Idyll #386.. Enchanted Places

dodgerdudetteJune 22, 2008

I regret that EP was before my time,and I was not able to know her. Everyone should have their own Enchanted Place !

Carry on Idylls...

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning :-)

Would an enchanted place have 146 inches of rain a year? I guess we wouldn't have to water our containers. [g]

Breaking Through
Isolated rays of sunlight pierce the clouds hanging thick over Favorite Channel. Such weather is characteristic of the Tongass, where rainfall averages 146 inches (371 centimeters) yearly.

Photograph by Melissa Farlow
From 'Tongass National Forest' NG July 2007

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Today is Promotion Day for Jake....but not to worry, for he won't be promoted :) It dawns on him last night at bedtime that he forgot to get his permission slip signed (therefore he can't ride the bus to the high school for the ceremony) and that he needs $94 dollars to pay for a book that he lost.

Most suggest that the way to cure this is to let him experience the consequences of his actions.....LOL.

I don't have the time that I thought I'd have to post....things are silly around here this morning. Next time you see me, it'll be summer and my kids will be sleeping in only to wake and find me already in the garden :)


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Have been playing the "will the clouds actually cross over Cornfield Park" for the last 24 hours and, to my amazement, they did :-)

How wonderful that you were able to participate in the Solstice ceremony, Jerry. Different herbs are used depending on where the celebration is taking place and what is at it's peak. I find it incredibly interesting that the Native American and ancient Druid ceremonies are remarkably alike yet were/are celebrated on opposite side of the earth.

For the brief time I got to read EP's posts, I got the feeling that she understood this concept of "oneness" better than anyone.

Yes, PM2, I am in much better spirits. The last six months have been heavy, to say the least. There is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel for the seven or so issues that reared up all at once, though. Getting through was a matter of sorting them apart from one another but still recognizing that the weight of them all was pretty overbearing at some points. Better days ahead, for sure.

The babies are Robins, Kathy. The mom took over an abandoned nest in our front Dogwood, just at the same time a different momma built it last year. I've watched her, and she's watched me, and we kinda came to an understanding that each other belongs here so there was no angst about getting the picture -- being very careful not to touch anything within three feet of the next. She came right back after I was done and fed them so all is well.

No corn this year, 'bug. Needed to give the spot were it was grown a bit of a break. Looks pretty empty there, so perhaps will pop in a few mums for this year.

After having come to and realizing that Zinnias are the consummate transplantable annual, Very Carefully thinned and replanted them in the same area. Didn't compost even one :-) Kyle took one look at what's going on around the mailbox, plant and color-wise, and asked if I was planning a Circus party for Labor Day. Not a bad idea!!

Looking forward, or not, to a draining work week and am hopeful my body allows as much travel as is necessary.

For those who asked, my surgery is scheduled for mid-July and the neighborhood has already signed up to make dinners ("for Kyle and Rich" -- what about me????? LOL) for the first few nights I'm home. Good gardening girlfriend and Ky will be in charge of routine garden maintenance and I plan on being able to get mobile after a few weeks. I've been granted a total of six weeks disability, with the ability to extend it to eight if necessary, but with the method of surgery we'll be using I should feel better after about four. My doctors and Rich are encouraging me to take the whole time and give myself a true, real break. Trips to Idyll friends might actually be possible!!

Lightening is enroute according to radar so will say goodbye. With everyone's encouragement I'm planning to Google Clematis and see what must-haves jump out. Suggestions? (I, too, like the Viticellas but never knew I did!!!!! Love it!)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Martie, are you serious???? Clematis suggestions? What do you like? clinging, short, huge, delicate & dainty, non-clinging, early season, late season, yellow and invasive, pink, blue, purple, white, non pruning, pruning....? Locally they are getting harder to find. My guru buddy has stopped selling them. Local nurseries so unimaginative. Chalk Hill nursery is closing in the US. Joy Creek still mails to Canada for a price...but it is nerve wracking to have them go through customs where they can die before being inspected, sometimes for weeks.

Aw Saucy. Those are the ups and downs of being a teen. But learning to be organized and caring about details is a good lesson. Does Jake care about the ceremony? I don't think DH ever went to any of his, from grade school through PhD. Now the parties he probably crashed!

EP, like other dignified women I have known, had an intellectual curiosity that lasted until her dying days. She enjoyed people of all ages as well. These are things we all should keep in mind! She also had a sense of humor, had no patience for fools and whiners, though great concern and patience for those who were struggling along life's path. We came so very close to meeting at the Tulsa airport, but the airlines had other plans for us with their delays....

And so a new week begins. It is a foggy start here, but the humidity will soon burn off I think. Then, off to exercise class! I hope to garden a bit before the predicted showers arrive. This weather pattern is a broken record...(That's and old old saying I just realized!)

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good cloudy morning! Thanks Deanne, we sure did get some pouring rain yesterday afternoon. I had watered in the AM too! Around noontime DS and DD set off on their excellent adventure to ride their bikes to my parents house (about 2 miles away) to go swimming in the pool, and then ride back. About 45 minutes later, DH and I saw the clouds rolling in so we went with the pick-up to drive them back. They hadnt even had time for their swim before the thunder and lightening started.

I miss EP too; her posts had such a feeling of calm and wisdom. What a wonderful woman.

Sue, I wish IÂd seen your post before last night! Let me know next time you'll be in the area. You drove right by me on 128. I was up early, and DS would have made you scrambled eggs. He came back from his last Boy Scout camping trip complaining about the cooking done by his fellow scouts, so I decided it is time to teach him a few things in the kitchen so he can appreciate the skills involved. He does a pretty good scramble now, but he lets me do the toast after he burned himself (very slightly) on the door of the toaster oven.

Saucy, my kids know to look for me in the garden in the AM. I used to leave notes, but they know now to look out all the windows until they see me. My DS is the same way about school stuff; I call him the absent-minded professor. He has an excellent memory when it is something important to him though!

Deanne, I am tired just reading about your weekend! I know youÂll come up with something for your classes, and I agree  it is hard to say "no" when someone is waving money at you!

Brenda, I LOL at your dirty knees at the store. DH tells me that it acceptable to go to the garden center and the hardware store dirty. I picked up DD from her drum lesson on Saturday, and I was filthy and sweaty from the garden  I just hopped in the car and drove down to get her  she usually comes out when she is done so I just wait in the car. WouldnÂt you know, that is the day her teacher comes out to discuss her summer schedule  he NEVER comes out! I could see her walking behind him, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. It doesnÂt bother me  I came by that dirt honestly!

Waving hello to everyone  have to get back to work now.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Quickly, I posted some iris shots here...

(won't work below...)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Link doesn't work 'bug.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Try this link to GB's post. Lovely garden GB! :)

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Speaking of clematis, I think Nelly Moser was the very first perennial that I planted 11 years ago. I have ordered from Brushwood Nursery and was pleased. I checked their site and they list 206 different clematis.

As for rainfall, my son is supposed to go to Antofagasta, Chile. For fun I checked Wikipedia and it mentioned that the annual rainfall is less the 4 mm and they went 40 years with out rain at one point.

My watering wands are all broken and watering with just the hose is the pits. Out of desparation I picked a $10.00 one hoping it will last a while. Id like to try the Dramm as it has a lifetime warranty. I do find the quick connects are quite often the source of the leaks but they are oh so convenient.

Brenda, very cool picture of the duster. We had them here last summer for aphids and it is fascinating to watch.

Kathy, are any of the wild fires near you? I heard Napa mentioned on the news.

PM2, that is my vegetable garden. Ive gotten a lot of my bricks from my Dad who got them from my Grandpa and then some from Ricks uncle who was going to take them to the landfill.

This weekend we had in our yard what I am calling a "Wacko Grackle" She must have a nest in the front yard and everytime Jaden and I go in the front yard she starts squawking and diving at Jaden. This happened numerous times on Sat. She would come within 3 feet of Jaden. Jaden of course seemed oblivious to her. Later I did see under the tree a little dead bird.

Im off to browse bugs irises.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good grief!

Its pouring BUCKETS and has been for two hours now. Ill bet weve gotten two inches of rain. Amazing!

Kathy, what a gorgeous sunset! Beautiful balloon shots too. What fun. ~~ How did your roses make out with the heat wave you just had? Mine were starting to look good after that heat we had a couple weeks ago and now the rain has beaten all the petals off and a couple of the tall ones are in the dirt. Le Sigh, not a rose year for me I guess. ~~ BTW, I went out and counted this morning, 153 and Ive still got a couple things I want to do. Te he.

Brenda. Ive been known to go plant shopping with dirty fingernails and knees and the occasional swipe of dirt across the face that I didnt know was there. One of the benefits of getting older is that I just dont care. LOL

Wendy, LOL about the scouts complaining about the cooking at camp and good for you for teaching him some kitchen skills.

Saucy, good grief, Yes indeed Id let him figure out how to deal with the problems resulting from his neglecting to take care of business. As many times as we bailed out DD I wish now we hadnt. Maybe she would be more responsible and maybe not but over the years weve spent way too much money on her problems and we might just as well have flushed the money down the toilet. Let him figure it out.

All righty, the thunder/lightening show is picking up and getting closer so Im going to sign off for now.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Deanne...I was just amazed that it had been pouring there for two hours, with nothing but gray skies here all day. Now the rain just started coming down so hard, it sounds like a freight train coming down the tracks. Yay! Won't have to water for awhile.

Getting off the computer too...thunder is getting louder...


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh wow. I love this Idyll Tydll, thank you for choosing it.

Does anyone have Agastache 'Pink Pop' that came from EP?
I would treasure seeds if you do. It's amazing how someone you never met can impact your life so much.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I wanted to share these before the posts fall away into the 'bit bucket'. Two of my favorites:

"Frame of mind has a lot to do with healing. A beautiful and tranquil environment is reinforcing to healing. Many plants have healing qualities as well as fragrance, color, and beauty. Also, plants that have familiarity are healing. Gardens that provide quiet areas for meditation are healing. Gardens that are inviting are healing. Gardens we can touch are healing. Gardens we can care for are healing..Gardens we can create ourselves are healing.. EP"

"I predict that everyone will have enchanting futures and live happily ever after. Be 'seeing' you later. EP"

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh, I forgot. I ran across this when I was looking up Summer Solstice:

"The first (or only) full moon in June is called the Honey Moon. Tradition holds that this is the best time to harvest honey from the hives."

Fun Facts

In medieval times the Summer Solstice was called Midsummer. It was the time between planting and harvesting. Because it came in the middle of these two activities, people had time to celebrate this day.
This break from field work also made it a good time for young couples to get married. June weddings are still popular.

The summer moon that appears at this time in June was called the honey moon. It was the time to collect honey from the bee hives. Later it became attached to the wedding celebration. The trip after a wedding is not called "honeymoon" because the bride and groom call each other sweet names like "Honey."

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hello...seems to have stopped raining for the moment. I was wondering, since enchantedplaces was here before I started coming around, I did do a GW search and found some of her old posts, but no explanation of what happened to her. Did she post here long? January 2006 was the last post I could see and there is no member page for her any more. Did something happen to remind people of her lately?


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

EP has been on my mind and heart since the Indian Summer Solstice blessing last Saturday. She was part Cherokee.
She passed away in September of 2006, I believe.
Several here 'knew' her better than I did but her kindness and encouragement made a difference in all our lives. :)


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I think of EP whenever the subject of sharing our lives on the internet comes up. She was a private person but the part of her that she shared made an impact on me. I did not have a lot of encouraging and kind people when I was growing up. She showed me, and many others I'm sure, the qualities I want in my life.


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Hello friendsNot a bad Monday overall, the heat wave is gone but the smoke is pretty bad so we have bad air quality and of course the smell of burning is pervasive. The fire is east of me , and no threat as it is moving further away.

My DH had Cherokee in his family-his great grandmother . Unfortunately his family as a whole was not respectful of the culture and aside from knowing a few phrases of the language, it was viewed as more of a skeleton in the closet.

I still enjoy burning incense,(perhaps a holdover from the olden days when masking other aromas was the impetus) but I buy mine from a company called Juniper Ridge. They are all natural and are fragrances like Doug Fir, Pinon pine, Juniper etc. They do sell the sage bundles too, my DS likes those.

Deanne, my roses did not fare too badly in this heat wave because most of them are between flushes, and have tight buds. I have a couple, Sun Flare and Amber Queen who dont seem to care what the temp is. Meant to ask , on your Evening Stroll gallery, first 3 or so pics, what Campanula is that ? (I assume it is Campanula ?) I was quite taken with it. 153 . Crikey.

PM, a few years ago my DH and I visited Olympic Natl park, site of a temperate climate zone rain forest..112 inches per year as I recall. It was really unlike anything I had seen before . If you google Hoh Rainforest you will be likely to find some pics.

Jerri, what a nice few blurbs of interesting info youve put up today. Ive enjoyed every one, and also your EP quotes.

And for the record, I would like to state that I always look like hell without fail when I go to the garden center. Dirty nails, dirty clothes etc. Not much better at the grocery store.

OK, time to skedaddle, and a link to my incense purveyors is belownite all !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My server will not allow me to post photos another day. Phoebe is to take a prominent role. :)

When my good friend Louise was killed by stray cattle on a highway, she was on her way to a Native solstice festival with her native partner- a healer- in North Dakota. It was a miserable situation. But when I went to pack up the apartment with one of her daughters, we had a sweetgrass ceremony where we burned the sweetgrass in special corners of her dwelling. Each person was expected to take something of hers in her memory. I was given a large container of wild rice...which helped keep her memory alive for a good long while. I also have an iron fireplace tool made by a relative of hers. Somehow this is connection to EP, a combination of happy/sad and traditions.

On another forum, someone asked what the names of everyone's parents were and if they carried on a tradition with their kids by using those names. It was rather fun, so if anyone cares to try it, here's my go at it:
Mom and Dad: Barbara and Charles Jacques
Mom's parents: Mabel & Herbert Eugene
Dad's parents: Anne and Jacques
My sister is Jacqueline, the feminine form of Jacques. Her son Ronald is named after mother's oldest brother.
My brother is Jean-David, the oldest name in the family that could be found in French church records.

DH's Mom & Dad: Vashti & Clarence Percy
His Mom's parents: Della & Clyde
His dad's parents: Mabel & ? (possibly Clarence Percy too)

Our daughter uses "Mabel Mabel" as a name to be funny sometimes...but Sarah, her real name, is a name on both sides of the tree too. Both our children use our first names as their middle names.

