Willow the.................................................

koijoyii(NE Ohio)October 16, 2008

Cat, retriever or pack rat?

What in the world did I adopt? It all started with twist ties. One minute they would be there, then they were gone. I thought I was losing my mind. I knew I just laid it on the counter till I got a slice of bread. Oh well, just twist the top of the bag and pull it back over the loaf of bread.

She took the keys to my security box off my nightstand and put them under my bed.

I was in the shower and I heard all this racket on the sink counter. Couldn't understand what the heck it was. She does like to sleep in the sink:

When I got out of the shower she was playing with a screwdriver on the counter. She kept spinning it with her paw and was mouthing it like she was going to pick it up. Then she started playing with a plastic spoon I measure salt with. The next thing I knew she grabbed the spoon in her mouth and ran into my son's bedroom under the bed. She then came back in the bathroom and started playing with the screwdriver again. This is not a small screwdriver. It's about 9 inches long. She proceeded to get her teeth around it, jumped off the counter and ran under my son's bed. Then she came back to the counter and tried to grab a fruit roll-up my son left there. I don't know what happened but she hissed when her teeth hit the foil. That was enough. When I got down on my hands and knees and looked under his bed there was the spoon and screwdriver nestled in a bed of twist ties. I had to get a curtain rod to get it all out (he has a queen size bed).

This morning I was sitting at the table drinking my tea before leaving for work when I heard something falling down the basement stairs. Both Boa and McLovin ran with me to the door. I feared that Willow fell down the stairs. I arrived at the top of the stairs only to see her dragging a stack of two 16 oz. styrofoam cups in her mouth. She had stolen them from the bar. She must have dropped them the first time and went back to get them. This time, she was half way up the stairs with them. I am sure she was heading up to my son's bedroom with them. Both McLovin and Boa were looking at her as if to say "that cat has no scruples. She IS NOT a feline." Of course the batteries in my camera were dead.

After she takes something and hides it under the bed she jumps into my arms as if to say "look what I did!"

Now that I think of it, she does have a feather boa she drags around the house when we play with her. Now I am afraid of what she is going to hide when I'm at work. At least I know to check under the beds when I am missing something. lol


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I had a cat that would jump up on the bathroom sink and rub her teeth on the toothbrushes hanging in the holder until I placed them elsewhere. And she would sit on the side of the tub when I was in it taking a bath. And she would steal chewing gum out of my purse when I left it laying around. I think it was the mint she was after though. I think it's those endearing habits that draw us closer to them though. Even if a little agravating sometimes. Glenda

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sheepco(MN z4)

She has got to be one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen. And pure mischief in those beautiful eyes!

Good, cheap...or not!...entertainment. One of the reasons we love our pets.

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OMG those eyes!!! She is even more beautiful then the last pics. It is really unusual that she gathers things and hides them. Hoarding is usually not a feline trait. Is it? She seems to like things, and hides them for later. What an unusual and beautiful cat. An old soul I see in those eyes.

Warm Regards,

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Jenny what a beautiful addition to your family. She is absolutely perfect. Keep your keys up high so she doesn't steal them in the night:)

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Thanks all for your kind words. Love-a-stray told me she came from a family with small children. They had to give her up because they were moving out of state. Now I wonder if it wasn't the "hoarding" that did it. Although I could see small children piling stuff in one of those pop-up tents and she was just copying what she was seeing. Whatever the reason I just love it. I never know what she is going to do next. When I came home from shopping on Saturday my living room was decorated with shredded Kleenex. They were everywhere from the sofa to the end tables. She must have had a ball. She was laying on the end table next to the empty box looking so innocent, as if to say "Look what McLovin did." Now my Kleenex is on the mantle. She hasn't learned to get up there (yet).

Lisa, Juanita:

I had heart failure last Monday. I was carrying my trash out the side door to place on the tree lawn. On one trip back I opened the door and McLovin shot out like a bullet. OMG, I almost passed out. I grabbed her by whatever I could grab. It happened to be the fur on her back. I pulled a handful out. She struggled out of my grasp and ran back into the house. I was so shook up I had to go to bed. My knees were shaking so bad. I always pick her grass that grows around the side door, but with the cold weather it is dead. I think she wanted to help herself. She must have been hiding around the corner of the cupboard. Ususally when I see her I tell her "Mickey, no" and she walks away from the door so I can open it. An all black cat loose on the streets two weeks before Halloween is not good. She really scared me out of another year's growth. Hopefully it was the wider growth, and not the taller growth. lol


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

...beautiful kitty! She looks like she's right at home :-) Willow is a working girl but she also takes the time to indulge in her hobbies. She's a collector of fine objects when she's not busy at her day job ... paper shredder.

