Poor birds and animals in Texas

catherinet(5 IN)September 12, 2008

I feel so bad for the wildlife near the coast where Ike is going to hit. I wonder if most of them will get out of the way in time? Didn't unusual birds show up really far north after Katrina?

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Sometimes, animals can sense things we can't, such as barometric changes (and maybe even earthquakes!). I only hope they have their internal radars on high alert right now.


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I just read on the news that there a lot of dead pelicans in the storm damaged area. Glenda

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Demmit, that sucks. :(

Below is a link to the Animal Rescue Site, for those who aren't familiar with it. They have a link for donations to help the animal victims of hurricane Ike.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Animal Rescue Site

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

After witnessing the birds in our 70 mph wind gusts, I can only imagine what it was like for them in Texas. I was amazed though to see a Monarch butterfly flitting around just fine!

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After reading the USA Today paper yesterday, I have been heavy hearted not only for La and Tx's birds and animals, but everyone else's also. The storm destroyed habitats that all the birds use as a loayover to rest up before their journey across large stretches of ocean to their winter stopping places. Hopefully they will know to find some other place before they get there to rest up. Glenda

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