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oscarthecat(z7MD)August 17, 2012

Last summer in Washington State I went into Spokane and bought a desk lamp with a magnifying glass/light combination. It had an LED light which is supposed to last thousands of hours. It went out. I had only used it about 10 hours. I removed LED light and went to the nearest Office Depot to get a replacement. The manager got on the computer and could find the lamp but no light replacement. Then the unexpected. He turned to me and said,"bring in your lamp I will give you a new one". Not an add for Office Depot just telling you how nice they were to me.

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That is nice. I encounter that most of the time. Fanstastic! You deserve it.

However, this morning, I'm experiencing the opposite. There is a commercial, I think for Ally bank, that says, "If you can't talk to your bank in person, change to us" essentially. After this morning's phone call, I'm considering it. My bank, decided on August 7th to shut down my ATM/credit card, but only sent an automated message to my phone about it. I figured if something was important, they'd leave a real message. Nope. So I had to be on hold for several minutes and tell them the last transactions, then go over some of what the rep thought were "suspicious" transactions. The two she picked? A computer game and mascara, both of which were under $30 are supicious? HA! I don't think so. And now, I have to wait "7 business days" before I get a new card. Automatically sent? I would've had it three days ago. Since they can't be automatic for MY benefit, I may go find that in person bank.

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Office Depot has always been one of the better stores we have been to for prices and service.

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I think that is what service really means, Steve. It is a bit disconcerting to realize that this is such a rare experience, in the olden days it was called "customer service" and was a given.

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Good for you, Steve. We have also had good experiences with Office Depot.
DS bought a printer there (got $50 off for his old printer), he was not able to pick it up so he wanted it shipped to our house. OD let us select our own delivery service, (OD did not make any money on that deal), but we had the printer here within two hours of purchase. They seem to be very accommodating.

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Steve, I'm glad your experience was a good one; so often, they're not. As others have said, most of the time, "customer service" is a thing of the past.

Curiously, just this afternoon, we had a sales person give us excellent service--and we didn't buy anything! DH has to have a leg brace which is attached to his shoe thru the sole. The shoes are rather expensive, he's had only three pair in 7 years--so when we saw what we thought was a similar shoe on sale, we went to look.

Upon seeing the shoe which DH was wearing, the salesman knew what brand it was, and said, "That shoe is 3 times better than this one on sale. You should keep wearing that make; it's a much better shoe, especially for what you need it for." We appreciated his honesty and told him so.

I know I'll return to that store. (Interestingly enough, none of the other employees looked as if they knew--or cared--much about the quality of the shoes.)

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