mom has a good recovery with as few problems as possible. Marian is right about the ups and downs I know they are inevitable, but all you can do is try to keep strong. Anyway, I am not always very good with words, but just want you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing the best. Wish there was more I could say or do.

Marian I am so impressed! I wouldnt even have a clue as to how to set up my monitor...youve *got* to be a little impressed with yourself too; arent you? You amaze me! I bet its a real treat to have such a large monitor! :-) Re the move, no, I wouldnt go far away with mom and sis still needing me and Paul understands that.

Speaking of moves Babs...I guess I really am getting old. I feel so out of touch or maybe its the people who live out here who are out of touch. I am aware that in the last few years, the suburbs surrounding mine seem to have become quite affluent. We do live near a few surrounding suburbs that have always been considered "money", but most of the suburbs around here were mostly average working class and I was not ready for the wake up call I got this week-end! We looked at two homes in a suburb near us, both had open houses. One was being sold as a "tear down" and listed at 450,000! The other was not listed as a tear down, but had only *one* bedroom and was selling for 479,900! I think thats obscene. Granted they were both close to the thriving downtown in that suburb (also close to the train) so that may explain a higher asking price, but over $400,000! Im just blown away. There is just something wrong with reality when a home priced at $400,000 is considered a "tear down"?!? Can you tell Im shocked...LOL! Silly us...we expected that we could find lots of very nice smaller homes in good condition and in the $400s...even thought we could find something *new* at the price...silly us! Looks like we will have to move further out if we intend on staying in Illinois. Like I say, maybe I am just getting old, but I find that whole atmosphere and attitude unappetizing. Who *are* these people and what do they do for a living?!?? It seems impossible to me that *that* many people could be that wealthy!? Boy, I really feel for young families trying to find a nice home.

On the handbag poll, I am like Yeona...have a long strap on my handbag and wear it over my neck while in the bathroom. Kind of comforting Im not the only one who thinks of germs, as my hubby has always stated that Im a bit freakish about it! I *never* sit on public toilets; use my foot to flush the handle, my hand or a piece of my clothing to open the latch on the door, wash my hands, use the paper towel to turn off the faucet (don't like blowers - *like* towel holders where they simply hang from the dispenser and you dont have to touch any buttons). I use the paper towel to grab the door on my way out of the bathroom (hopefully the garbage can is right next to the door so I can drop the paper towel into the garbage can on my way out, all the while using my foot to keep the door pried open. I don't like bathrooms where the garbage can isnt next to the door and I *love* bathrooms where everything is motion controlled...LOL! Its weird; I know, but I only go through that ritual in public bathrooms, not private ones...LOL!

I like Yeonas idea of writing a childrens book, Marie. With your pictures and your telling of the tale, I think it would be very appealing and a wonderful way to expose children to nature and teach them empathy and respect for wildlife. I was thinking about our Wildlife Haven out here and what a wonderful teaching tool that would be for the little ones. Anyway, glad to hear that hubby is doing so well after the surgery. You're having a music festival? Where is the festival going to be held? Are you and/or hubby going to play? Sounds like fun.

Cindy your lily is beautiful! Im a lily fan too. Unfortunately the bunnies out here (looks like Babs and I are in the same boat) seem to love them too and though they didnt get *all* my lilies, I have many brown sticks out in the garden...LOL! Oh well, theres always next year...

Deanne your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love that one pic of the lilies next to the birdbath...what a pretty shot! Your gardens are looking so stunning. The two evergreens in the garden really caught my eye. I know you have mentioned them before, but can't remember what they were. Are you happy with them? Will they stay that small? I was thinking maybe I need something like that too, to include in the west bed where I'm having problems. I like the fuchsia/lychnis combo too. I *love* that lychnis and have it in my front of my favorite colors. The Beacon you gave me is doing wonderfully...thank you! I have it in a container with Babs (I think it was Babs who had it last year) Gin Tonic begonia. Ill have to snap a picture to share later....

Gotta get going though...Have a great day all and "Hi" to anyone I missed!

P.S. Yes, Ive been missing Taryn too! Hope shes not *too* busy getting ready for the move and hope that everything has been ironed out with the house!

P.P.S. Geesh V...that's normal? I don't know how you do it. Yeah I love when Bab's can share more often too! :-)



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi friends! I think they gave ME the spinal instead of DH. I'm just exhausted this morning. It may have something to do with lots of disrupted sleep and the incredibly muggy weather...with no rain!

Anyway, I've caught up with reading and will post a few photos. No energy for more today, sorry to say.

Abraham Darby

Blekitny Aniol from behind-

Deanne mentioned this one, Aphrodite:


Rose Marie

Venosa Violacea

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Honey, thanks for the deer info.

Deanne, my Nora Leigh didnt make the winter :0(

Ei, did you see me note to Babs about how incredibly easy flax is to grow from seed? Last year I dumped a bunch that I wintersowed that didnt have a use for. I could have brought them to IU3 for you and Babs. LOL Seriously I have wintersowed them and direct sowed them.

There is a brief note from Taryn on the Idyllunion thread. It sounds like shes packing as moving day must be 3 weeks after IU3.

I saw that there is flooding in Maryland. I wonder how Cynthia is doing?

Deanne, good to hear that they sun is shining on you today. We are actually having decent weather lately. Once we got the rain, things seem more normal. Upper 70s for today. Ill add a bratty dog to your bratty cat ;) Jaden decided to go on a hunt just as I was going to tie her up for the night. Fortunately she was here this a.m. She likes to go "visiting" so she must be tied at night.
I cant believe that you bought more containers. LOL Funny but the other night DH came out of the barn and asked why I hadnt planted the cedar planter. Gosh I had forgotten I had that one. Now what to put in it? 22 inches, that is unbelievable!
I have unnamed lilies that look just like your Manhattans. Maybe I should plant them near a birdbath. I really like the way they are reflected. It looks like your Sutherland Gold liked its pruning.

I wonder if they make those disinfectant wipes in a purse pack? I have a container under my bathroom sink. They are really nice to freshen up the vanity and stool between regular cleanings.

Ooo, that Aphrodite is one pretty lily!


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Beautiful photos 'bug. Sorry to read that your energy level is low. Hope it doesn't last much longer for you.

I went outside a short bit ago to give everything, in the front bed, a drink of water before it gets hot. My Endless Summer was wilted, obviously placed in a horrible spot for it (facing east without anything to protect/shade it). It was also still in the nursery pot (blush). I didn't have a place to put it last fall (why did I buy it when I had no spot to put it?!) so I plopped it in the bed, pot & all. I should have planned better.....

I just dug it up, watered it well and then moved it to the north side of the house. I'll attempt to find a 'good' spot for it in the next couple of days. I would love to plant it where I just set the pot, but it is up against a brick chimney and I wasn't sure if the ground's pH would be appropriate for it (thinking that the bricks/mortar would leach into the ground?). Am I being ridiculous about that concern? The north side of the house is where our heat pump unit is, the dryer vents there and I have 2 hostas (S & S, plus an unnamed/unknown one) along with a rhododendron. The other 3 plants seem to be doing fine in that would get a bit of morning sun then be shaded until very late afternoon when it would get a bit more sun. The hydrangea would be closer to the chimney brick than the other plants...sound okay?


