Identify This Plant Sprouting up EVERYWHERE (maybe fern?)

InFluxJune 9, 2014

so this is my first season in my new home and i have a tiny plant rapidly sorting up everywhere in a few areas. very confused by it and i don't know if i should pull it because it looks like it is everywhere, or if it is something lovely that will cover some kinda uncovered areas.
the previous owners where pretty impressive active gardeners

i don't see anything that looks like a grown up version

the area where most (but far from all) of the sprouts are is a area covered by 4-6" river rocks as grown cover and some roses and hostas. there is a tree we think is a mountain ash near the area and at first we thought it was related, but now are thinking it might not, mostly because one would think a search would tell you is mouton ash seeded that badly.

nearly all of it pull up super easy and look like clearly recent seedling growth, but i did find one spot where the root looked like 2nd year growth, like it snapped off last year when it was weeded and is coming back on a thicker roots now.

thanks for your help, if there isa better section to post this, please let me know, i started here because some plant smart friends keep thinking it is a fern.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Can you show the whole plant rather than just a leaf? We need to see the habit and size. It does look like a Sorbus leaf but that would not be very easy to pull and the base of the stems and roots would have a tough woody feel. A look at the whole plant would decide that id easily.

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you are basically looking at the whole seedling, they are sprouting up all over and just start as a single stem and set of these leaflets. and then start to branch.

the root is one main root with a moderate amount of lateral roots coming off it, not not runners or suckers.

i will talk more pictures of the plant in the ground tomorrow

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Might be false spirea (Sorbaria sorbifolia).....shoots come up from the parent plant's root......especially prolific if the main plant was removed, but the roots were left

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