LF chose woodwinds

rob333August 19, 2010

LF can join either band or orchestra now and he picked either flute or piccolo. I must've really waxed poetic about it. I wish he'd picked violin! When I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to be in orchestra, he wanted me to clarify the difference. I said, well, they both have instruments and are greatly enjoyable, but you know those kids that get a little too gross [even for you], they're in band. He's really excited, and I'm glad in this day and age, he's less likely to be razzed about it (we had one male flutist (not professional, so not flautist)) and he was bugged constantly! He tells me all the other kids think it's "cool". Ironically, our upstairs neighbor plays saxophone and bought a cello in order to learn three years ago. I recently had a yin to learn how to play violin. He keeps wishing his son would show interest, but none. Must want our children to fulfill our dream?


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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

If he gets good, he will be recruited for marching band....think of Stars and Stripes forever for a piccolo solo.

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Actually, I was in both and played both. In marching band, we were state champs for years running. I was section leader for piccolos, but played flute. I was in All State Orchestra and played piccolo. They're both awesome, but band members and orchestra members are really different! He'll be great. I cannot take the way he plays the recorder, but his capitivating playing guitar. I'm trying to get him to write down what he plays, as he makes up songs and they're haunting. One day, I said, wow! what was that? It was scales. HA!

Did you ever play?

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I'm with lindac On this one. If he is any good someone is sure to sponsor him.

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I was just sure there was at least one or two "band geeks" besides me. Hm.

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Oops, I may not have used the correct word in "sponsor".

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Although it can be fun to be a "geek". I don't think it's enough to make a living.

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