Bonne nuit!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Such a quiet Monday here...'Monday, Monday....can't trust that day' :-)

Spent some time yesterday reading some of the old threads that EP posted. Felt strange to read some of her last posts and then nothing. I wondered if anyone ever found out what happened to her? I loved her screen name. Two ideas came together this morning as I was looking at Kathy's website for incense. On the Juniper Ridge website, they have two very pretty wreaths for sale that are a little expensive. It started me thinking of how much I would really love some new wreaths. I don't think I have anything worth using in my yard, but maybe I do and just haven't thought about it enough. So, I started thinking that with all the gardens here, there must be someone who was making wreaths or drying something from their garden. That was the first idea.

The second idea came to me as I was reading old EP posts. She seemed to be very interested in creating things from the garden. I was just reading an old post from the Dried Flowers forum where she shared photos of Dogwood that she was learning to dry. The photos aren't there any more, but the light bulb went off and I thought...maybe it would be a fun Idyll project, if we all tried to create some dried creations from our gardens this year in memory of EP. If anyone has created wreaths from their garden, I would love to learn how to do it and what to use. Or some other dried creations. So....just an idea I wanted to throw out there for consideration.

Saucy...waiting to hear how Jake's situation resolved. Did he make it to the promotion ceremony?

Martie...I imagine you have scheduled your surgery around the garden schedule. [g] Not in the prime spring or fall time. Sounds like even when you have seven issues rearing up that you have a lot of support. That is nice to hear. So the Idyll Reunion will be a miss for you this year. Have you made it to the previous IUs?

Thanks Jerri for posting G'bug's Iris link. Very pretty that a town garden, GB?

As for Clematis, I can't decide which I like best. I keep feeling a pull to Crystal Palace and Josephine, but I fear they are a little too I keep resisting. I would like something with a strong color and very dependable and easy that will bloom it's head off.

Michelle...that is interesting about your son's destination in Chile...40 yrs without rain seems like it should be an impossibility. What is the reason for his trip? You are so lucky to have bricks from your Dad and Grandpa, I think that must make it special.

I love quick connects and for the most part ours aren't leaking. We have a spray nozzle from Lowe's that is chrome and the last one only lasted a year, but I ended up buying the same one again this year, because it was the only one that had the shut off valve in a very convenient location where my thumb can manuever it very easily. Other nozzles had a shut off lever too, but this one actually allows you to control the amount of water flow as well. So I don't have to squeeze a trigger to keep the water flowing and I can adjust how soft or hard the water is coming out with a push of my thumb. I think it was about $13.

Deanne...I guess I was way off...153!! I just can't imagine caring for all of them, but from the sounds of it, you are a very energetic person, so that makes a lot of difference. Too bad there isn't a container competition somewhere that you could enter. :-)

Gee can't seem to win this year. First the heat, now the fires! I hope they can get those fires under control soon. Very scary how they seem to have become routine there. Wondering if when you move, you will have less exposure to the fires? Here is a NG photo of the HoH Rainforest....

Thanks for that link to Juniper Ridge...nice website and I love fragrant products that are all natural. What do you do with the sage bundles? They have some nice soaps too.

Gardenbug....I'm sorry to hear about your friend's death. I do like the idea of having something to remember someone by. Something I tried to do to remember my Mom was to write down all her 'old sayings'. She seemed to have a lot of them, but I waited too long to think of doing it and now I have a hard time remembering them.

Have a fun Tuesday...why is it there are no songs about Tuesdays? Must be something like the 'middle child'... Monday and Friday get all the attention. [g]


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I also have Cherokee heritage - something that EP and I had in common :) I recently found census records to help put the puzzle of my family history together, but I was actually hoping to discuss it with Jerri at IU5 as I need a little Geography lesson on OK. My mother and sister have Cherokee traits.

I believe Clary sage is I mistaken? Wish I had some Clary in the garden this year....

PM, what a coincidence: I'm working on a succulent wreath that I haven't made in years! Came across all the "ingredients" at a clearance sale and decided to put one together again. I'll post when I'm done.

Yesterday was a washout, so today will be weeding the neighbor's day :) The wet soil will allow me to pull roots easily. The kids said they'd help too :)

Speaking of kids....Jake was rescued by me. We made a deal to pay the 94 bucks off. He really wanted to go, GB :) Deanne, I am NO I hear what you're saying and the point you're making.

Hmm...what hard labor do I need done around here?

I feel overwhelmed this week with lots of office work to do, kids home, and garden work, too :) Time to make a list and try to prioritize this mess.

GB, I'm not sure I quite understand the task, but I love family names and have some pretty interesting ones:

Mom and Dad: Jessie Carole and William Van (van is short for Lavander - emphasis put on the "van" - civil war hero)
Mom's parents: Billie Jean (they wanted her to be a boy) and Carl
Dad's parents: Elizabeth and Robert Van ("R.V." called "harvey" by those who didn't hear well :)
My sister is Lynn Anne and I don't know why.
My brother is William Van, but he goes by Will....when he was little and through a tantrum, we called him Ill Will
I am Jean Elizabeth after both grandmothers.

There, that ought to confuse the lot of you.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Well today is overcast and foggy. Its a misty, humid morning. So pretty out in the gardens after all that rain yesterday. According to the weather charts we only got an inch of rain in Nashua but I know we got more than that here. I really do need to get a rain gage. It poured for several hours and we had another storm come through early AM. Today they are saying sun then more T storms later but I dont see any sun yet.

PM I dont know if Im energetic or just plain stupid! ROTFL. I just LOVE plants and cant seem to stop the creation of yet another garden or container.

Kathy, glad to hear your roses are OK. The whole fire thing out there is so scary. I was teaching outside of LA a couple years ago in the fall and there were fires all around the place I was teaching. My hostess lived up in the hills and you could see the fires burning on a couple ridges over. ~~ That campanula is Sarastro. A true beauty, reliable and if you deadhead it, it will bloom all season. I just love it and will probably use is elsewhere in the gardens. I just need to locate it where I can easily get to it for deadheading. Ive got a beauty of a Campanula persicifolia alba that is bloming now too. Another plant that really responds well to deadheading.

Bug, my mothers name is Jeanne, no middle name and my fathers name Hector, Romeo, Adrien, Emile (can you even believe it?)
My grandmothers name was Simone (dont know her middle name) and grandfather was Napoleon Paul.

None the siblings had any of those names except for my oldest sister whose middle name is Jeanne.

Ok I wandered out and about with camera in hand again this morning and here are a few photos.

The back container garden area is beginning to put a smile on my face. You can see the behemoth hanger on the tree that I finally got planted last week. It requires two of us and an eight foot ladder to get it hung up. LOL

A couple begonias Im so pleased I was able to winter over.

Im so glad I was able to save this one as Ive not found anything like it anywhere this year.

A vignette from the driveway garden

Last year I had more than a dozen of these lilies blooming at this time but the rodents ate all but two stems.

OK off to the gym,
Have a great day all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


Saucy, I think I am just curious to see if family names are being continued in future generations. So there is plenty of "LaVANdar" spread about in your case, just not for your children. Deanne, I love Simone....Aren't you glad you didn't have a son to carry on the family names! There's a Napolean who is constantly being paged at our grocery store.

Late to "do" breakfast. Gotta run.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Deanne, those photos of your container garden and any part of your garden should put a smile on anyone and everyone's face - I can't look at any vignette without a nod of wonder and delight! Thanks for sharing. You know, I planted some of the "dwarf" lilies last year and they're blooming now in the shadier parts of my front beds and Im happy with them - they dont need to be staked but they're still delightful -- I hope the hybridizers work on some more colors -- I'd snap them up.

Kathy -- you as usual share the most interesting things - I was indeed saved by the posting of Bela Lugosi (I bought it last year after the pics of yours) - mine is starting to bloom now - so I dont have to rush out and order it, LOL... altho that purple rain is something to consider, smile. Im hoping Ei's lilies she sent me are Swirling Waters -- if so, you'll see they're a wonderful purple too -- hopefully the scapes will bring that forth in a few weeks -- I have had a few disappointments w/ a couple things being yellow - nice yellows; but I'd pulled all the yellow from the gardens and it's disappointing to think you're going to have a great combo & boing, it's something totally different, LOL....I got so many freebies from the couple places I ordered from last year, I was a bit frantic trying to find spots for them all -- Im terrible at just yanking things that dont work -- I just wish I had more friends I could pawn the stuff off on.

Cynthia -- Im sorry to hear Katie is declining -- I know you're keeping her comfortable -- but I know it must be so sad to watch her body fail her joy of life. Thinking good thoughts for you both.

My DD stopped by last Sat to pick up Terence and was shocked at the sight of my patio -- she told me she was worried about the number of plants -- I told her it was an addiction -- but I think she's worried, LOL - in fact, it was looking a lot better as I'd potted a couple things and moved things around -- but it is not a big patio and I guess she was expecting more walking space...You all would understand the problems, though right?

'bug -- my daughter's first name is one from her father's side of the family and the middle name is a surname of a favorite great-aunt of mine - she is still called it by me; my brother named both his children after relatives but none of the immediately preceding generation. Woodring and Pennington are family names and are used for their middle names.

I always thought I was the stereotypical "melting pot" of American genes - a bit of this, a dash of that -- but I confess I dont know that I have any native American Indian in me.

Okay, Deanne, Im going to ask what's probably a stupid question -- but I noted that you put a lot of pavers under your pots -- is that just to stablize them on the ground and make them more level? You have an incredible investment in all that set-up to say nothing of the pots and containers! You must fill your entire garage when it comes winter?

PM -- I know Gardenbug (our clem expert) can tell you more about Josephine and Crystal Fountain -- but you might want to try the types called "type 3s" first -- the 2 you mention are type 2s and tend sometimes toward wilt, which can be very frustrating. My Josephine hasnt bloomed this year but I had to cut her back severely in the spring for a couple reasons. I dont think either of the ones you mentioned though are gaudy in person -- they're really quite lovely. Unfortunately, once this addiction occurs to gardeners, you just want one of every plant, LOL....

Jerri - hope your back gets better - cant miss IU -- that's an interesting ceremony you went to - thanks for sharing - very thought-provoking.

Michelle - your gardens are looking marvelous - I love the colors and combos!

I love quick connects for the hoses but confess I get them all mixed up and a mess when I dissassemble the stuff in the autumn and then I have a hard time remembering what goes w/ what - Im struggling with that right now and will probably end up going to buy a new set to save time! They dont last but a few seasons without leaking that's for sure.

I did mean to say to Mary how impressive it is to hear about the reno project you're taking on -- it's annoying to encounter those patronizing attitudes -- I've had it happen when it comes to finances too - once when buying a car -- my SIL has always been a source of admiration to me as there is no home project or renovation medium she has not attempted and conquered. She taught me many things (how to paint for one, a silly thing but still there are "ways") - of course, now we can watch any DIY show we want to and figure it all out. But what bothers me so much on things like that is usually that it always takes longer than you think and there are always problems - like the 20 yr old toilet connection that's rusted and just wont come undone, or the item that breaks and oops, you have to fix that before you go patience goes away after those problems and increases my frustration levels. Looking forward to hearing about your completed gut job! Photos please.

It's a wonderful breezy day here - we've had a few storms and watered the plants - the 90s will be at the end of the week.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Good morning! My middle name, Elizabeth, was my maternal grandmother's name. My brothers middle name is my dad's. My niece is the only child. She doesn't carry on any family names.
Off to work - I'm late...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Cindy, I'd love to see photos of your patio and those dwarf lilies. Aren't patios just container garden display areas? I'd planted some dwarf lilies several years ago but the voles thought they were candy so they aren't there anymore. I really should plant some again as I loved them. ~~ Ah yes, the pavers, Doug's been buying them a few at a time for me over the last couple years. I don't have a level piece of ground in my yard. Both of the container garden areas have quite a bit of slope. It's much easier to level the paver and put the pot on the top of a level surface than to try and level the pot. Also, as I have them on bark mulch the pavers lets them drain better. Because I have so many containers in those displays I really like to get them all perfectly level. It makes a more pleasing display. Doug recently bought me a level for my garden tool kit as I was constantly losing his in the garden. LOL

The dismantled pots go in the utility trailer with a tarp over them behind that gate on the hill for winter storage. Some go in the shed too. I can't store them in the garage as the snow blower takes up too much room.

OK off to work

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

There are basically three types of clematis for the garden: Group1, Group 2 and Group 3.

Group 1 is the earliest to bloom and flowers on the previous year's growth. These clematis get large over time! If there are rabbits in your area, then they need to be protected from munchers so that they can bloom the following year. There are some beauties among them: Markham's Pink, Blue Bird, Alpine Willy, White Swan, Constance and many more.

Group 2 are the large flowered clematis. There are early ones as well as late ones. These clematis usually need only minor pruning of dead stems. I tend to avoid these because I'm less fond of plants that are prone to the clematis wilt disease. But sometimes you just have to try one. ;) So I enjoy Gillian Blades (white) and Clair de Lune, The President. It is a matter of taste as well. I am less fond of the doubles and frilly numbers, yet others adore them.

The Group 3 clematis are the latest to bloom, but my favorites. They require pruning back to a foot or even less in height in the very early spring.(April/May for me) This makes for a full healthy plant. There are so many that are terrific that I can only name a few here. For a beginner, I'd say Etoile Violette, Viola, Betty Corning, Emilia Plater, Huldine, Madame Julia Correvon, and many many more...

There are also many non clinging clematis such as Blue Boy, Alionushka, Juuli, Durandii, and more.

To see pictures or gather information, this is a great site, often referred to as COTW. You might even see some of my photos there. ;) It is based at Hull University, UK.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm so far behind in comments... I've been reading along but not having time to pop in to post (I'm such a slow typist that it takes forever to do even short comments...) I'm popping in to ask if any of the energy-conscious folks here (V comes to mind...) have Drain Water Heat Recovery installed and, if so, whether it had a noticeable impact? We have a heat recovery ventilator for incoming/exhaust air. We are considering adding DWHR and are wondering what others' experience has been with it...?

I missed saying Happy Anniversary to Chelone and helpmeet and I think I missed Martie's birthday too... So here are two views of Vyvyan Pennell in her full glory for you. The first picture is what you see as you come up the driveway and the second is what you see as you come up the path from the south gate to the driveway.

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Good afternoon

Cindy - you are so right in your comment that DIY projects take longer than you think. I hit a bump in the road when I ripped up the old linoleum in the powder room. Below it was a paper faced concrete board, partially coming away. My consult on the project (a good friend's DH) looked at it and determined that too had to be scraped off. So I have spent hours and hours chipping away at the old mastic adhesive which bonded it to the concrete floor. I can honestly say it was one of the most miserable jobs I've ever undertaken, chiselling away an inch at a time. The good news, after 3 back-aching, blister-forming days I'm finally done!!!(insert me doing a happy dance). I'm getting geared up to installing ceramic tile - another first but this one should be fun.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me as David had his Elementary school graduation. My eyes welled as the kids sang about being the hope for the future, and as I thought about the connection between Elementary school being gone forever. Annie had her French final and is done with Middle school. Both are excited about moving up to the next level and I will have to adjust to the next stage of their development. It's just going way too quickly:0(

The photos on this thread are absolutely stunning!! Thanks Deanne, Woody and PM. In between scraping the floor I've been potting up my plant finds and filling in a few gaps in the beds. The perfect way to keep my sanity.


