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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)October 8, 2008

OK...you are having a dinner party and can invite 10 guests. Anybody at all.

Under normal circumstances the Pond people would be on your list , but take it that THEY will all be there anyway....(prolly in the cellar drinking their way through your vintage cider collection)

What would you serve?

Who would be on your fantasy guest list? and why? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Who to invite for dinner here? Hmmmmm. I'm afraid some of the guests are deceased but it would be impolite to turn down an invite, no?

~ Alfred Hitchcock. *Love* his movies and we have the same birthday ... although the year is different.

~ Michael Palin. He was always my favourite Monty Python person and I love his travel series.

~ Alan Titchmarsh. I bet he's got some great stories too!

~ Nancy and Ronald Reagan. I think Nancy would love to be seated next to her Ronny and chat again.

~ Dali Lama. Need his tremendous wisdom in these times.

~ Yul Brenner. Shall we dance across the ballroom floor after dinner?

~ Princess Di.

~ Little Maddie and then reunite her with her family.

~ 13 United States Marine sharpshooters to "take out" the final guest.

Need to work on the menu. 

So, who's on your list and why?
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sheepco(MN z4)

Ah, the menu part was easy for me....

Let's start out with some veggies fresh from the garden...
sweet red and yellow peppers, cukes, radishes, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes and maybe some big black olives (from the gardens in CA)...served with a nice dip. And some big ol' shrimp with a bit of cocktail sauce on the side.

Next up a nice crisp spinach salad, the kind with mandarin oranges and a slightly sweet tangy dressing.

Bring on the grilled lamb chops (home raised), lightly seasoned with basil and dill, steamed new potatoes with chives (sour cream on the side), asparagus (also from the garden) with slived almonds sauteed in butter, and crescent rolls (love the little dough boy!).

A glass or two (or three) of 2 Buck Chuck Chardonnay....

And for dessert....Better than Sex cake...

OK, the guest list:

I agree with Chicka,
Yul Brenner is a must!
Catharine Hepburn - what a woman!
a few authors?
Stephen King
John Sanford
Larry McMurtry
Rosamunde Pilcher
what great conversations we'd have!
Robin Williams - for our amusement!
Barack Obama - I need to let him know how I want him to run the country.
My sister Sue - While she may not agree with the guest list, she would LOVE it, and would have everybody planting more trees by the end of the evening. (Or moving to Morris, MN).
My Dad - THE BEST dinner guest. He will talk to anyone, involve anyone in a conversation, ask anything, and has the humor and wit to get away with it. (sometimes we all have to pretend we don't know him if he takes it too far!)

That's 10.

And any Pond people down in the cellar are Welcome to come on up and join the party!


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Sarah, Can you add one more and let me know the date and time Please!! Glenda

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sheepco(MN z4)

Oh Glenda! I just assumed you'ld be in the living room chatting with Rosamunde about her quaint English gardens!(She wrote 'The Shell Seekers', 'September', etc.)
Of course you're welcome!


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What a cool thread, and we can invite the living and the dead as well. Too cool. I would serve different types of breads, including Indian sweet breads, pumpkin soup (think warm and buttery), salads, creamy pasta, and cider both hard and soft. Fragrant teas and coffees as well.

I would invite Mohatma Gandhi and ask him to speak about the seven deadly sins.

My dad and Elvis are on the list. Both born the same day and year and both dead very young, and looking surprisingly alike. I can picture singing and joking and lots of stories about Army pals.

Big Chuck and Little Jon will be there and hope Chuck doesn't bring his Rhodesian Ridgeback (sp?) dog and kinda hoping he does.

Takaru Kobiashi can come and I hope that Dave's Japanese has not gotten rusty and I know that Kosmo My Doxie mix will be at his feet.

My hubby will be the host and he will keep the flow, while my daughter and son will be taking it all in and adding some youthful flavor to the mix.

I have my mother in law next to me and she will be my helping hand and if you look close she is adding Vodka to her Gator Aide and asking if you would like some because it is so good. I love that lady! lol

Domonic Dunn is thrilling us with stories of upper crust crime and justice while Judge Judy is making friends and charming the socks off everyone in her purple pants suite with her whopping 4'9" frame and her 6' tall attitude.

I am having a great time and thanks for this thread!!!!


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

"13 United States Marine sharpshooters to "take out" the final guest."

Hmmmmmm......13?!?! Having seen a few of those boyz in action, I can garonteee you that the other 12 we'll just be crawling around high fiving each other without having to fire a round. :-)

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

Semper, Semper, Semper.

The 13 sharpshooters ... of course you only NEED ONE, however bear in mind, thirteen is a good number plus I'm sure they would have awesome stories to tell before and after the evening entertainment. :-)

*LOVE* the guest list you have, Sarah and Lisa! We'll need to coordinate our dinner parties so I can crash your parties! LOL!

Hmmmm. Still need to get a menu for my people ....

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sheepco(MN z4)

Please no poultry at your house C3D, LOL!!

I hafta tell this story though...

When I first bought this old farm I bought 5 acres and only had a little push mower. Got alot of exercise that 1st year! And had alot of overgrown grass and weeds too.

The second spring I did a little fence repair and got 2 bottle lambs...'Lawn Boy' and 'Snapper'. Of course 2 babies couldn't possible keep up with all the grass - thus the Chippewa River Sheep Company was born after a few of us had 1 too many glasses of wine...

Anyway, the first time I grilled up some chops on the grill and served them to my friend, she remarked how delicious they were, I made the mistake of saying, "well that's Lawn Boy you know"...............

She does still eat lamb, but there has NEVER been another lamb named on this farm unless she made it into the herd to be a mom herself - THEN she gets a name :)

Sorry. Back to the dinner parties! I would love to try the pumpkin soup, sounds delicious!


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

No poultry? DANG! And we have so many to choose from!
Kidding! Seriously just kidding Olive, Kramer, Barry, Blueberry, Oblio, Yassir, Baby Cheeky, Onslo, Teenie, Niko, Paulie, Larry, Floyd, Maurice, Marcello, Bill ....

That's how the Chippewa River Sheep Company was born? Very cool! :-)

Mmmmmm. Pumpkin soup! Set at least two more places please, Lisa.

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