I have a stress fracture :(

rob333August 25, 2011

Not that there are some here who aren't worse off, but can I whine?

Never broken a bone in my life. Until steroids. Boy, steroids are the gift that just keeps on giving! Been broken about 2 months. It was diagnosed yesterday. I've been walking on it without aid since then. It first swelled in St. Louis and it hasn't been the same since. So that must've been it, beginning of June. I haven't worn heels or skirts in 10 months, and it'll be at least another month before I can. I'm sad, and very tired of not looking like a girl. Phooey.


Hey Michelle, got any pics of any of your kick a-s shoes? I know I can't wear them, but seeing yours might cheer me up.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Whine away. Sore feet warrant whining!

I gotta say that it really doesn't matter what you wear on your feet, you'll NEVER be mistaken for anything other than VERY female! (For more than "a couple big reasons.") And also, skirts can be worn with comfortable flats.

I'm not sure how "kick @ss" the shoes I'm wearing today are. I bought them in Bulgaria a few years ago, and I'm thinking if they were to come into contact with a bottom, they might impale! Steve hates them, so of course I love them all the more. ;o)

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You made me guffaw! Couple o' reasons. Well, you do too! I can't wear flats over my huge boot. That'd look strange. I've found, that if I just walk really slowly, look people in the eye, smile, and keep moving, they never notice the stupid looking clunky boot. I could pretend it's a ski boot? Maybe. It's a little warm to pretend I am a snow bunny, though.

Those are totally kicka-s! I really like those. That hit the spot. whew. You're such a good friend.

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Rob, sorry to hear about your stress fracture, especially the part about walking on it for two months--that hurts!

A few years ago, I had one which the doctor put in a cast, so it would heal, faster, and I could walk, easier. I chose the loudest, wildest, cast covering available and made sure my toenails were bright red!

Don't try to *hide* that boot -- milk it for all it's worth!


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Thanks mwheel! Actually, the nails are hot pink, and a toe ring. It's a boring black boot.

Oddly enough, someone in our administrative group wore flip flops to work this week, UGH, and someone anonymously complained. So we talked about approrpriate footwear in our meeting today. Guy next to me, laughed and said, shame on you for wearing tennis sho[full stop]... oops! "a" tennis shoe and not even a sock on your other foot. Somebody will report you. I smiled and said, "Good luck with that!"

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Sorry about your stress fracture. Did you not see a Dr. or did it not get diagnosed? Get a bunch of stickers and put them on your black boot. My granddaughter did that.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Ouch -- poor foot. May the healing time pass quickly.

(those shoes look darling and dangerous at the same time)

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Sorry about your sore foot, I hope it get's better soon.

Lol Rob, there seems to be some sort of shoe (issue) going on at your job so wear you black conservative boot until the doc says it's ok to change to shoes. No need to upset the establishment.
Re "jazmynsmom's" shoes, they are totally fun.

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