Back in time. A short part 3.

gandle(4 NE)August 30, 2012

Forgot to mention, behind the shop was a limestone building about 16' by 20' that in the lower right hand corner was the coal for the forges but what I always loved seeing was the huge stock of oak spokes and felloes for the farm wagons and buggys plus a lot of oak planks and blocks of old seasoned oak that is now well over 100 years old. This is still there and in perfect condition. Plus, in the winter when the pressure of the farm business was quiet, dad would go to the back of the shop where he had a wood lathe , he built this lathe by the way and would turn out lamps and footstools, all from walnut logs that were cut on the farm. Yes, we have both a lamp and footstool. He also made several footstools from Osage Orange, a wood so hard he had to use the metal lathe to turn it. These sold so quickly that I never got one. But, one of the things that grabs your attention when you look at the building is the handcarved larger than life anvil mounted just over the top of the facade. Dad carved this from native limestone shortly after the brothers went into business. Yes, it is still there and in perfect conditions. Now, I will shut up. That, I promise, is the last of the updates. But can you tell how that was a truly emotional experience?

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Give us more. Love stories of how it used to be.

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I second Steve -

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I third it.

Any way possible to get any pictures of any of this? If not, it's ok. Just worth asking!

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I am in total agreement with Steve, Lilo, and Rob. Come on, George, give us some more of your memories, please.

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Not only emotional but includes all the senses and goes strait to the heart.

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