(whose mother is Kathleen Mary)

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anitamo(5) thoughts are with you and Katie. You bring her comfort and that counts for a lot. One of my clients rescues Greyhounds, and it amazes me how much commitment and love go into this.

I didn't know EP at all, but like PM2, I was reading through old posts of hers yesterday. I got lost in them, and I learned more about all of you other posters, too. Very nice reading. She seemed like a special person, and left a legacy...even on here. My thoughts are now on finding an Enchanted Place in my garden. I don't believe I have one...a place to go to when I'm looking for solitude and peace. That's my one goal for this season, to find that place.

kathy...glad the fires are going the opposite direction. But I imagine the smoke to be fierce to deal with.

deanne...your container garden is just amazing. Did you put up the bamboo fence or it that your neighbor's? It looks great. And is an excellent idea for rocky gardens.

Family names:

Parents...Joseph and Catherine
Dad's parents...Salvatore and Bernice
Mom's parents...Martin and Matilda
Dad's paternal grandparents...Andreas and Rosaria

That's all I know. Family heritage is Sicilian, Polish and Croation. Besides my brother getting my dad's name and a couple of us sisters getting middle names of my parent's, no other connections. My grandmother Matilda was a beautiful lady with the best spirit. I learned so much from her and she played a big part in my early years. I would loved to have named my youngest daughter after her, but instead chose the star of favorite show growing up.

The weather here has been great...just the right amount of rain, with no humidity. More rain at the end of the week, but for now, it's calm.

My DH and I love to take the DGS's on "nature" walks around our wooded neighborhood. On Saturday evening, we saw a deer. It was great for them to see one up close and personal. I have to remember to bring a camera.

Hope everyone is well. I know I had many comments I thought of while reading, but I've forgotten now. I'll be back.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Time for a commercial break.

It's MINE!
(2005, but only 41,00km. or about 24,000 miles)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Congratulations 'bug! I love the red. ;)


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"Nevuh wuz a good hoss in a bad culuh". Plenty of cargo room for the cur? VERY exciting. "Wheels" are very important. You don't have to use them every day, but the knowledge that you CAN use them is very important. Kinda like having your OWN money. ;)

Remember my words on maintaining sewing machines some days ago? hehehe... well, it was bound to happen. Not to me or my own machines, but it happened to one of the shop machines I haven't used in some time. lol.

Muggy here. Afternoon thunderstorms have kept the painters at bay once more (tomorrow it should dry out, but we're back to muggy and showery for Thurs. and Fri.). I'm beginning to feel like Moses wandering the desert. No window boxes, the gardens around the house are a disaster, the pot ghetto looms... , no awnings up, either, and the summer swelter also looms. :(

I understand that they are at the mercy of the weather. The "inked up" young 'un did however, get me to leave the "lab." on Saturday (he typically arrives an hour/two ahead of the pony-tailed one who does the painting). He arrived at 9:30, I greeted him with my usual friendly good morning and he set up the ladder and began filling, scraping, sanding. I was in the "lab." and heard some indistinguisable "tune" and conversation about 15 munutes after he began, he was on the cell 'phone. Down the ladder he went, walked aimlessly around my driveway with his phone attached to his ear for 10 minutes, then smoked a butt (left it on my driveway). Reclimbed ladder and worked for 15 minutes, repeat same. Reclimbed ladder, and you guessed it! In the space of 1- 1 1/2 hrs. he had 3 calls (and 3 butts) and I'd finished 3 cushions (allowing my machine to "answer" a call for me). I decided it was time to emerge from the "lab." to request the plastic please be removed from the bedroom and kitchen windows (it had been there for a week). "Interrupted" yet another call! I actually stood in front of him pointedly waiting for him to hang up! He smiled and remarked it was hard to get anything done (bad move, Junior; esp. when speaking to someone who worked "piece rate" for many years). I smiled back remarking I could see that, the good naturedly suggesting more scraping and sanding could be accomplished with two hands instead of one, it must be tiring to ascend and descend ladders all day long, but that profitable time management involved using technological advances to CONTROL interruptions. He kept his ass on the ladder for a good long time afterwards. When he left for the day, I thanked him, told him the work looked great and quietly asked him to please pick up the butts and not leave any more in my yard. Pony-tail works very hard with no wasted trips up and down the ladder and likely has no idea how much time is wasted accomplishing the necessary prep. work. Ink boy is a very nice kid but clearly "young" and likely has no idea what it is like to work through a recession... when jobs can be scarce and there are a lot of other people looking for work, willing to do what it takes to keep working. I am clearly an old fogey (shove over, Marian) because I know that if the prep. work isn't done in a timely manner the painting cannot be completed, either. As the weather permits. ;)

The cushion job is to be picked up tomorrow. They look great and I think my customer will be pleased. On time and nder the estimate, too! (which beats the hell out of the other way around).

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am recalling EP, and wishing she could have sent me a little of her gentle spirit. :-)
It is something I have to work at......

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Tuesday Afternoon Moody Blues and Ruby Tuesday Stonesa couple of Tuesday songs for PM !
Our fires here are pretty close to containment, but the smoke has been pretty awful What we could use is a nice little rain shower but that is about as likely as the Cubs winning the World Series (sorry V) so we wait for the ocean and bay breezes to blow it all away.

I clicked on GBs clematis link and quickly backed-out , lol. I will go back , but only when I am feeling stronger-willed. I am crazy about Woodys Vyvyan Pennell , and jotted her name down in my One-Of-These-Days list..which is hideously long. And bug, that you for excellent type-1,2,3 info.

Mary, you bring back fond memories of when I was trapped painting in my master bath , though I am afraid I hired out the floor job , and did not have to scrape up any old tiles etc.and how about this, I am Mary Kathleen .

Hi Anita, glad to see you check in ! I think that is a great plan for making your own enchanted place. I love my garden and it brings me great joy, but when I think of an enchanted place what always comes to mind for me is our Northern Calif redwood forests (a place I urge anyone who has a chance to visit) and the desert, particularly the high desert canyonlands of AZ, New Mexico etc, and I think in particular of Monument Valley, which I think is the most spiritual place I have ever visited. It is in the Navajo Nation, and though it is not somewhere I would want to live, it is somewhere I feel a strong urge to visit every few years.

Deanne, thanks for the ID on the Campanula, yet another plant for the list! Deadheading is one skill at which I am proficient. I remember that white begonia from last year .

Cindy, I m glad to know that I did not further corrupt you ! Second the request for patio pics-all you really need is enough room to SALAT right ? Maybe about 2 sq. ft. The rest goes to plants. OK, and maybe a chair..

bug, what a cute car ! You may need a snappy motoring outfit !

PM asked some time back if my begonia collection was up for photo op, and it is clearly notthey are way behind this year, so here is a photo from maybe last year ? maybe the year before..I came across it when working on some organization in my photo files.

OK time to sign off for now, still enough daylight for a WALAT, hoping the smoke has wafted off to the east...

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I spent Sunday evening in quite an enchanted place and feel a bit refreshed. A friend and I went to Starved Rock State Park on the Illinois River, and sat on the veranda with an amazing view of the river valley. The weather was simply amazing, the food was decent and the drinks were cold. All in all a good evening that EP would have enjoyed as well.

Kathy, I did notice your comment and have to take issue! The Cubs do have the best record in baseball right now.

Woody, I have to confess that I have not heard of DWHR; I'll have to look into that as it sounds intriguing.

Waving to all! DS will be here any second and I am past due for bed - it was a long day as I started out about one hundred miles from the office. Tomorrow is my quiet night at home!


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Point taken V! We are all too used to the Cubs being sitting ducks for 'loser' jokes. Who can resist. And my team is stinko.

Kathy in Napa

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Mine: Michelle Louise
Mother: Mary Louise
Grandmother: Louise
My DD: Laura Louise
Now you would think that my DD would have felt obligated to give Kenzie the middle name of Louise. I guess she isnt the sentimental kind.

Pm2, my sons job is taking him to Chile.

Kathy, we went through Monument Valley 3 years ago and found it quite amazing.

Mary, years ago my parents had a bathroom floor that needed that same chipping. It was a huge bathroom so my mom, dad, both my kids and myself worked on it. It was somewhat more fun that way.

Woody, your clematis is stunning!

Did I read that Deanne has 153 containers? Thats amazing! They are looking wonderful already. I love the way you seem to have a theme of a certain style of containers and colors. You certainly have the artists eye.

Saucy, I always think Im going to make things like a succulent wreath or tuffa and never get around to it. Not enough hours in the day I guess. Do show a picture when its done.

Cynthia, Im sorry to hear that life is getting tough for Katie. Hugs to you both.

bug, how great to have wheels. I cant even imagine living in the country without a set of my own.

I hate to say it but we are starting to need rain hopefully there are no eastern Iowa lurkers. Although with the earlier rain we had things are looking quite nice. The roses and clematis are just getting started. I have a Henryi that is just amazing, the blooms are 9 ½" across. I actually measured.

I do not like the new watering wand. The shower setting is too fine and wide.

Im about to turn into a pumpkin good night all


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My maternal great-grandmother: Martha Louisa
My maternal aunt: Martha Liza
Paternal Grandmother: Marian Martha
Me: Martha Louise

Maternal Grandfather: Clarence Homer
Paternal Grandfather: Ralph Miller

I take my naming seriously -- these are some profound women for their time and any one of them could zap me at any moment if I misstep :-)

All involved agreed that the grandfather names could be skipped :-)

My Mom and Dad also have family names, and all of us have something in first or last names that relate to either side.

Kyle is Kyle partly because his father's entire family's first names start with "K". Me of UK heritage wanted something a bit less French than his last name. His dad is Keith Anthony after a great uncle. Ky's middle name is Anthony. Uncles are Ken and Kraig, Aunt is Kathy. Cousins are Krystal, Kelly, Kichelle and Kamryn. Kinda kool, huh?

I went to the Clematis site. Rich took away my plastic (with a knowing smirk) the moment he saw what I was seeing :0 Next year ...

Quick zip in this morning. 3.5" of rain so far this week but sunny and dry for a few days. Can't wait to see what happens in the veggie garden!

Hello, everyone!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

How is it Wednesday already, and almost July?

Yesterday was wild here. Over the course of the day, it was dark, then bright, then sunny, then dark, then all of a sudden about supper time, the wind started gusting and we had a downpour of Hail. I have never seen that much hail before. It was coming down very fast and kept coming for about 15 minutes. The ground was covered in places with pea size hail, before it turned to torrents of rain that quickly became a current running down the street. I rescued a pot from the front steps and a wax begonia had all the leaves ripped on it. So I can imagine what I am going to find this morning. Luckily one car was in the garage and the other was in the driveway under a tree canopy. can always be counted on to remember a song or a movie! :-) I miss my When I was in high school, I barely had to study, I could read something once and skim it once more and remember it. Those days are long gone. 'Tuesday Afternoon' by the Moody Blues was one of my favorites.

Anywhere near the ocean would qualify as my enchanted place. I love it. Now a garden across the street from the ocean...that would be heaven.

Not the ocean, but it looks like this photo could be this person's enchanted place. It makes me think of what a part of the Garden of Eden might be like.

Zambia: The 355-foot drop of Victoria Falls just inches away, a swimmer stands at the lip of a hidden poolan eight-foot-deep divot in the riverbed drockaccessbile only when the Zambezi river runs low.

Photograph by Anie Griffiths Belt
From 'Visions of Earth' NG Feb 2008

Ah...that is the begonia photo I remembered! Such a pretty collection. All looking so healthy and HUGE! What is that variety that is silver? So, they aren't ready for prime time yet this year? My 'two' begonias were neglected over the winter and they are needing some time outside and repotting. Do you find yours easy to care for?

Nice rainbow in Mounument Valley. Beautiful photos! I have never been to Utah, but it sure reminds me of the many cowboy movies my brother and I watched on Saturday mornings when we were kids.

Cynthia...very sad to hear of Katie's decline. So wish you could change the outcome and hard to accept when you can't.

Marian...Glad to hear things are well at your house. Busy is good too! The area wide get together at your church sounds like it left you feeling uplifted. Glad you were able to attend. Always makes a difference to see old friends. It sounds like you have a lovely micro climate there. I wouldn't mind not having 90 degree temps! succulent wreaths. Are you going to hang it somewhere?

Deanne...Loving all your photos. The begonias are gorgeous! I remember one from last year, that had these huge cream bells draping down, did you save that one? Is that a Purple Emperor Sedum in the Driveway Garden? I have one that is in it's third year, that is finally looking good. I almost gave it away last year, and I am so glad I didn't. Such a pretty lily. I am very sad to report, I just discovered a mole or mouse or something similar heading into my compost bin full of chopped leaves. It was moving so fast, I couldn't identify it. It was small though. I guess I am going to have to empty the bin sooner then expected.

Cindy, thanks for sharing your experience with Josephine. Not a fan of wilting plants. I had wondered too about the size of the blossoms ability to stay upright? I have a David Austin Rose that has such large blooms they just hang down to the ground when fully open and I am disliking it more and more.

Gardenbug...Jazzy car! I think you got a deal with that low mileage!

Thanks for the Clematis summary. Very helpful. Makes it easier for me to narrow down what to look for. I definitely like the third group. I really enjoy plants that can be cut back hard in the spring. I went to the Clematis site this morning. I didn't realize there were fragrant clematis of which 'Brunette' looked interesting.

Amazing photos...some of my favorites are...
'Abundance', 'Andante', 'Ballet Skirt', 'Duchess of Albany', 'Elf'. I was quite surprised to see so many listed as part shade. So I did a search for shade and it seemed to bring up half the database...275 plants that will grow in shade. Is that right?

Well....I can see how easy it would be to want to collect them. So many beauties. So I have to narrow it down and ask the question...of everyone who has Clematis...If you could only have ONE clematis, which one would it be?

Woody, you seem to be getting a fairly long bloom period with your VP clematis, would you say? The white bloom to the right of it, what is the name of that again? Pretty bloom. I bet you are really enjoying that combo right now. is a different world than I grew up in. Someone heading off to Chile for their job was not very common in the 1960s. lol Oh, I ran across something you might find interesting....

Oakville, Iowa, June 18, 2008Home to this submerged barn, the tiny town of Oakville located on an elbow of the Iowa River, was evacuated on June 14 after its levee failed.

Massive flooding along the Mississippi River has killed at least 24 people, mostly in Iowa, and driven some 35,000 people from their homes, according to the Associated Press. Federal officials predict dozens more levees could fail in the coming days as floodwaters make their way downstream.

