Is this leak week?

anneliese_32(6)August 19, 2011

GRRRR! Found a big water puddle in front of the washer/dryer downstairs. Looked behind the pair, no water. Wiped up the water and 10 min later there is more water. Took me a while to register that the water came out from the front of the washer. Door was open and the drum filled to the low point with water. I traced it back to the valve in the washer.

I think I get a new washer. It's already 15 years old.

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Probably is a good idea to replace it. Once things start falling apart, it seems to become a chain reaction

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Oh, dear....lilod is sooooo right!

First it was our 'fridge, then the water heater, then the dish washer, and then....the washing machine.


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You can bet on it!! once the seals,etc. start to wear out, everything made of similar material will wear out about the same time.

I spent a fortune trying to repair our old washer....and THEN it dawned on me what was happening! Duh!

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Our water company sent us a letter, offering to come to the house and make a "free" water usage audit on our house.
I like the "free" part, but they woud have suggestions on how to replace our appliances with water saving appliances.We have some that are water saving and some are not, and then there are the automatic sprinklers for the "lawns".
As far as I know, we do not have any leaks this week, but I'm on the case.
For now, I'll go with anneliese_32's hunt and seek method.

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