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anneliese_32(6)August 9, 2011

God has cared for the trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot safe them from fools.

John Muir

He who plants a tree plants hope.

Lucy Lacom, "Plant a Tree"

(Hope I did not offend anybody with the Muir quote).

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My take on the fools is primarily Pacific Lumber, Louisiana and Georgia Pacific and the Agencies that approved their sort of Forestry. Now they and most trees are gone.

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I was just pondering how lucky we are when certain trees stay with us for decades, on your other quote. This reminds me how this is certainly not always the case. The area I live in is the beginning of the hardwoods forest as the sandy pine-lands to the East gives way. Unfortunately much of the pockets of forest that had been here since I was a child have been plowed under to make way for the mini farms. One house, one field, one horse.

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We've been to the Muir woods many times and it is a beautiful place. I'm glad that people have taken the time and effort to save the trees.
Now, here is my dilema. We (mostly DH) are building a gate to our side yard. We've been going around and around about what type of material to use. Man made or natural wood? The man made material will last forever and clog up the earth for eons, the natural(untreated) wood that is biodegrateable , that is my choice.
The best price of wood we have found is at Pacific Lumber, located in SJ, CA.

Our choice would be to use renewable resources, but that is difficult to find in redwood posts and other parts for the gate.

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The P:acific Lumber you are talking about, WG, is not the one I mean, it's just a Lumber yard with that name. The Pacific Lumber Corporation was a predatory take-over by a junk-bond Corporation. You can Google Redwood Summer or Julia Butterfly Hill to get an idea.

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Lilod, I'm glad we're not buying wood from the corp you're talking about. Whew. I'll check out your suggestions.

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And when they got all the trees they could get, they filed bankrupcy...figures

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