Mom wants a 'puter and so does dh

tibs(5/6 OH)August 28, 2010

Our computer and software is probably 10 years old. We gave mom our old one when we updated then. When we moved mom we did not move her computer, it was pretty much worthless. She wants a new one, mainly to use as a glorified typewritter and save stuff so she won't have so much paper. She is the queen empress of list making and keeping notes etc. She might want to get on the internet, not to do any bill paying but just for info (she is also a information junkie).

Dh is now involved in stuff that he is sending doucments to folks and since we have wordperfect, not word, that causes problems.

I have microsoft office (old addition) at work. Which also needs updated but is toatlly not in the budget right now.

So, my question is, what computer/software to get mom that is simple and basic? (probably microsoft so I can help her. Long ago she had an early Mac and liked it, but I know nothing about that). Mom tends to over think thigs and make them more complicated than they have to be and is having trouble adjustig to new technical gadgets (the new answering machine had har totally discombobulated, but she is finally getting adjusted,) So I don't think a lap top would be good as she needs a key board that is the most like a typewriter.

So all you wise gpers of my mother's generation, what works for you?

As for dh, laptop or desk top?

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Open Office is a word processor/spreadsheet/etc that is compatible with Microsoft. It also happens to be a free download. It's what I use at home.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

You can also plug a normal keyboard and mouse into a lap top if you want to go that direction.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm going for a laptop when I find a good sale. As Linda says, you can bus in a preferred keyboard as well as hooking into a standard monitor. Since I have a brand-new *large* flatscreen, I want that option. You do need to be sure your model has the appropriate buses. Consumer's Reports recently rated both standard desktop styles and laptops.

I've had desk styles for (gulp) over 30 years and decided I wanted the flexibility of a laptop this time around, instead of being confined to a specific room to work in.

I'm one who doesn't care for Mac, but acknowledge that those who love them, love them. If that's what she had before, she will likely be more comfortable with one of the Apple models. Do tell her that simplicity is now fairly commonplace in the computer world!

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Cudos to you for helping your parents stay connected. I'm probably close to your parents age.

Re: the typewriter/keyboard issue. As far as I'm concerned there has been very little change in the basic keyboard in the whatever years since I learned to type.

These days I'm typing on an ipad keyboard.
The basic board is the same.

Not an issue as far as I'm concerned.
If she likes to take notes and make list, MS has a featured called "note pad" and that's easy to use.

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Lisa_H OK(7)

Re: the WordPefect, you can save documents in Word format. It should also have a "create as a pdf document" option.

We haven't given in to the Microsoft software yet. (I hate Word....) :)


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I'm an older one here. Have used Mircrosoft for nearly 15 years and am on my third computer. I use word perfect, can type my own stuff and copy it. Love my printer the most, have had an HP for nearly 5 years with no problems. If your Mom is a "stuff junkie" as I am, she would love it. I have a list of favorites that is a mile long, and saved E-mails that will envy the museum's. I use it for my garden stuff and my crafts and knitting and other needlework. I'm a "crafty" person so use my computer alot. Also, look up poetry, songs, formulas,recipes,genealogy, etc. Hope she enjoys whatever you deceide is right for her. I also have a lap top that I don't use very often, I got it to use if and when we travel. If I have a problem my supplier has a "help line" and is always available or I just phone one of my Grandkids. My E-mails are a fun site for me as well. as Facebook, etc.

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I started out with a computer (Apple 11E) and I've gone to a HP laptop and I just luv my laptop. I sit in my recliner with the puter on my lap, and do my "stuff".

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My main computer crashed at the beginning of summer and I have not had time to fix or replace it. I have been using an old lap top that was given to me by a customer/friend. It needed a hard drive and ram and I put Ubuntu on it for free. Everything on it now is open source and there are tons of programs and apps that match or are better than Micro Soft stuff. It is also very fast for the hardware make up of the computer.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I am coming to the sad conclusion that my mother just might not be able to use a computer, or any new techno gadget. She is slipping in little ways. I don't know whether we should get one and see her get very frustrated and discouraged or just let it go. I have visions of coming to visit and finding her little mummified body hunched over the keyboard because she is one determined lady and won't quit until she conquors something and I don't see any conquoring of the computer happening.

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