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lilod(NoCal/8)August 6, 2011

I am a personal optimist but a skeptic about all else. What may sound to some like anger is really nothing more than sympathetic contempt. I view my species with a combination of wonder and pity, and I root for its destruction. And please don't confuse my point of view with cynicism; the real cynics are the ones who tell you everything's gonna be all right.

� George Carlin

There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past.

� George Carlin

Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.

� George Carlin

And finally:

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

� George Carlin

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No.3 was the advice my doctor gave me when I started chemo.
What a wonderful week. No way can I follow up likewise.
Thanks, Lilo.

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Lilo, what a great week of great quotes! I never knew that George Carlin had so much wisdom. Lots of cynicism to go with it, but still wise and worth reading and remembering.

Thanks a bunch! :>)

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gandle(4 NE)

Great week.

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