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Yay! V is all better! Wow that took such a long time to get back on track. Take extra good care of you so you remain healthy for the rest of the year!(and especially for IU3; )
Echinacea 'Razzmatazz'that you gave me is beginning to bloom!

Ei-why YES I'll have a gin and tonic: ) Whoops-nope,I didn't send you that one. If I did have it, I would though; ) Lastnight we had vodka and tonics while sitting on the porch swing before bed. The air was heavy,misty with moisture from the evening rain and you could hear the drip, drip, drip of the downspout. I love nights like that when there's no road traffic and you can hear the silence: )
It seems so strange to hear T had 101 temps and GB has had no rain. I always feel like we are all just a stone's throw away from each other and should have the same weather! Not to confuse you about drinks and plants I do like the tonic series begonias. I had 'gin' and 'vodka' a couple years ago and they did really well in my shady window baskets.
Hmmm a tear down at 400,000 -seems unreal! We are amazed when we figure that our little colonial plopped onto the Jersey shore or almost anywhwere would be worth at least double or much more. Thats' where visualization techniques come in handy...I pretend I feel salt air on my face and hear the crashing waves just beyond the veranda lololol.
Hmm maybe my clayey soil killed the flax.I will try getting some compost into the area if I try it there again. I am really encouraged by the tree I recently had removed.Never thought I'd say that. It's opened up a whole chunk of sunlight getting to that bed so now I can plant more sun loving plants. With all the rain we've had even the hydrangea in abundant sun isn't fried like I expected. Though who knows what July will bring.
Good luck to your sister today.I hope the pain gets figured out-that must be a worry. It's amazing what damage the treatments can cause. Chris' colleague with breast cancer says her breast is burned from the radiation and it does weird things to her fingernails. I never knew those things happened. I was amazed when I saw her last that she really has this strength-whether deliberate or not that makes her so calming to be with. She has really tough days no doubt but still gets up and keeps going. She actually has called her tumor her 'friend' because it made her see life in a different light to appreciate what she has. I'm just awed by that.

Deanne-glad you have sun-we do too,though rain is still predicted. I like your latest pics. Isn't that Lychnis Coronaria a biennial?? I just recieved some from a friend and they aren't getting blooms but I thought my friend said they are biennial so I assume next season(I hate waiting)but I like that combo of Beacon with it(assuming I can keep Beacon and the rest alive over winter).I hope my lychnis is the one that has the crimson red rather than the orangey red one.(I'm so great with names lol)
You must feel really pleased that your friend actually listened to you! That really is wonderful. It's very common for a depressed person to not realize they are depressed-even if she would get evaluated then she'd know for sure. I hope she keeps a good frame of mind to change her situation.

Gb I'm enjoying the pics you posted-I like your color schemes-especially the geranium and Leander,Aphrodite as well and all the others!I'm very agreeable today; )

Cindy-lift your head from the waters! Wow the news sounds pretty bad about your general area. I've been also wondering how Cynthia in MD has been with all the water. Did you go to work today??

T-keep drinking that coffee it's supposed to be good for us(I always knew that; ) Nice for those who can't handle caffiene-even decaf has benefits.

It was the cutest thing today...AJ got a call from a friend(girl) who moved away and he normally tends to just answer a question or whatever and make his calls short but I know he wanted to talk more with her so I jotted a note while he spoke that he should ask her how her summer is and that one question lead to a 30 min phone conversation! I could be creating a monster but it was just so cute and he said it was like she had never moved away: )

Ok time to look busy!


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Hi everyone

Fantastic photos GB and Deanne and a gorgeous lily Cindy.

My blue flax is rather short lived - 3 or 4 years. However, it sets a lot of seed and there are always a few babies coming along. I save seed every year as insurance but so far nature has taken care of keeping a supply going. My orignal seed I brought back from my Mum's garden in England and I enjoy the connection of us both enjoying the same plant.

Today I stopped by at one of my favorite greenhouses thinking I might treat myself to just one more pot plant. The owner grows an amazing selection of unusual foliage and tender plants. I always have a good plant chat with the lady who runs the nursery - she and I just "click" when it comes to appreciating flowers and foliage. We talked about the approaching end of her season (she closes for a couple of months in the summer when trade slows down), tender salvias, new varieties of coleus and moved onto sprituality and gardening. At the end of our conversation she told me she had been feeling tired and overwhelmed with all the work still to do in the greenhouse but how much our talk had lifted her spirits. She gave me a hug and told me I could have anything there for $1 as she was sure she was going to have to compost a lot when they closed in July. I felt like a kid in a candy store and came away with 15 beautiful plants; several coleus, plumbago, a miniature scaeveola and a sun loving mimulus amongst others. I also left my name and email for if she needed part time help next growing season. It would be a very cool job, and working with such a lovely lady a pleasure.

I have lots more to comment on but I need to find homes for my new purchases before our next downpour. (I was typing this while I downed a quick sandwhich for lunch)

Hope to be back later - stay cool (T), dry (East coasters), and enjoy your new monitor Marian.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi Idylls,

Im enjoying everyones posts. First off, let me wish Bug patience and fortitude in dealing with DHs recovery. Hope hes back to his ole self soon. Also, Im keeping Eis DS and Edens Mom in my prayers. Serious illness in loved ones is so difficult on those who care and are caring for them. Deanne, what a great and caring friend you are to tackle a really tough subject. Your friend will appreciate you for it later, especially when she regains her mobility.

Next to the east coasters, Im hoping the rain stops for you soon. Geez, you need an ark! And T, OMG, those are horrid temp. I didnt realize it got so warm up there!

Congrats, Jerri, on a successful adoption. And Im so glad you figured out what was making you feel so tired.

Mary, Babs, it sounds like youre really enjoying your summers. And Marian, youre a better woman than I! Ill tackle a lot of things but anything electrical is not on my list. You go girl!

My plant ghetto is GONE! Amazing what can happen when you put your mind to it!

On Sunday, DD had an early 4th of July party for 35 family and friends so I helped her Sat. with set-up and yesterday with cleanup. Everyone had a wonderful time. She had tons of things for the kids to do, non-stop food and beverage and at 10:30 pm, we all walked a block to a park and saw her towns fireworks display. Its a great private spot to view them. It was a delight and a perfect ending to a perfect day.

They had an inflatable waterslide for the kids and it was a huge hit! The kids wore themselves out Heres my GD:

My GD and Grandniece, who is 20 mos. old:

Isnt she a doll?! And shes a peanut.

Our AC quit again and the repairman is supposed to come out this afternoon. Well see. I spent the am going thru digital pix and deleting some old ones. Its just a couple days now until we leave for Hilton Head on vacation, so Im getting last minute stuff in order.

Hi to all! Im off to the dentist for a cleaning. TTYL,


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Send a G&T my way as well!! I need it --
Yep got to work today now Im "swamped" here as well.... furiously digging out luckily no plumbing to take care of here! The commute was much better altho theres some continual flooding in the metro & if we get more rain as predicted, its gonna be a problem (again).

