unusual butterflies

mwoodsAugust 22, 2010

Every summer there seems to be something or other going on that isn't the normal for around here. Last year we didn't see a single daddy long legs that I can remember and usually they are crawling all over the place. This year,the butterflies are huge. I've never seen them so big and it seems to be the case with many of the species. DH has noticed it too. I don't know if it has anything to do with our rainless,constant 90 degree days,but there is no question that something has caused this. They are beautiful flitting here and there. Have any of you noticed anything unusual naturewise this summer?

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ive never seen as many butterflies and moths as we've had this summer. I havent noticed a size difference though. Come to think of it the daddy longlegs are mia here too.....

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The early butterflies were missing this year, right now the various swallowtails flit once in a while around, maybe that there are so few has to do with the fact that my butterfly bush died. No daddy longlegs either, but also MIA are ants, bees, wasps and hornets which normally always around. About once or twice a day I see a bumble bee.

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Insects are scarce here also, as well as butterflies and spiders, it may be due to the heavy late spring rains.
The quail have done well, they apparently can handle the unusually tall spring-grass, but no flocks of wild turkeys, I think they lost most of their young in that tall grass.
Very few bullfrogs - the pond used to be over-run with their offspring, but not this year. Think the bass are getting big enough, that they along with the catfish eat a lot of them.
The Turkeys and the Bullfrogs are an alien species here and are considered somewhat invasive.
Balance has been restored without us humans messing with anything...Mom Nature knows best

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We lacked a heavy population of earlier emerging butterflies, but are well blessed in the non-migratory ones now. Likely the effect of a very cold and prolonged winter and a hot and moist summer. Still have not seen one monarch. June bugs have been absent here for years. Used to be the screens were filled with them of a summer evening.

Our snake population is building back up, indicating to me that our ecological balance is pretty healthy.

We are drowning in chipunks, however, and probably because the barn cat passed away last year.

We are well blessed with honeybees. Both from our own colony and also from some larger more typical cultivated types. Less spiders this year. Fewer earthworms. No praying mantises anymore in the old pasture. Have not seen any hornets and we have always had a hornet's nest each year somewhere on the property.

Fewer bats. More frogs.

Honestly, nothing I'd call out of the normal cyclical variations of little creatures other than the june bugs and mantises.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I an seeing butterflies I have never seen before...mostly little ones. there was one on my screen the other day that looked like an inch wide monarch...but in black and white.
Lots of spiders. I haven't seen an earth worm in my yard in 3 years....and I do not use grub control or other insecticides.
I don't see bate here....but they are often seen inside of the church...at least a couple a week. I wish they would stay in the attic rather than come down where they are in danger.
And come to think of it many fewer june bugs...but lota and lots of locusts!
and Mosquitoes....oh my!! With all the rain and the flooded fields...
Linda c

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