Anita....nice to see you. :-) You have deer that close in your neighborhood, do they eat your plants?

Mary...We were just talking about that nostalgic feeling of transitions in one of the previous threads. I felt the same way when our kids all finished Elementary. June must be the most nostalgic month of the year, what with all the graduations and weddings. [g] Congrats on finishing that tedious job in the bathroom project. I hope you are taking before, during and after photos. Are you going to get creative with the ceramic tiles? Any mini fairies on the tiles? :-) I know there can't be any songs about Wednesday! [g] Hellos all around...

Oops..good morning Martie...I was just heading out to check the veggie garden too.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all!!!

And a beautiful morning it is here. Its currently 60F outside going up to 83 with patchy clouds and a chance of rain this afternoon AND I have NO commitments for the day. I did the stairs yesterday so Im off today. (Ive found that I get fitter faster by taking a day off in between the strenuous cardio workouts.) I can garden to my hearts content. Woohoo!!!!!

Id have to say that my enchanted place is sitting on the patio gazing up at the terraces when they are in riotous bloom (as Wendy mentioned I love my flowers) in July and August. When you are seated, the terraces rise majestically with the spires of lilies and actaea and its just short of overwhelming. Now, if you do this at 5:30AM when not another soul but the birdies are up and about and there is a breath of summer early morning fog over everything, well it fills me with wonder that anything can be so pretty it hurts.

So speaking of something being so pretty it hurts, WOODY!!!!!!!! Your Vyvyan Pennell is beyond belief GORGEOUS! Ive never seen a clematis that has as much impact. Everything about it is perfect from location to form to masses of bloom. Bravo my friend, a brilliant presentation that I am going to try to emulate. Thanks for the inspiration. I have no idea where on earth Im going to move mine to but Ive got to put it somewhere it can make that much of a splash. (And heaven help the rodents if they even think they will munch on it. LOL)

Michelle! I always knew we had a connection, my middle name is Louise! How cool is that? ~~ Yes, 153 is the current number, Ummmm.. actually after yesterday 154, LOL. ~~ This year Ive been trying to make groupings of containers with similar styles and colors so they coordinate. Ive put those yellow ones next to the big Charles Grimaldi in hopes that the yellows will enhance the drama of the big brug when its blooming. The front steps are purples and chartreuse and Ive got some orange and purple going on in the driveway. I like the effect. One of these years Id like to try a color wheel progression in the container garden area but that will take more planning than I had time for this year. Wouldnt that be cool though? ~~ Did you take pics of the Henryii? Id love to see that.

Wow Kathy, your begonia collection is stunning!!!! What is that tall angel wing type in the back of the photo? And is that silver one Sinbad? Also what is that silver/maroon one in the middle? I just love that collection. How do you winter them over? ~~ Im going to try to get a cutting off that white begonia for you. I didnt forget that you wanted one. It must be some sort of tuberous cross as it wintered over completely dormant like they do. Im assuming that one can take cuttings of that type? ~~~ I totally agree with you about the spiritual feel of the Northern Redwoods as well as all the high desert canyon lands. They are awesome! My personal favorite is Bryce in UT. Its a magical place. I have a piece of David Arkenstone music that I plan to be listening to someday as Im standing looking at the hoodoos in Bryce.

Chelone, I lol over the inked one and his cell phone. Ive have been steaming. Whats with these kids and the cell phones attached to their ears? They might just as well have them as implants. I think the whole cell phone thing has gotten totally out of control. Phones are for our convenience and emergencies and not for the convenience of anyone who wants to have a chat. It used to be you could get fired for taking personal calls at work and this kid is spending more time on the phone than working. Good grief.

Yea Bug, wheels! Like you I dont need to drive often but wouldnt want to be without my vehicle. ~~ Thanks for the clematis info. Do you know if Ville de Lyon is a group 3?

Martie, LOL Rich took away your plastic when you were checking out the clematis site!
Anita, thanks! Yes I put up that bamboo fencing last fall. The house next door to us used to be empty for years and they finally rented it and I wanted to maintain the privacy on that side. It came in 12 sections at HD and I just tie wrapped it to the chain link. Sue had suggested I do that several years ago and I finally acted on her idea.

Mary, I cant believe David is done with Elementary school. I can totally understand the tears. ~~ Looking forward to seeing the bathroom project. Hope you are going to have before and after pics.

PM, thanks, that third photograph is the same cream colored begonia from last year. That is its first flower. It seems to hold its blossoms for a long time. Ill get another pic when it fills in more. ~~ Yes that sedum is Purple Emperor. ~~~ Goodness, I was wondering if any of the northeast idyllers got any hail or wind damage from those storms yesterday. They blew up pretty fast didnt' they? We had one form almost over head and it poured buckets and had some wind but fortunately no damage except for a few branches off the oak and pine trees. Hail is the pits.

OK Im off to get good and dirty, have a great day all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just a fly by post...Later gators!
For Deanne:
(I killed mine...)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ok, why am I not shocked that Deanne uses a level in her garden working with her pots? As each is perfection, one knew there had to be a lot of hard work and secrets involved... wow.

That is, as usual, a very wow photo, PM -- not sure it's my idea of paradise, but pretty amazing. I can believe Deanne that your place is paradise from the stunning photos - goes to show you dont have to go far to find it -- what better place than in your own backyard?!!!

I will say re family names, that like Martie's, we've done the "C" thing for most of the women (including dogs) -- it's fun, but sometimes confusing.... calling my DD by the dog's name can be embarrassing...

Chelone -- Ink Boy strikes me as stereotypical of the young workers I've encountered in the last few years among painters, repair folks, etc. - it drives me nutz as I dont think Im a taskmaster, but when you're paying for something, Im part of the generation who expects that the time they're doing the work should be devoted to the "hourly wage" they are getting -- I guess if we could break it down into stopping payment every time they take a break for personal or other business, it might make an impression.

O that question of clematis and "only one" -- I dont think I could choose -- and it would depend on what color, size, and season of bloom, etc., I needed -- at present it's another addiction.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

As to the clematis question, I will answer it once every day! ;)
Today's reply is Aotearoa:

This morning the guys (and gals) from the local addiction center are here "volunteering" to collect the staging we keep in the barn for the local music festival. This is an annual event. Keeps us busy juggling vehicles. The volunteers get to attend one free event.

And an update:
The delphiniums beginning to show colour

Durandii weaves through a white peony.

So we have Sue who uses a ruler, Deanne a level, Michelle a back hoe...There are no doubt other secrets out there! For me, it is bug spray.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Warning: Therapy discovery

My mental image of me is not me. Sounds like 'common sense' doesn't it? LOL

/End of my 'discovery'


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Jerri, yep, I have a fun house mirror image of a lot of things :)

Just poking my head in here - time to turn off the computer and go rest my eyes, except I seem to recall dumping a load of laundry on my bed to be folded!

My bees need to be fed and I still can't figure out how to get the news feed off the DVR without a VCR ASAP. It will not be on the website for download.

Time for me to move along. Keep on discovering, Jerri, it's what makes life fun. I love it when a light bulb goes off....a couple of weeks ago I realized that I'm the sane one and lots of other people are really kooky :)


(who is going to try delphs!)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Jeez, Jerri, didja have to pay for that? ;) My mental image of me is quite slim and has no gray hair or hint of a double chin. Actually, I think my mental image of me is really my DD.

Names - not much going on with the females in the family, but a strong tradition on the male side.

Son - Brandon Hugh
Father - Hugh David
Grandfather - David Ardin
Great-grandfather - Ardin Franklin
Great-great grandfather - Franklin ? - well, here I lose the thread, but you get the idea. And I'm fairly certain that when the time comes, my son will continue the tradition as he thinks it is very cool.

Neat wheels, bug! How is the gas mileage? I have bucked the current trend (oh, don't I always?) and have moved to a better grade of gas. My logic is that when mid-grade gas was 10 cents more per gallon and a gallon was $2.00, that was 5% more. But with gas at $4.00 or more, that same dime is only 2.5% higher - what the hey! And I am getting better mileage for my dime. /end of economics lesson

Kathy, after my little brag last night the Cubs had a rough finish to the game. But tonight is sounding a little better. I don't have cable at home, but was in a hotel room Sunday night. My poor friend who is not a baseball fan at all was forced to watch the Cubs game. She was a good sport. Then I made her watch Family Guy. I may have taken her over the edge!

I have a dishwasher full of top rack only stuff. My challenge for the night is to figure out how to justify running it without melting anything. Boy, do I know how to have fun or what?


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Good Wednesday evening Idylls. The smoke is bad tonight, has not yet blown over yonder. The turistas in the valley this week are certainly not seeing us at our best. Visibility is poor, at least it isnt hot.

Deanne, I remember now you offering me a cutting of that white begonia- I have nevee attempted cuttings on tuberous bs..wonder how that works. Im afraid that 90 percent of my collection was acquired from cuttings that were unidentified, or plants bought with a that said "Assorted Begonia" ..Im sure you get the picture. Ironically, the one that I had a positive ID on was the one I lost this winter. The tall one in the back was in the garden of the house I grew up in, and I took a cutting when I left home, and have had it with me ever since. I remember it being around from about 3rd or 4th grade on. I usually just move them into the house for the winter, but this year since I was getting ready to list the house I left them out , strategically positioned on south walls, under eaves or behind bushes. I did bring two of them in. This is why they are so unimpressive this year-they died back horribly and I was afraid I had lost more of them that I did. Would you like a cutting of the silver guy ? Does the Dept of Homeland Security allow begonia cuttings on aircraft ???

OK, gonna watch some baseball

Yo Denise ?

Norma ? Ei ? etc

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

V, tonight DH bought gas for the new car and the mower. (That was part of my negotiation settlement! Repairs he pays for too!) They took the same amount!

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We are a pet family as of tonight. My 18 and 20 yr.olds bought a nine week, 2 pound Maltese. Pictures to follow. It's strange to have a dog in the house after all these years of being married. They are in full charge of this puppy, so I'm counting on them to take good care of her.

PM2...Yes, I get deer in my yard all the time, even in the daytime hours. I have to keep up with spraying my yard with Liquid Fence. So far this year, it's been doing a good job of keeping them from munching on their favorites like soloman's seal, hosta and hydrangea.

Mary...I understand exactly how you feel about the kids getting older. I went through all the stages as they grew, and now with my youngest being 18 and graduated from high school, it seems so strange that school is over. There's still college, but that's different. Besides DH and I paying for it, they are completely on their own. No notes from parents accepted. LOL. This is the first summer in years that it doesn't seem like a break at's just a summer. No special meaning to it. It's hard to this the beginning of empty nest syndrome????

Cool car 'bug. I was expecting to see you in a Voltswagon Bug, though. :-))) Thanks for the info. on clematis. They scare me, though, thinking they need so much coddling. I have one that the PO put in, but it does okay without much help from me. But seeing all the Idyller's beautiful specimens, I need to get some more.

Weather might get scary starting tomorrow according to the reports. They don't often get it right, but if they do, PM2's hail is on its way to the Midwest. I don't mind the rain, but hail, floods and high winds I could do without.

'Nite all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Anita, I drove a red VW bug in the 60s, DH drove the VW camper van...but that was back when we drove to Woodstock! There was a long series of those pop-top VW campers, right until our kids' high school years. The heaters never worked and I eventually refused to join them to cut Christmas trees because I nearly froze to death.

As to clematis, Anita and others need to know the old saying:
First year sleep
Second year creep
Third(or fourth)year LEAP!
But this is true for other plants as well.
And as far as "coddling" goes, if you choose carefully, the only coddling is guiding the stems in spring, unless you need rodent protection. (which I do!)

I guess I should try sleeping being 3AM.

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Without seeing the bottom of my first cup of coffee, I was shocked to hear that Anita's Post Office installs clematis! Then I figured it must be the prior owner :) Can't wait to see the puppy pix and meet Chloe's long lost cousin :)

GB, I'll bet you run out of gas on the mower before you go through the tank in the car.

V., I believe I have heard a term, Fuzzy Math, and it must apply to your calculations.....

I weeded my neighbor's fence row and her son came out to mow...together we made it look very nice. I am going to have Jake mulch today. There are still more areas to weed, but the big bad one is done! She caught me filling up her bird feeders yesterday and we had a nice chat - she seems to be doing good.

More office work for me today. I'm itching to get outside. I'd like to get some more major projects underway before the real heat of summer hits! I've switched to garden reading material at night, frustrated with my bees....

I'm going to try to get in the hive today. I've had too much well meaning advice and need to figure out my own solution. I'm leaning toward not caring if they swarm (it seems hopeless at this point) and just tending the half of the hive that will be left after the big event.

Someday I'll look back on this and realize how simple the solution was, the same way I look at soil prep or growing things under lights :)

Chelone, I told you about my lecture to the children about cell phone usage: THIS PHONE IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY....LOL, Jake said, "everyone talks on it all the time, mom." He doesn't understand...thinks I'm weird.

Well, I might possibly be weird, but the mental image of me is perfectly normal :)


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I've emerged from Clematis world on the web and went outside to count the number of shrubs I have that could serve as support. I figure that by the time I match shrub foliage and bloom with Clem flower color I won't have enough time to do much else, but that's OKAY with me!

I don't find Josephine's blooms to droop but it could be absolute beginner's luck. Also don't find her gaudy; outstanding, yes.

We use the water method to level. If a lined measuring cup has water equally around, then it's level. Ditto bird bath leveling. Not too scientific, but it works.

I've never heard of propogating tuberous begonias from cuttings. Have grown them from seed (multi-year project not recommended for the faint of heart) and have heard of tissue propogation using carefully cut slices of tuber, but I'll bet, Deanne, if you email Antonelli's they could tell you. Link provided below to whet your appetite .....

Hadn't thought about summer not feeling like summer without an out-of-school kid bouncing about the house. It IS different, but in a good way.

Chile sounds like a great place to have to work, Michelle! Any chance of you visiting?

Hi to everyone! "Stay at home" day, today so will check in later.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

All kids bemoan that their parents are the only weird ones Saucy....No other parents make their kids tuck in their shirts, wear a coat in winter, clear the table, complete school work on time, learn to do their own laundry, help a neighbor without pay, write a thank you note, or hang up the phone when they have nothing to say. Later on they remember cool things about the family believe it or not! Eventually they'll tell their adult friends or partners that "When I grew up we were expected to...." as though that is the only proper way to do things. ;)

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

A quickie hello to everyone. There's a possibility of rain this afternoon (again) so I want to get outside and get rid of some more weeds before it gets here.
We're still babysitting Tucker the dog, he still smells like skunk, and pretty much stays right at my heels. Ah, the smell of living in the country!
Will check back in later-
PS. Saucy, my kids had weird, horribly strict, borderline abusive parents ;) They survived, and from listening to them talk now, sounds like my grandkids are going to have weird, horribly strict, borderline abusive parents, LMAO! You see, they WORK with some of the kids they so envied that got to do anything they wanted. They don't like the end result.