Babs, yes, lychnis coronaria is a biennial tough as nails though once established youll have plenty of volunteers but theyre easy to transplant or pull. I love all (3)? colors and have it strewn about but as usual, Deanne, shows us how a normal magenta, hard to place, plant like the "red" is can be magnificent.

You know, that Aphrodite lily is the one that spurred me to purchase the Ceres last year I couldnt locate the Aphrodite in stock anywhere & was determined to try a double Asiatic like the Aphrodite but wow, the colors on yours Gardenbug, seem so much deeper in color than other photos I was.... I still have on my wish list now. And think I may have to check out the Manhattan ones too. Yum.

Im sooo glad I dont have to go house hunting I think the reality of sticker shock and not being able to "afford" what would seem like a normal house would really depress me. I may be in my place forever at the rate of house prices....

Eden, glad to hear your Mom is doing a bit better and that you can arrange it so her treatments are at the hospital where your sister works that will ensure great care & at a good hospital so important.

Yeah for Marian & getting her new computer stuff installed!!

Michelle I wanted to comment on the terrific job you did in laying out those garden beds great form and shape.

Well, Im inundated with work (at least not water...) so I have got to get back but felt sure someone would throw some delightful pictures up to refresh and invigorate me. Thanks, "guys"!!!!


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Honey, what adorable girls. Your GN reminds me alot of a little girl that is very near to my heart. Of course you know who I'm referring to. She is almost 20 months also.
That water slide looks like tons of fun.

Mary, how special that you have flax from your Mums garden. What a deal at the nursery and a special friend as well.

Here's hoping that Cindy stays high and dry.

Babs, you mean at my age I need to learn to like coffee? LOL
I think I'll stick to my green tea which is supposed to be quite good for you. Although, I've been hearing more about the benefits of white tea.


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Hi again

Honey - what beautiful girls and what fun they are having. The water slide looks mega fun. Congratulations on moving your plant ghetto. Hope you have a great time in Hilton Head.

Michelle - I've never tried white tea but have read a lot about it too. There is a new Tea and Chocolate "Boutique" opened up in our village I'm looking forward to visiting - perhaps I can try some there.

Deanne - I think Doug will a great time if he goes biking around here. There are some great areas to explore, especially going down towards the Finger Lakes. Very neat to think you might be up for another visit too.

I too love Lychinis Coronnara and can never decide which I like best, the Magenta, white or blush. Mine self seed around but I never know which color the plants will be till they start blooming.

Its still quiet here - I picked David up from Day Camp and he immediately had a phone call inviting him for a play date. Not wanting to be a clingy Mum I said he could go till suppper time so I'm here on my ownsome again. I just ran out for tropical fish food and bought a nice piece of Swordfish to grill (there has been a watery theme to much of the day). Its David's favorite thing in the world to eat and rather expensive so we'll enjoy it together as a treat. I've got a mango and hot peppers to make Mango salsa to go with it and some fresh corn.

I'm off to ponder my wardrobe - I have an interview for the new job Thursday and I need to decide if I have anything appropriate to wear. I don't think my pink Crocs will cut it.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Michelle, I thot they were about the same age. They are just tooooo cute, aren't they? I love the look of discovery on their faces when they learn something new. My GN only says a few words, but does "sign" quite a few others. But today, I was on the phone with my DN and I could hear the little one in the background clear as day yelling, "I want out of this bed!" Not that it wasn't clear what she wanted, lol.

Mary, those kids had a ball on that slide. There are 2 clear plastic hoses at the top that spray the kids/slide which keeps it slippery. The kids are supposed to sit on or lay on the plastic raft to slide down. Most of them, tho, body-surfed down. DD had a barrier net at the end, which really was a good idea. The older kids really got going quite fast. DD & SIL bot it instead of renting b/c it was pretty reasonable.

Good luck on your interview, Thurs. I hope it's a job you can be excited about. I'm sure once they talk to you, they'll scoop you right up.

Well, while I was in a neighboring town at the dentist, it just poured at my house. I know b/c when I got home my garden paths were flooded and all the mulch in my beds is now in the paths. The wind really had to be bad, too. It broke of the tops of the dahlias in my containers and broke off several Clematis branches. As someone said earlier -- we gardeners have to be tough.

V, I'm so looking forward to IU3. It's just a couple weeks away! It will be so terrific to see everyone. I wonder how Taryn's coming with the house. Thinking of all.

I'll probably pop in from time to time before I leave on vacation early am Sunday, but have tons to do before we do. See link below to see where we'll be staying. If it's 90+, I'll be in one of the 8 pools the whole time. Can't wait!

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It's OK Michelle-I'll allow you to keep drinking green tea; ) I'll bet it's still more healthy than coffee anyway. I've also read that white tea has exceptional antioxidants to fight cancer. I bought some for my mom one xmas and she did enjoy it. I have to say I like tea most when I am sick(michelle is thinking I wouldn't get sick if I drank green tea all the time and she's probably right: ) Shh I have to say this quietly as I knock on wood,but I haven't even had a serious cold this past year. I'm sure I'll catch one now.

Mary how far are you from the finger lakes? I didn't realize you were near there.I remember going there one year with my family for a vacation. My dad took some workshops at Cornell and we did sightseeing while he took some music workshop courses.
You sound like you might be anticipating what the future with teenagers will be like with them one day on the run all the time. I was just going through old baby toys and clothes the other day and it was a little sad knowing they can't stay little and I'd have to start tossing things that remind me of the cute things they did as babies. I took the plunge and put the old carseat on the curb. It's kind of a mixed feeling isn't it?
Your dinner sounds divine! We had andouille(sp) gumbo.
I agree with Michelle that having flax from your mom's(mum's) garden is a special thing to have.Will your mum be visting this summer?
Your visit to the greenhouse sounds like it was so fun-good conversation and cheap plants! That WOULD be cool if you ended up working there.

Michelle you just have the greenest thumb-I'm jealous that you (and Mary) are able to get seedlings from yours beccause mine never reseeded! I was quite upset this afternoon to see that the rat,I mean--bunny--ate the lupine plants you shared with me. I have more seed but it's just a bit irritating. My chopped onion trick worked on keeping the 'chippunks' from burrowing in the containers again!! Maybe I need to buy stock in onions now.

Honey what great pics you've shared! Love the action shots. You have such pretty G-girls there-they must take after you! I want one of those slides...think the neighbors would notice me playing on it?
You have a fun time in Hilton Head-take pics!

We had some rain that quickly made puddles;the ground is so saturated. I'm afraid to check the basement. It's also looking rather green out there-hope we aren't getting more hazardous weather.

Take care

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Honey, hope you have a great looks to be a lovely, lovely place!

Your DGD & DGN are cuties! The water slide looks like a lot of fun....

Mary, I hope the interview on Thursday goes well. You probably 'need' a new outfit no matter what is already in your closet. ;o) Just trying to enable some shopping....

Deanne, your garden photos are so lush and lovely!

I did plant the hydrangea. Decided to put it at the NW corner of the house, away from the chimney.

Guess that is it from here......

