Update on Joann

lilosophieAugust 23, 2012

She is pretty bruised and beat up, where the dog held her and pulled her our of her truck and dragged her shows a huge hematoma, this will take some time to go away, it's on her thigh, but she has numerous small punctures

in addition to that.

Joann is 5 ft. tall and weighs 108 lbs. the dog weighs 140 lbs.

Saw her doctor yesterday, Dr. said she has never seen dog-bites that severe.

The dogs have been surrendered to Animal control, they shall be euthanized. The owners still have several on the property, but are keeping them confined. Sheriff is on top of that case, they have monitored the place for a log time, may file criminal charges "keeping dangerous animals"

Money was offered, Joann declined, she is on Medicaid, so her bills are paid and she doesn't want anything of theirs

Her sister Linda talked to an attorney, and he advised that this is a very good case for a lawsuit, pain and suffering would definitely be saught, but at this point Joann decided not to pursue this, the pursuit would involve a lot of distance driving to give depositions and all that, take much of her time and energy and in addition, this neighbor is a crafty, sneaky and vengeful person, he would know how to get back at her.

Attorny says she has two years to be able to sue, so she can change her mind if she wants.

She is a strong woman, yesterday she took care of the goats, going up and down that steep hill to their barn, she came to my house for dinner and plans to go to the feed-store job for her Saturday shift.

Ibuprofen for pain is all she takes, she has stronger meds in the house, left over from Ron's sickness, but says they make her feel strange, she rather puts up with a bit of pain.

It was definitely a traumatic experience, could have been much, much worse, we are thankful it wasn't.

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My heart goes out to you all. She can take the pain pills at night and feel "strange" as she drifts off, if it'll help her sleep. I'd certainly take them to sleep better. Healing happens when you're sleeping. I do hope the sheriff is more watchful now, and decides to do things on their own so that neighbors need not intervene.

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Got to agree with Robb, Joann should take the pain pills at night. I know from my own experience that waking up every few minutes because you don't know how to lay down, don't help with your recovery. I am pretty sure that her doctor would prescribe pain medication for her too, even under the new regulations.

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Good thing Joann somehow got away from those dogs. How did that happen?
Re: a lawsuit, she may win a judgement, but collecting is a whole other story. She/someone has to find their assets then collect against those. That in itself can become a nightmare.
Also, speaking from experience, there may be some reaction to the trauma at a later time.
I was in a car accident, a rearender, I thought I was fine until a month later, I started having flashbacks and my nerves were shot for awhile.
Watch out for that. More sunflowers for you both.

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Lilo, thanks so much for the update on Joann. Her strong spirit and strength of will are going to help her heal both physically and mentally. But, gee whiz, can she give herself permission to "baby" herself just a little bit? Taking the pain medicine will be helpful to her, b/c if one is not stressing about it,(the pain, that is), the body actually can heal faster.

More sunflowers, good thoughts, and prayers are coming to both of you.

P.S. Hope your area isn't in danger from the awful fires.

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That was horrible experience for your daughter.I've thought of her and hoped to hear she is doing well.She sounds like a very strong woman, my best wishes to her and to you. When your child suffers you can't help but suffer with her.

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This is one of the bites, taken today (2 days later) when I changed her dressings, she asked me to post as many as I can, it apparently helps her to process this horror

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Her shoulder

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Her buttocks

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I hope she is on an antiboitic. Has the rabies results come back? Hope she won't have to do the shots.

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Oh yes, she is on strong antibiotics, Animal Control would have the rabies results, apparently they made the owners get the rabies shots and pays for licenses a couple of weeks ago, they are on top of that.

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Now I will not say anymore, there are legal options to explore, so best be quiet. Need to explore all possibilities in situations like that/

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Hugs were left out of the things being sent your way, last night. So, here are some for today: ((((((Joann and Lilo)))))). Please tell Joann they're "gentle" hugs, so they won't add any discomfort. :>)

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Oh my! I'm even more sorry now. I didn't even think it possible. May love surrounded and hold her closely. I know your love already does, but add mine to it.

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Oh my gosh, those are nasty injuries.

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The pictures bring tears to my eyes, it is more horrible than I supposed. She must have been in so much pain and so frightened. I am just so sorry.

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Good grief!!!!
I can understand how she would be totally shaken up by
Please take care of those wounds. Linda C is right about infections.

Last year I was chased by some stray dogs, they tried to bite but thank goodness I made it to my car before they
could do any damage. I was a total wreck until they were caught and destroyed. I now carry pepper spray every where I go.


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What horrible, horrible wounds. No one should have to go through that, particularly as the result of other's carelessness. I'll bet that if it had been a child that was attacked, it would have been killed.

I hope that the wounds are all on one side so that she can rest without putting pressure on them.

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Joann and Lilo, you have both been in my thoughts and prayers all day...and you will continue to be until you are healed. Sending lots of love.

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How horrible. Healing prayers keep going your way and the candle is burning,
Hugs to both of you.

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More good vibes to both of you. If I had been there I would likely be in trouble now. Looks like a bandage on her right leg too and you sad she has injuries on her head. Are her arms OK? It all looks just horrible. Mom will take good care and make sure she keeps them clean. Brave lady. Those people are overdue for their karma.

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I just saw these pictures of Joann----they are just HORRIBLE!
(Missy told me about them---Thank you, Missy!)

I've seen some nasty stuff before, and those puncture wounds are savage looking---like a bear was after her!!!

That neighbour sounds like a pretty bad character----I think the STATE should bring charges against him, for EVERYONES' safety.

I hope Joann is doing better now and life seems a little more normal.


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Thank you KJ! And everyone who has sent good vibes and sunflowers our way.
Joann is healing, but this will take a long time to go away, she discovers more and more of the small bites, because they are healing and beginning to itch.
We went grocery shopping yesterday and she was wearing shorts, because the jeans are very uncomfortable, she got many hugs and "Good Lord, what happened?" and when she said "Dog Attack" the question was "Whose dogs?" and
most people are aware who this person is.
One of her friends is calling the DA's office to find out what they are going to do, some want to write letters to the local paper, she has a lot of support.
She lived and worked in this small community for a long time, so many people know her.
Joann will not sue them, she may get awarded a tidy sum, but collecting said tidy sum is another story, and, as they have no ethics or integrity, she would just open herself to harassment - they live directly across the road from us, so I think her choice is wise.

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I just keep hoping for "divine" intervention???? somehow. That she'll be recompensed without her actions. Karma? Whatever you want to call it :) A girl can dream can't she? I want her to be made whole and it'll be a long road, but I sure am glad she's on the road to recovery.

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