setting moon at pre-dawn

lilosophieAugust 2, 2012

This is the way it looked this morning as the setting moon peeked into my bedroom window, wakening me.

Picture is taken from my deck.

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Love it. Here the moisture went down and consequently it was a normal pretty full moon.

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Great photo. I've never got that close to the moon. What kind of camera do you use?

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West Gardener: a Canon Power Shot 590 - but I do a lot of cropping to get the effect I want close up.

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I watched it rise, looked like a ripe apricot. Went through a darkened room, yet cast a shadow and thought a lamp must be on. It was the moonlight streaming through the window. Moonlit nights suck me outside like a Hoover, and I just took a walk. Skunk has taken up residence somewhere nearby. Something literally Pi**es it off every night. Probably a terminally stupid racoon. Dog barks, aroma drifts in through open window. Moonlight walks don't frighten me, but tripping over skunks do. Got to watch bats chasing each other. They do it for the fun of it.

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Interesting cloud formations to look through, thanks.

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Many mornings when we awake, even tho the windows are closed and A/C is running, the skunk smell is AWFUL! Don't think we have any "terminally stupid raccoons" in the neighborhood, but there probably are a few cats roaming around, which might p . . . it off. Wish they'd all--skunk and roaming cats--go somwwhere else! :

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