What happened to summer?????

jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)October 29, 2007

Just a few weeks ago, it was 90 degrees - and last night we had our first frost. The leaves went from green to fall color overnight and two days later they were stripped bare by rain and wind. I missed so many of the fall migrants and yet the juncos and white-throated sparrows are already here.

I'm not ready for summer to be over, I'm still trying to get outside projects done (and working furiously). I can't believe it's almost November and I just started on a quilt that I need to finish by Christmas. Where did the time go???????

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The Time Bandit has visited me out here in Cali, too, Jean. I swear the theory that time speeds up as you get older is SO true!

The time change this weekend is going to throw me into a spin. :D


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Whaaaaaat? The clock is changing this weekend? Already?

Summer disappeared here too, jeanner, and a lot of the leaves are down already. There are just enough left to enjoy the colors though. I try to go for a ride when the sky is blue to stock up on fall colors to keep in my mind and heart for the dreary rainy days.
Not that I'm complaining about the rainy days. We sure need them. We've had one or two inches a few times now, but the ponds are still just as low as they've been - the soil needs the water so badly that nothing drains to the streams and ponds.

Meanwhile, we had our killing frost a few days ago, and we got all the tropicals inside on time. I wanted to catch a few more goldfish to share with Sharon, but they're not coming for the food in useful numbers - cold water and heron visits... So she got only half a dozen and I have only two babies in the mini indoor pond. So we're going to get 'real' aquarium fishies for the aquarium this winter. Which means it will be a year-around tank from now on. Fun! We're going to try to catch a few more goldfish, one more time. Maybe this afternoon. Maybe I'll scoop the WH and WL out first, they look like they all got frostbite last night, even the ones in the pond itself.
Plenty to do today!

My fall project (and I'm behind schedule already) is making our own Christmas cards. Very time consuming! I wish we could collect frequent user hours - those of us that are always busy should be able to get our hands on a few extra days every few months! Don't you think? That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.

:) Mary

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sheepco(MN z4)

A-HEM, not to be rude, but day after tomorrow IS the 1st of November! :) I WISSHHH fall wasn't so short (and fickle) I love the colors and cool temps and no mosquitoes. But winter will come....much as I'd rather it be warm, it holds it's own wonderful qualities.

Picture this....
pristine white....big fat thick snow flakes....serene quiet....a quick glimpse of a bright cardinal....a swirling snowstorm spent curled up by the fire....a snowday!

Much as I may complain I love the changing seasons....well maybe not when it's 20 below...


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Leaves are changing here after 4 days of rain which we needed very badly. They are not as lush as past years as many were so dry and fell partly already.

The days are pleasant and the nights chilly (mid 40s). I actually programmed my heat to come on in the am when I get out of bed just to take the nip off.

I'm glad this summmer is gone because is was so hot and dry. I like cooler weather anyway with spring and fall being my favorite seasons any given year. Right now the air is crisp, the sky deep blue, grass is green, and the pond is winterized and gin clear to the bottom. Bring on the snow (wishful thinking). I heard we are supposed to have another mild winter:-(

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Mary, every year I say I am going to make Christmas cards and never get to it - I think it would be really fun. I'm not even going to consider it this year but would LOVE to see a picture of yours!

I love the change of seasons too, and fall is my favorite but I blinked and it was gone!! And I haven't even started winterizing the pond yet and I've neglected it all summer.

I still have four bushes to plant, 6 pots of perennials and half-a-flat of sedums - and every fall I put in at least 100 daffodil bulbs but I haven't even bought them yet.

My biggest concern is that I won't get my wall finished - well actually it won't be completely finished until next year but I really need to finish what I started before my hill collapses on top of it and I have to dig it out in the spring - so no snow yet please.

Ah well, time marches on.

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Jeanner, you need to get some neighborhood teenage boys to help you with the digging and lifting!

Brenda, if I get my act in gear, I'll scan one in when I'm done. It's quite simple though, little hedgehogs stamped on the front (giving each other a candy cane), and a baby hedgehog on the inside (curled around a XMtree ball). I stamped them before flying to L.A, when was it, September?, then I had hours and hours on the plane to color them in. I used color pencils, so I can still put them through the printer later. I would have gotten more done, but after about four hours my hands start cramping up.
If I had been smart, I would have started twenty of them instead of a hundred. I may still have to put half of them away and then all I have to keep track of is who on the list got the handmade ones, and send the hedgehogs to the other half next year...).

Meanwhile, this is what Gretchen and I like to do when summer is gone.