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Kathy...I meant to say how beautiful your deck is. The begonia collection looks like angel's wings...ready to take off. And thanks for the link to Monument Valley. I've never heard of it, so it was nice to learn something new. My idea of an EP would be more in line of the rain forest, although the creepy crawly things would have to go. LOL. Something with lots of trees with the sun just peeking through. I bemoan having too much shade sometimes, but those are the areas in my garden I'm drawn to the most.

The puppy was yelping all night. I thought of Sue. I finally woke my daughter up at 5:00 to tend to her. Potty training will be harder than I thought, so any tips on how to best approach this would be appreciated. She's at the vet right now, and hopefully a place to get a bath. My DD called a bunch of groomers and they are all booked. What a business...maybe I should switch careers. Go from cutting human hair to dog hair. LOL. will figure something out regarding the bees. I still look in awe at how you've gone for so far. Not sure what the particular problem is (must have missed that post), but I know you'll find the solution. And here's to being a "weird" parent!!! The best kind. Kids always want to tell you how they're the only ones with rules. I did the same with my parents, and my kids will hear the same from their kids. Such is life. Glad you're getting a lot accomplished for your neighbor. And great of Jake for helping out, too. Will be good for him to schlep that mulch around...tell him it will beef up his arm muscles.

', the same amount of gas for the car and mower? How neat. How much is gas a gallon in Canada? Are you seeing the same fast increase in cost, or has it always been high? 4.15 as of yesterday by me.

brenda...I've been enjoying hearing your tales of the skunk drenched dog your sitting for. What a friend you are for taking on the task. And sounds like your back is much better, too. Yoga does work.

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A little wet here, but we could use a good soaker.

I had yesterday afternoon off and am pleased that the veggie garden is pretty much weed free. I was able to get some mulching done as well. Last night at 7:30 it was still 83 degrees and as DH and sat on the patio sipping strawberry smoothies I decided Ive created my own Enchanted Place. I really love my garden. Im sure its far from the best-designed etc. but I love it and I guess thats all that matters.

Anita, clematis really dont need coddling. I sure dont at least.

I put in my copper clematis tuteur 2 years ago so the 3 clematis are now in the 3rd season. They are still pretty spindly, but 2 have a lot of buds.

Martie, DS will probably only be in Chile for a couple of weeks. We are looking to go to Florida next winter though.

PM2, Iowa is having more rain today which doesnt help those trying to dry out. Did you have damage from the hail? I hate hail. Years ago we had softball hail that came down so hard that it went through the roof into the attic. At least I wasnt gardening then ;o)

Probably more to comment on, but work calls.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Anita, have the puppy sleep in a crate in a bedroom with someone. Any yelping should be shortlived. I decided to try a different route with Nick on his first night. An on-line puppy group I was participating in recommended putting the crate in a "safe" room like a bathroom, door open, room gated, with newspapers, toys, etc scattered about. A virtual puppy paradise. Well, after two solid hours of listening to Nick scream I got up, brought him out for a quick potty, moved the crate next to my bed, put him in, closed the door and didn't hear another peep all night. Maybe that's why he's not buying in to the current program...closing in on two months and yips started at 4:55 this morning. I'm


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sue, get a new paper boy with better hours!

I second the crate, starting with night 1. Puppies don't soil their "home". ALWAYS feed the puppy in the crate. They'll always love it then.
Phoebe slept in our room in her crate for about 2 months.
After that I moved the crate out of our bedroom to the laundry room. I wasn't getting sleep because the cats were harassing Phoebe in our room. She adjusted just fine. She now eats and sleeps in a large "playpen".

Having said all this, Phoebe peed on the DR rug at lunchtime today. DH doesn't keep track of how long she's been in the house and how much attention she demands....(I was weeding at the time) He then tied her to a big tree and she cried. She wants to be WITH people all the time or else in her playpen.

I need a shower...

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I am so far behind!

It's been a long week at work and I still have a day to go. It's the same story every year in the 2 weeks leading up to a "big" holiday. But we've been on one of those "barely enough, make it work" rolls... you have barely enough fabric and you have to figure out how to make the best use of two rolls of fabric... this can be particularly stressful when dealing with 120" runs for canopies. My present sentance involves a series of 7 smallish cushions for a boat. There are several, intricate flaps that will either slide into track or snap down onto the hatches. All are fully corded and I may/may not have to replace the foam. This is a CYA job (forgotten/postponed?) and they have to be done by noonish tomorrow. For my next feat I will spin straw into gold; anyone want to place an order??

The cushion job I did at home for the newly refurbished patio furniture was a smashing success. They were tickled pink by the work and the price. The cushions looked great and I was surprised at how EASY it was to make them. Not because I did anything differently than I normally do, but because I didn't have to hunt for the proper equipment, step over someone else's large project, clean up someone else's mess, etc.. But the nicest part of it all was that they were PRETTY. I did not take a picture of them, but have asked that the owners send me a shot of them in situ, though I know that can be a dangerous request... too easily forgotten.

I heard about a 2 lb. dog, Anita? I can't even feature something so small that isn't a kitten. Whining, crying... a beating, that's what's called for! Dogs need to be with people, esp. puppies. Puppies raised with love and guidance grow into loving, secure dogs who understand how they fit in. Just like kids. (I thought of you today, I have my 4 wk. haircut tomorrow and my cut is just hitting that "too long" point; 5 wks. would drive me nuts and look shaggy!).

Saucy, I can only imagine what a wretched parent you are. Mum and Dad were not "strict" in the strictest sense, but I understand now that they really were! But being polite and considerate were important, and woe betide my brother and me if we weren't. Table manners were a biggie, too. Mostly, they asked a lot of questions that made us think and required more than a "yes/no" answer. They didn't yell and scream much, but the, "I'm/we're very disappointed by (whatever)" or, "I was/we were terribly worried that you didn't call" were 10 times worse. Actions had consequences. Always. They were good at making the hard things easy, but their's was an unsettled relationship so the easy things were taught on a more individual level, not a "family" one.

Parents: John Stephen and Eleanor
P grandparents: Walter ? and Elizabeth (Bess) ?
M grandparents: Roderick Archie and Caroline ?
gP grandparents: Stephen and Loanna
gM grandparents: Arthur and Elizabeth
brother: Roderick

I used to know the middle names of my grandparents but I've somehow forgotten them and the paperwork to locate them is not handy. But "family names" were important. I was very nearly named Wilhemina, for one of Mum's aunts who died at about 18 from a long term infection in her hip. The result of horseing around on a sidewalk at falling against and ultimately through a plate glass window. My nickname would have been "Willa". I have her rings and pins and think of her when I wear them. I would have liked that name.

Maybe I'll be able to catch up, but if not, I'm enjoying the pictures. I'm gardening vicariously again this year, it seems.

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The smoke continues to get worse-most unpleasant.One of my co-workers flew back from Colorado yesterday and said that flying in over the Sierra you could see nothing but smoke in all directions. I will be glad to be heading up to the Oregon coast next week !

Anita, I hope you do not become another victim of Childrens Pets Inheritance Sydrome, a common malady in which a DS or DD either begs for or aquires a pet and you, the parent , suddenly find that you are in fact the owner and caretaker of said pet .. This disease has struck here more than once , lol ! My patio is much more 'spare' this year as I had to unclutter in the interest of potential home buyers.

Chelone, so were these cushions (you know, the ones you failed to photograph for us) a solid color, stripes or a pattern ? I'm quite partial to stripes myself.

Time to go scare up some grub...hi to all

Kathy in Napa

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A sticky good morning! True New England summer weather is on tap for the weekend and the timing is perfect. Need to get some indoor stuff done but outside is just too tempting! Will undoubtedly spend some time inside then scoot out for as long as I can take 90deg heat with 70% humidity. A/C will be in use.

I knew I'd overdone the manners thing with Kyle when we were at a semi-formal house party. Ky was about 9 and one of three invited kids. After everyone else had left the table and the caterer was clearing, Kyle was still sitting at his place. Caterer asked why. Kyle's answer" "The hostess got up and never came back, so I couldn't ask to be excused." The hostess was summoned, embarassed that she didn't give him an opportunity to leave. Caterer found an extra dessert for him and he hasn't forgotten to this day.

Our manners philosophy was learn and use it until you're on your own, then it's up to you. At least you'll know "the rules" and if you ever need them, you won't embarrass yourself. For all the fidgeting when he was small, he's darn glad to know it now.

Yesterday was spent horizontally and of course, I dug out a vine book for additional inspiration.

Since I'm probably now officially the lone petless Idyll, Anita, I can't offer suggestions for puppy potty training, but can offer a sympathetic nod. I remember the days of "litter training" with my mom's dogs.

The CA fires are headlines here, Kathy. This is something I can't imagine but can only imagine how horrible it must be. Here's hoping the dry lightening becomes wet, soon.

There's a pepper on my red pepper plant!! Feel like a new momma :-)

Are your bees behaving like bees, yet, Saucy?? Since the lavs are now blooming I'm noticing a distinct decline in the population here. Typically by now they'd be humming around and they're not. Hmmmmmmm.

I think Nick needs a puppy to take care of, Sue ;-)

Isn't it about the time of year that we see Bella in the Garden photos??

And Babs' boys at Hocking Hills?

And Mary's kids at recitals?

And Reed back from the woods?

How great is it that you can plan a Florida trip, Michelle! I know the move will be hard for everyone, but at least you can have a Countdown to Kenzie Calendar!!

Glad to feel like heading to the office today. Never thought I'd say that, but the alternative is just plain UGH!

Everyone have a great day ...


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Good morning

I have to confess to feeling really nervous this morning. After finally finishing all the prep work I'm laying the ceramic floor tiles today. I've read over and over what to do, watched instruction videos, have all the supplies asembled, but as you can see I'm stalling. It's taken so long to get to this point I'd hate to mess things up now. But all those condescending comments at Home Depot are echoing in my head - even DH said it would be too much to undertake. Arrggg!!! I guess I'll just have to try and prove them all wrong. Wish me luck ladies.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


I'm slacking this morning until my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon at 8:30. His office called me on Tuesday to tell me the MRI report said I have a stress "reaction" and that the doctor wanted me on crutches until my appointment today. So I've been as good as I can be-crutches all day at work but not at home at night and I have to admit the pain is pretty much gone. The crutches are a major PIA though. On Wednesday I was at an all day meeting at the new MGM Grand facility at one of the state's Indian casinos. Had co-workers waiting on me hand and foot. A few of the big guys in fleet maintenance offered to carry

Marie, I downgraded my newspaper service to three days a week-Thursday, Friday and Sunday because I wasn't reading it. It gets delivered somewhere between four and four thirty-long before the yipping starts. This morning it was five to five again. And Martie, why don't you get a puppy and bring him to Nick for playdates.

Last night I knocked a major item off my to-do list and cleaned and opened the screen porch. It was filthy with pollen. I vacuumed then washed the floor with a damp rag on my hands and knees. All I have to do now is clean the cushions on the furniture. They're covered all winter but get dirty during the season. The seat covers come off and can be tossed in the wash but are a royal pain to get back on. The backs I have to scrub with a weak detergent solution and a hose then let dry in the sun. Maybe I should hire Chelone to make me some new ones.

Deanne, I'm almost ready for a get together. Pick a date.

Kathy, that fire situation is nasty. Is it my imagination or is there much more of it in recent years?

I saw my first deer of the season this morning. Thankfully it was on the other side of the fence in the catch basin area. Guess I'd better get some spray.

Allrighty then, enough for now. It looks like hazy, hot and humid here for the weekend although they downgraded the temperature here today from the low 90s to the upper 80s.

Stay cool!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well I guess I cant poke fun at Sue for her ruler in the garden because I use a level.LOL

Martie, the water method is ingenious. Its still a level, a clever homemade one but still a level. The one Doug bought me is just a foot long and lightweight, in fact I can tuck it into my pocket so its easy to have on hand when Im moving pots. ~~ Thanks for the link to the tuberous begonia site! I almost swooned at some of those flowers. You enabler you!

Mary, of course you can do the ceramic tiles!!!! It isnt rocket science. Do not listen to the condescending attitudes of male type persons over the lady of the house doing tile work. Toilet installations are more difficult. YOU GO GIRL!

Saucy, how have you made out with the T storms this week? Did you get any hail damage?

PM ditto above question?

Sue, guess what? I found that lovely variegated Dancing Flame Salvia this week at Mixed Border. They had a table full of interesting annuals that were pretty picked over but these didnt look too bad so I snapped them up. Now of course I had to buy a Begonia Bonfire to plant with it and a Blackie Sweet Potato Vine etc. So no there will be another container because I found a cool salvia and so it goes. ~~ So pick a date How about sometime during the forth of July weekend???? Id love for you all to come and see whats blooming here now too. Things are looking nice.

Bug, is that Aotearoa a type three clematis? Would you post another couple pictures of it for me please? I love that dark violet. Also, how large are those flowers? ~~~ You do need to get another Ville de Lyon. A fabulous cultivar.

Kathy, yes indeed, Id love any begonia cuttings youd care to fly my way. ~~ The fires out your way are just dreadful. So sorry.

Anita, I hope the pet works out. My experience with children and pets is right along Kathys lines of the Childrens Pets Inheritance Syndrome. Id have been not at all happy with having to get DD up at 5AM to deal with the dog. She should have been aware that the dog was disturbing your sleep.

Sue, Nick needs a therapist. Maybe he should go and live with Tom. ~~ You should see my P Painters Palette this year. Gorgeous. Did you say you had extra Tricyrtis? Ive got a couple spots that could use some.

Chelone, wish youd taken photos of those cushions.

Michelle, good grief! You had hail big enough to go through a roof!!!!! Holy cow! ~~ So how do you make your strawberry smoothies? Sounds yummy. Good for you with the veggie garden being weed free. ~~ I still need to design a stained glass piece with a brug on it. I didnt forget the trade we talked about last year. In fact, I should show you the paintings I have available so you can pick one out and Ill send it to you then Ill make sure to make the time to get my stained glass piece designed. LOL

Brenda, You are too funny, my kids had weird, horribly strict, borderline abusive parents ;) I sometimes think we werent horribly strict enough with our DD.

My neighbors daughter starts working for me this morning and Im really hoping this works out. Shes a great kid and I hope the numbers of containers I have to water dont scare her off. LOL


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I broke down and watered some of the gardens this morning. You'd think with all the thunderstorm warnings we would have had some rain, but no. Just drama for weather these days. I did a quick pruning of the Ravenswing and Sweet Cicely, pulled a few weeds and then came indoors exhausted at 8:30AM! Sheesh. I guess it will be exercise class and indoor stuff for me today!