Hello to all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just came back from an outing with the hort society. (I took a break from playing nursemaid!) I fear the worst though: there may actually be no room left to plant the things in my ghetto. Of course I came home with 2 more heucheras, 1 heucherella and 2 hostas! YIKES!

A funny story that Deanne will enjoy-
The lady who operates this nursery used to be an eye doctor. She developed serious blood pressure and knee issues...and had to retire. Sooo, she developed an interest in lilies, hostas and heucheras. She bought too many and had to begin selling them on the web. Well her husband now helps her run the young business. Quite an amazing place. Anyway, the woman who organized the trip didn't recognize her when we arrived. Seems she has lost 140 pounds and is working to lose 60 more. She looks like quite an ordinary person...and that just delights her! You can imagine the energy she feels after such an accomplishment. She's a neat lady with a new addiction, a new outlook, and a new body! I think, Deanne, you should tell your friend how exciting and worthwhile the road to recovery can be! Not just for you, but everyone who chooses the healthy road.

OK, I'm zonked.
Tomorrow is another day, but I want to add that in spite of the muggy weather, the turtle sounds and firefly sparkles in the night are special tonight!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

We are having a lovely, sunny morning with temps in the lower 70s this AM. I think it is supposed to rain later though. That front that has been sitting west of here is supposed to slide east again then clear out for Saturday. Im hoping the forecast doesnt change. Doug is coming home from Rochester tonight and Im hoping he doesnt deal with the deluges between here and there.

GB what a great story! I cant even imagine having to lose 200 pounds at the start. What an amazing story and what an amazing accomplishment. Good for her! Yes Ive talked to my friend about the profound changes it has made for me. Simple things that we take for granted like sitting in a coach airplane seat and fitting into a booth at a restaurant used to be an agony. Now instead of having to ask for a seat belt extender on a plane I have an extra six inches on the end of the seat belt and can cross my legs. I actually fit into any booth in restaurants and can fit between tight racks in stores without knocking things off the racks. I could go on and on, there are so many things. Life is sweet and being able to move without pain is wonderful. I couldnt do the hours and hours of gardening I enjoy now if I hadnt lost this weight. ~~ I love it that you enjoy the fireflies and turtle sounds! I noticed the fireflies the night before last when I was out looking for my truant cat.

T, I have Endless Summer planted in three locations that have different sun exposure and they are all doing very well. The only difference is the one that is in the most shade is only now budding but I dont know if that is because this is its third summer and the others were new last year or if it is because of the sun situation. Yours should do well wherever you want to plant it. I dont know if any lime leaching out of your chimney would have caused it problems. Oh yes another strange thing is that my larger one that was blooming when you were here last year looks like it is going to be pink again! The other two new ones are blue and I have no clue as to why this one is staying pink. I wanted a blue flower there. Jeesh!

Babs, it is so funny to hear the new info about coffee. Ive been drinking lots of it for years and years, my whole adult life. In all this time coffee has gone from being bad to good then bad and back to good for you again. I will probably indulge in my coffee addiction as long as Im breathing. ~~ What a bummer about the rabbits. I cant believe how much damage you get from wildlife in your gardens. What can you do to deter the bunny-rats?

Honey, loved the water slide photos. They looked like they were having fun. Yes they are just too cute. How come you werent on that water slide???? LOL ~~ Your Hilton Head vacation looks like it is going to be fantastic. Im jealous. My vacation this year is going to be nursing Doug back to health after his surgery.

Mary, I only have the magenta Lychnis and would like to get some of the white or blush. I do have seed but never sowed it. My patch of it has maintained well for years now even though it is a biennial. Does it produce babies from rhizomes or are all the new plants from seed? I find it interesting that a biennial can be so reliable. Of course now that Ive said that theyll be gone next year. LOL ~~ Do you have a recipe for your mango salsa? Id like to try that. Swordfish is my absolute favorite fish dinner. ~~ How neat your flax seed came from your Mums garden. My favorite plants are those that came from friends and family. ~~ What a fantastic buy on those plants. I could cry when I hear about lovely plants being composted. I sure wish I was there!

Cindy, looks like the rain should be moving out of your area in the next couple days. ~~ Yes, definitely look for those Manhattan and Aphrodite lilies. They are gorgeous. I love the heavy substance of the Manhattan lilies. Mine are about four and a half/five feet tall now though. I was hoping they would be a bit shorter.

Michelle, what a bummer your Nora Leigh didnt make it through the winter. I actually lost one Id planted in my sundial garden last winter also. I think it was chewed upon by the rodents here but dont know for sure. The spot I planted it Ive lost almost everything Ive ever tried to plant there and I have no clue as to why that spot is a problem. Im thinking when I replant anything there Im going to dig out and discard all the soil and replace it with fresh and see what happens. I could cry any time you guys talk about IU3! Im going to be sitting in a corner sucking my thumb when you are all enjoying the weekend. I was really hoping theyd move his surgery up a couple weeks so I could still come. Oh well there still is a small chance that might happen. Im not giving up yet.

Bug your Aprhodite lily seems to be a darker color than mine. Interesting. Those clematis, rose, lily photographs are gorgeous.

Eileen, the evergreens in that photo are a Juniper Blue Rug and a Threadleaf False Cyprus. Im able to keep them pruned and in bounds but I have to really get after that juniper a couple times a year or it will definitely take over the planet. On the other side of that juniper I also have a Picea orientalis Bergmans Gem and that dwarf pine I just put in this spring. I really love those two dwarfs. Its looking like the Picea is going to get larger than I want and Im probably going to move it next year but the others are staying the size I want. ~~ How neat the fuchsia I sent is doing really well. I knew youd enjoy that plant.

V. love the story about the stake. I do the same thing with plants. Ill buy them with no idea where they are going to live then I get a eureka moment and they find their homes in the gardens.

OK time is slipping away from me. Ive got to get to the gym and get to the hospital this AM for a mammogram and bone density test then this afternoon Ive got to meet with the nutritionist so the day is basically blown for getting any garden time in. Have a great day all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good grief! I was out of it last night...did I really write turtle sounds? What I meant was frog sounds!!!

Off to play nursemaid once more. Breakfast....then the excitement of the day is that DH can take a shower!

The world is a mysterious fog this morning...Brigadoon!

Enjoying all the postings and photos...Honey, your daughter inherited the entertaining skills from you! What adorable girls! Babs, you certainly have the nurse genes working, preparing for your new job. Disinfecting your purse....Mind you, I avoid carrying a purse whenever possible, but giggled about V's report because I too have done the teeth bit. Women's washrooms are particularly horrible places. What's with that anyway?
Oh, and Mary, did I read you wanted a pot plant? Hmmmm, that is frowned upon here. ;-)

Oh dear, cut out the fun. No more Idylling and off to the salt mines....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Okay I feel so much better now. Seriously, I kept wondering why I had never heard turtle sounds! Thanks for the clarification, 'bug. Homer may have been released but he's still on your mind!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Thanks everyone, for all your nice comments of my "girls". I thot the pix were appropriate for the title of this idyll. It's extremely difficult to get a photo of the little one b/c when she sees the camera she turns her head or deliberately frowns.

