Bird bath heaters?

sheepco(MN z4)October 16, 2006

My folks are considering a bird bath heater/de-icer. They currently have the 'bowl' of a bird bath sitting on their deck that attracts LOTS of birds.

Any recommendations? Pros, cons, brands that work or don't for you?

Thanks, Sarah

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I use a bird bath heater to keep a 30 gallon container pond de-iced for the winter. Works great!

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I have a heated birdbath on a stand that works really well. The coils are built inside it, but they can be pricey.

Before buying that I used one of those flat, foil types that has heat ring inside. I used an extension cord (plugged into a GFCI outlet in my garage) out to a shallow birdbath. I held it under the water with a rock in the center. You have to make sure you keep water in it (every few days a fill up), but the birds sure enjoyed it, especially the Robins. Sometimes this bath would get a tad icy but there was always a small hole with water and the birds kept coming for a drink. I think I paid about $12 something for that flat, foil type heater. It did the job and was the cheapest to buy and run at the time (a few years back).

The first winter my pond had ice on it except where there was a bubbler and the birds walked out over the ice to the edge to get their drink. Last year I didn't get any ice and birds can't drink at my pond unless it has ice, as the sides are steep, (but squirrels can).

I really enjoy watching the birds at the water in winter. They need it too! Do a search for heated birdbaths on-line, should bring up many choices.


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there is one thing to watch out for, though it may have been a fluke considering it waaasss my yard. i had a starling take a bath then somehow got frozen to a metal plant stand. i say somehow b/c it was nowhere near a perching spot but on the pole, hanging and flapping. very odd.

happy ending: i saw it, it flapped harder from being afraid of me, and it got loose to the blue yonder.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Thanks! They ended up buying a big heated dog bowl. I'll let you know how it works :)

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lol: it will work fine. i constantly had to rinse bird poop out of romeo's outdoor heated bowl!

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