Once Again, 'They' Have Failed Me

GeraldCAugust 7, 2011

There's always been that ongoing disappointment that, although in my youth, a flying car in my garage and robot butler were promised for the late 20th century, here I am, still cleaning up after my self and driving highways.

And here's another failure from the same period, 1958. This was supposed to be the farm of 2000.

But here I am again. Lugging stuff around in the hot sun, taking pot luck on the weather (all of it bad), and depending for eggs on decidedly undependable chickens. You can tell by this guy's shoes that he's never set foot in a cow lot.

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Um, most of the farmers that I know around here are decidedly high tech, if not quite in the league of the farmer in the above picture. GPS guided computer driven air conditioned tractors are the norm.

Be patient, well get there soon. Heck, we have genetically enhance franken-vegatables produced by corporations who think food production is their gawd given monopoly.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I love that cartoon!

I was just reading about the history of computers today, and hadn't realized how far we'd come since the fifties.

Sorry your farming is wearing you out. A flying car sounds doable. We have dishwashers, microwaves and roomba vacuums nowadays, so maybe robot butlers will happen. But chickens aren't ever going to do just what we want, and the weather is what it is.

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