The AC guy came out last nite thankfully, and found a burned out, shorted connection at the AC box. The wire was never connected properly. So it was a simple quick fix. They can't blame it on anyone else -- they installed it.

Deanne, GB, I concur about what a difference weight loss makes in quality of life. I've noticed that I don't have anywhere near the pain in my hips from arthritis that I used to since I've taken off some weight. It's an incentive to keep it off, that's for sure. Deanne, you are an inspiration to us all and with your coaching, I'm sure your friend will have the incentive to follow your lead.

Here's a pic of the side of the house I redid last fall. I needed a place for a bunch of sun perennials that weren't getting enough sun where they were. I stuck those mis-marked lilies in there, too, in front of Phlox 'David' and between Rudbeckia 'Prairie Sun' and Echinecea 'White Swan" and behind Hemerocallis "Pirate Lord" next to a 'Happy Returns". 'Pirate Lord" is red with a yellow center and it hasn't started blooming yet.

Behind 'White Swan' and in front of 'David' is Crocrosmia 'Lucifer'. It looks like it will flower this year so it will be interesting to see how this area unfolds over time. I lost a delphinium on the left, so that area needs some tweaking. We'll see.

Ennyhoo, today I go for my pedicure for vacation. Boy, I just love the leg and foot massage that comes with it. Then I have to stop at the grocery and pick up a few things.

I'm off to the shower. Hope everyone has a dry, sunny day! Later friends.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Honey, do you own a Marriot vacation club timeshare? My dad and boss both own them at the Grand Vista in Orlando and a guy I work with just bought one at their new project in St. Thomas. We may look into the St. Thomas one. Everyone I know who owns in the Marriot system is very happy. I agree that the foot massage is the best part of a pedicure. I've been getting regular pedicures since April.

Deanne, batten down the hatches-it's pouring here again this morning. Hope Cindy isn't getting any more. I went for a walk at quarter after 5 this morning and the sun was half out. By the time I got to work a couple of hours later I needed an umbrella to get in from the car. Good freakin' grief is all I can say. So much for getting the garden up to snuff for your visit. All the sun perennials are flopping and the flowers are rotting. The rabbits are making mincemeat out of my Echinaceas-even the Orange Meadowbrites that were absolutely gorgeous a week ago. Boo hoo!

We had an excellent dinner last night at Pastis with Monique and Les. Monique and I both had the warm chocolate cake for dessert-my absolute favorite dessert anywhere. Too bad they're closing but they sound excited about the new place that will open in the fall.

Random thoughts-flax is short lived for me too-one season maybe.

I think we should rent one of those waterslides for IU3.

You all are reminding me that I'm not taking enough garden pictures.

Gotta run,


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Oh, I wanted to comment on the purse situation. Yeona is right. Ladies -- DO NOT HANG YOUR PURSE ON THE HOOK no matter what.

Instead, put the strap over your head, across your chest and under one arm. It's out of the way and safe. I know this b/c mine was stolen in a restaurant rest room. You wouldn't believe how fast accomplished thieves can be. In milliseconds, the thief had my purse, took out my wallet, removed the cash and was gone. I did not even see it being removed. Luckily, she dropped my purse and wallet w/ID on the floor. She just got the cash. I was caught quite literally with my pants down! Even tho I yelled, the attendant and others didn't see her. In hindsight,I made several mistakes and I know better:

In the booth, I said to my friend, "Let me get the tab. I'll put it on my credit card so I can keep my cash." Duh. You never know who's listening.

My wallet was bright pink -- very easy to locate quickly inside a purse. I've since bot a black one that even I have trouble finding amid stuff.

Don't carry around more papers, money or credit cards than you need. I have to keep reminding DD of this all the time. I hope she doesn't learn the hard way.

Be aware of your surroundings and others around you and keep your purse next to your body in front of you or to the side at all times. Do not carry your wallet in a backpack. Pickpockets are lightning fast. Be particularly careful at airports, resorts, vacation spots, casinos -- anywhere where you'll more likely have a wad of cash on you.

Don't learn the hard way like I did.

OK, I'm off to the shower -- really this time.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! It's raining here! I tried to do a little more mulching this a.m. Wanted to get some mulch around the 7 son's shrub I transplanted a few weeks ago and then the skies opened up. Speaking of which, I feel so bad for those in the N/E they sure don't need any more rain. Watching the news last night I saw there was major flooding (near you Cindy? - hope you are okay) and in the Maryland area too (hope Cynthia is okay too). The weather is just so strange!

LOL Sue...that water slide does look like a blast; doesn't it! :-) Sorry about all the rain by you, I know it must be very disheartening. But don't worry, I'm sure you guys will all have lots of fun on the garden walk anyway and besides you have such *great bones* in your garden that even if the flowers aren't looking their best, I'm sure your garden is still beautiful. I remember all your beautiful pics from your website (and all the neat pics of the reno) and your hardscape and shrub and tree knowledge just amazes me. I am sure I will be picking your mind when you come to visit! :-)

Honey - the girls look like they had a blast! The older one is just so pretty...sigh...the complexion of youth...waaa...I *want* it! And that little pixie...she's adorable! I'm just going from memory of the one pic I remember seeing of you, but if my mind serves, I *do* believe she looks a bit like you? Something about the eyes or the smile. Anyway, she sure is cute and I bet it's all you can do to keep yourself from smooching her all the time! Your garden pics this morning are *so* pretty! I love the colors. Your vacation looks to be a wonderful, luxurious time. Immerse yourself in it! :-)What a treat! BTW, thanks about my sister. It sure isn't easy, but I know you've all be where I am right now at one time or another in your lives and I sure do appreciate the generosity of your hearts!

Marie's talk about the woman who lost all the weight and looks "ordinary" reminds me of a segement I saw one time on a talk show (can't remember now which one). Anyway there was a man who weighed over 900 lbs. He nearly broke my heart, especially when he said "I just want to be ordinary!" I sure hope he was able to get the help he needed.

Well, I have more I want to say, including how much I am in love with Marie's gorgeous roses. I have questions! :-)
But I need to go now. Dotty will be picking me up in a few and we are off plant hunting for Mary's flax, the Lorraine Sunshine and Deanne's Nora Leigh...hope I luck out. BTW Mary, I think that is so neat that the flax came from your Mum. Hope she will be able to come see you soon or you will be able to make a trip back home.

BTW Babs! LOL...I know my memory is horrible! But, I didn't mean that you had given me the begonia. But I had thought that you had posted pics of it last year? Anyway, here's a quick pic of the one I'm talking about, along with Deanne's gorgeous fuchsia. Thinking now, maybe it *isnt* the one you posted and now not even sure that I have the name right...oh well! Im not a photographer, but at least you can make out the plants...LOL!


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Good morning! I'm just heading out for a long drive plus through rush hour traffic to go to a doctor's visit. I'm fasting and coffee-less......people better stay outta my way! ;o)

Hope it is a good day!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

No, no, no...Honey ! You don't wish 'us' a "dry, sunny day" ! We need rain ! I started the hose on the wildflower bed this morning.( I've worked my way around from the front to the back.)

