Best Fertilizer and Seed to use in SC

sportsmommaSeptember 3, 2008

Hi- we live in upstate SC- near Charlotte, NC. My DH wants to fertilize and overseed for the Fall. Any suggestions for what would be best to use?

Thanks so much

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Fertilizing in the fall has gained a lot of attention.
Some feel it makes grass grow weakly and if an early frost hits it causes brown tips to die.
The experts cant come to any definite conclusion whether fall fertilizing is the thing to do. I think as long as you feed it when it can gain the soil and winter is not that severe, then fall feeding is a good idea.
I think too, you live in an area that suggests winters are not too severe and your ground will benefit from a feeding.

Often too, they (the experts) agree that if you feed in the fall, then little is necessary in the spring.

Before you choose which fertilizer to use, I suggest you read "why should I use starter fertilizer when seeding a lawn".
A 1" - 2" layer of compost strewn over the area before overseeding can take the place of a fertilizer oftentimes.

As for the type of grass seed you should use, consult your local full service nursery for the type of grass you have at present.

North/South Carolina are two states that are in a mid-way area of the country that extends across the midsection of the country. Tennessee, Kentucky, West Viginia, also fall into this category.
In these areas more southern used warm season grasses are common while cold season grasses can also be used.
I would imagine though some grasses common to the north, such as fescues and Kentucky Blues, would not be used in conjunction with Bahia or St Augustine grasses as their appearance would be spoiled.

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As Jeannie pointed out, some of what you do will depend on the kind of grass you already have.

If you have a warm season grass, fall is not the time for seeding unless you're planning on seeding a cool season grass for temporary green during the winter.

Do you know what kind of grass you have now?

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I live south of you near Ridgeway,SC and have fescue and bluegrass and it does well in my area. If you want to go that direction and need additional info let me know and I along with others would be more than happy to share additional info with you.

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