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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)June 29, 2006

Come for an after dinner walk with me. Don't forget the bug spray though!

Right by the back door is the yellow and blue and white garden. The delphiniums and foxgloves are blooming now:

Nearby, the yarrow and erigeron are at the base of clematis that finished blooming.

By the laundry pole, more yarrow, this time with echinacea.

By the garage, the rainbarrel is decorated:

On the side of the garage, rose Astrid Lindgren is blooming.

By the barn-

Rose John Cabot did not feel like climbing and so is sprawling!

The lilies have just begun opening there.

Rose Abraham Darby grows there along with tons of feverfew.

Up close, Abraham looks like he's got a headset on...or perhaps earmuffs?

Then in the vegetable garden there's an obelisk where clematis Prince Charles and C.Polish Spirit duke it out for supremacy. The asparagus has shot up behind them.

Tomorrow, this brand new clematis may open. I wonder what it will look like!!!!

That's all for now. Off to have a bit of strawberry soup. Have you ever made it? It's really good! I learned to enjoy fruit soups when visiting Hungary many years ago. This recipe has balsamic vinegar in it believe it or not! YUM!

Hope you enjoyed your walk and didn't get sprayed by the sprinkler.

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'bug, what a beautiful walk, thank you. You are surrounded by beauty.

Thank you for taking us along.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

No pictures this morning. Bummer! I'll have to check back later.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

WOW!!! GB, These are all so lovely. I want to come and see all this beauty in person!

Is that light yellow yarrow 'Anthea'? Mine just have not come back well this year. I had to replant them last summer and will have to replace one of them again. I'll try one more time.

That digitalis/delphinium combination is over the top gorgeous. I was thinking of planting some of that digitalis grandiflora near my 'Endless Summer' hydrangea, but only if it turns blue. The one I want to do this with is still pink.

I also love that echinacea/yarrow combination. Lovely, lovely!

I wanted to tell you that my lilies near my physocarpus are opening. I don't remember the name of them off hand but I shamelessly copied your combo and it really is a knockout.

Thanks for taking these pics and posting them for us. So much beauty and inspiration here.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks Marie. I enjoyed the lovely walk, and never got one bug bite! I like the short sunflowers by the rainbarrel. I may try some in pots next year. That would be the only way I could put them out of the hooved rodent's reach.They nipped off the flowerbuds on my pink asiatic lilies by the Dawn Redwood....:-(
Cute pic of Abraham. :-)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh Marie...everything is just beautiful! I love your combinations...the Echinacea with the Achillea and is that butterfly weed with them?

You have *so* many beautiful roses that I need to know more about (from the regular Idyll post) and here...that Astrid is *gorgeous*. And I am a sucker for D.A.'s roses! I love the colors and "cabbagey-ness" of them! :-)
The feverfew is just the perfect filler for your rose...a perfect bouquet! :-)

Well, everything is beautiful I love all the "English" flowers (that's how I think of them anyway)...the foxgloves, the delphiniums, etc.

Thank you for the lovely stroll...you must walk around your property just smiling as you go...I know I did! :-) Thank you! Ei

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Thanks for the lovely stroll. We need to more long shots of your place. It's so quaint. I love all the pinks, blues and whites.


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Marie, I enjoyed my walk about the farm with you. It's so beautiful there. I loved seeing the long shots of your beds, though your close ups are always beautiful too. You've inspired me and made me realize that even after a rough day in the garden it's worth it so I'll keep plugging along. Thanks for posting these.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wonderful, Marie! Canada is looking good for IU4, don't you think? It seems like taking a step back and actually enjoying the garden is something I don't do enough. Maybe tomorrow I'll go in search of some shots of my own.

Thank you!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

'bug - after the nasty, hard week I've had - it was a breath of fresh air & fantasyland for me to be able to see these "hints" of your wonderful gardening -- thank you for taking the time to take them & post them!! Such a wonder..
I certainly would vote for an IU4 in Canada - what a treat it would be to see such a place in person.

Thank you.

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