Thank goodness some folks in the Harrison and surrounding areas have had decent rains. I found some good garden produce at the Farmer's Market yesterday.... corn, cucumbers, yellow summer squash, tomatoes, and peaches. ( I had bought a 1/4th peck of peaches from the same couple last tues. They are yummy! ).

Honey, I,too think your girls are sweet and pretty. And what fun they were having! Our middle GD is hard to get a 'normal' pic of. She always goofs off!
I love your sun bed. Lovely combination of colors.

LOL, Marie. I was wondering about the "turtle sounds" ! We hear frogs and see fireflies here, also. If I don't get to sleep as soon as I go to bed I can see the fireflies through the window. I haven't heard the whippoorwills lately, but they will be back.

Hey all..installing the monitor was as simple as just plugging it into the same spots where the old one was...on the computer, and the powerbar. The computer plug was rather difficult because it fits so tight, and I am not as strong as I used to be. :-(
The computer would be be same principle, but it is the stuff on the old one that I need on the new one. I 'have' copied all my e-mail addresses (for those who I can't find on the forums), onto paper, so they wouldn't be 'lost'. Next I will do the same with my 'member' names, so I can get back on the forums that I post on, and into my PT and Photobucket accounts.
Tim says he can access my computer from his, and help me transfer everything.

I certainly didn't need more plants to water, but a pot of lovely Caladiums jumped into my cart at Wal Marts....:-). I moved them into a larger pot, to add to my collection. I haven't counted all my containers, indoors and out, but am sure I can compete with Eden. :-)

Deanne, when you posted about "scooping up" your wayward cat and bringing him in it reminded me of my "scooping up" experience. I think it was 3 nights ago that I almost forgot to bring Trubby back in ( I'd kept him inside since he got sick). I picked him up and set him inside the vesibule, then decided I'd bring Tommy in also because I'd heard the coyotes nearby. I plucked him off the car's hood and carried him to the front door. As I opened the door Trubby went charging back out ! I tried to cage him with a leg. The process scared Tommy, and I ended up with a nice deep gouge in my arm, and a couple of minor scratches. Needless to say, I 'lost' both cats ! I said "fooey on you", and went in to nurse my wounds. Along about midnight they both decided to come in ! Now Trubby is leary of me every time I approach him outside. :-(

Marie, I will pass on the snapping turtles ! We see them here occasionally...both alive and dead. I am sure our farm pond is home to some.
While I was in town yesterday Nolon saw a groundhog in our yard ! Yargh ! I hope it was just passing through. That sighting is only the second time in the 22 years that we have lived here.

Re: Lychnis coronaria....I have the magenta all around our place. Everywhere I toss the seed slalks ( deliberately)they grow and reseed. I like them. I have the white, too,that I started from seed. They started out as the type with the pink 'eye' but has reverted back to just white.

I appreciate everyone's advice about the depression med. It compounded the Fibromyalgia and I was a basket case ! I could hardly get around the house. I researched depression meds on Google, and find that they 'are not' the answer to my problems ! No way do I need to feel worse than my 'normal' discomforts ! I am pretty sure the BP med is 'messing' with me also, but I will stick with it, and tell my Doc about the side effects when I go for a follow-up the 7th of July.

Okay, that's enough for me for now...


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Hi! The countdown is here. A few more days and my DD will be in wedded bliss:) I think it is going to be a lovely wedding, and just hope the scattered thunderstorms hold off until after the pictures. The wedding is in Oberlin and there are some really nice outside venues there for photos.

I finally got my Dahlias in the ground last Saturday if you can believe it! I still haven't planted my cannas. I did put some dog hair by the Persicaria firetail that the bunnies were using for tossed salad. OOOOOH! Those little critters really griped my goat. But, it is making a comeback very quickly... Just since Saturday it has grown new leaves, and if they eat it this time, I am siccing the dogs on them.. Not that the dogs would do it...

Deanne, I wanted to tell you that the plant in the picture is a Kalanachoe. I have a bunch of succulents in those pots. My son wanted to plant a succulent garden, and I was inspired last year when we went to the public garden on the way to Deanne's. I can't remember the name of the garden? Anyway, they had some cool potager gardens and succulents too. I also have one called baby toes. It is so cute. Then last Saturday Skip and I went to the flea market and he bought a hardy cactus. Guess he is getting in the garden mode too. Funny how he has gotten interested since I put that group together, he and Deving keep bringing home more. Funny how guys seem to like plants with sharp points. because Sean and Devin are also getting involved.

I also wanted to tell you that I have some lychnis that is pink in the center and it fades to white. Is that the blush one? I coul definitely send some to you. I also have a really pretty peachy colored fuschia that everytime I look at it I wonder if you have it. If not, I could take a cutting and mail it after it has roots? I don't know if it will work, but if it doesn't I might just mail you the whole plant to overwinter. I kept the tag, but haven't been able to find it, can't find it.

Honey, your garden looks so pretty! I hope you have a lovely time on vacation. How could you not??? Your GD grew up so fast!
'Bug, I love the rose and clematis pictures. Especially the Rose Marie! And Aphrodite! Wow! How lovely.. I see the pictures here.

Sue, I have been thinking about your garden a lot this spring and summer. I'm sorry it is being floppy right now, but wanted to say how much it inspired me. I have a few pictures saved, but I wish that Taryn would repost her pictures from last year, because I would love to see the Forest Pansy again, and that pink smokebush.. I just loved those, along with all the rest. You have so many nice vignettes... I am sure they will bounce back as soon as this weather cooperates.

Jerri, I wanted to say that little Corgi is so cute. My son Mike wants a Corgi when he gets his own place. I'm glad the adoptions are going well, and that you are feeling energetic!

Hope you all have a great day! It is beautiful and sunny here.. I have Friday off.. going for a pedicure and a manicure. I love to have my toes painted...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I have NEVER heard of purses being snatched from bathrooms in this area. Hopefully it will never become that way here. I think it is a completely differant 'ballgame' than in the big cities. Harrison is growing quite rapidly, and all sorts of people are moving in that are unlike the 'normal' citizenship of the area. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes like the big cities. The doors on the bathromms that I frequent are high, and the hooks are mostly the coat hook type. I hang my purse on the smaller lower hook. I am like Michelle(?), if I carried a purse on my shoulder it would really aggravate my painful shoulders.
A few years ago I went into a local grocery store's restroom. There was a purse still hanging on the inside of the toilet door. I took it to the store's customer dept. and turned it in.

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Rick had all the cash stolen out his wallet one time while trying on pants. He came out of the dressing room to show me the pants, but had left his pants with the wallet in the pocket in the dressing room. I do remember seeing a black man walk in with a clothing item about the same time. I also remember thinking when he came back fairly quickly and told the attendant that it didnt fit "boy he sure tried that on quickly" It still didnt dawn on us because he took the cash out and put the wallet back in the pocket. It wasnt until we got to the restaurant that Rick realized that the cash was gone. Im sure that guy waits and watches for men who are going to try on pants. Rick is quite trusting, but I harp on him about it.

Sue, what a bummer that your garden is getting so waterlogged. Its hard to deal with when the season is so short.

bug is sure in a comedic mood this a.m.

