Can I freeze tomatillos?

sheepco(MN z4)September 14, 2007

Once again the 1st hard frost is upon me, TONIGHT, and again I'm unprepared. AND, the folks are out on a seemingly endless road trip...actually, the tranny died in the motor home somewhere just west of the Columbia River and they've spent the last 10 days in Ellensburg, WA...but that's another story...which I find amusing...they don't...

So I just got done picking both of our gardens - 219 tomatoes (yes, I counted them!), I left the really green ones, if it doesn't freeze we'll still have another 75 at least. 37 sweet red and yellow peppers in various shades of green, red and yellow, 8 enormous pumpkins that about killed me, enough cherry tomatoes to feed 40 (and that's with me eating every 4th one off the vine), and a sack full of tomatillos. God can take care of the leftovers.

Then I covered as many pots and gardens as I had bedding for...all this so I can still enjoy my flowers next week when it's 70 again (and 'cause now it's dark and I can't haul in the dwarf papyrus, Mexican Bluebells, etc. My WH just started to bloom last week! :( I am NOT driving 15 miles to Mom and Dad's to cover and uncover their flower beds...stay home if you want to save your impatiens!

Ah, my question. Has anyone frozen tomatillos? Either whole or cut up? I'm sure they could be canned, but quite frankly I'm all canned out after the salsa, tomatoes, and tomato sauce. I imagine if diced they might get mushy, but if frozen whole like a tomato one could make salsa or cook with them don't ya' think?

Anyone tried it?

Thanks, Sarah

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I found this on a serach (right here in GW) - snippet:

Freezing tomatillos clip this post email this post what is this?
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Posted by lonmower 8Oregon (My Page) on Wed, Apr 11, 07 at 10:25

Raisemybeds (
On freezing...

Naturally remove husk and wash
I put the quantity I use in a batch of salsa per plastic freezer bag.
Remove the air from freezer bag (i use the "holding bag under water and releasing air without the water getting inside" method)

When you thaw the fruit...there will be juice in the bag...put that in your salsa also. Naturally fresh is best, but this is a easy way to have great homegrown salso the year round.

Happy Dipping
Link to the whole thread below. It is second to the end the bit about freezing that is posted above.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Link - Growing Tomatillos

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sheepco(MN z4)

Thanks CT, just what I was looking for! (Duh, why don't I think to search myself?)

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