:) Mary

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Ahhhhh, hedgehogs!! And you're putting alot more effort than I had planned, I was just going to design one and then print them!

Gretchen looks like she is patiently waiting for you to follow! I just love the fall light, bright but not so glaring as summer. Looks like a beautiful spot,

I did buy bulbs today, but I kept it to 100 this year. I just get daffodils that I can naturalize so planting them is easy - I just dig up a divot, stick the bulbs in, relay the sod and viola - instant spring cheer!

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sheepco(MN z4)

Oh Mary, that is a lovely picture...she (and the woods!) are just beckoning!

Skip the garden and the housework, go romp with the dog - life's too short to skip a day, or an invitation, like that!

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That pic would make a great Christmas card, Mary! It looks like a painting! Gretchen's saying, "Ma, what's the hold up? We have frolicking to do!" :D

We've also been considering making our own Christmas cards this year. But we don't have a huge list! I'd probably cramp up, too, right around, "Have a Merry"....LOL

I've always wanted a large area to plant huge masses of bulbs, Jean! Remember us in spring, so we can see how gorgeous yours turned out. :)

We got down to 45 yesterday morning, with thick fog, and I love it! We've only built one fire in the stove this year, though (our only source of heat...other than cuddles :D). I keep holding off, since it gets into the upper 70s during the day.


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I spent the day outside today and really enjoyed the late fall color - the sugar maples and ashes have come and gone but the oaks and dogwoods are at their prime and I have never seen them turn with such radiant color! This is the view from atop my hill. I didn't accomplish alot today, I kept sitting on the wall and enjoyed the view (when I should have been working on the wall!)

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Beautiful, Jean! With a view like that, the wall deserves to be sat on. :D What is that burnt orange one on the right in pic #1? That one on the bottom in the last pic is another of my favorites!

We actually had some nice rain come through yesterday, so I was enjoying the sound of it coming down...and the scent! Today is very fall-like, with strong winds, leaves being strewn about, and sky as clear as a bell. BRISK! :)


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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

I think those are oaks, not sure what kind of oak though, a native variety I would guess.

We started the day yesterday with ice that turned to rain, a cold blustery day here too. What temps do you get in the winter there?

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We usually get some frosts here, but last year, we got down into the lower 20s for a week. That was NOT normal for us, but I was surprised how many things survived in the garden. According to my Sunset book, average lows here over a 20-year period range anywhere from 29 to 13, but we haven't been in the teens here since....I don't know when. Now watch us get down into the teens this year...LOL

The difference here is that our cold spells dont usually last very long, i.e., one night of frost and the next night, above freezing. :)

I love Christmas cards that show a winter scene, because we never get to see them out here! LOL


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)


We had our first snow day yesterday. And it's sooo cold. I used the extra time to make a XM stocking for the latest grandchild, and I made Gretchen a winter vest from one of DH's old polar fleece vests. She looks very surprised when I zip her in. (And not at all amused...)

Then we went for a walk today and I forgot to put it on her. Tsk tsk tsk.

:) Mary

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Mary you are so funny! I love it! -CT

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sheepco(MN z4)

I can almost see Gretchen thinking....Hmmph, after all these years what on earth made her think I need an extra coat! :)

We got our first snow this past week and it's been windy and cold and miserable ever since. Today we got a little freezing rain to add to the fun.

....But it's pretty outside, and the birds show up better at the feeders, the sheep look like giant snowballs (they will NOT go in the barn thank you very much!), the dogs love to do 'snow rolls', and I'm starting to decorate for Christmas.....sigh.

AND, in 17 days....the days start to get longer!

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LOL!!!! @ Gretchen and her snazzy vest!!! Seriously, I'll pay good money to see her in it, Mary. :D "She looks very surprised when I zip her in." Hilarious!!

Well, never any snow here, but...we got some rain. Does that count? No, I didn't think so. :D Besides, California drivers and snow just don't mix well.

I LOVE your sheep and their determination, Sarah! They're much cuter than the Serta sheep, too. :D


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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

I'm hoping no snow this year. It was almost a month late getting cold and the days are still warm. No deep freezes still. Maybe a mild winter.

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

We had our first snow this week - five inches of snow on Wednesday but a warm up this weekend. I swore I was going to go out and take pictures of the snow but I chickened out - I am such a cold weeney!

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LOL!!! You don't know a cold weenie until you meet a Californian on the east coast (or Great Lakes area!) in winter, Jean. :D I wouldn't blame you for shooting pics through the window. LOL

Brrrr, you folks in the high desert aren't weenies, though, Adrea. You get the ultimate extremes of Cali!


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