For Deanne, Aotearoa blooms are about 4 inches across I'd say... Chalk Hill has a few left I'm told on their going out of business sale.
Starting to open


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I too thought of Chelone & advice the other nite when my Dad called asking for advice on replacing his cushions on his Molla patio furniture -- my Mother had bought a bolt of Sunbrella years ago to redo the cushions and he was contemplating finding someone to make them for him (he has the original cushions still). Then, after I suggested he take the measurements and see what he could find ready made in stock somehwere, he ended up surfing the 'net and finding a place that makes replacement cushions w/ a choice of fabrics - he's color blind so that is always interesting to see what he "picks out" -- I thought he was ready to make the commitment to the site & order (altho I thought it was a bit pricey) then I called last nite for an update and he'd found some site that claimed to make the cushions for Molla furniture... egads.. this may be his whole project for the summer and he'll have it all ready by the time it's ready to put away for the winter, LOL -- I've learned it's easier to just let it all work itself out w/ him - he'll spend more money than he should, but it's his money. He's been nattering away at me to come visit -- but Im not sure Im ready for that - and it would have to be staying at a hotel... maybe in another couple of months; I'd rather enjoy my summer selfishly without any more intense family drama -- from afar it's much easier to don that kevlar garbage shield and laugh it all off...

Sue, I confess ignorance about stress fractures and relative ailments - what causes them? You should let everyone wait on you and endulge -- take it while you can; folks' attention span can be short-lived and you'll end up 5 weeks into the crutch doing it all solo -- very hard -- I do feel for you and totally understand the harsh problems of dealing w/ those things. Had a broken foot w/ boot & crutches one winter & had to commute to D.C. on the metro - it's one of the worst memories I have -- hope you get some better news from the surgeon.

Mary - Im sure you can do the project - you're so handy and talented (& hey, if it goes wrong, rip it out & start over - just dont tell anyone!!!); I do find that Im much better when someone personally shows me those types of projects in person; Im a visual person I guess.

Im not sure Im ready to do patio shots of my place - it's a mess! altho I just bought another plant stand to see if I can organize all the agaves better out there (they're suffering w/ transition from indoors to out and little shade or moderate temps - sad looking they are at present) and it's been too stinking hot to get any good shots of any plant lately -- I've got a really nice accidental combo of Geranium Rozanne and Stokesia Purple Parasol w/ lychnis coronaria Angels Blush that is lovely -- but I can't get the blues - they all look white in a camera -- but it's really pleasing to the eye in person.

Anita - I echo the idea of the crate for the puppy at nite in someone's room -- Chloe started out w/ me that way (I even badly slept w/ the crate on my bed for weeks -- shush, we wont tell anyone right? Im single -- I can do what I want in my bed!). Your puppy sounds pretty young and at that lb it's so easy for humans to step on or not see where she is. Just think how small her bladder must be -- they have to relieve it frequently! They are wonderful loving dogs though - I heartily second the choice of breed.

Well, it's freaking friday;Im hoping for NO repeat of last friday which was a real stresser...

Thinking of Kathy and the terrible smoke -- so scary even if traditionally the winds go the other way -- it must not feel so good to breathe, yikes!


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Sue...hope you get some good news at the doctor's this morning. I've never had to use crutches, but they look like the most uncomfortable things.

Deanne...yes, I know all about the CPIS and that's why I waited until DD turned 18 to let a pet in the house. I am trying to stay out of it (hard to do with such a cute thing), and let them handle the important medicine, feeding, training, etc. I'm putting my kid's old baby blankets to use and swaddle the puppy in it...I'm adverse to getting peed on.

Mary...good luck with the tiles. You're awesome for attempting this, and OF COURSE you can do it!!! Can't wait for the before and after pics.

Martie...stay cool!

Have a breezy day everyone,

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We received a wonderful soaking of 1.45" last night. I was just about to consider some watering.

That Aotearoa reminds me a lot of the clematis that grew by my front door. I bought it as Multi-blue but it certainly isnt that. Its a very vigorous grower. Because it was by the front door I brutally chopped it to the ground in the fall and it grew 10 or more in a season. I called it the monster clematis because it got wide as well. This spring in prep for the front yard redo, it got moved to the Secret Garden. The root ball was monstrous as well.

My Ville de Lyon is climbing its tree quite nicely this year.

I stopped at the farm store on the way home last night and took advantage of 30% off perennials and annuals. bugs beautiful delphs encourage me to grab the one that was left. I had a nice stand that seems to have dwindled to one plant with small spires. I also picked up a boltonia, which Ive always thought would be a great plant for my space. Another geranium Roseanne and a few small sedums and some annuals that were dirt cheap. I was able to get more ornamental kale to replace the ones the rabbits ate for 75 cents for a 4 pack. All veggies were 75 cents so I picked up another ornamental pepper Medusa. I think they are quite fun. I have several varieties that I wintersowed this year.

Cindy, good for your dad for using the internet to get things done. My dad at 72 has never touched their computer.

Deanne, I have very loose recipes for my smoothies. Basically what ever is in the fridge or freezer. These had vanilla yogurt, strawberries, ice cubes and orange juice. If I had a banana it would have went in. Milk works just as well as oj and any flavor of yogurt or even frozen yogurt works.

Kathy, the smoke sounds awful to deal with.

Mary, you will do just great, Im sure. My mom and I laid a ceramic tile floor in the bathroom of my previous house. I can imagine its a little more intimidating by yourself.

Martie no peppers here yet. The rabbits like those too ;o) Ive never had this much problem with rabbits.

Im trying to get a good dose of Kenzie before she moves LOL She is coming tomorrow and again on the 4th. Her daddy handles the catering that the restaurant he manages does in the summer. This restaurant is on the edge of an amusement park and lots of companies host employee outings there and he likes DD to help with the catering events.

Im off 2 hours early today. Enjoy your Friday.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Don't have time for a "good" post, but had to stick in my two cents ;)
Mary, you can do the tile. I laid tile in our laundry room several years turned out fine and the world didn't collapse upon itself, lol! DH and not-so-DFIL were just sure I was gonna screw it up, so I threw them outta the house and went about my business. I have no patience for condescending male types. Now, keep in mind, the more stuff you let people KNOW you can do, the more they want you do do ;)
Michelle, soak up all the Kenzie you can, hope you girls have a wonderful time!
Gotta run, HI to everyone!
PS. Talked to Tucker's "dad" last night. We've all come to the conclusion that he's going to have to get a serious haircut and some more bathing. I've never known skunk to hang on a dog for as long as it has on this poor guy...I don't know how he stands himself!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Brenda, do you have the peroxide recipe for skunk stench? It works really well! I can send it to you if you need it. I keep the supplies on hand because I'd never have that much peroxide etc on hand in an emergency. And those are TRUE emergencies!

So humid here. Even poor Phoebe is sleeping by the fan in my study. (Sue's room!) I picked up a funny item to support a clematis while I was out at the nursery...and love it! Also got a few dark lilies for behind clematis Niobe and another Ragged Robin plant too. They look really nice in front of blue hostas.

By the way Michelle, Polish Spirit and Warsawska Nike are two possibilities for the monster clematis you moved away from your front entry.
And Michelle, I follow the same "recipe" for DH's smoothies.

I'm eager to see Mary's before & after photos of the new powder room. I KNOW it will be grand, even if not lime green!

The California fires' smoke is making photos of the sun look like the moon. I hope your lungs are holding up OK Kathy!

Lucky lucky Deanne and Sue to be able to get together and inspect each other's fantastic gardens! Sue, I had to use crutches for a few days...and I agree, they're a total nuisance, though sometimes necessary. I was so glad to get a walking cast instead!

I need to defrost shrimp for a cold dinner tonight, then more mowing is in my future.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Bad news from the doc this morning. I have a stress fracture on the front of my lower tibia. The treatment-agressive rest for 6-8 weeks. He took a baseline xray and scheduled me to go back in four weeks for another one. They fitted me with a boot and I'm supposed to continue to use the crutches for the entire time. I neglected to ask how you push a wheelbarrow full of mulch on crutches. Cindy, I guess they happen from overuse. Prior to this happening I had just come off a winter of five to six day a week treadmill use with interval running alternating with hour and a half walks outside. It seems like the healthier I get the more I fall

Needless to say this is not good news but I'll work around it. He said I could swim, stretch, do Pilates and upper body weight training, just no weight bearing on the right foot. I'll use the boot for light walking around the house. The big question is what to do about IU5. At this point I'm thinking it's out but I haven't made a final decision. it wine night yet?


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Good afternoon

GB- I did toy with the idea of lime green with the white wainscoating LOL! I settled for warm earth tones instead. I love the Clem pics. I remember really enjoying your "Clematis a day" a few years back and am delighted to see more.

Sue - what a bummer. For someone as active as you it must be hard news to hear. However, I've no doubt that you will become an Olympian swimmer adn weight lifter if that is where you are dedicating your work-outs. Are there any neighborhood kids you could hire to push your cart? I give David 50c to load my cart with mulch and wheel it to me. He loves the fact that he is making money (at 11 there aren't many other options) and calls himself "Mulch Boy" LOL!! It might be worth asking around.

Well, the floor is done. Thank you all for your encouragement. The jury is out on how it's turned out till everything sets and I can walk on it. From the doorway it looks fine. I'm a little worried as I don't think I used as much thin-set as I should have on the first few tiles. My skills definitely improved as the job progressed. I did become rather a dab hand with the tile nippers, cutting out a pretty nifty circle for the toilet flange. I'm looking forward to using them for some mosaic making once this endless project is done.

Michelle - enjoy every moment of your Kenzie time!! And getting off early today. As Sue reminded us it is definitely wine night.

Thinking of Kathy and the smoke and all those I've missed commenting to.

A dip in the pool has given me just enough energy to tidy our bedroom before DH arrives home tonight. It feels as though he's been gone forever. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

We just got back from a 3-day/2-night mini-vacation in Prince Edward County at the east end of Lake Ontario. I will try to get caught up and be back tomorrow...

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Wheelchair? I'm only half facetious; look, we're a fairly rugged group and could muscle your sorryass around with little difficulty. Maybe I could heist one of the rugged wagons used for shrubs from the helpmeet's employer, it would travel on the rack on my wagon with no trouble. Dollars against doughnuts the public gardens are largely or fully accessible. And a looky-see at the Garden Conservancy tour will provide the same information. Perhaps judicious use of crutches could overcome minor difficulties? It's going to be too much fun for you to miss!

Mary, I meant to comment a long time ago on your bathroom project. GOOD FOR YOU, I was raised by two 'rents who firmly believed that the ability to read and follow directions coupled with attention to detail, and a good sense humor made all things possible. I loathe the condescending tone and look, too, nor do I suffer it gladly (surprising, I know). Over the years I've surprised more than a few of the male persuasion with my mechanical aptitude, and ability to organize, prioritize, and complete work. Another thing that has "surprised" them is my ability to measure accurately... like it's brain surgery?? I'm sure the floor will be fine and if it isn't you already know what went wrong and will quickly learn how to effect the needed repair properly! I have complete faith in you. :)

The fabric for the cushions (which are in a sunroom) was a handsome brocade, traditional gold design on a black background. The dining chair cushions were lustrous copper jacquard, with quilting to highlight the traditional pattern. The furniture was an inherited metal "patio set" that had been a flat grey and has just been repainted in a glossy black with gold flecks (automotive paint). I probably should have photographed the cushions, but so much of the effect is lost in a workroom. At least to me; what do you guys think about that?

I'm glad this week is over; it was a tough one and next week could be tough, too.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh my Sue! that's just dreadful! So sorry about that. At least now you know exactly what's been going on all this time so that should be a relief. It will heal up once you give it some rest. I can imagine though what a PIA crutches are going to be during garden season. Let us know if you need help with anything.

Mary, neato! Glad to hear the tiles are finished. Can't wait to see the finished project. I'm sure it's lovely.

Gorgeous Hosta Bug! That is a behemoth. ~~ Thanks for the Aotearoa pics. That's a lovely variety. I'm going to have to look for that one.

Michelle, glad you are going to get some Kenzie time in. I know you are going to have a great time. ~~ Do you use the smoothies as a substitute for dinner or lunch?

Cindy, after all the stuff you've dealt with in the last year or so I totally agree that you need to have a stress free summer. (as much as that's possible with your job)

Some random pics from the last few days. I found that Illustris at Loews and plunked in the pond and it's quite happy with its location there.

Asiatic lilies 'Lollipop'

LA Hybrid Lily 'Manhattan'

The divine 'Vyvyan Pennell' (I'm totally into gaudy)

'Endless Summer' is beginning to color up. Looks like this plant is continuing to be half pink and half blue. Go figure?

AStilbe after the rain

Globemaster seed heads

OK I'll stop now, I've got thousands of them! I can't seem to stop taking pictures this year.

Time for that Friday glass of wine, enjoy the evening all

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Just skimming and saw Mary's floor angst. Time for wine yet Mary? The 'condescending comments at Home Depot' are evidence of the speaker's insecurity. By that I mean that they may get their sense of pride from being able to complete particular tasks and if some cute little woman can do them, maybe it isn't as hard as they think :) It lowers their self esteem.

Lovely photos everyone. That diamond of water is a stunner Deanne.

Sue, Glad you have an answer and hope the boot and crutches solves it for you. Injuries should be scheduled for winter! Throw some garden parties and pour wine from chair while supervising garden maintenance. ('Aggressive rest' is fun turn of phrase.)

We've been having storms without rain here, and just had a good thunderstorm with driving rain. This was needed and hot enough that it should dry by mowing time tomorrow.

I've had a brutal work week so it's really nice to drop into this ....enchanted place :)

Later - Cynthia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My favorite clematis for today.

Is it Pagoda?

Or perhaps Odoriba...

Melting here....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Seems like several of us had rough weeks at work. My highlight was on Monday morning when I was out of town. I got a very angry phone call from the office stating that an office was locked, they needed access and no one there had a key. I said I was assuming someone had tried turning the doorknob, and in turn there was a long pause, then an, "Oh, never mind..." Funny how easy it is to waste all that energy getting agitated but how hard it is to turn a doorknob. We really need to get some personality issues sorted out at the office, or I will give serious thought to something of some other sort!

It has turned sticky and itchy here. I have a low-key weekend planned, so hopefully I can get some outside work down in dribs and drabs. I suspect I'll need long sleeves for planting, though.

Sue, what a bummer about your leg. I'm pretty sure we can put you in a wheelbarrow and roll you around the gardens! I hope you decide to come. I'm sure we can accommodate you in some way (I'm really kidding about the wheelbarrow) and I think the getaway will be a good tonic for you if you can make yourself take it easy. Like Cynthia, I got a chuckle out of "aggressive rest". Just remember, you need to work as hard at recovering from this as the hard work that led up to the injury.

