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nyctricSeptember 27, 2013

When i bought the house, the existing lawn is completely dry and dead grass with weeds. I finally got time to redo now.

I am planning to put scotts sun and shade grass seed with the scotts lawn soil. However I am reading some bad reviews of scotts lawn soil for the price.

I know that my local landfill (Miramar Landfill) give free compost, My question is can i use the compost and mixed with my existing soil for my lawn?

PS: my lawn area is not too big, just about 500sqft.

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agray132(Z5 NV)

Yes that should work. Why not till the ground and lay sod since your lawn will be fairly small?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

One great reason not to till the ground is you don't need to. Another one is that the fluffy tilled soil takes 3 years to settle back down and develop a structure. When it does it leaves the surface bumpy. Professionals never rototill. They use a box blade behind a tractor. But nyctric doesn't need that either.

I would not use the soil at all. Top dressing seed seems to be a local option. It is not done universally. Some locales will cover it with straw, some with topsoil, some with compost. All that is unnecessary. In Nature seed is knocked off the plant and stepped on.

Kill any remaining weeds.
Rake off the dead weeds.
Scatter seeds
Walk on all the seed to press it into the surface
Water 3x per day, briefly, to moisten the new seed so it will germinate.
Continue that watering regimen for a week past the time you get 80% germination. Then start backing off on the frequency and moving up on the watering duration.

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