Deanne, all three of my Endless Summer are pink. I did buy the stuff to put on them, but failed to do it. Actually, I see various pinks nearby so they fit in nicely.

Mary, tea and chocolate sound like a great combination ;o) I must tell you that kids growing up and getting lives without mom is what got me into gardening. That combined with the fact that farming takes up quite a bit of time in the spring and fall.

Honey, isnt it disheartening to come home to see a garden mess? Your vacation looks like it will be lots of fun. What a nice place.

Babs, sorry about the bunny making your lupines his lunch. Let me know if you need more seeds. Speaking of seeds, what do the leaves of the African foxglove look like? I only got one plant and I am wondering if its the real thing or am I nurturing a weed (it wouldnt be the first time LOL)

Drema, dont feel bad, I still have cannas in pots waiting for their garden home. Best wished to the couple to be. I hope you have a lovely and enjoyable day.

I must get back to work

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Time for more of a post!

Honey, your two girls are absolutely adorable! Yes, the water slide looks like a lot of fun - perfect opportunity to capture them with smiles on their faces.

As a former city kid, I was surprised to see that some of you had not heard of purses being snatched from bathroom door hooks. About the only place that I use one of those hooks is in the bathroom at church. I never put my purse on the bathroom floor, or in the seat of a shopping cart, or on the floor in a restaurant not because of germs but just because. Back when I was in high school, I was with my best friend when her purse was stolen on the bus, and I've been very conscious of purse security ever since.

DD called from France last night - she has my bug! She's coming home tomorrow night and didn't sound too sick, so I hope that her trip isn't being spoiled. If anyone thinks that the fears of bird flu being spread around the world are exaggerated, please note that my son brought this particular bug home from Guatamala and we have now spread it into France. Not bad work for one family, eh?

Drema, best wishes for a beautiful wedding for your daughter! Oberlin will be such a beautiful setting!

Michelle, I was in the grocery store once and there were two men who looked really lost in the produce section. Then I saw a woman with her purse in the shopping cart. Sure enough, she parked her cart and walked several feet away. The men started to move in that direction, so I got very interested in the produce in that area. I never said a word, but I hovered until the woman returned and the guys left (surprise, surprise, with no produce in hand).

Okay, lunch break is almost over. Time to make myself a pauper and pay DD's tuition!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Typhoid Mary, er, I mean V, that is a wake-up call on the bird flu. I've kind of slacked off on making preparations and I need to do that when I get back from vacation. I only have a couple weeks of supplies, not months like they're recommending. My BF's DD works at a major university hospital and they're already having weekly drills and mtgs. It's pretty scary stuff.

Thanks for the compliments on the girls. They both are cuties. I must say that that was such a nice thing for you to do to protect that woman's purse. I hope you said something to her -- I do when I see it happening. It's amazing how many women put their purse in the cart and walk away.

Michelle, you should've listened to your sixth sense. We usually sense when something isn't right and don't act on it. Thieves count on our complacency, too. When that gal stole the money from my wallet, she zipped up the wallet and put it back into my purse. If I hadn't checked immediately, I would have never known the cash was gone. I realized later that b/c I was on vacation in a resort area, the thieves picked up that I was relaxed and complacent, not on usual alert.

Marian, please be careful. Even tho you live in a rural area with a small town atmosphere, it can and does happen there, too.

FYI all, there's an important book, "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker. In some ways it's chilling, in others compelling. It says on the jacket, "True fear is a gift. Unwarranted fear is a curse. Learn to tell the difference." I recommend it. In fact, I think I may re-read it myself.

Yes, Drema and Marian. My GD has really grown. In fact, every time I see her she looks like she's grown another foot! She's 12 and almost as tall as I am. She's definitely a teen and giving DD fits (DD couldn't be more deserving of all the antics).

Drema, I'm sure it will be an absolutely lovely wedding! Be sure to relax and enjoy it. Can't wait to see the pix.

Sue, yes, that is a Marriott time-share. My DB has nothing but accolades about their facilities. He has several, but I guess this one is really nice. A time-share in St. Thomas sounds great, too. I wonder what responsibilities, etc., there would be in case of hurricane damage. I do know that in the islands, it can take several years to complete repairs b/c everything has to be brot in by barge or flown in.

So T, did you kill anyone on the way to the Dr. this am? No one, but no one, goes near me until I have a few sips of java in the am. Hope you were going to some routine visit.

Well, the wind is howling and we've got severe storm warnings out so I need to shut down this 'puter. Hi to all. Later, friends.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Well Doug just called and is on his way home and it turns out the NY State Throughway is closed between Syracuse and Utica. Rats! Hes figured some alternate route going south I know nothing about but I suspect he isnt going to get home tonight. What a pain in the neck.

I went for the old boob squish today and man she practically tore me. I dont ever remember feeling like they were pulling my shoulder and neck muscles out of whack before. Glad that is over with for the time being. Then I went and had a bone density test and I was so pleased when the technician exclaimed, "I dont know what your doing but your spine is fantastic!" after getting the readout for my lower spine. Now if my discs were in as good shape as the bone Id be all set but lately Ive not had any back pain at all. My ab and lower back routine really keeps me pain free.

So Sue, RE Batten down the hatches I didnt read your warning in time. I went into the hospital to have the tests and it was just cloudy and I had my gym clothes on so I could zip to the gym after my tests. There is just about zero parking near the hospital and I wound up having to walk about a quarter of a mile from my car. Well, you guessed it, when I left we were having another of those tropical downpours and I had no umbrella. Well, it was in my car so of no use to me whatsoever! LOL I dont remember ever being quite that wet with my clothes on before. I had to use my sweater to dry my head because it kept dripping in my eyes. Too funny. (it wasnt so funny at the time) It wasnt supposed to rain until later so it never occurred to me to carry my umbrella with me.

Bug I thought you knew of some interesting turtle sounds Id never heard of before. ROTFLOL!

V, no kidding typhoid Mary! I sure hope all those bugs are gone from your neck of the woods before IU3.

Honey, pretty, pretty garden and those delphiniums could make me swoon! Im really going to have to try them again even though I swore Id never waste money on them again. ~~ How awful about having your money stolen. You are lucky you recovered the rest of your purse. I had mine stolen at LAX out of the security area (pre 911 security)when the bag went through someone grabbed it at the other end before I went through the metal detectors. It was a horror show getting all the credit cards cancelled, getting our airplane tickets reissued, putting alerts on my SS# to try and keep from having an identity theft situation and on and on. I wound up spending an enormous amount of time on getting that resolved and hope to never have to deal with that again. Im paranoid about my purse now and never let it off my person.

Yes Sue, please take some garden pics. Ive been waiting to see what is going on at your place. Even with the rain situation I know it is going to be great. I had a bunch of stuff get pounded into the dirt from todays deluges too. It usually recovers in a day or two if we dont get any more downpours.

Eileen, I was absolutely tickled pink to see the Beacon fuchsia in your lovely basket!!! That is so very neat. Thanks for posting that. It looks really happy! The pic of the fuchsia with the lychnis is actually the mother plant of your cutting. ~~ Hope you had fun on your plant search and that you had success.

