The first day of summer...

deanneart(z5Southern NH)June 21, 2006

The day was absolutely scrumptious here. IÂm hoping that is a good omen for the rest of this summer of Â06. Today was in the high 70Âs with a light breeze, mostly sunny. I donÂt think the day could have been more pleasant. Things are starting to pop here working up to the mid July crescendo of color in the borders. I just love this time of the year when most of the heavy mulching is done and most of the containers are all planted and sited in the gardens. Now is time to start staking the tall stuff and grooming the containers. I love fussing around with the containers Âpolishing things up so all looks tidy.

I didnÂt know abutilon made such an incredible show of flowers. This is Abutilon ÂBellaÂhybrid. (So do you have any of these Eden?) IÂm so pleased that the Sedona coleus and the Plectranthus ÂVanilla Twist are making a comeback after the chew fest they put up with from the still unidentified insects.

So here is DougÂs trellis covered as it should be.

This is shaping up to be one of my favorites from this year.

So this year I did three very large containers in red, white and blue. How fun is that?

Endless Summer is going to be blue this year. Yea! IÂm loving this with the white astilbes.

This dwarf fuchsia ÂPeggy is absolutely blooming its heart out. What a darling.

The patio this morning.

Just look at the size of this Sutherland Gold.

Campanula ÂSarastro in front of Phlox ÂNora LeighÂ

The shade area

The terrace garden in the morning light

And later on in the evening just before sunset

This is the small obelisk where my ÂAsao clematis was blooming earlier.

And last but not the least. IÂm loving this combination of nepeta and yarrow

Happy summer everyone!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

AAAW Deanne, I like many things in this collection...Doug must be so proud...of both you and his own handiwork! Your shot of astilbe and Endless Summer is a delicate delight. The days of texture and foliage have given way to colour now...and all is beautiful! I love the lighting from dawn til dusk!

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Wow Deanne, every picture more beautiful than the one before it in this series. Once again you've outdone yourself with your containers and gardens too. Why oh why can't I get fuschias to bloom like yours? I do have one of the little bella abutilons in yellow, lol. What's the trailing plant in that first container? Thanks for posting these. I've really enjoyed looking at them and will come back to them again and again for inspiration.


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Be still my heart... Deanne your garden is just breathtaking. The trellis looks like its been there for years its so full. Hey, I have that 3 color geranium. Funny but that was the one that I had such a hard time getting cuttings to take. I think I got 1 extra plant. I'll bet the propagation queen could get them to root. LOL It looks great in that container.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Deanne - fantastic - I can't believe that Doug's trellis is newly installed & the plants were moved to that area -- amazing! Guess all that rain did wonders didnt it? I too am extremely fond of the Endless Summer & astilbe combo, you have such a great eye -- & I love the Campanula & Phlox as your artful eye has combined it! Truly everything looks wonderful & soooo "masterly" (new phrase for a master gardener????). Thanks for sharing.


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Deanne - sumptuous! The trellis covered with clematis is stunning. Everything looks gorgeous. It is always such a treat seeing your yard. Thank you for putting these up for us. I know I'll be back!


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Deanne, your garden looks so lush! I can see your lilies are almost ready to pop, and that campanula looks huge this year. I especially love the patio and the trellis, gorgeous!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow Deanne! I'm sorry I missed this this morning, but what a lovely afternoon treat! :-) I agree about your favorite pot! I love it dramatic! That abutilon is lovely, as is the planting with it in it. I too can't get over how lush the trellis Doug made *just this year* is...wonderful and Doug is certainly a talented man.

Well, everything is stunning Deanne and certainly belies (hey - good word, huh?) the crummy weather you have been having! I *love* that arch between the two beds and that kittie statue is just perfect! ;-) Boy sure have seen a lot of lovely sheds lately and *really* makes me feel guilty about mine...LOL! What a lovely enviroment you have made for Doug and yourself. I love the twilight pics too and can just imagine how wonderful it must be to sit out on your pation in the evening.

Thanks for sharing it all Deanne! You are quite an inspiration.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Wow! Wow-oh wow-oh wow!

(V. resorts to the thesaurus function of Word)

Deanne, your garden is an absolute WINNER, a complete SMASH, a total TRIUMPH and SENSATION, not to mention an absolute KNOCKOUT! It could never be considered a FLOP(note this is an antonym).

