it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

fairy_toadmotherSeptember 14, 2006

a beautiful day for a neighbor. won't ;you be my toad, will you be my toad?

i have a toad visitor!!!!!!! hurray and yippeeeeeeee. yes, my first :)

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LOL!!! FTM, you light up my life! I'm about ready to go out and check on the front forty for new and exciting critters. So far, I've had many little froggies in my watering can and way too many ants (in my plants, thankfully, and not my pants). I need a little excitement in my life!

The weather is cool (70s today, and I'm wearing socks, slippers, and a sweatshirt for the first time since spring!), but rain is still only a dream for us here. Once the wet weather comes, I expect critters aplenty!


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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

Happy happy Joy joy Happy happy Joy joy!!!

Don't worry Brenda, the rain will indeed, once again fall.
Don't worry, be happy. Happy happy Joy joy Happy happy Joy joy!!!

A couple of nights ago, I watched a gecco eat a moth. The moth kept flying and landing and the gecco kept running over, then slowly stalking. Then the moth would fly and land somewhere else and the gecco would run over, then slowly start stalking again. Then the moth would fly...and over and over...
Until one more time the moth flew then landed and the gecco ran over and started to stalk slowly...slowly...slowly,
then it ran and like lightening, it snapped up the moth. Then it took it's sweet time enjoying it's long time coming bounty!
Oh, how easily entertained us gals are!

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i am glad, brenda.

"many little froggies in my watering can "-- oh, the mental picture i got was priceless! a green watering can, with a bunch of little faces peering out at brenda saying, hey, we aren't done taking a dip.

i hope the neighbors didn't see me last night when i saw the toad. they would think i had ants in my pants. i am standing on the patio, outdoor light on and it is just starting to get dark so visibility good....and i throw up my hands at the elbows and start wiggling, saying out loud " a toad, i got a toad, we got a toad!"

oh,poo! to have geckos in my area!

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Congratulations on the toads - now you truly are a fairy toadmother!

And just for you (not a green watering can, just a white bucket)

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i just let out a big wiggle of delight! they are just adorable! thanks, jeanner :)

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It's the neighbors that are crazy, not us. That's what I keep telling myself.

FTM, you must be psychic. I have a green watering can. :D

I bet your gecko has a southern twang, 'Poo, and not a refined British accent. LOL I'd love to have one of those, too!

I brushed past my California buckeye the other day, not realizing that I was on taxi duty. Upon entering the house, I heard this loud fluttering going on right behind me. When I turned to look over my shoulder, I came face to face with a dragonfly, attached to the back of my shirt.

Ok, he's not going anywhere. I guess I have to remove my shirt to transplant him back outside. Being easily distracted, I very nearly walked outside in my altogethers to set the creature free.

I'm just glad I live in a rural community.


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