Now HERE is some drama...

ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)October 3, 2006

Just when I thought my life couldnÂt get much strangerÂ..

My husband was on E. Washington St. today in Indy - busy urban street. He changed lanes and someone was stopped instead of driving in the lane he changed into. He slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting them and a latino guy behind him rear-ended him. They all got out to see who was ok, etc, etc.

Suddenly the latino guy starts acting cagey and my DH realizes that the guy is either illegal or has no license (he's fluent in Spanish but didn't get all that the guy was muttering). He gets back in his car and started the car. Josh was yelling at him to get out and not take off b/c he was going to have a hit and run, etc, etc.

The guy starts his car and Josh got in front of him to stop him from moving...


Âhe drove INTO josh, who threw his body on the hood of the car and grabbed on for dear life!!!! This guy takes off driving with him hanging on to the hood!!!! (I swear, this is true!!!!)

They were flying 40-50mph down Washington StreetÂthis guy weaving back and forth like mad trying to throw Josh off of the hood of his car while Josh was hanging on w/ one hand and screaming and beating on the windshield w/ the other.

He finally whipped down a side street and slowed down and Josh jumped off.

Thank God he wasnÂt killedÂ.but they didnÂt catch the guy! People were honking and trying to catch the guy to get his license plate. It was a fake paper plate so they never could get any info!

Our life is the stuff that movies are made of. LOL

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

Oh Andrea. I'm so glad he's OK. What a day. Give him a gentle pat for me. And you, you have a tall glass of Blue Fish shiraz.

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take care of that hubby!

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

The hilarious thing is he was all pumped up (though sore) last night because he was able to hang on and it was so dramatic and like a movie. LOL GUYS.

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Holy carp, I'm so glad he's ok, Andrea! Only in Indy! LOL

Maybe someone was Spike Lee...because it sure sounds like Hollywood to me! When they finally get that guy (and I bet they will, with an attitude like that), I hope they let Josh "interview" him first. :D

Whew! Serious drama.


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Ask him about it again when the adrenaline stops pumping. It would have been so easy to have a bad outcome. Glad he was strong enough to hang on. Sandy
P.S. I would just as soon not have that kind of drama in my life. Maybe you should give him a birthday gift of a class in risk avoidance.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Oh Andrea......I'm so glad he's okay.
What kind of car was it? Are the police looking for him? If you tell me the car, I'll keep my eyes peeled for it.
What did your husband hold onto?........the wipers? I always wondered what there was to hold onto!
Sooooooooo glad Josh is okay! Tell him next time to step aside........unless he's bionic. :)

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Wow. That's scary.

What was the guy THINKING?!?!?!?

What a relief that everything ended well... and what a story to tell! Yikes!

:) Mary

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

Oh my ... I can see why he would be pumped up after that adrenaline rush. Thank goodness he is young and healthy!

I think you both need a nice long vacation, somewhere tropical where he can lay in the sun and let those sore muscles heal!

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That is some incredible story. It is just outragous that some idiot put your husband's life at risk like that. Glad your hubby is safe.

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Dang I wish I'd known that was coming, Andrea! I WOULD have been there with my camcorder in hand... Could make GREAT MONEY off that!!!

Seriously, I, too, am glad Josh is OK... Guess that'll teach him not to jump in front of a car that's trying to leave the scene of an accident, huh?

He oughta get a visit from Mel Gibson, or somebody else who's PRETENDED to do that in the movies, and a pose with them... should be a local celebrity. I'm really surprised he didn't make the nightly news.

You folks are AWESOME... glad you're also OK!

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grandmapoo(z8 S.Texas)

I was reading your story, thinking "What day is it?" like April 1st. Thought it had to be some kind of joke or he was actually an extra in a movie or doing a movie for a driving safety class or...

Then I realized he's a superhero in a new animated movie, where the main character actually becomes human. lol

Unbelievable story and I have to say that most people wouldn't have came thru such a thing to immediately talk about it.

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