Okay, a bit of silliness but the photos are truly stunning! Thanks for taking to time to take these photos and to post them here for us to enjoy! (Not to mention the time that went into creating those gardens)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Each one is a masterpiece!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Deanne! I came back to admire your pics again...they are just so lovely and inspirational! Are my eyes playing tricks on me or are there two "pictures" of dahlias in the shade area? :-) Did you paint them?

Glad I came back to look again, there is always more to see and enjoy. I too love the astilbe with your hydrangea. Do you feed your hydrangea acid to get it blue? The dwarf fuchsia *is* amazing! You really have a way with combinations and I am always staring at your edgers...LOL! I'm *still* hoping you can come and give me some help! I just don't know *what* to do with the edges and cheated again this year and used annuals to help fill the empty spaces. Deanne, if you come you can save me years of wasting money on annuals! :-) Not trying to twist your arm or anything...LOL! Truly, everything is just wonderful Deanne and I'm sure I'll be back here to look over your lovely gardens again and again. Ei

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Beautiful Deanne! I'm heading out to work some more here. If I don't get (and keep) my nose to the grindstone, I'll never have anything but blech around here.

Thanks for taking & sharing the pics.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hello, hello! Thanks so much for all the positive feedback everyone! I REALLY appreciate it.

Eden, re fuchsias blooming well; IÂve found that if I push them and give them as much sun as they can take they bloom better. They will tell you when it is too much with burned flowers and leaves, although expect some burning when you first expose them to additional sun. Some of the varieties can take more than others. Some of the more popular hanger types like ÂSwingtime and ÂDark Eyes will only take half day and need protection from the mid day sun but some of my uprights like ÂLenaÂ, and ÂBeacon can take quite a bit more than that. Then of course they need additional watering and food to deal with the additional growth. ~~ The trailing plant in the first container is a Coprosmia kirkii and is an interesting, variegated, trailing shrub from New Zealand. It is only hardy to zone 8 so IÂll have to see what I can do to winter it over in the basement.

Cindy, some of those plants on the trellis were already there. I had a smaller trellis there last year so the ÂCarefree Delight rose and the ÂProteus clematis have been there two years.

Drema those ÂManhattan lilies opened today!

V you crack me up.

Eileen, yes, indeed, there are two prints of dahlia paintings in the shade area but no, I didnÂt paint them although every year I intend to do something for that area. I havenÂt yet made the time to do it. It seems IÂm too busy propagating plants in the winter. LOL I found these cute little easels at Home Goods as well as the prints that are on sealed hardboard. They were pretty cheap so I donÂt mind them only lasting a season.

OK IÂm about ready to hit the sack. Thanks again all for taking the time to look at my pics.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

All I can say is 'WOW'!!!!!! :)

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OK I won't say gorgeous-I realize the word should be *glorious*. I am definitely getting Nora Leigh when I use my gift cert.-I decided that a while back but now I love that campanula too. Is the campanula a new plant or older? I have to say any of the campanulas I have are troopers and I love the clear color they display.

Love the dahlia paintings(yours?)in with the hostas and the mini hostas in the rock crevice!

Doug's trellis looks like it's been there forever and always covered with plants-amazing from when we saw it bare!

I can't single out because I just like all teh selections you use. Thanks for posting these.


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Oh my god! your gardens are fabulous!
I love stone beds....yours are out of this world!
The pictures just draw you in...and make you want to be there............

Like something out of a


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Fabu Fabu, to coin your appropo phrase. I absolutely love your garden. What delectable ambrosia for the eyes you and Doug have created. I do so enjoy reaping the benefits of your artist's eye for color and form. I'm hopeless in picking out plants to pair together. Doug deserves a prize for building that wonderful trellis too. Yours is a perfect match, with your painting with flowers on his hardscape canvas.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Deanne, your photos and gardens are just stunning! (But I knew that already having seen them first hand at last year's Idyllunion). Thanks for the lovely botanical eye-candy!

Taryn :)

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Deanne, I don't get here often anymore, but what a treat this morning to see your lovely garden! Everything is wonderful and such a joy. I always am inspired by your combinations.

Thank you.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Deanne, I want that Sutherland Gold! I shovelpruned mine this year. Oddly enough but your Endless Summer is way ahead of mine in the flowering department. The one I moved this spring doesn't have any flower buds at all.

Beautiful as always!


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