Oh Dear, a deer!

anneliese_32(6)August 10, 2013

Coming back this morning from my daily walk, my cat ran ahead of me, coming back from her morning outing. At the corner to the backyard she came to a dead stop and stared. Quietly I joined her and watched a deer empting the birdfeeder, then drinking from the birdbath and jumping the fence to my neighbor's garden.
I had been wondering why lately some days the birdfeeder seemed to be liked clean. Now I know.

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Amazing! I would not have thought a deer would go after bird-seed!
Raccoon, yes - I even heard of bears taking a snack, but deer generally are browsers and go after shrubs, rose-bushes and grass.
But I'm no expert on bird-feeders, I don't put any out, thee is enough natural feed for all the varieties of birds.

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Great subject line for the topic.
I guess the deer has found a fast food breakfast run through your neighborhood. I wonder where it spends the rest of the time?

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There is a line of trees, anywhere from a 30 yds width to about 1/4 mile running for a distance of 2 miles to a large preserve not far from our house. The woods used to end just across from our street but ares now about 1/2 mile away with a bunch of houses. When it is dark, or just getting grey, as today, the doe seems to have wandered around and found the birdfeeder. Well, what's another mouth to feed in that backyard zoo, birds, squirrels, racoons, opposums, the pitbull from the yard behind, the potbellied pig next door, wonder what's next.

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What's next?
It could be a kindred sausage person........lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: German sausages

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I had 4 deer in my backyard this morning, they are so pretty, I don't usually get up as early as I did today. Had
to get my hair cut and colored.

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Have y'all ever been minding your own business, watching TV, and looked up to find THIS staring back at you? lolol

Yes, the attached is a post from LOL Cats, where I found it a while back. But it is IDENTICAL to what I saw one morning late last year. Cute and totally unnerving all at once.


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I love it!

Nope, we've never had a deer peering in the window at us, but our daughter, who lives in a heavily wooded community, sees them passing thru her "yard", all the time. Until she took down her bird feeders, they were feasting, every day. The reason for the removal of the feeders is the recent sighting of a bear. As much as she loves wildlife and nature, she doesn't want something that big on her deck--or looking thru the window at her, either!

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My visitor was here day before yesterday again, found her spoor next to the birdfeeder. Sure hope that I don't get a bear. Now that would curtail my morning rambles while it is still dark in a hurry. None have been reported in our area yet, but they are spreading, just like the coyotes. My son in NH does not feed birds anymore since bears had taken down his feeder about 2 years ago.

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