Journal 7 August 2011

rob333August 8, 2011

Missed it by that much! I just can't tell you how close I was being in Pensacola, Florida for the day right this moment. At about 5PM last night, I decided I was going to rest a few hours, then get up at midnight and drive straight down I-65 and take a left turn on I-10. It's an eight hour drive from here. Seriously was going.

Work is slow and the LF has been gone since the 29th (and will be until the 10th). My house is immaculate. School supplies are bought. The kitchen is well-stocked. Neither guy needs me and I am very caught up, so why not? I first thought I feel like I miss being single, or who I was 20 years ago, but really, it's just the waves I miss. I love that my life is boring these days, as opposed to the chaos Ed creates, but I'm bored, complete and utter ennui. It looked like it was going to rain, so I didn't do it.

Instead, I hopped into the Miata, top down, and just drove to downtown Nashville. It was fun watching all the people in cowboy hats with their cameras aimed up at the buildings. And drunk girls running as fast as they can while yelling with glee! teehee. Instead of $60-80 in gas (which is all I would've spent money on), I bought a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

We had eaten lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in East Nashville. The whole time I was there, I just kept staring out the window at the Mexican restaurant across the street; drool almost dripping from my chin. I would've much rather been there, but mom suggested it would be fun to have an adventure, and I was happy to play along, as it was my oldest brother's birthday celebration. None of us finished our meals. Bro covered his up with a napkin. Mine had beets on it. I hate beets. The ice cream for dessert was really odd tasting (they sell things with milk and eggs??? so why was it strange. Not a vegan restaurant, a vegetarian). It was so bad, mom talked about going to Baskin Robbins on the way home, and even stopped to read the next-door ice cream shop's tableau to see if something would've been more pleasing on the way to her car. Obviously, none of us was satisfied. At 8PM, I finally gave up and cooked what I knew I would love to nibble on, an oven-baked whole chicken with white wine and rosemary. Crunchy skin and one thigh. Much better than beets. I felt sated enough to rest.

Today, I think I may find a way to steal away to the Gulf for real. My friend sent me a link to a timeshare that was in Destin last week that would be $350ish a year. Maybe it's time to find that link again. All I'll have to do is be able to get there, and I am even willing to do that in the middle of the night, so obviously, I can make it.


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Oh Robin, you had me at Pensacola. Pensacola Beach is one of my favorite places I've ever been to. We used to go there regularly when I lived in New Orleans. It only took about four hours though. We stayed at the last motel toward the state park. At night we'd go down through the park to the fishing pier and fish and watch the guys shark fish. One of my and Christy's fondest memories is catching fish there with a group of our women friends. None of us had seen this particular fish so this one girl went over to neighbor fishing couple at the pier and asked what the fish was. She came back and told us it was called a Ralpher. Now I've fished quite a bit and admittedly I hadn't fished much in the south at that point but I, nor any of them had heard of ralphers..okkk.. Later on I went over and asked about these ralphers and the guy looked at me really funny and said... they're croakers..lmao. Omg.. the totally common croakers. Poor gal, I'm sure she hasn't lived that one down yet. Croakers we all had heard of, ralphers, not so much. Funny part was they were croaking as we pulled them in. It did sort of sound like they were saying... Ralph...Ralph.. lol..

Go for it Robin. The Gulf is calling you.

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Robin, enjoy your new freedom. Experiment and find out what you like to do in your new life. Try something and if you like it, do it again, if you don't like it, lol, don't do it again and find something new. Experiment and enjoy your time.

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Pensacola was Daddy's first place to be stationed. He worked security for the "space program" there. Does that tell you how long ago it was? Ha! Forever. He was a naval aviator at the beginning and Pensacola is where he trained. They still train there quite a bit. When LF and I went down to Perdido Key (just the other side of Santa Rosa Island. Pensacola to the north of SRI and Gulf Shores/Orange Beach to the west; all in one spot), the Blue Angels did a really low fly by, unexpectedly, while we stood in the water. Mom went back to the beach every just looking for them again. It was like being home for her. I'd love to move to the coast, but I love my family too much to leave Tennessee.

That's exactly what I've been doing since I graduated, finished remodeling, and moving. I am still unsure what I want to do as a hobby. I dabble in sewing, cooking, photography, gardening, but those are more just what keeps my life going. I need to take up bicycling and hit the Trails to Rails, for example. I love being active, so I may as well put it to good use. If I could just get over my stupid ankle problem.

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