Our latest (unexpected addition) Marcie kitten is a paper shredder too. T.P. is her specialty. Maybe she had her training from Willow's teachers? Marcie's hobbies include dog wrestling, toy collecting and trying to imitate the Sugar Glider glide.

YIKES! Don't run out of your home, McLoving! Mom doesn't need a stress test! Pets are relaxing. Pets are relaxing. Pets are relaxing...

Kitties are great inventions, aren't they? 8-)

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)


I just love the way you put things into perspective for us. Now I have a new respect for Willow knowing she is a working girl. lol.

You are right Kitties are a wonderful invention. I just love their radar ears, and how they can pretend to be sound asleep and just ignore you unless you are sneaking up on them with medicine. I had Willow to the vet a few weeks ago because she was sleeping a lot and had some kind of crusty ugly looking thing above her left eye. She had an upper respiratory infection (vet said cats living in a cattery are prone to them), and ringworm (which can also run rampant in a cattery) above her left eye and in the fold of her left ear. She had to take antibiotics and I am still putting the fungal cream on her face and in her ear. She can be sound asleep when I walk into the room with the tube of cream in my hand until I am within reach of her..........then boom! she is off like a shot in the dark. Forget trying to find her. The ringworm is gone, but I am still using the ointment. Don't want McLovin or Boa to get it.


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

LOL! I love kitties that jump right in to making themselves at home. Just look at all the new toys you are providing for her enjoyment. She has even found proper storage for them. Ginger Kitty loves twist ties too. I haven't figured out how she is finding them but if they are not flattened out she will chase them with great, giddy leaps and toss them until they get lost again. She doesn't seem to have that storage thing down the way Willow does. She doesn't like foil either. One attempted bite was all it took to eliminate that toy. I think it makes a really bad sour taste. Her favorite toys are boxes that are the right size for her to set up ambushes but any thing that comes in the mail is fair game. I got an old framed baby picture in the mail yesterday from my sister who had thought it was of one of her girls. She was going to reframe it until she discovered our mother's note on the inside with my name and the date and location so she sent it back with apologies wrapped in bubble wrap. I think her dog must have played with the wrap because Ginger spent the day sniffing and pawing at it. I found it covering her dinner leftovers this evening. Usually she finds a napkin or kleenex for that job. The old frame attracted attention as well since it was obvious it had been smoke damaged and never properly cleaned. So many things get misdirected or mislaid after fires and the smoke odor will be there forever.
I love the photos of Willow and your other kitties. Did the Vet mean your house is now a cattery? That ringworm is terribly contagious even to humans. Just talking about it makes me itch and I've never had it. Sandy

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)


Cats are too funny, and no two have the same personality.

The vet was talking about the rescue shelter where I adopted her from was an old barn housing 101 cats. She said with that many cats in close quarters if one has ringworm they all have it.

Have you ever heard of a cat that likes to chew (worse than a dog because they can get to stuff a dog can't). She got on the kitchen table and chewed the armpiece from my reading glasses, she got on the counter in the laundry room and chewed the antennae off the phone. I gave her a New Balance shoe box to like to lay in. She chewed the sides down to the bottom. My son got a video of it, but its too dark to post. I woke up on Saturday just as she was jumping off my dresser with my doctor's order for my mammogram in her mouth. Thankfully I was in time to take it away from her before she hid it somewhere or chewed it up.

Here is the straw that broke the camel's back. I went to turn on the lamp on my nightstand last night only to have the lampshade fall around the base of the lamp. She chewed the entire lampshade around the top. I worry that she'll chew through an electrical cord while I'm at work. She certainly is a character.


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

LOL! They do have their foibles but I would check her teeth and get her some of those flavored pig ears and a stack of cheap memo pads. Sandy

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