I thought I would share a couple of pics from an Enchanted Place not too far from me - Lurie Garden in Millennium Park. This is on the lakefront in downtown Chicago and is really quite amazing. Piet Oudolf designed most of the perennial gardens.

I love this shot with the highrises in the background. I used to work on the 66th floor of the building in the upper left.

I fell in love with this plant, which was new to me. But a google search on Phlomis 'Amazone' turned up the fact that gardenbug had given hers away in 2003 because it never performed this well.

Finally, can anyone id this flower? It was about four feet tall and quite stunning. My guess is an annual sunflower, but it seems to be blooming quite early and I didn't see anything close on the garden's plant lists.


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Hi to everyone!


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So now Deanne is growing diamonds in her garden ;o) Great shot! "The divine 'Vyvyan Pennell' (I'm totally into gaudy)" Me too! Although, some of the smaller ones bug is showing are so elegant.

Mary, I eagerly await the tile pictures.

V, I love the Phlomis and Lurie Garden.

'bug, here's several pictures of the mystery clematis from a couple of years ago. The flowers do a fair amount of dangling.

nighty night


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

An early good morning to all! Don't ask me why I'm awake this time of day, I have no idea. Waiting on a pot of coffee and I will then crawl back to my nest and read for a while.
Bug, I've never heard of the peroxide recipe, but would love to try it! Thank you SO much. You should be able to send it through the email on my page. Between the heat, humidity and the fact that we seem to get a rainshower every afternoon, that dog is darn near intolerable.
Mary, glad to hear you got the floor done! Try anything at least once-you'll be surprised what you can do.
The pictures are so, so beautiful this morning! V, I have no idea what that plant is, but I do like it!
Sue, bummer about the stress fracture. Behaving is always difficult this time of year. Wish I was closer, I'd come pull some weeds for ya. I'm all tuned in to pull the big 3 footers now. It's been like living in London around here this year, and weeds are lovin' it.
Okay, coffee pot beeped. I'm going to head back upstairs. Later, all!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hello :-)

Had to pop in to say I am loving all the photos being posted! Have been immersed in a research project but up too early this morning, so now I have time to read posts too.

Hi Brenda...I have been up since 2am...going to be a nap day today. No way I am going back to sleep now. It's going to be a warm day and the only tolerable time to get out in the garden is going to be between 6-9am. :-) are SO lucky!! I am a big fan of Piet Oudolf. I had not seen those gardens in Chicago and I wish he would come to Boston and do some of our public gardens. What a really amazing space that is. Right in the city. I wonder, do people just love it there?

Gardenbug....It would seem that the open clematis blossom is only half the fun. Love the way the Aotearoa opens it's flowers. The Pagoda is so unique in it's form and larger than other bell types I have seen. But, oh that that is one that I could really get excited about and I will have to look for it. Gorgeous!

Is anyone using their shrubs as support? How do you get it started, isn't it too shady under the shrub for them? Has anyone ever tried making a copper obelisk or similar?

Anita...congratulations on the newest member of the family. I hope you will post a photo to the Idyll Pets thread. I am glad to hear the Liquid Fence is working for you. I have heard people complain about the odor. Do you have a large enough property to keep the odor away from your main garden areas?

Sue....Sorry to hear about the news from your doctor. Not what you wanted to hear I am sure. I hope that someone can help you out at home to keep up with at least the bare minimum without too much angst for you.

Brenda...I haven't seen a skunk around for such a long time. You have brought back memories of one of our dogs who was sprayed. So has Tucker received his hair cut yet? [g] Did you try the tomato bath that is always recommended? are things in Iowa? Have they had more rain? Yes, I see quite a bit of damage from the hail. Hydrangea leaves are pretty ripped up and I need to get out and trim. Between the necessary deadheading and weeding I am actually not looking forward to getting out there this weekend. Very muggy here. I can't believe you actually had hail large enough to go through the roof!! Has the playhouse received it's coat of paint yet? I know the weather has not been very dry here, same there?

I am the only one in the house who has smoothies regularly. Digestive problems will leave me needing something easy to digest pretty often and that seems to fit the bill. Frozen bananas are the trick for me. Mango smoothies with just mango and non fat yogurt are good too. Pineapple/frozen banana. Frozen strawberrie/frozen banana/1/2 orange is a nice combo. Blueberries are my least favorite although they are so good for you. We make our own yogurt.

Kathy....Has the smoke dissipated at all?

Martie...we are also 'pet-less', so you are not alone. :-) I can't believe you have a pepper. I've actually given up on growing peppers because I don't think I get enough sun for them. I usually will get a few peppers on a plant, but not worth the wait. This year, we finally got tomato plants in the ground but much too late and I doubt I will even get a tomato. So we are heading to a local Farmer's Market this morning, to see if we can find a good source for buying tomatoes etc. this year. We put some pole beans in and at least, they are taking off quite rapidly. We have to do better with the veggie garden next year. are so ambitious to tackle your bathroom that way! I am looking forward to seeing photos of the completed floor. What does your husband think of you getting the job done?

Chelone....We hear so much about all the sewing projects you work on, I for one, would love to see more photos of your work. :-) I find it very interesting and wish I had better sewing skills. We have an old wrought iron patio set that has sat in the basement for years, wishing for a redo. I have created quilts in the past and followed directions well enough to make some neat pouffy valances that I was so proud of, but really, that is your basic straight sewing.

Deanne...Lollipop of my favs. I think it was Wendy who had photos of it that first interested me. That photo of the Globemaster alliums with the rain drops on them and the astilbe....wonderful shot! Which variety of astilbe is that? That is an enchanted photo!

No enchanted garden here lately. Just not looking as good as I was hoping it would be. Some disappointments and unfiinshed projects made worse by weeds. I haven't taken a photo in awhile either. So....looking for my enchantment in other places...


Fog envelops the southern Adirondacks at sunrise.

(Photograph shot on assignment for, but not published in, "Adirondack High," June 1998, National Geographic magazine)

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It's very clammy and very dank outside my windows. It doesn't bode well for lawn mowing. The humidity and frequent showers in the past week has spurred the grass to new heights. I'll probably have to mow it really high and bag clippings then go back over in on a lower setting mulching. The Compound is looking really fine these days, you guys. Lawn is unkempt, weeds taking over in the area along the road that needs to be planted with shrubs, partially painted house, no window boxes, trellises tipped forward... . Very discouraging. Thank heavens for lovely vignettes (vine-ettes from 'bug) from all your lovely gardens.

I don't take pictures of a lot of what I'm working on because, frankly, much of it is pretty dull! And, as I mentioned the other night, it seems sort of pointless to me take pictures of something in a workroom where much of the subtlty and "look" are really lost. But perhaps I ought to reconsider that logic. PM2, all sewing is pretty much "simple straight seams" ;) .

It's definitely time to turn off the TV and move to NPR. I think the Today show is about the dumbest thing on in the morning; I'd rather watch the Power Rangers, lol.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, I just want you to know that cameras lie. That is the beauty of them! Many vine-ettes from me exclude the weeds, yellow leaves, etc. This year's weed crop is out of bounds. I simply CAN NOT CATCH UP! It is weather related, but also has to do with biting mosquitoes and black flies. I have not weeded "the flats" since April! The vegetable garden is a disaster area. Hence, close-up shots! Today things are looking quite sad too. Thunderstorms (last night) knocked over many things. I dare not look at the delphiniums....

A large BANG at 4:30 woke me. I am exhausted now...but will move forward dealing with garbage collection, kitty litter, the dump, and perhaps an exercise session since Tuesday is a holiday and I'll miss that day's workout. Sue, all my sympathies. I know so well that getting healthier has its dangers. I'm still afraid to use my treadmill after the plantar's fasciitis last year. I think you should find a way to take part in IU5. It wouldn't be the same without YOU! Besides, you know Idylls will help out if necessary. It is hard to accept help, I know, but sometimes you just have to cave in.

V, I adore your Oudolf park photos. Fantastic! And your door knob story as well. You must have found the solution very satisfying, LOL. I agree, Inula.

Better start up my motor and get busy!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Inula it is! Inula magnifica 'Sonnestrahl' to be exact. The link from the on line plant guide is below; you'll understand why I didn't make the connection.

'bug, I agree with your comment about vignettes. It can be easy to find lovely little spots in the garden even though the broad sweep would reveal lots of problems. I have one great small combo going on right now, and I hope that there is enough left today to get a good photo. I haven't been able to do it sooner because I would have been shooting straight into the evening sun.

We're going to the farmers market this morning, then I am planning on getting the deck straightened up again. We have no big plans for next weekend, but may have the in-laws out for a dinner so I need to get things under control again. I think I need to stop thinking about the things that need to be done and just dive in and start doing.

Chelone, I caught a bit of the Today show on Monday morning. I never watch the morning shows, but my roommate does and since I had made her watch baseball the night before, I yielded to her choice in the morning. Seems like it more about the people jumping up and down and waving than about the news. Now I sound like on old f**t.

Okay, time to stop procrastinating.


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I must be channeling Sue...I woke this morning and can't WALK! I've been battling plantar fasciitis and yesterday my ankle began to hurt - I iced it and it felt better. I woke up this morning and it is too painful to walk! I pushed it yesterday morning with a walk with my friend....

I see a doctor's visit in my future....

V., I would have relished a moment like the "key" moment :) Probably evil of me....but it's my kind of evil :) Did you long for the garden in the 66th floor window? Or did they stick you in an office with no view so you wouldn't drool :)

Why did we chuck the Phlomis, bug? Cause now I want one, too!

Deanne, you are a master of your domain with that camera! Wow, wow, wow!

So many beautiful pictures and I feel really behind here. I have too much going on, but I'm desperately trying to hang on to the new things which are making my life happy, like spending time here and in the garden. I think I'm almost to the point where I need an assistant for data entry.

Speaking of did it go Deanne? Will she be a good protege?

Sue, I second Mary's suggestion, as Jake is a good hard worker for other gardeners....I think he likes to impress his clients for the $$$ :) I saw an ad in the local paper last week, "son for hire..." Wonder if you could do a want ad without looking creepy :) I wouldn't use craigslist for this one :)

Well, I'm gonna figure out what to do that doesn't involve walking, ARGH! The office chair's wheels are looking tempting....


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If Sue's front legs are still good, she could use Katie's unappreciated chair :) So I checked Wave Hill, and they have a 'courtesy cart available by request' at the main gate. Probably one of those motorized things, NY Botanical gardens has wheelchairs available on request at the ticket booth. So I expect the other destinations do as well. Check 'accessibility' on the websites. May need one for Saucy and one for Sue!

I never use my cell phone, it's an emergency device, cell signal is non existent at my house and I'm not a phone person anyway. So a week ago I picked up a GOPHONE and managed to release it from perma-steel-plastic packaging and activate it this morning. $100 is active for a year, and with cost of phone and taxes that comes out to about $11 a month $135 a year vs the $400 a year I've been paying now for a cell phone I never use.

I have Phlomis tuberosa and it never looks as good as V's photo. Sun deficiency. I used to grow a few from seed every winter because I love the leaves at all stages. I get maybe 5 stalks from each plant in a sunny year. The Phlomis russeliana does better for me, but it seems to MOVE in the garden. I think the roots must spread. It's been moving to the right for a few years and at the moment has practically buried itself under a threadleaf Chamaecyparis.

Windows are buttoned down here and air conditioners are squeezing water out of the air. Looks like it will be a sorting and cleaning kind of day here.

Chelone, you should be taking photos of your creations for your portfolio. And yeah, share them with us too.

Stay cool!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

LOL! Here's what Anita and I need. Turn on your speakers.

More later.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well I put this one together yesterday, somebody stop me! LOL

This container with the Souvenir de Bonne used to be on my patio last summer but I thought Id try it in the front to see if the Abutilon blooms better with a bit more sun.

Cynthia, you always amaze me. You access information so quickly and do problem solving at the speed of light.

Sue. See, Cynthia has figured out how you can come.

Saucy, good grief, sorry you are having orthopedic problems. Hope your foot is better soon, soon, soon. ~~ Thanks for asking, Michelle (next door neighbors daughter) is fabulous! Turns out that she is planning to study to be a dentist/orthodontist and not a dentil hygienist. She is an extremely intelligent and amazing young woman and I hope she will work for me the rest of the summer. Im thinking Im going to give her a raise. She asks intelligent questions and I only had to show her how to do things once. She is worth her weight in gold. LOL

PM that is Astilbe japonica 'Deutschland'. I just love those Lollipop lilies as well. I think I first saw them at Sues.
~~ What are you researching? ~~ so sorry about the hail damage. Thats so discouraging.

Chelone, same sort of weather here. Pretty gloomy and damp but Ill take this over high 90s anytime. ~~ No kidding about the Today show. I HATE that program. All those people acting like nu-nus leaping about and screaming. Whats with that? I cant take all that screaming in the morning, makes me crazy.

Michelle, what a lovely clematis! More pics please?

V. thanks for posting those photos of Lurie Garden. What a gorgeous spot! Lucky you to be so close. ~~~ I ROTFLOL over the doorknob.

Bug, Odoriba is one of my all time favorites, this week. LOL

OK must get out and get a bit of work done. Hmmm have a couple more pots to get done.

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Just back from "morning" (more like afternoon for me) errands; a trip to a greenhouse that carried Browallia in years past with dire hope of scoring a 6-pack/(2?). Hit the jack pot, you guys... 6 6-packs! Mission for the dank week end is to get the final coats of paint on the new windowboxes so the helpmeet can put them up on Monday/Tuesday. Deanne, my combinations are nothing in comparison to your's, but for someone with limited time to water and fuss they're pretty much "idiot-proof".

And here is my shameless yearly pitch for the very "old-fashioned" annual, Browallia... . Uniformly wimpy and scrawny by Memorial Day, it is too often passed over and subsequently languishes to die an unmarked death on the compost pile. But it's a WINNER in every sense. It puts on amazing growth when the weather warms up. It prefers filtered sun or shade and it will grow until the first killing frost cuts it off at the knees. Available in deep blue, pale blue, and white it develops into a nicely rounded plant, roughly 1'x1'. If you deadhead it it will flower more abundantly. I LOVE it combination with good ol' Impatiens or Begonias. It is probably my favorite annual, but because it's so scrawny early on and "out of favor" it gets passed over. Deanne, I suspect you could do wonders with this little confection... in combination with your beloved Fuschias it would be smashing.

