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sheepco(MN z4)September 20, 2006

Yep, the word on the news last night..."possible scattered frost"!! I knew it was coming but, as Charlie Brown would say "AARRGGHHH!"

So I stop at a friends on the way home from work to commiserate, don't get home 'til 7pm...pretty chilly out...feed the sheep, dogs, cat, etc...dig out the old sheets from storage, bashing my knee on the corner of the chest. But, manage to cover most of my FINALLY flourishing containers of flowers on the deck and most of the plants around the ponds before it's too dark to see even by the solar lights.

Woke up this morning hoping for the best...nope...white tinge to the lawn, the ditches, stretching across the pasture... But the plants all look good!

Well folks, no matter what the weatherman says, it may be warm for another 2 weeks, but here in MN it's time to roll up the mat.

Time to trim the plants, sink 'em or move 'em inside, drain the skippys, etc. etc. etc.

I think I'll get my neighbor's hip boots on a semi-permenent loan, I need them more than he does.

Meanwhile, the maples and oaks are just starting to change here, the sumac are a brilliant red, there's bittersweet just waiting to be picked for a big fall arrangement and I'm headed for Hayward, WI this weekend to enjoy the fall colors at a friends cabin!

So I guess I'll survive. Hopefully I'll get a few more days of warm weather to put the ponds to bed before the DEEP FREEZE.

Enjoy fall's wonders!


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Awww, that kinda makes me sad, Sarah! Even though most of us gardeners love the fall-winter time out here, since that's not only the best planting time, but the time when plants look their best, I really do feel bad for those who have to close up shop during the cold seasons.

It's still very much fire season here, with a hazardous wind advisory on the way for tonight and Friday. The humidity is so low, my voice now sounds like Barry White's. LOL

Have fun in Wisconsin! A northern cabin sounds so cozy right now.


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