T, I get more than a bit cranky myself if I have to go out without AM coffee. Hope drs appt. went OK and all is well.

Marian, I LOL over your kitty story. They really do have minds of their own dont they? I was about ready to throw in the towel and leave Rahjii outside that evening. Im rarely ever up until midnight and I was getting pretty aggravated with that truant cat. ~~ LOL about the jumping caladiums. I had that problem on Monday myself at Lowes.

Drema, thanks for the offer of the cutting from your fuchsia. Id love to have it if it is a variety I dont have yet. Im going to hold off on the white lychnis for now until I have a place for it. I want to put it in the new garden we were supposed to dig in the front that hasnt yet been done. ~~ Thanks for the ID on the succulents. They really are nice. ~~ So have a great time at the wedding!!! Im looking forward to seeing the pics.

OK, Im going to zip out with MJ for dinner tonight so Ive got to go and get cleaned up. Have a terrific evening all.


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Hi everyone

GB - LOL about the pot plant. Now if that was what I'd had in mind I'd have contacted Michelle;0)

T - hope your tests went well and you enjoyed a nice cuppa Joe afterwards. I decided against shoping for a new outfit as we had a break from the rain and I gardened most of the day. I couldn't drag myself to the Mall when it was nice outside ( I am not a Mall person). I have a dressy skirt and black top ensemble I feel good in that I'll wear tomorrow and I'll treat myself to something if I don't get the job. I know there are other good people applying and I'm starting to feel a little nervous.

Drema - enjoy the wedding on Saturday. I'm sure it will be a beautiful event - pictures please!!

Honey - have a fabulous trip. Isn't it neat to think we'll be seeing each other in 3 weeks!

I've never in my life had a pedicure though a coat of red nail polish on my toes is essential in summer to hide traces of mud from gardening.

Here is the recipe for Mango Salsa:

2 cups chopped pitted peeled mango
1 cup chopped red bell pepper
1 chopped halepeno pepper
2/3 cup chopped green onions
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
4 teaspoons olive oil

Mix all ingredients in small bowl. Season with salt and pepper. (Can be made 6 hours ahead. Cover and chill.)

Makes about 2 3/4 cups

I also made Coconut rice to go with the swordfish and salsa and it was a very yummy meal.

Today zipped by in the blink of an eye. I planted my Dahlias and the last of my annuals in the gaps left by bulb foliage. I finally got my poor leeks and shallots into the ground - they had been languishing in trays since Spring. Fortunately the roots are easy to untangle and they are one thing the deer and rabbit don't eat. I also mowed amd weeded and just got everything put away before another late afternoon thunderstorm. At least I didn't need to water.

Sue - a pesky wabbit or deer ate all my coneflowers too, including the Mango Meadowbrite. I've gone through 3 bottles of deer repellent this season - I spray one thing and they simply graze on something else they've never eaten before. What's a gardener to do?

Oh well, time to wrap up this thread. I'll finish with a new word from the Gardening book I'm reading, supposedly invented by Tony Avent - a "hortgasm". I'm sure they'll be a photo on the next thread I can apply it to.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Mary Good Luck with your interview tomorrow! It's very understandable to be nervous, I'm sure, but just be your sensitive, intelligent, insightful, capable and caring self and I know they are going to love you. You go get um, girl! From the things you have shared with us about your interation with your co-workers, the students and the parents, you would be a shoe-in in my book. So sorry about your meadowbrites! :-( Mine aren't growing like gangbusters, but I'm still enjoying them. Hey, did you know that Meadowbrite and Mango MB are fragrant? I just discovered that today when I was working in the area and followed my nose...pretty neat! :-) That Mango Salsa sounds delicious and I've printed it out!

Deanne - Aren't you glad to have that behind you now! of my least favorite things, followed only by dentist visits. Congratulations on the bone's a credit to your dedicated work outs. Thanks about the fuchsia...well it *is* lovely and I think happy too, but then again it started out so well to begin with! :-) I'll have to show you what I did with the other fuchsias you gave me too. They are all so wonder you love fuchsias! :-) Funny, until you gave me some of *your* starts, I've never had luck with them (well, except for Bondstat). I'm just tickled. I'll have to show you a pic of my Claire deLune...she's a lovely thing, I think you would like her. I'll *try* to make some cuttings to share with you, if you can tell me when the best time to do that is. Oh, BTW, thanks to yours and Babs encouragement I have *2* babies started from my Gartenmeister. They are still very small...but I'm just tickled. Okay...and I am putting in my request for rain stoppage in the N/E. You poor guys have had enough! But it can still rain here by me and by case anybody is listening. LOL!

Speaking of rains and droughts, I've been having some very strange things happen here. I lost some very steadfast perennials, due, I am sure, to last year's drought and yet the strange thing is that I am having all kinds of annuals that I haven't had in years, suddenly sprout up all over the yard. The larkspur has just gone nuts and a sweet peony type poppy that I had in my garden many years ago (given to me by Mrs. Shack) has suddenly reappeared in my garden after many years absence. Also some 'Chimes' snapdragons from at least 3 years ago, as well as all kinds of annual salvias,'s amazing! My garden's looking a little "uncontrolled" because of it, but I'm tickled to see them. Plan to collect a lot of seed this year. :-)

And on the opposite side of thievery in the big towns...I once lost my wallet and it was returned to me in the mail with *everything* still in it...including my $20 and some change! :-) Unfortunately no return address, which is such a shame because I really would have liked to thank the person. Anyway, it only goes to show there are good people and not so good people any where you go.'s so fun to hear the excitement in your voice! It *will* be lovely! Can't wait to hear all about the big day! And definitely share some pics if you can. BTW, I think I have some of the white/blush lychnis too?! Is it white with a pink eye? I think it's called Angel's Blush? or something like that. I had it many years ago and over time (through composting I'm sure), it has spread in spots here and there in the garden and I'm enjoying it.

T - hope all went well with your tests. Like Honey, I can't get moving without it, I'm sorry to say. In fact, my hubby likes to tease when I am cranky in the morning and says "There's no talking to Ei until she's had her brew"... I *hope* I'm really not *that* bad! LOL!

Michelle - I'll be sure to have some tea here for the tea you have a favorite? My Endless Summer is pink too, but that's okay, I love it anyway! :-)

Oh, which reminds me...thank you Sue for recommending Lemon Wave. I got it early this spring and it's just now starting to take off...I am *in love*. I'd like to get another too.

Unfortunately I had no luck finding the plants I wanted today...but I'll be keeping my eyes open.

Marian so glad to hear Trubby is getting back to his old self, but sorry about the gouge and scratches!

V - I'm going to try to call you tonight...I have ????'s.

Anyway, TTYL! Ei

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Drive by post! Maggie the Corgi was adopted. YEAH!
That opened up spots for Eddie the JRT (1 YO and a real firecracker!) and Jack the Dach. (8 YO and just had most of his teeth removed today :( Soft food for him! )

I doubt Eddie stay through the weekend. He's just a doll!
I'm off to check on Jack, he's still very groggy.

P.S. I'll hold the details since we have 'clippings' but if anyone has D&C and Hysterectomy stories - good or bad - please email me!!!! :-\

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