Wrecks looked so mournful as I was preparing to leave I had to take him with me. He was so good in the car, passing several dogs on the sidewalk with nary a whimper (this is "huge" for him, you gys). He did his usual "bark-thang" when I "abandonned" him in the car but settled down in 30 seconds when the protest went unheeded (just as it has for past 3 1/2 yrs., lol). As I was leaving a man waved me down and remarked that Rex had barked at him as he'd passed the car. I was ready for the "you should train your dog" harangue, but NO... he asked if he could meet my dog. He'd wanted to greet him but didn't want to approach the car without first speaking to the owner of it/the dog. Naturally, I took full advantage of an opportunity to practice our "good boy" manners. :)

But I was reminded that rainy/cloudy days in a resort community are fraught with traffic nighmares... (no wonder I prefer to get up/out/underway early) we cruised down the main drag on our way home; it was thrilling for Rex, though... moving between lowered backseat windows to monitor the activity (or lack thereof) for the crawl home. Pretty cheap laughs for me, too, actually. LOL

I have to finish up a small project in the "lab." and then deal with the windowboxes.

I'd really like to hear an update on Katie and the unappreciated wheels, Cynthia. No luck on that front... not even a little? I'm so sorry to hear it, I know how much she means to you.

Hi Marian!

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A brief check in this morning while I suck down some coffee.Saw a bit of blue sky last evening and this morning, and the smoke smell has lessened quite a bit. There is a very light offshore breeze this morning which is no doubt pushing the smoke inland.
This weekend will be laundry and pre-packing for our trip up to the Oregon Coast we will drive up to Yachats on Wednesday , and are renting a house on the beach. Wonder if the gas to get up there will end up costing more that the house rental ?

Great pics everyone !

Ok, time to go WALAT

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm a wilted mess....This weather must break some week soon, no?

Made it to the dump & grocery store. Finding fuses has turned into a mission in our community. No one but us needs them I guess, but ours is an 1871 house and that's what we need! Today DH finally scored and came home with dozens of packages of them.

Today I grow the yellow phlomis. Perhaps it is time to try the pink again??? Sure looks gorgeous! Great to know I'm famous for my failures. LOL

Deanne, nice to hear about your new helper! I love good news stories about young people. So often people put kids down from the moment they turn 12. Folks can sure be negative.

Saucy, the only thing that helped my Plantar's fasciitis was time and old lady shoes with insoles. It was a horrible pain and I had to wear shoes even to go to the bathroon in the middle of the night. Not fun. I did have physiotherapy for it, but I couldn't detect any improvement, though I went faithfully. (It was paid for!)

Sue, that clip makes me think that if I ever get another dog I'll go for the sleepiest pup! Do you suppose they sleep to block out the voice? Hmmm. LOL

Chelone, at a previous home, blue browallia was used a great deal. It was a shady garden and those were the days when even hostas were unusual! I remember being excited when impatiens was introduced at our nursery back then. Now, I yawn over most impatiens. I did perk up when I saw it in Costa Rica growing wild...but it looked very little like the familiar garden plant. I am a member of the club who'd like to see the Ho-Hum fabrics you work with and some of your tedious jobs.

Funny to read about opinions on the Today show. I NEVER watch TV. Can't even tell you the year I last saw any TV. It was during an exercise class and it was inflicted on anyone who used the treadmills and rowing machines. UGH!

OK, Been up since 4:30am, so time to be horizontal for a bit. Cynthia, though I disapprove, a window air conditioner is turned to ON in one room of our home. The weather stinks quite frankly! Sort of like my days in Nigeria at 95F and 95% humidity. But at least I had a cook/housekeeper in those days...

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

OK, Im trying to catch up here but will no doubt miss a lot due to quick skimming so apologies to those I miss.

On the name thing, Im not named after anyone in the family (thank goodness! There are a few Mildreds and Berthas in the fairly tree:- ) But I did end up with a name both first and last - that is so common that there was always at least one other kid with my name in school. In fact, at my university undergraduate graduation, I was given the wrong diploma as the person with the almost same name who should have been in front of me was absent and they gave me her diploma and then realized their error before I left the stage and took it back! It sort of looked like they were taking my degree away from me!! My sisters name is also not a family name but was picked to reflect my fathers Scandinavian roots. Randys first name is pretty common and he has an uncles middle name. But his last name is so uncommon that if you do a Canada-wide 411 phone search, all the people with that last name are close relatives! People are never sure how to spell it or say it. Quite often he uses my last name when doing things like dropping off dry-cleaning or photos for printing. Its much easier to use mine because he doesnt get that blank Huh?! Look from the sales clerks :- )

Leaky hoses/watering wands etc. are a curse here too!

Mary youve got to post pictures of the bathroom project! Im very impressed that you did it all yourself. We need to replace a toilet and, having looked into the specifics of that, its a bit complicated. Those male sales clerks at home improvement places drive me nuts too. I think the young ones are the worst usually I know more than they do about whatever it is Im looking for. The older ones usually are quick to catch on once youve asked a few reasonably intelligent questions and then they seem to really get into the spirit of helping this unusual customer do whatever it is that is on the agenda. In a few places, some of the staff recognize me now and I dont have to deal with silly, annoying attitudes.

gb Very cute car; I love the color! Watch out for speeding tickets apparently most people drive faster in a red car

PM2 yes the Vyvyan Pennell clematis is a long bloomer. It opens slowly with the first layer of larger tepals opening a week-10 days before the center ones. It is just starting to drop the tepals now but, once that happens, it happens fairly quickly. It will have finished the bloom by the end of the weekend I think. The culinary sage is just about finished blooming too (thats the spiky flowers on the right in the second picture) so those two companions are another nice happy accident with coordinated bloom times. In August VP puts out some single flowers on this years growth but the June display is the main one. The white flower in the picture is Rodgersia aesculifolia. I much prefer it to the more commonly available R. pinnata and have it in may places in the garden, including all across the front porch where it goes nicely with Emeral Gaiety euonymus. It does suffer from scorch there because the conditions are too dry but I like it anyway.

Deanne I take no credit for the VPs showing :- ) Its all entirely accidental. It was one of the two first clematises planted here (The President being the other) and I knew nothing about clematises at the time. Before it got winterkilled back a few times and gave up on growing tall, it used to be about 8 up the lattice. It bloomed well then but not as densely as now. Maybe its blooming densely due to age or perhaps more likely due to the repeated killing-back. Similarly, I hadnt planned the sage and the Rodgersia specifically as companions for the clematis they are there for other reasons. But I am very happy with the accidental grouping.!

Anita Ill bet a 2lb Maltese is as cute as can be where are those pictures?!

Sue use those crutches! I know how frustrating they can be I broke both bones in my left leg in the early 1990s when I was still otherwise healthy and active. I had a 3 different types of cast plus a brace it took 5 months to heal. Think of your time on crutches as upper-body exercise time! Hauling your weight around using your hands, arms and shoulders with the crutches does wonders for upper body strength! Someone suggested swimming as suitable exercise that sounds like a good idea if you doctor would approve. At the time I broke my leg, horseback riding was my main exercise. Once I graduated past the full-leg cast stage, I was able to ride again (bareback). Definitely check out the locations for IU re wheelchair accessibility. The advantage of crutches + wheelchair is you actually have a reasonable amount of mobility where the wheelchair cant go, you can just switch to crutches while someone lugs the wheelchair up or down stairs etc. Youll be surprised where you can get to if you want to.

Im being a very slow typist and have run out of steam so will have to catch up on the rest later.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Just a quick check in. I have had some really great night photos that I thought might be fun to share. Saturday night is the perfect time to...I'll be back tomorrow ..


Bright-blue Earth looms over the oldest known planet in the Milky Way. The ancient planet is thought to be about 13 billion years old, more than twice as old as Earth and a mere billion years younger than the estimated age of the universe. Its discovery, made using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, is evidence that planets began forming soon after the big bang and may be very abundant in our galaxy.
Photograph courtesy NASA/Brad Hansen (UCLA)/Harvey Richer (UBC)/Steinn Sigurdsson (Penn State)/Ingrid Stairs (UBC)/Stephen Thorsett (UCSC)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, a rainy morning here and they are predicting Heavy T storms for later this afternoon.

Woody, do you have a photo of the VP before it leafed out this spring? I'd like to see what the plant looked like. I've got mine in a huge pot but need to move it in the fall. Also, how much sun does it get in that location? I'm going to try to replicate your conditions in hopes I might get a display like that. Thanks!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Deanne - I don't have any pictures of it before it leafs out unfortunately. It's sort of a tangle of heavy older woody stems overlaid with the lighter stems of the more recent growth. The leaves persist long into winter so there are also lots of brown leaves still attached which hide the basic fromework of stems so it's hard to see it clearly. Other than cutting back the winterkilled stuff, I've never pruned it. When it grew taller and then winterkilled, we cut it back starting at the top - we cut it back a few inches at a time, checking to see what the color of the wood in the stems was as we went. When we hit green wood, we stopped. It looks like a spill of lavender-blue off the end of the porch this morning. The color fades as it's starting to drop the tepals but it's still so pretty.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Finally had to cut the delphiniums back last night after the rains. Made FOUR large bouquets. There are many vertical ones remaining outdoors still thank goodness.

Oh! Look, there's Deanne's blueberry painting in the shot! It even matches!

DH sent me this article posted below: The Value of the Bra. Pretty scary tale actually! I'd have fallen to my doom.

OK. Got to get rolling here. It is cool and cloudy, though srtill very humid.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning. I spent most of my day yesterday working on the deck and got a lot accomplished. It would not have been a productive garden day as the ground was bone dry. Almost hard to believe after all the rain we have had this year, but things were dry indeed. Then last night it rained a nice, steady, gentle rain all night. We got almost an inch of rain, but now the sun is shining. I should be able to get the last (last? hah!) plants in the ground a pull couple of the larger weeds today.

I'm tired this morning, though. Not a good night's sleep. DD came home about 12:30, DH got up at 5:00 for an early flight, and in between I seemed to go from too hot to too cold at record speed.

Deanne, last week my SIL tried to tell me that I am the container queen, but I politely deferred to your expertise and would accept nothing higher than "container princess".

Well, I need to move or I will fall asleep here. Pretty sad when you want to take your first nap before 9:00 am!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

V -- o dear, you echoed my thoughts entirely ! Im ready to go back to bed too; I worked outside repotting and cleaning a bit more on the patio and before I knew it it was 90 degrees out; I forgot it got hot - you know how that is.....then I did some errands (looked for a couple of plants to fill in a sedum planter; nothing I was supposed to do like buy shampoo, egads..).

My area got no t-storms yesterday; Cynthia was probably deluged; they are promising more of them this evening; hope so as I have not watered anything, including the repotted agaves.

Yes, I think I will use Deanne as an effective defense against any comments about having too many pots or plants, LOL -- there is simply no comparison from here.

I should DO something; but I may end up sitting on the bum thinking about those tasks instead. I know that's not SALATing; maybe it's TALATing?

O, forgot -- Sue that's terrible news -- I too urge you to
come to IU and just do what you can; we'll all take turns waiting on you.

Saucy, get the foot better soonest too. We need you at IU as well.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning all!
Yoga is done, breakfast is over, dogs are fed, watered and medicated where needed. Sarah has been on fish oil and prednisone for a scaly, rashy looking situation on her nose. DH is off going about his business, so I may have a few consecutive minutes of peace.

'Bug, I think I forgot to mention...WOO HOO on the car! Your delphiniums are beautiful and look so nice next to Deanne's have a wonderful eye for photos. Okay, not funny that the girl fell, but I did have to LOL that she attracted lumberjacks with a quicker way to get their attention, I'm sure.

To go way back to the name thing, I'm not named after anyone in the family. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure they made up my middle name, Shirleen. I've never met another, anyway.

Deanne, how you managed to "put this together yesterday" and have it look like it's been in the container for a month is beyond me. My hat is off to you, and I hail you the Queen of Containers! Glad to hear you have a helper. Lucky helper, if ya ask me!

PM2-Tucker hasn't had a haircut yet. I have the same policy with kids and dogs..their parents are in charge of haircuts, lol! The smell is fading a bit, but you still know he's around.

Chelone, Browallia, eh? In the midst of my insanity with a zillion plants on the porch that need to be planted, I'm actually looking to see what I want to order for fall. It's on my list to hunt up!

They are talking about the possibility of rain this afternoon, so I'll try to get some more weeding done. Made good progress yesterday, and have one more area that's full of BIG lamb's quarters to go through. Then I can get to the enjoyable job of putting new plants in.

DH is back, I'll go make his lunch and head outside. Bless his heart, he picked a bunch of black raspberries!! I think I'll keep him ;)


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Hi everyone

Thought I'd tuck this in at the end of a thread as I just need to vent. I'm trying to figure out why my kind, funny and supportive spouse who appreciates everything I do becomes insufferable when it comes to DIY projects. Here was our exchange when I showed him the bathroom.

Me: So what do you think?
DH: (Examines surfaces carefully). Did you sand the walls before painting them?
Me: Of course do you like the color?
DH: Mmmm. How will you attach the wainscoting to the walls? (Weve had this conversation 3 times by phone)
Me: Adhesive on the walls then nails. Dont you think the cabinet turned out nicely? (Ive sanded and repainted a hideous brown wall cabinet white and added handles).
DH : You might have trouble with these walls.
Me: (Sigh) I know. I took the toilet out all by myself.
DH: Will you get everything done before Mum arrives?
Me. Im trying.
DH. What will you do with the electrical outlet? What about the wire from the old light fixture? Arent you going to fill the holes from the old towel rail?
Me: (Walking away) I just wanted to know if you liked it so far, especially the floor.
DH: Of course I do. I just have questions.
Me: Id be feeling better if youd said something like "Wow it looks great in here, youve been working really hard, what a transformation."
DH: Youre over reacting, its much better than before. But are you sure you know how to grout?

Perhaps he should get a job at Home Depot.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Mary.......What are you doing married to MY husband, lol!?!?!

    Bookmark   June 29, 2008 at 12:39PM
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Brenda - Snort!!

    Bookmark   June 29, 2008 at 1:12PM
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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I'm really concerned that you are both married to MY husband! ROFL!


    Bookmark   June 29, 2008 at 2:49PM
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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And mine too. He's all yours!

    Bookmark   June 29, 2008 at 3:18PM
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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Now I know where my DH goes when he travels - he has another wife in NY state!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

OK I almost wet my pants laughing Mary. I guess you are the proud owner of ten or more husbands. As much as a peach as Doug is he'd do exactly the same thing and check the toilet installation on top of it to make sure it worked properly. Not trusting that I'd be capable of it of course.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DH had the courtesy to laugh when I read him Mary's dialog. Then he washed the dishes, unasked! I didn't tell him how either. He still doesn't know where to put them though when they are dry. After all, we've only lived here 11 years.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Thanks to all for a much, much needed laugh today.


    Bookmark   June 29, 2008 at 9:23PM
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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

GB, I'm speechless. DH has no idea where to put dishes either. How is that possible? Is it steroid induced brain damage from testosterone? LOL


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